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In my previous blogs, you would have witnessed an undeniable connection between Ayurveda and Astrology. In this and the coming blogs, we shall understand how to read and analyze birth charts especially from a medical perspective for providing accurate treatment/cure to the patient/s.

Please ensure to read the previous blogs (click here I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII) as mentioned above to understand this blog in totality..

Here we go… So, this kundli is of a 6 year old child with health issues….

kundli case oneNow, the lord of the first house i.e. moon (since moon is the owner of zodiac 4 i.e. Cancer) has gone to the 6th (not a good sign) and is associated with mars. This indicates that the kid will get diseases (sixth house indicates diseases) of moon and mars and rightly so. Moon represents salty taste and mars means spicy and sour tastes. And exactly that is what is happening with the kid. All these three tastes are consumed in excess at her home, which is why she is having health issues especially chronic constipation and recurring UTI (parents confirmed such a diet). In fact she is overweight (chubby) for her age, giving kapha type looks though not a real kapha personality indicating pseudo-kapha (due to excess of sourness as sourness swells).

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The kid has been shown to several allopathic doctors in the last five years but to no avail and has to rely on laxatives (looze syrup etc.) on daily basis, which is bound to dry her intestines and further increase vata as such laxatives pull water from the intestines to make stool soft.

Suggestions Given to the kid the kid needs to stay away from all sour, spicy and salty foods and has to take more of veggies. She needs to have some aloe vera to remove the ill-effects of looze syrup on intestines and also neutralize sourness and pungency in the body (since aloe vera is bitter i.e. a bit vasodilating, astringent and sweet). She needs to totally stay away from other bitter (vasodilating) foods like chocolates, onion, garlic, tea, coffee etc. as she shouldn’t have too much of bitterness in her diet (aloe vera is already bitter).

The kid’s birth chart also reveals health issues with the mother and father…here is the analysis..


4th house indicates mother- so while Saturn is exulted in the 7th zodiac, the lord of this house i.e. Venus is sitting with sun in the fifth house along with Rahu and mercury (so many planets sitting together are bound to create issues such as Rahu blocking pitta- the intelligence and increasing effect of sun due to Venus and vice versa coz pitta increases due to sourness). This again indicates that the mother of the child will be unwell with diseases of sourness (Venus), pitta (sun) and Rahu (addiction of some kind… she is addicted to tea). In fact the child developed severe constipation when she was five months old and was on mother’s milk because of wrong eating habits of the mother. Even moon is the significator of mother and is sitting in sixth house again indicating that the mother is unwell (because of the choice of foods that she is making) leading to an unwell child. That’s how astrology works… We are a product of collective conscience of the people around us.

Suggestions for Mother- Apart from abstinence from sour, spicy and salty foods, and temporary addition of astringent foods, the mother also needs to take Medha Vati for a few days but only in night to reduce vata of the brain as this will pacify her prana vata and help her to stay away from tea. This will also reduce her body aches which are there due to a hyperactive mind (high prana vata).


10th house and the sun indicate father.. So 10th house’s lord i.e. mars, has again gone in the 6th house associated with the moon. This indicates that both mother and father will have similar eating habits of sour, spicy and salty foods and even the father will be unwell. Since the sun is blocked by Rahu (pitta being blocked by excess of vata), father’s brain will get affected, and on ground too, the father is highly stressed out and has sleep issues (pulse shows high prana vata). This is further compounded by the fact that the family takes a lot of garlic and onion apart from tea which reduces blood from the brain and increases stress etc. Father is also having very high pitta issues and hypertension.

Suggestions for father :- to begin taking Mukta Vati (click here to know how mukta vati controls hypertension) which will calm down his vata ridden mind and control his BP) in the night and taper off sartan BP medicines within next 10 days while measuring BP on daily basis. Even taking Mukta Vati needs to be stopped after a few days once Blood Pressure is fully in control. Also, a dietary plan should be followed exactly the same as for the kid and the mother.

Thus, since each house governs a specific relation, it is easy to find out the basic constitution and health aspects of not only parents but also siblings, spouse, and friends.

In the next blog we shall study another case from medical astrology perspective.



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