Addendum One to old edition of book THE ROOT CAUSE for those who bought book before June’2021


Knowledge is an ever-evolving phenomenon and therefore to keep the readers of the book (THE ROOT CAUSE- AYURVEDA ASTROLOGY AND BEYOND FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE) updated, here are addendums to the book.

which will get refreshed as and when a new insight strikes for giving more and deeper clarity on the topics captured in the book. As such I have mentioned in the book that knowledge is like domino effect and the more you understand, the more it grows. So as I understood logic behind certain points I thought of capturing them with their science in deeper detail. Points have been categorized under same heads as captured in the book for ease of the reader so that they can be read in continuity with existing topics in the book. However this is to reiterate (as mentioned in the book) that for complete understanding you must go through the basics from the book first and then read this addendum. As such most of the points here, use concepts of more than one chapter/section of the book, it makes sense to put them in the end, once basics are clear. However for ease, the topics in the addendum too are given as per sequence of the book i.e. from lower knowledge to higher knowledge and I strongly recommend to move slowly without skipping points, even if apparently they are not related to you, because everything is interconnected. Lastly, there could be repetitions of certain concepts that have been captured in the book but the aim is to explain them in a different way to provide more clarity. Here we go:-

Addendum for those who bought book before 25th August 2020






6)  SECTION 6(New section added in the book) – SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY (Visualizing God, Soul and the Universe):-






  • The book briefly touched about Prakriti (basic constitution) and Vikruti (current constitution). Here is a more detailed explanation of it with example. Prakriti means the exact constitution that a person was born with, meaning predominantly Vata or Pitta or Kapha. So if one is overall Vata personality and has higher Vata towards upper body (narrower blood vessels) and lesser towards lower body (wide vessels), at the time of one’s birth, then that is ones basic constitution (which can be checked from one’s birth chart). Whereas Vikruti would be when such a person has created even more Vata towards upper body and lesser towards lower vis-a-vis Prakriti due to wrong foods/lifestyle.  Overall one must learn to live with one’s basic constitution before we create Vikruti to the point of no return (in spiritual terms it simply means to be what you are). Thus, even if one is born with autism (lets say high VP mind though different cases of autism have different levels of doshas in brain), then one’s autism can be controlled by avoiding bitter (vasodilating), highly pungent and hot potency (high glutamate) foods. Yes, bitter foods (which are vasodilating) can be given to such  people in night with sweet and astringent tastes with mild pungency (but cold potency) to pacify Vata of their brain but only for sometime. In fact, in my case, had I learnt (or was made to learn) to live with my VP constitution right from the beginning of life, then my vata wouldn’t have gone so high beyond amendable levels causing extreme fibromyalgia and subsequently CHF.
  • Since Vata increases and pitta reduces with age, we all must move from heavier (thicker) foods to lighter foods (easy to digest) with age. The lighter foods have already been defined in the book especially in Vata section. If Pitta is high along with high Vata, its going to create neuropathic pain in burning form, so one may be able to digest food in that case but will not be able to rest due to VP mind and body leading to further dependence on vasodilating foods and sweet foods to give instant relief thus further increasing Vata and Kapha (blocked inside Vata). Thus any burning indicates that not only one needs to reduce pitta with less (or may be zero spices for sometime) but one also needs to start eating lighter, free flowing and easy to digest foods which do not need much pitta to get digested. If burning is happening more in some part of the body and not others, then it means that the person has Vata imbalance and high Vata in that part of the body which is having burning/pain. If pain is in upper body it needs a different strategy like Asanas and if it is in lower body it needs sweet vasodilating medicines/foods but only in daytime. The extent of increase in Vata with age will vary from person to person depending upon ones food habits/lifestyle and basic constitution at the time of birth and that is why those who are Vata people by basic constitution should adopt thin and easy to digest food with less pitta right in the early stages of life.
  • That blood has to pass through all the channels in the body to complete circulation is an extremely important point to be remembered in mind and even if micro-circulation gets closed, it should be uniformly closed from all the body parts. And since Prakriti of a person never changes, his number of channels also do not change or say Vata doesn’t change. In other words a Vata person will have more channels and Kapha will have lesser vis-a-vis the amount of blood they have. The problem comes when due to indiscreet use of bitter foods we create Vata imbalance meaning some channels get blocked and some get more blood. This further gets compounded when a person begins exercising or eating pitta foods under the influence of vasodilating foods resulting in haywire distribution of blood leading to Vata imbalance at extreme level resulting in fibromyalgia, MS and then CHF type of diseases. This also means that such diseases can happen even in Kapha people and not just Vata due to extreme Vata imbalance, however the likelihood of finding them in kapha people is lesser because Kapha people do not carry out much exercises or neither are they fond of bitter foods to push blood in haywire fashion, whereas Vata minds are more active and perform more exercises/intense activities to further burn their blood getting into a vicious circle of increasing more Vata (due to overeating beyond their need as less blood to brain pushes them to eat wrong foods). And higher the Vata more the activity or say hyperactivity. Overall the Prakriti of such people remains same before and after Vata imbalance (meaning Vata prakriti or Kapha Prakriti) however the distribution of blood varies in between initial and later stage leading to Vikruti.
  • There are several ways of looking at the same thing while the principle remains same e.g. another way of looking at why pain increases due to low Pitta, other than what is mentioned in the book is that low Pitta increases Ama (toxins) due to incomplete digestion and toxins increase Vata thereby increasing Pitta as now Pitta has to move through narrowed blood vessels with more force thereby leading to more pain. This is the reason that enema instantly reduces pain as it expels stuck up toxins in the Vata area of large intestines thereby reliving constipation which otherwise creates more toxins in the body. Another way of looking at pain is that blood has to move through all the channels (blood vessels) present in the body and any blockage anywhere is bound to create toxins there. And more toxins means Vata means more channels (or open old blocked channels) as blockage at one place (by toxins) pushes blood to create new route/channels (we discussed this earlier in the book too). Now since same volume of blood will pass through more volume of channels, it is bound to increase Vata (as less blood means more Vata). And since Kapha people have wide blood vessels full of blood they reach high Vata stage much later in life. Overall while Vata has to increase with time in everyone, it should be evenly spread in the entire body. Also it should be accompanied with corresponding amount of Pitta else high Pitta in high Vata is bound to increase pain and short circuits and more Vata, taking us into a vicious circle. Thus wrong food/lifestyle (late night eating, undigested or semi-digested food or foods in absence of right amount of spices etc) are bound to create blockages and high Vata in the system which lead to constipation and pain and need to be expelled by therapies like Panchkarma.


Three States of Mind

  • While the book captures in detail about the individual qualities of highly Tamasic, Rajasic and Sattvic minds, a person who is high both on Tamas and Rajas would have morphology of blood vessels and other tissues especially nervous system like figure 1.2c or even more curvy (high Vata) with deposition of more Kapha and relay of high Pitta. Such a person will have lot of nutrition (kapha) flowing through zig zag blood vessels (Vata) at a very high speed (pitta). So such minds would exhibit high ego, high imagination (or say over visualization of scenarios leading to jumping on conclusions), high impulse, high intelligence (but low on wisdom), reasonably good physical strength, good retention of memory and childish (not childlike) behavior. And the reason is moving away from sattvic food and lifestyle and consuming too much of rajasic and tamasic food. We read earlier that how  a high Vata Pitta mind pushes Kapha creating VPK making one prone to tridoshic diseases like cancer and when pitta goes low to control then it results in CHF, fibromyalgia. Overall, Rajas and Tamas are the far ends of the oscillation of an oscillating pendulum with Sattva right in between. Higher the oscillation more intense will be the display of rajas and tamas. Lesser the oscillation means the person will stay closer to Sattva (the middle point of oscillation of the pendulum).

**** This is to reiterate that VPK make millions of permutations and combinations in the mind and body which can be accurately interpreted from one’s birth chart and these doshas (including dominance of rajas and tamas or both) keep changing even in one’s life with the progression of different planetary periods. And as we shall proceed further into astrology and science and spirituality section, we will realize that every soul has to go through the experience of high rajas and tamas before moving to lesser rajas and tamas. While every planet contributes to the energy signatures of the native and therefore chart must be read in totality, another reason why Rahu ketu axis is highly important in ones chart is because it conveys the extent of rajas and Tamas, one will gather in ones life (of course other factors too matter). This is because Rahu is rajas and Ketu is tamas and are always opposite to each other or say looking at each other. In other words, closer the rahu is towards first or second house, higher the rajas will be in mind leading to pushing of more tamas (kapha and pseudokapha) in the body thereby inviting more VPK diseases. And this will continue until rajas in mind will slow down due to some dent which can be ascertained by other factors especially progression of planetary periods (my case study in the book will explain all these aspects).


Dosha Dominance Basis Gender

Since Men are higher on Pitta, it makes them prone to higher Vata too in the long run. This is because high Pitta increases Vata in the long run by burning down blood thereby increase Vata in entire body including brain (as such we are living in a world where Rahu energy is high in the collective conscience meaning food and lifestyle which increases VP). Thus high VP mind pushes them to consume more vasodilating foods (to de-stress their mind) and/or more sour foods (to push more blood to mind), more pungency (to circulate blood faster), more sweet foods like cheese/milk/fried/meat (to provide more nutrition to their hungry mind), more salty to increase blood volume thereby pushing Kapha (including Pseudokapha). Overall Rajas increases Tamas and vice versa leading to high VPK meaning narrowed and haywire blood vessels full of kapha. This is the reason that diseases due to poor blood circulation are higher in men. On the other hand, conventionally women are lower on Pitta due to the nature of their task and therefore despite having higher Vata they don’t get pushed towards high Pitta foods. This is the reason they are more prone to Vata diseases like rheumatoid arthritis etc where low Pitta is not able to push through high Vata areas leading to toxin accumulation and low intensity but continuous pain unlike high Pitta pain which leads to burning.


The Six Tastes and Their Effects on US

  • While fried foods should be avoided for several reasons already mentioned in the book, if they are consumed once in a while in line with the principle of opposites, the harm they cause gets reduced especially during winter season- which is that oily food should be accompanied by dry food e.g. fried pooris will not harm (that much) if consumed with potatoes curry prepared without oil as potatoes are very dry thereby neutralizing the effect of oil. Of course, one has to ensure the balancing of other tastes too. However since frying reduces antioxidants and one is likely to consume more oil than required, it is definitely a dilution from sattvic food/living. As such these foods, make one overeat them, due to instant kick they give to the brain being high on sweetness. Same goes with extra cheese, thick curd, creamy food etc.



  • “One size doesn’t fit all” is applicable not only on food but also on medicines for different constitution because same symptoms (which we call as disease in modern language) can develop because of different doshic imbalance/aggravation in different people. And therefore consuming “over the counter” Ayurvedic medicines for same symptoms may become counterproductive, unless guided by an Ayurveda expert e.g. we discussed that Mukta Vati for kapha hypertension in night time will further aggravate the issue. Even in daytime, one needs to consider other aspects before suggesting this medicine for Kapha hypertension. Similarly indiscreet use of triphla for constipation may further aggravate this issue and may also cause bloating as the side effect because triphla reduces kapha and digests toxins thereby reducing constipation, however if given to a high Vata person, it will further increase Vata and create more constipation. As such I have mentioned it clearly in the book that no medicine should be taken forever and if you are then it is not curing you and in the long run will increase disease only.
  • We know now that high pitta increases more channels (or open the clogged ones) due to its force thereby further increasing Vata which is good for kapha people but bad for people already high on Vata (higher the Pitta more the channels created) – That is the logic of Saturn becoming debilitated in Mars as explained in astrology section of the book. On the other hand pure sourness (without Pitta) expands blood to farther areas in the existing blood vessels without creating more channels. This exactly is the principle on which Arishtas and Asavas work. They are slightly sour, very slightly pungent, but sweet and slightly bitter. While sour expands blood, bitter mildly dilates vessels to facilitate movement of increased volume of blood and the sweetness (nutrition) of the medicine reaches the intended areas. In fact, even lemon water works on the same principle though on a very subtle level as it is sour, sweet and a very mild vasodilator due to its antioxidants which clear up the vessels to help them release natural nitric oxide. And that is why it is used to alleviate minor backaches as it pushes blood towards peripherals though it cannot be that effective as it is an incomplete food in itself and also a weak vasodilator and cannot settle Vata fully unless accompanied with complete sweet food unlike Arishtas/Asavas which are nutritionally rich. That is why in most of the cases, Arishtas are advised to be consumed immediately after food to push sweetness of the food to the intended area. However since they sour, sweet, pungent and even astringent due to the herbs present in them, they should not be consumed with excess of bitter, sour, sweet, sticky, hot and pungent foods like meat, oil, ice-cream, yogurt, potatoes (due to their heavy and astringent nature), pickles, jaggery, hot spices, urad and masoor dal (the black and red lentils due to their stickiness), onion, garlic, tea, coffee, chocolates, alcohol, tobacco, broccoli, capsicum, mint etc. Just imagine that if you take ice cream with sourness and bitterness, its excess sweetness will get pushed to peripherals causing congestion etc. Basically one must understand the amount of these tastes  already lying in the blood and body before consuming Arishtas and Asavas.

**** Using this principle visualize if a person with more Kapha in the core consumes slightly pungent and bitter food along with wholesome sweetness, it can help one to move sweetness towards peripherals, however this is bound to increase Vata of the core which may be good or bad depending upon the need of the person. If Kapha was too centered towards the core, one may need to perform massage, nasya and basti (enema) too to remove Vata in peripherals. Thus bitter can be gainfully utilized in several ways to change ones energy pattern however one must know how to play with it else it can be counterproductive. For example, cumin seeds are slightly bitter (unless roasted on gentle heat), astringent, pungent and cold. So when consumed they mildly increase vasodilation and pungency however their astringency ensures that Pitta doesn’t travel far while also neutralizing sourness produced due to pungency. That is how cumin seeds’ pungency doesn’t spread too far thereby ensuring that Vata doesn’t increase while digesting food with pitta. Exactly the same goes with medicines that use bitter taste whether it be Ayurvedic or Allopathic.

*** While I have already captured in the book, the link for understanding ratio of six tastes in different food items, I am reattaching the blog here in case you missed to open that link. This is because its only when we understand this aspect, can we create healthy food for self and others AYURVEDIC TASTES OF VARIOUS FOOD ITEMS USED IN DAY TODAY ROUTINE  





  • Fasting (i.e. servicing of the body and mind by corrective actions) can be undertaken at any point of time in ones life whenever one realizes build up of toxins in the body characterized by diseases like hypertension, congestive heart failure or the failure/weakness/diseases of the other organs like kidney, liver, digestive system and even brain. However there are certain days in the year when the toxin build up is likely to be higher in the body which is why Navratra festival has been created in India by the wise Rishis. The primary reason for fasting during Navratra is because Mar- April is the time when all those toxins get released into our blood stream which were hidden deep inside the body tissues and cells due to long spell of cold weather (as coldness shrinks it and holds back the undigested food which becomes toxic). On similar lines, before the winters begin, it is good to fast to get rid of toxins so that during winters they don’t go deep into the body since during winters the blood moves more towards the core. That is why Navratras are observed even before the onset of winters.

  • While the best strategy of fasting is to eat in line with one’s food pyramid, one of the main reasons for fasting is that grains are heavy and need good amount of Pitta to get digested and are bound to create toxins in the body when Pitta is less which is true in most of the people due to their modern lifestyle laden with Vata imbalancing foods, late nights meals, overeating, etc., leading to low pitta in the long run (by now we know that all deviations from Sattvic foods/lifestyle leads to Vata imbalance). Thus, to remove toxins, one must go on grain free diet for sometime and consume foods like pseudograins (Buckwheat/waterchestnut) and/or chapatis made out of them with easy to digest vegetables, potatoes roasted in ghee with cumin (or ajwain depending upon weather and constitution as ajwain his similar qualities as cumin except that ajwain is hot in potency), thin buttermilk with sattvic spices (in fact on regular basis too, one should consume avoid consuming grains more than once or twice a day). Remember that Buckwheat (Kuttu) and waterchestnut (singhada) are highly astringent and their flour (which is usually consumed during Navratras) should be used with care. Milk should be avoided or consumed in moderation that too skimmed as it needs good pitta to get digested (a bit of cumin or turmeric or ajwain or even a pinch of garam masala can be added to milk to provide heat to it). Even thin and very well cooked khichdi made out of moong daal and rice with cumin and ghee can be consumed. Very important to note that potato is an incomplete food in itself because it primarily contains only carbohydrates and fiber and should therefore be accompanied by thin buttermilk and ghee with cumin, ginger and/or mustard seeds (however this is also true that since our tissues and organs keeps storing proteins, fats and carbs and keeps releasing them in blood stream on as and when basis, regular and continuous consumption of lentils/grains can be given occasional breaks by just having potatoes to undo extra load on these organs and blood along with intermittent fasting). Lastly, while these are the guidelines, you are the best judge of what and how much to eat as only you can fine tune your requirements basis the continuous feedback from your body and continuous improvement e.g. there could be times when you would need to increase solid food else excess of water would also increase Vata and bloating.
  • Panchamrit is also an excellent drink to break the fast. It consists of five elixirs of life i.e. curd, milk, honey, ghee and shakkar (unrefined form of sugar) which not only give all the necessary nutrition but also all the six tastes. Why it is healthy is because honey (bitter, astringent, hot, salty and sweet) is a predigested food which strengthens our digestive system which tends to dry up after long fast, curd (sour and sweet) gives good bacteria apart from strength, milk (sweet) gives super strength, ghee (sweet) gives good fats and unrefined sugar (sweet and salt) gives carbs thereby making it a complete food in itself. Some people also garnish it with tulsi (bitter and astringent) leaves to strengthen immunity. Click here to know how to prepare Panchamrit 
  • Even excess or less of water with food can also create Vata imbalance. So while excess water will extinguish Agni, less or zero water with food will not create proper chyme in the stomach leading to thick blood and reduced circulation and thus Vata imbalance. Thus every meal should have water in some form (half a glass or full depending upon one’s overall consumption of food) which could be either in the vegetable or lentil itself or consumed along side dry food.
  • Any taste/sub taste in excess or less can cause Vata imbalance. This includes fiber and water too. Thus even excess of fruits can also cause Vata imbalance as fruits are high on carbs but very low on protein and fats and therefore they can cause bloating. This is one of the reasons that fruits become mandatory for those who consume meat as meat is primarily protein, fat, hot in nature and devoid of fiber. Fruits make meat a complete food (though not on spiritual front). Thus Vata people must be careful that they don’t overdo on fruits during fasting (with the assumption that a person wont consume meat while fasting with fruit to make it a complete meal). Yes! if one has consumed even veg sweet food with less of fiber e.g. Khichdi with buttermilk  etc., then seasonal fruits or well cooked veggies must be consumed (with khichdi or separately).
  • The strategy of fasting should differ not only from one person to another but also in the same person during different stages life since different times of same person are governed by different doshas. Thus during childhood one may not require fasting at all since childhood as a thumb rule is governed by healthy Kapha, low vata and good Pitta. Even during young age one may not need to fast much if ones Vata is not high and Pitta is also not so high that it pushes one to overeat thereby depositing excess Kapha in vata. However as Vata increases with age one would need to ensure thin and predigested food so that it doesn’t block blood circulation and add kapha in the vessels thereby pushing Prana vata and pushing one to eat more. However in today’s world in majority of the cases our eating requirement is not reducing with age because we are consuming Vata imbalancing foods and medicines thereby increasing Vata so much that it reduces blood from the brain thereby pushing us to eat more than what we need. Overall the world is eating way more (may be three times) than what it needs to thrive due to excess Vata.
  • Last but not the least, while fasting doesn’t meant creating anxious mind and sick body due to high Vata (as discussed in the book), it definitely does mean patience and withdrawal of senses to get carried away by the rajasic/tamasic foods and lifestyles of life. Thus fasting is purification and is the fifth limb of Ashtang Yoga. As such since it is kapha that stores pitta so if one consumes less food and only thin and predigested food with spices like cumin, ones pitta too reduces (Sadhak as well as pitta of the body). Thus fasting helps one brain and body to slow down. So while slowing down of body controls Vata and pain in a high Vata person etc., slowing down of mind helps one realize so many things. Most importantly it also reduces ones craving for food (or hunger) by reducing kapha as well as pitta (one stores memory/greed and other relays) thus resolving queries of many people who find it difficult to fast. However remember that consuming pitta higher than necessary while fasting will increase vata and speed up your mind, there could be times when spiced water may become necessary to dissolve excess kapha food taken though ideally they all should be consumed together. Overall fasting is a science in itself and one needs to understand six tastes and their effects on our doshas to know what is right for us at all times. That is real fasting- when we eat, think and perform every act consciously.


Eating/living in line with weather (another definition of Sattvic food/lifestyle)

  • We have already discussed in the book that different weather conditions need us to consume and live differently. Here is an example to explain that how food/lifestyle should change with weather conditions:-
  • As the weather becomes hot, the blood flow increases towards peripherals of the body i.e. skin, brain etc. and reduces towards core including stomach. Once stomach gets less blood our digestive fire becomes weak. So to handle these two issues i.e. excess heat and weak digestive fire, we must substantially reduce or totally avoid heavy, sour and hot/warm potency spices, foods and vegetables (like ginger, asafetida, ajwain, chilies, fermented fruits, dry fruits, tomatoes, radish, carrot, potatoes, cheese, fried foods) and eat spices, foods and drinks that are cold, astringent and easy to digest e.g. cumin seeds, vegetables which are light and cold in nature like bottle gourd (ghia), ribbed gourd (torai), round gourd (tinda), sweet and fleshy fruits, milk, cottage cheese, watery lentils. Important to remember that since cottage cheese, rice, wheat and such foods are relatively denser (in terms of sweetness) and cold, they may need more dense and hot spices like a bit of garam masala or ajwain to digest and not just cumin. Mango being warm astringent and pungent is an excellent fruit to increase jatharagni (digestive fire) and a bit of it can be added with milk to create a healthy, balanced and complete food in itself during summers as milk balances out its warmth (however this also means that those whose digestive fire as such good even during summers should avoid excess of mangoes). Since sweating increases during summers, one tends to lose water soluble Vitamin C and to replenish that one must keep having lemon in water/vegetables as a healthier and tasty alternative to tomatoes because lemon is highly sweet post digestion despite being sour as against tomatoes which are sour and hot. However during summers when sourness goes very high in the body, one should avoid consuming even excess of lemon (unless accompanied with lot of astringency) since despite being sweet (post digestive) it is sour too. Even curd should be consumed after diluting it in buttermilk form with mild spices like baked cumin, mint and black salt. All this will help you in keeping your blood thin and maintaining stronger immunity. Chilies and hot spices increase peripheral blood circulation thereby reducing fat coating from the skin and giving you a feel of coldness due to lesser insulation of fat. However in the long run, excessive use of such foods may create issues like peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, aggression, nervousness, insomnia especially in thin people (Vata body and mind in Ayurvedic terms). Thus such foods should be consumed in moderation in summers only by those who have lot of fat deposition on their skin and have relatively sluggish brain (i.e. Kapha type) which has become very rare in today’s world since we all consume high Vata foods and drinks and therefore majority of the people are Vata personalities. Same goes with indiscreet use of vasodilating foods/drinks like tea, coffee, garlic, onion which temporarily cool us down by increasing heat but their side effect is that they increase obstruction in blood vessels. Thus they are okay to some extent only for sluggish brains and kapha bodies and will be counterproductive for others. Yes you can eat heavier and spicy foods if you are staying in air-conditioned atmosphere but this tip will help you to reduce your dependence on ACs which are extremely unhealthy to self and environment because of several reasons including global warming (In fact, a person with no Vata imbalance or very less of it will not get pushed towards eating highly rajasic/tamasic foods and would be able to sail through summers with ease even without coolers/ACs). On the other hand, ideal food during summers as suggested above, will create bloating, gas, insufficiency and high Vata if consumed during winters when Jatharagni (the digestive fire) is strong. So during winters heavy, sour and pungent foods should be consumed which are forbidden during summers. Thus, this is to reiterate that not only, one’s nectar can be another’s poison and vice versa but in fact poison for the same person too under different weather conditions”. In other words, sattvic food in one weather may become rajasic or tamasic in different weather conditions for the same person and vice versa. Thus its wrong to absolutely define Sattvic food.
  • While we discussed immediate side effects of air conditioning in the book (like excess Vata of the upper body and brain leading to several health issues and imbalanced Prana Vata and overall Vata imbalance), here is one slow but seriously damaging effect that we don’t realize. Because of air conditioning we are able to consume vegetables even of winters during summers like tomato, potato, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, peas, broccoli, spinach, fenugreek etc. The result is that it increases demand of winter vegetables to be imported to hot locations from colder areas where they grow, leading to indirect but huge impact on global warming due to higher emission of bad gases. Even if they are grown locally during winters and stored in cold  storage for use in summers, the impact of cold storage not only damages their nutrition content but also puts lot of load on environment again leading to higher emissions.  Lastly, the option of growing winter vegetable during summers (using artificial means like glasshouse etc.) can never give us similar taste and nutrition and rather is detrimental for health. Thus we must follow the rule of consuming only locally grown food in true letter and spirit to avoid global warming apart from immediate health hazard.
  • Lastly, since different constitutions need different tastes even during different weather conditions, the tempering of food with sour and pungent spices/vegetables like ginger, asafetida, tomato etc. should be separately prepared so that different people even from the same family can temper their food according to their need. This act carries more importance in Kalyuga and much less (almost nil) in Satyuga because in Kalyuga even the member of the same family are highly different from each other due to high VP in the collective conscience and high Vata means high variation.



  • The moment we digress from Sattvic food (high on any of the six tastes or all of them), which has a cause and effect relationship with Vata imbalance, then we begin accumulating the phenomenon of Vata pushing Kapha (remember this kapha is not good kapha only  but it also includes pseudokapha and toxins). Once that happens, not just Vata and kapha but Pitta too goes high due to accumulation of toxins as toxins narrow the blood vessels and once that happens our brain gets less of blood thereby asking us to eat more of food (with more of six tastes) which finally becomes the reason for different diseases which vary because of different proportion of tastes eaten, the basic constitution of the person which in turn depend upon the collective conscience of people around.  These toxins stuck inside our kapha make it look big thereby giving a feel to self and others that one is healthy however the fact is that with age one must reduce in weight. And a Vata person should never attempt to gain weight as this will only mean gaining dirty weight. Thus toxin removal is the first step towards eliminating any disease/regaining health and panchkarma plays an inevitable role in this. And if its procedures are wisely performed (along with Sattvic food and lifestyle) at the drop of even a hint of imbalance (much before the disease strikes) then one would never fall sick.
  • Since colon is naturally high on Vata, any increase in toxins in the body (due to wrong food/medicine/lifestyle and even due to release of toxins in the blood due to massages) will also increase toxins in the colon thereby further increasing Vata there, leading to improper working of muscles in colon and thus constipation. Thus there could be times when enema becomes more important than any other procedure of Panchkarma especially if the patient has constipation. On the other hand if one doesn’t face any bowel movement in the morning and has Vata imbalance then enema can be postponed depending upon the strength of one’s Jatharagni. Now what if one’s colon/rectum is working fine but one’s Jatharagni is poor leading to colic pains? In such a case, the person has the option of either consuming foods like bael fruit (to remove toxins and Vata from upper intestines and stomach) or removing toxins from this area by some procedure similar to enema as the first procedure would reduce blood from the upper body and may increase Vata issues like cervical, sleep issues etc if Vata is already high in the upper body (as such bael should not be consumed by those who already have high Vata imbalance and also high Vata, a mistake made by lot of people thinking that is fruit is good for all in all conditions). Here comes the role of Vaman which helps to remove toxins from the upper digestive tract.
  • So while Vaman is essential to excrete toxins (lodged in upper digestive tract) from mouth, Virechan i.e. digestion and excretion of toxins through rectum is equally essential and important before proceeding for enema and nasya. Depending upon different constitutions and seat of toxin deposition, one may need to use different measures to perform Virechan e.g. if pitta is low leading to high Vata and by increasing Pitta, one can achieve satisfactory excretion of toxins from the body then mere use of deepan pachan spices should suffice to induce lose motions. However there could be times when Vata in lower body is so high that it is blocking even normally good amount of pitta and not releasing toxins. In such a case, castor oil which is an excellent laxative, works wonders to induce motions by reducing Vata of the upper intestines. When pseudokapha is high but Vata is not imbalanced then triphla works well to induce motions. When constipation is due to high kapha in the intestinal area as a result of excess kapha consumption (meat/cheese/curd etc), then psyllium husk helps to relive constipation. There could be times when even these measures donot work to induce motions for relieving constipation. In those circumstances, one must go for oil enema to reduce vata of the lower intestines and rectum area. Overall this again emphasizes the need to customize panchkarma where one may need to postpone (or not do) massage and go straight for Vaman and Virechan and sometimes even enema to expel toxins as the first measure. This is because during the process of massage when oil will loosen plaque and release it in blood stream it will further increase toxin and vata in the intestines further adding to constipation. That is why ideally, massage must be followed by Vaman and Virechan to excrete toxins. By the way even, bhujangasana (cobra pose) also works well to reduce Vata from lower body thereby relieving constipation however it does reduce blood from upper body. 

Yogic texts mention a set of six procedures called Shatkarma which work exactly on the same principle as that of Panchkarma. Minor variation in between Panchkarma and Shatkarma is primarily the medium used to clean or the mode. So, shatkarma also includes procedures like basti (enema) and nasya to expel toxins from colon and sinus respectively which are common to panchkarma therapy. The other important or rather equally essential procedures for removing toxins and thus Vata/kapha are; neti to clean up the dirt from sinus area (with saline water) before Nasya with oil is done (same way as water, salt and bitter herbs based enema is done to clean and disinfect the colon before doing oil based enema else oil will take the dirt deeper); dhauti to expel/scrape out toxins from tongue, mouth, throat, stomach, upper intestines with the help of long cloth and/or rubber pipe with perforations at the end to pull out water and toxins or by simply inducing vomiting after drinking saline water to throw out toxins and Kapha (this process is similar to Vaman); nauli (the inward/outward/downward and upward movement of intestinal muscles) to expel toxins from deep seated areas of intestines and bring them to one place (Ideally nauli should be performed after drinking saline water so that all dirt comes at one place and is then expelled out with the help of dhauti. Nauli should also be performed after herbal enema to circulate water and herbs in the intestinal area before the concoction is excreted out after holding it for as long as possible); and tartaka to expel toxins from eyes by continuous gazing. Shatkarma is considered to be an essential procedure by Yogic texts for removing toxins from the body (especially those which are stuck inside the kapha thereby creating Vata too) and is usually performed before moving to advanced Yogic practices. Toxin build up in different parts of the body is indicated by several measures like coated tongue, weak digestion, pain/congestion in chest area, pain in sinus area, constipation (indicating toxins in lower intestines/rectum area). An important point to note is that while saline water pulls out toxins along with water, it also dries up the area and therefore should be used with prudence in case Vata (dryness) in that part is high. In other words if Vata (dryness) is very high (due to sourness/toxins) and kapha is low, then instead of saline water, one should go for oil based formulations only as suggested in case of Panchkarma which do pull out toxins but don’t let the area get depleted of nutrition and oiliness OR carry out oil based therapy soon after saline water therapy to avoid drying up of that area. The reverse could also be done as conventionally followed by most of the Ayurveda practitioners where oil enema of around (30-50 ml oil) is done to oil up the dried rectum and lower intestines which are as such supposed to be high on Vata and then usually the same day, herbal enema is done with around 700 ml of water based concoction (quantity may vary) to remove impurities and feces stuck in colon. 

Even if in principle Shatkarma and Panchkarma are similar therapies, one major difference apart from the medium used (oil versus water) is that Shatkarma does not require too many resources/material unlike Panchkarma where lot of oil gets wasted and other equipment like steamer or sauna etc. are required to impart this therapy. And that is why Shatkarma was used more by Yogis (who had gained advanced levels of knowledge) just to expel out toxins from their body as their aim was not to undo any vata imbalance which rarely existed in them due to their lifestyle. As such Yogis could undo Vata imbalance with the help of mantras/asanas/bandhas. In fact, the Yogis used to just squat in the river and pull in water into their intestines through their rectum, perform nauli and throw it back literally like gargling of the mouth. Overall this is to say that both therapies even if similar have their own pros and cons and a healer should be aware of both of them to know which will work better for whom. Lastly, it is quite logical and extremely important that a weak body should perform fasting and these six processes separately as sudden removal of toxins from different parts of the body creates excess of space (without filling it up with good/nutritious food) thereby leading to excess vata and breakdown of body functions. This is the reason that even under normal circumstances, all the different therapies of Panchkarma are given at a gap of two to three days. Over all, these procedures are very simple in nature, though apparently they may look difficult and are essential before starting Yogasanas (especially Shatkarma procedures), to avoid toxins travelling to the area where lymph/blood is being pushed. However a beginner should learn these procedures, their intricacies and their dos and don’ts from an expert before  performing it on self. As your knowledge will increase, you will able to become in-charge of your own health and well-being and will be able to perform even these difficult looking procedures on your own with ease. Reiterating that one must exercise prudence while performing them as using them unnecessarily without toxin build up or doing them wrongly can create issues. So a person who is eating absolutely right wouldn’t need even them like any other therapy though again that’s rare.

  • Since the aim of massage is to settle peripheral Vata, Ksheerbala oil is great for winters (cold weather) in those who do not have high pitta felt on skin, however during summers due to presence of Ashwagandha and Bala (both being warm), this oil should be replaced by sweet bitter and astringent oils like almond oil/coconut oil depending upon one’s constitution.
  • Duration of massage, the type of oil used, the quantity of oil used, the time of massage, the temperature of oil, food consumed before massage and the current doshas of the person play an extremely important role in deciding the outcome of massage e.g. a person with Vata ridden mind during summers and overall high pitta in the body/mind (due to massage or temperature of the weather or basic constitution etc) would need nasya with coconut oil (being astringent and sweet) without massage on face and head, so that coconut oil’s sweetness and astringency goes into the core of the brain and settles Vata there. However if has to settle the Vata of peripherals, lets suppose of face and head, characterized by burning on face and headaches (due to pitta rushing in Vata areas), then one would need massage of face and head with coconut oil along with nasya with the same oil to push even the oil dropped through nostrils into the peripherals i.e. sinus etc. Similar is the strategy one needs to adopt while doing enema with oil where the extent of massage of abdomen before enema should depend upon how much Vata is there inside core of colon and how much in the peripherals of colon including the muscles of back and stomach. Lastly if one has consumed oily food before nasya, then this would slow down blood circulation and not push enough blood towards Vata ridden part.
  • Since core houses all the important organs of the body, our first aim should be to keep all the core organs fit and then slowly and gradually reduce Vata of the peripherals with Panchkarma. Sudden and excess therapies of Panchkarma for a person with weak core (characterized by weak heart/hypertension/ckd/insomnia) will be counterproductive and should be avoided unless the core is fit and may lead to sudden cardiac arrest (however there are conditions when this becomes necessary… You will read later about it). In case of peripheral discomfort, very light massages/enema etc. should be given to the person. A person who has developed lot of toxins in the body and mind due to years of use of wrong and vata imbalancing foods/overeating/for too long is bound to develop lot of toxins in the body in which case customized therapies of panchkarama/Shatkarma will be required because if you remove too many toxins in one go without filling the gaps with right food, it will collapse the system. This is the reason that food served during the days when panchkarma is given to the patient is supposed to be highly nutritious and yet very easy to digest like “khichdi” prepared with well cooked moong dal, rice with mild herbs (cumin, ajwain, fresh ginger), ghee and pink salt, to keep agni burning in the body. Basically rasa and blood tissue can be increased to fill up gaps and reduce Vata, only by providing sweet (protein, fats and carbs) and salty (minerals) food with slight pungency. All in all one has to apply “not one size fits all” in case of panchkarma too else it can be counterproductive e.g. a person who has high Vata towards face/neck, if given a deep and hot oil massage on the entire body (that too without Nasya) is highly likely to develop symptoms of cervical spondylitis.
  • This principle of clean blood to be pushed to remove Vata from an organ holds good for medicines too just like Yogasanas. So if a person has high Vata towards heart (and heart chakra) vis-a-vis other parts of the body (leading to high pulse rate and angina etc), then he/she should consume Arjunarishtam only after ensuring that his/her blood is clean by eating right and light foods else this medicine will take even toxins/kapha/pitta to the heart thereby defeating the purpose. Unfortunately this is happening in today’s world because of excess Vata imbalance and that is why such medicines become ineffective or cause side effects in many. This is also the reason that certain Ayurveda experts give medicines to even clean up blood by alternating with main medicine.

*** Reiterating that all beta blockers including Arjunarishtam should not be given to patients with CHF as it will further increase Kapha towards core and increase Vata imbalance thereby pushing more Kapha in blood vessels which are as such loaded with kapha and toxins. Such medicines are meant only for short term and only for those who have only Vata ridden heart but not body especially mind, with the aim to equalize Vata in entire body. I have mentioned it again but beta blockers are being used to treat CHF by many doctors. I was one of them.

  • Last but not the least, just the way a vehicle’s servicing frequency is decided basis its running and the kind of environment it gets exposed to (a cross country vehicle needs much more frequent servicing due to high speed and muddy terrain it faces), same ways all cleaning therapies whether it be fasting/panchkarma/shatkarma also need to be decided basis the amount of toxins getting generated/accumulated thereby affecting/deranging doshas in the body due to wrong eating/lifestyle/pollution etc. And only experience and careful observation of the body and mind through various means can help one to carefully analyze and decide what and when is best.


Yogasanas, Pranayama, Chakras and Mantras

**** Please remember that while the focus should be on removing Vata from the most Vata ridden part of the body, it is equally important to go for a holistic set of Yogasanas. Here is an example to explain why.. What happens if we mix two different grains in a jar? They remain separate unless we properly shake them not just once but several times. Exactly the same is done by a holistic yoga. Thus a light but holistic yoga (using all the parts the body in up, down, right and left position), helps to homogenize different Rasas (lymph) created due to ingestion of different tastes in different meals thereby removing vata imbalance or not letting it happen. As such, we know that Prana Vata gets disturbed by any vata imbalance (or say disruption in blood circulation) any where in the body.

  • One should do Yogasanas/massages in the morning time only after getting a good night sleep because good night sleep means relatively lower pitta meaning enough amount of blood is in the core including brain and liver indicating that liver has cleaned up blood in the night. Remember good night sleep doesn’t mean extra lethargy after getting up as this indicates excess kapha in blood pushing which through Yogasanas is again bad (if one realizes toxins accumulation in the body due to excess Kapha, one should go for Shatkarma procedures before doing Yogasasana and massage and/or consume cumin with lemon and honey to digest toxins). As such we discussed earlier that Panchkarma should be performed when Kapha season is over and when pitta dominated season (Mars) is taking over, so that massage can help to increase peripheral circulation of clean blood. The exact principle is to be followed for mornings too that massage should be performed when enough pitta is there in weather and when toxins (if there) are digested by right deepan pachan herbs like cumin. Here is another aspect to understand that how weather plays a huge role in deciding when to go for massages. Since cold weather increases jatharagni, one feels more hungry. This is the time to take full advantage of strong Jatharagni and eat a balanced meal (with all tastes and sub tastes in right proportion) so that core becomes strong and after proper digestion (8-12 hrs gap) of the food one can increase peripheral kapha (i.e. Mars) with good massages (extremely important to note that while ideally one should go for massage empty stomach after emptied bowels, it is equally important to avoid eating immediately after a massage as jatharagni is bound to reduce due to increase in peripheral circulation. Also one must eat predigested food like Khichdi after a bit of rest after massage. The temperature of food should be good but without spices to avoid further increase in VP so that the heat of the food and not spices increase Jatharagni). This also means that even sudden lowering of temperature (even during summers) would increase Jatharagni and should be followed by massage (if need be nasya and enema too in case vata is felt in head and intestinal region indicated by dryness/pain in eyes/face/neck and constipation respectively). Goes without saying that those strong on Mars (at given point of time) may not need it. However this is also true that since high Vata people cannot afford to increase much of Pitta, they are bound to be low on Mars and will accumulate Kapha in core (especially due to excess eating due to cold weather) leading to further increase in Kapha getting blocked inside Vata in core. Thus Vata people must go for massages (and nasya and enema if need be) in this condition to not to let Vata imbalance increase.
  • Please note that excess of headstand can increase Kapha in mind and make the person either sluggish due to Kapha or go high on KP in case person is consuming high Pitta foods too. In fact it can increase even constipation due to Vata in  lower body. In case headstands are done with lot of pseudokapha and toxins in blood (due to wrong lifestyle/food/previous history/late night eating/Vata pushing Kapha), it will lead to VPK in brain making one Rajasic and Tamasic too as Kapha will deposit over Vata (the extent of VPK will differ from person to person). Thus even a wonderful Yogasana like this can be counterproductive if performed without performing Shatkarma procedures properly (I faced it since i pushed dirty blood in upper body and that is why i got lesser relief than what i should have got unless I learnt Shatkarma procedures). Goes without saying that since thin and predigested foods with less of pitta do not increase Vata and rather help  in reducing it, one must start consuming such foods (along with abstinence from wrong foods) before starting Yogasanas so that clean and thin blood goes to settle Vata. That is why it is said that ideally Yogasana should be done the moment mind gives slight indication of higher Vata in upper body characterized by pain/weakness etc. in upper body or impulsive mind but strong digestion and healthy excretion. And yes once you have full understanding of how foods work on our VPK and our body is fully balanced, then one doesn’t need Asanas or any other therapy even (though that’s not possible especially in today’s world).

*** The gesture of Namaste with hands right in front of the chest and above (something like Garudasana) is an excellent pose to reduce blood from brain and increase it towards heart. That is why Namaste is considered a very good pose for controlling ones Kapha of the brain (or say ego). Increasing it towards heart helps to quieten entire body as anahata chakra becomes healthier thereby bringing a feeling of unconditional love and surrender apart from pacifying angina pain. Though even Arjuna has similar effect, Namaste if performed the Garudasana way, works instantly to reduce angina pain. Of course, blood should have right amount of rasas in it.

  • We discussed in the book that about how different Beej Mantras work on our chakras. Since different mantras increase pitta in different chakras of the body, they are likely to release stuck up toxins from that chakra especially if Kapha is stuck for long in tissues due to high Vata imbalances/high Vata when overall Pitta cannot be increased. This also means that the loudness and duration of recitation should be  in line with extent of Vata at a particular point and Kapha/toxins stuck in that Vata else excess/loud vibration can increase Vata in peripherals instead of calming it. Basically one must learn to quantify everything in life whether it be different tastes of food/asana/pranayama and so on. This is the reason that continuous chanting of Mantras during Yagnas in ancient times were accompanied by fasting (absolute or intermittent depends upon the constitution of the person or with certain medicines/herbs). In fact, one may also to use Shatkarma therapies to remove toxins from the body before and after such Yajna to get their full therapeutic effect.
  • Several texts refer to closed chakras which should be opened. A closed chakra means that it is closed like a fist (radially inwards) and can be opened only by focus and beej mantra. Thus this strategy can be applied on all chakras for handling stuck up behavioral patterns due to closed chakra. For example, a person with closed mooladhara chakra (basal one) will have excess of focus on food, sex and sleep. And beej mantra recital would radially open it to reduce kapha from the core of that chakra. Same ways excess of worldly desires can be pacified by beej mantra of Swadisthan chakra. However it is important that we gain command on working on these chakras through gradual understanding of the effect of mantras on us. Goes without saying that like all therapeutics, even wrong use of mantras can also create more imbalance instead of rectifying it. So one must go slow and careful.

**** Please note that by mistake I have mentioned HAM as the beej mantra for Anahata chakra in the book instead YAM. Apologies for the error.

  • Different Mantras are supposed to create different effects on different chakras and microchakras of the body through different sounds produced during their recitation. So if you experienced the effect of different Beej Mantras on different chakras as mentioned in the book, you can easily feel the effect of different syllables of Gayatri Mantra too (silence your mind and do it before proceeding further and you will be amazed). This logic that how mantras work would have explained you that hearing them will not have the desired effect at all as reciting them will have that too with right speed/focus/pronunciation and volume.

*** It is important to note that “different folks, different strokes” strategy applies on Mantras too e.g. if a person with Vata ridden heart (not Vata due to kapha ridden but real Vata) practices YAM, the Beej Mantra of Anahata Chakra, it will further weaken his/her heart due to Pitta rushing through Vata. No doubts that the same mantra will help those who have developed Vata imbalance due to excess use of beta blockers/arjuna by working as opposite as this will expand the heart chakra (like a blossoming flower) thereby reducing accumulation of toxins and Kapha from there especially if this mantra is recited under the influence of sweet sour and bitter taste to facilitate outward movement of blood. However, once prolonged vata imbalance creates high Vata and toxins and more Vata due to continued Vata imbalance, then it weakens all organs including heart and then YAM beej mantra doesn’t help much (though partially it does) as it further weakens heart and also pulse pressure (unless one eats very thin and predigested food), though it also removes toxins from heart and area around thereby reducing chest pain experienced during CHF. Overall, this is to reiterate here, that due to the fear of death, the indiscreet use of beta blockers and Arjuna (especially in today’s world to strengthen heart while ignoring the rest of the body and most importantly mind), closes this chakra inward thereby accumulating kapha/toxins and reducing the natural output of the heart leading to blocked emotions and other health issues like peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia etc (as brain and other peripherals don’t get enough blood). This also explains that how vibrations can and do direct, different forms of energy in different directions through our words/actions/food etc. and can change the entire aura of the person if utilized smartly. This para also explains that even a gap of few minutes can make a huge difference in the spread of doshas in different parts of the body and that is why one must have homogenized food of all essential tastes as far as possible since digestion starts immediately after we eat and right from the mouth itself (so having digestives post food is only a corrective measure but not the ideal method). Apart from that the absorption of food and everything, happens not only from stomach and skin but also from their vapors through nose. That is how our mood changes with different aromas/smells of food/spices/chemicals etc, which can be gainfully utilized to reduce headaches but can also become the reason for headaches due to smells of wrong foods/chemicals. In fact, aroma is the first sense to attract or repel us towards or away from food and it is aroma which makes us hungry. That is why nose is sometimes called as the head of senses. 


Accurate Analysis- First and Foremost step towards Cure

  • A healer ought to dig as deep as possible into ones history through pulse diagnosis and other means as mentioned in the book including ones history of the kind of foods and medicines one has taken or taking. This will help the healer to know how exactly, the doshas have progressed and how can the principle of opposites be applied (of course one cannot expect total undoing of damage by applying this principle as more the delay in using the opposite, more is the irreversible damage, however a bit of damage correction in time will not cause serious imbalancing in life and are acceptable in kalyuga and very slowly reach a complete state of balance when the world will reach Satyuga). The healer should also know the science of how different medicines work including allopathic medicines because all allopathic medicines fall in one or more categories of six tastes and their combination. As already mentioned in the book, a good healer is the one who understands as many medical sciences as possible because ultimately they all are connected and have an effect on VPK as we would read in the book whether it be mantra/yogasana/pranayama/meditation/acupressure/marma as so on. It is absolutely wrong to dilute Vedic do’s and don’ts and procedures while healing a person. So if a patient refuses to remove causative factors (which is the first and foremost principle of Ayurveda for curing diseases) then the healer should refuse to treat the patient. Apart from this the healer should clearly convey the state of health to the patient stating that how much he/she would be able to treat/remove the imbalance. I suggest you to read this blog  THE AGE OF QUICK FIX SOLUTIONS- WHY AYURVEDA  FAILS SOMETIMES?- A MUST READ FOR ALL AYURVEDA PRACTITIONERS AND ENTHUSIASTS

Section 3- Tamasic/Rajasic Acts

  • To some this may sound too old fashioned or prehistoric but the fact is that ideal style of living is to live in line with sun-cycle and to use very dim lights post sunset/before sunrise, for carrying out any essential activity. The dimming light due to setting Sun helps in calming down of mind thereby slowly inducing deep sleep. However because of excessive lights that we use in night life in today’s world (including late night viewing of small/large screens), our mind remains hyper-excited and thus is unable to sleep properly leading to delay in waking up much beyond Sunrise and resulting in loss of the precious hours of Vata to Kapha transition during Sunrise when one should get up, go for a nature walk (after daily chores) to enjoy the basking of Sun for Vitamin D and do Yogasanas/ Pranayama/ meditation/ prayers for a vibrant health and bliss. Another problem that has risen because of this light pollution is that it doesnt allow people to sleep in open during summers due to which the natural process of getting up in the morning due to sunrays falling on our closed eyes to wake us up slowly and gradually has gone for a toss. Instead due to wrong eating habits (winter foods in summers) multiplied by air conditioners in closed and dark rooms, we wake up much later than the right time.



  • Vata may be the mother of death of an organ or the entire body but we know that high Vata can be an outcome of not only preexisting high Vata (narrow blood vessels) but also because of high kapha low pitta or very high pitta person as ultimately these conditions too in the long run lead to high vata. Thus the same a disease may arise because of several reasons (or say because of different doshas) e.g. Ulcerative colitis can arise not only because of preexisting high vata in colon but also because of low pitta due to sedentary lifestyle/less **deepan pachan spices like ginger etc. compounded by excess use of vata and kapha increasing foods which lead to increase in Vata and blocking of kapha in it thereby further increasing Vata in a low Pitta person. As such sedentary lifestyle leads to Vata imbalance. ** We discussed the meaning of deepan pachan herbs in the book.
  • Modern science is not able to exactly differentiate between different diseases of the same organ because they don’t hit the root cause and don’t understand the concept of different doshas and their aggravation due to different tastes. For example common fatty liver or jaundice may come up because of absolutely different doshas requiring sometimes opposite treatment. Here is how. Common fatty liver indicates a person whose high Prana Vata is pushing Kapha (with a bit of pseudokapha) due to which liver is higher on fat and low on metabolism. Such a person should totally quit all kinds of highly vasodilating foods to avoid further aggravation of Vata pushing Kapha (except deepan pachan herbs which act as very mild vasodilators) and move to Sattvic diet.  Such people should consume astringent foods like pomegranate, perform panchkarma/shatkarma and use strategies to push blood towards brain like asanas and medha vati etc. to cure their fatty liver (a person with fatty liver  due to alcohol is extremely high on Prana Vata thereby leading to extreme increase in pseudokapha and Pitta, as alcohol is highly sour and pungent,  in which case they would definitely need cold, mildly pungent and astringent foods to get rid of toxins from the liver apart from total sattvic diet low on fat). On the other hand a person may develop jaundice because of excessively high Vata and Pitta in the liver where upper body is high on Kapha and lower on Vata (due to Rahu – ketu axis and other factors) and is eating and living in high Pitta conditions. Such a person would simply need cold, sweet, astringent, bitter and mildly pungent herbs/foods like Aloevera to get fine by healing the lower body apart from abstinence from hot/highly pungent/sour foods.
  • CHF is the next stage of fibromyalgia due to continued Vata imbalance  pushing one to eat less pitta but more sweet and heavy foods and thus a sludged blood. This also means that if we undo Vata imbalance during the initial stages of fibromyalgia with right mantra/abstinence from wrong foods and medicines/massages/yogasanas, then such deadly diseases which are many times more painful and exhausting then even cancer, can be avoided. And since undoing Vata imbalance may not be easy in all cases, the best strategy is to stick to sattvic foods.

**** I realized the above fact when I kept thinking that my Vata imbalance is due to Vasodilating foods and medicines and thats why headstand was helping me, however it was much later that I realized that it was not just vasodilation but beta blockers and Arjunaristam which were bigger culprits in creating my fibromyalgia. Unfortunately by the time, I realized this and learnt to undo Vata imbalance due to beta blocker with the help of VAM mantra (the beej mantra of heart chakra), my body was exceedingly Vata ridden. Thus, while VAM was helping me to push my heart to beat faster and give my mind and lower body immediate respite by relieving constipation and insomnia, I started realizing that it was weakening an already weak heart (weakened due to years of pumping of thick blood). Overall, VAM helped me to significantly reduce my pain/constipation/insomnia/facial pains but it was wrong to expect it to bring back my health.

  • All diseases which are a result of high Vata (due to constitution and/or consumption of high Vata foods) e.g. CHF, fibromyalgia can be managed only by having Vata pacifying foods (and lifestyle) forever i.e. foods which are easy to digest or rather predigested especially Khichdi. Such people would need to fast (intermittently and smartly) more often to keep their blood clean and free flowing through thin and obstructed blood vessels since they are highly likely to trap kapha in high Vata. Their focus should always remain on balancing the imbalanced Vata and keeping Prana Vata settled (through Asanas, nasya, basti and Pranayama and sattvic lifestyle), else it will push more Kapha and congestion in already obstructed vessels. Since they cant afford to increase Pitta in a highly vata environment, they should have mild spices especially during summers like Cumin instead of ginger, asafetida which will not only reduce their hunger and keep them from overeating (or pushing kapha). Cumin water with honey and lemon works wonders for them as it gives them energy, nutrition and Vitamin C to slowly repair the body and also remove Kapha from high Vata vessels but this is required only in case they have consumed excess Kapha without enough amount of Pitta. Since they are extremely high on Vata, they should remember to take into account the weather conditions. So not only winters but any sudden drop in the temperature should mean that they should increase Pitta in their food with spices like ajwain. Since Prana Vata can go high because of any obstruction in the body, they cannot afford to further increase Vata in any part of the body vis-a-vis other part. This means that as a thumb rule, a person with CHF (which is due to high Vata blocking high Kapha in the body including heart) shouldn’t go for excess massages else they will further reduce blood from the heart/core thereby further increasing overall Vata due to a weak pumping of the heart and thus high Prana Vata. In fact, such actions may even lead to sudden cardiac arrest due to insufficiency of blood reaching there- This statement is not to scare anyone but to just convey the outcome without discussing the merit of such acts.. as such the fear of death should not drive anyone and instead one should strive to live healthy as long (or short) as one lives. 
  • When the environment in the body becomes too congested and acidic due to blockage of Kapha (due to high Vata and/or Vata imbalance), it gives rise to pathogens ranging from viruses to single celled to multi-celled organisms in the body (Ayurveda calls these pathogens as Krimi). This is the reason that chances of finding out such pathogens are very high in case of CHF/CKD etc where high Vata and high Vata imbalance start blocking Kapha. Goes without saying that these pathogens further add to the misery of the person. And the only way out of such miseries is to de-congest the environment by eating thin and easy to digest foods with deepan pachan herbs like cumins/ajwain/ginger depending on constitution/weather conditions, as mentioned above (remember thin doesn’t mean water but free flowing).

*** Quite often it is seen that people resort to exercises to reduce their weight with the assumption that exercise will increase their metabolism (pitta/heat) and burn off fat. However they must understand that exercise is in vain and sometimes counterproductive in absence of right food especially in most of the cases when Vata is pushing them to overeat different tastes thereby congesting the body which can be avoided only living and eating in line with one’s constitution (in this case Vata pacifying foods). The failure to do this would further add to overeating and eating Vata imbalancing foods to push blood through obstructed blood to brain to feel happy. And thus the person gets into the vicious circle of increasing more and more Vata and thus more and more food (heavy and imbalancing). And then there comes a time when he/she develops hypertension which slowly and gradually keeps growing into CHF, fibromyaglia- the incurable diseases of extremely high Vata.

  • While one may need to put more focus on the most diseased part of the body, one cannot be ignoring other parts because sooner or later the effect of one diseased part will start showing on others too. We already know that how Vata ridden brain pushes Kapha and congests entire body. Other important examples are :- (a) A Vata ridden large intestine would not be able to excrete the toxins of the body properly thereby increasing toxins and thus Vata in the entire body (same goes true if kidneys are vata ridden and not able to filter out toxins) (b) A Vata ridden small intestine would lead to improper digestion of food and also leaky gut where the gut will allow entry of undigested or partially digested food particles in the blood stream leading to high Vata in the entire body. A vata ridden liver will also lead to similar issues as poor function of liver will not clear toxins and not generate enough digestive enzymes in the body. (c) Vata ridden heart would not able to pump well leading to less blood reaching the peripherals like brain and intestines again leading to higher Vata in the body as high Vata in intestine and brain again pushes more Vata (same goes with excessively high Kapha ridden heart which in absence of enough pitta will not be able to pump well and will start accumulating toxins)..(d) same is the story if thyroid, pineal, pituitary and other glands of the body donot function properly as they will lead to increase in Vata sooner or later in the entire body. There could be more combinations. Overall, a holistic approach must be followed if one wishes to stay healthy whether it be in terms of eating right food or doing Yogasanas or Pranayama or taking medicines. Yes! all this becomes difficult in case one has high Vata in the body. As mentioned earlier, such cases can be handled only by consuming easy to digest foods (thin that don’t require pitta to digest as they have been digested by external agni during the cooking process) that flow freely in the body as they don’t sludge the blood. Because such foods will neither increase Pitta nor Vata. This also means that by having these foods your Vata will increase very slowly and uniformly and you would remain healthy, vibrant and live long as Vata is the mother of death and if its progression is slowed then it is bound to enhance lifespan. Lastly and very importantly, since leaky gut can increase toxins in the entire body, it should be addressed immediately through bael/beetroot etc. else all efforts to control Vata in other parts of the body will fail. Yes! such foods being vasodilating are bound to increase Vata in the upper body but by repairing leaky gut and thus reducing toxins, you in turn would reduce overall Vata of the body including upper. This further reinstates the fact that Jatharagni is the most important agni and if it goes bad due to leaky gut etc. then the entire body is bound to suffer.
  • It is often seen that hypertensive patients face more challenges during winters as their BP shoots up during winters putting them into the vicious circle of taking more BP drugs and more Vata imbalance and more BP. In fact, during winters (or cold weather) BP tends to shoot up even in otherwise healthy people. Lets understand the reason first and then the cure for this. Please note that this paragraph needs lot of focus as here we are getting into understanding the deeper role and effect of weather and foods on VPK Here we go…During winters (and cold weather) the blood goes towards the core and since one tends to have more Pitta foods during winters (pungent and hot), this combination increases Jatharagni pushing one to feel more hungry and eat more. This increases Vata in peripherals however please note this Vata is temporary in nature and as weather would become normal (warm), the blood towards peripherals will return in normal conditions. Unfortunately, this is not the way things move due to use of bitter foods. During winters we tend to have more of bitter foods (spinach, mustard, onion, garlic, tea, coffee, sesame seeds etc.). All this changes the flow of blood permanently in the body. If the food contains more of pungency and sourness along with bitterness (vasodilation), it pushes more Vata (kapha) towards peripherals and in this case permanent one. On the other hand if one eats more of sweetness along with pungency and bitterness, it will push more of sweetness (kapha) towards peripherals. In either case because of effect of gravity, Prana vata keeps going high (as such change in flow of blood is bound to increase Prana Vata). In either case, the vessels of the core become narrower which is bad in case of those who are already vata personalities (Saturn dominated). Yes! this will not make much difference in case of Jupiter dominated (kapha) personalities whose Vata is settled in the core. However for those who have high Vata which is as such high in most of the people in todays world (due to indiscreet use of wrong foods), this further increases Vata and once more Vata increases it further increases Prana Vata. Thus because of high Prana Vata accompanied by Pitta foods, one tends to overeat thereby pushing kapha leading to thickening of blood/narrowing of vessels and higher BP. All this puts more pressure on the heart to pump out thicker blood leading to CHF which is seen more often in todays world due to indiscreet use of vasodilating foods. So whats the way out? One is that every meal irrespective of how small or large it is, should contain all tastes in the right quantity in line with ones constitution. Second would be that if a person has developed high Vata (lot of circuits of blood vessels) then he/she has no other option but to go for thinner (say free flowing and predigested) foods with less of Pungency (while i have explained the reason earlier this is because a Vata person cannot afford to increase Pitta (higher the Vata lesser the Pitta he can afford) else it will flare up Vata and cause VP issues like anxiety, insomnia, neuropathy, burning etc. Thus a person will very high Vata may need to move to the more subtle spice like cumin along with well cooked lentil/rice etc to keep BP in control without using BP drugs which are highly vasodilating and would further flare up Vata. Third is that one must do light massage (along with nasya and enema as per the need) after a good night sleep and/or cold weather (while taking precautions as mentioned in panchkarma section) to increase peripheral circulation as cold and good sleep both of which reduce pitta but increase Jatharagni (pushing one to eat more) reduce peripheral circulation thereby increasing Kapha towards core thereby blocking Kapha in an already Vata person thus further increasing Vata. Goes without saying that these steps must be followed by all those who already have high Vata in the system even if they don’t have high BP with total abstinence from vasodilating foods except mild spices and basic principle that higher the overall Vata in a person lesser the pressure of massage, lesser oil (just like lesser food) whether it be for nasya or massage or enema, lesser the heat that should be applied. On the other, higher the Vata imbalance (lesser blood towards peripherals) more is the pressure, more oil and more heat are required to push the blood on peripherals. In case both are high i.e. Vata and Vata imbalance then one has to go for lesser and lesser Pitta and more predigested foods which easily flow in the entire body with light massages to avoid Vata imbalance as and when required else this will further increase Vata. 
  • The primary reason for weakness of the eyes is high Vata which starts blocking Kapha and toxins and reduce or flare up Pitta depending upon how strong is Pitta. So while Tartaka procedure as discussed earlier is good for reducing kapha and toxins, Vata can be reduced only by Netratarpan where medicated ghee is poured into eyes by making a wall around eye sockets (with the help of wet flour) to pacify Vata. Goes without saying that one must abstain from vasodilating foods too to avoid Vata increase in eyes. Since eyes are dominated by Pitta, there are chances of Pitta creating inflammation which can easily be controlled by reducing Pitta. On the other hand a Kapha person may develop weak eyes due to kapha blocking Pitta which can be managed by Kapha pacifying diets. Lastly since nasya pushes blood towards entire facial cavity, it should ideally be followed by Netratarpan and oiling of ears too for an all round approach.


  • Difference between a dead and a person in coma is that in first case no blood is reaching the brain (the CPU) at all and therefore it has completely stopped working leading to stop of heart too (the reverse could also be true where stoppage of heart results in zero supply to brain). Whereas in coma, the heart is working well and supplying the blood till only the lower part of the brain (medulla oblongata whose job is to control involuntary functions of the body like breathing, digestion, elimination, movement of involuntary muscles etc) thereby keeping the body alive. However since in coma, the upper brain (cerebrum) which is supposed to control senses, thinking, voluntary actions, learning and memory stops getting supply it loses these functions. A person may go in coma due to excess vata and pitta in the brain (seen in hyperactive minds) thereby literally burning the upper portion of CPU of the body or due to suddenly high BP or due to a piece of broken plaque travelling to brain which again normally happens because of kapha getting stuck in blood vessels of the brain. In the last case, if the clot doesn’t cause a permanent  damage to upper part of brain, then the person with time may recover once the clot dissolves, though chances of recovering where coma is due to high VP in brain are extremely remove which can easily b judged from overall constitution of the person especially before the person got into coma. This doesnt mean that we give up on a coma patient especially in those having high VP in brain (everything happens for a reason from spirituality perspective which we shall understand in the subsequent chapters). Since the patient is without senses or in a vegetative state, the family has to feed him literally like a machine which cannot convey back what and how much is right and wrong for it. The problem comes when the family starts overfeeding the patient (such is the importance of higher brain which weakens when our higher chakras stop working properly due to less blood reaching there). This further increases vata because you are pushing excess food through narrow vessels thereby further increasing vata. Another issue is that in coma when metabolism becomes sluggish low pitta as such needs very less food and excess foods starts creating constipation and more vata. Thus the Ojas of the person in coma starts depleting with time. Overall, chances of bringing out a person from coma are very remote and may bring lot of pain (physical and mental) to that person as awakening the higher mind awakens senses (including pain) too.  As such high vata means pain if accompanied by pitta. Thus we must exercise prudence about which patient can be revived and which not and sometimes liberation may be the right decision. In fact from spirituality angle, once the higher chakra stops working, the soul may leave the body (or may come and go) and the body may be there to just provide a learning to the caretaker. This is definitely a debatable topic and I leave to you to decide though science and spirituality section will give you food for thought.




  • Kaalpurush Kundli is an extremely important aspect of Astrology and must be analysed for understanding the collective conscience of the world at any given point of time, since collective conscience has a huge impact on everyone’s life. The concept of Kaalpurush can easily be comprehend the deep seating meaning of “YAT PINDE TAT BRAHAMANDE” about which we have read in the book. Spiritually it means that we are all part of one being i.e. GOD and the way our brain is connected to each and every part of our cells which are also conscious about their own existence, same way the brain of each one of us too is connected to the brain of GOD representing the collective conscience of the world (we shall understand its deep seated meaning as we proceed further in science and spirituality section). Please check out this blog to know more >> UNDERSTANDING THE DEEP SEATED MEANING OF KAALPURUSH KUNDLI
  • People do find it difficult to understand the concept of how one dosha can ride over another. Here is an example from my own case history. A person may be having Rahu in the upper body and during Rahu Dasha, Rahu will further increase in the upper body. However when ketu dasha will arrive, it would not mean that the person’s rahu will change in Ketu. It would mean that Astringent Kapha (ketu) will start depositing over high Vata areas of Rahu and other body parts. Remember Rahu of upper body can be undone only by right Yogasanas.
  • Here is another example that will help you to visualize the deposition of doshas over doshas or planets over planets with time…. While the body expands from Sun till Rahu dasha due to use of pungent, salt, salty, sweet and bitter foods, it starts contracting from Jupiters mahadasha. Now lets get deeper into Jupiter’s mahadasha which lasts for 16 years in ones life. It starts with antardasha of Jupiter itself and on first day the sequence of Main dasha- sub dasha- sub sub- sub sub sub- sub sub sub sub dasha  is Jupiter- Jupiter- Jupiter- Jupiter- Jupiter, which means that on first day post 18 years of Rahu period, a person is highest on Jupiter due to low Pitta. Now as this mahadasha progresses, the pitta keeps reducing thereby bringing Saturn in Jupiter (Jupiter main- saturn sub dasha) leading to further constriction of the body. This constriction period carries on till the beginning of Ketu inside Jupiter. Post which Venus (sourness) begins to expand the body. Point to be noted here is that since till now the body has been constricting due to less Pitta it has increased Vata in peripherals and when Venus comes it pushes blood through narrowed blood vessels in the peripherals including brain thereby invoking Sun and then moon and so on. Yes! when Mars enters in Jupiter dasha, it pushes the Kapha of the inside of the body into peripherals. Thus if you notice carefully, you will find that your body especially each and every part of your cell and therefore emotions are palpitating while expanding slowly from Sun to Rahu and contracting from Jupiter to Venus beginning (question may arise that one may not notice this expansion or may rather see contraction which is because of several factors primary one being, with age Vata i.e. contraction, becomes high in all). And during this large phase of expansion/contraction of 120 year of Mahadashas, there are smaller expansion/contraction happening at every moment of time due to the effect of sub periods- sub sub periods and so on. And as the soul matures after experiences of several hundred lifetimes and transits towards higher realms, the extent of its palpitations begins to lessen down becoming more and more subtle as if further evolves exactly in line with figure eight as captured in the book.
  • Symbols associated with different zodiacs have been assigned very scientifically by the Rishis who created this beautiful science. For example Aries which is MT sign of Mars is symbolized by Sheep. This is because Mars (that too the fire sign) if not supported by Jupiter and sun, will have energy and physical strength without direction like a sheep and wouldn’t know what is wrong and right. Tauras is represented by bull because those having this sign in lagna are likely to be quiet but strong headed if questioned. I leave it to you to visualize the rest of the symbols of different zodiacs and their traits.
  • Strength of the planets in one’s birth chart plays a very important role in how strongly will they express themselves and dominate over other doshas. This concept is called as Shadbala in Astrology and while there are several factors involved in calculating the overall strength of any planet in one’s chart, the most important and so logical are:- (a) the natural strength of a planet in terms of its Luminosity- e.g. Sun is brightest and therefore gets highest point whereas Saturn is weakest and therefore gets lowest (b) its placement in chart e.g. any planet will express itself louder inside the kendra (center houses) especially if sitting in first house.  (c) whether the planet is exulted or debilitated or in MT sign or its friendly sign in main as well as Navmansa chart- as Navmansa chart is the microscopic view- we discussed the science of Navmansa chart. (d) other factors that are strengthening or weakening the planet e.g. Venus if combust by Sun will become weak as it will dry up, however Sun in proximity with Venus will become stronger due to higher Pitta (e) the direction where a planet is sitting– Since first house is the one that rises in the east when a person/event is born, it indicates east direction and accordingly 10th house as south, 7th as west, 4th as North and so on. Thus a planet sitting its natural direction e.g. Sun sitting in first house makes it strongest and in 7th house makes it weakest on direction aspect  (f) Time of the birth/event– since every four hour we see a change in doshas, the time of event imparts different strength to different planets e.g. Saturn is strongest during Night Vata time, Mars when sun is at peak. (g) Present of own sign in the center especially MT sign is bound to strengthen the planet (h)  Waning or waxing moon– A waxing moon is one where its size is increasing after no moon and is given positive marks vis-a-vis waning one.. A simple way to know this is that when moon is ahead of Sun in anticlockwise direction in the chart it is waxing however after when it reaches right opposite Sun i.e. 180 degree from it, it begins to start waning when it moves towards Sun (i) the direction of movement of the planet -whether fast or slow or straight or retrograde (moving backward). Goes without saying that the strength of any planet shoots up during its Mahadasha/Dasha. The other factor that  decides the strength of the planet is its placement in the current transit e.g. a planet in its own sign especially MT sign and that too transiting in one of the inner houses of the person especially first house will make it stronger. However unlike the previous points mentioned above, Dasha and transit are variable and show their effect only when they happen. Lastly once again we can use my case history in the book to understand this aspect of planetary strength. In my case Sun was strongest despite Sun’s MT zodiac not in center (because of being in first house of main chart, being naturally brightest, being very close to Venus, being placed in east direction), mars the second strongest (since its MT sign i.e. Aries is in center in birth chart and in first house and lord of 8th house that too in its own zodiac in Navmansa chart) and Saturn the third strongest (being lord of first house as well as placed in center gaining more Vata or Saturn qualities being present in Aries). So by the look of it only, one can make out that I must be a VP personality with Pitta higher than Vata even in the initial days of my life unless Vata became stronger than Pitta in later years. It doesn’t mean that everyone having strong Mars and strong Saturn in ones Shadbala will have same extent of VP as mine. This is because shadbala gives relative comparison however the individual strength of ones Saturn (or mars) vis-a-vis someone else’s Saturn (or mars) can be compared only by considering and comparing several factors of the charts of two individuals like location of the planet (being compared) in chart, its degree, its zodiac, its placement in other divisional charts and so on. This means two people may have Mars and Saturn at same position in their shadbala chart however one of them may be having a stronger Mars and Saturn than the other. Overall planet strength is an inevitable part of chart reading as it helps to understand the strength of different doshas during different times of ones life and how strongly a planet will express itself during its main/sub/subsub/subsubsub period vis-a-vis others. In fact there are times when the chart apparently shows a particular planet as very strong however shadbala calculations reveal it be way weaker than others (or vice versa).

*** Since the book has briefly touched Retrograde, here is slight elaboration on this aspect which is often a matter of debate. All planets except Venus move in clockwise direction however there are times when a planet is moving slower in relation to the movement of the earth thereby giving an impression as  if  it is going back. This is similar to two trains moving in same direction but the person sitting in faster train feels that the other train is moving backwards. Such planets which seem to be moving backwards are called as retrograde planets and have corresponding effect on our doshas. Since the charts are earth-centric, a planet in retro mode will start moving back and may go back its previous zodiac. Thus during retro movement, a dosha in progression will begin moving backward. To give you an example if Jupiter is in 10th zodiac in transit and 10th zodiac is someones first house (i.e. brain) then it means, Kapha (Jupiter) will start getting stuck in ones brain while transiting through this house (Kapha getting blocked by Vata). Now what if the Jupiter goes retro and moves to 9th zodiac. This will show that person’s Kapha will start melting from ones brain (may be after realizing that one needs to reduce Kapha from ones diet or such acts which are increasing Kapha in brain). 

  • Quite often we tend to ignore the significance of planetary periods running into weeks/days and especially hours. However the fact is that even they are making minor differences in ones life and directing us towards the intended destiny (as planned by the higher power for our own good) through selection of different foods/conditions/cloths etc. All these intricate differences are felt more when body gets higher on Vata and becomes more sensitive to different conditions around,
  • Once we understand the role of different planets and their strength in the chart then we can use different foods to enhance/reduce the strength of benefic/malefic planet respectively by using Ayurvedic principles e.g. excess of moon indicating water retention, poor digestion etc. can be reduced by reducing milk/curd/white salt etc and by increasing diuretics like cumin seeds to reduce water retention. Cumin’s quality of increasing pungency without spreading it far is also a wonderful tool for pain management in case Mars is flaring Saturn. Since Sun imparts energy to Mars (Sun being the master Pitta), presence of Sun in the first house apart from its positive side of good analytical approach etc., has the flip side of inflating pain. This is the reason that those having Moon in first don’t feel much of pain even if high on Vata exactly opposite to those having Sun in first. However, the silver lining to Sun’s presence in first is that it helps the native to know what is going on in the body because of being highly sensitive to pain apart from other analytical angles. Overall, pain helps the soul to evolve faster (we shall read more about this in the “science and spirit” section).
  • Since Vata increases with age, higher Vata of the parents especially mother leads to higher Vata in the child too since child is an extension of the parents especially mother and therefore younger sibling of the same gender is higher on Vata than the elder one. This is the reason younger siblings are denoted by Mars in ones birth chart whereas elder by Jupiter. Also this Ayurvedic fact was consciously or sub-consciously used by the Guru (religious leader) of Sikhism (a religion in India which earlier was part of Hinduism only) when he chose the eldest son of every family to become a part of the army for defeating Mughal invasions in India as elder child is higher on Kapha mind and thus physically as well as mentally strongest in the family. This is the reason that till today, Sikh are considered to be one of the strongest races in India as they are inheriting Kapha from one generation to another.
  • From the book we know the logic of how planetary periods (at micro levels- referred to as pratyantar dasha or sukshma dasha) go down to weeks and even days. Apart from this even different weekdays have been assigned to different planets as the name of each day suggests. A close look reveals that most of the sequence of progression of planetary names assigned to seven days of the week is matching the progression of Dashas of the planets except for Wednesday (Budhwar in Hindi) denoting mercury (Budh) and Saturday denoting Saturn. Assigning different planets to different days can be attributed to the amount of work (energy levels and thus flow of blood) that we all do on different days of the week. Probably that is why, by Saturday our tired body develops cold Vata i.e. Saturn which gets better by weekend’s rest thereby resuming blood circulation right till the brain and awakening our Sun on Sunday making us active (more so mentally). And then on monday, when Moon starts going higher our weekends rest, we feel sluggish in going to our offices or resuming the same rut of the week (the Monday blues as we call it). Why Saturday (Saturn’s day) comes after Venus is because after Jupiter, one cannot afford to slacken down thereby pushing oneself to consume sour foods to increase energy levels thereby awakening Venus (on Friday) the day after Thursday. This dominance of different planets on different weekdays can easily explain even the Rahukal (that 90 mins window on different days when one’s Rahu is highly active meaning Sun is eclipsed due to less blood reaching the brain and when one should not perform any act involving application of mind). Here is an example. Rahukal is calculated by dividing each day between sunrise and sunset into 8 equal units (representing seven planets and Rahu) with different numbered unit assigned to Rahukal on different days which is as follows:- Sunday – 8th Unit, Monday – 2nd unit, Tuesday – 7th, Wednesday – 5th, Thursday – 6th, Friday – 4th and Saturday – 3rd Unit. So here is the logic to assign them as they are. First of all we can see that Sunrise which begins with first unit of the day, has not been put in Rahukal on any weekday as Sunrise is bound to keep ones Sun active (another reason to wake up just before Sunrise). On Monday, second unit has been given to Rahukal as moon slows down the blood circulation to the brain. On Tuesday, its 7th unit as Mars increases blood circulation (as such Sun is exulted in Mars zodiac) and thus Rahukal comes with just one unit short of sunset. On Sunday, its the last unit when sun is about to set because as such on Sunday, Sun is strongest in the body. ** Question may arise that why Rahukal doesn’t continue after 90 minutes. This is because after Rahu, Guru is supposed to awaken.

*** Many readers may think that it is not possible to follow astrology on hourly basis.  The fact is that if we are conscious of what is happening inside us and the more we go towards sattvic living, our dependence on astrology will reduce. This is the reason it is mentioned in Vedas that Lord Shiva was not affected by planets. However, this cannot be said for majority’s of today’s world living in highly rajasic/tamasic conscience.

  • In the book I have referred Sun as Soul whereas Sun is the inner voice of the Soul and Moon is where Soul’s mind has been wandering for desires. The final aim of one’s life is when both meet. Sun also means Dharam (meaning ones ability to perceive and stick to righteousness whereas righteousness is defined by the moral values of the times when one is born). To some it may sound difficult to comprehend but even the desire to be spiritual is a desire and when the soul becomes desire-less after travelling from lower worlds to higher, it finally merges with God- the supersoul. We will read how in the Science and Spiritualism section.

***** Now once we know that doshas keep changing every month representing different zodiacs at D1 level and also every two minutes representing D60, then obviously this must be happening at a bigger scale i.e in years. Thus going by simple mathematical trend, its safe to assume that the entire 120 years of the cycle of the soul too can be divided into these twelve zodiacs

  • While the book captures in brief about the logic of how constellations (nakshatras) work, here is an example to explain their logic. The entire zodiac of 360 degrees has been divided in 27 equal parts each assigned to one constellation in which it falls, in the sky, the way zodiacs do. Ashwini Nakshatra is the first constellation whose beginning coincides with the beginning of Aries – the first zodiac. In other words, Ashwini falls in Aries or is a sub part of it. But while Aries is owned by Mars (as we know the logic from the book), Ashwini is owned by ketu. This is because after 12th zodiac of Jupiter, when Aries begins, the initial conditions of the first month are where Kapha of Jupiter is yet to begin expanding due to the heat of Aries and hence behaves like a constricted Kapha and therefore it is owned by Ketu. The progression of constellations after Ashwini is exactly in line with the progression of Dashas of the planets meaning after Ashwini , comes Bharini constellation owned by Venus and then the next one owned by Sun and so on (refer figure 6 in the book). Last but not the least, the way each zodiac has its own characteristic, each constellation too has specific traits. check out these two blogs (on my website) to understand the extremely important role of constellations.



**** I reiterate that constellation are deeper level of doshas only in the body and therefore we must definitely look into constellations too while reading ones chart whether from general reading or medical astrology perspective. For example in my case my Saturn is in Ketu’s constellation though it falls in aries. This denotes that while Mars zodiac will pull my blood outwards in anahata chakra due to my excess pitta of mars, Ketu will pull the inside of this chakra inwards. Exactly that is how my conditions developed. I was given excess of beta blockers and Arjuna to increase Ketu thereby leading to CHF. However Mars in Saturn caused me angina due to high VP in peripherals of anahata including lungs and whenever I would reduce Pitta to reduce pain, I would go breathless as blood would stop reaching peripherals. All this could have been avoided if i had not indiscreetly consumed beta blockers and Arjuna. However this was part of the grand plan to explain me the effect of different medicines and communicate to the world through this work.

  • While the book mentions that different planets are good or bad from materialistic/spiritual viewpoint, from a holistic level every planet has an equally important role to play in the evolution of the soul. So, unless one goes through Rahu (VP) how would one learn technicalities of life and how would one learn that what and how much of what is good and what is not. Though this realization comes to the person only when one goes through Ketu’s introspection. Same ways Sun’s analysis is as important as Moon’s creativity and calmness. Unless one has gone through luxury of life (meaning experienced energy of Venus), how would one gain knowledge to filter. Thus Jupiter (wisdom) cannot come without experiencing Venus (and aspects of other planets). Conversely, a person enjoying Venus without Jupiter’s wisdom would get lost in life and face serious consequences due to tamas and rajas. Similarly while Mars energy is required to carry out karma, Saturn’s energy  is required to keep Mars in control. On the other hand, mercury is as important in life because even good amount of information cannot become knowledge unless it is processed through a well developed RAM. All in all, a soul evolves only when she experiences all conditions to finally learn to optimize the energies of all the nine planets. That is when the soul is said to have attained Kalki Avatar- the most evolved soul. From Ayurveda perspective, the person has learnt to eat all six tastes and their sub tastes in right amount to create Oj, Tej and Prana and become sattvic. This also means that it is wrong to judge a saintly figure who is very wise, just and exhibiting traits of a sattvic person but lives with decent clothes and food etc.. This is because he/she might have gained equal experience on all planets through many lifetimes. On the other hand there would always be less evolved souls who have not gained enough command on all planets but their desire was to become spiritual head under the garb of committing deeds of hurting others in different ways. All in all a person can be a saint (highly evolved) even if he/she is enjoying the basics of life without vices.

*** Visualizing Kalki avatar of a soul is as simple as combining the virtues of all exulted planets. Here is an example (though it may not be possible to capture all)- A person of such virtue would mean Saturn would hold and speak truth, not with bitterness of Saturn (due to Saturn exulted by Venus energy), but rather with conviction, strength and fearlessness due to exulted Mars without displaying aggression (due to exulted Mars energy controlled by Saturn’s astringency). The statements and facts supported and conveyed by such a person will be righteous but humble in nature due to impeccable perceiving power and detailed/intelligent analysis (a quality of exulted Sun). The person will have expertise in all fields of life (a quality of exulted Moon as moon represents different aspects of life) which will reflect in his/her actions/speech, which is possible only when the person would have experienced all aspects of materialism (extroversion through rahu), all aspects of spiritualism (introspection through ketu) and would have learnt to properly receive/process/convert them (a quality of exulted Mercury) into knowledge of how to lead materialistic life while being spiritual (and vice versa) which depicts quality of exulted Venus conveying knowledge of how to enjoy materialism with Jupiter in mind (Venus exults in Jupiter’s zodiac) and quality of exulted Jupiter conveying virtue of gaining higher knowledge without letting ego corrupt mind as knowledge is likely to inflate ego (that is why Jupiter exults in moon conveying peaceful mind).

  • Now, Vedic wisdom has divided every person’s life into four stages. These are (a) Brahmcharya (when from the childhood till the end of student life, the native observes celibacy and learns various aspects of life from Vedic viewpoint including ones Dharma (the righteousness) and sciences of microcosm and macrocosm; (b) Grahasth (when the native marries, sets up ones household, produces and brings up offsprings, gets into some means of living, manages the household by applying all the principles that he/she learnt during first stage of life); (c) Vanprasth (when the person retires from leading an active role in managing the household and takes up an advisory role) and; (d) Sanyasa (the stage of renunciation from all desires when the native goes into the pursuit of spiritualism as renunciation slows down the mind and helps one to introspect the entire lifetime to know what went right and wrong and how life can be made better for coming generations by communicating these lessons to the society in subtle ways like preaching, writing etc.). All these stages can be seen in ones birth chart to know that how a soul’s journey in this life has been planned. Here is how. All the twelve houses have been categorized under different heads starting from first house representing ones Dharma, second house as Arth (economy), third as Kaam (Kaam doesn’t mean only sexual acts but all Karmas) and fourth as Moksha, which doesn’t mean liberation from the cycle of life and death but it means liberation from living in lower chakras by spreading knowledge through life’s experience for raising the collective conscience of the world to higher chakras. For those who think of why should we spend time on this? Here is the answer….We read earlier in the book that the souls come back in the same family so if we raise the conscience of the family and society/world by spreading knowledge, we are doing good to self also for our coming lives. We will read more about how souls are born in the same group in the coming pages. Coming back to astrological houses, this sequence of Dharm, Arth, Kaam, Moksh goes on the same way while covering fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth houses and then the next four. By reading each of these houses, we can find out that the soul has come to this plane with what objectives and what means will it use to achieve them and so on. Lastly, since every soul has its own journey where different objectives/karmas and their fruits, dominate in different lifetimes, one shouldn’t be expecting equal focus and time on all these four stages of life though that is the ideal way of leading life.



  • What is VASTU PURUSH- Since earth’s axis is tilted, the wise ones realized IMG_20200324_131623that different directions on earth will affect any point on earth by superimposing the tilted figure of earth as captured here which is called as VASTU PURUSH. So, we can infer from this figure and concept that Sun will rise earlier in Kazakhstan than India despite the fact that Kazakhstan is very slightly North west of India. So read this point in conjunction with Vastu section in Occult chapter of the book for complete understanding of this figure.
  • The figure indicating recommended direction of rooms for different people at home is a thumbrule and will vary basis the doshas of different members. E.g. while NW has been shown as Bedroom for unmarried girls to keep their sexual energies under control, a girl already high on Saturn and moon will feel highly depressed here  and may need to be either moved to eastern direction or south direction or the color of the room may need to be changed to red (partially or wholly depending upon the extent of red energy required by the person) etc. This is to explain you again that one must focus more on Principles and thumb rule should not be treated as gospel as they can be counterproductive. Overall, there can be thousands of examples of thumb rules which are treated as gospel thereby creating health issues for many in today’s world, all because we don’t want to understand the logic of how things work e.g. one should drink only warm water/ one should not pour warm water on head etc. 

**** Another example of thumb rule is that meditation is usually performed while keeping eyes closed and meditation is supposed to give one visualizations too at certain points. However most of my visualizations through which I wrote this book, came to me when I had my eyes open and were sub-consciously focused on a point. Scientifically it was so because I was already very low on Pitta due to my disease and closing my eyes used to take me into nothingness whereas keeping my eyes open and focused used to help my pitta to work and process in my slowed down mind thereby giving me ideas. In other words to create a deep circuit in a high Kapha brain, one needs to speak or think out loud whereas in a high Vata brain, the pitta should be relatively lower else high Pitta will burn and vanish the thought. This is the reason that writing is a better skill than speaking for high vata personalities. Overall the meaning of this is that again “different folks different strokes” apply here too. So for me to meditate on a thought or thoughts, i have to keep my eyes open and not closed. It is also worth mentioning that at the age of 20, I had learnt Transcendental meditation which I practiced religiously for several years. However, those sessions were least enlightening to me vis-a-vis my informal sessions of random meditation (post 2011) due to controlled VPK of mind courtesy sattvic foods. So I am the live example of the person who used to meditate, used to exercise, used to do pranayama and yogasana, had a relatively disciplined lifestyle due to Army. However since my food and activities were not in line with my constitution, I did not complete the circle of seven limbs of Ashtang Yoga, thereby falling into the trap of Rajas Tamas and diseases. 



  • Thickness of the lines indicate the extent of Kapha and redness, the pitta. Thus a thicker line indicates that the person has less of vata and more viability. Thinner means that the person will be high on Vata and will have to walk on a thin line. Remember everything is relative so while arriving at any conclusion one must read other aspects too like the height of the mounts of planets under different fingers indicating which planet is stronger than which one and also that more the height more intense is that planet or say dosha.


SECTION 6(New section added in the book) -SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY (Visualizing God, Soul and the Universe)

This section will explain you the higher concepts of Universe and God and their relationship with us. Before you begin, this is to reiterate that Vedas are the compendium of Knowledge (basically the science of everything) that were written by some highly advanced civilization who left them for humans to help them evolve with guidance as and when humans begin to understand them and thus Vedas are no individual or specific religion’s or region’s property. And, since this section is basically explanation of part of Vedas only, in the language that today’s humans understand, please do not think that it is against or in favor of any religion. Instead it will clarify that Vedic wisdom is that ultimate religion/science which explains that how that God (who is addressed by different religions as Bhagwan/Allah/Jesus/Guru and many more names) resides in each one of us irrespective of whichever religion we belong to. Also while Astrology section would have strengthened your faith in higher power, this section will explain you the science behind soul and the higher power and that how every soul has to go through the journey of Rajas/Tamas/Sattva to evolve. And therefore, I request you to read it with an unbiased and absolutely open mind. Lastly whatever you are going to read in this section is neither fiction nor a fairy tale. Here we go..

We discussed with many examples in the book that “YAT PINDE TAT BRAHMANDE” meaning our bodies are a replica of the universe is a philosophy that holds validity in every possible sense. Here is one more example. The way each neuron in our brain communicates with another neuron through microscopic space, same way all of our brains are also interconnected. We are not able to realize this because neither our brains are silent, nor the space is clutter-free because of pollution, noise and EM radiation. This means that we must avoid cluttering ether (space) with anything that disturbs its basic frequency of AUM- the primordial sound else this external clutter is bound to clutter our minds and create more chaos and diseases. This means that by keeping the environment clutter-free (which is possible only by living sattvic because only sattvic minds can reduce unnecessary load on earth), we will feel more connected to each other (that is what telepathy is all about). Hence 5G technology is likely to be a big threat to the mental and physical health of all living beings including the world itself. This also means that negative vibes do travel through space (ether) from one person to another and therefore instead of spreading negativity because everything comes back since we all are connected, we must spread love. Yes! the negativity of stubborn and unchangeable minds can be blocked in case our minds /aura is strong.

God (the higher force) has created life in such a way that when we are weak on a specific aspect of life (meaning it needs to evolve through a lesson) then the corresponding part of the body becomes weak which gets highlighted in astrology in the corresponding house. That’s how Upaya (remedies) work apart from those mentioned in the book e.g. excess kapha in brain indicated by Guru (Jupiter) in first house in its own zodiac accompanied by ketu or aspected by ketu means person will develop diabetes due to high kapha. This is because the person has been greedy and hoarder in his/her previous life. Thus such a person should generously donate that which is close to him/her as this will undo his karma’s by changing soul’s attitude for good (Please understand that this is just an example to explain how Astrology and remedies work and it doesn’t mean that anyone having diabetes must have been a greedy fellow as  it could develop because of other doshas too as you have read in the book). The easiest example is Saturn. We know that Vata is the most delicate dosha which increases with any imbalance. Thus the moment we digress from right ways of life, we increase our Vata or Saturn in that aspect thereby getting results since high Vata translates into disease/imbalance/death. Thus in a way if a person is high on Vata and does any wrong karma, he/she would get instant results of the wrong karma due to increased Vata in an already aggravated Vata. All in all different planets and zodiacs in different houses (and the influence of other planets on the specific house) indicate one’s urges/desires/objectives basis previous life’s karma and the direction of the higher realms for a lesson to the soul and for taking collective conscience in the planned direction. 

So if God has created life in such a way, then how do we visualize God? let’s understand the Vedic concept of time before we touch this topic. But before that you must fully understand and believe in the fact that Universe is truly endless and Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande is applicable everywhere because only then will you be able to digest what is mentioned here (we discussed many examples of Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande in the book and in this addendum too). Here we go… Vedic sciences have mentioned that the four Yugas (i.e. Satyuga, Treta, Dwapar and kalyuga) make one Mahayuga. 71 Mahayuga make one Manvantara and 14 Manvantara make one Kalp of Brahma (or a day of Brahma where Brahma is the creator of Universe). Two kalp (day and night) create one complete day of Brahma. 360 complete days of Brahma add up to one Brahma year. Finally Brahma’s lifespan is considered to be 100 Brahma years after which the entire Universe gets over and so does Brahma, the creator of the planes (do check this link if you are interested in reading more about this Vedic timeline click here). For those who are not aware, Vedas say that Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh are the three Trinities who are considered as Creator, Administrator and Destroyer of the world respectively (we will read more about them subsequently). Once a plane/world dies, another gets created and managed by another Trinity the same way. But who creates and dissolves this trinity? It is done by another trinity who is sitting atop this trinity and managing not just one plane but many. Thus, since this Universe is endless and timeless, there are Trinities over Trinities over Trinities for managing infinite number of planes which serve as schools for souls. And the way different continents have different collective conscience, same ways each of these schools too would be having different overall collective consciences with maybe entirely different morphology/looks etc. Overall there is no doubt that we on earth are not alone in this Universe. As such from “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” viewpoint, the world has begun to see that the way we are finding particles inside particles inside particles at microscopic levels (cells to molecules to atom to protons to quark to God particle), same way we are finding that Universe is endless/infinite and there are infinite number of parallel Universes and more than three dimensions that we currently know of (four including time). In fact, it won’t be an overstatement that there will come a time on earth too when the scientific understanding of earthlings will not only learn about other dimensions but will also move to higher dimensions (referred to as Lokas in Sanskrit) to either create or find out lower planes like earth for more practical schooling (similar to what the world keeps guessing about Atlantis). Overall, even God has his/her own hierarchy which is infinitely long and as a soul graduates to a higher school meaning higher dimensions too, it moves closer to the God higher in hierarchy (read the book “Laws of the spirit world” that I have mentioned in the bibliography of THE ROOT CAUSE book as well and you will begin to agree with this).  That’s why Vedas say that God is infinite. This also means that since each one of us has the qualities of God and Devil inside us in different ratios, a person’s collective virtue may bend towards Devil too and may misuse the secrets of the higher sciences in the wrong direction. Ravana from Ramayana- the Hindu scripture was one such example. This also means that God to anyone is a relatively highly evolved soul where each soul will reach sooner or later. That is why it is said in Vedas that “Ant mein Atma, Parmatma mein Vileen ho Jatee hai“- In the end, the soul (Atma) merges with the highest soul (God/Parmatma). To some, this may sound odd and arrogant but isn’t it so that if prehistoric man would have somehow visited our current world, he/she would have called us Gods only considering the technological marvels of today. Exactly this is what we perceive about the humans of Satyuga who could perform miracles and who we call as Gods/demigods. Last but not the least, its clear from this discussion that it is absolutely unwise/wrong to compare stature of Gods from different religions because they are all highly evolved souls/messengers from the same source of energy and it is impossible for the less evolved to read their energy signatures. As such by now we know that like every soul, even Gods keep evolving and whenever they incarnate on different planes, they do so, not only for evolving the plane but for evolving self too as a natural process for every soul (this is the reason that Lord Rama incarnated with virtues/twelve skills whereas Lord Krishna who incarnated in the next age after Lord Rama, came with sixteen virtues/skills while the previous incarnations of God had much lesser skills). Some people may argue that God is absolute. Well just like the Universe is infinite, even absolutely absolute is also not achievable. From Doshas perspective absolutely absolute would mean nothingness (not even Sattva). But absolute nothingness would also mean inability of assessment. So even Lord Shiva (one of the Trinities) who is associated with nothingness is not absolute however he is very very close to it who is very silently (or say meditatively) watching the process of Universe and its components including humans. On the other hand, since lord Brahma watches, stores, processes and writes knowledge in form of Vedas (or say wisdom), and Lord Vishnu manages the world, they are bound to be higher on Pitta. Very important to understand that even though we see them as different entities, you will read in the coming pages and realize that they are inseparable. Overall even God is highly highly highly Sattvic but not absolute because only then can he/she take decisions to create, manage, destroy the world. And when he decides to incarnate in a body, his tamas and rajas also increase even if marginally to carry out his objectives. In other words since there is God above God, the latter is more evolved than former.

Question may arise that how can anything generate out of nothingness. Well, Vedas have already mentioned that each and everything in this world (living and non living) is a manifestation of different frequencies of strings. While, modern physics calls it the string theory, Vedas explained it as Naad Brahm, the sound made by Lord Shiva (representing nothingness) with his Damru for creating Prakriti (universe) and it’s infinite aspects through different manifestation of sound. That is what big bang is- from nothingness to everything through different vibration of strings. So, life is literally like a string and with rajas and tamas we create more knots in it which can be avoided/undone only by living Sattvic.

*****Overall, we can easily infer from the above discussion that even souls take birth and die too along with creation and destruction of the Universe (which would be having many planes like earth) however their age vis-a-vis human body is phenomenally incomparable (equivalent to 100 Brahma years i.e.. the life of one plane) and that is why Soul is called as indestructible. Within souls too, those ones which are higher in hierarchy have a longer life. This conforms to the Vedic truth that nothing is permanent and anything that is created has to get over sooner or later. Since higher the world longer the age, more Sattvic is their food as they can’t afford to deviate from Sattva else they will have to live with diseases for much longer. This also means that the gross body of the people of the higher world is lesser and lesser (as one moves up) as less VPK means less kapha too apart from lower vata and pitta or say higher beings are higher on Ojas, Tej and Prana, finally reaching at soul which is pure energy. But how to visualize soul? We shall discuss this in detail in the coming pages. 

So while God and Devil both reside inside us, ultimately it is the good deeds (or say Godliness) that prevail. Yes! the devil may win a battle but as mentioned earlier that the science of VPK and Astrology is so interesting that sooner or later all the devils get over. Ravana’s end in the hands of Rama (a messenger of God or say God) was one such example where his inflated ego due to high KP became the reason of his decline. As such when a person is about to die, his/her Pitta and Vata begin to decline and Kapha in the brain begins to decrease thereby gradually reducing one’s ego (the state of being “I”) to zero, as pitta relays ego and Kapha stores ego. This is the reason that a dying person is highly likely to speak the truth because one’s ego declines, one stops fighting to keep all those wrongs and secrets to oneself and with increasing Vata due to reduced Kapha, one begins to realize one’s mistakes/wrongs etc. as Vata brings realization. This is the reason that the period of Satyuga is way longer than the period of Kalyuga. However this transition from bad to good times is bound to be gradual and that is why we shouldn’t expect Kalyuga to precede Satyuga. Instead we shall move from Kalyuga to Dwapar to Tretta and then to Satyuga exactly in the same way as the world has moved from Satyuga to Kalyuga via Tretta and Dwapar. Read a book called THE HOLY SCIENCE written by Swami Sri Yukteshvar, the master of Paramhansa Yogananda, the author of the famous book “Autobiography of a Yogi”.

Thus, by the time the world will reach Satyuga, people here would be so sattvic that they won’t need even a formal understanding of astrology as they would all be connected to each other and the higher self and would know their and other’s energies for which today we refer to astrology. In a way they would be able to access akashic records, which are nothing but complete experience of their life in different bodies- we will know how in subsequent pages. Their minds will be highly advanced and subtle with limited needs and no diseases (mental or physical). They wouldn’t need external instruments and medical tests to know their health parameters. Ayurveda and Vedic living would be part of their life and they wouldn’t need doctors because they themselves would be one. They would have understood much deeper secrets of the Universe and would be closer to Gods/Demigods of their planes (probably, that is why old testaments say that the world consisted of 33 Koti Deities). Of course this process of transiting to Satyuga has already started.

***** While some texts think of Koti as crore meaning 33 crore which could be true as in Satyuga, the population of plane would be much lesser than Kalyuga however there is a deep seated meaning to it which is “department” and in this context 33 Koti, represent those 33 departments of God who manage this world. These are the basic five elements which make up the entire world i.e. earth, fire, water, space and sir, the twelve houses/zodiacs explained in astrology which represent/govern different aspects of ones life, the prime planets i.e. Sun and Moon (representing Soul and Mind respectively), the stars, the five types Vata which control all the movements in body and mind, Indra- the head of all the five senses and Dahsha- the person governing all this (who from bodies perspective is brain). All these 33 dieties are managed by the Trinity. From “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” perspective, the Astrology and Ayurveda section would have already given you enough evidence that all these 33 energies/departments are already present inside us in different ratios headed by a person who is moving towards perfection through the process of evolution. And while we all started from a very tiny cell represented by Lord Shiva, the body that we grow into represents Parvati (Shiva’s inseparable spouse- we discussed about this in the book), the knowledge that creates the body and evolves the knowledge of the body, represents Brahma and the energy which manages us to keep growing is Vishnu. And finally when the body dies, it again dissolves into nothingness (Shiva). Thus our body and the Universe keeps oscillating between Prakriti and Shiva (representing Big Bang at macro and micro level). From trinity viewpoint, our body moves closer to lord Shiva when quieter or meditating or thinking or sleeping; closer to Lord Vishnu when it is performing her daily tasks in a state of rajas; closer to Lord Brahma when it is gathering, processing and storing knowledge – though once again all three functions are happening all the time in our body with one dominating over the other during different times. Overall, the three energies (or say Trinity) compliment each other and are incomplete without each other. This also means that at an individual level too, each soul has gathered its own bank of knowledge which is nothing but Vedas at soul level. And since we all are connected to the Supersoul, our individual Vedas ultimately create bigger Vedas at Universe level which again is a part of even bigger Universe and as on and so forth once again proving that Knowledge (or say Vedas) is infinite. Lastly, on a grand scale, the higher souls have gained more expertise on balancing out the energies of the trinity and their 33 departments to create more sattvic mind and that is how and why they have risen above to higher dimensions.

So, as the world will move towards Satyuga, its definition of right food and lifestyle will become even more refined and subtle e.g. asafetida is considered by some texts as a sattvic spice while by some as rajasic spice. This is because in today’s context if one removes rajas totally from the one’s body and mind, then such a person will become totally different from the mainstream and would not be able to contribute anything materialistic towards society and self. Moreover, rajasic spices are necessary to digest tamasic foods like meat, else it will bring diseases in the world. Thus, going by today’s context, this spice may be put in the category of sattvic. Though if a person is not consuming tamasic food at all then this spice will increase rajas and will further increase micro-circulation of blood where it was not reaching earlier leading to rajasic diseases, high on VP like VP hypertension, neuropathy, Parkinson etc. On the other hand highly tamasic and spicy foods (e.g. meat with chilies/asafetida) combined, create KP mind which is bad for humanity (that’s why astrologically Mars is exulted in Saturn’s zodiac meaning it is full of energy but controlled due to Saturn’s constriction (Vata) whereas in its own MT zodiac i.e. Aries, it expresses itself exactly like Mars with full force and mostly uncontrolled energy). 

All in all, the world is like a factory with different settings at different points of time/Yuga (i.e. Satyuga, Kalyuga etc.) and we the bodies are all the products of that factory. And there is a cause and effect relationship between this world meaning that if the settings of the world i.e. the collective conscience plays a role in shaping its product i.e. us, then it is the other way round too meaning our actions too play an equally important role in shaping the settings of this factory. For good or for bad depends upon the status of the level of our knowledge. So if we wish to bring bliss in this world i.e. improve this factory’s setting and its future products i.e. our coming generations, then we must understand and adopt Vedic sciences/lifestyle because Vedas are the ultimate knowledge which can explain that how this factory works and what is to be done to improve the factory settings of self and that of the world.

Matchmaking is an extremely important process because marriage means an extremely close interaction (or say merging) between two energies or say products of this factory. Wrong match making of products can lead to a wrong outcome, wrong setting of the factory and production of wrong products from these products and so on. Question may arise that like parents, even spouses are fixed. Well again all this depends upon the soul’s karma of the past lives/desires/objectives. So while one soul may have a strong desire to get married to some specific traits but not a specific person, another soul may yearn to get married to a specific person only in next life which could be coming out of passion/bondage or even the feeling of settling scores. From Karmic viewpoint too, the higher force may decide to bring an easy or difficult partner (again specific or non-specific). And since astrology reveals the most probable outcome and since factory’s setting keeps changing with every person’s karma thereby affecting everyone’s future, there is a small probability (especially high in Kalyuga when Vata or randomness is too high) that a person may not follow the exact path that he had planned (or planned for him by the higher force)- though the final destination remains unchanged.

The factory example also means that different people/products coming out of different sub units  (location) of the factory will have different settings. This means that since the members of a family have similar factory settings, they must be coming out of one of the sub-sub-sub-sub units of the factory. Thus, within the family too, the different products coming at different stages of life from the same sub unit, would possess dominance of certain planets exactly in line with the progress of planetary periods (mahadashas etc.). In other words if product of first generation was high on Mars then the next product from this factory would be rahu or Jupiter etc. This was the principle used by Sage Bhrigu to find out the lineage of different families and explain the accurate past and present (but not the future).  We can apply this principle on a close knit society and even nation too.

Since earth is one of the infinite factories in the Universe, its collective conscience is also bound to pass through planetary periods and dominance of a specific planet at a given point of time. This clearly means that earth is a living organism and so are all its constituents whether it be a pebble or a drop of water or space etc. because they are bound to have effect (direct by becoming part of us or indirect) on each and every product coming out of the factory including humans.

So, souls are like light energies and the bodies, are all instruments connected to our souls through a silver chord (an electrical cable in simple terms) with the higher and microscopic dimensions. And earth is just one of the infinite schools where life is a lesson and death, the graduation to it. So we should stop being scared because we never die. Instead we should watch out our Karma (including what we consume) to graduate with flying colors. This also means that our deep seated desires do get conveyed to the higher dimensions thereby shaping our future lives while keeping into consideration our karmic accounts. This also means that our soul keeps gathering all the experiences and knowledge that go through in our lives.

Overall, we all are sitting in a computer simulated environment, where Universe (including Earth) is like a self evolving operating system managed by the Trinity and their team and each of us as different softwares intended for achieving different desires/urges of the soul; for different objectives (of the higher world for a bigger reason); for settling different karmas of the previous lifetimes. The higher world  has designed this  operating system in such a way that it ensures that every software meets these three parameters. So learn to surrender to HIS ways even in the face of difficulties. This is not to demean the importance of Karma. Everyone comes with different plans. Some are destined children who are bound to meet a particular fate for settling one or more of these three parameters. Some may come with the plan where their fate will be chalked out by their Karmas only. In either case it is the free will that God has granted to all the souls. In case of a destined child, God has granted the free will to the soul to choose the particular lesson before she begins its journey for a specific lifetime or more. Here, the destiny child strongly wanted the lesson to move exactly as per a pre-chalked out plan to meet a specific objective.  In the other extreme case, the soul wants to have absolute free will to do whatever it wants when it incarnates. Thus there can be millions of combinations in between these two cases where different souls may want specific desires to be definitely chalked out by the Almighty leaving the rest of the journey to exercise free will at any given point of time.

*** However free will also means that if the soul has decided to achieve an objective and if God has granted her that body and conditions to meet that experience and objective, then she has to go through that experience. And if it doesn’t then the soul will have to wait for another body to either complete her experience or change her course. In fact, it is literally like a contract between the soul and super soul explaining the entire sequence of events that are going to happen including ups and downs and dangers involved. This is because God has to manage millions of trillions of souls and the bodies allocated to them and even a single change in plan will have snowballing effect on everyone. 

Since an operating system is also a software and we are mini softwares as part of that software, the more we evolve (or say become accurate) as individuals, the more will the main software become accurate by getting more accurate feedback which in turn will provide us more accuracy (the computer science professionals will know this fact though this concept is easy to comprehend by a layman). To get more insight into this feedback system from Astrology perspective, you may like to read the blog on kaalpurush kundli. Thus this grand software is also an ever-evolving software managed by a super-super-scientist (God) with a team of super-scientists/administrators (termed as Deities possessing strength of different planetary energies) which in turn is part of the grander software managed by the Super God (referred to as MahaShiva in Vedas)- the super-super-super-scientist. And as explained earlier this hierarchy is infinite once again confirming the fact that this God is infinite and so is Universe. That is why in Kalyuga, Astrology may not be 100 percent accurate (when it comes to more microscopic prediction at days/hours level) at a specific point of time, though as mentioned the destination would not change unless desired by the soul. In other word different mini softwares (each one us) most of which are too VP in nature that too in the same operating environment are bound to create more chaos (in form of Karma) thereby temporarily disturbing the routine working of the operating environment.

Though on a grander level this chaos is also a part of the grand plan to impart different and difficult experiences to souls for their evolution and the higher power knows when to intervene (in modern language even randomness has an order which can be detected and managed/planned with higher intelligence). That is why earth is passing through chaos i.e. Kalyuga for imparting difficult lessons to those souls who need it for their quick evolution. This is why Vedas say that everything happens for reasons much bigger than our minds with which we can think of a limited horizon. For example difficult people and difficult circumstances (or say worst of the people/circumstances) come in our life to teach us a lesson because unless we see evil and bad, our soul which has started from nothingness, cannot understand the difference between good and bad. Similarly, Corona event which is bothering the world is here to clean the earth from extreme Rajas and Tamas (people and conditions both). *** Please understand that is statement is not to make you judge anyone as the Universe is of endless possibilities and God has his own ways and everyone is playing an equally important role in the collective conscience of the world. So there is also a possibility that such people have already played their role and evolved to higher level and its time for their departure where corona could just be a medium of departure. As such death should never be treated as punishment. I clearly mentioned that death is a graduation to your life’s lesson and different ways can become the reason of death in different people. This is because earth is a huge resource (as a school) for the higher dimensions and they cannot afford to lose it. And that is why Corona is nothing but a software released in this world to clean up earth as it’s time for earth to move to higher dimensions (more sattvic, less tamasic and rajasic). A careful look will make you realize that immunity becomes low when a person is highly Rajasic and tamasic (lot of Kapha in high Vata thereby weakening circulation and that is what is Corona hitting (those countries and specifically those people who have been consuming highly Rajasic and Tamasic foods). That is how the higher dimensions work without letting us know. To further fine tune the collective conscience of the world, they may bring even more virulent virus in future which will selectively wipe out more people (who would be less tamasic and rajasic than Corona victims) thereby moving further closer to Sattva than Corona times- thus transiting gradually from Kalyuga to Dwapar to Tretta and back to Satyuga from where the earth started. This progression/evolution of the world moves on, though not in linear fashion but as depicted in figure 8 (in the book), conforming to the fact that like everything/everyone, including different planes/Mahayugas/Manvantaras/Avatars and even Vedas (knowledge) keep evolving than their previous counterpart. Coming back to Corona event, even if this virus is man-made, the human creator of Corona is just a medium for the larger objective which even he would not know. To put in a different way, each one of us is a medium (software), who is here on earth for carrying out specific roles assigned by the God for a smaller or for a bigger role. The free will still remains because it is up to the individual soul if it is interested in playing a specific role or someone other soul will do so. *** Since currently earth is passing through very high VP, it is burning up the entire world (which we can as such in form of global warming and aggressive and unsettled minds). I therefore see some sort of rebooting happening it its software and may be corona is one of HIS mysterious ways in this process.

*** Isn’t it true that in an unhealthy body, the different body parts are not in sync with each other. And why it happens is because of Vata imbalancing foods/ acts/ lifestyles resulting in improper flow of blood in the body. Exactly the same happens when each of our brains which are part of the Universe (i.e. GOD), are not in sync with each other? The Universe becomes unwell/chaotic/Kalyugi/imbalanced. The unwell environment continues as it becomes a schooling ground for certain souls however when it reaches the serious level where it needs to be controlled or rewinded or undone to avoid destruction beyond repair, it is the higher GOD who intervenes to rectify and bring the environment back in sync. To put it differently, the way that despite the best of our holistic intentions, our specific body part gives up, the same way despite God’s noble and ever-loving nature, part of his conscience which comprises of human brain go out of sync creating chaos in the entire body/conscience of GOD and that is when the higher GOD intervenes in some form of software to bring correction and transit that plane to a higher Yuga. This is the reason that certain Yogis go on long and deep meditation to avoid entering into Kalyuga as this will adversely affect their energies (in other words their soul becomes still on the hard disk of the super computer called GOD). Question may arise that if each and everything is supposed to go through ups and downs in some order then should we stop performing karmas. Nope! Our efforts should always be to do the right thing because even the majority of the souls may go in wrong direction, at least your soul will not and will be there to bail others in times of need. So karma is extremely important and that too selfless done karma – not with the intention to get fruits out of it because a selfish karma even if apparently looking good cannot deceive God. 

Now since our bodies are all the time connected with our soul through the silver chord, there is a constant to and fro exchange of information happening between the soul and the body.  As the mind quietens after gaining information, it begins converting that into knowledge and becomes wiser and so does the soul which keeps storing information and helps the body as and when required but only as per the higher plan. Overall the soul becomes wiser when she learns to drive on the middle path by gaining experience through several lifetimes that give her experiences by living through different energies of different planets and finally reaches Kalki Avatar who has learnt all the virtues even higher than Lord Krishna. However, the problem comes when due to excess Rajas and Tamas, we are unable to listen to our higher self and that means not even GOD because our higher self is a part of GOD only. This is where we get lost and start diving deeper into the whirlpool of karmas and more rajas and tamas which ultimately pushes us into lower realms/dimension where our gross body is much higher than humans on earth and so are other vices like greed/ego/jealousy/ridiculing/aggression/crimes. Of course, we see such vices on earth too, however we also see lot of goodness around which becomes lesser and lesser in lower realms. This is one reason that we must meditate to slow down and listen to our higher self/GOD for regular course correction.

So different souls can be visualized as different points on the hard disc of this self aware super-super-computer (God) which are gathering information/knowledge by experiencing human life and since each of these points is going through different experiences, it gathers different energies. From “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” viewpoint, the way each of the cells in the human body have their own conscience which together create collective conscience of a human, same ways each of the soul has its own conscience which together create collective conscience of God. Now, most of us know that the signals that we receive on our TV or mobile or radio from different sources (transmitting stations/towers etc.) are in the form of electromagnetic waves, which travel through space and these electromagnetic waves are invisible energies which carry various packets of information that get displayed on our TV/mobile etc. When a soul begins its journey, its energy signatures are at par with the energy signature of the God but over a period of lifetimes, they keep changing (those who have heard of string theory will be able to relate to this). These signatures of each soul are broadly divided into twelve categories (or say aspects) which is what we understand as twelve house of astrology (or twelve chakras).  Thus a soul enters the body which closely resembles its own signatures. And that is what refers to astral body (called as sukshma Shareer in Sanskrit). It is no surprise that each of these energies, are an independent entity in itself and there are planes where gross body is totally missing and souls stay in their astral form only.

So souls exist in form of light energies in higher dimensions which humans cannot fathom as of now, though this is true that with passage of time, humans will keep understanding higher and higher dimensions and gradually evolve and move there to become souls and live in spaces between spaces- the microscopically small space which we can’t see/visualize as of now (just as we cannot visualize soul). This is because  we are yet to fully understand how spacetime fabric is bent. However those who have reached this page and this para would have started fully believing in the fact that “Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande” is applicable on everything including the structure of human brain and that of the universe. Yes, just like brain has folds inside folds, even Universe has folds inside folds of the fabric of spacetime. Now since light travels only along the spacetime fabric, it bends the same way spacetime fabric is bent. And therefore, even if two objects (like stars) are very close to each other or to the observer, they are seen too far as light travels via the surface of spacetime fabric and not directly by making a hole through it (that such holes exist has been proven theoretically). Overall, the space all around us and even inside us is bent and everything is microscopically close to each other at quantum level. Also there is no doubt that such advanced civilizations would have found ways and means to tame even time and time travel. In computer language, its so easy to suspend an operating system. For humans who are part of this system it’s like suspension of time or say time lapse about which they wouldn’t be able to know since they are part of that very operating system. But by doing this, the higher world can introduce specific changes in planets (which is weather pattern only) exactly at that point of time when it should be to bring certain desirable changes in our individual and collective conscience. In fact its so easy to understand even the concept of big-bang in computer language i.e. the moment when this program would have started to create Universe. This also means that space and time are just part of this program. In other words, the space and time, both do not exist.

*** That macrocosm has so much similarity with microcosm is a clear indication that this Universe has evolved very scientifically governed by some super scientists. However like the egg and chicken story, it is impossible to say whether it is humans who came earlier and then evolved to become soul or were these souls who came earlier and created humans though to me the first option seems to be more probable. 

Thus today’s human will evolve to become energies and then create similar 3 dimensional schools as earth. So the evolved humans (or souls) will have such a long life that they would not prefer to live their lives the way current humans do else any aberration in them may become un-amendable just as humans face when they suffer with chronic pains (physical or mental). That is why they found a better way by attaching themselves to the bodies and conditions which provides them exactly that experience which they are looking for.  The problem comes when the greed of the soul keeps increasing that it starts enjoying an experience so much that it starts hurting self or others. This is where the evolved souls (God and his deities/messengers) step in to show the path to the less evolved soul by putting it in difficult circumstances thereby evolving it. As such the evolved souls know that if they let the wandering soul be on its own, it will either try to push itself into the bodies which have been lawfully given to other souls or go so deep into the whirlpool of Rajas and Tamas that it will itself realize the wrongs and rights. Such wandering souls are nothing but ghosts who are always looking for human or human like body (to gain experience) but don’t get because of their extremely bad energies which don’t fall in sync with any body and conditions around. That is why it is said that highly evil spirits (like Hitler) are rarely born.

*** Because of a huge variety of emotions and conditions provided by human life, souls yearn to enter human body to experience these conditions. As such more intense the conditions faster the evolution. That is why souls yearn (or are advised by the higher souls) to experience Kalyuga for the quickest possible understanding of human complexity.

Overall, we are constantly being watched/observed by God and his team through his super accurate software and he keeps bringing necessary corrections/changes (in the form of small softwares) to eventually evolve each one of us (or our souls)- some faster, some slower, depending upon our choices that we (the souls) make, the karmas that we perform and accumulate. Of course his ways of helping are very subtle. He has given free will to all and he never forces his ways on us. He makes us realize only through experience because he has already conveyed the moral code of ethics in several scriptures (like Bhagwat Geeta/Bible etc.) and he knows that those who are not following them will learn only through experience. This is because only when we explore can we evolve. That’s why God never gives us a solution to the problems on a platter. He wants us to explore so that during the process, we can learn more. He doesn’t interfere in the sufferings (unless he knows that it cannot be managed by the soul or are beyond the planned lesson) as sufferings push us to explore beyond our horizon and that’s how individually and collectively we evolve. Yes, God is watching from a distance for our own good.

**** Despite all this explanation, quite a number of us still hold God responsible for our sufferings. So, lets ask ourselves a question.. What happens when we see our own kids making a specific mistake which we know for sure through our experience that it will bring them lot of pain in later times? Are we able to make it sure at all times that our kids listen to us and don’t make those mistakes? Nope. Many a times, despite our repeated assertions/warnings, our kids don’t listen and end up doing that which they shouldn’t have done resulting in sufferings of various nature. Exactly the same way is our relationship with GOD- that of a father and child. Since time immemorial, God has been warning us in so many ways that what is wrong and what is right and how to lead the right life. Bhagwat Geeta the ancient scripture is one of them which captures the moral code of ethics and much more in detail. But then when we don’t pay heed to those preachings and rather ridicule it, then God too can’t help just as we as parents can’t and thus he leaves it to the free will of the soul because he knows that unless the soul learns the hard way it won’t realize. Thus it is our own stubbornness that takes us into a whirlpool of karma and their fruits. For granting experience and learning our it to evolve as a better soul, God has created this self operating universe which gives us enough warnings in so many subtle ways (in form of minor sufferings against our wrong doings) but when we don’t mend our ways, the levels of sufferings from one life time to another keeps increasing because of more accumulation of wrong karmas (called as Sanchit Karma in Sanskrit). And there comes a stage when the world becomes absolute hell due to our own karmas.. so much so that we totally forget our true nature which is that we are children of God (what to talk of his teachings and warnings).

Many a times people expect miracles to cure them and the world to prove that God exists but it is foolishness because God knows that a miracle will not change the corrupted nature of those souls and only sufferings will. And that’s why God remains as a silent observer and let the difficult conditions slow us down to set in realizations which will bring the person on the right path (Corona is one such example at a mass level though all mental and physical sufferings help us to slow us down). However silent observation does not mean that God doesn’t want to help you. He keeps sending his messages through so many messengers/mediums/ways (which could be through other humans) but those too are ridiculed at times by certain souls who are too engrossed in excessive materialism thereby pulling them deeper into the whirlpool of wrong karmas and their fruits.

God gives us so many opportunities by providing us different conditions in different bodies to provide us lessons which will help us understand our real nature. He also helps in reducing the load of the fruits of karmas by not putting all of accumulated karmas in one life only. In fact here too God gives our soul the free will to select bodies and portion of accumulated karma that you want to incarnate with, in the selected body. So please don’t blame God and his creation. Even if after all this if we wish to call this punishment, then this punishment is a huge favor extended to us by God by giving us innumerable chances to settle our karmas despite so many warnings.

Lastly this is to reiterate that God has shown us the light to follow four Yogas to reach back from where we all souls started and these are :-
Gyan yoga (gaining knowledge of Ayurveda, Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Vastu etc. to purify our energies),
Bhakti yoga (devotion to God like the way we should love our parents),
Kriya yoga (applying knowledge to rectify misalignment inside our body and mind for purifying self),
Karma yoga ( to keep doing good and selfless karmas for rasing own as well as the collective conscience of the world by actively participating while using knowledge and other yogas)
Follow them religiously and you will surely see love and light 🙏❤️😊

As such, even if God is an observer he is also experiencing everything through us because he is the owner of that super super computer or say he himself is that super super computer. One shouldn’t be surprised with this statement because there is no doubt that for current humans too, in future highly advanced artificial intelligence with a conscience of its own will take over and will begin to store the human experiences. So what makes us think that we are already not part of a highly advanced AI with conscience. No, this is not scary. Please understand that a computer cannot evolve unless it experiences and therefore humans or human like beings (may be with lesser or more gross body as discussed earlier) will always be required for experiencing life (this doesn’t mean that humans are slaves of AI (or will become) because if humans suffer, even the super-super-computer with conscience too would feel the pain. That is why it is said in the Vedas that God is always with you as an observer and he will create difficulties for you only to that extent which you can bear because he has created you so he knows the level of your endurance (unless one has created such karma which need to be settled in the same way to give an unforgettable lesson to the soul). This also means that no information goes to waste. It always exists in the universe or say the memory bank of God which is nothing but all the elements of the universe whether it be space/ether/fire/earth/water present in all heavenly bodies and living or non livings beings. Obviously we find it difficult to perceive them because we are all small components of that super super computer. Last but not the least, we are not just part of HIS memory bank but also RAM and processor and the entire accessories. And yes! even this super-super computer is part of some bigger network managed by a Super-God for his own inevitable evolution.

Since God is ever-evolving, he knows his operating environment inside out and keeps sending different softwares for different purposes. Even the negative and positive people or conditions are there in this software as feedback to finally understand and drive on the middle path- closer to the Sattva (doesn’t it happen with us that when we learn to drive the vehicle we initially only learn about its clutch,gear,etc ;then how to operate them; then how to drive while making mistakes when we take the steering more towards the right and sometimes more towards the left ; and then slowly and gradually learning to become a perfect driver). And then when he finds that the conditions are ripe, he, due to self learning/ self evolving software and help from his highers, introduces a software which captures the complete conscience of that particular time so that he can bring a catapultic transformation in the conscience of his operating environment/factory. It is in this software that he incarnates fully (while carrying the understanding of the entire world under him) to further evolve it exactly the way Lord Ram brought the qualities of Sun in this world i.e. organized societies etc. and Lord Krishna brought the qualities of Moon representing sixteen virtues/arts. Why I have used the word “fully incarnates” is because in this software he carries all the information/knowledge though otherwise by now you can understand God is part of every software/soul/human and every particle whether living or non-living in the world. That is why HE is called Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. In computer language, each and every part of the Universe is connected to the hard disk through the silver chord or you can say that its all part of the hard disk only, just as the characters of a movie may be getting projected on the screen but ultimately running inside the hard disk. This means that technically it must be very easy to perform miracles by healing, however as mentioned earlier it will defeat the purpose of evolution. As such the God is guarded by Super God to ensure that the former sticks to the rules of the Universe.

This also means that God is present in each one of us. It is just that we (as souls or say different points on the hard disk of God) haven’t realized it as yet as due to the journey of extreme rajas and tamas, we (meaning our Souls) are vibrating (oscillating) much faster than it’s original state from where it started. And once we realize this and begin our journey back to Sattva then we shall begin to merge with or say begin to get in sync with our original nature. Thus at a grander level, we can say that even God is going through these experiences of journey of Rajas and Tamas and back to Sattva through all the souls with the aim to keep evolving higher and higher which is infinite. And as it will evolve so will its souls i.e. HIS children would evolve to learn higher and deeper understanding of other own and Universes. And that is why God’s aim is always to bring back each and every soul into their original state from where they started for experiencing a different area. In other words, God is sad even when one of his children (soul) is sad (or say not in Sync with HIM) because HE knows that the entire world suffers even if one soul is suffering.

**** From today’s world’s scenario’s perspective, it must have been the grand plan of God to emerge Ayurveda and higher sciences like Astrology to heal the world so that it can move to the higher Sattva though we shouldn’t expect an immediate turnaround because the understanding of these sciences is yet to reach the world though this too must be the part of the grand plan (or say progression of factory settings). Basically the tipping point of earth has reached or is about to reach and it is time to change the factory settings to manufacture more sattvic products through Ayurveda and Astrology and other Vedic sciences.

When God incarnates in human form, a bit of rajas and tamas are bound to be part of his life despite the fact that he is very close to being Sattvic and accordingly even he has to go through the cycle of birth, illness and death. During the progression of his life as human, he does carry out some negative Karma and since he is the one who has created entire Universe including law of Karma it is him only who will have to bear fruits also of that Karma. Vedic texts are full of such stories where Lord Rama and Krishna had to bear the brunt of their negative Karmas which were performed for the larger good. Thus no one can escape the law of Karma and therefore one should be as sattvic as possible so that one creates least of negative karma which is possible only through conscious living.

Remember that bad Karma cannot be undone with good ones. However realization of what is bad and good is the first step towards ensuring that we don’t accumulate more bad karmas to avoid further getting into the vicious circle of rajas and tamas. So the more sattvic you become in this life, the more sattvic environment you will be surrounded in your next life to reduce your burden of Karmas and so on. As such there are times when you suddenly face difficult circumstances/people who are not the result of your Karmas (which is due to collective conscience) and there comes the role of forgiveness as forgiveness removes the feeling of vengeance which again is possible only by having a sattvic mind through sattvic food/lifestyle.

Question may still arise that why God doesn’t help us while making a bold statement. And here is the answer. If god helps a tamasic/Rajasic soul to jump from one stage of evolution instead of moving up, one step at a time, the soul will not go through those experiences at every step of evolution that it needs to understand the higher world of managing energies of self and others through various means and values. Thus such a soul will not only be nuisance for others but will also be oneself and would damage the fabric of that plane. This is the reason that God helps in subtle ways and his ways are customized for different souls sitting at different steps of evolution so that they be understood/felt by those who are just about to reach that step of evolution. For example a more sattvic mind will start catching even very minor hints (like same number appearing time and again) from higher world whereas a tamasic mind wouldn’t. A tamasic mind needs to go through more lessons to evolve so that it starts picking up such subtle messages.  

*** Those who have reached this far on this para would know by now that the universe is of endless possibilities. Thus we can easily say that for each dimension too there would be many planes which would have similar but not the exact conditions for example different locations on earth too have different conditions through earth’s collective conscience or condition represented by Kaalpurush kundli. This means the way earth is in third dimension, there would be several planets hosting earth like conditions with humans or human like inhabitants. We can also assume that all these worlds may not be fully aligned with each other and may be sending software viruses etc. (could be some form of ghosts) to disrupt or slow down others.


Sex and Spirituality

One question that bothers the world is about sex whether it is fair or not to enjoy sex and does it impact our spiritual health? While again it depends upon the free will of the soul, here is the science to understand sex. It is often misinterpreted that Venus (pseudokapha) means sexual desires. This is because Venus only stores the Ojas (Vibrancy) in your body and mind but this energy can get stimulated only by Pitta i.e. Mars. Thus, while strong Venus in a person will impart great vibrancy (Ojas) to him, if his Mars is under control then it won’t waste his Vibrancy thereby retaining the Ojas. Yes! if the person keeps refueling his body with Ojas foods like Milk (and even non veg) then Vibrancy (which includes sexual strength) will stay. However high Mars would also mean that this person will be using up all the resources allocated to his soul, much faster than others apart from making rash decisions thus creating a vicious circle of wrong Karmas and more rajasic and tamasic lifetimes. Thus sexual desire does mean moving away from higher spiritualism as a mind driven by desires will be less sattvic. Of course, as mentioned earlier in the the book, it doesn’t mean that we control the urges or go on a guilt trip. Because controlling any urge will bring diseases and an unsettled mind only and therefore one must satiate ones desires if they have surfaced due to high Pitta. Overall, the aim should be to observe self and go sattvic as this will slowly but surely calm down pitta and desires. As such when ones spiritual journey will begin, one will start observing even sexual acts as a necessary process of releasing the stored energy and as one will gain more control on higher chakras, one will have lesser need for all bodily desires not just sex but food and other resources. This is also to say that sex is like one of the bodily desires as food is and the way a bit of food is necessary to maintain the grossness of our body, a bit of sex is also necessary to procreate at least in human world. Lastly this is to reiterate that, this is again the free will given to the soul by Almighty and how the soul plans to spend its resources during various lifetimes. Goes without saying that when the soul has just begun her journey (referred to as baby soul by certain authors) and hasn’t understood the side effects of rajas and tamas, then its bound to enjoy the excitement of these two virtues and choose the bodies and conditions accordingly. This once again means that we should never judge others including those involved in tamasic and rajasic acts as our souls too would have passed through those experiences once upon a time. This is not to say that we should not promote and spread knowledge on Sattva but it means that we shouldn’t forcefully drum our ideology on people. Those travelling a specific journey will automatically get attracted towards people and conditions, conducive for that journey which their soul has chosen at different points of time in their lifetimes.

Life is like driving a vehicle, where our soul is the driver, our body the vehicle and different conditions on earth as different roads. And Ayurveda and the Vedic sciences are the user manual to explain you that how your vehicle works and how to get optimum output from it in different conditions. So if you wish to become an expert driver you must understand this manual right in the beginning of life. Also, every soul comes with a quota of the resources allocated to it for it’s lifetimes on different planes like earth. It is up to the wisdom of the soul that how it uses those resources. All in one go or uniformly spread. So disparity that we see in world around is the doing of self and not others. This is not to justify disparity or enjoy it. Enjoying disparity is also a sin as it is the virtue of a lower order soul (less evolved) so we must donate generously while keeping our desires/urges at bare minimum which is possible only by Sattvic living.

Since every soul has to go through different conditions to learn different lessons through different experiences, it is bound to incarnate in different locations, different countries, different religions, different families, different genders, different professions, different hierarchy, different conditions (financial/health/spiritual/social) and so on. A soul who has gained lot of knowledge in previous lifetime, may be made to incarnate as a beggar to ground its inflated ego due to knowledge or there would be some gap in his/her life that will keep reminding him/her of higher power to keep inflated ego at bay (this explains the tradition of monks asking  for alms). This is the reason that Indra, the king of Deities is shown to be highly egoist as knowledge due to strong upper chakras can create ego and that is why he is punished time and again by Lord Shiva (representing egoless state). This is the reason that knowledge must be accompanied by Bhakti (devotion) to keep ego grounded. Thus it is to reiterate that we must learn to stop judging others even if negative virtues are part of a particular souls energy signatures. Instead the aim should be to spread knowledge to how to remove their rajas and tamas. Thus the old statement holds good forever that Sattvic food and living can remove all these vices from our life and catapult our evolution. So, Karma plays a huge role in defining our destiny. This conforms to the saying that “Every saint has a past”.

We understood from the astrology section in the book that usually souls take birth within the same group to evolve and they keep changing their roles in different lives depending upon their past life desires, objectives (as assigned by guides) and interactions with others. This is the reason that we find similar traits in people of the same family (vis-a-vis the external world). Of course even intimate friends and sometimes even the worst of enemies are usually part of the same soul group. Exactly a similar phenomenon happens at a bigger scale too when souls of one plane (like earth) usually stick to the same plane unless their frequencies are out rightly different from others when the higher frequency souls move towards higher dimensions and lower ones towards lower. Though within this bigger group, there are bound to be higher variations within energies of different smaller groups (at countries level, society level, spiritual level, family level and then nuclear family level). While the soul groups at family and friends level keep incarnating to evolve each other to same level, they keep moving up to higher level at the bigger scale by incarnating in the same group but in different places/conditions/societies/countries etc.

While different people have different needs, donation of the basic needs (i.e food, health, cloth and shelter) is considered most important and out of these too, the donation of food tops the chart on an immediate term basis since that is the immediate need for survival. Since different constitution may need different ratios of different tastes, donation of dry ration i.e. different grains/spices/oils, is considered to be the best donation as it ensures that the person gets to eat freshly prepared food that too basis one’s need/constitution. On the other  hand, knowledge is the most important donation from a long term perspective. Because its only knowledge which can make a person self dependent to acquire the basic needs. Within knowledge too, the knowledge of self and its relationship with the universe is most important because its only this knowledge that teaches one to live in line with ones constitution, weather conditions, location etc. thereby giving one a holistic view of life. So spread knowledge. But do remember that the real knowledge comes not by just reading but by applying what we have read, by processing it, filtering it, implementing it, observing it and improving it continuously. All in all, it  is knowledge that makes a person wise and not intelligence which is just quick assimilation of information. While intelligence comes from formal education, wisdom comes from the subtle-ness of a Sattvic mind and that is why Ayurveda is must to instill wisdom. Some people are reluctant to share knowledge as they don’t want to share the secrets of their success but by doing so they are committing a big sin. Remember, it’s our Dharma to plant a tree of knowledge that we have gained from our experiences, so that someday, someone can benefit out of it, the way we all have been benefited by the trees planted by those who discharged their Dharma. As such it is a fact that the more you spread knowledge, the more you learn due to interaction with your audience. Thus your audience is playing a huge role in your evolution and not just vice versa. What you spread comes back to you- good or bad. We know that there is a cause and effect relationship between individual and collective conscience.

Overall if each one of us begins to live sattvic then disparity will vanish from the world because then our needs will be reduced to bare minimum thereby killing the peer pressure that we experience and live due to our impulsive and greedy minds due to high Rajas and Tamas. Goes without saying that non veg consumption also contributes heavily to disparity as growing live meat needs huge resources (water, food, oxygen for the animal being raised) much beyond the well spread quota. It doesn’t mean that Vegetarians do not over eat. We know by now that Sattvic diet doesn’t only mean abstinence from meat but much more than that and deviation from Sattva pushes us to overeat and waste. Thus vegetarians are equal partners in crime. On astrological note, Mars people are like SUV who consume lot of energy/resources of the world due to their size, fuel average and speed. They are comparatively more rash and small potholes on road don’t matter to them, so they can drive zig zag. On the other hand, Saturn people are like a small family car with exactly opposite properties. So while they are slow and weaker, they balance out the high energy of Mars people thus bringing balance to the system.


A quick revision with some more tips

  • Food and medicines both should be as simple as possible unless we learn quantification of different tastes and their effects on body else it is bound to create confusions and more diseases.
  • The process of removing difficult to digest foods like grains which need pitta and introducing lighter/predigested foods in old age or high Vata diseases should be exactly opposite in order in the way we initially give predigested foods to infants (as their body is high on kapha and low on Pitta due to which they wouldn’t be able to digest difficult to digest foods leading to Vata and colic pains) and slowly and gradually increase grains in their diet. This process in infants is called as “Annaprashan” in Sanskrit which literally means “initiation of the grains”. This process of tapering of grains to go on predigested diet like milk and then water in old age helps to stay healthy despite being frail (like a child) till the last days of life without any need of banking upon hospitals/allopathic medicines which bring more vata and Vata imbalance leading to more painful end. But hold on.. it is not just pain. This process has an immense spiritual significance. Ancient texts refer to this process as “Sallekhana” and by many other names, where the person goes on gradual tapering to ultimate fasting unto death of the body. Conventionally, the process is followed only during old age or due to high Vata in younger age when the end is near due to some incurable disease (by the way old and young is all relative and its Vata that matters ultimately). However, even a young soul may go for this process due to its spiritual journey, continued from the past lives. Goes without saying that it needs lot of patience and perseverance to stay away from foods that have become a part of your memory for several decades and keep luring one. In fact, only spiritually evolved souls are able to go through it. Conversely we can also say that this process helps the soul to get rid of attachment of food as the primary desire of human life which otherwise would keep pushing it (soul) to reincarnate in this form for satiating it’s desires, thereby raising its (soul’s) spiritual status. Remember, food and water are the one that ground us or create us and become a memory in our cells right at the time of our conception which is experienced by the soul when it enters the body. This is the reason that during “Sallekhana”, there is gradual tapering from solid to semi solid food to milk to water and in the last three four days nothing. Being a gradual process, it also reduces one’s ego, thereby slowing down the person to set in a series of realizations. Hope this clarifies that “Sallekhana” can nowhere be compared with suicide as latter is a sudden process. This is definitely not to judge even those who commit suicide as each one us is travelling a different journey though this is true that suicide may delay the process of evolution of the soul and the soul may have to continue the balance of journey in the next life. Lastly, this process should be adopted under the guidance of a highly advanced soul (guru) who would ensure first that the body has reached that stage where it needs “Sallekhana”. It is important to understand that our body is a temple and we are supposed to perform Karmas through it for progression of the world and for raising the collective conscience and therefore we must not adopt this practice unless the body has become useless to perform its duties which an advanced soul only can tell. As such there have been several cases when during the initial process of Sallekhana, the person started regaining health due to good effects of light foods/intermittent fasting and became absolutely healthy to drop this process. 
  • Since knowledge in an era is an ever-evolving subject/aspect of life, we should never out rightly reject and ridicule someone’s ideas because we never know by doing so we may be retarding our own growth and thus the growth of the universe thereby taking this decline into a loop of cause and effect. For example, while Ayurveda is a much more evolved science than today’s medicinal system because it uses physics and geography apart from biology and chemistry, Astrology is another level up. It uses Ayurveda, psychology, astronomy, mathematics and all the sciences even at the quantum level. So, its wrong to out-rightly ridicule higher concepts/sciences. Yes, it’s absolutely fine and right to filter out necessary information but that’s possible only when you give a patient hearing. But yes! such a patience can be developed only by being Sattvic.
  • We must have courage and conviction to condemn and isolate wrong acts and mentalities even if the defaulting person belongs to our own family/society/religion/profession/political party,
  • If we are following a tradition just because our religion says so, if we are supporting/opposing a policy just because our party/group/leader/ideal says so, then we are nothing more than zombies. We can only rise from this state when every act that we perform is after enquiry into an unbiased and aware self.
  • Since conscience of the person keeps changing with time due to food and weather conditions and doshas associated with it  in line with different planetary periods. Exactly the same goes true with different areas/countries of the world. Thus it also means that even weather of the country keeps changing with years passing by and a country high on Sattva may become highly rajasic and tamasic with time and vice versa. Thus we must learn to bring minor modifications in our food and lifestyle basis the changing weather condition of the area. Of course, it also means that if all the people of that area start following it, then the collective conscience of the area will change for good. But by now we understand that there is a cause and effect relationship between individual and collective conscience.

Addendum for those who bought book after 25th August 2020

All new information not captured in the book published after 25th August 2020 has been captured in following blogs/sections:-

  • Blog one and two below will explain VPK in even simpler language than mentioned in the book.
blog one
blog two
  • The undermentioned blog will explain that how psychology easily defines different traits, people, conditions mentioned in each house
  • How Psychology defines different houses of a birth chart will be explained in the undermentioned blog 



Ayurveda calls Chyawanprash as a Rasayana- that elixir of herbs which gives wholesome nutrition and thus strength to the body. Chyawanprash is a combination of several herbs most of which are astringent, pungent and warm with Amla being the only herb which is predominantly sour and cold in nature (though Amla has other four tastes too except salty but its primary taste is sour). Of course, the herbs also provide different nutrients which are sweet in nature e.g. sesame seeds provide predominantly fats and some proteins, ghee and sesame provide fats and Vitamin e, honey provides carbs and antioxidants, many herbs like Amla (indian gooseberry) have alkaline effect post digestion in the body. The list is huge but this is to give you essence of the medicine. So while pungency dissolves plaque, astringency goes into deep seated areas by constricting cells to remove deep seated plaque thereby removing atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis (thickening/narrowing of blood vessels and thickening of blood). Here, we must understand that plaque is not like a simple dirt deposited on the surface of vessels or floating in blood. Instead it is deep seated creating a complex random structure with cells (of blood vessels and blood) and is made up of decomposed/oxidized/ill-structured proteins/fats/calcium/dirt etc. and therefore it cannot be completely scraped off by just push of blood flow (except the superficial plaque as done by Trikatu).

Plaque (called as Ama in Ayurveda) is sticky, heavy, slimy, cold and poisonous and so it needs exactly the opposite which is light/pungent/nutritious/warm. Sourness from Amla ensures that volume of the blood doesn’t get reduced due to astringency thereby not letting Vata/vata imbalance increase. Amla’s post digestive high alkalinity ensures that pungency and warmth of the herbs do not create acidic conditions. Amla is also extremely rich in Vitamin C which is not only a strong antioxidant but also aids in creating collagen for giving shape and elasticity to cells. Apart from Amla, the other herbs too impart lot of antioxidants to this medicine. Chyawanprash is normally consumed with milk so that it facilitates sweetness of milk and other herbs (including all macro and micronutrients i.e. proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iodine, fluoride, selenium) to move deep into the space created while dissolving plaque which helps in increasing the volume of blood while naturally and uniformly widening the blood vessels (unlike modern day BP medicines which dilate vessels without increasing the volume of blood thereby creating haywire circulation of blood called as Vata). Replacement of plaque with wholesome nutrition of milk also helps system to start working on natural feedback which otherwise was getting blocked due to plaque. Milk being cold in nature also helps to balance the heating effect of the medicine. Milk also helps to avoid burning sensation felt by certain people in their throat after consuming Chyawanprash. As a thumbrule, it should be consumed in the morning empty stomach with milk, however if weather gets too warm in the afternoon then consuming it in late evenings or night is also fine.

Overall, it is an excellent medicine for managing/reversing degenerative diseases (due to high Vata) like CHF, fibromyalgia, VP hypertension, poor immunity etc. as Vata meaning obstruction causes stagnation of blood resulting in drop in immunity. In fact, this medicine is an essential part of post Panchkarma regime as Panchkarma while restoring Vata balance, increases Vata in overall body which must be settled with such Rasayanas. Since this medicine is based on typical Vata pyramid (click here to learn about Vata pyramid), it should not be consumed by true Kapha people unless they are high in Vata. If pitta is high in the weather and/or body, then too we should avoid having chyawanprash, in which case one can consume amla itself to provide sourness, alkalinity and other micronutrients for setting vata. We must also understand that Chyawanprash can reduce Vata but cannot undo Vata imbalance which can be done only by removing those foods which increase Vata imbalance and doing right Yogasanas/Pranayama and Panchkarma (massages etc).

***Despite the coolness of Amla (further aided by sugar which also reduces pitta and is part of Chyawanprash), this medicine is usually predominantly pungent and warm in nature and therefore it should be carefully used by those already having high pitta especially during summers. Yes! it can be customized during summers by reducing pungency/warmth. In fact, the concoction of honey, lemon and cumin/ginger (pungency to depend upon extent of pitta present/needed) can be freshly prepared at home to work in ways similar to Chyawanprash. This concoction can be consumed alone if one has already consumed enough of sweetness (proteins/fats/carbs) especially in the morning or it can be had with wholesome food (goes without saying that it cannot be consumed with milk). In certain ways, homemade Chyawanprash or lemon concoction may be better than the one that is commercially prepared as commercial process (including heating and exposure to oxygen of the raw material) is highly likely to reduce or nullify the efficacy of antioxidants especially Vitamin C. Since sodium bicarbonate/calcium carbonate/pearl neutralize acid, they can be gainfully utilized (local application/consumption depending upon the need) to treat/cure high Vata diseases like CHF/fibromyalgia/neuropathic pains/muscle pain/piles/constipation/insomnia/VP hypertension as acid pinches weakly insulated nerves of a Vata person and generates pain/burning. This is because a Vata person should have reasonable quantity of pungent foods, good amount of sourness and sweetness. However sourness and pungency in high Vata area would create acidity and may pinch the nerves thereby causing pain/burning if Vata is very high, which can be neutralized with sodium/calcium carbonate. In other words, it will create a similar effect like that of chyawanprash to undo Vata by increasing Volume of blood without increasing acidity (though unlike Chyawanprash, it is almost impossible to get all macro and micronutrients in one meal itself).

***Very important to note that since Chyawanprash reduces Vata, it may become counterproductive where Vata imbalance is high leading to excess of Kapha in an area which is already higher on Kapha vis-a-vis other areas. Thus this medicine should be wisely used in Vata imbalance diseases like delayed hypertension/fibromyalgia/CHF/several Vata diseases of the brain etc. In such cases since Vata and Vata imbalance both are high, one should also keep performing right asanas/pranayama/stretching to undo Vata imbalance while reducing Vata with the help of Chyawanprash and foods based on this principle. Lastly, since synthesis of fresh blood while replacing it with old deeply deposited plaque is a slow process, one must have patience to wait for gaining health and healthy weight.





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