How to predict Global events like earthquake, world war through Astrology for averting/minimizing damage

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I have already mentioned in the previous blogs and the book “THE ROOT CAUSE- AYURVEDA ASTROLOGY AND BEYOND FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE” that different zodiacs and planets can be associated with different energies (called as Doshas in Ayurvedic language) and it is not a coincidence that  those Doshas are exactly in line with the physical constitution of that planet e.g. Saturn is cold, airy which exactly matches with the Vata dosha of Ayurveda representing poor circulation leading to constricted/shrunk and obstructed blood vessels. Similarly Jupiter is the largest planet having extremely strong gravity; so much so that the center of gravity between Sun and Jupiter falls outside the Sun and not inside it (unlike for other planets). Therefore Jupiter represents expansion as its gravity pulls and expands. From Ayurvedic perspective, it represents Kapha dosha as it stores, which is why Jupiter represents knowledge as more the storage, more would be the knowledge stored. Likewise Venus is a planet whose temperature on far and close side of the Sun remains almost same which represents the homogeneous nature of Venus and that is exactly in line with its balanced approach. Venus’s heat and homogeneous constitution is the reason that Saturn (Vata) planet exults in Libra (that zodiac which represents Venus’s condition of homogenization thereby ensuring that Vata remains settled).

Sun itself is hottest representing Pitta dosha and so goes with Mars which is red. The difference between Sun and Mars is that Sun represents Sadhak Pitta– that Pitta which imparts energy to the brain and heart to ensure that body keeps running. Sadhak Pitta also regulates the working of the entire body just like Sun regulates the working of the Solar system. All in all, it is not a coincidence but the plan of the higher world to drop a clear hint to us- the humans to understand the working of the higher world. This philosophy where the world outside has exactly similar working as the world inside and vice versa is called as “ YAT PINDE TAT BRAHAMANDE” in the language of Vedas (Vedas were the compendium of knowledge written by highly advanced beings). Using this philosophy, this blog will discuss that how the placement of different planets in the solar system can be used to understand the basic fabric of Astrology. To begin with, we all must be clear about placement of different planets in the solar system. Figure below explains it for those who are not aware.

Now everyone knows that when we are part of a system or say in a mosaic, we cannot see the holistic picture (bird eye view) to understand the shape of mosaic. The holistic picture can be seen only when one watches the entire mosaic from a higher point. Exactly that is what can be seen in case of planets. Here is how… Jupiter being far from earth, expands our horizon and we are able to see things from a bird eye view. But Jupiter moves relatively faster than Saturn around Sun (and earth from geocentric viewpoint). So after storing a specific information, Jupiter moves to the next aspect of life (meaning from one house to another). However, Saturn is even farther and moves way slower than even Jupiter, which is why Saturn can see things even more holistically with a wider angle. In other words, it can scan much wider aspect of life and observes more quietly (for longer time but microscopically) than Jupiter. This is the reason that Saturn makes one philosophical and if one has both (Saturn and Jupiter) strongly placed, it gives a larger perspective of life.

*** Jupiter Mahadasha comes immediately after Rahu- Mars (mahadasha-antardasha) when body has expanded due to collective centrifugal force of Rahu and Mars. Thus as the body enters Jupiter, it cools down resulting in slower metabolism and thus more visibility of fat which stores more information/knowledge (a trait of Jupiter). When Pitta/heat further drops, the expanded body starts constricting thereby giving rise of Saturn after Jupiter’s Mahadasha.  

However, Saturn and Jupiter being too far from earth cannot see finer things of life (unless they have already experienced them closely), which is where comes the role of closer planets/sub planets i.e. Venus, mercury Moon and Mars. Venus as the planet is closest to earth and represents leading life instead of watching it from a distance which is essential to know the microscopic aspects of life and world around as the same cannot be understood from Saturn and Jupiter. This is the reason that Venus is as important as Saturn and Jupiter. As such experience (Venus) is as important as studies (Jupiter and Saturn) of that aspect and its only together do they create knowledge in real sense. On the other hand Mars, which is in between earth and Jupiter, signifies the energy that catapults the soul/conscience towards Jupiter and then Saturn for a holistic view. In other words, it provides mental and physical strength to the native to come out of Venus and understand life from a larger perspective which is essential for the soul to grow since no one can grow unless one is able to see the larger picture and connect dots.

While Rahu directs the energy of Mars in outward direction thereby creating Jupiter and then Saturn, Ketu with the help of Mars pushes the energy/focus towards inner planets which is why we get Mercury Mahadasha after Saturn. On the other hand, Sun represents power source and Sadhak Pitta (which regulates life) to the soul that changes its strength not very frequently and drastically, Moon represents frequently changing mind that scans all aspects of life from all close nooks and corners to collect information from all around and make a sense out of it. Mercury being placed between power source (and regulator) i.e. Sun, life itself i.e Venus and mind (moon), represents channel of communication to provide feedback/action/reaction/processing, in between power and regulation source (Sun/Sadhak Pitta) and life. As such mercury is VPK which is right in the center of Venus (Kapha) and Pitta (Sun) thereby increasing Vata too.

Rahu being the point defined by Moon, Earth and Sun plane (due to their proximity to this point) represents the strength of our desire (though even the outer planets are bound to have effect on this point due to their gravity). Thus when Saturn transits in a specific zodiac, the holistic focus of the earthlings is more on aspects related to that zodiac. Within that aspect, the placement of Jupiter in a specific zodiac speaks of the finer view and it goes on like that till closer planets. This means that even if moon comes in the same constellation after every month, its pattern has changed as Sun has moved to another zodiac suggesting more focus on that aspect where Sun is placed now. In other words, now the mind (even if in same constellation) will scan, another aspect of life (same can be understood for bigger/farther planets too).

*** Like Saturn, even Uranus, Neptune and Pluto’s effect on Universe too can be understood in line with Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande principle. Thus, being farther, colder and slower than Saturn (while orbiting Sun), these planets represent extremely high Vata (even higher than Saturn) thereby indicating close experience, observation, storage and processing of all kinds of events thereby creating inventions, discoveries but even bitterness and diseases etc. which erupts out when triggered by transit of such high Vata planets in Aries (the zodiac of Mars). Thus, presence of such high Vata planets in different houses of individual birth charts and their transit in Kaalpurush Kundli can help us in predicting global events, individual contributions/psyche etc.


Prediction of Global events like World war/Earthquake etc.

So, farther the planets, more holistic is their effect felt not only on individual but also on the larger population, which is why Saturn’s entry in tenth zodiac triggered Corona wave (check out this blog to know more about medical astrology of Corona). On similar lines World war two took place when Uranus was right in the center of the Aries (the first zodiac of Kaalpurush kundli). Since Uranus takes 84 years to complete its revolution around Sun, this indicates that when Uranus enters Aries, all the things stored inside body and mind due to high patience (due to Uranus’s Vata), erupt out (as Aries means springing out of what is stored inside which is why it coincides with Spring season when leaves spring out of the branches). The transit of Uranus in first zodiac during WW 2 was further compounded by presence of Mars in Kendra house thereby exploding out the bitterness. On the other hand  WW one took place when Uranus Saturn and Neptune all three were in the center thereby creating extreme bitterness which again blasted due to Mars, which is why WW 2 is sometimes referred as an outcome of WW1 or its leftover though the fact is that the cycle continues.

*** The world again needs to be careful and patient as we are once again facing similar circumstances with Uranus sitting in first zodiac (and first house of Kaalpurush) where entry of Rahu and subsequently that of Mars in June 2022 is likely to trigger a havoc (with the silver lining that this period is also likely to startle us with new inventions/discoveries/revelations). In fact, Uranus entry in first zodiac had a major role to play in corona trigger too. Also to note that even Sun’s position also matters as the triggering factor. If Sun is too strong i.e. in 1,2 or 3 zodiac, then it is likely to push Mars even stronger especially if it is in the center with other triggering planets. However this is also true that collective prayers/Yagna performed with strong and positive intent, can alter the course of future for good, as prediction of future is nothing but the most probable outcome basis the current collective conscience or say the energy signatures of the collective conscience which is what the birth chart is all about. 

Predicting Earthquakes using Astrology

While war’s primary reason can be attributed to sudden outflow of emotions stored/suppressed for long, earthquake’s are physical manifestation of similar energies of planets. Basically it is not difficult to visualize that earthquakes happen due to extreme and sudden contraction /expansion (of earth’s crust) due to sudden change in weather (due to planetary effects), which is why many earthquakes were recorded during the duration of both the world wars too when the world suddenly expanded after a period of contraction due to its Uranus’s entry in first. But please remember that while world war involves everyone or most of the world, which is why the right way of checking it is through Kaalpurush kundli (with Aries as first), earth quakes usually have localized effect, hence to check their occurrence and location, one would need Kaalpurush as well as local chart. Vedic sciences say that as a thumb rule, earthquakes are more likely to happen during the month of May/Jun and Dec/Jan. This is because the phenomenon of expansion and contraction are at their peak (respectively) during this time, thereby destabilizing the crust of earth. This is also the reason that they are more likely to happen in between midnight and early morning before sunrise and in between noon and early evening which are contraction and expansion phases.

However, it would have been clear by now that expansion and contraction alone cannot trigger earthquakes (and even War) unless these are sudden in nature- when long duration high Vata (contracted) conditions are suddenly met with very high Pitta (heat) conditions or when long duration high Pitta conditions are suddenly met with very high Vata conditions. Its quite apparent that earth’s revolution around Sun alone (which is supposed to bring gradual change in weather and not sudden) cannot trigger earthquakes. Instead it is the combination of other planets too that creates closure/constriction (i.e. high Vata/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune) and sudden expansion due to high Pitta (Sun, Mars and Rahu) in the constricted conditions or Vice versa. Coincidently, as mentioned above such conditions would be ripe in the mid of 2022, which means again that world is likely to face earthquakes at certain places alongwith glimpse of WW like conditions.

*** Also to note that during eclipse, there is sudden surge in the gravitation pull as Sun, moon, earth get aligned that too when the ecliptic plane and lunar plane are also aligned. This is one strong reason that Vedic texts also mention post ecliptic period as highly prone to earthquakes. Solar eclipse also triggers diseases due to sudden change in levels of Pitta. As such solar (and to an extent lunar eclipses) due to sudden increase in gravitational pull, are likely to create cracks and Vata imbalances in our body too leading to breakdown in communication.

Astrology for the greater good of Mankind

Even the location of the event can be predicted if we are able to take into account factors e.g. sudden increase in Pitta will damage (cause blast) only in those areas which are already high on Vata Pitta but not those which are high on Saturn as Saturn protects the core of that area where it is seated. Thus those locations whose birth chart (collective conscience) at that point of time is high on Vata Pitta (Rahu and/or Sun Saturn combo) will have more impact of sudden increase in Pitta (which can be checked from placement of zodiac and planet in lagna, placement and strength of lord of first, current Mahadasha, transit and Shadbala). Even Mars Ketu combination in Kaalpurush chart along with the other factors can trigger sudden release of heat. It goes without saying that it is very difficult to take into account so many parameters and therefore it needs an extremely calm, composed and strong mercury mind. Apart from that one would need to permanently put on scan, the energies of different parts of the world, along with existing energies (i.e. Kalpurush). Of course, in a world high on inertia, the best way is to use computers to predict catastrophes (natural as well man made) by feeding all possible parameters which could save millions of lives and damage to property. Certain people may think that catastrophes are essential to bring balance by keeping population in control. However the point is that if we humans evolve to the level of maintaining calm, composed and well evolved minds which can predict destruction and avoid it by taking right decisions, then our population would never grow organically.


*** All in all, we all are sitting in a simulated environment (simulated by a highly advanced computer) which Vedas referred as Maya, where our Karma creates the environment and thus the timeline of the world around us. And by using YAT PINDE TAT BRAHMANDE philosophy the entire cosmos and its working can be understood. For example BIG BANG is nothing but the pushing in of a new software (timeline) in the hard disk of Maya which is why it can be viewed as a single infinitely dense dot by today’s scientists. To learn more about this Maya, visualization of God, souls and the fabric of the Universe, please pick up a copy of the book THE ROOT CAUSE- AYURVEDA ASTROLOGY AND BEYOND FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE.




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