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Like steroids, even heavy metals have gained lot of bad name in the last few decades due to toxicity caused by their excess consumption leading to issues like brain fog, failing organs, lethargy and many more. However the fact is that like everything, they can be nectar for some and poison for others (and even for the same person in excess or different conditions). In simple words, even they have a therapeutic value. That is why their wise use can cure many diseases as clearly mentioned by Ayurvedic texts (even Homeopathy uses them effectively for many diseases e.g. Arsenic Alb is used for many types of diseases). Unfortunately due to lack of our understanding, we out-rightly reject even the thought of using the medicines containing heavy metals. This blog will explain the logic of using them by understanding simple fundamentals of Ayurveda and chemistry.

*** This blog will be using basic terminologies and principles of Ayurveda. That is why those who are new to Ayurveda must understand the three basic and fundamental forces of Ayurveda called as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. For detailed understanding they may check the other blogs on this website. However the simple explanation is that Pitta represents the fire and water element and comprises of all the enzymes, hormones and other chemicals present in the body that create our metabolism. It runs as electricity in our nervous system. Kapha is water and earth element which creates our gross body (all tissues). Vata is air and space. It can be visualized as the channels which facilitate movements of all the chemicals in the body. When Vata and Pitta become too high in in the body, they create excess heat and inflate the body thereby creating excess space. This excess space leads to breakages in the channels thereby weakening communication in between different parts of the body and thus inviting diseases. When channels become haywire due to excess space, then such a state is called as Vata imbalance in Ayurvedic terms. 

Now, here is an important visualization using the example of a building to understand the role of Heavy metals:-

To begin with, heavy metals help specifically those who have excess space i.e. high Vata Pitta in their deepest constitution where even normal Pitta flares Vata and pierces through kapha thereby depleting it. Such a constitution can be visualized by a simple example. Consider a building whose building material i.e. bricks, cement, iron bars, is porous/weak/loosely bonded because the material itself has been created in high VP conditions. Such a building is bound to be overall weak as it can shake and lose its limited strength even by excess movement (vata) created by anything whether it be physical movement or heat or any other source of force. Thus, when the basic infrastructure of the body becomes light due to perforations because of high VP, then heavy metals provide heaviness/stability to that infra by closing those perforations with the metal (needed specifically for a specific part) which cannot be moved by normal vata. Please note that at microscopic level, it is the genes that represent the deepest constitution (basic infra) of the native. So, heavy metals work at genetic level by silencing certain overactive genes which has been agreed upon by the contemporary science.

Now, to understand the role of heavy metals, one would need to understand the simple basics of chemistry. Here we go.

Captured below is the periodic table (developed by a Russian scientist Mendeleev in 1869) of all the elements known to humans so far. For those who are not chemistry students, here is a small brief to explain this periodic table. All elements are comprised of atoms and atoms of different elements have different number of electrons revolving around their nucleus (center). These electrons revolve in different shells just like different planets revolve in different orbits around the Sun (center). So shells and orbits are interchangeable terms. The table below has been arranged in such a way that the horizontal rows (which are seven in number) represent the total number of energy shell of that element’s atom that its electrons occupy. Whereas, vertical columns (which are 18 in number), represent the number of electrons that are present in the last (outermost) shell of its atom. In simple words, elements in the same vertical column have same number of electrons in the outermost shells because of which they have been found to have strikingly similar properties. This is also the reason that they can take each other’s place easily in the chemicals (outside and inside the body).


Now carefully look at the table and specifically those columns which have Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O)- the elements that create the bulk of our body i.e. kapha. We can also see that these elements are lightest in their vertical column i.e. at the top of vertical column since they have the lowest atomic number in that column. Now, in Ayurvedic terms, light causes vata. This is why when Vata goes too high in the body and Pitta starts flaring it, then Ayurveda uses heavier elements under that column (i.e. elements with higher atomic number and mass) to reduce Vata in the body without hampering the chemical processes of the body. For example, Carbon is replaced by Silicon (Si) and sometimes even by Tin (Sn), which is why refined Mica (known as Abhrak Bhasm) having Silicon is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. Nitrogen is replaced by Arsenic (As) e.g. Gauripasana which is white purified Arsenic is used for treating bone marrow cancers. Oxygen is replaced by Sulphur (S) i.e. Gandhak Bhasma.

Similarly, Silver (Ag) and Gold (Au) are used to replace Copper (Cu), which has role in many processes in the body to improve conductivity in the body as metals of this column are excellent conductors (this is the reason that Copper vessels should replace earthen pitchers during winters to store water as copper keeps Pitta strong whereas pitchers increase Kapha).  Here, Silver and Gold conduct electricity i.e. Pitta with the same efficiency as copper but without depleting kapha due to higher atomic number/mass. Zinc again an essential element in human body is replaced by mercury. Hydrogen is replaced by Lithium (Li) and is used in modern medicine for Vata diseases of the brain (hyperactivity etc). There can be many more examples and applications. In nutshell, heavy metals (when purified through processes already mentioned in the Ayurveda texts) reduce excess Vata at the deepest level which is flared up by even normal Pitta. Astrologically, this deep Vata happens due to strong Rahu Saturn Mars conjunction/proximity (in some form of other) in early houses of the native. It may also mean that first house lord is conjunct with these planets in some later house.

That is why they are used to calm down overactive systems due to high VP (i.e. excess space) in the deepest constitution which manifest in form of chronic diseases like insomnia, anxiety, diarrhea, chronic fever (or excessively warm skin), hyperactive brain and even certain cancers (e.g. bone marrow cells with high VP create more blood cells but of poor quality due to hyperactivity). Since these metals block Pitta from flaring high Vata, it goes without saying that excess of these metals can over-block the nervous system (especially in those whose Pitta and Vata both are low) thereby causing sluggishness/blockages (termed as metal toxicity in today’s language), however their wise use can cure many diseases. This is also the reason that medicines/bhasmas (i.e. powders) containing heavy metals should be prepared totally in line with texts and should be used under supervision of an expert and should not be used for too long (again clearly mentioned in Ayurvedic texts). Please note that their function cannot be compared with bitter taste. Bitter reduces force of Pitta but that cannot provide strength to the basic structure of the body.

 Examples of some Meds that use Heavy Metals- Different medicines use heavy metals in different ways for delivering them in different parts of the body. And this is an important aspect to target high VP areas/chakras of the body to ensure that heavy metals are delivered only where needed else they may create excess kapha and blockage/failure of organ (unless one has high VP in entire body in which case one may need pure heavy metals delivery in the entire body). Ayurveda uses heavy metals in several medicines. Here are some examples:-

  • Mahajwarankush- This med uses several heavy metals in purified form to control deep seated (chronic) fever which usually arises due to high VP. The med also contains cannabis which cools down the over inflated body due to excess VP while also adding stability/kapha through heavy metals. When VP goes high it pushes kapha and pseudokapha thereby pushing blood through narrowed vessels. That is why ideally when one is consuming such meds containing heavy metals, they should consume light foods which donot increase kapha. Please remember that here the aim is to close micropores in the peripherals of the body created due to high VP. Kapha foods will further narrow down these vessels. Whereas heavy metals provide stability without increasing blocking of these vessels by replacing the lighter elements.
  • Smritisagar Rus- As the name suggests, this med is used to revive memory as high VP (Rahu) can cause emaciation of tissues and thus loss of memory. It is an excellent medicine for all kinds of dementia. Apart from heavy metals, it also contains Brahmi which reduces force of Sadhak Pitta by also cooling and constricting the body and mind thereby working as memory enhancer by itself. High VP creates excessively outward and haywire agni (like the one flared by excess wind) thereby evaporating thoughts and memories as it creates haywire interneural structure while weakening the existing ones.

 *** Please note that memory loss is basically Vata in brain however it may be usually accompanied by headaches and sudden spurt in anger/aggression too at times. This happens because of Pitta flaring Vata.

  • Shirashuladi Vajra Rus- The med is used to relieve one from headaches which arise due to high VP (When Pitta goes high, it increases circulation and pushes blood through narrowed blood vessels causing pain). Apart from heavy metals, it also consists of Pitta and acid reducing herbs like licorice and bael; ginger and long pepper to keep Agni burning to avoid ama formation and for efficient gastric emptying (peristalsis); triphla to remove ama and thus reduce excess VPK.

 *** Ideally, since heavy metals increase a bit of Kapha (though in a subtle manner), they should be used very carefully (or if possible avoided) when one has cough and cold.

  • Sutsekhar Rus- Which has many pitta reducing and alkaline herbs/compounds for managing acidity, fever, cold, cough and other high Pitta disorders (unlike the other above mentioned meds, this has only purified mercury and not other heavy metals).

 *** Since heavy metals have been outrightly branded as toxic by contemporary science (either due to ignorance or ego of not accepting more than one has learnt or hearsay or due to selfish motives of some to not let permanent cures of diseases come out), it is this reason that certain Ayurveda doctors/Vaidya do not disclose names of their medicines even though their success rates of curing even so called incurable diseases are very high. Of course it goes without saying that like all medicines even heavy metals should be used under supervision of a highly experienced healer as their indiscreet use can cause side effects. For example, their use can weaken circulation in the upper body and can cause issues like nervousness due to relatively high Vata in upper body. In such a case one may need to perform light headstands to push Rasa/blood towards their Vata ridden mind while continuing with heavy metals to keep overall VP in control.

 *** This also means that heavy metals medicines may not totally undo Vata imbalance. It can cure/pacify only Vata aggravation though the same might have arisen out of Vata imbalance. This is the reason that sometimes patients consuming heavy metals and having serious Vata imbalance may experience failures of Kapha ridden organs e.g. brain fog may happen when there is relatively more Kapha in the core of the brain and heavy metals med may further increase it there or it may happen when Pitta is too low in a specific organ due to excess Vata (cold Vata i.e. Saturn especially during Moon’s period). In other words, those having Vata aggravation due to Vata imbalance may also need to adopt strategies like Asanas and massages to undo Vata imbalance apart from taking heavy metals meds. They should also continue to consume normal dose of Pitta foods as per weather as the aim is to reduce Vata and not Pitta. A break must be taken after 20 days to one month of taking such medicines to notice their effects and resume only if necessary under the guidance of an expert healer. Most importantly, heavy metals’ task is to break the inertia of the body and brain thereby avoiding further damage by further increase in VP. The real pacification of Vata of the core happens more during winters by avoiding extra pungent and red foods even during winters and total abstinence during summers.

 *** Can metal toxicity be removed from the body? Yes, it can definitely be, by strategies like careful consumption of food/meds to avoid further built up; increasing pungency (chillies etc) as it flushes out kapha; by doing Bhastrika Pranayama; by consuming lemon water as it expands the volume thereby removing constriction/vata caused by heavy metals or other toxins (it also acts as diuretic). Even probiotics help in flushing out toxins/excess heavy metals.


Factors that make people prone to Metal toxicity or their deficiency

While excess of heavy metals are bound to cause toxicity and thus weak circulation leading to organ failure and even cancer, the fact is that use of Reverse Osmosis (to get clean water) removes them totally from the water apart from other important minerals. This is one major reason of exponential increase in VP in the collective conscience of the world especially in middle or upper income class who can afford RO. On the other hand, the lower income group people face more of metal toxicity issues and not VP issues. All in all, heavy metals provide stability to the body especially the core to ensure that it doesn’t run too fast thereby producing incomplete/wrong cells/products (obviously in excess they will slow us down too much causing weak circulation and associated diseases). In other words, they are essential for all beings though in microdoses. On the other hand, indiscreet dumping of industrial waste leeches them into the ground water causing excess concentration which becomes lethal or disease causing. Thus all this is causing unequal distribution of heavy metals in different parts of the world (including country, states and smaller regions) and therefore must be stopped.

Another factor that seems to regulate ingestion of heavy metals is food preference. Leafy greens and root (tuberous) vegetables absorb more heavy metals from earth than grains and fruits. That is why it is so important to consume leafy greens and root vegetables apart from grains and fruits to keep high VP in control. On the other hand, non vegetarians are likely to consume more heavy metals because chicken and meat are relatively higher on heavy metals as chicken and cattle usually feed on leafy greens i.e. grass etc (directly or indirectly) apart from grains.

*** All the above mentioned factors indicate that there must be a strong regulation in place for all locations which should be monitored to govern right quantity of heavy metals in food chain (neither more nor less), even though it may not sound easy. Infact, this goes true for all the micro and macro minerals.

 Interesting observation about Essential Micro-minerals

 Another very interesting and important trend that can be noted in the periodic table of elements is that the all the elements that are essential for making up human body are primarily in the upper four rows of the periodic table i.e. Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Carbon, Silicon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Sulphur, Selenium, Fluorine, Chlorine, Iodine. Even Arsenic and Nickel have been added to the list of essential minerals off late and the list seems to be getting longer. The logic is simple that higher the VP more is the need of heavier elements.

Now, all these minerals can easily be received in essential amount by consuming a combination (in rotation) of leafy green vegetables, starchy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, beans, ancient grains and milk products. Thus, two days post the festival of Deepawali which falls on Amavasya (no moon) during the onset of winters, a festival called as “Annakoot” is celebrated in India where people consume dish made out of all the available vegetables from the above mentioned categories. As this food provides them all the micronutrients in abundance which prepares their bodies to strengthen their core when the blood starts moving towards the core during winters. This also means that this dish should be ideally consumed with yoghurt or cottage cheese and chapattis/bread made out of ancient grains like millets to make the food complete and highly nutritious in all respects.

This blog is an excerpt from the book THE ROOT CAUSE- Volume Two which is a sequel to the already published book “THE ROOT CAUSE – Volume One” and is in the process of getting published. The links for the procuring it from various online portals will be inserted once the book gets published.

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