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Monsoons rejuvenate our body after a long spell of scorching heat. However, a sudden change in weather must be handled with according change in our food and lifestyle too else the same season which is supposed to be strength giving, can become counterproductive thereby creating health issues including drop in immunity. Here are some tips

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Addendum to the book THE ROOT CAUSE- Ayurveda, Astrology and beyond for a blissful life

Knowledge is an ever-evolving phenomenon and therefore to keep the readers of the book (THE ROOT CAUSE- AYURVEDA ASTROLOGY AND BEYOND FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE) updated, here are addendums to the book. which will get refreshed as and when a new insight strikes for giving more and deeper clarity on the topics captured in the

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“THE ROOT CAUSE- Ayurveda, Astrology and Beyond for a Blissful Life”- A BOOK explaining Vedic Wisdom in a simple language

“THE ROOT CAUSE- Ayurveda, Astrology and Beyond for a Blissful Life” is a BOOK that explains science in contemporary language behind Vedic Wisdom, to reclaim the golden age and can be procured by clicking on the undermentioned links ⇓⇓. Here is an excerpt of the Book before you hit the links to procure a copy:- “The primary

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