31st Dec 2019 was the time when the first case of Corona (COVID 19) got detected in China and began spreading in the entire world at a very massive rate affecting almost all the countries within just a couple of months.

So what exactly triggered this pandemic? Let’s have a look at the transit of planets on this eventful day.


From the transit chart of 31st Dec 2019, we can see that there was a planetary war going on between six planets in the 9th zodiac (Sagittarius) which included Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Ketu.  Now, from Ayurvedic viewpoint, Ketu is an astringent and Kapha planet where blood flow is slow and blocked inside a confined space. Presence of Jupiter that too in its own Mooltrikone rashi (zodiac 9) made it even more laden with Kapha (excess blood) leading to further slowing down and blocking of blood. This got further compounded by the fact that Jupiter was in Ketu’s nakshatra (constellation) during this period that too in Mool Nakshatra which depicts poison and is located at the tail of the Scorpion depicting release of some poison (whether due to natural reasons or manmade though both are interrelated). Saturn being a high Vata planet further slowed down this flow of blood as high Vata due to astringency obstructs flow of energy. Even mercury added more Vata to the system thereby blocking the blood flow leading to accumulation of toxins. Solar eclipse on 26th Dec added fuel to the fire as sudden blockage of Sun, suddenly reduced Pitta in the body leading to impartial digestion of ingested food (in absence of Pitta) leading to further slowing down of blood circulation and exponential increase of toxins in the body. All this cocktail of toxins and slowed down circulation of blood was sufficient to trigger some serious disease as toxins means nothing but aberration from the routine nature (which in this case was extreme) and slowed down circulation means low Pitta leading to inefficient breakdown of toxins. In other words, poor blood circulation also means poor immunity as inefficient blood flow is neither able to provide feedback to lymphatic system for producing antibodies against the toxins nor it is able to effectively transport whatever antibodies are produced to the site of infection.

But why did this affect the upper body? This is because of two reasons. One that from Kalpurush Kundli viewpoint, 9th zodiac falls in the 9th house which is the house of fate not only indicating that this disease will come for a reason but its 7th aspect on 3rd house also indicates diseases of the throat.

*** To know the logic about Kaalpurush Kundli please check out this blog >>UNDERSTANDING THE DEEP SEATED MEANING OF KAALPURUSH KUNDLI

Secondly as such one of the natural seats of Kapha in human body is respiratory tract which due to high Vata got blocked. Lastly from numerology viewpoint, 2020 is an year of Rahu as it adds upto 4, thereby indicating release of an uncontrolled existing energy/conscience in the world (which the cocktail of planets had already created). And now it is time to understand that how food, location and weather conditions played the role in origin and spread of this disease since these aspects have a cause and effect relationship with planets and zodiacs.

The disease began in a relatively cold country which consumes excess of non-veg food (meaning extremely high Kapha food) and along with lot of garlic, onion and tea (meaning high Vata foods as such foods dilate our blood vessels being highly bitter in taste). And high Kapha in high Vata is bound to get blocked leading to toxin generation and accumulation (we discussed this). This means that such people were already prone to this disease. And now coming to weather conditions… The world has witnessed extreme winters in 2019 end and 2020 beginning. This is because Saturn was about to enter its own zodiac and Saturn is a cold and astringent planet meaning high Vata which further increased due to its entry in its own Zodiac (10th) on 24th Jan 2020. In other words, extreme and prolonged winters, shrunk all of us and created wrinkles inside our bodies leading to poor circulation of blood which is what high Vata is. That is the reason that January onward, the number of infected patients rose exponentially that too in cold countries (high Vata) where non-veg (high Kapha) is eaten in abundance, making it a deadly combination for viruses to flourish. This is the also the reason that warm countries like India and Africa were not affected with the same intensity by this virus as people in these countries have better blood circulation with lesser toxins due to warm weather conditions and less consumption of Non-Veg.

As regards individuals, since high Vata blocks kapha from moving and also doesn’t let one increase pitta (as high Pitta in high Vata areas increases pain) all those people who have high Vata (and high Vata imbalance) are more prone to this disease i.e. old age people since Vata becomes high with age, patients with heart diseases (due to high Vata imbalance). This is where the individual birth chart comes into play which ought to be read in tandem with current transit of planets and vice versa.


Mars in 10th house of Kaalpurush kundli aspecting first house will expand whatever is stored inside the cells/body/group/location meaning sudden expansion of this disease especially on 1st April when it will be at same degree as Saturn. The effect will continue for a month. The saving grace will be that once Sun enters Ashwini Nakshatra on 14th April, Suns energy will start healing the world especially those areas where high Kapha and Vata foods are not eaten and where weather is warmer like India (by the way Ashwini Nakshtra gets its name from Ashwini Kumars who are considered to be the physicians of the deities). However Sun’s effect will be partially masked by Jupiter becoming debilitated on 30th march 20, when it will enter 10th zodiac (leading to Kapha getting blocked by Vata indicating this disease will stay in pockets especially in cold and meat eating countries) and also due to Saturn’s effect becoming stronger as it enters deeper in 10th zodiac.


Post 24th Jan 2020, Saturn got parked in the tenth house in 10th zodiac which indicates that collective conscience meaning most of the people of the world will start slowing down due to high Vata and will become introspective and reserved in nature accompanied by slow economy, extremely erratic weather conditions, surge in Vata diseases. The trend will continue and will become more intense as after spending 2.5 years in 10th zodiac, it will move to 11th zodiac in 11th house which is its main (Mooltrikone) zodiac. The blessing in disguise will be that this slowness will push people to look inward making them more spiritual and contended with lesser resources instead of being fanatically religious and overly materialistic which is the current situation. In other words Saturn’s period will bring justice by settling karmic accounts and will make the world realize new insights. Rahu’s transit from third house to second (since Rahu ketu move backwards) after an year and its ninth aspect on 10th house from second house indicates changes in borders/skirmishes. Ketu’s transition in 8th house will also mean surge in occult diseases (difficult to treat/cure) and fatalities leading to deeper understanding of  occult sciences like Ayurveda, Astrology and other allied sciences of Vedic era. Overall the earth will see the beginning of a new era/order that will embrace Vedic wisdom and sattvic food/lifestyle. From chakra viewpoint, the collective conscience of the world will move towards higher chakras away from the animalistic nature which primarily looks for food (especially meat), sex and territory. Of course as mentioned earlier that there will be variation depending upon individual birth charts (and even that of a country) indicating the evolution of that specific soul/collective conscience of that country.

*** From India’s viewpoint, while warmer climate gives India an advantage (being closer to the equator), the flip side is that Rahu in the first house (indicating relatively impulsive and over-perceiving collective conscience) in India’s natal chart makes the highly populated country (that too primarily due to Rahu in first) prone to indiscreet socializing during these times instead of maintaining social distance despite the quarantine ordered by the govt. This is further compounded by the fact that 2020 is governed by Rahu and that India is passing through Moon/Saturn Dasha with Saturn sitting in moons zodiac and in 4th house in chalit chart indicating slower blood circulation in its individual chart too. Thus a person high on Rahu but low on Jupiter and Saturn may not fall prey to this disease due to fast moving blood circulation but he/she will carry it to far off places and transfer it, making those who are high on Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu, Moon highly susceptible. Overall the message to Indians and to the entire world through this blog is to always eat/follow sattvic food/sattvic lifestyle apart from maintaining social distancing.

**** On a spiritual note please remember that destiny (astrology) is the most probable path that one is likely to take due to desires/objectives the soul is carrying from one life to another and with strong will, determination and knowledge of Vedic sciences, one (we) can change ones (our) destiny for good. From spiritual viewpoint itself, Corona is here to remove extreme Rajas and Tamas from our food and life and such things will continue in bits and pieces to reach a unless the world reaches a state of high Sattva (the Satyuga). 

For basic Dos and Donts you may please check this blog >>AYURVEDIC EXPLANATION OF WHAT TRIGGERED CORONA AND THE DO’S AND DONT’S

May lord give us the strength to handle these difficult times. NAMASTE AND LOVE TO ALL…



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  1. Thanks Dear 🙏🕉️. You may like to read more detailed concepts in the book. Wasn’t possible for me to put everything in blog.


  2. Dear Lee, thanks so much for your comments. M glad that this blog has been of help to you. Am thankful to God for connecting me with highly evolved souls like you. Yes I m sure its part of the grand plan 😊🙏🕉️🌹


  3. 🙏 Namaste

    Dear Alok,

    I hope that you and your family are well, safe and sound…

    Thank you so much for sending me such a very comprehensive and indepth explanation of our global situation. I have read it several times now and can see how Kapha and Vata characteristics have been dominant in creating our current situation and Pitta toxicity/inflammation is freely flowing as a result. The disconnect between mind and body is obviously characterized in so many human behaviors, lifestyle decisions, political and economic problems arising by the hour that we are currently witnessing every day. We are living in the times and conditions for a perfect planetary storm.

    It just makes me even more determined to provide my community with support, compassion and consultation whenever I can. Now more than ever it’s so needed. Preparing as best I can.

    I sense that our social structure will be highly scrutinized for not providing stability in these times but it’s also under much needed social reconstruction, we have to allow it to change and grow. People are so quick to be so critical from not being grounded mostly because they are frightened, panicked and so fearful.

    I see this as a time for the collective brilliant minds of Ayurveda to now show the world that the the 5000 year old model is the best that we have ever had and it will take us forward into a new universal higher consciousness and spiritual journey of appreciating the human form and our extraordinary planet and each other. But there is some pain still yet to come.

    Many blessings my dear friend. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of knowledge and compassion.


    Regards Lee AnAmaya Ayurveda

    Restore your mind, body, and soul and reveal your true radiance!


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