Pitra dosha is a frequently used term by Astrologers in today’s era which is known to cause several debilitating issues in the family and its members. This blog will help you to understand the exact science/logic of this term and will explain that how it affects not only individuals or families but even the societies, countries and the world.

Pitra Dosha literal meaning is faults (Doshas in Sanskrit/Vedic language) of ancestors (Pitra in Sanskrit/Vedic language). Pitra dosha in a family tree/lineage happens because of wrong karmas (whether deliberate or not) which get passed on from one generation to another and get multiplied, thereby manifesting in different forms like debilitating and chronic diseases (mental or physical) in the entire or many of family members, untimely deaths, fights, disputes, inflated ego, unhappiness, greed (of holding money/property/knowledge etc), uncontrolled/excessive anger, depression, multiple miscarriages, inability to conceive, continued poverty despite efforts (or say efforts going futile), etc. At a large scale, Pitra dosha happens even at society, nation and world level (can’t we see certain country’s flourishing more than others). The level of Pitra dosha varies from Yugas to Yugas, with it being least or almost not there in Satyuga. On the other hand, Pitra dosha is extremely high (relative to other yugas especially Satyuga) and is present in almost every family during Kalyuga even though the extent varies from one family to another and from one individual to another.

*** Pitra dosha can be compared to a disease in an individual which initially expresses itself in the form of minor discomforts, however when a fast racing ignorant mind (Rajasic and tamasic) is unable to register it and its far reaching effects, then it expresses itself in form of a fully blown and extreme discomfort causing disease (manifesting in form of other aberrations as mentioned above) in the coming generations. Also, since the soul keeps taking birth in the same lineage, it experiences the effects of its own wrong karmas in the coming generations when it is born as its own grand child or grand grand child or grand grand grand child and so on. Pitru Dosha is not only faced by the same soul which caused it (by reincarnating in the same lineage) but also the souls which influenced that soul to become like one and perform such karmas.  So if you see it holistically, karmas affect all the souls in a group due to collective conscience. That’s how the entire soul group grows up together. However, as it grows, it begins to realize the wrongs and rights and that’s how corrections happen slowly and gradually. So when one of the members of the group is more evolved due to more experience/struggles, it pulls others too though with the risk of getting pulled down. But when a soul is strong willed, it decides such a timeline that even if difficult, it refuses to surrender. That is how certain souls break negative patterns (of different kinds) in lineage.

Pitra dosha usually gets noticed and then addressed when its affects reach the pinnacle of suffering due to which the souls incarnating in that particular generation slow down (due to sufferings in the family or wider level), resulting in onset of Saturn (In Ayurvedic language, Saturn is Vata which closes the person inwards and making one introspective). Once the souls and their mind slows down, they begin to realize the wrong doings/wrong foods/wrong lifestyle choices and then begin to undo it by adopting better lifestyle, higher moral values, more sattvic food, more sattvic conscience around, gathering knowledge to become more wise, spreading/donating knowledge/food/money/cloths etc instead of holding them, and so on. Goes without saying that just the way Pitra dosha builds up slowly and gradually, it cannot end immediately. Its rise and fall happen like a sine wave. At family level it may take many generations to end up. At world level, it goes on for several thousand years which is what creates different Yugas. This is why extreme sufferings at the peak of Kalyuga result in the souls slowing down, pushing them to change their values/lifestyle etc. for good thereby slowly and gradually starting another Yuga (a better one than the last one).

*** At individual soul level too there are Yugas and Mahayugas which are nothing but different planetary periods of Astrology. Interesting to note that the way at individual level, there are Dashas (smaller planetary periods) within Mahadashas (bigger planetary periods), exactly the same way there are smaller Yugas with Yugas at world level too. In simple words, there are crests and troughs within a Yuga too. So a Kalyuga also has Satyuga, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyuga. Likewise is the case at smaller level and larger level.

How to Read Pitra Dosha from Birth chart

Pitra dosha can happen due to several planetary reasons (which can be seen not only in individual chart but even the birth chart of a nation). Let us examine a few of them to understand the essence. Usually Pitra dosha has primary effect on the Sun (the most important planet of astrology who is the source of power and light) because Sun is Sadhak Pitta which gives us ability to perceive the world. When Sadhak Pitta is badly affected (i.e. Sun afflicted due to conjuction by Rahu or Ketu or when it is debilitated), it weakens our ability to perceive the world correctly leading to loss in health, reputation, financials, strength, peace, happiness, bliss, spirituality, connection with the higher self and so on. Even afflicted moon by Rahu and Ketu (or combusted by Sun or near it) can cause Pitra dosha as Moon is mind (mann) which if afflicted will remain associated with deeds linked with Rahu (desire) and Ketu especially Rahu which keeps the moon wandering. Moon being near to the Sun too is likely to cause diseases.

Even the ninth house and its lord from lagna/ascendant and moon are also checked for this and if afflicted it shows Pitra dosha. This is because ninth house represents Prarabdh Karma (part of karmas carried from accumulated karmas in this life). Thus even D9 should be checked especially its lagna and lord of Lagna. A very strong Rahu can also lead to Pitra dosha. Likewise, Jupiter afflicted by very strong Rahu can also cause Pitra dosha as this means storage of information is being governed by Rahu. A retrograde planet too may indicate Pitra dosha as retro planet means deeds of the past getting carried forwarded in this life. Bad Yogas and debilitated planets too mean Pitra dosha.

*** It is important to remember here that Sun despite being cruel (due to its heat) is not malefic. Yes it may be functionally malefic but in the long run, it only teaches the difference between right and wrong though it may take lifetimes. Infact this statement goes true for all planets because the soul learns the difference between wrong and right only through sufferings given by malefic planets (whether functional or natural). As such the soul accumulates malefic effect of planets due to wrong karmas only thus establishing a cause and effect relationship.

Remedies for Pitra Dosha

Upayas/remedies suggested by the wise ones on this subject i.e. Pundits/Astrologers (which are in line with modifications done in life as mentioned above when the soul awakens) do work to undo the effect of Pitra dosha however they are temporary in nature because they donot explain the logic in absence of which the soul once again falls in the trap of wrongs. It is because of this reason that remedies/pujas of gods/goddesses donot always have lasting effect on generations unless they are done after gaining knowledge. This is not to say that we must not take suggestions from the wise ones on this subject as right remedies do enhance or repose faith in Vedic sciences pushing the soul to learn more.  However we must also strive to understand the logic of how they work which can be understood only once we understand the fabric of this Universe through Ayurveda and other Vedic sciences. This is why Vedic sciences must be read and understood properly to implement them so that the souls never fall in the trap of wrong doings and misaligned doshas leading to suffering as mentioned above.

*** Since Pitra Dosha can arise because of different reasons (different planetary aggravations or weakness), one remedy does not and cannot fit for all kinds of Pitra doshas. Also goes without saying that any remedy should be performed by the person affected and not by any other family member on behalf of the affected person else this will create more imbalances instead of restoring balance e.g. a native with Pitra dosha may need to worship Peepal as Peepal weakens Rahu and awakens Sun thereby removing Pitra dosha. But if native’s spouse does that on native’s behalf, then it  will weaken spouse’s VP not the native’s (which may or may not be good for the spouse especially if spouse is already high on Saturn and low on VP). Lastly, the extent/duration of remedy should be performed in line with the extent of aggravated Dosha which is causing Pitra dosha.

THIS POST IS AN EXTRACT FROM THE BOOK, THE ROOT CAUSE – Ayurveda, Astrology and Beyond for a blissful life and its addendum posted on this site which will subsequently be published as Volume Two of THE ROOT CAUSE BOOK.



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