“Absence of knowledge is the only reason for sufferings in this world and therefore knowledge is the only tool that can catapult this world from the current state of chaos to a State of Eternal Bliss”, said Swami Vivekananda, the Great Indian Saint



Dear Friends,


I am Alok and my soul stirring experiences made me realize the gravity of this quote by Swami Vivekananda, when I suddenly faced a debilitating disease termed as Fibromyalgia in modern medical scientific language prior to which the life was going Gung-ho. During my quest to find a cure of this chronically painful condition, I realized that science and spirituality are inseparable; that the knowledge of our machine i.e. our mind and body is the only tool that can help us to attain a state of eternal happiness which in real terms is spirituality.

As my horizon widened, I realized that Ayurveda had explained it so beautifully and simply that how our body and mind work and not only Ayurveda but even the other allied sciences of Vedic era which are generally called as occult and ridiculed by the fast moving world, can be explained clearly in the modern scientific language. I realized that, while we humans are spending so much of time and efforts to understand and invent machines, robots and other scientific aspects, our focus on our own machine which nature has gifted to us, remains poor. Even those who call themselves “health conscious”, just follow the health fads and trends without understanding the basics of how things work inside our body and mind. Sadly those basics are missing in the modern medical science which is what the reason is for all the sufferings (sufferings here do not just mean the diseases). And that was the reason, I decided to pen down all the knowledge that I had gained over the years during this journey, in the Book called The Root Cause(which is available at Amazon) to ensure that this world learns from my experiences and mistakes and not the harder way. Of course, the book doesn’t just talk about the cure of disease that struck me but it talks about the basics of how things work inside our body and all the aspects of the right way of living that are missing in our lifestyle including cure/management of most of the diseases of today’s world. The book also captures the real science behind astrology which has remained occult till now as no one realized that is an outcome of Ayurveda only.

The aim of starting this blogsite and sharing various blogs, is not only to give you a glimpse of what the book “The Root Cause” captures but also to share that knowledge which evolved after I wrote the book and therefore could not capture in it. Be a part of this interactive platform. I would be glad to answer your queries to the best of my ability. But before that do pick up a copy of “The Root Cause” as it will answer most of your questions.

Also, let us remember and remind others; that knowledge is not the property of any religion; that information is not knowledge and merely reading a document will not help you in getting knowledge; that one needs to have a settled mind for knowledge to sink in; that a set of acts need to be performed to have a settled mind; that knowledge cannot be captured in few pages; that like everything knowledge is also relative in nature… it is infinite and its evolution is an ongoing phenomenon; and finally knowledge comes only by understating the root cause and not be mugging a concept.