The aim of addendums is to supplement various topics of THE ROOT CAUSE book with additional knowledge realized/connected on as and when basis which is yet to be inserted and published in the latest edition of the book. As such like everything, Knowledge is also an ever evolving phenomenon which doesn’t evolve in a straight line but it has also its crests and troughs (as shown in figure 9 of the book) indicating ongoing modifications/enhancements/corrections in existing theories/philosophies etc. I therefore request the readers to go through Volume one of THE ROOT CAUSE BOOK before going through this addendum, which will ultimately get published as Volume 2 of THE ROOT CAUSE.

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Just like Universe, even knowledge is infinite and an ever evolving phenomenon (for a soul and the realm it belongs to). Knowledge doesnot and cannot evolve in a straight line. It also has its own crests and troughs (as shown in figure 9 of the Volume one of the book) indicating ongoing modifications/enhancements/corrections in existing theories/philosophies etc. This volume is an outcome of this evolution of my deeper understanding of Vedic sciences. While, I did contemplate several times of merging the two Volumes and make them crisper, however I realized that in this volume, most of the more evolved concepts (than volume one), use principles from different chapters of the first volume and therefore merging the two volumes wouldn’t be a good idea. I therefore request the readers to read the Volume one before reading this for proper clarity.


**** I would also like to emphasize that study of Ayurveda is incomplete without Astrology because not only Astrology tells the exact state of different doshas sitting in different parts/chakras of the body basis your birth chart but it also tells that how different months/years, keep pushing other doshas in your different chakras (which is referred as current transit of planets). This volume will explain you the exact science of how our different chakras get exposed to different zodiacs and planets which are nothing but dosahs.


Why is it essential to understand Vedas in contemporary language

Vedas were the pinnacle of knowledge, however it is said that when the world went through massive devastation (called as Pralaya in Sanskrit) not only due to natural disasters but also manmade like the war of Mahabharata, the world lost all scriptures of knowledge. It is also said that then Rishi Veda Vyas who had heard the Vedas straight from Lord Ganesha, again decided to write them down, however, he could recall only 12 percent of the Vedas in the form of Sutras (shlokas). Thus Sutras of Vedas including that of Ayurveda were the compressed form (or say gist) of highly evolved knowledge. It is therefore important that we humans should continuously make efforts to understand the logic/science behind these sutras. This is because with time Vata is bound to increase and a Vata mind cannot mug up concepts. It only looks for logic to understand the concepts as it helps it to further expand knowledge.

This also means that scriptures of the old civilizations even if not understood should be preserved well as subsequently with resurgence of civilization, the world will be able to understand the logic behind them and their deep seated meanings. In other words, destruction of scriptures is a crime of the highest order and the soul has to pay for it sooner or later. This also means that while Vedas are the guiding light, we must not outrightly ridicule anything which is not written in the Vedic texts. Also as we proceed, we shall realize that different realms have different level of evolution. Since earth is obviously not at the highest level of evolution (or anywhere close to it), its level of knowledge/Vedas need continuous improvement to reach the highest level so that we (its inhabitants) merge with the higher evolved ones.

*** Just as God can help only those who help themselves, even Ayurveda can help only those who have the will and determination to change their own lifestyle by understanding the principles and philosophy of this science. Ayurveda is not a magic wand which will cure you without the involvement of your heart and soul. Ayurveda is a journey not a treatment/ consultation of a few minutes/hours/days. And this journey of learning this science carries on from one life to another. So, the earlier you begin your journey, the sooner you will be able to take charge of your health. Even Rishi (Sage) Vagbhat stated that 85% of the diseases can be cured by self (In fact 85 is just a number. While in Kalyuga it may be 0-5%, in Satyuga, it would reach almost 100% because by that time everyone will be self reliant and blissfully healthy because of total awareness of self.

*** By the end of the book you will be surprised that how essential it is to understand Astrology as Astrology has emerged only from principles of Ayurveda (you can also say vice versa). So, my request and suggestion to the readers will be to read even the Astrology section for understanding deeper aspects of Ayurveda. All in all, it is only through collective understanding of these sciences that we can bring blissful health and ultimate happiness in the world.

*** Spiritualism is the process of becoming aware of the reason of your existence and your experiences (whether good or bad, difficult or easy). It is only this awareness that slowly and gradually begins to heal your physical and mental pains. Spiritualism is, understanding the working of the higher world and your role in it. Spiritualism is essential part of all mental and physical healings. Without spiritualism, all healings are temporary. And eating and living Sattvic is the first essential step towards becoming become spiritual as it slows down a fast moving mind. Spiritual health has a cause and effect relationship with mental and physical health. Loss of spiritual health is bound to hit mental and physical health too, sooner or later and vice versa. In other words, mental and physical health can be enjoyed permanently only when we are all the time connected to the higher world/truth.Thus a healer (whether of self or others) must be truely spiritual if he/she wishes to attain permanent bliss.

*** While everyone knows what is physical pain, mental pain is when one gets emotionally compromised whereas spiritual pain is the inability of the self to understand the higher world or say the pain of remaining disconnected from the higher world.




My special thanks to Mala Kapadia and Zhermen Roman for helping me in furthering my work. 

The science of Ayurveda and Astrology is incomplete without the special mention of great Rishis (sages/scientists) who created compendiums (Samhitas in Sanskrit) of this science especially Sage Charaka, Sage Sushruta , Sage Vagbhat, Sage Parashar, Sage Bhrigu who connected dots and works of their own and innumerable unsung/unknown others.

Above all I bow down to Lord Dhanvantari, the God of Ayurveda who was an Avatar of Tridev (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma), who gave my soul the opportunity to live this life and create this document.




First chapter- Understanding basics of Ayurveda


  • Seven tissues– Extremely important to appreciate that digestion of food especially the less complex stuff (like simple sugars, salt, pungency and warmth, free acids/bases) begins from the moment they get into our mouth. That is why we instantly feel their taste. These simple foods get into our interstitial/intercellular fluids and after getting broken down further, they get into our blood stream. Its only the complex carbs/fats and proteins that further get broken down into simpler food in our stomach and primarily our small intestines. Also to note that out of the seven tissues, only lymph/interstitial/intercellular fluids (collectively called as Rasa in Ayurveda) and blood, are in watery form which can move from one place to another in the body and it is because of them that the constant inter-movement of proteins/fats/carbs/vitamins/minerals/enzymes/hormones etc. in between all the seven tissues for various physiological activities becomes possible. Out of these two also, it is intercellular fluid that moves freely unlike blood which moves in closed circulation system like pipes. It is this principle which Yogasanas use to clean and strengthen different body parts and tissues. All in all, while all seven tissues are essential for life, it is their mobility that imparts the order suggested in Ayurveda scriptures. Thus while blood movement is more restricted in a specific given space (vis-a-vis intercellular fluid), muscles mobility is even more restricted than blood with bones and bone marrow having the least.


*** Since blood and lymph are primarily water, their movement is governed by the movement/location of moon in the sky. We shall discuss moon’s role and effect in detail in the astrology section.


  • Nervous system versus Blood- It is important to note that electrical impulses through nerves run much faster than movement of blood. Thus, while nervous system creates immediate action and reaction within the body and environment around, the hormones released by various glands in the body show their effect slowly but in a sustained manner while they are released in the blood stream to reach different targets in the body.


  • Pitta is necessary to pacify Vata as Pitta dissolves plaque thereby restoring blood supply in the affected part and thus helps to remove Vata from there, however Pitta must be supplied with extra supply of sweetness in the affected area to fill up gaps created after breaking plaque. Also, very important to note that if Pitta becomes pungent (sharp and fast moving like chillies) then it will flare Vata instead of pacifying it. That’s why chillies are good for typical kapha people with sluggish brain and body. Just to give heads up from Astrological viewpoint, when Sun’s energy (pitta) is subtle, it pacifies aggravated Vata by dissolving plaque (Vata is Saturn). Which is why Sun is healing and Vata (Saturn) pacifying in winters. However Mars (high pungency with Pitta due to strong push by heart) flares Agni in Vata ridden area. That is why Saturn in Mars zodiac i.e in summers, flares up Vata and Pitta and gives bad result.


  • Vata aggravates/accumulates during summer time as it is during this time that our metabolism goes too high because of high pungency and Pitta thereby burning our blood and tissues and hollowing our blood vessels. Thus summers cause Vata aggravation and winters cause Vata imbalance with higher Vata (less blood) towards peripherals and lesser Vata (more blood) towards core. Of course, if summers are too hot then it is bound to result in Vata imbalance of different kind with excess of blood in peripherals and very less in core manifesting in different form like heart palpitations, ulcerative colitis, poor sleep, excessive exhaustion, confusion and even death in extreme cases. This is the reason it is advised to take cold showers during summers and stay indoors especially during peak temperature.


The dual nature of Vata– We discussed that Vata is a combination of air and space and it goes where nothing goes (Rasa, rakta and other tissues). It is easy to visualise that dilation and constriction are two sides of the same coin. If dilation (excess space creation) happens at some place, it will cause constriction/narrowing elsewhere due to limited amount of blood flowing in the body and vice versa and is bound to weaken inter-communication in the body systems. For example, if a person overinflates, then the excess space is also accompanied by excess narrowing/stretching/constriction of vessels.


  • Visualizing through Balloon and Cloth example

While overall body can also be visualized as a balloon, another very interesting way of visualizing doshas is visualizing body like a cloth. If a cloth is uniform in all direction and places, we can say Vata is balanced. If it’s thick/fluffy (Jupiter) but uniform then it is a Kapha person with balanced Vata. If it is thick and thin at different places, then it indicates Vata kapha imbalance. If it is very strong, it is Pitta (Mars). If it is overall thin and delicate but uniform, it is Vata (Saturn) but healthy Vata (not imbalanced). If it is stretched towards one side and shrivelled (wrinkled inwards) at another place then it indicates Rahu and Ketu respectively. If it is beautiful and vibrant, it represents Ojas (Venus). If it is warm to touch (like wool), it represents Pitta (Sun). If is cold to touch (like cotton), it represents Moon. If it is strong, thick (fluffy), uniform at all places, beautiful, vibrant, minutely knit, neither hot nor cold, it represents balanced VPK which is strong mercury in astrological terms where all other planets are balanced. The combinations could be limitless as we shall study in Astrology chapter.


  • Pain/burning

Pain gets generated not when Vata grows gradually towards peripherals as high Vata gradually blocks Pitta. Instead it arises when Vata is imbalanced thereby creating pockets of Vata (less blood) and Kapha (more blood). Also pain is felt when Sadhak Pitta is strong because if Sadhak Pitta is weak, the brain cannot register pain as Sadhak Pitta is created by movement of neurotransmitters from one nerve to another. So when neurotransmitters are not aligned due to haywire placement of nerves then signals break. If there is burning sensation, then it indicates high Pitta flaring through high Vata areas in which case one must bring down pungency and also if need be increase Vata pacifying foods as we shall read in the subsequent pages.


Vata pushing Pseudopitta

Not only Vata in brain pushes kapha especially pseudokapha, it also pushes pseudopitta. This is because when blood vessels narrow down, blood squeezes at a faster force thereby giving feeling of high Pitta even if one has not consumed Pitta foods. This is often seen in those having figure 2.3 and is a major cause of hypertension. In such a case, instead of reducing Pitta, one should focus on digesting plaque (through right foods and spices) that has reduced the width of the vessels.


Pitta pushing Kapha

When Pitta goes too high and Kapha is not dense enough (meaning high Vata), then force of Pitta will push Kapha outside i.e. towards peripherals as there is nothing to resist the movement of Pitta. In such a case, the Kapha starts appearing on the peripheral part where it is getting pushed in form of fluid tissue (acne on different parts of skin, other skin diseases like psoriasis, mucus from nose, motions from rectum etc.). However, as high Pitta continues this fluid/kapha begins to dry up thereby weakening peripherals as well as core from where kapha is getting pushed out. Thus gradually, the oozing out kapha turns dry into flakes (causing dry flaky nose, dry flaky skin, constipation etc). The phenomenon also clearly tells the high vata site in the body apart from the weak core. In such a case core needs to be strengthened first however a lot depends upon vata in brain. If Vata of brain is high, the patient is likely to forget and would not be able to follow food and lifestyle instructions. Which is why, in many such cases, it becomes essential to calm down brain with brahmi etc.

Vata Kapha Balance/Imbalance

Whenever pitta will go too low beyond need, it will not only start causing slowing down of circulation thereby increasing Vata but will also start accumulating kapha in a haywire (non-uniform) manner in the system as Vata as such is haywire. This phenomenon is called as Vata-kapha imbalance and must be balanced with right spices as we shall read subsequently.


Dosha Dominance during Different times of the day


*** Third eye also represents the eye of the inside. While the external eyes enable us to see the external world, the third eye is meant for looking inward into the internal machinery and its manifestation in terms of how we think, where our mind is wandering, why we think the way we think so. In today’s world, third eye of most of us has become weak which is why our focus is primarily on external world and not internal. Whereas the ideal situation is the middle path, when we learn to look inside as well as outside and relate things in between the external world and internal world for achieving optimum output from our body and mind. From Astrology viewpoint, Rahu and Ketu represent external and internal eye/vision. We will discuss in detail about Rahu and Ketu in coming pages especially section on Astrology.


Prana Vata


  • Rahu and Ketu


While we shall read more about Rahu and Ketu in astrology section (apart from that mentioned in the Volume one of the book), it is good to visualize a brief of this aspect at this point of time itself as it will help us to understand that why it is essential to undo Vata imbalance of all kinds, through right foods, medicines and most importantly Yogasanas about which we shall discuss in coming chapter.  Here we go… As mentioned in volume one of the book…Rahu means less of blood and Ketu means more. So a person with blood flow in body like that of figure 2.3 will have Rahu in upper body and ketu in lower. Now since such a person will consume more Kapha and pseudokapha foods, due to excited mind because of Rahu (or say to keep mind excited by pushing more blood volume into narrow vessels of the brain), he/she will develop physique something like figure 2.4. In other words, the Prana Vata of the person will become more and more aggravated even if Kapha is getting deposited on the body due to narrowing vessels with faster moving blood, unless comes a time when this imbalance will turn into a serious disease causing discomfort and slowing down of the person.


** Pseudokapha means expansion or say occupying more space (usually by fat) which in Astrological terms refers to Jupiter however if strong Jupiter is accompanied by strong Mars (pitta) in ones chart, it increases physical strenght too apart from retention of concepts. This is why people having this combination are intelligent as well as energetic and are therefore usually sitting at higher levels (commanding position) in the hierarchy of the society where planning and execution of big decisions are done.


Basically Rahu means less dense blood vessels and nervous system whereas ketu is more dense vessels/nerves within the same volume of body. So from perspective of figure 2.3, while Rahu in upper body will be increasing with time however as person will slow down due to disease or other set back, low Pitta will start closing the body inwards, congesting the same number of vessels in narrower body now which means deposition of ketu over Rahu. Such a person will have wiring of the brain like that of figure 1.2c (nerves figure) with initially high Rajas but subsequently adding Tamas also on it with gradually increasing Rajas too. The result will be that the person’s higher brain (cerebrum responsible for higher thinking) will keep losing blood due to gradually increasing Rajas making him/her more and more emotional, impulsive etc while also making him/her lazy, ignorant due to increasing Tamas depositing in lower parts of the brain. Yes, when Pitta will be high then blood will be moving through very narrow vessel in the brain which is what Rajas is all about. In simple words, such a person will be Rajasic as well as Tamasic with Rajas as more dominating quality and will continue to lead such a life unless he/she undoes such Vata imbalances with Asanas and foods.


*** The most logical thing that would come to the mind of a person with Rahu in upper part and Ketu in lower is to go for Asanas that increase upper body flow like headstands. However, here is an extremely important part that we must remember. Rahu in upper pushes Kapha in entire body making blood thick and slow. Doing headstands in such a case will only push excess and even toxin laded Kapha in upper body and brain thereby causing brain fog and issues like excess sluggishness, weak heart due to excess kapha in brain. This is the reason that YogaSutra clearly mention that we should start YogaAsanas only after doing internal cleansing through right food and medicines else it will creae more issues. Modern books put these procedures as part of advanced Yoga, however its wrong. Instead it should be part of basic Yoga, even for beginners.


On the other hand a person with blood flow in the body like that of figure 2.5 i.e. with Ketu in upper and Rahu in lower will be relatively sluggish i.e. Tamasic vis-a-vis that of figure 2.3. Remember the extent of Rajas and Tamas will depend upon the extent of Rahu and Ketu present in one’s chart which you will understand while reading Astro section. Sluggishness due to Kapha ridden mind would result in reduced blood circulation and would therefore mean blood falling inwards towards inside away from peripherals. This would mean that such people will have more blood towards core of the brain. Thus while such people will retain things due to closed brain like that of closed lotus (unlike those having figure 2.3 whose brain is like that of open lotus), they will also be introspective, introverts and will have overall slow metabolism. Due to more Kapha in brain such people consume more of spicy and exciting foods (i.e. rajasic foods which are VP in nature). In other words, people with Ketu minds consume more of Rahu types of food (especially spicy and exciting like coffee tea etc) and people with more of Rahu in mind consume Ketu types of food (especially heavy, sour, salty).


That is why people with 2.5 imbalance are more prone to diseases of the lower body in the long run like constipation, lower backaches, type one diabetes, ulcers/acidity, CKD due to high Vata in lower part flared by Pitta (Rahu) foods. Whereas   people with figure 2.3 type imbalance are more prone to Vata diseases of the higher body like depression, Alzheimer due to thickening of blood and lowering of Pitta in the long run due to consumption of heavy foods to temporarily settle Vata of the brain which further slows down circulation in brain and creates plaque. Or such people also fall to diseases like Parkinson, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders etc due to consumption of high Pitta foods which flares high Vata of brain. Of course, other factors (i.e. extent of VPK which again represent different planets/zodiacs in astrology) too play role in deciding the outcome and type of diseases (both at mental and physical level).


*** Now visualize that if someone begins accumulating high VP and low Kapha early in life (due to VP foods and over stimulated lifestyle). Remember wrong foods that donot get digested properly create polluted Kapha, congest/narrow the blood vessels and other tissues and thus increase Vata and Pitta as blood moves through narrow vessels thereby moving faster and reaching farther making mind and body hyperactive. Such a person would be high on energy and will develop deep seated thin and over stretched blood vessels. Thus such a person till this stage will have primarily Vata and Pitta aggravation but not Vata imbalance. Such a person instead of drastically reducing Pitta should rather have more dense, nutritious and wholesome foods but with spices that digest polluted kapha (toxins) but donot increase Pitta (deepan pachan spices in line with weather). However, due to lack of awareness, such stimulated minds due to high VP (over stretched body) tend to consume heavy, excessively oily, spicy, sour, hot foods thereby slowly and gradually thickening the blood while also increasing pseudopitta. But this makes their sleep weak. Excess Pitta moving through narrowed vessels due to excess kapha also creates other health issues.


Thus slowly and gradually such people tend to consume excess of bitter and cooling foods to calm their mind (like excess onion, alcohol or other Pitta reducing meds) thereby weakening Pitta resulting in dropping of blood towards the core and lower body and thus invoking Ketu in lower body. Thus we see how Vata Pitta foods early in life can create Vata imbalance similar to figure 2.3 with progression of time. On the other hand, if a person from early part of life eats wholesome foods which are good on Pitta but lacks activity, then this will result in accumulation of Kapha and Pitta more towards the core resulting in 2.5 type of body shape.


*** The question arises that how all this process begins. The answer lies in Astrology where gravity created by Rahu/Ketu (the mathematical points in space) creates high VP (rahu) or KP (inwardly closed Kapha with high Pitta i.e. Ketu) in the body thereby pushing the person to accumulate these planets energy in their body too (in different parts). For example, a person whose body is pulled by Rahu immediately (or in couple of hours) at the time of birth will have relatively higher Vata Pitta due to centrifugal pull created by Rahu thereby stretching body and narrowing vessels. Thus automatically right in the beginning of life such a person would have stimulated mind (rahu) which slowly and gradually will keep accumulating Ketu in the lower body as discussed above. For detailed understanding of how Rahu and ketu create pull and push, you would need to read the astrology chapter in this volume.


From biology perspective, Rahu in upper body may indicate hyperactivity of Pituitary and/or thyroid glands which is bound to inflate body due to excess heat (extent of hyperactivity in a specific gland will depend upon how close will Rahu be towards these glands and what are the conditions around which either stimulate that Rahu or not). This is because Rahu’s high VP throws energy away from itself making one inflate. However high VP overstretches body and creates gaps in the body (including membranes of all tissues in the body) thereby inviting cholesterol to fill up these gaps and thus onsetting Vata Pitta Kapha diseases (i.e. tridoshic in nature). Thus when Pitta is slowed down suddenly to reduce pain/discomfort, it deflates body to some extent while trapping kapha inside deflated body (thereby creating wrinkles). Thus what is needed in such cases is reduction in hyperactivity of pituitary or thyroid as the case may be or both (depending upon how much Rahu is affecting these glands) by either speaking less or meditating or both. To digest accumulated kapha (primarily cholesterol), one would need to consume mildly pungent spices like Hingwashtak churna alongwith food (but only in winters). One may also need to perform Ujjaiv and Sheetali Pranayama to cool down and contract these inflamed and over expanded glands.


*** Hashimoto disease of thyroid glands is nothing but high VP (rahu) in thyroid area (second or third house). This disease is characterized by inflammation of the thyroid resulting in leakage of hormones and other base chemicals from this gland and subsequently resulting in weakening of this gland. Thus initial hyperthyroidism turns into hypothyroidism. The disease may also turn into cancer of thyroid at a later stage if inflammation is not treated in time. Apart from genetical make up and loud plus continous speaking, there could be several other reasons of this disease like chewing very spicy, sour foods.


*** Since Rahu is high VP, closer it is towards brain, deeper impact it makes on the brain as lesser distance from CPU ensures lesser loss of signals.


*** On the other hand, Ketu in upper chakras holds energy inwards, thereby weakening peripherals especially in lower body. This is because being constricted Ketu’s presence in Pituitary or thyroid, weakens their ability to reach farther areas thereby reducing proper reach of nutrition. That is why people with hypothyroidism (Ketu in thyroid/throat chakra) should perform Ujjaiv pranayama to activate it instead of doing pranayama, which are cooling to the gland.


*** The principle that like pushes like is an important one. So Rahu in upper body creates more Rahu as it keeps pushing the person to consume more sugar (especially raw which is cold in potency) plus such people also consume more Pitta reducing foods/spices to calm down their Rahu (VP) to be able to sleep which further cools down blood and drops it down from upper to lower body thereby creating more Rahu in upper (remember that colder things settle towards lower body including water, air and blood). Similarly, those having Ketu in upper body become more sluggish and like to rest thereby creating more Ketu. When they consume spicy/stimulating foods, they inflate Rahu in lower body causing health issues to combat which they again use pitta reducing medicines and create sluggishness getting into a vicious circle.


*** All in all, Rahu sooner or later begins to accumulate Ketu and vice versa. This is because Rahu in upper weakens and becomes cold and constricts inwards thereby awakening Ketu. On the other hand, Ketu in upper is bound to get stimulated by Rahu sooner or later. Thus if we visualize then Rahu and Ketu keep alternating in our upper and lower body while taking the circle of all the chakras. This effect explains the cycle of Rahu and Ketu in the Kaalpurush chart too.


*** If we go strictly by Principle of opposites then Rahu in upper should be reversed with warm potency foods (and not Asanas alone) so that they gradually rise and increase blood in upper body with the same speed as was reduced. However this is to reiterate that deeper the dosha more difficult it is to remove it. It is therefore important that one consumes balanced diet right from the beginning of life which ensures that Rahu (VP) doesnt increase in the deepest layers/doshas of the body and mind.



  • Qualities of different minds- Higher the Rajas in a person, higher would be Tamas too in the subsequent period and vice versa. This is because Rajas in the long run slows down the person and closes his/her mind and body inwards bringing Tamas. On the other hand, when Tamas is too high, it doesnt let the person speak up/open up thereby keeping everything inside which explodes when Rajas arrives. However, as time moves on and soul learn the right way of living, its swings of Rajas and Tamas begin to lessen and remain closer to the center i.e. Sattva, thereby increasing its frequency. That is why it is said that the higher souls/healthier cells vibrate at higher frequency. The concept will be clearer when you will read about Rahu and Ketu in astrology section.


  • Qualities of Vata people– All Vata people have wavy blood vessels which keeps increasing with time towards figure 2.6 (however in healthy Vata people, Vata increases towards peripherals in a gradual way (unlike in diseases e.g. fibromyalgia when Vata aggravation is in entire body not just towards peripherals). In other words, volume of blood is less than volume of exposed vessels due to burning of their tissues much faster than the body accumulates due to hyperactive mind. Thus they carry space and air too along with blood and tissues (kapha- earth and water). That is why their heart rate is also high. Also because their Central Processing Unit i.e. brain is higher on VP, they as such generate more VP in the entire body and this is the reason that they are more prone to pains whether it be neurological or muscular due to continuous excitement of CPU.


*** When VP goes high in a specific chakra e.g. Pituitary (due to excessive thinking), thyroid (due to excess and loud speech), heart due to excessive exercise, then it heats up that chakra and expands it (like an inflated balloon), thereby creating more space and thus more Vata with Pitta rushing through it. This is because Pitta finds it easy to rush out through less dense areas as discussed above in “Pitta pushing Kapha” section. In fact, low density of tissues (kapha) doesnt weaken the force of Pitta resulting in it pushing out towards the surface of the body while also pushing out Kapha and weakening core. The result is issues like tremors, insomnia, hypertension, CHF, ulcertative colitis etc. (depending upon which chakra is inflated).


*** A thin frame is usually considered as Vata person. However, a thin frame doesnt mean that the person has haywire/obstructed blood vessels. The person may be thin because of several reasons however may have smooth vessels even if narrow. Thus the nature of a native can be ascertained not just by looks/physique.


  • Brain, heart and body relationship– Since brain is connected to all parts of the body being the CPU, it keeps receiving, processing and sending signals to various body parts, either through nervous system (the quicker way) or through several enzymes/hormones released in blood (the slower but sustained process). Thus when a body part is aggravated/imbalanced on a specific dosha or doshas (in different proportions), its affect is felt straightway in the brain pushing it to send signals to different body parts for bringing corrective actions which due to Vata imbalance and inability of body to repair are felt as discomfort in some or the other form. Thus, psychologists need to understand the difference between malfunctioning of brain function and body function. Also like brain, even heart keeps receiving and sending feedback to even distantly located organs either through nervous system or through several enzymes/hormones. Thus like brain, even heart works like a second CPU of the body either directly or via brain (and vice versa).


Exactly the same goes true for important organs like kidney, liver, intestines, stomach which is why gut is referred as the third brain. In other words, not just brain but even heart and gut receive, process and transit signals through nervous system/release hormones in blood to reach the intended site for regulating functions of the entire body (This is the reason that the houses in astrological chart that house these organs are considered most important). This is the reason that these CPUs must function well to keep the body working well. This is the reason that blood circulation must be good in these CPUs to keep the body up and running (of course this is not to underrate the other glands/parts of the body as they have their own important functions). This is the reason that when brain gets fogged (due to low Pitta which happens more in people who have high Vata in brain like figure 2.3), it loses its ability to think, regulate, plan proper functioning of the entire body; or when heart weakens due to high Vata and low pitta, it weakens ability of body to homogenize the environment (i.e. balance Vata); or when gut becomes weak, it is unable to produce and provide right amount and quality of energy to the entire body.


*** Whenever, there is very high Vata in the body, it weakens the communication between body parts and CPUs thereby affecting the regulation of body’s mechanisms which in turn weakens the CPUs too. The reverse is also true that if CPUs are not working properly, then they are unable to regulate body’s functions thereby increasing Vata. That is why, during winters, when Vata goes high (especially in already high Vata people), thereby weakening communication between different body parts then holistic rasayana like chawanprash are excellent as they aid these CPUs by directly providing those good chemicals that an otherwise healthy body is supposed to release from different organs but unable to due to poor communication. This also means that they are not required once Vata recedes and communication is re-established. This also means that if one’s CPU or CPUs are not functioning well then apart from bringing corrections in these CPUs through medicines and foods, one may also need to give Rasayanas like chawanprash or Brahmrasayan to pacify Vata already established in the body due to weak functioning of CPUs. Another important point is that its not just the brain but the entire body that constitutes the hard disc of our computer where brain is the first and foremost CPU.



  • Pungent taste- All spices must be roasted dry or in oil/ghee for easy digestion. Ideally, they should be cooked alongwith food for homogenization and uniform distribution in the body.

*** Warm potency not only dissolves plaque but it also provides much needed energy to the hungry cells due to Vata or less/no blood reaching there. It is extremely important to understand the difference between hot potency and hot temperature food. While hot potency food’s heating effect is felt wherever blood is present in the body, hot temperature food/drink increase blood circulation towards the place of contact. That is why a person who needs to increase Pitta (and thus blood circulation) in the entire body would need pungent and hot potency food/drink (extent of pungency/potency depending upon need) whereas if a person needs to increase blood in specific part of the body, then that person would need warm/hot food/drink/application of oil etc. in that part of the body. Thus, while application of warm mustard oil will increase Pitta in entire body (though more towards skin), application of warm ksheerbala oil will increase circulation of blood primarily towards skin and peripheral tissues/muscles and not inside.

*** Contemporary science uses SHU (Scouville heat unit) to measure pungency of various foods and spices. While, most of the chillies are high in pungency (as high as 15 lacs to 30 lacs SHU), there are some like red Kashmiri chillies (also called as Deghi Mirch in India) which are very low on pungency (with as low as 500 to 1000 SHU). Same goes with certain green varieties of Green chillies too.

*** when Vata is balanced and not aggravated, chillies may give cooling effect after initial pungency because chillies eat up all the glutamate/energy/heat reserves of the body by quickly finishing them through a sudden surge in excitement. As such chillies reduce excess Kapha (fat) stored on the peripherals (of Kapha people) thereby helping them in summers. Also to note that if chillies of the right color are gainfully utilized in very small quantity and fully homogenized with food, then it is bound to reduce their overall SHU/pungency and hence stimulating effect.

  • Sweet taste- This is to reiterate that sugar is essential for generation of energy and is must for all metabolic processes in the body. The problem comes when one uses it disproportionately like all other nutrients. So, if a cell or a group of cells is devoid of nutrition due to no or less blood reaching there, then apart from other nutrients one also essentially would need sugar. This is the reason that chawanprash has sugar too added to it but with fiber of herbs and Amla.

*** Pulses are high on proteins and relatively much lower on carbohydrates, whereas grains have opposite properties. That is why a balanced diet comprises of pulses as well as grains apart from oil/ghee to provide complete sweetness. Lack of carbohydrates in food will lead to breakdown of Proteins and fats to create glucose for providing energy to the body thereby weakening our tissues (muscles, fats, bones etc). Yes, this strategy is good for reducing excess tissues (kapha) but it should be used for a short time.



  • Salty TasteRock salt becomes all the more essential in today’s world when majority of the world drinks water cleaned by Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. We know that the main source of water for majority of the world is underground water stored naturally around and in between the rocks underneath. However this underground water has got polluted due to indiscreet disposal of hazardous waste, forcing us to clean it through membranes of RO and other filters. But then RO not only removes impurities but even the essential minerals in water which get naturally dissolved in underground water surrounded by underground rocks. Paucity of these minerals is the cause of many diseases in humans e.g. decay of tooth enamel and weakening of bones due to paucity of fluoride. However, good quality rock salt provides more than 80 minerals including potassium (which is absent in white/refined table salt) thereby making up for this loss to a great extent.

*** Since Sodium and Potassium work opposite to each other (former increase fluid outside cells and latter inside the cells), it is important that both of them are consumed in adequate quantity to keep fluid balance (inside and outside). However, excess consumption of table salt (in today’s world) has created imbalance thereby causing high blood pressure. Therefore rock salt must be a part of everyone’s diet and must replace table salt. Yes! those having low BP can consume table salt in moderation.


*** We know that salt increases Pitta and Kapha and reduces Vata in body as well as brain. This is why, it is said that consuming salt (salty foods) while in the company of a specific person, results in the consumer too imbibing the similar traits as that specific person as reduced Vata doesnt oppose other person’s idea/principles/viewpoints and increased Pitta and Kapha ensures that all those viewpoints/ideas/discussions get deeply embedded in the mind of the listener.


  • Bitter taste- We know that different bitters have different effects on human body (calming and cooling like rose, opium; and pungent and hot like chillies due to an alkaloid called capsican present in chillies). Therefore calming bitters should be consumed only to counter high Pitta (high pungency in fact), however in today’s world they are being consumed even in cold air conditioned atmosphere that too in excess to the extent of getting tipsy or almost tipsy which means excess reduction in Pitta. And once Pitta goes too low, it causes excess shrivelling of body (reduced stretching) leading to Vata imbalance/Vata aggravation. It is this indiscreet use that is the cause of most of the Vata diseases in today’s world. Moreover once Vata imbalance sets in, it keeps pushing the person to consume/lead more Vata imbalancing foods/lifestyle (whether in summers or winters) thereby taking one into a vicious circle rolling from one weather to another and so on.

*** Being alkaloid, capsican’s pungency in chillies can be reduced substantially if it is fried beyond 400 degrees Celcius. That is why fried chillies lose their heat while retaining their other aromas/taste. On the other hand, roasted cumin seeds lose bitterness, pungency, moisture while retaining astringency and a bit of warmth which is why they are used in curd.

If Bitter can create disease, it can heal too

Since different bitters act on different pitta of the body, they can cause disease as well heal too. That is why they can be gainfully utilized once one learns to use them for good. For example, asafoetida is bitter, hot, dark and very mildly pungent. Thus while dilating the blood vessels, its pungency and warmth also takes the blood into deeper tissues thereby settling deep seated Vata. Deep seated Vata means Vata of the core organs which need warmth (energy) but due to high Pungency foods, blood is going more in peripherals thereby weakening the core. Apart from its bitterness, its dark color also ensures that its qualities remain more confined in the core. Its warmth also thins the blood by redistributing it properly. Major difference between Asafoetida and chillies pungency is that while former is heavy, latter is light. Thus Asafoetida’s pungency moves slowly without penetrating into unwanted corners (which would further increase Vata) but is far reaching thereby pacifying Vata of the entire body. On the other hand, chillies pungency is highly penetrating which moves quickly into deep unwanted areas too thereby losing its strength quickly. Thus chillies further increase Vata by pushing limited supply of blood to deeper and sideway areas thereby causing its paucity at those places where they are needed. This is the reason that Ayurveda uses powders made of Asafoetida to digest toxins and remove Vata and Vata imbalance from the body. Reiterating that due to such qualities, chillies should be avoided by Vata constitution. In fact since they increase Vata, they are good for Kapha people. Since chillies suddenly use up all the neurotransmitters stored, they are used in local application creams to desensitize nerves for reducing pain. However this effect is temporary.

*** Asafoetida contains a compound called Coumarin which inhibits Vitamin K from creating compounds that coagulate our blood platelets thereby ensuring that blood doesn’t get thick and is able to coagulate when needed like during wounds. Goes without saying that overdose of this spice can cause extra thinning of blood and create issues like unexplained bleeding of different parts of the body. That is why only a few pinch of it is dropped in food (more may be needed if one’s blood is thicker than usual thereby causing Vata Kapha imbalance). This also means that foods that contain more Vitamin K like leafy green vegetables (spinach, mustard, collard, coriander etc) need more dosage of coumarin to balance coagulating effects of Vitamin K unless the latter is needed to control excessive bleeding. By the way coumarin is also found in cinnamon and is the main constituent of certain blood thinners used by modern medicine. The difference is that cinnamon is more astringent and much less pungent though equally warm which is why it is not stimulating.

This is one reason that asafoetida is considered to be an excellent blood thinner and is good for settling deep seated Vata arising due to excess coldness and use of bitter and cold foods, spices etc. In simple words, Asafoetida is excellent spice for treating Vata Kapha imbalance (astrologically those have Vata Kapha imbalance arising during Sade Sati of Saturn or due to strong Saturn moon conjunction in their birth chart). This is also the reason that asafoetida works wonderfully well for undoing addiction arising from cold and bitter addictives like opium or Vata imbalance due to overuse of bitter and astringent spices like mint especially if used in cold weather. This is the reason that Asafoetida can be consumed as a preventive spice during the onset of monsoon when temperature suddenly dips and thereby creating Vata imbalance. By thinning blood and enhancing circulation, Asafoetida also helps in undoing issues like insomnia, depression, fatty liver, anxiety, fear, unconsciousness (especially due to sudden shock/fear) and epilepsy etc. Goes without saying that ideally it should not be used during summers. By the way, Asafoetida and Guggul (another famous Ayurvedic medicine) have similar properties and both are used for thinning the blood when Vata accumulates Kapha. It is important to note that ideally such meds/spices should be consumed along with heavy foods or immediately after them else consuming them in isolation or with light foods like just vegetables that too when weather is warm or has suddenly gone warm, can increase Pitta and Vata.

*** A specific taste (or combination) may be essential to prevent doshas from getting misaligned in certain conditions e.g. asafoetida is needed to combat sudden drop in temperature when rains begin, however it doesnt mean that we continue consuming it with the same intensity and regularity throughout rains as this will result in aggravation of Pitta and Vata by narrowing of blood vessels and extra stretching of body outwards. The aim of Asafoetida here is to undo the constricting effect of astringency, bitterness and cold that has suddenly set in due to over/untimely  consumption of bitter, cold and astringent food/drink or during monsoon and once the body has been stretched outwards, then its consumption should be reduced/discontinued or overall used discreetly. On the other hand, a person in colder weather would definitely need something consistently warmer though not bitter and pungent on a permanent basis. All in all, one must learn to understand how tastes and their combinations effect our body and mind in different weather conditions.

All in all, since bitterness creates flexibility in the body by dilating blood vessels, it can be effectively utilized to undo Vata imbalance but for that one needs to deeply understand working of different tastes and therapeutics and their effect on VPK of the body. In other words, while bitter makes the body flexible and its unwise use disturbs direction of Vata/movement in the body, its wise use can help one regain it back too. In fact without proper use of bitter, it may be impossible to bring back the body in original shape. Its exactly the same way that if fire is used unwisely on a metal then it can change its shape in an undesired/unproductive manner and remoulding that shape to the desired one can be done only by using fire but only by someone who has the necessary skills/mastery in using fire and other tools wisely for reshaping the metal. Also, more the distortion in the body, more difficult it will be reshape because human body is infinitely more complex than metal sculptures.

*** Major difference between Sugar and bitter foods is that sugar kills Pitta by thickening blood whereas bitter weakens the force of pitta (i.e pungency) thereby keeping it inwards- more towards core which can be used for keeping the core strong especially during summers. Since blood goes towards the core in the night due to lesser Pitta heavy foods during dinner must be accompanied by warm astringent bitter (but not pungent) spices like asafoetida/curcummin to keep the blood in the core warm and thin else it will create poor circulation. And if by mistake one has consumed heavy foods in dinner without such spices, then the breakfast must be accompanied by warm, astringent, mildly pungent spices in line with weather to improve circulation.

*** Since sugar and bitterness both reduce Pitta, those already having less Pitta and high Vata should make special efforts to stay away from them especially if Pitta in weather too is very low. In fact if pitta is low, then one may need to stay abstain from even sugary fruits like mangoes even if it is having fiber because amount of sugar is much higher than fiber present in it. This is the one of the big mistakes being made in today’s world when we consume very sugary fruits and foods even while sitting in air conditioned atmosphere. This drastically reduces Pitta and weakens circulation thereby increasing Vata. Craving for sugary foods/fruits even while sitting in air conditioned atmosphere or not very warm weather clearly speaks of high Vata in the body especially towards brain. Consuming very sugary fruits after food is another wrong act because high sugar content of the fruit drastically reduces Pitta leading to poor digestion and creation of toxins and thus higher Vata. Likewise goes with consumption of excess bitterness with food (especially in form of liquor etc being highly bitter and pitta reducing). Yes, they are fine if Pitta in body is high due to weather or food.

*** Lastly and very importantly, since excess of sugar (without enough fiber and other nutrients) increases Vata, it has direct impact on brain due to reduced circulation thereby increasing hyperactivity and thus pungency in the mind and body. This is the reason that post digestion effect of refined sugar is considered as heating. All in all, since sugar slows down Pitta, one should consume it with warm accompaniments to ensure that Vata doesnt increase e.g. Chawanprash has sugar but with warm herbs. That is why jiggery and honey are healthier option than sugar being warm especially if consumed with cold foods like milk or curd. Consuming cold potency, sugary, refined and fried foods (making food heavy too) is therefore exponentially harmful as all four contents slow down, thicken the blood and increase Vata unless accompanied by warm potency, fibrous (i.e. light) and relatively dry food. This is the logic of consuming baked or shallow fried potatoes with black pepper during fasting- to balance/undo previously consumed heavy and sugary foods in the past.

*** Since excreation of metabolic waste is as essential as the consumption of food (else it will create ama in the body and invite diseases), discreet use of laxatives (mostly bitter) is essential for healthy body and mind. We shall read about detailed working of laxatives in Diseases chapter.


*** Clarification for Volume one- We already know that ideally we should consume all three sub tastes of sweet in every meal whether it is during winters or summers. Therefore excess of sugar in rose and Khus syrups used in summers is not a good idea unless they are consumed with enough fiber and other protein and fats. Sugar is not to be used for undoing pungency due to summers. The only way to undo pungency of summers is using cooling bitters.


  • Fiber– There are two types of fibers. Soluble and insoluble. Soluble are those which are soluble in water. These are found primarily in grains, lentils, pulses, beans, nuts. These fibers help in sustained (gradual) release of nutrients in the body especially sugar. Thus, they ensure that blood remains thin which otherwise is bound to become thick if all food consumed gets instantly into the blood stream. That is why they keep cholesterol in control (primarily the bad cholesterol). They also ensure that one feels full and doesnt need food time and again to feed the body. On the other hand, insoluble fiber are not soluble in water. They stay in the food tract only i.e. stomach and then intestines. Their role is to create bulk/chyme of food consumed. This bulk helps in keeping space/air (vata) at bay which helps in continuity of movement of food consumed. This not only helps in smooth digestion but also in easy passage of stools. These are primarily found in vegetables and fruits. All in all both the fibers are essential for sound health.


*** Color of the food matters a lot as it color carries the properties of the food eaten to different parts of the body. We shall read more about it in different sections of the book.


Principle of opposites


A healer must have a holistic view for pacifying an imbalance/disease. So not only the healer would need to take care of which chakra is imbalanced and which doshas has triggered imbalance in that, he/she would also need to understand and reverse the impact of one chakra’s imbalance on other chakras. Longer the imbalance in a chakra, more would be its repercussion in other chakras too. This is one reason that a single pill/herb/rasayana may not suffice in curing a disease especially if it is chronic. This also means that we should not judge a healer by the number of medicines he/she has prescribed (sometimes we tend to get scared by too many medicines). Also a chronic disease must be given ample time to get reversed in proportion to the time taken by that disease to get created and proliferate in the body. Goes without saying that a sattvic mind will detect its imbalances well before they become fully blow disease and are therefore easy to cure. On the other hand, rajasic/tamasic mind look for quick fix solutions because they get to know that they are unwell at much later stages of life where their discomfort pushes them for quick fix solutions taking them deeper into the disease.



Ayurveda has broadly classified Vata dosha in five sub doshas one of them being Prana Vata as already discussed (check the figure below). Each of these doshas move in a specific direction to keep the systems of the body up and running in good condition. Please remember that even sub doshas can be further sub divided into finer sub-sub doshas basis the movement and action. Also one cannot create rigid boundaries of different sub doshas. The aim of figure below is to explain the basics by visualizing. You will have clarity once you proceed and start visualizing them.

The problem comes when due to wrong food/meds/posture/lifestyle and even asana/exercise we reverse its direction. For example when Apana Vata which resides in colon and lower intestines start moving upwards instead of its natural downward movement, then it results in constipation and issues like GERD/acidity etc. Similarly, when Prana Vayu instead of travelling towards brain starts travelling downwards, not only it weakens brain but the overall growth of the body too. On the other hand, Vyana Vata is supposed to travel outwards away from heart to supply blood to the entire body and then back. But when this flow of circulation gets reversed i.e. towards the heart, it leads to issues like preserved ejaction fraction CHF where heart contracts but doesn’t open properly leading to improper supply of blood to peripherals. Not only that, it results in reverse direction of Apana Vayu (upwards) and Prana Vayu (downwards). Subsequent chapters will explain in detail that how and which foods/emotions can cause all this reversal and how can it be avoided/reversed.

*** Please note before proceeding that Prana also means the life force in the entire body, the flow of which gets facilitated through different sub doshas of Vata only. In other words, while the main seat of Prana Vata is brain (being the Central Processing Unit) and heart (being the pump to supply nutrition to entire body), its affect exists everywhere in the body. On same lines, even if Sadhak Pitta (where Sadhak means to perceive/pick) means primarily the Pitta of the CPU and heart, it runs in the entire body through all neurotransmitters which connect CPU (brain) with different parts of the body. Higher the Pitta of CPU or heart, higher would Pitta in the entire body. Same goes with Prana Vata. Also to note that Sadhak Pitta moves through channels in the brain/heart and these channels represent Prana Vata. Both these forces are an outcome of circulation of blood/prana in all body parts which directly or indirectly are connected with sense organs (or contribute to efficient working of sense organs), thereby helping us to sense things/words/vision/touch etc. Its quite obvious that better the circulation, better would be Sadhak Pitta.  This also means that just like Prana Vata has cause and effect relationship with other Vatas, meaning disturbance in one can disturb any other Vata especially Prana Vata, same ways, Sadhak Pitta has similar relationship with other Pittas of the body. Astrologically, Sun is Sadhak Pitta and since Mars represents good blood circulation, Sun/Sadhak Pitta exults in Aries zodiac as this zodiac represents Mars type conditions.

Now, movement of direction of Vata has an intricate relationship with movement of blood too (we discussed in the beginning itself that how electricity in nerves has a cause and effect relationship with blood). Thus, when Vyana vata doesn’t expand properly towards peripherals, we can literally visualize blood flow too falling inwards or say remaining confined towards core instead of reaching the peripherals. That is why we must learn to use bitter carefully as its indiscreet use can create inward flow of Vyana vata. Even excess of cold on chest/throat can disturb Vyana vata and also Udana Vata resulting in circulation issues which can create serious health issues in the long run if not reversed in time (apart from immediate issues like chest congestion, breathlessness etc). Vata people (Saturn dominated) in general have Vyana Vata more like a closed fist i.e. inwards unlike pure Pitta people (Mars dominated) whose Vyana Vata is more expansive (outwards) vis-a-vis Vata people. Whereas in balanced Kapha people, Vyana Vata is balanced (neither too constricted inwards nor too expansive outwards).

*** Do you know that the blood in human body flows at an average speed of 6-7 km per  hour whereas nerve impulses travel at an average speed of 60-70km per hour which in certain neurons in certain cases goes upto even 425 kms per hour (if the neurons are well insulated which is seen in KP constitution). So when we consume very pungent spices, the speed of pitta (i.e. nerve impulse) is way faster than blood which in Vata people would result in Pitta reaching in high Vata areas without enough blood reaching the site to repair it. That is why Vata people should have only and only Sattvic spices (like mustard, cumin etc.) to avoid Pitta reaching high Vata areas.




Like Vata, even Pitta has five sub doshas depending upon which part of the body/metabolic process they are governing. Apart from Sadhak Pitta, these are Alochak, Bhrajak, Pachak, and Ranjak, representing chemicals present primarily in eyes, skin, digestion organs and liver respectively for igniting/slowing down metabolism of that area. Thus while Pachak Pitta represents all the enzyme/hormones of stomach/intestines responsible for digestion of food, Ranjak represents that of liver and spleen primarily. Please note that human body has innumerable types of chemicals/pitta present in it which perform innumerable actions. For example, the liver alone performs more than 500 known functions (including secretion of digestive enzymes) governed by again innumerable chemicals and their interaction with innumerable chemicals in other parts of the body. So these sub doshas represent sets of thousands and thousands of Pitta in a specific part of the body.

Remember that while these may be the primary seats of respective Sub Pittas but it doesnt mean that these sub-doshas are not present at other place for example even if brain is the primary seat of Sadhak Pitta (being the CPU), the fact is that Sadhak Pitta exists everywhere in the body (in form of nervous system and neurotransmitters) to send signals from/to brain. Likewise, even if Ranjak Pitta’s primary seat is liver and spleen, it does get excitory hormones from other parts of body like brain. Goes without saying that if one digs deeper, then they can further be divided into sub sub doshas of Pitta. Also to note that all nomenclature in Ayurveda and Vedic sciences have been named very logically. For example, Pachak is a Hindi/Sanskrit word which means that which digests. Ranjak means that which colors/excites/entertains. Since red color expands, it excites the body to perform functions by pushing blood in the muscles (basically a function of Mars- to provide strength, excitement).


*** While it is important to have basic understanding of sub doshas, a common man at least in current age doesn’t need to dig too deep into these. Their deeper study is needed primarily for therapeutic reasons e.g. a person with weak liver, would need external dose of Pitta otherwise produced by healthy liver to ensure good digestion/assimilation and other functions of liver like production of RBC in blood, detoxification of blood etc. (that is how liver strengthening tonics of Ayurveda work the deeper details of which are yet to be understood by contemporary medical science). However, reiterating that basic knowledge is must. This is because different foods consumed in routine stimulate different Pitta because they mimic the enzymes/hormones (or stimulate their production) related to that organ/area/metabolic pathway. For example, ginger primarily ignites/stimulates Pachak and Ranchak Pitta thereby helping in increasing Jatharagni/digestion due to stimulation of stomach, intestines and liver. This is one reason that ginger and buttermilk should be consumed 5-10 mins before having food to stimulate jatharagni. Having it along with food will not be that effective because food starts getting digested immediately after consumption and if Jatharagni is weak at that time, then partially digested food will create toxins. Also to note that even if ginger primarily increases Pachak and then Ranjak, it also indirectly increases other Pittas by increasing circulation due to digestion of food/previously stored toxins. That is why ginger is known to clean liver, toxins and induce good sleep unless Vata imbalance goes so high in peripherals (due to continued use of wrong medicines) that it starts bothering skin, brain etc in form of burning and insomnia etc.


We also know that healthy liver stimulates digestion and healthy digestion stimulates liver. In other words, Pachak Pitta stimulates Ranjak Pitta and vice versa. Similarly, Bhrajak which means that which facilitates shine is said to reside primarily in skin (I see it as that Pitta which heats up body fluids and tissues and increases circulation of blood e.g. glutamate and testosterone in a way fall in this category). So when Bhrajak Pitta gets stimulated due to heat in weather, it increases circulation and thus Sadhak Pitta too- something that happens around March end representing Aries zodiac in Astrology (from chemistry viewpoint, when sunlight’s Ultra Violet rays fall on skin, they increase urocanic acid in our body, which crosses blood brain barrier and gets converted into glutamate through several reactions). However, if Bhrajak Pitta goes too high due to very strong Sun (like in may end representing Gemini zodiac), Pitta travels so fast that it dissolves fluids (rasa) and then Kapha and increases Vata and Pitta and thus excitement thereby reducing storage of information (due to less Kapha) and thus weakening Sadhak Pitta in the long run and also causing growth of Kapha in haywire manner. On the other hand, Alochaka Pitta which gets ignited due to light passing through eyes into the brain through optical nerve again stimulates Sadhak Pitta which in turn stimulates all the Pittas in the body as we know. That is why people with strong Sadhak Pitta (Sun in Astrological birth chart) imparts strong eyes and vice versa.

*** Reiterating that Sadhak Pitta relays the information stored in various tissues in the body to the CPU of the body for CPU to process the information and accordingly relay back what is needed. Thus in reality Sadhak Pitta encompasses not only all the neurotransmitters in the brain and body but also various hormones/enzymes secreted (especially in blood) which help in creating communication between different body parts and also between body and brain. Since depth and strength of various tissues keeps changing with changing weather and time, even the information received from Sadhak Pitta keeps changing with time and weather. For example, during very cold weather, lymph and blood move inwards and therefore peripheral tissues dry up. During these times, Sadhak Pitta goes inwards. Same ways immediately after rains when whether becomes clear and Sun shines very bright, then alochak Pitta becomes highly active due to strong sunlight thereby awakening Sadhak Pitta. This is because eyes and brain are closely located (that is why this period is assigned to Sun in Astrology and is called as Leo zodiac). All these concepts will come handy while studying Astrology.




Last but not the least let us talk about the five sub doshas of Kapha. To begin with the way Prana Vata and Sadhak Pitta govern the entire body through movement of neurotransmitters in the nervous system, it is Bodhak Kapha which provides insulation to the nerves thereby ensuring that nervous system keeps working well. Thus like Prana Vata and Sadhak Pitta, even Bodhak Kapha is the master Kapha whose Sanskrit/Hindi translation literally means “the master”. So, its primary (but not the only) seat is brain which has maximum nerves. Avlambaka Kapha is that which holds the different organs in place.  Its primary seat is chest area. Tartaka is that which nourishes the sense organs. Its primary seat is head. Kledaka kapha is that which provides moisture. It lines our internal organs to save them from external and internal chemicals. Its primary seat is stomach and mouth where mucous protects the internal skin and organs from acidic foods ingested and acids produced in the stomach lining. And lastly, Sleshaka Kapha provides lubrication in all the joints to avoid wear and tear of moving parts. We shall read a little more about these sub doshas in pulse reading section.


*** It is important to note that kapha is not just comprised of different fats but many other chemicals including different types of proteins etc. So healthy lubrication of joints and the myelin sheath is not just provided by fat content of our diet but a balanced diet and other factors like right direction of flow of blood without obstruction. This is why Ayurveda uses medicated oils with pre-digested wholesome food for providing direct nourishment to diseased parts of the body like joints or skin etc.


Sensors in Human body


Human body is full of different types of sensors (called as receptors in medical language) which get stimulated by different stimulants like touch, light, chemicals, sound, taste, temperature and even pressure difference. None of these sensors work independently. Instead, the body and mind work properly due to continuous and tireless activation and deactivation of these sensors alongwith interplay within these sensors. These sensors can be viewed as on and off switches to slow down/speed up/shut down/start up different conveyer belts in the body whose job is to create a product as done in a factory. Accupressure points work through pressure sensors which can be visualized as pipes filled up with fluid which when pressed at one end push the fluid on the other end thereby activating different nerves in the brain which in turn activate specific organs. These sensors can also be viewed as gates which open and close under the effect of different chemicals produced by our body or consumed by us.


For example, the gate through which glutamate (the excitory neurotransmitter that increases master pitta) enters in our nervous system to trigger entire body, can be closed by providing certain herbs/medicines like Brahmi. The amount of Brahmi given will decide how much of that gate will be closed. This is why Brahmi slows down Sadhak Pitta and is good for those whose brain is too high on Sadhak Pitta and needs to be calmed down (we shall read more about it). Brahmi cannot be replaced by Gaba as GABA can neutralize glutamate but it needs to replenished again and again. Moreover one may overconsume Gaba. However, this is also true that sudden and excess Pitta may need to be calmed down by Gaba in case the body is unable to make enough Gaba due to excess burning of gaba receptors/overactivation of glutatmate receptors. Usually this happens when the brain and nervous system doesnt receive enough blood which ideally should be replenished through panchkarma with right oils or milk/buttermilk etc.


*** From Astrology perspective, Sun burns our nervous system and creates gates in our nervous system for glutamate or other excitory neurotransmitters to enter. Thus if someone has a strong Sun in one’s chart, then it can be assumed that one will have strong Sadhak Pitta due to entry of lot of glutamate in the nervous system. On the other hand, if someone has strong Moon, it indicates that gates for entry of Gaba are strong in that person which will control glutamate. If a person has strong Sun as well as Moon (e.g. if one is born on full moon), then one will have both glutamate and GABA working well. If a person has Moon very closely located to Sun (near no moon day), then Sun combusts moon and creates gates for glutamate entry but not for Gaba entry (in such a case one may need to consume Brahmi to partially close glutamate and also use some chemical to create Gaba gate or provide more Gaba externally).


All in all, these sensors/gates play an essential role in the functioning of our body and mind and overall well being. It is because of these sensors that we able to differentiate between different types of touch whether it is passionate or affectionate or harming (of course, brain plays a huge role in analysing and deciding this due to information received and stores previously). So, these sensors are the ones that help release or block different chemicals (enzymes or hormones) in tissues through Rasa, blood and nervous system for digesting different foods consumed. They are the ones that; help us to know the source of sound thereby deciding our next move whether to turn towards it or not; maintain consistent flow of blood despite change in our body postures; maintain body temperature despite change in external temperature; that secrete different enzymes basis the type of food consumed. The list of their functions and mechanisms is literally endless.


If we live in harmony with nature, these sensors ensure that our bodily functions remain balanced. The problem comes when we play with them due to wrong lifestyle/ignorance or say lack of conscious living. For example, exposure to sunlight especially in summers stimulates our heat and light sensors (i.e. Bhrajak and Alochak Pitta respectively), thereby stimulating chemical sensors to sweat and cool down the body. However, continued and over exposure to hot Sun, dries out our body and mind leading to dehydration and loss of minerals through sweat and thus high Vata (not only in body but brain too because Alochak Pitta through eyes immediately excites brain being close to it). And when mind goes high on Pitta and Vata, it loses its ability to think properly especially if it is already high on VP. Therefore a high Vata Pitta brain should always wear goggles and smear forehead with white sandalwood Tilak, while stepping out in strong Sunlight during summers (of course it holds for others too unless they purposefully want to increase Vata and Pitta, which could be for therapeutic purposes for those having depression).


*** Astrologically strong Sun in ones birth chart is closely associated with eyes because it is eyes that excite Pitta of the CPU (brain) thereby exciting the entire body or the reverse is also true that being closely located to brain, a person with good Sadhak Pitta has good alochak Pitta too or say strong eyes.


In Kalyuga, due to mental aberrations like ignorance/greed/short sightedness/quick fix approach and lack of knowledge (which got wiped off due to catastrophe that triggered Kalyuga), the world is playing with these sensors by over stimulating or suppressing them with different chemicals without understanding their holistic ramifications which is the cause of imbalances in human body and mind resulting in chronic and incurable diseases at physical and mental level. For example our pituitary gland located in brain releases several pitta/chemicals (called as hormones), six of which are most notable which in turn travel through blood to different parts of the body like kidney, testicles etc. to kick start several processes and reactions of the body. So, if someone’s sensor at testosterone is weak despite getting signals from Pituitary, then that person would need a therapy to either ignite the sensor of testosterone and/or provide external dose of testosterone to carry out essential processes of the body. In this case, a short sighted approach of increasing dose of chemical released by Pituitary may have serious ramifications. It is therefore extremely important for humans especially medical fraternity (irrespective of whichever field) to research more about the effect of different sensors and what foods/chemicals/meds/herbs effect those sensors in what ways. We shall read about some of them and their side effects due to their indiscreet use, in coming chapters. Palmistry/acupressure section captures that how sensors of different organs can be ignited by directly stimulating them if they have been weakened due to wrong foods/medicines/lifestyle.

Astrological explanation of sensors

So, these sensors are like switches which get created in the body due to combined forces of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. To give you an example, a place with good amount of Pitta and Vata will throw quick and varying current in the body to carry out next work. It will be pulsating and creating waves of contraction and expansion (similar to the way heart pulsates i.e. expands and contracts). While high VP is bound to burn out that place, however, if Kapha is also good at that place (due to wide vessels denoted by Jupiter/space in Astrology) then that place will keep getting enough nutrition too. Thus that place despite palpitating continuously will remain healthy. The right or say equal combination of these three forces at a place represent mercury (VPK), whereas Pitta is represented by Sun and Vata by Saturn or Rahu. On the other hand, if a place has only Vata and Pitta and not enough Kapha (space) then it will weaken with time and burn out. While Astrology section will explain you all this more in detail but to give an upfront understanding (especially for those who have basic understanding of Astrology), the energy of different houses explain the level of functioning of sensors and organs of that house.


Vata Pushing Pitta

  • When Vata goes too high in the entire body, the blood moves through obstructed/narrowed blood vessels thereby increasing Pitta (this is also the case of Vata pushing Pitta). This may give wrong indication to the healer to reduce Pitta through bitter and astringent tastes which will further reduce blood circulation and increase Vata and chances of such misinterpretations are very high. Apart from pulse reading to check prakriti and vikruti, a native of this nature would be nervous, confused and may be low on BP. In such cases, instead of reducing Pitta, the person should have totally Vata pacifying diet with “deepan pachan” spices which will remove toxins, clean up blood vessels and increase blood volume.


  • Milk and milk products


IF digestive fire is strong, one can consume warm potency fruits like mango, papaya, dates, sapodilla with milk. However it is ideal to add a pinch of cardamom in milk along with such fruits (if Pitta is low) especially which are heavy too to digest like dates. In fact, adding cardamom to the milk while boiling it for the first time before consuming it especially in winters, was a regular practice amongst many Indian houses to ensure that milk doesn’t increase Vata/coldness. Also they must be properly homogenized before consumption. Curdling of milk with sour tastes happens when temperature of milk is very high. That is why all fruits must be consumed at a moderate temperature (around 20-25 degreeC).


*** Milk and banana are considered Virudha Ahar (incompatible) because both are heavy and cold. Moreover banana is quite acidic too (predigestive).  However if Pitta is not too high in the body to create curdling, one can consume this shake at a moderate temperature. If pitta is too low, one can add a few pinches of cardamom to it. Indiscreet consumption can cause Vata.

During warm weather, since most of blood circulation is in peripherals and jatharagni becomes weak, digesting milk especially in day time when weather is warm becomes a challenge as lactose needs very good jatharagni. That is why during warm and hot weather, it is ideal to have buttermilk with powdered/fresh mint and roasted cumin.  If one has strong jatharagni even in summers that too during daytime, then it means that either person has Vata imbalance or has high KP. Even having cold (not ice cold) milk with astringent and bitter herbs like rose and sugar during hot weather helps in increasing blood towards core and keeping jatharagni strong enough to digest milk (however it may not be a good idea during night unless pitta is too high). On the other hand, during cold weather, one should consume only warm to hot milk to keep jatharagni burning due to the heat of milk. Consuming bitter and astringent foods like chocolate with milk increases Vata imbalance which is already high in winters. That is why people in west have poor jatharagni and are unable to digest milk due to excess kapha but less pitta.

*** Soya milk is a highly nutritious product however it is very high in astringency and zero on B12. That is why it can’t replace cow’s milk (and of course mother’s milk at any cost) unless fortified with vitamins. Being high on astringency, it is good for extreme summers but in moderation unless accompanied by sour foods like amla to balance else it is bound to create high Vata and weakened circulation. This is one reason that Soya in fermented forms not only weakens the hard to digest proteins but also impart sourness thereby settling astringency and making soya nuggets palatable and very nutritious.


Compared with buttermilk, curd is denser, slow moving, blood thickening, slightly warm in nature (due to glutamate), less sour (mild to moderate depending upon its fermentation), salty and sweet food. When Pitta is high and Vata is totally settled (primarily during hot weather in KP people ), then curd can serve as a very healthy and strength giving food, provided its sourness is neutralized by cold or warm astringent foods/spices like rose or turmeric depending upon one’s need. In case of intense Pitta, one may consume it till early evening slot to pacify Vata arising due to high Pitta (metabolism) however at no cost should it be consumed in late evening or night as being acidic and thick it can cause acid to travel upwards into oesophagus and cause imbalances. When Vata imbalance is there (and thus Vata aggravation too) especially due to CHF resulting in poor pumping of the heart, then curd and heavy foods need to be avoided (unless heart functioning is restored through right Asanas) as they thicken the blood thereby further weakening the circulation. True Kapha Pitta people in extreme summers can even add a bit of rose syrup in curd to balance its sourness (ideally one should consume only freshly prepared curd and buttermilk to avoid it getting sour and thus acidic). However, ideally one should avoid consuming excess of curd with heavy foods and also with sugar as sugar kills pungency and thickens blood due to curd thereby causing onset of Vata aggravation and imbalance. On the other hand, consuming heavy foods with curd etc. should be accompanied by warm to hot spices (depending upon weather) for easier digestion and assimilation.


*** While Buttermilk is a safer option because it is good in proteins and doesnt thicken the blood and doesnt block the vessels, we must remember that buttermilk is acidic (pH around 4.5) before getting digested and its indiscreet use may cause blisters/mouth-burning (in Vata people) especially in summers when acidity as such high. That is why it should be consumed along with cooling and astringent veggies (like cucumber/bottle gourd). Except for winters, buttermilk and curd should always be consumed fresh. Same goes with lemon which is even more acidic than buttermilk. On the other hand, milk is very mildly acidic with pH of 6.7 i.e. almost close to neutral (7). Vata people can consume room temperature or mildly cold milk during summers (preferably in night) when Jatharagni is strong to digest even lactose. The same will take care of their mouth blisters too. If digestive fire is weak due to excess blood towards stomach, they can also add a bit of clove powder in milk to digest. This can help in digesting even lactose. Reiterating that since all milk products are cold in nature, they should be consumed with warm spices etc. especially if they are dense ones like cottage cheese, curd. That is why, instead of adding sugar, one should ideally use jaggery or its powder in curd if one wishes to consume sweet curd.

Unlike cottage cheese, fermented cheese is extremely dense both in proteins and fats (especially long chain saturated fatty acids which are difficult to digest and thicken our blood thereby increasing Vata). Question may arise that when cottage cheese can be consumed then what is bad in consuming hot milk with sour foods because this will curdle and create cheese only in the body. This is because curdling in the stomach and body creates highly un-homogenized cheese which causes vata imbalance/aggravation.

Ghee’s saturated fats are short chained and cannot be compared with long chained fatty acids of cheese which increase Vata by thickening blood and slowing down circulation. Also, long chained saturated fats need more Pitta to break down. Since cheese is heavy and sweet, it pushes the consumer to eat more due to sudden availability of energy and pacification of senses and then when it slows circulation in an already Vata person, it pushes that person to eat more pungency, which results in atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Because high pungency doesn’t thin blood unlike “deepan pachan” spices. On the other hand, Ghee in small quantity doesn’t thicken blood instead it provides immediate energy. However excess of even ghee especially when Vata is high and Pitta is low, is bound to further increase Vata by weakening blood circulation unless mixed with “deepan pachan” spices (not pungent ones). Those who have Vata issues can also consume Sesame oil instead of other oils as being warm, this oil is excellent for pacifying Vata. That is why sesame oil is also called as Queen of Oils.

  • Gluten Intolerance


Gluten intolerance is primarily a result of not living and eating in line with weather conditions as it increases Vata. And once Vata increases it weakens digestive fire. Gluten intolerance doesnt start suddenly. It happens due to accumulation of Vata over a period of time due to bad habits. Some of the symptoms of gluten intolerance include fluctuating BP and pulse pressure, indigestion, unnecessary exhaustion, headaches, bloating, constipation, recurrent infections, excessive burping, weaker sense organs, loss of hair/memory, itching, allergies etc. Please note that these are high Vata symptoms too and can arise due to other reasons too. However one Vata disease  leads to another which is why high Vata is likely to create gluten intolerance too in the long or short run. Also to note that it is not necessary that all people with Vata imbalance will develop all of these symptoms (a few of these are good enough to indicate high Vata).


Gluten abstinence must be part of cure for all vata diseases including its intolerance. Under such circumstances the person should get all proteins from lentils and pulses and totally avoid gluten especially in the dinner when Pitta is as such low. One should also use deepan pachan spices to keep Jatharagni burning properly. Chances of occurance of gluten and lactose intolerance in the same person are also high as both are Vata diseases though due to weak agni in different parts of intestines. This is why one may need to avoid even milk/cheese to get rid of Vata and may consume more buttermilk (a bit of milk may be had with cardamom). Goes without saying that once high Vata is pacified through right living and food, even gluten / lactose intolerance recedes away.


  • Cholesterol

When Vata and Pitta go high in the body, the blood vessels overstretch and become narrow too. Overstretched membranes create gaps in the places where high Pitta creates inflammation. These microscopic gaps are patched up by cholesterol released by liver as a defensive mechanism to ensure that blood/undigested food/toxins donot enter unintended places. When body rests, the gaps reduce/close thereby reducing inflammation too which primarily happens during rest/sleep thereby washing away the cholesterol too which was used as bandage on these gaps. The problem comes when due to consistently high VP, the liver releases excess of cholesterol which keeps getting deposited in these gaps and becomes toxic and converts into plaque. As such high VP mind pushes one to overeat and that too more sweet and heavier food which further adds to sludging of blood. Thus what one needs in such a case is foods that reduce Pitta but also remove excess Kapha/plaque blocked in vessels. That is why spices like cumin work wonders. On the other hand one may need even cooler spices like fennel during extreme summers (or when pitta goes too high). Since, VP minds are prone to high cholesterol, people find it surprising when they discover even thin people too developing high cholesterol. Even the plump ones who develop this issue are pseudokapha types and not true kapha types.

*** Due to their bitterness (pitta reducing quality), spices like fennel, cumin and ajwain work as excellent muscle relaxants and pain/stress/anxiety relievers (anti spasmodics). However, one must exercise prudence to use them in different weather conditions as fennel is cold, cumin is warm and ajwain is warmer. So if one feels pain during winters (which happens due to overstretching), then ajwain is a good option but if one feels pain/anxiety/stress during onset of summers then cumin is a better option and for summers it is fennel. Yes in case of extreme pitta one may need fennel even during onset of summers. On the other hand, excessive use of fennel in this weather can even cause excess dryness and low pitta. As such fennel is too light. So it must be consumed post or alongwith sumptuous food.

*** Since sugar easily converts into cholesterol into the body, excess urge to have sugar (like asking for lot of sweets) clearly indicates high level of cholesterol which in turn means high inflammation (high pitta). In such cases one clearly needs spices as mentioned above.

*** Unlike fennel, cumin, ajwain, the muscle relaxants of contemporary medicine donot have pungency in them. As a result while they deflate the body and relax the muscles, they are not able to burn the food stored resulting in creation of wrinkles blocking food which subsequently becomes toxic. It is this reason that such muscle relaxants, pain killers and even fever reducing meds (paracetamol etc), create nausea and liver damage as they don’t digest food/toxins. Moreover, the above mentioned spices also have essential vitamins which while deflating the body, help in recreating new cell membranes. Here we must remember that when body deflates it needs all the essential nutrients (micro and macro) to reshape the body. The same holds true when one needs to inflate or say grow body. Of course, there are Ayurvedic medicines which are even more effective then these spices to control pain, fever etc which we shall discuss in medicine section.

Thus while Ayurveda stresses on taking holistic nutrition including correction of lag or lead of different doshas in different parts of the body; contemporary science focuses on providing only the immediate relief. Even, Homeopathy gives relief by ways like blocking or enhancing different receptors/gates of different neurotransmitters, but then it doesnt talk about holistic nutrition.


  • Wholesome meal

Ideally one should keep ones meal as simple as possible as it helps to balance the tastes. However, if we deviate from our traditional dishes, we must learn to balance the tastes basis our constitution/weather conditions. While, the section on wholesome meal may look lengthy, once one understands the logic then making a wholesome meal is not lengthy /difficult at all. For example, roasted flour of black chickpea/kala chana flour with buttermilk with a sprinkle of mint leaves/oregano/roasted cumin as per taste/temperature, black salt and a dash of ghee/sesame oil is almost a complete food in itself. One can alternate this concoction with lemon (instead of buttermilk) in the same mixture and may also add a bit of sugar to it (and may be salt as per need). This would help to get enough dose of Vitamin C which cant be received from the first concoction. Also important to note that excess consumption of lemon can cause acid reflux, painful gums, mouth burning, yellow teeth due to decay of enamel as lemon is highly acidic till digested. Thus either lemon should be used with something astringent and alkaline to avoid acidity in upper GI tract starting from mouth or one can use other good sources of Vitamin C like potatoes, papaya, broccoli, oranges in line with one’s constitution. The best strategy is to keep rotating different sources of nutrients. So during winters, chickpea flour can be rotated with barley flour which is colder than chickpeas and yet nutritious.

***Since different bitters weaken different Pittas (sensors) in the body, one should use even different bitters during summers to pacify different Pittas by rotating different bitters or consuming all of them in one meal itself but in smaller quantities. 

*** While to keep Vata in control, all Vata people essentially must have gluten free grains, KP people can obviously easily afford to have grains with gluten especially wheat. Yes, once Vata gets balanced with right therapies, even Vata people can begin using a bit gluten grains too. Sorghum/white millet (jowar) is also cold potency and gluten free apart from being high on proteins. So it is a better option than Amaranth as amaranth is relatively very less on proteins and can increase Vata dosha unless consumed with good amount of proteins with warm potency like black gram or moong/yellow lentils with mustard seeds (exactly the way rice should be consumed, however rice is low on fiber unlike amaranth).


  • Pre and Post digestive Taste (Virya and Vipaka respectively)

While the pre and post digestive effect of most of the six tastes are fixed as discussed, we know that certain foods donot conform to this thumb rule. For example, lemon has low pH (high acidity/pitta pre digestion) but sweet (i.e. alkaline) aftertaste (high pH post digestion). Same ways, excess of sugar in absence of enough fluids, less pitta and enough fiber, gets fermented and creates Pitta/acidity and low pH. That is why when acidity/pitta goes high which is more likely in summers, then consuming vegetables like cucumber/steamed bottle gourd etc is a better option than fruits. Remember to add a bit of salt to such astringent and diuretic vegetables to keep Vata in control (if high). Thus, even Alkaline foods have been categorized as sweet because they not let acidity/sourness increase thereby keeping pitta in control and good sweetness. However, it is important to remember that we must learn to balance the pH. Excess alkalinity can also be harmful. Question may come up that our body has capability to keep our blood near neutral pH by extracting ions from other body tissues. But what we don’t understand is that in the bargain, we are draining away our other resources making them acidic i.e. other tissues. This is the reason external consumption of alkaline foods is as essential as consumption of acidic foods. That is why Ayurveda even uses sodium bicarbonate to keep pH of body in control in those cases where there is excess acidity in entire body. However this is also true that if our body is in good balance, then our kidneys extract out extra acid or alkaline items from the body to keep pH in balance but when Vata is high, it causes disruption of circulation thereby causing difference in pH of different body parts and also delayed response of kidneys, which is why people with high Vata are more prone to infections.

*** For those who understand basic chemistry, it is the presence of hydrogen ions (H+) that creates acidity or alkalinity. Basically acids are higher in hydrogen ions and alkalis (bases) are high in oxygen ions and less on hydrogen. So when acids enter our system, they increase Hydrogen and reduce oxygen. And it is a known fact that most of the harmful bacteria are anaerobic- means they thrive in oxygen less conditions but not in oxygen abundant conditions. This is the reason that acidic conditions in body give rise to infections or say infections can easily be controlled by reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity as latter increases oxygen.


  • Dosha Dominance during different seasons


*** During summers since blood leaves the core, the core organs including heart, stomach, core of brain (as such brain is in the core) and liver etc. become relatively weaker. In other words, agni of core becomes weak and agni of peripheral tissues becomes stronger. So this is the time to have relatively lighter foods (apart from bitter, astringent, cold potency) as neither the body will be able to digest this food, nor it will be able to pump it properly due to weaker heart (that is why one should avoid fermented cheese, fried stuff and sweets like ladoos etc.).

Sweating during summers is an important phenomenon which brings down the temperature of the body by evaporating water coming out of the pores of the body as evaporation sucks heat from surroundings thereby cooling the body surface (exactly like the water in pitcher cools down during summers). However, during pre-monsoon season when humidity during hot weather goes high, it doesn’t let sweat get evaporated (In other words we don’t sweat more during humid weather, instead our sweat doesn’t dry up). This not only results in increased temperature of the body but also blockage of sweat pores and retention of toxins leading to feeling of exhaustion. This is one reason that one must either use air conditioners (at around 27 degree C) or dehumidifiers during this season apart from staying cold and dry by regular baths using Neem leaves/mild soaps (if need be twice or thrice a day). All efforts should be made to reduce humidity in environment by removing any leakage/seepage. Hot potency foods (even warm potency ones) must be totally avoided during this time. Emphasis should be on consuming sour, salty, cold potency and sweet tastes like salted lemon water to keep Vata and Pitta in control. Food should be light and easy to digest as Jatharagni because of increased Pitta and Vata becomes even weaker. Very light Yoga/exercises or any other physical activity should be performed during this time. More emphasis should be on Pranayama to ventilate body especially Anulom Vilom.

When we burn our blood and tissues due to high Pitta in summers and then suddenly move to very cold atmosphere, we first increase Vata due to high Pitta and then create Vata imbalance due to constriction of body in very cold atmosphere. Together it increases Vata aggravation and imbalance taking us into a vicious circle. Instead our aim should be never to expose ourselves to high Pitta weather. If inevitable, we should consume easy to digest sweet, bitter, astringent and cooling foods/drinks (gluten free chapatti with onions and buttermilk, salt, mint or simply buttermilk with salt and mint depending upon our hunger) to ensure that high Pitta doesnt affect us much and doesnt increase Vata. While it is ideal to consume this before stepping out, one may consume them during or after exposure to heat too but as soon as possible. However one must not suddenly move into very cold (air conditioned atmosphere as mentioned above) and instead increase lost sweetness in the body (or say reduce Vata). Consumption of very cold water immediately after high Pitta also does the same damage to body as exposure to AC.

On the other hand when weather becomes very cold during winters, the body in order to maintain its optimal temperature for keeping essential systems/reactions up and running, starts burning the stored food/tissues thereby causing hollowness and Vata which is cold in nature. Astrologically, this period is referred as the period of Saturn (cold Vata). Unlike summers, in this case high and cold Vata is accompanied by high Vata in peripherals vis-a-vis core which is exactly opposite to summers. This is one reason that during extreme winters apart from eating a heavy diet, one should also ensure regular massages with warm oils to reduce Vata imbalance to the best extent possible.

*** By now that we know that one’s nectar can be another’s poison and vice versa. The saying can be applied on the entire nation or part of nation too due to dominance of a specific weather basis which should one eat. A lot also depends upon a specific society. For example certain societies in India consider onion as tamasic in nature. In fact, such societies also consider consumption of spicy foods as Rajasic/over stimulating. Not visualize a society which eats less pungent foods. Since onion weakens force of pungency such people who don’t eat pungent foods/spicy are bound to find onion as tamasic (slowing/sluggishing) as its use will further weaken pungency in them thereby weakening circulation. This is why it is wrong to make generic statements about any specific food item. What is important is the final outcome of all rasas in a meal. Also not only the saying of nectar versus poison can change with ones age due to changing doshas, the saying is valid for even civilizations. This is because with passage of time, even the weather in a location keeps changing due to changing tilt of earth called as wobbling (we shall read about wobbling in Astrology section).

Massages during Summer time

Since, summer time is when peripheral circulation is strong due to high Pitta on skin (Bhrajak Pitta), this is not the time to go for massages with warm/hot oils to pacify Vata of peripherals. Instead now body accumulates Pitta through the skin (i.e. Bhrajak Pitta increases all Pittas including Sadhak). Thus, this is the time to go for cold and astringent applications. Astringency helps to close pores of the skin thereby ensuring that Pitta doesnt travel into the body (or say Bhrajak Pitta doesnot go high). Thus, if a person experiences body aches or pricking or excess of heat sensation during summers then it indicates build up of pitta/acids in the peripheral tissues due to high Pitta which must be calmed down with such tastes. Here, one must exercise prudence whether Pitta is rising due to which sub Pitta. If Sadhak Pitta of brain is responsible, then one would need to for strategies like use of sandalwood tilak on forehead, shirodhara with milk. Consumption of brahmi with milk will also help however this cannot be given to those whose Vata is as such high as Brahmi is astringent too (unless given with Amla). Sadhak Pitta of heart should be calmed down with Arjuna.

If Pachak and Ranjak Pitta is high (indicated by excess hunger, mouth/skin burning, redness of skin), then one must go for only milder spices like cumin, coriander etc. Applying cooling and astringent pastes/soaps make out of herbs like sandalwood on skin is a great tool to calm down bhrajak Pitta (which in turn excites Sadhak and other pittas) during extreme heat, as astringency blocks skin pores and thus blocks Pitta from travelling inwards. Oiling of skin should ideally be avoided during summers except when Bhrajak Pitta is also increasing dryness and creating flakes. For this just like sesame based medicated oils for winters, Ayurveda employs coconut oil based medicated oils (for example coconut oil based Eladi thailum) to get rid of excess Pitta and Vata diseases of the skin like eczema, psoriasis as excess bhrajak pitta dries up the skin and rob it of its ojas and structure (basically excess Pitta during summers can push excess blood and Kapha and Ojas alongwith it towards peripherals thereby causing haywire formation of vessels towards the skin and even brain and thus causing blockages there which is what happens in case of Psoriasis.

Apart from cumin, fennel is an excellent spice for high Pitta times of the year (and for such constitutions). This is because it is cold, pungent, very astringent and very bitter. So while it helps in digestion, it doesnt increase Pitta at all (cumin and fennel have similar tastes except that cumin is warm). So while cumin ensures that its pitta doesnt travel far and works like a deepan pachan herb, fennel pushes blood more towards the core. That is why it is good for people with ulcerative colitis/IBS etc. Important to note that fennel’s indiscreet use can lead to increase in Vata due to reduced Pitta. Since excess pitta increases Vata by increasing space, wise use of bitter and astringent spices like cumin, fennel and mustard can help in reducing Pitta and thus space and thus Vata. However, this is to reiterate that we must exercise prudence in using the right spice (we already discussed this above).

On the other hand, while its logical to increase hot spices/foods during cold weather, many a people tend to overeat them to remain warm while not covering themselves adequately. This creates lot of Vata imbalance. Thus we must strike a balance and increase our covering as well as spices in balance during winters. Likewise during summers, excess heat in weather should not be balanced only by staying in cold atmosphere but by also eating colder potency foods.

 *** For simpler visualization of effect on cold on us, please think of each of our finger as a bunch of blood vessel or a bunch of nerves. When weather becomes cold and vata increases, our fingers clump together in a fist. Exactly this happens in our body and brain too when Vata increases thereby clumping our blood vessels together. Dont we shrink when we feel cold. On the other hand, when Vata is spread in entire body but doesnt close the body inwards, then it is a serious matter. In such a case, our fist will not close inwards but our fingers will show signs of wrinkles (even at young age), exactly the way when our fingers show wrinkles when dipped in water for long. This happens because blood spreads outwards and constricts then and there itself instead of retracting back towards the core and heart thereby causing heart failure. In other wordst fingers and their shape are the mirror of our physiology- a fact used in palmistry (we shall read more about this aspect in palmistry section).


How weather affects our blood flow (Rahu Ketu axis) and how to balance it

During the colder months especially when it becomes very cold (relative to other months), the fluid tisues of the body i.e. Rasa and blood, too start becoming cold and therefore they start dropping to lower parts and core of the body. As explained in the first volume, due to lying down (which is for longer hours in night time), this causes more blood to go towards core whereas in the daytime more of it goes towards the lower parts of the body. And since blood creates and supplies other tissues too, the same effect happens for other tissues too. Also to note the cold constricts even the lower peripherals, which is why chances of constipation in winters are less unless Vata is as such high. This is the reason that during very cold months, one must use warm and mildy pungent spices along with nutritious food to keep rasa and blood warm, so that they feed peripherals and upper body too else this will weaken the peripherals and upper body including brain and when summers will arrive, high Pitta will further weaken the peripherals. On the other hand, during summers when rasa and blood are hot/warm, they expand and feed the peripherals including upper body (and brain) making it excited. Thus this is the time to consume colder potency and low or zero pungency spices/foods, so that it doesnt overexcite one thereby making the core as well as peripherals weak causing overexcitement, stress, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, pain etc. when pitta travels through high Vata areas.

*** Reiterating that these are thumb rules. One may still need to use warm spices like mustard etc even during summers with very cold potency foods like curd and/or rice. Likewise during winters, very warm foods like bajra (pearl millet) may need to be accompanied by cold potency but pungent spices like coriander powder.

Thus if we eat cold and non pungent spices during winters we create Vata imbalance with more Vata towards upper body and peripherals vis-a-vis core and lower body. And when summers arrive, the high Vata in peripherals (skin, muscles etc) and brain/upper body is flared up by Pitta of summers thereby creating Rahu in upper body making one hyperactive and overexerting self (mentally as well as physically) which burns more blood and creates Vata in entire body too. Thus when such a person in the long run begins to feel the effect of high VP, he/she subconsciously reduces Pitta (through foods and medicines), it cools down his/her rasa and blood thereby accumulating more Kapha towards core and lower body which is necessary too as it is core organs and lower body which are essential for creating more blood, more prana and right assimilation and excretion.  Remember, that this kapha is constricted too as the person subconsciously consumes more astringent food too. On the other hand, if one eats lot of warm/hot but astringent food like tea in winters then it would push warm but astringent blood towards upper body, thereby constricting blood towards core but in upper body and thus creating Ketu in upper. Thus such a person will have less blood in lower i.e. Rahu causing issues like weak back/lower organs/CKD/diabetes/constipation etc. creating body like figure 2.5.

*** A person with body like figure 2.5, if consuming red chillies/spices would have lot of pitta going in peripherals but with less of blood as more blood will be towards the upper core/brain. This would create inflammation of lower body and high VP i.e. Rahu. In the long run, such a person again would again reduce Pitta to control pain or other issues like CKD (through food etc), however in either of the two cases, unless Asanas are performed to undo Vata imbalance, things will not improve and the native will continue to suffer and die either due to depression/anxiety/parkinsons/insomnia (in case of those having 2.3 figure) and CKD/diabetes etc (in case of those having 2.5 figure), which is why Asanas become essential along with Pitta calming foods. Remember, that Pitta reduction maynot  be able to totally undo Vata imbalance at this stage as lowered pitta will just constrict kapha inwards and drop only to some extent which is where comes the role of Asanas. However, this also means that those having body like that of figure 2.5 should consume Pitta reducing foods in daytime when one is awake so that blood cools down and moves down towards lower body to undo Vata imbalance. Consuming Pitta reducing foods by such a person before sleeping will take blood towards core in entire body and will not reduce Vata imbalance of figure 2.5. Conversly people having figure 2.3 should consume good amount of Pitta foods (warm and pungent spices) during winters that too in daytime to increase blood in upper body and peripherals and undo Vata imbalance.


What happens when we don’t live in line with weather (some examples)

When we eat pungent and hot spices and/or massage our body with warm oils and/or exercise/run around during hot weather, we further increase Pitta thereby pushing blood/Rasa away from the core. This weakens all our core organs whether it be digestive system, heart or brain resulting in weak digestion, palpitations (over expansion of the heart and thus body and thus increase in weight), bloating, insomnia, constipation etc. Weak digestion is unable to create more blood and thus tissues, which further gets dented due to hyperactive mind which overactivates body and asks for more food than what body can make. A hyperactive heart also overexpands body’s volume thereby increasing its demand for more food which falls less due to reasons mentioned above. This creates gaps in the expanded body causing Vata and when Pitta enters through them, it causes pain, discomfort, insomnia, anxiety, aggresion and other issues as mentioned above thereby creating a vicicous circle.

On the other hand, during winters when weather is cold and more blood is towards core, then we are bound to feel more hungry due to stronger digestive fire. However mind feels sluggish during cold weather due to more blood there. Even heart becomes sluggish and keeps body constricted. Thus, if one’s core organs are already strong (characterized by good sleep, digestion, circulation) then such people should eat pungent, hot and red foods and exercise during winters including good massages. However, if one’s core organs are weak during even winters due to Vata created in the past (may be summers), then one would need to consume heavy, hot, mildly pungent but not red foods/spices like hingvastak churna. This will strengthen core while ensuring that blood doesn’t travel to the peripherals.

*** Many of us tend to make the mistake of eating and living strictly in line with timelines mentioned against six seasons in Vedic/Astrological texts. However the fact is that these are guidelines and we must use our own intellect to understand the logic of these seasons. For example, even after the onset of rainy seasons, the weather may become very warm and humid as weather never strictly follows the same pattern in every year. In some years, the winters/summers arrive sooner than previous years and in others they get delayed. In some years, the winters become too cold whereas in others they are milder. This is why we must learn to become aware of surroundings and change our food and lifestyle accordingly.


Role of Color in pacifying or aggravating Doshas (THE LOGIC OF COLOR THEREAPY)

Color plays a huge role in circulation as different colors spread differently due to their different wavelengths/frequency. Since red color spreads farthest due to its long wavelength in VIBGYOR (the rainbow colors), whatever is eaten alongside it also goes farthest. In other words, color carries the properties of the food eaten to that far. This is one reason that in extreme winters when peripheral circulation becomes very weak, one should consume red color foods along with pungency and warmth. On the other hand, it should be avoided during summers. Kashmiri chillies which are mildly pungent but very red are fine for VP people during winters as long as they are not eaten with excess of pungent and warm spices/foods as red color will carry it to peripherals (whereas true kapha minds with body can consume food with red hot chillies too during winters). (Same goes with tomatoes though they are very low on pungency vis-a-vis chillies).On the other hand, rose being red, cold, bitter (pitta reducing) and astringent helps in calming down peripheral nervous system and thus acts as an antidote to over excitement of peripherals (brain, skin, feet) caused due to excess consumption of red chillies (or similar substances) and/or excess pitta in hot summers when peripherals become hot.

Another example is Saffron which is warm, orangish red and mildly sweet which is why a pinch of it is dropped in milk especially during winters to keep peripheral circulation going. Similarly unlike red, the green color does not travel too far (being in the middle of VIBGYOR). That is why it mildly improves blood circulation. Remember, darker the color, more it stays towards the core especially in the upper body where it gets absorbed immediately after consumption which is why violet (on extreme left of VIBGYOR) stays more towards the core, whereas black pepper’s heat and pungency is felt totally towards the core. Thus when dark spices are eaten with wholesome sweet foods, they create more of blood towards the core. However excess of these spices without balancing with red color may keep the blood circulation away from peripherals (including muscles, brain) and may cause sluggishenss and loss of strength of peripherals. On the other hand, consuming red color herbs like saffron with warm and pungent spices like black pepper will act something like red pepper and should be avoided during hot and dry summers by all. Of course, this concoction (of red, pungent, warm, dry and non sweet taste) would work very well for those who have excess Kapha deposits in peripherals, however one must understand that this concoction is bound to weaken the core and therefore cannot be used by those having weak core and Kapha ridden peripherals.


*** This also means that the practice of adding saffron in “Thandai”- a cooling, healthy and refreshing drink which is a concoction of milk, almonds, pepper, melon seeds etc., used in North India during summers, may push pungency and heat of black pepper towards peripherals especially if saffron and pepper are in excess and may defeat the purpose of cooling down the person.


This also means that use of wrong colored foods/spices/drinks can also cause a type of Vata imbalance e.g. consuming red, pungent and warm combination of food will create high VP in peripherals which is bad for all (other than those who have excess of kapha deposits in peripherals). To overcome this discomfort of insomnia/burning in peripherals etc due to high VP in peripherals, one is likely to consume more of heavy foods thereby creating excess Kapha in core and thus issues like indigestion, sluggish/fatty liver etc. Thus such a person would need two pronged approach to remove this Vata imbalance. One would be to consume black, pungent, warm spices to undo excess Kapha in core especially during resting time so that Pitta remains towards core (due to rest and dark color). Second would be to consume red, sweet and cooling drinks/spices to undo VP of peripherals, during the active time of the day when VP is high.


*** The above para would have explained you the logic of why certain Ayurveda experts give different medicines for the same disease to be consumed during different times of the day as different times of the day are governed by different doshas. This also means that at no cost should one swap these medicines or skip one of them or have them during wrong times. Also to reiterate that since doshas keep changing in our body and the environment due to several factors, we must visit our healer frequently for her/him to handle changing doshas by changing medicines if need be.


Nature provides color in line with weather


If we closely observe the color of the food, then we would find that nature produces different foods of different properties and colors in line with the weather, though this is a different thing that we humans out of curiosity plus ignorance are using wrong foods in wrong weather. For example, tomato being warm, pungent and red is the food of winters. Same goes with red carrots that are very warm in nature, whereas watermelon is red but cold and sweet which is why it is good for summers and provides coolness to skin (bhrajak pitta) which in turn keeps all Pittas including Sadhak Pitta too pacified.


Color in line with constitution


While the above paras would have given you enough insight on how color works on our body, here is one more example to explain how different colors are good for different constitutions. So, those people who have good amount of blood flowing in body with no excess space, can afford to have red color in line with weather, meaning things like rose water/sharbats and watermelons in summers and tomatoes in winters. However, those having excess space (due to high VP) should avoid red color in all weather conditions especially summers when heat is high which flares pitta and increases redness in the body and weather. Thus such people in order to remain cool in summers should consume those colored foods and drinks which are towards violet side of VIBGYOR, which is why instead of watermelon, muskmelon is a better option for them and instead of rose syrup (sharbat), they should go for sharbats made from Khus seeds (poppy) being dark green. On the other hand, during winters they should go for dark spices and not the red ones like red chillies which are better for those having good flow of blood in peripherals with strong core too. Last but not the least, it goes without saying that we must look at the color of the final product that is being consumed for understanding its effect on us and our dosahs.



  • Dosha Dominance by gender


As a thumb rule, women retain old memories much deeper than men because they are higher on Vata than men but lower on Pitta. Thus they retain kapha in Vata whereas men being high on Pitta keep dissipating memories. Also as a thumb rule, women need to speak with someone because being higher on Vata, they need Pitta to keep their Vata in control else they feel depressed. On the other hand, men being naturally high on Pitta enjoy quietness to cool down their hot mind. This is one reason that women feel elated/excited by chatting with each other whereas men in order to recuperate, prefer to quietly watch games/movies with Pitta reducing drinks and foods like alcohol. Of course, as mentioned in the book, this equation is changing with changing roles with more women getting into jobs and sports that are increasing their Pitta.


*** The right brain is Vata and the left brain is Pitta dominated which is why right governs imagination, visualization, music, art, emotions etc. and left governs traits like logic, reasoning, analysis etc. (Astrologically right is governed by Moon and left by Sun). However, both the sides are interconnected by neurons to ensure communication between the two sides.


  • Pyramids


While Pyramids would have given you a good essence of how to use different tastes for different Doshas, I strongly recommend to the readers to understand this aspect in greater depth when we discuss dominance of different elements in one’s body and mind in the Astrology section. For example, a Kapha looking person may have dominance of earth or water or space element signifying dominance of Mars, moon, Jupiter respectively and therefore would need different strategies within Kapha pyramid too to pacify Kapha dosha. So a Kapha person with Moon and Jupiter dominance may need to avoid excess of cold potency, watery and white foods apart from excess of earth element. Also to note that since our doshas keep changing with time, that which dosha is dominating at a specific time can be checked from one’s birth chart in conjunction with astrological systems called Mahadasha (planetary periods) and transit of planets (apart from checking one’s pulse). I strongly recommend to use as many methods as possible to arrive at a common conclusion as this helps to eliminate mistakes. Moreover gaining expertise in one system helps to gain expertise on other too as they all are ultimately connected. You will know as we proceed.


*** Since Vata aggravation is emptiness, Astrologically people with very strong Saturn (Vata) are told to eat ladoos (sweet balls) made out of besan flour (horsegram/black chickpea flour) prepared in ghee. This not only gives strength (from proteins, fats) but also warmth (from hot potency) and energy (from ghee as well as sugar) to the body as Vata people lose energy quickly due to lesser blood and higher metabolism. Black chickpea flour (called besan in hindi made out of kala chana) is very high on proteins, carbs and fiber. With sugar and ghee added to it, it makes it a complete food in itself especially if consumed with milk. For the same reason, Saturn has been shown to have special love for mustard seeds in mythological stories because mustard seeds provide subtle warmth to the body without increasing Pitta/pungency/nerve impulse speed, thereby ensuring that Vata doesn’t get flared by high Pitta in Vata (Saturn) people. Also to note that space doesnt mean vacuum only. For example people with Jupiter dominating in their birth chart (meaning right from childhood) signifies those people who have wide blood vessels (i.e. more space) and therefore such people have wide structure, more tissues etc. In simple words they are kapha people. On the other hand, if a person with Vata dominance (basic dosha), subsequently gains more space in the body, then such a person will have vacuum and therefore even more Vata in the system thereby facing challenges. That is why Jupiter dominating periods (such periods referred as Mahadasha in Astrology) bring difficulties for those whose basic constitution is Saturn (vata).


While pyramids provide good guideline to how to eat in line with one’s constitution, another equally important way to eat is to balance aggravated dosha with opposite qualities. For example, since Vata is light, mobile, dry and cold, it should be balanced by heavy (sweet but not sugary), oily, warm foods e.g. black chickpea (besan) flour cooked in ghee with a bit of sugar (as mentioned in para above). Similarly Pitta is hot, oily, sharp, mobile and light, it should be balanced by cold, dry, non pungent and heavy foods like moong dal (or other lentils) with rice or with cottage cheese or sweet dish made out of milk. Kapha is heavy, cold and oily and it should be balanced with light, warm and dry foods like vegetable soups. Please remember that these are just guiding principles and it doesnt mean that we forget about wholesome meals. Yes, the different elements in the meal may vary depending upon which dosha is dominating at that time. As such a healthy body and mind will select the right food. On the other hand a person with mixed constitution e.g. VP personality will have to combine the principles of both. That means such a person would definitely need to eat sweet food (not sugary but heavy) but quantity of salt, bitter, sour, sugar and oil would vary depending upon which out of the two doshas (V or P) is dominating due to weather/activity or foods eaten etc. Remember excess of sugar to control burning can even reduce Pitta and increase Vata and thus stagnation of Kapha in Vata.


  • Vata Management


Whenever Vata aggravation (gaps/hollowness) goes high in the body, then one should avoid excessive exercises/activity/late night sleeping/excess talking else they will increase Pitta and flare up Vata making the person hyperactive due to flared up Prana Vata and thus creating more Vata in the system. That is why after sickness (even as short as fever, cough, cold) and paucity of sleep etc, one should abstain from heavy exercises/excessive physical/mental activities including speaking. Also since Vata people are those whose brain is high on Vata, such people as such are likely to consume excess of sourness to keep their Vata in control (especially those with figure like 2.3). However excess sourness would make them hyperactive wanting to be involved in high energy activities. Such people should avoid sourness (even if it means feeling slow and low due to less blood reaching the brain) and get into Asanas to push clean/non acidic/not sour blood in upper body to permanently undo Vata imbalance.


***Since Vata can go high not only because of excessive Pitta but also because of low Pitta resulting in poor digestion and increase in Ama, people with high Vata should not only try to live in moderate temperature (and avoid too much of weather/location change to avoid weather change) but should also eat a very sattvic food (neither high on sweetness nor low on sweetness, neither high on Pitta nor low on Pitta and son). To handle temperature variation, they should learn to eat exactly in line with current conditions (even if it means adding or using less spices in different meals of the same day).


*** It is important to visualize that if one has overexpanded and created more space in the body, then the primary aim should be to reduce gap without which communication between different body parts cannot be re-established/restored. It is only after this that should one begin to slowly and gradually increase tissues in the body through wholesome food eaten in line with weather and constitution. Also to note that pushing nutrition (whether through food or through therapies like nasya/enema) into extra space created, will overstretch the body and weaken organs especially heart (yes, such things can be used as short term strategies as weak communication, weakens quality of tissue formation too and longer the duration of this communication gap, more shall be the damage to the body). Thus one must perform right asanas/pranayama/bandha (as we shall read in coming chapters) to reduce extra space while also avoiding excess Pitta. Thus when Vata goes high due to constriction inwards (Saturn in Astrological sense), then typical Vata pyramid is ideal for such cases.


Reduction of such a excess space created has to be undone by exact principle of opposites. So one must know whether the excess space has been created due to overworking pituitary or thyroid or heart and accordingly the herb should be selected. For example Arjuna is good when heart is overexanded. However being astringent apart from being bitter, Arjuna will also constrict cells of the body at the current place thereby increasing Vata (this phenomenon can be visualized as crack in a hot metal when cold water is poured over it). It is therefore better to use Arjunarishtam in most of the cases instead of Arjuna to deflate an overexpanded heart especially in winters when Vata is high and having astringent Arjuna will create issues but not Arjunarishtam. But when VP are both high, then Arjuna may be a better choice.


Pitta Management


We discussed that whenever Pitta goes high more than needed, the body over expands thereby increasing VP and thus space too. A bit of expansion is essential to evolve the soul further (we shall read “how” in the Astrology and Science and Spirituality chapter). The problem comes when this expansion becomes so much that it starts creating chronic pain/other issues in different parts of the body which is why Vata (space) is the primary cause of pain. Pain pushes one to reduce Pitta which deflates the body but the problem comes when we use pain killers indiscreetly without balancing our doshas through right food and asana and without knowing that which Pitta should be pacified. To give you an example, when overall Pitta goes high in atmosphere and it over inflates the body, then one may need to use not only those foods and medicines that reduce overall Pitta but also those that reduce Pitta of the heart. This is because heart is the only organ which beats and pushes out our blood when supplied with high Pitta. Thus generic Pitta lowering can deflate the individual body cells but it cannot pull the body inward towards the heart to reverse the outward expansion created by overbeating of the heart. This is where, comes the role of Arjuna/ Arjunarishtam. This is why Arjuna becomes essential for sometime in case of those having high BP due to high VP.


Please note that the above example is just to explain the concept. Ideally a healer should check all the sub doshas too of the patient before giving any medicine for any disease. For instance, if the BP is generating from brain, then one may need Brahmi based medicines/therapies (shirodhara etc) to calm down Sadhak Pitta of the brain in which case the patient may not need Arjuna as Arjuna pacifies Sadhak Pitta of heart and BP may not be generating from heart. Astrologically there are innumerable reasons that can cause high Pitta e.g. strong Rahu aspected/conjunct by Mars in first and/or strong Mars flaring strong Saturn. Same goes with other doshas too which is why Astrology is a great tool to heal the patient.






Why should Vata people have dense but easy to digest foods


When a food is dense, it packs more nutrients in less volume thereby packing less air/space or say Vata in a given volume. For example, even if sorghum (jowar) and fox nut (makhana) have similar amount of proteins in 100 gms, the former weighs five times more than latter for the same volume. That is why eating fox nuts for Vata people is bound to create more Vata in them by filling more air and space. Quite similar is the story with light grains like quinoa. On the other hand, if the food is extremely heavy (or dense) like cheese, then again it is likely to increase Vata by increasing Kapha in blood and thickening it and making it difficult for heart to pump it thereby also weakening the heart. All in moderation is the key, right from the beginning of life before we damage the organ/s.


  • Wholesome Diet


Six tastes are essential in every meal however a lot depends upon how much of a taste is already present in the body. So if one’s pitta is already high due to weather, depending upon pitta present in the body. Thus even the ideal definition of Sattvic food is that food which balances our tastes and keeps them all at optimum level. For example a person who is bed ridden or leading a sedentary lifestyle due to some reason may need to consume more of pungency (if not potency) to keep the blood circulation going.


  • Our senses of taste, smell, vision are closely located to the brain (the CPU). Thus, when we see, smell and taste food, our brain begins to release different chemicals in the body accordingly. Even different emotions trigger release of different chemicals in the body thereby creating different VPK (we shall read more about it in subsequent chapters). It is therefore important that while eating food, we donot watch/listen to anything which upsets our emotions even one bit.


  • The persistent feeling of a specific taste on tongue even while not eating anything, is an indication of excess build up of that taste in Rasa Dhatu (lymph/interstitial fluid), indicating that either Rasa is stagnated leading to build up of this taste and/or this taste is being taken in excess without balancing it with its opposite e.g. a persistent sweetness in mouth means less of Pitta and more of sweetness being consumed which needs to be corrected (this usually is an indication of Vata imbalance that is pushing one to over-consume a specific taste).


  • While ideal is to consume all tastes in right combination, any consumption of excess or less of taste/s should be balanced immediately at the end of the meal. Since excess taste can cause overeating, ideal way to balance it is by having opposite taste but without adding more sweetness. For example, excess of spicy and sour food should be balanced immediately by mint extract (being bitter and astringent).


  • Black carrots are bitter and astringent in taste. That is why their mildly fermented drink called as “Kanji” in India (fermented in rye for day or two with salt) is a wonderful tonic during transition time from winters to summers (around mid or end march in India) that helps to bring down sudden change in temperature apart from digesting toxins. We will read more about this wonderful drink in Astrology section.


  • Different foods/veggies due to their qualities need different spices to create balanced food e.g. eggplant is of hot potency and is astringent (should be avoided in hot weather unless a true kapha person wants to lose weight) and its winter dish should ideally be prepared with tomatoes (to balance sourness) and cumin instead of Ajwain. Tomatoes here balance sourness and also provide red color and vitamin C apart from adding more hot potency. Cumin here provide mild controlled pungency (due to a bit of bitterness) and donot further add to the heat of the vegetable.


*** While refrigeration during warm weather can preserve the foodstuff for longer time (from putrefaction due to microbes etc), it cannot prevent oxidation of vitamins and other essential oils/nutrients especially antioxidants. This is one reason that cooked food especially vegetables if refrigerated lose their quality to pacify free radicals (due to the exposure of larger surface area to atmospheric oxygen) thereby increasing Vata of the consumer. This is one reason that one should always have fresh food and never processed one.



  • Food/living in line with weather conditions


By now you would have realized that every food item has its own combination of various tastes. And its extremely important to understand while their conscious use can keep us healthy and even cure diseases but their unwise use can create worst of the diseases. For example, in warm conditions we should not be using spices like asafoetida, mustard seeds, ginger but since we have forgotten their energies, we use them indiscreetly (*** Am using the word conditions instead of weather because a person staying in AC even during summers wouldn’t need warm weather foods). This results in excess of Pitta in the body leading to acidity, sourness and inflammation and narrowing of vessels. On the other hand, we should not be using cold spices like coriander in colder weather else it is bound to reduce Pitta and increase Vata (lack of circulation). However, we are living in an era which lacks conscious living and eating and therefore we are least bothered to even find out that what we consume will have what kind of effect in the body. This is reason that diseases are exponentially rising in today’s world and unless we start understanding how different tastes work in our body we shall continue to suffer.


*** One more hint that the nature has dropped is the example of coriander. Summers thin our blood whereas winters thicken. Hence right spice to be used during extreme summers (above 37-40 degree Celcius) is coriander as it helps to keep the blood from getting too thin (and hot). This is the reason that coriander is an excellent pitta pacifier and great for issues like burning skin, UTIs, cough and cold during summers. Again, if we are using very cold foods, then one may need a bit of warm spices too during summers and not just coriander. Constant awareness and steering is the key. Conversely, even coriander has therapeutic purposes during winters to combat excess of Pitta and Kapha consumed. It is important to note that while coriander leaves are astringent, bitter and cold in potency, its seeds are pungent too and therefore even Kapha pacifying during summers which is why its seeds work to digest food and toxins too thereby reducing weight. Goes without saying that excess of its use is bound to increase Vata.


*** Please note that spices mentioned for different weather conditions are thumb rules. For example while one should consume warmer spices and foods at the onset of colder weather, one may overconsume them and may need colder spices to counter them like over consumption of asafoetida may cause high Pitta in the body to undo which one may need to consume coriander or mint. On the other hand, if one over consumes fennel in summers which is cold, astringent and bitter, and then feels Vata (astringency) rising then this can be undone with Asafoetida and a bit of lemon. All in all, one needs constant navigation which slowly becomes a part of the reflexes.


*** More blood towards the core during colder weather not only awakens digestive fire thereby helping in digesting and assimilation of heavier foods but it also strengthens other organs thereby helping in gaining more tissues which is good for Vata people (unless it becomes extremely cold when Vata goes too high). So, when heart becomes stronger, it results in more efficient pumping of blood all around the body thereby repairing and awakening all organs. Independently too due to more blood, brain becomes more restful due to more blood towards sleep center which is towards the core of the brain thereby helping in more efficient repair of body and mind. Liver, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder become stronger thereby cleaning the systems and helping in production of more and healthier blood and other enzymes/antibodies etc. That is why one begins to put on weight after summers end. We will read more about it in Astrology section.


*** Coriander is bitter, astringent and cold whereas mint is bitter, astringent and warm. Thus, if someone has lesser blood towards core (which happens especially during summers), then along with warm potency and nutritious foods (but not heavy) one should use coriander to keep blood towards core in summers. On other hand as a thumb rule, it is better to use mint with colder potency foods (like with lemon or buttermilk).


  • Expansion and contraction of different layers of body under different conditions prevailing at that time is what defines our constitution

This is an extremely important aspect of nutrition which defines even the basis of Astrology and therefore cannot be ignored at any cost even though it may sound trivial. In fact, we shall subsequently see that this principle can be used to predict earthquakes and other catastrophes too.

By now, we know that we expand in the daytime and contract in the night due to temperature conditions thereby creating Rahu and Ketu respectively. Same goes with winters and summers (this aspect is detailed in Astrology section). Thus while every passing moment we are either contracting or expanding thereby creating different layers due to different weather conditions. It is these conditions that define the constitution of our body and brain, its different layers, different chakras, different tissues, different organs and thus mind too. When one’s Vata (obstruction) is not high, the rasa/blood moves freely inward and outward during night and day respectively thereby ensuring that nutrition spreads uniformly in the entire body thereby ensuring homogenization (astrologically it represents good Venus). The problem comes when Vata spreads in entire body due to excess bitterness and astringency alongwith pungency resulting in wavy/obstructed movement of blood/rasa and thus weakened homogenization (basically less blood moving in more space/Jupiter). This is the reason that people with high Vata face issues whenever weather changes. Higher the Vata more is their sensitivity towards more minor changes in the weather. Reiterating that apart from right food/lifestyle, right Asanas and Pranayama are essential to maintain high Vata free system.


So, what happens due to sudden expansion or contraction- Under ideal conditions, due to the movement of earth around Sun, the weather conditions change gradually from cold to hot and then again to cold and so on. The problem comes when there is a sudden change in weather (either manmade or due to natural reasons). Let’s visualize this with an example- what happens if water in a pipe is suddenly exposed to freezing temperatures? In this case, the water doesnt contract back to one place thereby creating ice. Instead, it freezes then and there only thereby creating communication gap between different compartments of ice (or say frozen water). On the other hand, if water is exposed to gradual drop in temperature, the water keeps contracting slowly and gradually while forming a lump of ice in the core thereby remaining intact. Thus gradual reduction ensures that the communication between different parts of water doesnt get compromised even though water doesnt reach the peripherals of the pipe. On the other hand, if frozen/contracted water is suddenly exposed to excess heat (instead of gradual increase), it will expand the ice suddenly thereby developing cracks in the water pipe. Exactly the same goes with human body too (yes! human body has systems of feedback to regulate temperature but they become less effective when external temperature conditions are too drastic). This is exactly the way, Astrology works on us by creating different shapes of different parts of body due to exposure to different weather conditions.


*** The right solution/formula for getting rid of all diseases

This is the reason that when we overexpand due to exposure to high Pitta over a period of long time thereby creating too much of space (Vata/Jupiter) and begin to feel discomfort due to excess Vata/vacuum, then instead of resorting to foods and medicines that drastically reduce Pitta, we should ideally go for gradual reduction in Pitta else this is bound to create space in the pipe (like frozen ice example as above). However this is also a fact that when Pitta goes too high and creates excess discomfort then one looks for immediate resolution and ends up creating pockets of cold blood (tissues) and vacuum in the body. In simple words, the principle of opposites applies on time too. Thus “The ideal formula of getting rid of any disease/imbalance is that when a particular dosha goes high for a specific amount of time, then the right way to undo its excess (and discomforts arising due to its excess) is to slowly reduce that dosha over the same period of time for which it had remained high”. Thus this is to reiterate that we must have patience and calm and composed mind to undo our discomfort, however this is also true that a person with patience and calm and composed mind would as such not fall prey to diseases as it would know well in time before any dosha goes imbalance even at a minor level.

This also means that we must avoid exposure to sudden change in temperature not only in terms of ambient temperature but also what we consume. For example, consuming very cold water immediately after coming from hot weather especially after intense exercise/running etc. is an extremely bad practice as it will suddenly chill the body which has expanded due to pitta thereby freezing the blood then and there itself causing communication gap (Saturn in Jupiter). This is one of the bad practices observed by many sportspeople too. Likewise, consuming very hot water/soup after getting exposed to extreme cold can also do the damage to the body.


Glands and their sequential order in the body (explaining their role in Astrology)         

*** Dear Readers, simple and basic understanding of Biology will help here to comprehend this section more clearly

It is quite logical that the deepest chakra/layer in the body is bound to be the highest in terms of governing all the functions of the body, which is why the deepest layer represents the first house of Astrology and also the brain especially the pineal gland which is light sensitive and whose activity based on exposure to heat and light activates/powers the entire body. Thus pineal acts literally like an ON/OFF switch which is why it also represents Sun/Sadhak Pitta which triggers the entire body.  Next in line come Pituitary gland and Hypothalamus gland which are called as master glands which again govern the functions of the body. However they slow down when Pineal becomes quiet during darkness/less heat. The impulses of vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, thoughts, action, internal functions- all these impulses travel to the these glands to make them work in a specific fashion, which is why they are called as master glands representing the second layer.

Throid glands fall in the third layer which gets order from Pituitary and expands body. Since speech triggers/vibrates thyroid, speech is important in ensuring the expansion/growth of the native. However, if speech is not accompanied by enough and right food, then it is bound to create Vata (hollowness in the body). The fourth layer has the heart which is also a gland though many may not be aware of this fact. Apart from getting triggered from the thyroid, this layer/heart has also got direct connection from the brain (which is why the first and fourth houses are interconnected and Sadhak Pitta is said to reside in heart too and not just brain). In other words, light/heat also increases heart beat (don’t we all experience it?). The proof of this is that even heart has GABA and Melatonin receptors/gateways though they are produced in brain for calming it down and the overall nervous system. Not only, even second layer without getting any trigger from first may act on its own and trigger the other layers. For example, loud voice also increases heart beat in certain people. A lot depends upon direct flow of energy between different layers of the body which can be found out from birth chart.

*** It goes without saying that the level and type of energy residing in each layer/gland which also shapes the wiring/structure of that specific gland, depends upon the planet/zodiac that gets exposed to that layer when it is forming. The visualization part of it and how different layers get exposed to different zodiacs and planets will be discussed in Astrology chapter.

In turn, the heart (fourth layer) triggers and feeds the energy/food/blood to the entire body and all the layers of the body which is why fourth house represents comfort/nutrition/mother. And now comes another interesting part in this story of chronological sequence. The fifth layer which houses adrenal glands, not only gets trigger from fourth layer/house/heart but also from pineal gland which is why there is a direct connection between first house and fifth house in Astrology. Not only that, even the third layer (thyroid) also triggers fifth layer (adrenal). We already know that second layer i.e pituitary triggers third layer (thyroid). This is the logic in Astrology of checking third from third layer (house) i.e. fifth layer (house) when checking results of the third or fifth layer as both are interconnected. Likewise, checking second from second layer/house i.e. third layer/house is necessary when checking the results of second house. Astrology calls it Bhavat Bhavam (house from house of same number).


Moving on, the adrenal (fifth layer) triggers the sixth (intestines). One may read Adrenal- IBS connection to understand this. The first layer i.e. Pineal has direct connection of triggering the sex glands (seventh layer) establishing first and seventh house/layer connection. Not only that, even histolgically (meaning at cellular structure level), pineal and testis/ovary have similarily. Then, Pituitary and sex glands have direct connection establishing second and eighth connection.


  • Medicine Section


*** There are several types of nerves and millions of chemicals in our body. Different chemicals have different roles. Similarly not all nerves are meant for doing the same task. Different nerves/chemicals block/excite different sensors in the body. So, while some nerves conduct electrical signals to move our muscles, some other work to send pain signals. The list is endless as captured in section that discussed about sensors. And different herbs block/enhance different types of Pitta in our body. Even the same herb may have many types of Pitta/chemicals in them to perform different functions. For example, even if Ashwagandha is warm in potency and therefore excites heat sensors to warm the body and thin the blood, it also blocks pain signals.


Shape and color of the food/fruit/spice etc. gives us a strong hint


From the last chapter of Volume one, you would have realized that nature, even if random looking has been created with lot of precision by the higher world. This can be seen in the way different foods/fruits/spices closely resemble different parts of our body and are good for them (we already discussed the logic of colors). The most probable reason is that the highly advanced civilizations created them and their ingredients in this way for the benefit of all. Here are a few examples (some of which are already doing rounds on internet too) :-

  • Betel leaf is heart shaped. Same goes for Arjuna and both are good for heart as they reduce the heart beats and push more nutrition consumed along with them.
  • Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) closely resembles entire human body. As such it has innumerable benefits for the entire human body due to tons of antioxidants, nitrates (vasodilator), GABA, minerals present in it, blood thinner due to blood heating compounds and tannins and therefore improves blood circulation and treats issues like hypothyroidism, cancer, anxiety, poor immunity, erectile dysfunction, weak muscles, diabetes (type one), stress. Remember, it is hot in potency but not pungency and therefore during summers it should be consumed only with cold foods like milk and ghee.
  • Tomato is full of iron and looks like heart especially if cut. But being red it increases Pitta of the heart (Sadhak Pitta) and is therefore good for those having closed heart chakra whereas those having excessively open heart chakra should avoid it.
  • Walnut is exactly like brain being high on MUFA and PUFA,
  • Celery looks like bones (both are exactly same composition of sodium and celery is also high on calcium and manganese needed for strong bones),
  • Sweet potato for pancreas as it sheds load from pancreas by reducing glycemic index
  • Carrots for eyes (its horizontal section looks like eye) due to Beta carotene present in carrot which converts into Vitamin A in the body and is essential for maintaining good of eyes
  • Avocado for uterus as it is high in folic acid which helps prevent cervical dysplasia (deposition of abnormal cell growth in the neck of uterus especially during pregnancy) which may cause congenital birth defect.
  • Grapes (especially red) for lungs as they are high in proanthocynidin which an apart from being an antioxidant also helps lungs by keep allergies in control thereby helping people with asthma.
  • Onion which look like individual cells and help in removing toxins and excess kapha from the cells because of their pungency
  • Vertical slice of Mushrooms for inner ears as they are packed with Vitamin D and help in strengthening bones and maintaining balance assisted by inner ears.
  • Banana resembles muscles especially of penis- this is because it is has potassium which is good for strong muscles however being heavy/dense, its effect is felt more towards lower side of the body unless the body and blood are warm to show its effect in upper part of body too. This is why it is used by athletes immediately after exercises when body is warm to provide nutrition to muscles. This is also the reason that its indiscreet use (when body is cold like in mornings, late evenings/nights and winters) can increase heaviness and even bloating in the stomach and intestines.
  • Citrus fruits- The vertical section of most of them resembles the mammary glands of humans and rightly so as they provide suppleness (Vata pacification) by providing sourness and Vitamin c to the entire body especially mammary glands.
  • Mango looks like stomach and is good for it during summers by pulling blood towards it and keeping digestive fire strong

*** All in all, the highly advanced ones had created a pattern for humans to follow (even for them) so that they don’t have to mug up the qualities of different food items. In fact, as we slow down, we can connect more dots and we will be able to see this pattern in everything e.g. there is a pattern in Periodic table of elements. While we are yet to understand the complete dynamics of how mercury is used in Ayurvedic meds, one of the seemingly clear reasons is that it is a heavy metal but yet a liquid in natural form and therefore being heavy and yet piercing being liquid, it settles Vata by filling up gaps. Being heavy, it is primarily meant to settle down Vata of the intended organ/place. Thus using it where there is Vata kapha imbalance and where Kapha is blocked in Vata, is bound to create issues of metal toxicity as Kapha will further get heavier with it and will start blocking Pitta and Vata thereby increasing toxins. Apart from this mercury is also an excellent conductor of electricity (pitta) which ensures good communication in between cells thereby settling Vata. I am not advocating its use, unless science is advanced enough to understand how it works.


More about Herbs/Spices/Meds




We discussed that Ashwagandha is warm yet mimics GABA which sounds a bit contradicting. It is also said to be an adaptogen.  So here is the logic. Ashwangha warms and thins blood (similar to the way Asafoetida warms and thins blood). However, Asafoetida in warm weather and that too in excess, can overheat blood which ultimately is bound to overheat other systems including nervous system (and thus increases Pitta in nerves). Whereas, Ashwagandha, also has the property of calming down the nervous system as it mimics GABA. The reverse is also true that when GABA slows down nervous system, it indirectly is likely to slow down and thicken blood circulation, however blood warming and thinning properties of Ashwagandha donot let that happen. This is the reason that it works as an adaptogen. However, it doesnt mean that it can be used for anyone. As such thick blood leading to poor circulation thereby causing weak production of GABA is more likely to happen during winters and not summers unless one is very high on Vata especially space (less volume of blood versus more volume of open vessels). As a thumb rule, Ashwagandha is an antidote for those having thick, cold and mildy sour blood leading to poor and obstructed circulation and thus anxiety, nervousness, insomnia etc. as poor and less circulation of nutrients, robs the ability of nervous system to produce GABA (reiterating that the chances of such a situation are higher in winters though in summers too they cant be ruled out due to wrong medications). Being astringent, Ashwagandha is sometimes consumed alongwith Amla to balance the tastes apart from increasing the antioxidant ability of the mixture.





Brahmi being astringent apart from being bitter may be needed to be consumed along with cold sourness like sweetened lemon water to avoid excess Vata from entering the system if one’s aim is only to reduce pungency but not sourness.




Most of the bitter herbs used by Ayurveda for different purposes (as different bitters act on different pittas of the body) are also astringent. While for those having good Kapha and expansion, such herbs can be taken even in raw form with milk/ghee/water as the case may be, if Vata people take it, they will have more of Vata created in the body due to astringency. This is the reason a physician should be careful in selecting raw or Arishtam form of the medicine for the patient.

*** Arjunarishtam- For example, if a Vata patient has excess Sadhak Pitta in heart (excess Beta receptors), resulting in excess of expansion of heart and thus creation of space, then Arjunarishtam should be given to the patient and not Arjuna at any cost. Yes, if a patient has high BP alongwith weak heart and has high Pitta too, then such a patient can be given Arjuna with Brahmi but only for a short time. However due to sudden drop in Pitta (bitterness and astringency), such a person is likely to experience drop in blood towards core and lower body and thus issues like brain fog/depression especially if ones Rahu is in upper body (meaning less blood towards the brain). In such a case, these medicines may be needed to be accompanied by headstand and other Asanas too, as high BP as in such cases high BP is arising not only because of excess expansion of heart but also because of less blood towards the brain. Also, to note that expansion of body happens from inside out when heart beats in less dense body thereby overexpanding the body due to Pitta pushing kapha outside. Such cases cannot be undone effectively by just applying cold packs/buttermilk/sandalwood on the external surface. The pulling in of blood has to be from inside to retract back the body in place.

*** Since men are high on Pitta, its fine if they consume a bit of alcohol to calm down Pitta. A high VP person should ideally consume hard alcohol being sour and bitter (but not more than 30 ml) with the aim to only calm down excess pitta (not to kill it which is mindless drinking and alcoholism). Whereas, those high on Pitta but not Vata should have beer and not hard alcohol to kill excess Pitta. This is why hard liquor is for winters (as it is sour and hot too apart from being bitter) whereas beer is for summers when Vata is already settled and pitta is high which needs to be settled with astringency and bitterness. At no cost does it mean to start consuming Arishtams to calm down Pitta as Arishtams calm down specific pittas  of the body and not overall Pittas and their indiscreet use will create serious health issues in the long run.


Mukta Vati


Being astringent, cold, bitter, MV should be used to bring down BP only when BP is high due to high Pitta that too primarily in summers. Indiscreet and continued use of MV can increase excess of Vata in the body resulting in poor blood circulation and other issues. It is important to know that a person with high BP due to high Vata and high Vata imbalance may display signs of high Pitta but in this case, Pitta may be flaring due to narrowed blood vessels and in high Vata areas especially brain due to high Vata imbalance as shown in figure 2.3. Such a person instead of MV, would need deepan pachan spices to dissolve plaque along with wholesome diet to replace space created by dissolved plaque thereby settling Vata aggravation.  The person would also need right Asanas to undo Vata imbalance. The process is slow and needs patience to undo Vata imbalance and aggravation.


Amla (Indian Gooseberry)


Despite amla being very nutritious, its indiscreet consumption can cause health issues. Yes it does pacify Pitta (being cold and alkaline) and Kapha (being pungent thereby dissolving kapha) however if one is high on Vata and low on Pitta then its consumption can further reduce Pitta especially if warm foods/spices are not consumed along with it. That is why chawanprash is good which also has warm spices.




Triphala is an excellent scrapper of toxins including stubborn plaque, however alongside it also removes fats and proteins by increasing heat and thus metabolism. That is why while kapha people (who have wide blood vessels leading to excess weight) should take Triphala with water to scrap of excess tissues (not just toxins) thereby increasing Vata, Vata people having toxins (and thus circulation issues) should take it essentially with milk and ghee. However, when Kapha goes high to the extent of creating disease (cough and cold), then Triphala may be consumed with just water even by Vata people.



*** Arjuna versus Beta blockers


This is a very important topic and even if slightly technical, it must be understood to know the difference between working of Arjuna herb and Beta blockers (latter used by allopathy to control BP as discussed in volume one). To know this, we must understand that how intelligently our body works. We discussed briefly abour fight and flight response in volume one.  When mind perceives something as threat to self (in terms of reputation, strength, life etc), it excites our nervous system accordingly. Here is how it does.


We discussed that human body has many receptors (which we called as gates/electrical switches).  When our brain gets excited/stressed (high on Pitta), it releases the hormone adrenalin (some from the brain and mostly from our adrenal gland situated right above the kidneys). Adrenalin in turn excites three switches/receptors called as Beta one, Beta two and Alpha (located at heart, lungs and arteries respectively). The excited Beta one receptors excite heart to beat faster so that more blood gets circulated and pushed towards peripherals especially muscles. On the other hand, Alpha receptors are present in all the arteries but not in arteries supplying blood to the skeletol/peripheral muscles (the muscles that provide us strenght to perform physical acts). So when Alpha receptors get excited by Adrenalin, they constrict arteries thereby pushing all the blood and thus nutrition towards peripheral muscles so that they can act faster and more efficiently without getting tired. Since all this needs faster exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide too, adrenalin also excites beta two receptors which dilate blood vessels and thus airways of lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide at a faster rate.


Thus, all adrenaline switches on these three receptors for flight and fight response. The problem comes when our body remains overactive (due to high pitta either due to excess pitta foods or due to excess exercises or both) resulting in continous and overusage of body reserves thereby causing Vata. So, what Arjuna does is that it blocks the actions of Adrenaline and switches off these receptors thereby calmin down body, restoring its reserves and providing it strength. This is why Arjuna in excess has been shown to slow down thyroid causing hypothyroidism which is highly likely to happen in those whose body is like that of figure 2.3 (but in later years of life when Rahu’s high VP becomes Vata). On the other hand, what Beta blockers (the allopathic BP controlling medicines do) is that they block/switch off only Beta receptors and not alpha thereby creating imbalance in the body. In fact, the contemporary science has created medicines which only block Beta one receptors which further create imbalance.


Bala (sida cordifolia)


This is a very important herb which is used in many medicines and oils of Ayurveda. This medicine contains ephedrine, a chemical that mimics Adrenaline hormone which increases Pitta in the entire body (as discussed in detail in the para above). This is the reason that Bala is added to massaging oils as it stimulates the nerves to fire and stretch the body while the nourishing/sweet taste of oil fills up the gap thereby settling Vata.  This is an extremely important visualization. When Vata goes high it constricts the body inwards (thereby moving the blood like a snake) thereby causing exhaustion, overexcitement, insomnia, pain and many other issues. Expansion Pranyama/ exercises become futile for such people as expansion cannot fill up gaps created during expansion and the person goes back to square one after the exercise/Yoga. In fact, overstretching can create more space. Here comes the role of nourishing oils having Bala. The herb is also used in many medicines and teas (not the conventional tea -Camelia chinesis but herbal tea) about which we shall read in subsequent pages.



Medicated Oils


Ayurveda uses therapeutic properties of oils  (plain or medicated with several herbs and food items) for local applications to relieve issues of inflammation/pain/burning on skin (external as well as internal)/muscles which manifest in form of disorders like psoriasis, eczema, bodyaches, neuropathic pains, constipation, migraines, headaches, sinusitis etc.  due to aggravation of V, P or K or a combo of them.  Sesame oil is used as the base for most of such medicated oils because it is high on Pitta but almost zero on pungency and apart from providing warmth and strength from Pitta, it is also rich source of calcium. That is why sesame oil’s massage (in itself) during cold weather before a warm water bath is strength giving and Vata pacifying. Ksheerbala oil is one its concoction where milk and Bala herb is added to it, to further increase its nutritive value for pacifying Vata of skin and muscles. Dhanvantaram is another concoction which not only uses several herbs for calming down the system and/or for breaking plaque etc. but it also has items for wholesome nutrition like horsegram and barley apart from milk which imparts it qualities of Vata pacifier, strength giver, toxin/fat scraper and pain reliever.


*** It must be remembered that local issues need local treatment whereas generic issues need generic treatment. So if one has Vata aggravation in entire body then one needs to have Vata pacifying foods but if one has Vata stuck in one or two specific parts of the body (meaning hollowness or say paucity of tissues leading to pain due to Vata get flared by Pitta), then nourishing oils work wonders by directly supplying nutrition to that body part.


*** Astrologically, Saturn indicates Vata. So if Saturn is located in a specific part of the body, it indicates maximum Vata there. However, if Saturn is located in core organ of the body especially brain or heart then it is bound to increase Vata in the entire body though maximum Vata is in that part which has Saturn and/or its zodiacs (if CPU of the body is high on Vata then entire body will get affected or if pumping is happening in a Vata manner i.e. haywire manner then again it will increase Vata in entire body). We already discussed about Rahu ketu axis and Vata imbalance.


Black Pepper


Black pepper is excellent for Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases of the body because it kills plaque. Black pepper doesn’t overly excite body/skin/senses/brain while ensuring that blood flow remains uninterrupted. Thus it doesn’t flare up Prana Vata unless Vata is too high. Being light warm and pungent, it balances heavy and cold foods like cottage cheese and toxins produced due to excess mucous. However, it can increase Vata if used in excess that too without fat. On the other hand, long pepper (pipli) is mildly (not sharply) pungent and sweet and has a scraping effect on the body which is why it helps in thinning the blood without much increase in Pitta something similar to asafoetida, however it cant be used for long especially by Pitta people.


*** Whenever one increases Pitta (even if with deepach pachan herbs) for digesting toxins, it is bound to increase acidity (especially in stomach) and therefore such herbs must be accompanied (especially during hot weather) by alkaline vegetables like cucumber or gourd family. Even sodium bicarbonate (soda powder) can be added to balance acidity in the blood and other tissues in case such vegetables are not available. As a thumb rule, since sodium bicarbonate is extremely alkaline, one must add a bit of citric acid to lessen the alkalinity of soda as citric acid is a mild acid.


Garam Masala


Garam Masala is a combination of several warm spices which is used in Indian cuisines and are part of almost every household kitchen. While its composition slightly varies from one kitchen to another, its primary constituents are clove (very warm, unctuous but not pungent at all), cinnamon (warm, midly pungent and astringent), black pepper, bayleaf (warm used primarily for aroma). Coriander seeds (pungent, cold and astringent), black cardamom (pungent, warm, bitter, astringent), fennel (astringent, bitter, cold, pungent), green cardamom (cold, astringent, bitter, pungent) cumin seeds (astringent, bitter, pungent), a bit of nutmeg (astringent, warm and highly bitter) and star anise may also be added. Its quite logical that this recipe should be used only during winters. Since each one of them have different alkaloids which impart them pungency, their cumulative effect helps to combat cold in different parts of the body. Being primarily astringent, tomatoes or curd are usually added along with Garam Masala in various winter preparations.


*** Different parts of the world use different spices and condiments in their food/drinks. So it goes without saying that tt is not that anyone needs to exactly copy Indian spices. What is important is to understand the basic principles of six tastes and create your own concoction. In fact, even though it may seem to be the next level of understanding tastes, the fact is that even a specific food item’s taste can be created by mixing the others if the former is not available. However, the aim should be to keep things as simple as possible. Therefore, a good kitchen is the one which has a range of all the possible spices (specific to the cuisines prepared), and also the other raw and prepared items (like seasonal fruits, vegetables, flours, roasted flours) so that they can used be for handling  even the most minor of variations in the weather or even one’s doshas.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent herb whose sap is bitter, astringent, sweet, pungent, and cooling and closely resembles, the inter and intra cellular fluid in human body. Because of this, its sap can be used for several purposes like for very quickly reducing pain due to rash/burn/wound and also for healing it. It is also excellent for curing ulcers of the stomach (has similar working like bael). Its bitterness also has a mild laxative effect thereby settling consptipation. Its diluted gel is excellent for curing mild cases of leucoderma. However, like Bael (woodapple) its indiscreet use too can cause Vata issues both being highly bitter and astringent. However, for pure Pitta people, it is very good especially those with figure 2.5.


Rose being cold, astringent and bitter is excellent to pacify Pitta, however it can increase Vata due to bitterness and astringency especially in Vata people. To counter this, rose petals are fermented with sugar in Sun for several days to create a concoction called Gulkand which imparts sweet, cooling and very mildly (almost unnoticeable) sour taste to it and is used for removing excess Pitta/acidity from blood. That is why it works well to neutralize overly spicy, sour and hot foods. Being full of fiber, it also helps in adding roughage to the food. It is also wrapped in a betel lea and chewed to create an effective appetizer to neutralize very spicy, sour and oily and heavy food. Betel leaf is cooling, astringent, bitter dry and pungent and in small quantities is good for digesting food, thus together with Gulkand, not only its properties are balanced but it also works as a sweet dish in itself. A bit of crushed limestone solution is added to it to neutralize acidity. To balance the cold potency, a bit of betel nuts are also added which are warm and stimulating. Goes without saying that while this concoction works as a healthy sweet dish and appetizer, however like everyting it shouldnot be consumed in excess.

Being red in color, roses cooling spreads to farther areas of the body which is why it helps in removing burning sensation of the body thereby calming down Bhrajak and thus Sadhak Pitta. On the other hand, khus (poppy) syrup is greenish and works more towards the core of the body and its excess use can increase Vata as its green color doesnt spread cooling in the body. Thus when heat reaches even the core of the body, then its right to use this syrup which means when it becomes too hot or suddenly hot. Goes without saying that all pitta reducing foods/meds/drinks should not be consumed during late evenings/night as that is the time when our body’s pitta is as such the lowest. Having such foods will constrict body but trap kapha in the wrinkles (Vata trapping kapha) and create circulation issues. Instead if need be one can have boiled cumin at this time or Ajwain during winters.

*** One of the biggest mistakes that many of us make during summers is that instead of having Pitta controlling foods/drinks/meds/herbs in the afternoon, we consume them in the night to induce sleep. However, the problem that comes with this practice is that by this time body has already overeaten/overstretched and these items create Kapha in vata as mentioned above which becomes difficult to undo. Therefore the aim should be to consume Pitta reducing foods/drinks during summers throughout the day and lesser during evening.


Pranayama to remove Vata trapping Kapha

During onset of summers, when Kapha from the core melts due to high Pitta, it starts rising upwards and outwards thereby trapping Kapha in Vata. While abstinence from very heavy foods and use of mild bitter help to keep rising kapha and Pitta in control, this strategy is preventive and cannot be used after damage is already done when above mentioned strategies need to be employed. However it is not necessary that you will have these things handy at all times. However Pranayama can be gainfully employed to handle such situations. Here is how. We know that Chandra Nadi pranayama (left nostril breathing) reduces Pitta and works exactly like bitter. However it cannot digest kapha and toxins stored in several layers of the body especially towards peripherals. Thus what one needs to do is a set of two to three rounds of Chandra Nadi breathing and then one round of Surya Nadi breathing and then repeat this set a few times.This practice will help in reducing Pitta instantly while also burning down Kapha from the deflating layer of the body thereby ensuring that you calm down without harming your organs and body.


 Hingvashtak Churna

This churna (meaning powder) contains eight (Ashta in Sanskrit) ingredients which are hing (asafoetida), black salt, black and brown cumin, black pepper, ginger, long pepper and ajwain. The powder is excellent to pacify Vata (and settle vata kapha imbalance) during winters as all its spices are deepan pachan spices and are warm except brown cumin. However, this powder must be consumed in moderation and must be accompanied by heavy food else it may create acidity due to absence of nutrition. As such being dark in color, its heat stays inside the core. Its easy to visualize that pitta (even if low on pungency) will generate heat and run uncontrolled if not slowed/controlled by heavy and sweet food. Goes without saying that this churna should be avoided during summers. Also to note that being very warm in potency (and mildly pungent too), it should not be continued for too long even in winters (as a thumb rule from 15 to 60 days).

***Ayurveda employs this churna for pacifying Vata before starting any massage (and panchkarma therapies about which we shall read subsequently) by pushing lot of ghee and sweet foods into the patient’s system (like khichdi) and then push this churna which not only pacifies vata kapha imbalance but also throws out stuck up toxins. While in summers, the body firms up due to high Pitta, in winters, such Churnas help to firm up the body which is must before starting any massage therapy. Of course, excess Pitta (over stretching is also harmful, hence a good practitioner would take into account the doshic state of the patient). On the other hand, if a person feels relative cold than others during summers and needs warm water for bathing even during summers, then such a person would definitely need massages even during summer (and may be a little bit of Asafetida to firm up the body even cold Vata is too high).

*** Yoga versus Massage- Reiterating that Yoga cannot fill up the gaps in the body created due to Vata. They can only be filled up with right food and massages with nourishing oils.


How to create deviation in Spices basis weather/constitution

Right spices are essential for good health whereas the wrong ones can create more health issues. It is therefore important that you spend time on understanding more about them. Here are a few scenarios that will help you to understand how to create your own blend of spices to handle different weather conditions and constitutions.

  • A person who is already high on Pitta but still needs warmth (not pungency) during winters especially to balance cold foods, may remove ginger or ajwain or both from the above formulation but continue with the rest.
  • During winters, foods like milk, curd, cheese (cottage) should be accompanied by warming spices like black pepper, however black pepper is also dry (fatwise as well as waterwise) and therefore such foods also must have enough water and ghee added to them. This also means that we must learn to change spices and their proportions basis different food items. For example pearl millet (Bajra) is already warm to hot in potency. Having it with another warm potency vegetable (like tomatoes, potatoes etc) would further add to warmth. In such a case one may not need to add mustard seeds to the vegetable.
  • When winters reach extreme and excess of our blood (almost one liter in adults) goes towards core from peripherals, then one must add asafoetida to the food to keep the blood thin and free flowing. However, when winters become pleasant and not shivering and blood returns back to the peripherals, then one should reduce or remove asafoetida from the diet. Yes, one would still need to continue having ginger and/or ajwain and/or black pepper unless winters totally recede depending upon one’s constitution. For example if a person has excess pitta flaring Vata (resulting in burning), then such a person should avoid pungent spices and consume only warm but not pungent spices like mustard etc. If pungency becomes too low in the weather, then such a person may consume black pepper but with foods of opposite qualities as mentioned above.
  • During summers after onset of spring, one should remove pungent and very warm spices as this is the time when strength of core organs throws out blood stimulated by external heat (a reason for consuming Sattvic food during Navratras that come when Sun enters Aries), else this will push out too much of heat and overly expand body and mind thereby increasing VP and thus issues like hypertension, hyperactivity etc, while also weakening the core.


  • As weather gets hotter, apart from consuming colder foods and spices like coriander, cumin, one should increase seasonal vegetables as they are cold, bitter (pungency reducing), full of water and nutrients and milk and its products as again they are nutritious and cold.


*** However a person with weaker core (characterized by weakness yet hyperactivity of peripheral nervous system) would need to consume a bit of warm foods (almonds/mustard with milk/curd respectively) during warm/hot weather but with bitter and cold spices, vegetables to ensure that heat stays inside the core and nourishes it. Goes without saying that since red color throws consumed energy outside, such people should avoid such foods unless core is strong enough or stay in air conditioned environment.


Brahm Rasayana

  • Just like Chyawanprash is a rasayana to boost up production of Ojas (all tissues) in the body during winters, Brahm Rasayana is a medicine having exactly similar effect on the body and mind during summers. While the book has captured a glimpse of how Chyawanprash works, there is no doubt that the world needs to carry out elaborate research to understand their exact mechanism of how and why they work so wonderfully well by removing Vata from the system and improving communication between different parts of the body or say immunity. Here is what I can understand.. When Vata goes high in the system, then apart from loss of enough blood and excess of plaque, the body stops producing necessary chemicals due to inefficient supply of nutrients to different organs/glands of the body (or produces them in insufficient quantity) taking the body into a vicious circle of further increase in Vata. So such rasayanas not only provide all essential micro nutrients (including macro nutrients like fats, carbs and even fiber) but they also provide those chemicals which an otherwise healthy body produces but Vata ridden doesn’t and that too in the right ratio thereby slowly and gradually restoring the functioning of the body. Reiterating that despite being marvels for today’s understanding of nutrition and medicine, such rasayana can only pacify Vata aggravation but not Vata imbalances (excessively closed or open chakras) for which one must get into right Asanas and other medicines.


Brahm rasayana has similar ingredients as Chyawanprash except few. Most important difference is that Brahm rasayana is warm but not pungent at all as warmth gives strength by dissolving plaque and removing only Vata whereas pungency during summers will further increase Vata and Pitta. Secondly and very importantly Brahm rasayana is mildly bitter in tastes thereby neutralizing high pungency of summers which is otherwise exhausting and Vata aggravating. All in all, the message is clear. That chyawanprash is good only for cold weather whereas Brahm rasayana only for warm weather (but not hot).


*** Milk curdling happens only when sourness is added to hot milk as heat is necessary for curdling of milk proteins. This is why chawanprash should ideally be consumed with luke warm milk and not very hot milk though this is also true that during winters, curdling of milk in the stomach will not cause health issues due to strong Jatharagni whereas during summers, sudden curdling of milk in stomach puts sudden load in stomach thereby causing issues like gas formation/indigestion. Remember, cottage cheese (the result of curdled milk) is cold and heavy in nature and in absence of deepan pachan herbs, it is bound to create indigestion. This is the reason that milk and fermented bread should not be consumed together as they weaken Jatharagni though this combination would not show its illeffects initially.




  • Whenever Vata imbalance and Vata aggravation are high and they are reversed through Asana and food, then the native must consume all nutrients more than needed in normal circumstances whether it be macro nutrients (protein, fats and carbs) or micronutrients including minerals and vitamins. Thats why Vata people must eat very consciously so that all nutrients go inside the body. It may also mean taking supplements for some time in form of rasayana like Chawanprash or Brahm rasayana with milk. The issue that comes with multivitamin tablets is that they do not work on the principle of six tastes (especially Deepan Pachan concept is totally missing in them which is essential for undoing Vata). The result is that their absorption becomes a challenge and instead their accumulation in blood may create more issues. For example iron tablets can cause constipation whereas chawanprash/amla etc will never create constipation. Second reason is that supplements are totally artificially produced and are highly likely to lack the originality. Lastly, there is no doubt that Ayurvedic rasayanas would have been prepared by Rishis after properly understanding the ratio of need of different micronutrients needed in the body.


  • Steroids– Steroids is the name given to manmade medicines that in certain ways resemble/mimic the effects of certain hormones secreted by human body. There primarily two categories of steroids. Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids are those that mimic cortisol, the hormone secreted by adrenal glands to calm down inflammation (high Pitta) when body gets highly inflamed due to excess Pitta (as a result of stress due to whatever reasons). Apart from chemical produced meds, even Licorice mimics this hormone to calm down a highly inflamed system. However, excess of this medicine is bound to oversettle Pitta and create issues like thick blood, weak digestion, sluggishness, weak circulation and associated Vata kapha imbalance diseases like hypertension, depression, brain fog, diabetes, CHF etc. On the other hand, anabolic steroids mimic testosterone whose job is to increase peripheral circulation by increasing Pitta thereby strengthening muscles (being in peripherals). Again its indiscreet use is bound to overincrease Pitta and cause issues like aggression and other Pitta related diseases.



How should medicines/ digestives be taken


While all meals should be balanced in all tastes however if not so then digestives (powders/tablets) taken post meal to balance a specific taste or two as (an after-thought), should be swallowed with water instead of chewing on them. This is because chewing creates the effect of that taste for more time towards the mouth and area around which is bound to create a type of imbalance especially in the long run. That is why even most of the Ayurvedic churnas or tablets are supposed to be swallowed unless the aim is to balance some imbalanced dosha of the upper respiratory/digestive tract in which case the med is given with honey etc. Also, as a thumb rule, all medicines/newly introduced food items should initially be taken in small quantity to know their subtle effect unless the same is advised by some very experienced healer.


Last but not the least, even if modern medical science through various chemical processes, is somehow able to create medicines exactly at par with those mentioned in Ayurveda by blending various chemicals (though it is almost impossible as plant based medicines provide many many good chemicals in a single medicine), they should be discouraged as their byproducts are extremely toxic. Moreover most of the herbal medicines can be created at negligible costs through herbs grown in backyard against chemically produced medicines which are expensive too.




Therapeutics- chapter 2


*** This is extremely essential to understand for a blissful health that before focussing on Exercises and Asanas and other therapeutics, our first aim should be to educate ourselves and others about the basics of eating right in line with constitution and weather and understanding the logic of it. This is the reason that eight limbs of Ashtang Yoga have been put in a specific order. This also means that our first aim should be to become morally upright, this aspect being the first limb of Ashtang. Here is an example to explain. Lets suppose that one has excess of Vata in the body (meaning less of blood and constricted vessels) and before pacifying Vata aggravation that person goes for Asanas (let’s suppose headstands). Now Vata aggravation means less blood. And if such a person pushes blood towards brain through headstand, he/she will reduce it in lower body. Thus the aim of such a person should be to undo Vata aggravation (as much as possible by following the Vata pyramid) and then move towards Asana, however this is also true that when Vata goes high in a Vata mind then it robs one of ability to plan life including food (which is called as brain fog due to high Vata which in initial days may sound like excitement when Vata is accompanied by Pitta). In such a case, this person would definitely need handholding by an expert and may also need a bit of headstands to be able to think straight. This is the reason that the best way to explain limbs of Ashtang Yoga is to put them in the circle of zodiac which means that it is not possible to remain stuck on one house only. Life is bound to move to next.




Exercising intensely when Vata is high to give a kick to the dull (vata ridden) brain is the major reason for increasing Vata aggravation and fibromyalgia in today’s world. And Vata can go high due to poor eating habits, due to indiscreet intake of bitter foods, due to sickness (even as small/short as fever). That is why Ayurveda clearly mentions to rest and eat well to fill ups gaps first (i.e. pacify Vata first) and regain firmness in the body before resuming routine activity (intense physical activity comes much later). We discussed how Vata in early years increases vata imbalance like figure 2.3 pushing the person to exercise hard as upper body stops getting enough blood in the brain. However this act of increased Pitta flares up Vata of the brain thereby pushing the person to eat wrong foods (due to unsettled mind), apart from getting involved in intense exercises and display of aggression in behaviour due to VP mind. Thus all this pushes the person deeper into the circle of diseases. That is where comes the essential role of Pranayama and Asana.


Asana and Pranayama


*** This is to reiterate that the aim of Asana/Pranayama/Kriya and related techniques is to balance Vata. They cannot undo Vata aggravation. Vata aggravation can be undone only by right food through mouth and through panchkarma therapy as we shall study in the next section. However this is also true as mentioned earlier that Vata imbalance leads to Vata aggravation in the long run. Thus indirectly these techniques do help in undoing Vata aggravation too. But then Vata is bound to aggravate with time in peripherals. Also Vata is bound to increase but uniformly in the entire body with time. The problem comes when Vata goes high in brain earlier than core organs including heart. Then it leads to depression, inability to take right decisions, Alzheimer etc. Also to note that Vata aggravation means inability/inefficiency of nutrients to reach different glands. And since different glands of the body communicate with each other and create a feedback mechanism (through hormones and nutrients) for healthy running of the body, this inability has a cascading effect (directly/indirectly) on the working of all the body parts. Thus once again Asana and Pranayama become essential to keep Vata in control for efficient communication between different parts of the body translating in vibrant health and bliss.




These two visualizations will provide great clarity in how Asanas work on our body.


Visualizing body as a clothVisualize our body as a cloth (we briefly discussed this example earlier). When Vata aggravates, the cloth becomes weak and constricts inwards and thus loses its firmness. When Vata goes out of balance, the cloth begins to become weaker at certain places vis-a-vis others. Due to poor circulation, it begins to crumple inwards while also becoming dry due to lack of nutrition. Thus, while stretching that crumpled part helps to widen it, its fabric is bound to become weak (less dense) due to stretching. Biologically, when we exercise or stretch, we literally stretch our various cells. Thus apart from giving good food to fill up this (less dense) gap to increase density to right amount, we also must massage it with wholesome nutritious oils like Dhanvantaram oil. We also must rest to help these over stretched fibers/cells get repaired.


Another important point is that when body crumples inwards, it becomes small like a dried putty which originally was bigger in all directions. So when we do asanas to stretch it outwards, we would need to perform different asanas to stretch it in different directions depending upon how the putty has deformed due to our actions, while filling the gaps with nutritious oils. This is the reason it is said that the real pacification of Vata happens when one does relevant Asanas after oiling the body especially that of affected (vata ridden body part) so that oil enters when the constricted body is stretched outwards thereby permanently settling Vata. This is also the reason that wrestlers during practice matches or even exercises oil their bodies to settle Vata of their peripherals.


*** The above example has a great simile with human behaviour. Whenver something is withdrawn from a person (good or bad thing), it creates gap in ones life (which is also physical in nature even if it is seemingly behavioral) thereby creating Vata. And the only way to undo this Vata is to fill up this gap. However this gap cannot by filled by force (else it will create more cracks as Vata is dry). Its like trying to push something into a person who has developed bitterness (Vata is bitterness too). A bitter person becomes resistive in accepting anything especially from the one who has caused bitterness (in this or previous life/lives). In simple words, Vata/gap can be filled only by warmth and nourishment (warmth of love and nourishing ideas and thoughts). Goes without saying that healing is a slow process and bitterness (Vata) should ideally not be allowed to happen at all else recovery is difficult and not fully efficient. This also means that Vata should never be allowed to be created anywhere in own or others body (by ensuring that all parts of body get continous supply of blood) which is possible only when we have balanced VPK and thus balanced behaviour thereby ensuring the same in others too (remember the cause and effect) .


From balloon example’s viewpoint, a well stretched balloon means good Pitta. Thus here muscles too are well stretched which are holding Rasa in different areas. When we do different Asanas, we stretch or contract muscles to facilitate movement of this Rasa from one place to another, thereby changing the physiology of the muscle. So when someone has good pitta but Vata is imbalanced like 2.3, then such a person will have well stretched body with narrowed upper body. In such a case the person will have more VP towards upper body. Now visualize the body of such a person in form of a balloon which will be heavier/bulkier in lower and lighter/weaker/slimmer in upper. Now it is a fact that such people donot realize the hyperactivity (VP) of their mind unless they slow down but slowing down means lower pitta which is bound to create wrinkles. Thus when such a person will do headstands, then he/she will push lymph into wrinkles too thereby depositing kapha in Vata. Moreover, headstand in such people will push lymph only in the core of brain and upper body as body is crumpled inwards due to low pitta. But what happens if such a balloon is squeezed from bottom? Its air moves up and inflates the upper narrowed portion of the balloon. This is what Padmasana- the lotus pose does. So what is Padmasana?


Most of us can sit cross legged which is termed as Sukhasana. It is a good pose that partially blocks the flow of blood towards legs to counteract the effect of gravity on us. However, Padmasana (the lotus pose) is even better and is an excellent posture for providing immediate relief to those who have Vata imbalance like figure 2.3. While this pose too is cross legged however here both the soles of feet rest on the opposite thighs. This asana totally blocks the flow of blood towards legs beyond pelvic area. Even, Sidhasana also works on slightly similar lines (though not exactly) where one needs to sit cross legged. In this asana, the push on the point right under the groin area with the heel helps to push lymph/blood from the lowest chakra (of sexual organs) to upper parts (chakra). However here the blood flow towards legs is not blocked. Also, excess of this pose could increase vata in lower chakra and cause constipation and weakness in legs (again aim is only to balance Vata). Goes without saying that these poses should be performed with straight spine to facilitate easy push of lymph in upper body.


*** Excess of sitting in cross legged position (sukhasana/padmasana) can create pain in Knees as this creates a blockage of blood flow especially in knees. This is why these postures must be accompanied with enough of exercises that stretch knees and push blood towards them. This is also the reason that weak blood circulation starts hitting our joints too (especially with stiffness in morning) as no one sleeps with straight joints and any bent in joint starts accumulating Vata and toxins there.


  • During colder seasons, when the blood becomes cold and thus heavy, it settles more towards the lower body and the core thereby feeding the lower chakras and the core organs. This is the reason it is said in mythological stories that lord Vishnu (nourishment/rasa) goes into sleep mode in Patal Loka (lower chakras) starting from monsoons till Ocotober as requested by the king of Asuras (Bali) who was known to enjoy Venus (luxuries) as done by Asuras but with moral ethics in place. This is the time when one can start mild exercises if Vata Pitta (space) is not high. On the other hand, during summers the heat rises the blood to upper chakras thereby weakening core and lower chakras. This as a thumb rule, starting from onset of Aries (mid March onwards in current era), this is not the time to do headstands, intense activity, exercises else it will further weaken lower body and core organs causing backaches, high BP, hyperactivity, constipation etc.

*** The problem comes when apart from weather condition, we further reduce Pitta in our body during winters with wrong foods and medicines (antihypertensives, antiallergics, cold spices etc) thereby taking conscience/blood/nutrition/tissues/Lord Vishnu deeper into core and lower body. While onset of warm weather slowly opens the body and starts feeding the upper chakras too, when the nutrition/mind goes too deep and low in the lower chakras, it becomes difficult to bring them up without right asanas in place. As such excess Vata weakens the core organs.

This also means that ideally we should never be in a hurry to expand during summers and constrict during winters. Let it happen with the flow the way it happens with plants but that is possible only when we eat in line with weather right from beginning of life. In such a case we wouldn’t need any therapeutics. In other words, we should hibernate to some extent during winters and become active during summers.

  • If a person sits for too long (due to job or other reasons), then his/her balloon (body) bends like an L. This not only continuously overstretches the lower back muscles thereby lengthening it (vertically) but it also reduces the width of this muscle (i.e. horizontally). Also when a person sits for too long, he/she is likely to go low on Pitta which drops Rasa to lower body. However, this rasa instead of going to back, moves to stomach thereby creating a paunch as sitting in L position blocks Rasa from going there. Thus, Shivananda Yogasana set (as shared in Volume one will immensely help such a person) to not only push Rasa in upper body but also strengthen lower back with fish pose (matsyasana which is one of the poses of Shivananda Yoga regime). If you notice, this pose not only widens back muscles but it also pushes Rasa from tummy to the lower back area thereby nourishing it and widening it. Those having painful lower back can simply lie down on back and squeeze tummy while touching arch of the back on flat surface. Unlike Fish pose, this pose will not put any stress at all on lower back.


All in all, we must remember that when Pitta increases in the body, the balloon inflates/expands in the same shape in which it was when Pitta was low. Meaning if any specific posture had created a specific shape of the balloon thereby overfeeding specific parts and underfeeding others, then when body will inflate due to pitta, the pain will be felt in those parts where Rasa was not reaching. In such a case, the only option will be to reduce Pitta first (by resting and removing spices and consuming pitta reducing foods/herbs like brahmi, fennel, cumin etc depending upon the weather) and then push rasa to those areas which were not getting enough Rasa before again increasing Pitta to a reasonable level. Overall, it is important to become aware of the current condition of our body.


*** This also means that muscle injuries cannot be healed in real sense unless proper postures and associated strategies are applied as mentioned above. Yes oils especially nutritious oils do help in providing nutrition to heal them faster and should be used alongwith right asanas.


  • Since muscles tightly secure the lymph in a specific area, stretching them helps to loosen their grip on lymph thereby pushing it somewhere else. Many Asanas use this principle. For example, for issues like cervical spondylitis/neck pains, when we apply resistance on forehead, backhead and sides of head, we stretch peripheral muscles of neck thereby pushing lymph there.
  • Since yogasanas homogenize the environment, their wise and conscious use does the task of heart. That is why they become all the more important in those people who have any kind of Vata imbalance because all Vata imbalances directly or indirectly impact the functioning of heart thereby increasing Vata aggravation which can be undone only by asanas and right food.
  • Apart from homogenizing the environment, Yogaasana’s very important task is also to direct different types of Vata in the right direction which get misaligned due to wrong foods/meds/lifestyle and activities. For example, Vyana Vata task is to circulate blood in the entire body starting from heart and away from it, outward in all directions. But if because of closure of heart chakra (whatever may be the reason), the direction of Vyana Vata moves inwards i.e. in reverse direction then it is bound to create circulation and thus Vata issues in peripherals including brain, digestive system and even Skin leading to depression, constipation, backaches, polyneuropathy, fibromyalgia and many more. In such a case, comes the role of Asanas like fish pose (matsyasana) which correct the flow of Vyana Vata in outward direction. Similarly bhujangasana directs the flow of Apana vata in the downward direction thereby helping in proper elimination. That is why all these are part of Shivananda Yoga. However, customizing Asanas basis one’s condition is extremely important. For example, a person with aggravated Vata in anahata chakra should avoid doing much of Ardhmatseyandra Asana (or should know how much to do and when) since it does direct flow of Vata in upward and downward direction from heart but it also reduces blood from this chakra.


*** Remember, even incomplete Asanas can also direct the flow of different Vata in the wrong direction leading to health issues. That is why we must understand the flow of different types of Vata in the body which is extremely easy.


  • Since Shivananda yoga increases blood circulation in upper body, it is primarily for those who walk/run/dance/stand a lot (or have created such a Vata imbalance due to such activities in the past). However, those who have sedentary lifestyle should not do it after creating balancing Vata else it is bound to create high Vata in lower body.


*** Since during summers Pitta is already high in the weather, one should go for light Asanas/Pranayama/walks that too only in cold times of the day else intense exercise/yoga/brisk walks/jogs will further inflate Pitta and further expand an already expanded body. Ideally they should be done during mornings when it is relatively colder however if one wishes to perform them during summer evenings, then it should be done only after having a cold shower bath. Remember the aim is only to balance Vata (homogenise body) and not increase circulation which is already high. Conversely during winters, its important to do intense yoga/exercises with the purpose of increasing Pitta as well as homogenizing fluids/Prana. Quite logical that this increase or decrease in intensity should be gradual exactly in line with weather and that’s why we must be conscious of our body and weather around.



  • How to perform difficult poses– There are poses which are relatively more difficult than the rest, with level of difficulty varying from individual to individual and this fact is more prominent in today’s world when Vata imbalance is high leading to excess weight and thus less flexibility and strength. This is one reason that many people perform many Yogasanas half heartedly or improperly resulting in impartial benefits or at times more damage than good.



Many people also make the mistake of circumventing certain essential but advanced Asanas due to laxity or due to lack of strength/flexibility to perform them. But then missing an asana in a regime may have consequences as all Asana regimes recommended by different Yogis have different purposes. For example in Shivananda regime itself (which is specifically essential for people with vata imbalance like 2.3), headstand is an inevitable posture. But then due to weaker upper body such people, skip it and perform the other 11 postures which results in inability to pacify Vata of brain i.e. CPU thereby not letting body relax and repair resulting in permanent feeling of exhaustion. That is why one must not skip any asana of Shivananda Yoga which is highly scientific, even if it means using assistance to perform them. However the irony is people with Vata imbalance like 2.3, have weak upper body and resting all weight on head will create issues for such people leading to compression in cervical column resulting in neckaches/ spondylitis and even more severe injury. So how to go for such difficult /advanced poses.


Yogasutras clearly recommend to approach difficult (advanced) poses slowly and gradually through other easier asanas e.g. before finally reaching advanced poses like headstands, chakrasanas etc, there are preparatory asanas to gradually strengthen upper body like setu bandh, mountain pose, vipreetkarni. Similarly, Locust pose (shalabhasana) which is part of Shivananda may be a difficult pose for people with heavier lower body (and weak upper) as it involves lifting legs to increase blood flow towards chest area but then it can be performed by resting feat on chairs.  Likewise, Padmasana is a relatively difficult pose for many especially those who are heavy and have more kapha towards lower body including legs (figure 2.3). The best way to gain flexibility for doing this pose is to start with Shivananda poses as the 12 poses of Shivnanda reduce excess blood /kapha/rigidity from lower body.


*** There are times when one may need to do such advanced asanas as soon as possible to pacify aggravated vata of that area (for example in my case headstand did wonders as it woke up my dormant higher brain). There are several aids which can be used to perform different asanas. For instance, exercise ball (inflatable) can be used in so many ways to perform those Asanas which are needed to increase/direct blood flow in specific areas/direction but cannot be done without aid. Similarly, inversion tables are extremely helpful for those who need to do headstand but are unable to do because of weak neck and/or arms area that may cause severe compression of upper spine while doing such asanas the conventional way. Infact, constant oscillation between upright and inverted position helps in widening gap in between vertebra while also pushing more Rasa from area around to repair compression and associated issues like sciatica, cervical spondylitis. Though this is also true that inversion using tables/ropes should be done carefully and slowly to avoid overstretching of back or waist muscles. In fact excess traction of neck muscles without inversion can even cause temporary facial paralysis as it pulls blood from face.


*** Vipreetkarni Asana- a great pose for those who cannot do headstands/padmasana. It is ironical that those who have figure like 2.3 and are low on Pitta but high on Rasa are likely to accumulate lot of Rasa in lower body but cannot perform headstands/sarvangasana/halasana/Padmasanas which are extremely essential for them. As a result they tend to have isseus like heavy bottom/varicose veins etc while adding more Kapha towards the lower body thereby getting into a vicious circle. Such people must perform Vipreetkarni Asana for at least 20-30 mins a day to drain excess lymph from legs. Post this Asana, doing Padmasana/Sidhaasana will become easier with passage of time. Tribandh Asana (as you will read about it in coming pages) will further push the lymph collected in the stomach area, to upper body and remove difference between Rahu and Ketu. This process is a easier version and intial step to move towards Shivananda Yogasanas and like Shivananda Yoga can help us to slowly get rid of several issues like insomnia, hairfall, cervical spondylitis, weak eyes, fogged brain, aggression, alzhiemers, varicose veins, kapha constipation, obesity and many more.


  • Surya namaskar– Surya is Sun. The primary task of Surya Namaskar is to invoke Sun (Sadhak pitta) not by heating body but by homogenizing it. Homogenizing helps to reconnect broken neural circuits due to broken circulation of blood (i.e. vata aggravation). And once neural circuits connect properly, they establish proper communication within the entire body with the CPUs (brain, heart and gut) thereby restoring health, intelligence (internal as well as external). Surya namaskar should ideally be performed under sunlight (early morning or late evening of summers and noon of winters). This helps to homogenize Pitta of Sun along with food all around the body thereby settling Vata wherever required. Exactly the same goes with walking and even other Yogasanas, pranayama and Kriya. During summers, Surya Namaskar should be performed slowly with a few repetitions (4-5) to just balance Vata. Whereas during winters one can increase it as many as 50 or even hundred depending upon ones capacity. Also one of the good ways to beat summers (apart from eating right and staying in cooler areas/shade) is to sleep as close as possible to the ground. This will help ground excess pitta from the body. However it should not be combined with Pitta lowering medicines unless Pitta is too high as this may drastically reduce pitta and create associated diseases.


*** Saakshat Dandavat Pranaam (The Asana of lying prostrate in the temples)- As per Vedic traditions, Men should bow down in temples while touching their entire body into the ground but women should not? The basic reason is again the same- that men are high on pitta. And high pitta imparts ego, heat, passion, agression. Grounding the entire body reduces pitta and thus ego and other vices thereby helping men to reach the state of surrender especially in the temple. On the other hand, women are low on pitta and high on vata which is why they are more religious. Grounding will further reduce their pitta, increase vata and weaken circulation thereby inviting all kinds of circulatory diseases. However women are allowed to touch their forehead, arms on the ground as they are naturally higher on Pitta than the entire body.



  • Sitting in squat position (Ukadu Asana) is an extremely essential asana to stretch our body and remove wrinkles for re-establishing blood flow and continuity of prana. The asana regulates “Apana Vata” in its natural and downward direction and also strengthens pelvic muscles which is why those who sit in this position (consciously or sub consciously) donot face constipation and related issues. While those who attend the nature’s call in the squat position donot especially need to perform this asana, those who use western seats to excrete must sit in squat position for at least five minutes in a day. The asana also ensures natural delivery of child, which is why majority of the deliveries in the so called advanced parts of the world happen through C section (by cutting open the stomach) as they use western toilets to excrete. For better results squatting asana should be accompanied by Sukhasana (sitting in cross legged) and butterfly position. However, those having poor back muscles (due to shape like figure 2.5) should avoid squatting and butterfly, as this will further reduce rasa from area near Manipura chakra and cause backaches etc., unless such people have balanced their Vata with Asanas like Shashankasana.


  • Since, blockage in circulation in any part of the body can increase Prana Vata (reduced blood in brain), that is why the yoga practitioners experience bliss with even those Asanas that directly dont seem to impact Prana Vata. Likewise, all foods which reduce ama and improve circulation (especially spices) help in optimum functioning of Prana Vata with the caveat that excess of them can flare up Prana Vata and again lead to insomnia.


  • The TAPPING TECHNIQUE- What happens, if some dirt gets stuck in a water pipe due to slow or no movement of water in it for long, then with time it becomes more stubborn thereby causing obstructed flow of water in the pipe. In such a case, we usually increase speed of flow of water through the pipe to remove that dirt. However there are times when this method is unable to dislodge the stubborn and deeply embedded dirt from the wall. This is where comes the role of tapping. Tapping the external wall of the pipe with running water helps to dislodge the dirt which then gets washed away by fast moving water. Exactly the same principle can be applied on body too. Tapping the affected area is an excellent technique to remove stagnated toxins in blood vessels/lymphatic fluid (rasa) and thus Vata. To flush the toxins away, tapping should be done when blood flow is good. So Vata people should do it after exercising/Asanas unless Pitta is as such high in the weather and body. While the technique can be used on any part of the body, its very effective on head and face and may help in issues like depression, brainfog, heaviness in head and OCD.

This may also help those having dry skin on face or having issues like dry mouth or mouth burning as it may also drop lymph to lower body due to gravity. Dropping of lymph to the lower parts of brain is bound to drop blood too alongside which may reduce speed of flow of blood because now same amount of blood has to move in lesser volume of blood vessels. So while this will reduce blood from upper brain, it will also reduce blood moving in narrow vessels in upper brain i.e. high VP resulting in high VP in entire body. Thus this technique may also help in reducing excess VP in entire body as VP mind keeps the entire body too active. However its disadvantage may be reduction in higher perception i.e. Sadhak Pitta (Sun from Astrology angle) due to reduced blood in upper brain which is responsible for abstract and higher thinking. Excess practice may also cause headaches. So, moderation that too in line with one’s Prakriti and Vikruti is the key.

*** Since thoughts including negative ones create circuits in our hard disc, the best way to undo them is to regularly perform yogasanas, pranayama, tapping and meditation with positive reinforcements. Even consumption of food and drinks create/strengthen new/current circuits, which is why one should consume food and go through such therapeutics including various therapies of panchkarma, in conducive and positive circumstances.


  • This is to reiterate that Asana/Yogasana should ideally be performed in the morning hours. This is because after a long overnight rest, our body constricts inwards leading to reduced blood circulation in peripherals including brain. So we must perform Asanas especially Surya namaskar in the morning to equalise circulation of blood in the entire body (remember that conventional exercises cannot be as equalizing as Surya namaskar). Consumption of food without equalising blood flow may result in unequal distribution of nutrients consumed (Vata imbalance). Alternatively, one may have very light pre-digested wholesome food and then perform Asanas after a gap of 30-40 mins. Also, one must remember that Asanas should be performed when blood vessels and interstitial fluids are full and firm else it will not let fluids flow properly to intended area. However, firmness doesnt mean consumption of acidic/sour and heavy foods. It means having light food with balanced tastes.


  • A Vata person is one who has more blood towards the core (the central meridian) and less towards peripherals. So, if Vata person does only headstands and not others to increase peripheral flow too, he/she will end up pushing blood deeper into upper brain however his/her peripherals will not get enough blood leading to Vata and thus pain in peripherals such as lungs, face, chest, back depending upon where the excess Vata is sitting. This also means that an overall KP person with a bit of Vata towards brain, would be benefitted with simply headstands with lesser or no need of asanas for peripheral circulation.


*** We discussed that meridians are parallel energy centers/vessels along the vertical axis of the body. When Vata goes high these meridians constrict and come too close to each other. When temperature of body becomes low due to high Vata imbalance/aggravation, then the blood and rasa are unable to move properly thereby dropping the blood in lower parts of the body especially towards core (heart and stomach as we see it happening during winters). Those who run a lot while having high Vata aggravation tend to further lose blood due to its drop towards legs thereby furthering weakening the upper body. In such a case since meridians drop the blood towards lower and core, asanas like headstand even if followed by asanas that push blood in peripherals become partially ineffective. Here comes the role of Asanas like chakrasana which push the blood in peripherals apart from pushing it in upward and lower direction too.



  • Anulom Vilom– Our body can be visualised as two equal halves of an apple joint together through all the seven tissues. These two halves despite being similar looking have different organs and also have different functions, even at the level of brain which we discussed in volume one of the book in Astrology section while discussing D2 chart. Of course the two halves compliment each other for ensuring that the body works in proper order. There are several harmless looking activities which increase separation in between the two halves e.g. excess laughter, speaking, inflating of body due to high VP and even Kapalbhati separate the two. Anulom Vilom therefore becomes very important and essential as it ensures that communication between the two halves remains up and running by smoothing vessels. At spiritual level, AV helps in activating the Sushumna nadi. This is because the energy which was spreading out earlier in two halves of the body due to excess space created, comes close and then gets channelized (or says merge together) to awaken Sushumna Nadi.

Thus Sushumna Nadi is not a physical channel. It can be visualized as electromagnetic energy (aura) which due to excess space created in the body had expanded, cracked, divided in two halves thereby losing its originality. But AV alongwith other Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas and right food/lifestyle can help us to regain that lost Aura thereby removing all gaps in the Aura which otherwise causes diseases at mental, physical and spiritual level. Once Sushumna begins to awaken, the process of awakening of kundalini also begins.

*** Anulom Vilom also creates new channels thereby helping the blood to circulate properly. So when excess Kapha gets stuck and blocks channels, then Anulom Vilom’s backward and forward movement pushes blood and prana (pitta) through kapha to create new channels. This is an extremely important visualization which makes AV must as daily part of lives. Also to note that AV can be focussed on different parts/chakras of the body with practice.


  • Conscious Breathing is a wonderful way to direct flow of Prana in a specific place/direction and therefore through conscious Anulom Vilom one can even direct flow of prana/blood towards the core of Anahata chakra thereby healing high VP ridden heart (something similar to the way Arjuna/beta blockers work though not exactly).
  • Kumbhak PranayamaType One (with inhalation) – This is one Pranayama which is extremely essential for those having closed heart chakra (we discussed the reasons that cause closure of heart chakra). In this pranayama, the practitioner in comfortable sitting posture is supposed to retain the deeply inhaled breath as long as possible without over straining the body and mind. The practice helps to regulate Vyana Vata/circulation of blood thereby undoing innumerable diseases like fibromyalgia, depression, indigestion, constipation, OCD, aggression, impulse and many more.

*** Blowing air in the conch shell (shankh) which is one of the practices followed in Sanatana Dharma during morning and evening prayers works similar to Kumbhak Pranayama where lot of air is inhaled and then exhaled slowly through the counch to create sound similar to AUM. The practice not only works wonders for increasing lung capacity but it also opens and decongests heart chakra apart from other upper chakras. AUM sound further helps in breaking plaque and dilating blood vessels. The practice can be mixed with Padmasana.

Type two (after exhalation)- On the other hand if anahata chakra is overexpanded, it is bound to increase vata due to more space. In such a condition, Kumbhak may be performed after exhaling out and holding this position for as long as possible.

*** As a thumb rule, it is quite logical that type one is good for winters whereas type two for summers (especially to be done during sudden onset of winters or summers).

  • Sheetali Pranayama– This Pranayama involves opening mouth like a snout and inhaling in air through mouth with tongue in the center of the mouth. The practice is meant of cooling (sheetal) down excessively inflated (VP) throat chakra due to loud and/or continuous speaking. So what meditation does to Agya chakra, sheetali pranayama does to throat chakra. This also means that is opposite to HAM sound, the beej mantra of throat chakra.


  • Those having Vata imbalance like 2.3 are bound to have closed heart chakra too with time. Such people should practice Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and Kumbhak Pranayama in Padmasana pose. This is because such a Vata imbalance directs flow of blood more towards legs due to increased physical activity courtesy VP mind. Therefore if such people perform kapalbhati in simple cross legged pose (Sukhasana), then it reduces blood from stomach and pushes more towards upper body and lower body including legs thus denting the digestion and further increasing blood towards legs.


  • Since different Asanas/Pranayama/Mantra open different chakras, one must learn how much to open a particular charka and when. For example excess of AUM can create insomnia in a person who is already high on anxiety (VP brain). This also means that we should avoid reciting AUM in late evening. Likewise bhastrika is bound to be counterproductive for those having a racing heart due to high VP. When blood goes less in the upper body it is bound to go less not only in stem but side branches too. So after Asanas, one should ideally recite AUM and perform Brahamari to distribute lymph peripherally too (unless the case is of high VP mind as mentioned above).


  • As you will gain expertise you will begin to understand significance of different asanas and even create your own asanas


  • Do not perform Kapalbhati when digestive system is in emaciated condition else it will further weaken it. Instead increase it gradually to push lymph in upper body after strengthening digestive system.


  • Why highly muscular people are not flexible is because their body is too stretched outwards or say inflated. If you try flexing a highly inflated balloon. It will either burst or show resistance to flex. Also studies say that most of those into body building are not as strong as they appear to be. This is because their muscles are overstretched due to excess blood in peripherals however their desire to look strong weakens their core by pulling Rasa/blood away from it towards peripherals. The result is Vata imbalance which results in compromised immunity, weak circulation, poor production of fresh blood and so on. This is also the reason that body builders are low on endurance as weak core organs are unable to generate enough and sustained energy levels.


*** Astrologically good endurance is indicated by strong inner Mars whereas muscles by outer Mars and as a thumb rule people having strong Saturn in their core are high on endurance as Saturn retains Mars inwards thereby keeping core organs strong (especially that organ where Saturn is posted). All in all, balance is the key.



Tribandha Kriya (Asana) or Mahabandha


This Kriya/Asana is of immense importance in today’s world when Vata and Pitta both are high in collective conscience resulting in exponential increase in space and thus Vata. We discussed that how different sub doshas of Vata circulate blood and move Pitta in different directions. When excess space gets created in the body (and that in haywire manner), then Apana Vata/Vayu (which moves downward) and Prana Vayu (that moves upward) stop properly touching each other at common points. The result is that connection between different body parts gets broken and thus body starts accumulating food/toxins thereby giving rise to diseases. Here comes the inevitable role of Tribandha Asana or Mahabandha which involves creating bandhas (locks) at three levels (hence the name tribandha), which are:-


  • Moolbandha – squeezing up anus to block downward flow of Apana Vayu thereby creating lock at Mooladhara chakra/root chakra,
  • Jalandharbandha- Creating a lock at throat/Vishuddhi chakra by touching chin at chest thereby blocking upward movement of blood/Prana Vata.
  • Uddiyanbandha- squeezing in tummy at navel area (Manipura chakra) to ensure that space gets reduced at this level thereby facilitating meeting of Apana Vayu and Prana Vayu at heart chakra level.

This practice should ideally be done in Padmasana or at least Sukhasana (cross legged posture), after releasing out the breath (Kumbhak in exhaled position). The practice helps not only in completing circuit by reducing space but it also helps in smooth and downward movement of important glandular secretions of master glands of brain, to throat and heart chakra thereby helping in better regulation of the body which was disrupted due to excess space which was not allowing these secretions to reach the intended areas. By reducing excess space, this bandha also helps in going back to our true constitution from distorted/current constitution (from Vikruti to Prakriti), thereby gradually awakening Kundalini. Please note that if one’s Anahata is closed then Kumbhak should be performed after inhaling in and then creating bandhas as per current constitution.

*** Goes without saying that like for all therapeutics, even this Mahabandha must be done with prudence and modifications basis one’s current constitution e.g. a person with constipation should obviously avoid Moolabandha whereas one with cervical should avoid bending forward of neck to touch chin to chest. Also, since the aim of tribandh is to reduce space, it should ideally be done empty stomach else one may push excess kapha towards the core.


Importance of Deep Breathing during normal times and exercise/asana


Breathing in pushes blood to deeper areas of the body thereby feeding nutrition whereas breathing out brings back toxins and metabolic waste from those areas to the heart and then organs that clean the blood/excrete that waste. Therefore deep breathing must be part of everyone’s life. However, those who have excess space (excess Vata) must exercise prudence while performing deep breathing. In, fact they should learn to focus their breathing to those areas which are not getting enough nutrition due to extra space created elsewhere. They may also need to perform certain Asana especially the light ones after releasing out the breath. This is one reason that Mahabandha/Tribandha is usually done after releasing out the breath. Also you would note that belly breathing would expand blood more towards lower chakras whereas chest breathing expands blood more towards upper chakras including head and face. Thus one must learn to strike balance.


Tooth health


As per Ayurveda, we must do regular mouth pulling with seasonal oils to strengthen our gums and in turn teeth.  As regards, teeth decay, these are again Vata Pitta diseases due to poor supply of blood towards the mouth/gums. Thus, if one lives strictly as per eight limbs of Asthang Yoga and ensures sufficient and uniform blood supply to all parts including gums (including right and timely consumption of food), then tooth decay cannot happen. In fact, tooth decay can be even reversed by right food and Asanas. However, if the decay is beyond repairs due to continued high VP, then extraction may be the only option left. The interesting part is that Yoga employes Jalandhar bandh for painless tooth extraction as this bandh numbs down the gum area by cutting down blood supply.


*** Ayurveda experts had understood and given importance to every part of human body. Going by Ayurveda, even appendix (which is considered as vestigial organ by contemporary science) has a huge importance in gut health by maintaining healthy gut flora (beneficial microorganisms needed for biosynthesis/breakdown of certain food items).


Emotions and VPK


Different emotions have different impact on VPK of the body. For example anger/aggression/aggressive speech, increase peripheral circulation by increasing Pitta of upper chakras thereby increasing VP as it stretches the body outwards. Thus even emotions too have Rasas. Also, each emotion has its own color. For example anger/aggression is bound to increase red color. Vice versa is also true e.g. red invokes aggression but if used discreetly it invokes passion and alleviates depression. While wrong emotion/rasa/color can aggravate a specific dosha or all the dosha, their discreet use can be gainfully utilized to pacify aggravated doshas and bring harmony e.g. anger/red color is likely to inflate Vata and increase space and cause health issues especially during hot weather whereas blue color/quietness will help them. The ancient texts have mentioned about eight emotions/rasas (which are listed below), however I have listed ten as top three emotions are part of blue color only. This is because healthy Saturn/blue color is not disgust (as listed by certain texts) but rather introspection. For ease, I have mentioned them in rainbow color sequence which also means that human body has several layers of emotions starting from violet as the deepest which is most prominent during extreme winters when blood becomes extremely thick in the core and begins to stagnate there till red where it reaches right till peripherals in full flow and strength as it happens during summers :-


*** Going by this logic, ultraviolet and infra red can be considered as equivalent to Ketu and Rahu respectively. Nothingness can be viewed as no moon night.


It is logical that silence/disgust/fear is bound to constrict our body with maximum and sudden constriction through fear thereby increasing cold Vata whereas wonder/excitement/valor/aggression is likely to inflate/expand us (with aggression having maximum and sudden impact). It is also logical that excess or continued sustenance of any specific emotion is bound to create imbalances in the body thereby triggering more issues/imbalances. Thus, we must understand the inevitable role of balancing our emotions at all times. Watching hilarious or action thrillers when body and mind are already over-inflated, is bound to create issues. On the other hand, watching sad movies when mind is as such sad (vata ridden) would further create constrictions. It is therefore important that we become aware of this aspect of life too, though this is also true that a healthy mind will automatically (sub consciously) select the right emotion for balancing its VPK.


*** Just like everything, there is a cause and effect relationship between different foods, emotions, colors, behaviours. Not only that, each chakra too is supposed to be naturally governed by a specific color (this natural governance is called a Karaka/natural significator in Astrology), which can be seen by specially-able souls. However since each one of us is different there are bound to be deviations which when become major in nature, create diseases/disorders.





  • Not only Mantras but even the person who recites them also matters a lot. This is because a person’s sound will generate exactly those waves which are in consonance with the wiring of that person’s mind and body. For example a sattvic person with calm and composed mind will speak with flow but softly and sweetly thereby creating exactly that effect on the mind and body of the other person/s and/or the object/s around. This is why positive emotions create beautiful crystal patterns of water molecules whereas negative emotions distort them. Figure below, which was part of experiment conducted by Japanese Reseacher Masara Emotu, shows the shape of water molecules influenced by different emotions. Goes without saying that consumption of symmetrical and beautiful crystallized molecules of water vis-a-vis distorted ones will have different effects on the body and mind of the consumer too.


*** We discussed that Tantra is a process to achieve a specific result. So, the process of creating a specific crystal and thus specific outcome by using certain mantras at a specific time (when specific doshas are present in the atmosphere) is also a part of Tantra. Thus it is wrong to associate Tantra with only black magic. Tantra can and should be used for good purposes too. Same goes with Yantra- the instrument used for creating a specific outcome. In fact, unknowingly we all use Tantra, Yantra and Mantra all the time- when we eat food or offer food to others, when we speak with someone or self, when we sing a specific song/bhajan/mantra, when we buy something for self or others. The list is endless…. (we shall read more about Yantra in detail in Science and spirituality section).


  • We discussed that when body contracts inwards, the effect of this contraction is felt not only on whole body but on individual cells too. Exactly the opposite happens when AUM is recited. It not only expands the body outwards, it also expands each cells too (that too more towards outwards).


  • Since beej mantras expand the lymph (and thus blood and tissues) peripherally, one must know how much to recite them including AUM else excess of it will reduce the blood/lymph from the center of the chakra thereby again creating imbalance. Thus excess of AUM can even cause insomnia. Also since higher most chakra governs the entire body, its excessive opening is bound to create excess hyperactivity in the entire body too. This is because AUM activates Pineal (the master gland), Pituitary (the sub master gland in a way) and even Thyroid to some extent. These glands work like switches of the body thereby controlling the metabolism. Technically, they vibrate at a specific frequency due to a specific combination of VPK (unique to every individual) and have a cascading effect on the entire body). This also means that a hyperactive mind (high VP) should not recite AUM. That is why certain people are told by Astrologers to recite “Namah Shivay” instead of “Aum Namah Shivay”. Reiterating that in Vata minds, AUM should be recited only after pushing the blood in upward direction through Asanas/Kriyas. This is one reason that reciting AUM after reciting HARI i.e. HARIAUM helps those who have vata imbalance like figure 2.3. This is because reciting HARI pushes inwards the lower chakras thereby pushing lymph in upper direction. Whereas those having good blood in upper chakras donot need to recite HARI before AUM.


*** Spreading ones arms sideways while reciting HARIAUM helps better circulation of blood/lymph right till the peripherals. Performing Anulom Vilom after this recitation helps to uniformly distribute the expanded lymph. Also important to note that loudness of AUM (and any Mantra) determines the pungency it develops. In simple words, Vata people during mild summers should recite it in a sustained manner but with not high amplitude (loudness) thereby mimicking “Deepan Pachan” effect which helps in digesting plaque. During extreme summers when temperature goes above 33-34 degree (real feel temperature), one may avoid reciting it at all or recite it only mentally.


*** Just as getting Vata imbalance is a slow and gradual process which also leads to Vata aggravation, regaining balance and pacification of Vata is also a slow process. So all therapies (AUM, Pranayama, Asana, massages etc.) even if effective will show their work slowly and gradually on the native. Also as Vata will balance, more blood will spread towards peripherals thereby narrowing vessels, in which case one must consume very sattvic food that dissolves plaque but doesnt increase Vata.


*** By now you would have understood the difference between prayers and Mantras. While prayers can be short, Mantras would need to be recited multiple times to create their effect.


  • While VPK can be visualized as hardware of a transistor/radio, mantras can be visualized as frequencies for fine tuning the radio to tune into the higher world. In other words, mantras role comes more after putting the basic of hardware in place through Ashtang Yoga. Yes, as the hardware becomes better, it may start tuning with the higher world. But trying mantras at a very initial stage when the hardware is too disturbed is of no use. That is where comes the role of medicines like Brahmi which gently closes the excessively open chakras especially the crown chakra.


*** Science and Spirituality section has also captured more on Mantras




The moment we meditate (going in nothingness), we reduce movement of Pitta from one nerve to another. From biology perspective, we slow down aging. From physics perspective, we slow down time which has deeper meaning from Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande angle which we shall discuss.

*** Its, only a thought that finally gets converted into action. While, ideal is to avoid watching/listening to an unethical concept/idea/vision by avoiding wrong company/conscience, however it may not be possible at all times especially in kalyuga (as such all being of Universe being part of same family are bound to come in contact with each other sooner or later). That is why it is essential during these times that we continuously work on purification of our thoughts through positive reinforcement. Meditation plays a huge role in this process and again it should ideally be continuous process even with open eyes.  However, positive reinforcement should be a continuous and 24/7 process to stay on the right course. Scientifically, focus which is also another form of meditation on a specific thought, strengthens the inter-neural circuits of that aspect being focussed. That is why meditating on positive thoughts is extremely essential to reinforce positivity and undo negativity.




*** When Vata becomes too high and Pitta becomes very low, then plaque becomes dry and heavy in absence of enough Pitta (because Pitta is warm, oily and mobile). Thus when Vata goes very high and Pitta low, then Asanas become ineffective or only partially effective. In such a case, use of warm oil becomes essential. This is one major reason that pungent, warm and slightly oily drink/food is given to Vata patients to dissolve plaque before massages.


*** What happens if you partially drain a cloth in oil/water. It will show patches of oil/water. However if it fully dipped in oil/water, there comes a consistency in it and patches disappear because automatically more oil/water gets absorbed in those areas which are drier. This is how wholesome foods like chawanprash and massages of wholesome foods (medicated oils) create uniformity in the body by undoing Vata imbalance and homogenizing the environment.


  • Shatkarma which involves primarily use of saline water (and not oil) is good when Vata is imbalanced and kapha is stuck in the core (whether it be of head, face, intestines) thereby creating more Vata. In such a case using oil may become counterproductive (as a thumb rule such a situation arises more during winters). Whereas in summers, one may need oil therapies of the core instead of external body to settle vata of core if it goes high. Though ideal way to keep Vata of core pacified during summers is by having cold, bitter, astringent and mildly sweet fluids.


  • Ayurveda clearly mentions that enema should be done only when required. Unnecessary enema especially with warm/hot water will cause dryness in rectum area and flare up Vata/dryness leading to constipation. This is one reason that water enema is preceded or followed by oil enema to settle Vata if any unless excess of Kapha has lodged in colon area which is rare e.g. in case of cancer. Likewise goes for nasya which should be done after neti.


  • Blood-letting (rakta-mokshana) uses the simple principle of sucking out infected areas of the skin where blood has become toxin ridden leading to vata (blockages) and manifestation in form of skin diseases like alopecia, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, localized infections. Different healers use different methods for sucking out blood e.g. some use leeches, some use suction cups, however the fact is that leech therapy cannot be replaced by suction cups as leeches release many beneficial chemicals in the patient’s body during their process of sucking blood including blood thinner too.


  • It is quite logical that jalneti (neti with warm saline water) or steam inhalation should be performed only when one’s sinus is having phlegm/cough. Performing such procedures in dry sinuses will create more dryness and Vata. In dryness cases, better option is to go for oils with pungency and nutrition like Anu oil. Here pungency breaks plaque, removes old and stagnant mucous and triggers formation of new mucous. Whereas nutrition (in form of milk and oil etc) helps to restore healthy status of cells which were nutrition deprived. One can also use a bit of steam with Ksheerbala in such cases however Anu is a better option in such cases because Vata ridden sinus also means Vata in brain and steam in such a case would give a kick and further dry. Thus Anu is the best option. This is because despite being mildly pungent, it is also nourishing. The same principle must be applied for enema too. If a person is having warm feeling in the rectum area but not in the entire body then it means that rectum area is high on Vata as well as Pitta. Usually in such a case one is not likely to face constipation unless Pitta is too high and dries up intestines. In such a case, one should go for medicated oil enema (ksheerbala etc) first. And then one may think of going for saline water enema to remove toxins especially if there is constipation. Since lower intestines are naturally low on Pitta and high on Vata, constipation here arises usually when intestines stop moving due to excess coldness. In such a case, starting with saline water enema is fine but in such a case one is not likely to feel heat in this area.


*** Easiest way to create right amount of saline water solution for doing neti, vaman or enema is that it should taste exactly like our tears. Excess of salt (more than our bodies salt concentration) in water will pull water from cells of the body whereas less of it will push more of water into the cells, which is why isotonic saline water is used (isotonic means that which has same concentration of salt as that of our body).



  • Local problem local solution must be borne in mind. A person may be overall fit but may have Vata stuck in specific pockets (either due to indiscreet use of vasodilation or due to injuries). In such a case one may need to go for localized pacification of Vata through medicated nutritious oils like ksheerbala.


  • While Vata imbalance can be handled with plain warm oils (sesame) to pull blood towards massaged area, Vata aggravation should be handled with only oils providing wholesome nutrition like ksheerbala. However since Vata aggravation and imbalance have cause and effect relationship, it is always better to go for such oils and not the plain ones especially in case of extreme imbalance/aggravation. Yes, in case someone has enough rasa in the body but Vata is high and so is Vata imbalance, then such a person may simply go for sesame oil massage or even mustard (in winters) instead of ksheerbala as ksheerbala is warm due to sesame but not hot and neither pungent.


  • Ksheerbala is warm in potency but not pungent. Hence it can be wisely used by Vata people even during summers if there are pains in muscles (usually experienced when temperature drops suddenly due to rains or AC resulting in weak peripheral circulation). We discussed that warmth/Pitta (glutamate) provides strength by pacifying Vata whereas pungency flares Vata. This also means that sesame oil can be used wisely even in cooking during summers by Vata people. Same goes with Mustard oil if Pitta is not high characterized by burning of the skin.


  • If Vata is imbalanced at vertical axis and not horizontal axis then apart from Asanas and stretching, even dry massages are of great help for equalizing flow of lymph/blood.


  • Nasya/Dhoomapanam We discussed that Anu oil is pungent but astringent, bitter, and sweet too and is therefore excellent for managing typical Vata issues of the face and brain manifesting in form of cold dryness/cough when Pitta is not. On the other hand ksheerbala is better when cough is totally absent. It can also be used in case of dryness and burning. To add pungency, one can also add camphor which is pungent, bitter but cold in potency. This oil can be used during winters with camphor for even psoriasis and without camphor in summers. Now, this oil cannot reach deeper parts of the body through nostrils especially oesophagus and lungs. Moreover, it is likely to get accumulated in the areas closer to the nostrils from where it is being administered. And there comes the role of Dhoomapanam which literally means consumption/inhalation of smoke. In this procedure ghee/oil (medicated with herbs like turmeric, licorice, camphor, rasna etc.) is applied on a piece of cotton which is rolled and then burnt so that its fumes (focussed with the help of a cone) are inhaled through nostrils and mouth for making the fumes of medicated ghee reach deeper parts of throat and even lungs. The process works very well for undoing Asthma and bronchitis where toxins dry up and get stuck inside the body.


*** Dhoompanam is not to be confused with smoking tobacco (used in cigarettes etc.). Unlike, the former, the latter is addictive due to tobacco which is not only highly vasodilating (bitter) but also toxic and dry. That is why tobacco creates Vata aggravation and imbalance in the system especially mouth, throat and lungs while also trapping the soot and dirt inhaled through smoking. That is why in already Vata people smoking tobacco is highly likely to cause respiratory issues and diseases like cancer, mouth burning etc.


*** Though steam is much hotter and pungent as compared to dhoomapanam which is why the latter procedure is better for those having Vata and toxins, excess of heat with pungency of Steam/Dhoomapanam can flare up Vata instead of pacifying it (in people having Vata and toxins but not kapha and toxins), which is why they should be used with precautions and also with limited exposure.


Haven- Thus, Havan (Homa) with fumes created by burning of piles of dried cow dung with ghee and herbs (as per the need of the hour/toxins in the atmosphere) can work wonders for neutralizing toxins in the environment and in the human respiratory tract through indirect inhalation. Of course, havan’s fumes with different herbs/chemicals can be gainfully utilized for several other things. For example, it is said that in ancient times, they were used to precipitate rainfall from the overcast clouds. Applications could be numerous.


*** Inhalation of different herbs basis one’s constitution can be gainfully utilized in many different ways. We shall discuss a case study in Astrology section to understand that how and in what conditions will this be useful. This will drop a good hint to you, to use these therapies in the right manner.


*** When Vata imbalance goes high, it weakens brains ability to rest thereby overexciting it and thus the entire body too. Nasya (without giving too much of heat to brain) in such cases is of immense help as it immediately calms down the mind and thus repair body too (i.e. undoing vata aggravation). This also gives the native the chance to repair body by balancing Vata through right asanas, food and massages. However, when Vata is balanced with Asanas, the native may feel sluggish due to more blood pushed towards brain (which is already high due to nasya). In such cases, one may use a bit of dhoomapanam at a later stage to undo excess Kapha pushed towards the brain. This also means that excess of nasya can lead to sluggishness which should be undone with Dhoomapanam.


*** Whenver oil is put in a specific part of the body, with heat applied it spreads to nearby areas too thereby settling Vata of that area too. This is why one should avoid simultaneous oil therapies of two adjacent areas e.g. oil pulling (in mouth) and nasya as this will push excess oil in mouth and nose area. The aim should be to check which is the most dry point and area around and then proceed.


  • Shirodhara and Shirobasti– By pouring continuous stream of ksheerbala on forehead, one is able to expand/open up the overly closed/constricted pineal gland/third eye in very high vata people thereby undoing OCD/introversion/depression. Goes without saying that it should not be performed in those whose Vyana Vata is as such expanded. Such people may need a bit of constriction (reduce Pitta or Vata or both). In fact, after doing nasya, Shirodhara may become essential because nasya will nourish internal tissues but due to oil, it will pull blood towards core thereby increasing Vata in peripherals of brain and head which can be settled with Shirodhara. Shirodhara with milk or buttermilk calms down Sadhak Pitta by cooling down area close to the seat of Sadhak Pitta (being white and cold as white color reflects back all heat and light thereby cooling the CPU). Apart from this it also supplies Rasa through milk (Even application of Tilak on forehead and ash on body has a similar science about which we shall read in Astrology section). Shirobasti where such liquids are poured on head (not just forehead) by creating a dam on head is a step ahead to provide cooling to entire brain (not just forebrain but hind and upper brain too).

*** Astrologically, Shirodhara is a wonderful process for those having excessively strong Sun combusting moon especially in first house, however those having strong Moon in first (especially if strong and away from Sun) should totally avoid it.

*** Different constitutions need different oils/medicines. Same goes for Shirodhara, massages, Netratarpan too. A person with Vata (Saturn) and Pitta (Sun/Mars) on face/head should go for buttermilk whereas one with pure Pitta but not Vata should go for milk. Understand the reason instead of mugging it please. Similarly those having Vata on face should go for milk dabs on eyes intead of rosewater to cool down excess Pitta in eyes.

*** Ideally concentrated residual of Amla powder and water should be added to buttermilk to make it a complete food (as amla provides Vitamin C) for doing shirodhara.


  • Pidichil– In this therapy, medicated oil is poured over the entire body in a rhythmic manner so that the entire body sucks in nutrition. This therapy is used when there is Vata aggravation in the entire body. It is slightly similar to whole body massage (abhyangam) however abhyangam uses not more than 50-100 ml of oil per sitting and it involves massage unlike Pidichil where more than 2-3 litre of oil goes in and is repeatedly used on the patient after collecting in jar and reusing it after reheating. However usually in Pidichil, massages are avoided as massages produce friction which in turn produce heat.


Lastly, right food, Asana, Pranayama, disciplined living are like a set of preventive maintenance whereas medicines and therapies like panchkarma are more of breakdown maintenance. If we follow the first set, we wouldn’t need the second. However, we must remember that Asana cannot increase Rasa and Rakta, they can undo Vata imbalance primarily on Vertical axis however they are temporarily bound to increase Vata aggravation. Especially when done to undo Vata imbalance on longitudinal axis, they are bound to increase Vata aggravation. However medicated oils do increase rasa and rakta and that is why can undo Vata aggravation and Vata imbalance on longitudinal axis.


Pulse Diagnosis

Using “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” principle, seven levels of Pulse can be related with the seven houses of Astrology. Captured below is the image of seven levels of Pulse, reproduced from the book SECRETS OF THE PULSE by Dr Basant Lad (as already given in the Bibliography section of Volume one of THE ROOT CAUSE).

So referencing this figure, here are few examples to illustrate that how Pulse reading can easily be read. Just remember that deepest pulse (7th level) represents deepest dosha or say deepest layer (which is the constitution of the native) and thus the first house, whereas shallowest pulse (1st level) represents the current constitution (Vikruti) of the native and also the seventh house. 7th level also shows the deeply located and dense organs like lungs, liver, circulation of VPK, heart, spleen and kidneys, whereas the 1st level represents relatively hollow organs (and thus Vata dominated) like large and small intestines, stomach, urinary bladder, gall bladder, pericardium (Brain represents the combination of all of them being the CPU).

Interesting but not surprising to note that even their placement on pulse in both hands is exactly in line with their location in the human body e.g. heart is felt on left whereas liver is felt on the right hand pulse. The reason that why different organs can be felt in different fingers is because of their naturally predominant dosha e.g. heart is supposed to be high on Vata (for continous movement) though being at 7th level it is also high on density (kapha) which is why we feel it in index finger (the finger of Jupiter/space as Jupiter can easily detect Vata). Similarly, liver and spleen are supposed to be high on Pitta, hence they should be felt in Pitta finger (middle finger representing Saturn/Vata as Vata can easily detect Pitta)

*** If we go strictly by the principle of Astrology, then stomach should be felt in 5th and intestines in 6th pulse but then the fact is that these wouldn’t be deepest doshas of these organs as organs start gaining shape right at the initial time of pregnancy). Also to note that different levels represent different layers of expansion of human body that takes place when we it comes in contact of Sunlight/heat. Thus first seven houses represent right side of expansion and deposition of different doshas on different layers and left side of the birth chart represents right side of expansion and hence different organs. However, there is no doubt that one can check the secondary dosha of these organs as per their placement in different houses of Astrology. Of course, that will be too deep.

Similarly 6th level pulse represents second house of Astrology which represents values which is why 6th level represents the constitution of mind (Rajas/tamas/sattva). Third house in Astrology represents expansion (going by Kaalpurush kundli, Gemini is the significator of this house which is high on VPK representing expansion). And it is expansion of blood/Rasa that creates tissues in different parts of the body which is why 5th level of pulse represents different tissues (dhatu). Since blood carries primary nutrition (i.e. Kapha) and so does Rasa, they are felt in Kapha finger. Rasa being heavier than blood, is felt in the kapha side of Kapha finger. Mamsa is high on Pitta and that is why is felt in pitta finger but in kapha side as muscle is heavy. Fat is also dense in energy but being lighter than muscle is felt in pitta finger but towards Vata side of the body. Bone and marrow’s pulse is light as they are deep inside the body whih is why they are felt in the Vata finger. Shukra Dhatu (Venus) is supposed to be present in entire body and therefore it is supposed to be felt in the center of the tip all the three fingers.

It also means that Shukra dhatu found in between Rasa and blood (i.e. Vata finger) is easily movable whereas that in between muscles and fat is relatively less movable and need Pitta/force/heat/exercise/asana to move from one tissue to another. Thus, even the movement of Shukra dhatu towards a specific tissue can be felt at this level. Thus Shukra Dhatu is that tissue which is highly (or most) refined due to fully digested proteins, fats, carbs and other mineral and vitamins and can be used by any other tissue including Rasa to strengthen itself. When it goes into Rasa it nourishes it and in turn nourishes other tissues too. Asanas stretch (vertically or horizontally) to release this Rasa from one place to another, thereby feeding different muscles, organs, tissues. Thus, if it is more towards paunch (due to low Pitta and sitting), it increases fat on tummy which is the natural seat of fat cells (of course a lot depends upon where Jupiter and its zodiacs are seated and where Jupiter is transitting), and if it pushed towards muscles, it creates more of muscles.

*** Astrologically Venus and even moon should represent Shukra dhatu as moon has the capability to move it from one place to another. As such moon gets shukra as discussed above. Thus a person having Venus moon combination in chart will mean that this person’s Venus and Moon will keep feeding each other however this may bypass virtues of other Sattvic planets like Sun, Jupiter (if those planets are not strong- like same house or kendra) and may therefore create a person who uses Venus and Moon for over indulgence which is excessively creative in nature. On the other hand, Jupiter Moon conjunction would mean that Rasa will keep nourishing/filling up space and store which is why this combination is considered good (Gajkesari yoga). Moon mars combination will provide Rasa to muscles and thus strength and calmness (if moon is strong and well placed). Similarly Venus, Moon and Mars combination will give lot of strength as well as fondness for luxury. Remember these are thumbrules. We need to check other aspects too but again this will help you in understanding how it works.

Fourth level represents fourth house, whose significator is Moon which also means comfort/happiness/contendedness. Hence, it also represents Ojas, Teja and Prana (OTP) which are the subtle and say refined versions of Kapha, Pitta and Vata respectively and are present in the body when all three doshas (VPK) are balanced. Basically fourth level pulse represents amalgamation of qualities of first and seventh house which creates OTP.


Third level pulse corresponds to the fifth house of Astrology. It is the house which has the gut system comprising of stomach, liver, upper intestines, gall bladder, spleen. Thus, this is the house that digests food and creates different doshas and their sub doshas. Again the order of different sub-doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha can be seen in the order of their presence in the body. So, within Sub doshas of Vata, Apana is towards Kapha side of Vata finger (it being strongest of all Vata sub doshas), in form of regular peristalsis to throw out excreta. Whereas, Prana Vata is supposed to be most subtle. Vyana Vata circulates in the entire body which is why it is right in the center of the index finger. Again Samana Vata is stronger than Udana as former spreads in all the organs of gut right till peripherals to effectively digest food unlike Udana which is slowed down by density of lungs.

*** This means that if Prana Vata is felt the most in this level of Pulse, then one has excess of Prana Vata vis-a-vis others which in Astrological terms may mean Rahu towards upper houses and/or Saturn Sun combination etc.

About sub doshas of Pitta, Pachaka is lightest whereas Sadhaka Pitta is heaviest as it is the master dosha and comprises of several neurotransmitters which work continuously to regulate various systems of the body and mind, even if body is at rest. Even Alochaka directly and continuously supplies light to brain through eyes and hence is heavy. Bhrajak moves in the entire body to provide color to the skin and other sensory organs.

Lastly in sub doshas of Kapha, Tarpaka Kapha is heaviest of all sub doshas of Kapha as it envelops our brain, nerves, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and provides unctuousness, protection from acids, pathogens, foreign particles and also acts as shock absorber. This is why its spike is felt in the kapha end of the Kapha finger. Bodhaka Kapha is next which lines our mouth and throat. Avlambaka is relatively lesser in density and quantity as its job is to do similar jobs as done by Tarpaka but for heart and lungs. Goes without saying that brain has highest density of nerves which is why it needs more fat to protect and provide lining (insulation). Kledaka is lightest as its job is to protect inner lining of the stomach. Shleshaka provides lubrication to all joints and moving body parts and hence it is found in the middle of the tip of the finger.

The second level of pulse represents the sixth house. From psychology angle (as explained in the blogs), this house represents that dosha which pushes the native to come out of comfort zone and jump in the unknown world, which is why sixth house is considered bad house. This is the reason that this house also represents current constitution of the mind i.e. Manas Vikruti (as against basic constitution of mind checked from 6th level of pulse and 2nd house of Astrology).


Some more important aspects/tips of Pulse diagnosis:-

  • When, pulse is palpitating with lot of upward force (thereby literally pushing back the finger tip), then Pitta is very high. To know which sub dosha of Pitta and which organ is high on Pitta, one must use the above mentioned seven levels of pulse.
  • Usually the strength of muscles of the wrist itself are sufficient to determine how much Vata or kapha is there in the person. So if Pitta is high but Vata too is high then the person definitely needs to calm down Pitta else Vata will inflate.
  • When Kapha is high and Pitta is low, then Pulse will be difficult to read. Same goes when Vata and Kapha are high and Pitta is low. In such a case, one would need to bring down Kapha and increase a bit of Pitta. The difference will be that in first case one may use more pungency than the second one. Also in first case one may need to bring down Kapha foods whereas in second the primary aim would be to mildly increase Pitta but not pungency.
  • If vata is felt in first level (vikruti) i.e. wavy movement in index finger, but not in deepest level (seventh), it indicates that core organs are well fed but external are not including muscles which may result in issues like pain and/or weak colon, large intestine etc. depending upon where exactly is the pulse being felt. In such a case, one may need strategies like massages or more pungent but nourishing foods to push blood towards peripherals. If it is felt in seventh level but not in first, then core is weak and such a person would need medicines like Arjuna or other bitters. If felt in both, then Vata is consistently high. Such a person would need rest and very nourishing foods. It also means that both VP are high which is why blood instead of staying inwards (as less blood naturally stays towards the core) is getting pushed outside too.Such a case may also need Arjuna for sometime alongwith nourishing foods as core organs must be made strong enough first.
  • An Ayurvedic physician needs to read the pulse of the patient on every visit. Because when the physician removes the uppermost layer of vikrat (misaligned) doshas through the medicines given on the first visit basis first pulse diagnosis, then the next visit may reveal the second layer of the vikrat doshas which may be differnt from the first one. Thus an expert Ayurvedic physician removes the layers of Vikrat doshas, layer by layer (just like that of an onion) which is also the reason that one should not expect relief from all the symptoms in one go. It will have to be one by one. Deeper the disease (i.e. more chronic), more shall be the time taken by the physician.

*** A highly experienced healer who is sattvic (calm, composed, observant) and highly experienced would subconsciously notice several traits (apart from conveyed discomforts and pulse) in a patient (potential or formal) to gauge doshic imbalances like type of gait, level of confidence, anxiety, depression, level of physical and mental strength, high Vata in a specific organ/part of body, level of excitement, the movement of eyes, the depth of breath, the strength and coherence of speech, warmth of skin, color and condition of skin/teeth/nails/tongue/eyes, shape/size/stability of body, the built of bones (like cheek bones) and above all the birth chart and current transit of planets and dashas going on. The list is endless which is why experience matters.


Science of Mudras (A humble looking yet highly effective tool)

Volume one captures briefly on Mudras. This para will throw some more light on this important practice that goes hand in hand with Asana and Pranayama. But before that please have a look at the two figures below, which capture that how different parts of the human brain regulate different emotions and different parts of the body.


The first figure shows how properties of different planets can be associated with different parts of the brain and the second figure shows that how different parts of the body are connected to different parts of the brain. Now, we know that different fingers and mounts under them on our palms, represent different planets. We also discussed that pressure sensors employ both physics and chemistry. For easy understanding and visualization, these sensors can be viewed as pipes filled with fluids which when pressed at one end, create pressure at the other. This is how pressure applied on various points of our fingers, mounts, palms create pressure in specific areas in the brain thereby stimulating them and thus various planets connected to different areas that store memory (Jupiter), constrict our body (Saturn), stimulate sleep/hunger (moon), help in focus (Sun), stimulate muscles to act (Mars), stimulate our processing ability to speak/think (Mercury), or stimulate us to enjoy life (Venus). When more fluid gets pushed towards one end, the overfilled end releases ions and stimulates electrical impulses in the nervous system of  corresponding part of the body thereby stimulating different parts of our body and other areas of the brain. This is the reason that a specific emotion has a direct effect on specific organs.

Mudras employ these pressure sensors on different fingers and mounts. Thus when the tip of the thumb and index finger of the same hand are joined and pressed against each other, they generate a flow of information between Jupiter (theoretical knowledge) and Venus (Practical knowledge) which helps the practitioner to connect dots between information gained (Jupiter) and life experienced (Venus). This is why this is called as “Gyan mudra” where Gyan means knowledge (check the figure below). Astrologically when Jupiter, Venus, Mercury are closely connected due to their presence in 6th, 7th, 8th from Lagna or Moon, then they create Adhi Yoga which brings happiness and stability in life as it provides knowledge (both practical and theoretical) along with ability to process it through mercury). Different points on each finger represent different levels of that Dosha/planet. For example, tip of the Saturn finger (middle finger) represents Prana Vayu. Whereas base of thumb represents just beginning of Venus. Thus when tip of Saturn and base of thumb are pressed again each other, they invoke quietness in brain (Prana Vata becomes quiet/non stimulated) which is called as Shunya mudra and can be practiced along with mediation to quieten a hyperactive mind.

*** Vishnu Mudra– While Shunya mudra is made by pressing only tip of Saturn’s finger against base of thumb (as shown above), however when the tips of Saturn as well as Jupiter fingers are pressed against base of thumb, it also quietens space or say reduces space (Jupiter) alongwith air (Saturn). While doing so when Mercury and Sun fingers are kept open (straight) touching each other, this creates Vishnu Mudra where only Mercury and Sun are active. This mudra is practised while doing Anulom Vilom to ensure that Anulom Vilom doesnt push air in excess of channels if the latter are open, which helps in regulating blood, air and Prana in a more regulated space.

*** To learn more about Mudras, please refer to the book on Mudras given in Bibliography of  first volume.

How Namaskar Works as a Mudra

For spiritual evolution, the final aim of the soul is to get rid of desires so that the soul learns to follow the middle path where all planet’s energies are uniformly divided in the body given to the soul (which we referred as Kalki avatar). Since different mounts on the palm indicate strength of different planets, if they are all evened out at same level, it would mean that energies/conscience will not get stuck at one place and will rather move smoothly from one place to another. This is what the mudra of Namsate does. When performed properly, it presses mounts of one palm against another and also evens out mounts of the same palm thereby evenly distributing fluid/energy. This is why Namaskar is an excellent mudra which depicts total surrender (without any feeling of biasdness/desire).

*** Accupressure should be used as a diagnostic and correction tool on daily basis to undo lag of Pitta in specific parts of the body.


Everyone knows that magnets have fixed north and south poles. This is because in magnets, the electrons are aligned in a specific direction which creates a big magnetic field unlike non magnets where electrons are randomly aligned thereby cancelling each other’s magnetic lines. In other words, non magnets are high on Vata unlike magnets. Now our blood is made up of iron and our body has electricity running all the time which in turn also generates magnetic field. So, whenever our body or specific part of the body goes high on Vata, its flow of blood, electricity, magnetic lines, all become erratic/haywire (random in the affected part of the body). In such a case, application of magnets helps in aligning, a misaligned field and flow of blood (in simple words, it stretches that part of the body where field is applied).PEMF another concept of magneto-therapy uses this principle of magnets. Instead of continuously creating and applying magnetic field as done by permanent magnets, it applies pulses of electromagnetic field/flux (hence the name PEMF) to align our ions in the body in a specific direction thereby also aligning the movement of blood vessels and thus blood in a specific direction.

However the limitation with magneto therapy is that it can remove vata aggravation i.e. haywire movement of blood vessels by straightening them but it cannot remove Vata imbalance which can be removed only by Asanas.  This is one reason that a person with Vata imbalance like figure 2.3 may feel headaches or stiffness in upper body due to high VP after using magnet especially strong ones. On the other hand, this therapy is excellent for speeding up healing of a specific body part and that too without creating haywire growth of tissues. This is because when an injury takes place in a body part, then its Vata aggravates as the tissues break and lose their alignment or aligned structure. That is why this therapy is highly effective in case of injuries whether to skin, muscles, bones or localized nodes of lymph due to excessive and haywire fat accumulation etc. In fact, it is also excellent for treating localized tumours (whether malign or non-malign) which are due to haywire Vata and Kapha.



*** Excess running is an indication of a hyperactive mind. This also most likely means that the person’s lower body is stronger than the upper and the person is running to keep pitta high to push blood through narrowed blood vessels in upper body. This is the one of the reasons that majority of marathon runners have a short fuse (high temper). Their body is like figure 2.3. Vata in brain further keeps pushing more lymph in the lower body especially legs of runners which is why they start developing digestion issues due to less blood going into the digestive tract. Breaking inertia of such people is not easy task which usually happens only when they start slowing down due to discomforts in body. On the other hand, those people who sit in chair or stand for long hours with legs hanging down, tend to develop varicose veins (due to poor pumping from calf muscles). In such people, while blood feeds more of lower body, it remains more towards core thereby weakening muscles in peripherals causing backaches, digestion issues etc. Whereas, oversitting may cause one to develop paunch which is more pronounced in people who sit crossed leg for long hours as blood and therefore nutrition, drops to lower body but not in muscles. As such, high Vata in mind starts pushing Kapha in lower body.

All these cases need different therapies. The runners need pitta calming foods and therapies apart from headstands. The standing ones need all Asanas of Shivananda regime and not just headstands to improve peripheral flow too. The sitters with cross legs need more of kapalbhati to push blood all around however unlike others they should ideally do Kapalbhati in standing position.

*** Sleep reduces Pitta (conversely low Pitta induces sleep). Those having body like figure 2.3 should avoid sleeping in sitting position unless Pitta is too high. This is because sleep relaxes muscles. Sleeping in sitting position will exponentially drop lymph in lower body and core i.e. more towards stomach and intestines. On the other hand, it can be used for therapeutic reasons for those with figure 2.5. While sleeping in prostate position does drop lymph towards core but then this is uniform all across long axis of the body.


Tamasic deeds- Chapter 3


Beverages including alcohol


  • The way onion due to its highly constricting quality is consumed to balance sudden increase in Pitta, same ways even light vasodilators which are cold and astringent in nature like beer and even Poppy seeds (called Khus) and Cannabis in very small quantity can be consumed to balance excess heat in the weather as long as we don’t use them to drop pitta to the level of increasing too much of Vata and becoming addict of that food or other strong vasodilators (basically they shouldn’t be making you typsy).
  • On the other hand, hard liquor where alcohol content are in fact good for high and pure Pitta (but low Vata) personalities (referred as pure Martians in Astrological terms) to tame down their high Pitta (aggression) and increase Vata for increasing qualities like empathy, far sightedness etc. This is the reason the staunch meat eaters become very rigid and fanatic if they don’t consume alcohol as they lack Vata and ability of look far. But yes, hard liquor being slightly sour can also temporarily increase aggression especially in those who have high Vata towards brain. Basically by widening vessels, alcohol pushes blood outwards due to its pungency and sourness but in a haywire (Vata/snaky) fashion, resulting in loss of regulation of senses.
  • Reiterating that tea, coffee are meant only for typical kapha constitution and that too as medicines to pacify aggravated kapha (not beyond that).Tea being astringent and bitter constricts but being very warm and pungent, it increases metabolism. That is why in high quantities (more than a pinch), they should be avoided by Vata people else it will increase VP.




Potatoes are heavy (densely packed) and are loaded with complex carbs and a very little protein thereby giving feeling of fullness. That is why, continued and excess consumption of potatoes can thicken blood and make one feel full and devoid consumer of other essential nutrients like proteins etc. thereby creating more Vata instead of settling it (same goes with sweet potatoes). This is the reason that traditionally during fasting, their heaviness is balanced with preparations like sweet dish made out of milk and lotus seeds (makhana).


*** Since Vata imbalance pushes more blood towards the core, one may need to fast while keeping ones urges in control (or eat very light food) to ensure that excess kapha doesnt build up in the core, however this process must be followed by procedures to balance Vata especially with massages. In fact, since Vata imbalance leads to more Vata imbalance in the long run, in the initial stages when Vata imbalance is very less, then fasting with massages can ensure that one doesn’t ever accumulate excess Vata and its imbalance.




Many of you may have heard of this warning that a vehicle should never be topped up with fuel right till the brim of its tank. This is because running a vehicle generates heat which further expands this fuel and may cause a build up of excess pressure in the tank and the vehicle instruments connected to the tank, thereby even causing sudden fire or damage to the vehicle. Exactly the same goes with our body too. When we eat right till the brim and step out or carry out activities that increase Pitta, then it over-increases pressure thereby overinflating the body and damaging organs and blood vessels. This is the reason it is said that we must avoid overeating especially during summers and must not carry out any strenuous activity after eating.




Speech increases Pitta especially of throat chakra (thyroid gland) with hemming effect on adjacent chakras too i.e. Anahata (heart and lungs) and Agya (Pituitary, hypothalamus and Pineal gland) chakra. Those who already have high Vata in throat chakra are therefore bound to inflate Vata by overspeaking causing inflation of the entire body too thereby increasing space filled with vacuum. This is the reason that such people (especially with figure 2.3) should speak lesser and with lower volume too. In case they have overspoken, it should be undone with local solution (and not generic one) like sheetali pranayama to cool down throat chakra.


*** Astrologically, people with 11th zodiac and/or Rahu in second house should speak lesser though the fact is that Rahu being VP keeps stimulating Agya chakra and its glands too to speak if it is located in second house. On the other hand, those having mercury in second will be good speakers as mercury is VPK.



Disease section- chapter 4


When Vata and Pitta both are high, then first aim should be to bring Pitta to optimum level (by checking one’s pulse) along with wholesome food because Pitta is bound to inflate Vata. Reiterating that Pitta reduction doesn’t mean removing Sattvic spices from food as they are the ones that will digest toxins and replace that space with healthy tissues. Simultaneous aim should be to undo Vata imbalance. However, when Vata imbalance goes high and when Pitta flares high Vata areas manifesting in form of pain and burning, then its wrong to drop Pitta to very low levels just to bring down the pain. Instead the aim should be to maintain Pitta at an optimum level while undoing Vata imbalance through asanas, pranayama, kriya, panchkarma etc. Excess reduction in Pitta will create circulation issues and increase Vata aggravation and imbalance. In other words, instead of going for quick fix approach of killing pain, one should focus more on removing Vata imbalance which may need intervention of an advanced guru as the person with Vata imbalance would not understand how to do it due to lack of experience/skills and also due to VP mind.


*** Excess work increases Pitta much beyond pitta needed for deepan pachan. That is why when there is toxin build up in the body or when Vata is high (due to toxins or panchkarma) then one must have adequate rest and avoid anything that increases excess Pitta like excess speaking, going under hot sun, staying in warm conditions or consuming very pungent foods/spices including dry ginger. 






  • Constipation in a person with Vata imbalance like figure 2.3 is less often (and could be because of other factors too like local inflammation of intestines not related to Vata imbalance) but when it happens it is usually because when the person of this constitution perforce reduces Pitta (through food and/or medicines) to that an extent due to high Vata in upper body especially brain that it starts weakening overall blood circulation thereby increasing Vata. This Vata often multiplies during onset of warm weather when long stuck kapha/toxins (due to constriction of cold weather) get released into peripherals leading to further increase in Vata in brain, muscles and intestines leading to constipation. This is one reason that Vata minds/people must perform warm oil massages during winters with nasya to avoid stagnation of blood in core during winters and avoid vata imbalance. This is also the reason that one must consume gluten free foods especially during transition of weather to avoid build up of toxins and thus Vata. This is also the reason that panchkarma becomes important during transition to remove toxins from body and undo vata imbalance through vaman, virechan, massages, enema, neti, nasya.


Closure of heart chakra due to long periods of grief/wrong meds too can result in constipation in the long run which usually is accompanied by blurry eyes, fogged or sluggish brain due to vata in peripherals (colon as well as brain/face). The person may also face breathlessness due to closed chakra leading to vata in lungs.


On the other hand, constipation in people with Vata imbalance like figure 2.5 is primarily because of indulgence in highly acidic /spicy foods which flare up Vata of lower body which is already high on Vata. Unlike those having Vata imbalance like that of 2.3, in such cases (i.e. 2.5), constipation is accompanied by piles etc too. Overall, such people are more prone to inflammatory diseases of the lower body and such people get good results with medicated/VP calming enemas that also provide direct nutrition to lower body. Also to note that constipation in people having Vata in entire body especially due to high Prana Vata or due to closed heart chakra (resulting in low Pitta) should not bank upon enema only but their aim should be settle Vata imbalance and aggravation of entire body else excess of enema will keep increasing Vata in the rest of the body by pulling/lymph blood from there.

In the long run all such imbalances in excess lead to excess vata aggravation too leading to bouts of fibromyalgic pains alternated by depression//sluggishness. When such a person tries to increase Pitta through pungent spices or hot and spicy sourness, then Vata ridden areas in peripherals become inflamed due to Pitta rushing in high Vata areas leading to constipation, excessive stretching of muscles leading to pain in neck/face/shoulders/back/lowback/legs/pelvis (which will vary from person to person depending upon where vata is sitting). The manifestations could be many but this is just to give you the essence.

 Laxatives and their essential role

 If constipation is only because of high Vata in intestines, then the right way to remove it is by oil enemas, however chronic constipation if ignored for even a few days creates build up of toxic kapha in the upper body too leading to weakening of peristalsis (the downward movement of muscles to push food from mouth downwards till rectum), as Kapha starts blocking pitta. In such cases, laxatives become essential to push down excess kapha. Those having figure 2.5 are more prone to this due to weakened Pitta to keep lower body issues in control resulting in kapha getting stagnated especially more in higher body thereby increasing toxins and thus weak peristalsis (of course it can happen in those having figure 2.3 too). Symptoms in such cases apart from constipation would be feeling of fullness almost till chest or mouth.

Laxatives can be of multiple types and tastes. It is quite logical that fiber ensures that excess kapha doesnt build up in the body thereby ensuring that constipation doesnt happen at all. However, fiber is preventive in nature. It cannot undo excess build up of Kapha. Kapha can be removed only by increasing Pitta which is why ginger and other warming /pungent herbs/spices (depending on weather) act like laxatives. But then Vata people cannot afford excess Pitta espeically in hot weather when high VP may have pushed excess kapha in body. In such a case, they should go for herbs and spices which are mildly warm, very mildly pungent, bitter and may be mildly astringent. Here their bitterness keeps pungency from spreading outwards. All three fruits of triphala especially Haritaki and Vibhitaki work as laxatives in this manner, whereas Amla works as laxative because of its pungency but is predominantly sour and thus not good where Vata Pitta is pushing Kapha. Together all the three fruits balance all the doshas. Apart from this, all three of them are also high in fiber and many nutrients (as discussed earlier). This is why if VP people have pushed Kapha (and pseudokapha too) in their body due to VP mind, then they should go for Haritaki, instead of Triphala to undo constipation.

*** Like every food, chewing laxative has a different effect than swallowing it. For example, Haritaki when chewing increases peristalsis right from the mouth itself and is therefore good for chewing for those people who develop excess mucus/saliva (even while sleeping). So those who chew lot sour and spicy foods like digestives, pickles etc., are likely to get benefitted by chewing haritaki. On the other hand, swallowing it will have more effect on stomach and intestines thereby reducing kapha there and increasing Vata there.



Bloating can be of two kinds. KAPHA TYPE, when Kapha (blood) towards core (stomach and small intestines) is relatively higher than other parts of body (Vata imbalance) but person is not able to increase Pitta to reasonable level due to vata imbalance. This usually creates problems in cold weather when as such blood towards core is more. VATA TYPE, when Vata (lesser blood) is relatively higher in digestive organs resulting in Vata blocking Pitta (even if right amount) causing improper agni (improper digestion, bloating and increase in toxins and further increase in Vata). And when Pitta goes high, it flares haywire agni due to high Vata resulting in pain, bloody stools as seen in ulcerative colitis. This usually happens during summers. Thus the patient keeps fluctuating in bloating, constipated feeling and sudden and bloody stools. In either case one need to remove Vata imbalance but with different ways e.g. while Kapha type needs strategies like kapalbhati, massages, asanas. Whereas Vata type, needs strategies like rest, keeping Pitta neither too high nor too low (to avoid flares and indigestion respectively), eating easy to digest or preferably pre-digested foods, avoiding milk but consuming probiotics like yogurt, eating Bael fruit (woodapple) as being bitter, astringent, pungent and sweet, bael removes plaque (through pungency) by taking blood towards core (through bitterness and astringency) and feeds sweetness to Vata ridden area. The problem comes when Kapha type bloating stays for too long as sooner or later it converts into Vata due to continuous generation of toxins in low Pitta area.

*** Issues like smelly sweat is a clear indication of toxins getting accumulated in the body primarily due to constipation and must be removed through deepan pachan spices like cumin.

*** Inability to sweat even during warm weather or inability to easily expel phlegm from nose is also an indication of vata aggravation at these places and is a sort of constipation. In fact, at mental, inability to get rid of specific thoughts is also constipation.

Stomachache/Gas/Nausea/Vomiting/Loose motions

Pain in stomach could happen for two reasons. One- when Pitta goes high in the entire body, and second- when Pitta goes too low in the body especially stomach causing indigestion/gas and thus pain. Both present different symptoms and goes without saying that both must be treated differently. Let us discuss one by one.

Reason one- High Pitta– This results in reduced blood supply towards stomach as well as other core organs. This is one reason that such stomachaches are usually accompanied by higher heart rate due to high Vata in heart which beats faster though with weaker force. Less blood in stomach results in weaker digestion which also results in leakage of undigested food though pores created in the GI tract (due to overstreched membrane as a result of high VP). This means that undigested food starts leaking into the blood stream and causes harm not just to the stomach but entire body. When the core becomes highly devoid of blood (high Vata accompanied by Pitta of nerves) due to sudden increase in Pitta (due to food and/or change in location from higher to lower altitudes), then peristalsis (the movement of intestines) goes fast and haywire (due to high Vata) and pushes out undigested and putrifying food lying in stomach and intestine, from anus as well as mouth resulting in lose motions and vomiting. Thus, lose motions and vomiting (even if looking haywire) are nature’s way of clearing out the undigested food and should not be blocked by using medicines that just slow down peristalsis but donot reduce Pitta and donot increase deepan pachan (digestion of undigested food).

Such a patient must rest to reduce pitta. If the patient is feeling nausea and is unable to vomit out then undigested food must be thrown out through induced vomiting by touching the back of the tongue including Uvula (Vaman as discussed in Yoga section) . Since body uses lot of water to flush out toxins/undigested food, the water also carries along essential minerals, which is why the patient must be given glucose/sugar with rock salt in water. If need be one may add a bit of lemon drops to it (as vitamin C is also lost in the process) but not in excess as lemon is acidic before digestion. Fresh mint can also be added to the concoction as it helps in reducing Pitta (due to its bitterness) while also balancing the sourness of lemon due to its astringency. Mint is also mildly warm and pungent and therefore it helps to digest toxins/undigested food without inflating peripheral Pitta due to its astringency and bitterness. Solid food consumption should be gradually increased once Jatharagni becomes strong. Initially the person should consume food items such as khichdi with buttermilk or curd rice. Both must be accompanied by roasted mustard seeds (and ginger if the weather is not hot) as the core must get warmth (pitta not pungency) apart from nutrition to pacify Vata and regain lost strength.

*** As such, as a thumb rule, curd being very cold in nature must be accompanied by slightly warm spices etc else it is likely to increase Vata. Thus even during summers, having curd with mustard seeds or with jaggery powder (enjoy it as a sweet dish) is a better option (Jaggery apart from being warm is astringent too which reduces the sourness of curd. Same goes with honey). However, warm accompaniments should be avoided during summers when pungency is also high (due to weather/food).

Reason two- Low Pitta- Thus usally happens due to exposure to cold conditions and if not accomapanied by warm and pungent spices resulting in poor Jatharagni, weak digestion and thus production of toxins and gas (due to putrification of food). In this case there is enough blood in the core but that is cold and stagnated. This issue can simply be resolved by having spices like ajwain/fresh ginger/asafoetida (ideally they should be gulped down with water instead of chewing or sucking).


Sleep Issues

Insomnia- Insomina can arise for multiple reasons. Some of them are:-

  • Excess Kapha stuck in Vata when due to high Vata imbalance one is unable increase Pitta to reasonable levels which results in blocking of Kapha in circulation thereby weakening the latter and not letting it reach brain properly. Once blood doesnt reach brain, it is unable to create Gaba from glutamate and thus nervous system of brain remains excited. Such cases are more likely to face insomnia in night time when Pitta is as such low thereby further weakening the circulation. The remedy for such cases is use of warm spices like Asafoetida and/or ginger etc to undo Vata Kapha imbalance. The spice should be in accordance with the weather and food consumed.
  • When Pitta is too high especially pungency which over excites the nervous system of brain without simultaneaoulsy pushing sufficient quantity of blood in the brain. Such issues can be resolved with use of Pitta reducing foods, drinks and medicines like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Khus but only after understanding how they work and in which condition should they be used. Remember using wrong food/med can create more issues. However by now you would have understood how to identify difference between the two types of insomnia.

*** Excessive Sleep- Excessive sleep after onset of summer season is an indication of Kapha being pushed by Pitta or say Kapha in the core rising towards peripherals including brain due to increasing Pitta. This may also mean excess Vata imbalance due to excess of Ketu towards brain and pain towards lower body which must be undone with right Asanas, light foods and after brining Pitta to normalcy. On the other hand, cold weather is likely to induce good and deep sleep due to reduced Pitta thereby pushing more blood towards the core (including brain). However excess sleep during cold weather is again a bad symptom which happens due to build up of excess kapha (due to heavy foods but low pitta) which ultimately will block circulation and then weaken sleep due to Vata kapha imbalance. Thus for a healthy sleep in winters one needs to ensure that heavy food is accompanied with enough of warm spices too like contents of hingawashtak churna. On the other hand during summers one should do the opposite.


Cough, Cold and Fever


 All painkillers, fever controlling medicines (like Paracetamol, brufen etc) are bitter in taste. Their bitterness controls different types of Pitta in the body thereby bringing down pain/fever and other inflammation. So its fine to use them in moderation if Pitta is too high. The problem comes when we indiscreetly use them thereby exponentially bringing down Pitta and increasing Vata imbalance. This is to reiterate that fever is natural reaction of the body to throw out infection and suppressing it too much by taking paracetamol at just 99 or 100 degree F temperature would mean retention of toxins inside the body leading to Vata in the long run. This is the reason that chronic use of such pain killers, fever controlling meds leads to fibromyalgia which is exponentially rising in today’s world. Also amrita scores higher than paracetamol because apart from bitterness, Amrita also has astringency, sweetness, alkalanity and many vitamins and minerals which aid in neutralizing acidity due to fever unlike paracetamol which is just bitterness. Yes in absence of Amrita, one can consume pomegranate which provides sweetness, astringency and alkalinity to the body. For nourishment, one can consume fat free milk with warm and astringent spices like turmeric. During winters one may use milk with roasted flour of horsegram. At no cost, should one consume curd in any form in such illnesses as even buttermilk is sour, cold and fermented.


Tea for controlling fever/cough/cold- Fever usually accompanies cough and cold because body is flooded with extra sourness, sweetness and coldness making the blood thick and slow thereby pushing it to core and lower body (invoking ketu) which in turn weakens immunity and causes toxins in form of cough and cold as upper body and peripherals becomes less on blood inviting pathogens to flourish. Thus body increases Pitta to improve circulation and thin blood. It also helps to throw out toxins which are developed due to poor circulation. Since excess sourness, sweetness, slowness and coldness are the reason for such fever, one needs to go for spices/herbs which are warm, astringent, pungent, dry. Thus to combat such fever, one can consume herbal tea made out from moderately pungent and warm ginger, black pepper (tea here doesnt mean conventional tea made from camellia chinensis plant). However, such spices/herbs are quite likely to overstimulate nerves too resulting in burning sensation/skin rashes/insomnia (especially in Vata minds like those with figure 2.3 type body). This is why many experts, also add herbs like Brahmi and Ashwagandha to such teas to reduce Pitta (Sadhak Pitta) of the nerves (we discussed this logic of adaptogen in Ashwagandha section). In addition to this, when Vata goes high, it keeps more of blood towards core (as discussed above) thereby closing the heart chakra too, which is why the herb Bala (sida cordifolia) is also added to herbal teas to increase output of the heart as Bala contains ephedrine which works opposite to beta blockers and thus increase peripheral circulation. To provide alkalinity and other nutrients, several other herbs like licorice, white sandalwood etc. are also added to it.


Baldness/Grey hair

The look of hair is a great tool to ascertain basic constitution of a person because hair is very closely located to the brain which is supposed to be the deepest dosha of one’s body. As a thumb rule issues like dry hair, hair fall, curly hair indicate Vata but primarily air. However baldness is usually because of more space created in the body. That is why usually baldness is seen with weight gain. Astrologically, stronger the Jupiter (space), higher are the chances of baldness. Since excess of space increases Vata and thus haywire circulation of blood, baldness especially in early age has been found to be closely associated with health issues related to high Vata like hypertension, heart issues etc (also to note that Jupiter i.e. space is an outcome of high VP as we shall understand in Astrology chapter). On the other hand, greying of hair is as a result of high Pitta which burns the black pigment. Thus a person having grey and thin hair indicates VP dominance. Greying and thinning of hair with baldness indicate aggravation of all three doshas. Thinning, curling and loss of hair means excess Vata. Very thick and heavy hair indicate kapha. Thick, dense but grey hair indicate KP. Moderately thick/heavy/black hair indicate moderate VPK as seen in intellectuals (Mercury from astrology viewpoint).



  • A person with VP type BP would have accumulated lot of toxins, so such a person must consume only Deepan Pachan herbs to digest toxins and not the highly stimulating ones. High Pitta exhibited by a VP person may be pseudopitta arising due to blood gushing through narrowed blood vessels. Thus, an experienced healer would not outrightly think of reducing Pitta in such person with bitter and astringent herbs (unless weather is high on Pitta). Such an act may reduce Pitta beyond optimum level and create depression and further addition of toxins. The ideal in such a case would be to simply remove high pungency but ensure that one takes “deepan pachan” spices and herbs along with easy to digest foods to dissolve ama, increase blood and other tissues and widen vessels thereby restoring normalcy.
  • Since high VP pushes kapha and pseudokapha and further increases VP in body and mind taking one into vicious circle, such people are likely to face even higher VP during warm weather. That is why during warm weather when blood and rasa lose water and thus volume, VP people must consume fresh buttermilk which not only gives water, minerals but easily digestible protein.
  • Praval panchamrit rus (which is Calcium carbonate purified with rose and buttermilk) is excellent to bring down VP and thus BP during summers. Not only that this medicine also helps to control cold cough during transition from winters to summers which happens due to sudden increase in Pitta and acidity. You can create it at home too by replacing Praval (corals) with sweet soda however Praval is more effective.


  • Also such people should start Yogasanas for balancing Vata, only after neutralizing and expelling toxins with herbs, alkaline foods/meds and enemas. Yes, mild Surya namaskar along with warm oil massages must be performed by them during winters for controlling BP


  • Bringing down BP with highly bitter, astringent and cold vegetables/foods like vegetables from gourd family is fine and therapeutic during hot weather but please donot use them during winters else they will further increase Vata imbalance/Vata aggravation and then poor circulation of blood especially in peripherals leading to further increase in BP. Instead during winters use warm, sour, sweet and pungent foods and meds like chyawanprash to manage healthy BP and circulation along with warm oil massages to keep Vata balanced.



  • BP meds- Another reason for Vata aggravation due to BP meds in Vata minds is that since they increase more Vata or say hyperactivity in mind, they don’t let the body get enough rest. Beta blockers have double impact on Vata aggravation. Not only they increase hyperactivity of mind, they also weaken digestion thereby weakening reduced uptake and absorption of the nutrients. Also as mentioned earlier, use of BP meds (like sartan) during winters when bitter should not be used, further inflates Vata imbalance thereby closing body inside including closure of heart chakra. This also means that if one wishes to continue using Sartan group of medicines for controlling BP then one should use them only in summers to reduce Pitta (though the same can be more effectively achieved through use of bitter foods on as and when basis).

*** Consumption of beta blockers and Sartan (or other vasodilating foods/drinks) together has an extremely serious impact. Together they create excessive closure of the heart chakra. That is why a person taking beta blockers (even if temporarily) should not over consume vasodilating foods/meds/drinks along with it. This includes even ayurvedic meds like Arjuna. A weak beating heart due to its closure inwards further closes inwards with this combination (conversely those having VP in heart and thus overexpansion of body around can and should have Arjuna or the combination of beta blockers and vasodilators). Since grief also closes heart chakra, consuming liquor or other dilating foods during such periods further closes it. This is one strong reason that we must not resort to comfort foods to overcome grief. Instead we should perform Bhastrika/Kumbhak and AUM recital to expand mind so that negative recurring thoughts escape out forever.




Depression is primarily Vata with Kapha stored in it due to closed mind like a closed lotus/fist. The patient is unable to increase Pitta due to high Vata like figure 2.3. That is why in such cases Shirodhara works well. However, depression may be arising out of many other reasons too and not just Vata of brain e.g. excess closure of heart chakra which increase overall Vata of the body and mind too.




Here is a simple way to visualize fibromyalgia. Look at Figure 5. It shows Vata imbalance where peripherals are getting less blood which would result in Vata in the brain, stomach, legs, arms etc thereby weakening these areas and displaying symptoms as shown in figure including aging of skin. However since the heart is unable to beat strongly due to closed chakra (for whatever reasons), it won’t push blood outwards and that is why it wouldn’t open more blood vessels and thus wouldn’t create blood flow like figure 2.6. The problem comes when one tries to open up closed heart chakra to give a kick to dull brain (dull due to Vata) through intense exercises which results in figure 2.6.


*** In Fibromyalgia Pitta is high which causes pain in peripherals due to high Vata there. Whereas in MS Pitta is low which gets blocked by high Vata leading to confusions, poor vision, loss of control etc. However both are due to indiscreet use of vasodilators (usually accompanied by exercises) leading to Vata aggravation and imbalance.


Autoimmune Diseases


When Vata goes too high which is seen especially in those having auto immune diseases, then communication between different body parts becomes too weak due to limited volume of blood vis-a-vis open blood vessels. Thus, body loses its ability to regulate temperature through nervous system and hormones due to poor communication. In such cases continuous (round the clock) exposure to extreme winters creates Vata imbalance which cannot be undone by regular massages. This is because when extreme temperature leads to Vata imbalance, it in turn pushes the person to eat more (due to stronger digestive fire), however more blood towards the core also thickens blood while narrowing vessels in peripherals due to less blood but narrowing vessels in core due to thick blood and increasing more Vata aggravation. This cannot be offset by just once a day warm oil massage. This is the reason that people with autoimmune diseases should avoid extreme winters and summers by either staying in places with moderate temperature conditions or regulating temperature through air conditioning.


*** While cancer is tridoshic, Vata Pitta domintating Cancer can be visualized as a cloth where upper part of it towards brain is high on Vata (rahu) and lower on constricted Kapha (Ketu). Thus upper part of it becomes highly stretched and narrow and the lower part crumples inwards due to wrinkles thereby causing obstructions. Such a high Vata brain is bound to consume and overconsume lot of wrong foods including sugar to pacify its hunger however wrinkles in the lower area keep accumulating Kapha making it disorganized (vata) and toxin laden. Overall it is high Vata imbalance. On the other hand, there are people whose lower body because of Jupiter and ketu in upper becomes too Vata ridden in lower leading to Pitta dominated cancer where high Pitta inflates high Vata areas.




Backache is a major issue these days. The reasons could be multiple though Vata is the final one. Here are some of them:-


  • Excessive Pitta in a Vata person will increase backaches as the body becomes overinflated and back muscles are unable to handle the expanded/bloated weight (as such even the muscles get overstretched). In fact excess Pitta in a Vata person could cause not just backache but aches in different parts of the body wherever Vata is high (obviously in such a case aim should be to reduce force of Pitta i.e. pungency while eating warm potency, nutritious foods to remove Vata from the system) while also working on ways to reduce excess space (through Tribandha Kriya etc.) and ways to strengthen affected muscles.
  • Secondly the entire upper body is not just supposed to be supported by back muscles but also stomach muscles. It is therefore equally important to work on stomach muscles by doing light sit ups without overstretching back muscles unless they become strong enough.
  • Poor sleeping posture especially due to wrong mattresses used- excessively soft and thus wavy mattresses create blockages in our body too by changing its blood flow. When we sleep our Pitta as such goes down, thereby weakening our circulation. So sleeping on a very soft mattress results in change of blood flow exactly in line with the waves created in the mattress. On the other hand, sleeping on very hard mattress can overexert pressure on body and therefore again moderation is the key.
  • Also as discussed even closure of heart chakra can lead to backaches compounded in those who have Ketu in upper and Rahu in lower body (less of blood in lower vis-a-vis upper). We already discussed strategies to remove such Vata imbalances.


Some strategies for backache


Exercises pull rasa towards the focussed muscles. Hence one must know which exercise to take on. So, a person having a good appetite but with big belly may need to do more of sit ups to strengthen stomach muscles so that rasa/energy/nutrition stored in belly gets pushed towards the stomach muscles. So fat doesnt get converted into muscles but muscles do use the nutrition (energy and vitamins etc) stored in fat. However, we must not expect fat to provide anything more than fat, energy and vitamins etc to other tissues because while proteins do get converted into fat into the body but the reverse doesnt happen in human body. This is why it becomes essential to displace rasa from area where it is more (kapha) to area where it is less (vata) but only when rasa has enough proteins and haven’t got converted into fat (that means within few hrs of eating protein- a strategy used by athletes/body builders).


Plank position with belly towards ground will strengthen stomach muscles but will not remove belly. Instead it may weaken the back muscles. In fact, in a person with good appetite, it may overly increase rasa towards stomach causing Vata imbalance. Hence one must observe one’s own body to check that which asana/exercise is right and wrong.


Kapalbhati also helps in alleviating backache especially in those having belly which comes out when Pitta goes low. However, Kapalbhati should be performed only after reducing space else it will further inflate body and create more VP thereby weakening circulation and  trapping kapha in pockets in the blood vessels.





Very high Vata and high Pitta in brain is the one that causes coma. This combination in brain can even push the person to even commit wrongs. That is why, even old and sacred testaments (Purana) say that sometimes to avoid further dent in individual and collective conscience, the soul (and/or her guides) decides to arrest her body in comatose state. However, please treat this statement as a thumb rule. It doesn’t meant that we should not try to revive the patient. Rest and prostrate position with low Pitta foods can slowly and gradually repair Coma patients if the damage to brain is not too extensive.




This happens when heart is high on VP (Rahu in fourth house) or Pitta (Mars in fourth house) and brain is high on VP (Rahu or Sun and Saturn). Treatment of person would depend upon doshas sitting in other parts of the body too however calming meds like Mukta Vati, Praval panchamrit rus, Arjuna etc. do help by calming Pitta of heart/brain. Such people also need headstands and other poses of shivananda yoga but only after calming Pitta and Vata. For immediate relief one can provide cold packs on the head to push the blood inside the brain for settling Vata. This is one reason that Ayurveda as a thumb rule suggests to not to pour hot water on head as it reduces blood from the brain and could lead to high VP.


*** Water hammer Pulse is due to high VP of heart which pushes it to contract quickly and relax too quickly. Anahata asana is good for such cases and if the lungs are absolutely healthy then Arjunarishtam will also help such people.




  • When a person performs more than one task at a time or connects many things, his/her pitta gets divided into different sections of the brain. The problem comes when Pitta supply is less due to high Vata. In such a case when already less Pitta gets divided into many sections, it creates confusion due to insufficiency of Pitta leading to incomplete processing of tasks. This is the reason that old age people get confused if asked to connect too many things (as it increases Pitta pushing in too high Vata). This becomes even more pronounced in case of Alzheimer patients where Pitta moves to most well formed circuit in the brain (that memory which is deeply embedded, created during that phase of life when VPK were all working well in the brain). This is the reason that Alzheimer patients are better off when quiet as quietness keeps the blood in the core (of the brain) thereby ensuring that deep seated memories including important/essential reflexes (inherited and acquired) remain intact. Of course, the simultaneous aim should be to increase overall blood circulation to the brain through right asanas and food.


  • Prandhara (also called as Amritdhara) is an excellent remedy to treat breathlessness. The medicine is made of oils of mint, ajwain and eucalyptus. Inhaling it alongwith steam or through nebulizer helps in dilating the vessels of lungs and trachea thereby helping in easier breathing. The medicine has various application. External application helps in getting rid of pains, headaches etc arising due to Vata deposition. Internally this medicine helps to overcome nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating etc. Those having kapha aggravation in entire body thereby causing issues of breathlessness can use ginger and lemon concoction. Best would be to consume chywanprash in moderation to undo such issues.


*** Since Asthma is due to Vata in respiratory tract, it creates breathlessness due to accumulation of kapha in Vata. However Asthma may arise during summers too which needs an exactly different strategy. This is because during summers when Pitta is high and Kapha is low, then Pitta inflates existing Vata and inflames the respiratory tract causing breathlessness but with dryness. In such a case, all one needs is to consume cold, astringent, bitter, sweet and light foods and drinks like khus or rose Sharbat to reduce pungency.




Poor supply of blood weakens or totally removes myelin sheath (the insulation of nerves). In people with high Kapha i.e with very high Kapha minds, continuous presence of excess kapha in the interstitial fluids not only reduces effectiveness of insulin to convert sugar into energy (thereby causing diabetes) but it also results in blockage of Pitta, which usually manifests in form of decay and loss of senses of the affected part especially the weakest part (Vata imbalance like 2.5 makes them even more prone to diabetes due to Kapha ridden brain but Vata ridden pancreas). That is how diabetics in the long run start experiencing failure of their different organs one by one. However, the difference is that such people donot usually feel pain whereas Vata minds who perforce have higher Pitta (in most cases especially in early years of life to push Pitta/blood through narrow blood vessels of brain to avoid depression), feel pain whenever they experience neuropathy. We already discussed reasons for Vata minds getting neuropathy (primarily due to ever increasing Vata imbalance due to indiscreet use of Vata imbalancing foods pushed by high Vata mind).




CHF is not because of only Vata (weakness) of the heart. It rather happens due to Vata imbalance and aggravation of the entire body including heart where vessels become narrow and blood becomes thick. CHF is reversible with patience and knowledge by using deepan pachan spices in line with weather alongwith easy to digest gluten free wholesome meals. Winters is a good time for CHF patients as winters help to strengthen core organs (heart, stomach, spleen, liver etc) by taking blood towards core and thus producing more and healthier blood however when winters become extreme and excess of blood goes towards the core, then one must consume blood thinning spices like asafoetida and/or cinnamon along with other warm spices, to keep blood thin and moving, else excess winters will thicken blood and again cause Vata aggravation and imbalance. Whereas during summers no one including such patients should consume such thinning spices including warm spices unless aided by effective air conditioning. Since CHF and high VP are interrelated, such patients should also avoid red and hot foods like tomatoes especially in summers (though initially in winters too) to avoid increased peripheral circulation.


Also to note that even long use of Beta blockers can induce CHF as these medicines rob heart of its ability to beat properly thereby weakening circulation and causing Vata aggravation and imbalance, which is why patients of high BP should resort to right eating (in line with weather as discussed above and eating wholesome food as mentioned in volume one) to digest toxins and build up tissues with right circulation. Patients of CHF who had been taking beta blocker may even need to perform a bit of acupressure on heart points (as mentioned in first volume and also the heart point which is on the right and below the left palm’s crease where the palm joins the wrist). They also must perform Tribandha Asana to reduce extra space created in them. Infact, the indiscreet use of beta blockers confuses their body, as high pitta under normal circumstances is supposed to ignite beta one, two and alpha receptors, however due to beta blockers, high pitta expands their body but without getting regulated by heart which totally disorganizes their body (we discussed in detail the working of beta one, two and alpha receptors in the initial chapter).


Basically indiscreet use of beta blockers creates a lag in the electrical system at the point of heart vis-a-vis the overall body thereby creating imbalances. And thus to undo this lag, one needs to give extra push (called as lead which is opposite of lag) to the electrical system but only at heart by acupuncture and/or external help like pacemaker. The ironical part in such cases is that the body especially brain in order to make up for reduced blood flow increases overall Pitta thereby creating VP in peripherals. Thus whenever such acupressure/pacemakers are employed, then must reduce one’s overall Pitta simultaneously else it can lead to cardiac arrest or failure of other organs. The concept of lag/lead is exteremely important and we must understand that we all fall sick due to lag/lead created in different parts of the body, and if we can identify it and correct it with asanas/accupunture/right herbs/spices, then we can get rid of all diseases. Pulse diagnosis and Astrology are excellent tools to diagnose this lead and lag. For example, a debilitated Saturn indicates Mars is leading vis-a-vis anabolism thereby creating excess gaps and high VP.


*** This is to reiterate that CHF is extremely prevalent in fibromyalgia patients as excess space in them due to exercises and wrong foods creates excess Vata aggravation and imbalance, hence patients of fibromyalgia and CHF need to read and follow both the sections.


Libido issues


Lack of libido is usually not just associated with disinterest in sex but often it also usually is associated with low BP and overall weakness. However, it is not always so. There could be several reasons for libido. Those having body like figure 2.5 may develop libido in the later years of life as Rahu/Vata Pitta in lower body becomes Saturn (pure Vata) subsequently due to inflammation. Presence of excess of coldness in 8th house (e.g. Moon in cancer in eighth) may also result in weak testosterone in certain inviduals leading to overall loss of strenght (warm and pungent herbs especially asafoetida in such cases will be helpful to dry up excess water/fluids).  It is important to note that excess focus on just increasing libido (especially erection) at the cost of losing blood from other body parts (through vasodilation) is bound to be a vata imbalancing act in the long run as vasodilation and erection can cause loss of blood from areas near gonads thereby causing backaches. Their excess use can even cause headaches, which is often noticed in those using such medicines for immediate results. Instead, such people should balance their Vata with right Asanas and foods.


Occult Sciences- Chapter 5


*** Human body is the condensed information sitting in the hard disc of the Universe.  The twelve houses in a birth chart represent the twelve folders in this part of the hard disc with each folder represent a specific psyche and various sub psyches.  The twelve zodiacs represent different conditions that create differnt wiring (different Ayurvedic Doshas) of those folders. And the planets sitting in different houses represent fully formed Doshas at the time of birth (however this doesnt mean that zodiacs are weaker than planets. We shall understand deeper their meaning in coming pages). Different events represent the direction and amount of flow of differnt energies (planets/doshas) in different folders of the Universe thereby affecting different humans differently.


Astrology section



  • Explanation of Planets


Sun and Moon

Since Sun is Sadhak Pitta, whose job is to regulate body’s function by taking feedback and sending controls, it represents Father who constantly watches and disciplines to keep things in order (body’s mechanism and mind’s psyche). With every passing moment as the year progresses, Sun’s focus keeps changing on different aspects/layers of the body to check and regulate their proper working. On the other hand, Moon being Rasa (and blood), whose job is to nourish body like a mother does, keeps changing places in the sky to reach every part of the body within a month’s time as it takes 29.5 days to revolve around earth (on the other hand, rotation of the earth on its axis also ensures that every point on earth gets Moon’s and Sun’s nutrition and regulation everyday even if it is short lived).

*** The bright visible portion of the moon on each day can be viewed as level of nourishment which is why birth on full moon or near it is considered good.


Mercury– Mercury represents movement of Pitta triggered by good Sadhak Pitta through Rasa which is distributed in the entire body unlike cold days of the year when Rasa is more towards the core. From zodiacs viewpoint, mercury time arrives after rains have created good Rasa and thus other tissues in the body and Sun has triggered good Sadhak Pitta (from Yat Pinde tat Brahamande viewpoint, mercury is very closely located to Sun i.e. Sadhak Pitta). That is why, unlike a Saturn person where Vyana Vata is inward leading to storage of all experiences inside for long, Mercury people have balanced Vata (inside out) which ensures that whatever gets in, comes out too without very deep introspection and storage (unlike Saturn). In simple words, a chart strong on Mercury (e.g. Mercury and 6th zodiac in first) indicates a system which takes input through nervous system and immediately reacts with output too. This is not to be compared with knee jerk reaction. Instead mercury represents an advanced nervous system with efficient receiving, processing, relaying back of action/reactions with good feedback system in place for continuous improvement of reception/processing/relaying. On the other hand in Rahu, the rasa has been burnt due to high Pitta and membranes are stretched but lack of Rasa weakens firmness and therefore blood/rasa keep changing routes making one stimulated but moody too whereas in case of mercury even if vessels are snaky, they are firm due to fullness unlike Rahu.


*** Collective conscience has a huge role to play in deciding the outcome of a strong Mercury. A person with strong mercury in bad collective conscience will learn bad things even if efficient. On the other hand, an advanced soul which has experienced several lifetimes thereby filtering good and bad will automatically select a more sattvic environment. In such a case, good mercury in such a chart will remove the need of the soul to experience life, introspect, live and then improve (which is a quality of planets like Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, ketu). Such cases are referred as Evolved mercury and not just strong mercury who because of their evolution (due to their role of uplifting others and self) get placed in higher realms with better collective conscience where a good mercury is sufficient enough to enjoy life.



Mars, Saturn and Jupiter– Mars despite being a red planet is much cooler than earth with maximum surface temperature of 20 degree. Its redness comes from iron oxide. From Yat pinde tat brahmande (YPTB) angle, it is because it has a strong and hot core i.e. strong agni in core which imparts it good strength thereby increasing production of blood and also good pumping of heart.  Similarly Jupiter despite being very cold on surface is extremely hot in the core with core temperature reaching to as high as 30000 to 37000 degree celcius. While even Saturn’s core is hot but is not as hot as that of Jupiter and is estimated at around 12000 degrees. From YPTB angle, its right too because during Saturn’s zodiac (the 11th which is its MT sign), the temperature is so less in weather that even the core begins to cool down. Also as discussed in Ayurveda section, Saturn means high Vata (cold) when body becomes hollow as it starts burning its own tissues to maintain temperature which in turn is needed for running bodily systems essential for life.


Physically Venus is a very hot and acidic planet (around 470 degrees celcius) with negligible difference between day and night because of very high atmospheric pressure, leading to strong winds as strong as 300 km/hrs which ensure that temperature in between the dark and Sunlit sides of the planet remains homogenized. However, Venus is also the planet which rotates around its own axis at a very slow speed. Exactly the same goes with Venus inside our body too. That is why, people having strong Venus in their body are mildly stimulated and stable in their approach. They have good Ojas flowing in their body. So ojas can be visualized as interstitial fluids with lot of energy and nutrition, imparting strength and vibrance to all the cells in the body however Sadhak Pitta (neurotransmitters) move very slowly in people with strong Venus thereby ensuring that Vata is settled but Pitta (pungency exactly) is not high. In food the best example of Venus is Chawanprash which is why it is best to be given during Vata times i.e. severe winters else being warm, pungent, heavy and sour, it is likely to increase BP.

Some more points on Exulation and Debilitation

  • Sun gets exulted in Aries because Aries expands the contracted body (contracted due to preceeding winters), thereby removing wrinkles and restoring communication (whether through nerves system or through blood) like a fully inflated balloon.
  • Similarly Moon gets exulted in Taurus because Taurus’s hot and stubborn qualities are pacified by Moon. In turn Moon gets stability and warmth.
  • It is not only the planet that gets exulted in a specific zodiac but even the zodiac gets benefitted in return thereby providing overall strength to the native. In simple words, the qualities of zodiac and planet balance each other for creating a good outcome.


*** More on exulation, debilitation in excel sheet attached


Understanding Astrology from the placement of planets in Solar System

It is not a coincidence but plan of the higher world in line with “Yat Brahmande Tat Pinde” philosophy that how the planets are located in the solar system. When we are a part of a system or say in a mosaic, we cannot see the holistic picture. The holistic picture can be seen only when one watches the mosaic from a higher point. Exactly that is what can be seen in case of planets. Here is how… Jupiter being far from earth, expands our horizon and we are able to see things from a bird eye view. But Jupiter moves relatively faster than Saturn around Sun (and earth from geocentric viewpoint). So after storing a specific information, Jupiter moves to the next aspect of life. However, Saturn is even farther and moves way slower than even Jupiter, which is why Saturn can see things even more holistically with a wider angle. In other words, it can scan much wider aspect of life and observes more quietly (for longer time but microscopically) than Jupiter (we all must understand this fact that Saturn comes after Jupiter and even if Saturn constricts, its constriction is within the frame already expanded by Jupiter. Thus a person coming in Saturn after going through Jupiter will not look shrunk but instead his/her individual cells would have shrunk inwards). This is the reason that Saturn makes one philosophical and if one has both, it gives a larger perspective of life. However, Saturn and Jupiter being too far from earth cannot see finer things of life (unless they have already experienced them closely), which is where comes the role of closer planets/sub planets i.e. Venus, mercury Moon and Mars.

Venus as the planet is closest to earth and represents leading life instead of watching it from a distance which is essential to know the microscopic aspects of life and world around as the same cannot be understood from Saturn and Jupiter. This is the reason that Venus is as important as Saturn and Jupiter. On the other hand Mars, which is in between earth and Jupiter, signifies the energy that catapults the soul/conscience towards Jupiter and then Saturn for a holistic view. In other words, it provides mental and physical strength to the native to come out of Venus and understand life from a larger perspective which is essential for the soul to grow since no one can grow unless one is able to see the larger picture and connect dots. While Sun represents power source and Sadhak Pitta (which regulates life) to the soul that changes its strength not very frequently and drastically, Moon represents frequently changing mind that scans all aspects of life from all close nooks and corners to collect information from all around and make a sense out of it.

Mercury being placed between power source (and regulator) i.e. Sun, life itself i.e Venus and mind (moon), represents channel of communication to provide feedback/action/reaction/processing, in between power and regulation source (Sun/Sadhak Pitta) and life. As such mercury is VPK which is right in the center of Venus (Kapha) and Pitta (Sun) thereby increasing Vata too. Rahu being the point defined by Moon, Earth and Sun plane (due to their proximity to this point) represents the strength of our desire (though even the outer planets are bound to have effect on this point due to their gravity). Thus when Saturn transits in a specific zodiac, the holistic focus of the earthlings is more on aspects related to that zodiac. Within that aspect, the placement of Jupiter in a specific zodiac speaks of the finer view and it goes on like that till closer planets. This means that even if moon comes in the same constellation after every month, its pattern has changed as Sun has moved to another zodiac suggesting more focus on that aspect where Sun is placed now. In other words, now the mind (even if in same constellation) will scan, another aspect of life (same can be understood for bigger/farther planets too). 

Placement of Planets From Doshic Perspective

Let us begin from the Sun. We know that Sun represents Sadhak Pitta- that Pitta which is the source of power and triggers the other planets and tissues/chakras etc. from a living body’s perspective. Mercury which represents VPK (and thus all sense organs/tissues) is the closest to Sun and rightly so as it is Sadhak Pitta (neurotransmitters) that powers/triggers all sense organs and nervous system to perform various tasks. This trigger of nervous system/sense organs ignites stored Ojas (Venus) in the body and creates outward flowing energy i.e. Mars (which is why Mars represents peripheral flow of blood/nutrition and thus strong muscles). Thus Mars is that Pitta/energy which creates outward flow of blood/nutrition in the body. Rahu being desire to know and experience more, spreads this Mars energy further outwards towards Jupiter. Once Jupiter gets created it cools down the body being far away from Venus and Sun thereby storing experiences in fat (the body stores information only when myelin sheath of nervous system becomes strong which is made of fat). Another push by Rahu on Jupiter further pushes it towards Saturn away farther away from Sun and Venus thereby further slowing the body and mind. This is the reason that Saturn remains devoid of energy and Ojas. As regards Moon, it keeps moving around the body (earth), thereby sometimes creating Rahu and sometime Ketu thereby pulling our Rasa and thus mind in different directions (sometimes closer to materialism and away from spiritualism, sometimes the opposite and so on).

*** Like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto’s effect on Universe too can be understood in line with Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande principle. Thus, being farther, colder and slower (while orbiting Sun), these planets represent extremely high Vata even higher than Saturn thereby indicating very high patience, which keeps storing every thing inside whether it be goodness, bitterness, diseases etc.. It needs no brainer to visualize that their MT sign must be the 11th zodiac whereas they must be debilitated in first zodiac (Aries) like Saturn.


How a Planet invokes its own energy in the other person/thing


An interesting fact from psychology and doshic perspective is to understand that how collective conscience of a specific psychology/dosha invoke similar psychology/dosha in the individual conscience. Here is how… A person with strong Sun is bound to be relatively louder, disciplined, focussed, organized, holistic, commanding and strongly perceptive of the environment around, and therefore a natural leader. Thus, a native’s brain in direct and regular touch with such a strong Sun personality is always bound to be active due to regular disciplining, commands, louder voice, push to understand things etc, thereby invoking Sun (planet itself) or Sun conditions (leo zodiac) in the brain/mind of the native too. Since active brain is bound to keep the body too active, the native is bound to remain active on physical front too apart from mental front. On the other hand, in contrast to Sun, a Moon personality is bound to be nourishing, calm, more towards pampering but not disciplined, focussed. And therefore a native raised/brought up in Moon’s collective conscience is bound to be relatively less focussed/disciplined, more pampered, more creative but less of doer on physical front.


Command/discipling alongwith intimidation would also invoke Saturn by constricting the person inwards and increasing Vata. The reverse can also be said that Vata automatically pushes the person to serve. Thus command can help to tame Mars. This also means that a conscious person would know when to use command and when not as using this strategy on an already Saturn person may create excess Vata/bitterness/fear and thus may invite diseases both mental and physical due to constricted circulation. Same is the story with the rest of the planets and all zodiacs too. Goes without saying that this phenomenon of invoking a planet (permanently) thereby invoking a specific wiring is more prominent during childhood in the moulding stages of the life.


Science behind Constellations


  • We discussed in brief that while Zodiacs are the categories from broader perspective however in nakshatras (constellations), the categorization is done basis deeper aspects of doshas at five elements level. We also discussed an example that how first Nakshatra i.e. Ashwini Nakshatra is owned by Ketu by deeper analysis of doshic conditions in each month. Attached in the appendix (in excel file planet, zodiacs and constellations) is the detailed explanation of all planets, zodiacs (first sheet) and Nakshatras (second file) can be visualized, which planet they represent and why, what are their symbols and why and other associated information/traits including detailed reasons for exulations and debilitation of different planets in different zodiacs/constellations. Before you have a look at this sheet, you must understand some important principles basis which conditions of constellations have been divided. Here they are mentioned against point a, b and c as under:-


  • Just like zodiacs, all 27 constellations too are owned by 9 planets (i.e. 3 by each planet) with the exact order as followed in Mahadasha. The only difference being that here the beginning is with Ketu which is first part of Aries zodiac comprising of first 13.33 degrees (i.e. 13 degrees 20 minutes). That means first set of 9 constellations fall in first set of four zodiacs, second set of 9 with second set of 4 zodiacs and so goes with last set. One of the primary factors that works in differentiating constellation of different sets even if owned by the same planet is that first set of four zodiacs/nine constellations starting from Aries till Cancer, represents phase of expansion due to gradually increasing heat in the weather with fall in temperature during cancer zodiac due to rains. Here the core organs are strong in zodiacs closer to Aries because of kapha/blood closer to core ignited by strong Pitta due to the continuing effect of winters before Aries. Of course, the core organs become weaker by the end of third zodiac. The second set of zodiac represents again a different set of conditions where Sun is strong but temperature is not very high thereby awakening Pitta in the peripherals but with flow of Kapha too (though here Kapha is in fluid state due to rains unlike winters when it is stored inside the body). The third set represents contraction phase due to onset of cold and then slight opening during Pisces.


  • Another very important aspect to be remembered is that movement of blood is much slower than movement of Pitta (nerve conduction/impulses). That is why places with high Vata (less blood) may experience pain, dryness, burning when high Pitta rushes there without blood reaching there to keep insulation of nerves intact. This principle gives rise to different characteristics during different weather conditions in the same person due to different level of blood/fluid and Pitta travelling in different parts of the body. So when Pitta goes up in the weather, the blood which was earlier towards the core begins to expand slowly and not with the same ratio as increase in Pitta. This is because when blood expands in peripherals away from core, the process of expansion is slow and gradual while opening the closed vessels towards peripherals. Because of this, Pitta penetrates the peripherals (including brain) which are relatively higher on Vata vis-a-vis inner body thereby flaring Vata. However as time moves on, the conditions begin to change. That is why you will realize that different constellations even if owned by same planet will have different properties e.g. Bharani and Poorva Phalguni both are owned by Venus however in Bharani, the native’s core is filling with Ojas whereas in Poorva Phalguni, the native may display excitement in physical and mental manifestation due to Pitta and blood reaching the peripherals too including brain. Explanations here are based on yearly movement of Doshas. However there is no doubt that this trend can be noticed even on daily basis e.g. expansion represents day time and contraction represents night time (exactly the way we discussed that Zodiacs can be explained even on daily basis).

*** If a personality is high on VPK in its basic constitution meaning Mercury dominated, then such a person’s skin will be highly sensitive and so will be the speech and computing ability because these organs/characteristics of these organs which are as such high on VPK will get further support from basic constitution. Similarly if a person is born with strong influence of Mrigshira (in Lagna, Moon or Sun and whichever is stronger out of three) which indicates continuous movement like a deer due to high VP , then the eyes of such a person will as such be very flickering.

  • All properties of nakshatras can be understood only in continuation. That is why to read this chart please start with the characteristic of Ashwini nakshatra. Donot pick up any nakshatra else you may not be able to understand.


*** Since Jupiter means space, a person with dominance of Jupiter signifies that the native’s blood vessels right from the beginning of life will be wide and thus will facilitate entry of good amount of nutrition, however if a person is having narrow vessels right from beginning, entry of Jupiter subsequently will only push more food into the narrow vessels thereby overstretching them.

How Twelve Zodiacs (weather conditions) create different layers in our Brain and thus Body

We briefly discussed that how different points in the brain represent different parts of the body. Let us discuss it further. The diagram clearly says that specific parts of the body and that of brain are part of the same layer which is why they are so intricately connected to each other. This is a very important point which can easily explain that how changing weather creates different houses and different doshas in different layers/organs of the body. Basically the diagram/concept means that when a growing body gets gradually exposed to different weather conditions, the growth of its outermost layer at that point of time happens exactly in line with the existing weather conditions. We also must remember that since the weather keeps expanding and contracting the body (or say Mars) due to winters/summers/day/night, the effect of weather is bound to re-effect the doshas of the innermost layer during the coldest months of the year. Since twelve different weather conditions create twelve different doshas in twelve layers, they also represent twelve different psychologies which we understand as houses. At deeper level, each layer too can be further sub divided into more sub layers (This is a very important topic for realization of how Astrology works. More about this will be discussed in the coming pages).


*** Not only Sun but Moon too creates different layers of Doshas in the body due to ever changing movement of Rasa (which is controlled primarily by Moon) because of ever changing location of Moon in the sky. Thus Nakshatras can also be referred as 27 layers created in our mind due to Moon/Rasa.


Astrology of Plants and Animals


In nutshell, human body expands and contracts exactly in the same way as plants do due to weather. During cold, the sap supplying food and water to extremities of plants starts receding inwards while closing/hibernating/constricting the cells in peripherals resulting in gradual fall (reduction) of leaves on the branches. As weather begins to warm up during Aries time, cells expand and so do the phloem and xylem supplying sap and water to the body of the plant thereby resulting in spring and appearance of leaves and flowers. Of course, there are certain plants which are evergreen throughout the year because of strong Mars in them. In fact, by a simple observation, we can categorize even plants and animals as carrying dominance of a specific dosha/planet. For example humans by constitution have relatively stronger Mars else they would have gone in total hibernation during winters like reptiles do.


However, since everything is relative, we can categorize humans too basis the time they are born which decides the wiring of their body and mind. That is why those born during Capricorn duration are symbolized by “Makar”- the crocodile type animal which is half land and half water type. If their Saturn is very strong in them (signified by presence of Saturn in Kendra compounded by presence of Jupiter in Kendra further compounded by onset of Jupiter/Saturn Mahadasha) and their Mars and Venus are weak, they tend to literally hibernate during winters by becoming relatively sluggish. Yes, the aids like central warming, warming food, warm cloths, exercises do help humans to reduce the effect of winters which is why Capricorns donot hibernation in true sense but then as such these aids are represented by various planets only in one’s chart e.g. exulted Saturn means that the native will have good sources to keep Vata in control.

*** Since plants are also governed by Astrology, the ancients gainfully employed this science in agriculture too for optimum growth and harvest and is still continuing in some parts of India.

*** Expansion and contraction of the body cannot be noticed visually because it is primarily the sap/body fluids (Rasa and Rakta i.e. lymph and blood) that retract inward during winters which ultimately feed the tissues. More importantly the contraction is happening not only towards the core and away from peripherals but also within the same cell/group of cells/tissues too thereby creating more space on the surface too meaning more vata and less of sap reaching it. Also remember that this kind of expansion and contraction is happening during different times of the day and different planetary periods too. This means every cell of our body keeps expanding and contracting at different point of life thereby changing communication patterns.


Progression of Mahadashas

*** It is not a mere coincidence that progression of mahadashas of Planets is exactly in line with the sequence of formation of dhatus (from Rasa till Shukra) that represent those respective planets. So to begin with while Sun represents energy, Moon represents conversion of that energy into gross (rasa and blood), which in turn creates blood and muscles (mars), and then fat (Jupiter), bones (Saturn), bone marrow (Mercury/VPK) and lastly shukra/Ojas/reproductive fluid (Venus). Point to note here is that is this sequence is happening in our body round the clock every moving moment meaning conversion of Rasa to blood is not sudden but is an ongoing process (and so goes for other tissues too). Also to note that bone marrow is an extremely intelligent tissue because of its VPK (highly processing, analytical nature) which is why it produces the most refined tissue i.e. shukra.

  • SUN– Since Sun means Sadhak Pitta, when this Mahadasha begins, the person’s brain and entire nervous system becomes very active and is able to perceive and store things deeply in the CD of the brain as the CPU of body i.e. brain is continuously working. However, there comes a time when continuous use of Sadhak Pitta burns the body (Ojas/Venus) thereby suddenly tiring one and pushing one to slow down thereby onsetting the beginning of Moon Mahadasha when Sadhak Pitta becomes weak. This is the reason that Moon Mahadasha begins after Sun-Venus (MD-AD) when Sun burns all Venus stored.


*** The effect of Dosha of a specific planet is felt maximum during its Mahadasha- Antardasha. However effect of the planet in Mahadasha remains active throughout the Mahadasha of that planet. For example Sadhak Pitta is highest during SUN-SUN time. Now Sun being Pitta heats up blood, raises it towards peripherals and above starting from mooladhara and thus expands the body outwards (level of expansion will depend upon strength of Mars too in one’s chart apart from Sun’s strength). When Sun-Moon time will appear, then even if Moon will cool down the body, Sun’s expansion will not immediately recede. Instead Moon’s coolness will slightly cool it down but then when Sun-Mars will appear, then Mars will again expand it. If you can visualize, it is much more complicated, as it not simply expansion and contraction and then expansion which is happening. It is rather expansion inside contraction inside expansion that is happening. Examples in coming lines will give you clearer insights.


  • Moon time helps the person to gain fluids (rasa) lost and burnt during strong Sadhak Pitta times. When Moon Dasha arrives, rasa and blood become colder thus settling towards lower body (mooladhara chakra). Thus when Mars in Moon arrives, the expansion happens more in lower chakra as most of the Rasa has already settled in lower body to undo which one may need to do a bit of Asanas to increase blood in upper body. This may be needed in those cases who have relatively very high Vata in upper vis-a-vis lower which is pushing them to eat more heavy, sour and spicy. However the good side of Moon period is that it increases Rasa especially more towards the core organs which in turn helps the native to build up more blood and other tissues thereby finally kicking Mars time, when strong core helps to push blood towards the peripherals. This also means that if the core organs are still weak (indicated by high diastolic blood pressure) then one should avoid excess of Asanas (especially not to be done in Summers). Obviously, it will not be necessary at all for those who have Ketu in upper body and need to increase Moon in lower to settle inflammation of the lower body


*** In other words, even if Moon time slows down, it is a blessing in disguise and shouldn’t be disturbed unless the core is strong enough.



  • Mars and Rahu– When a person is going through high Pitta phase of Mars (due to activity and/or food), then such person starts consuming bitterness to calm down Pitta (either in form of medicine or food). That is how begins Rahu. So, Rahu is very bitter, slightly sour, slightly pungent and that is why it creates VP with wavy movement of blood like snake (due to bitterness). That is why Rahu is depicted in mythology as a snake head (This is one reason that when Rahu is strong in one’s chart, the native may dream a lot of snakes). Thus waviness results in loss of focus as blood keeps changing routes due to creation of new circuits (by waviness). That is another way of saying that Rahu eclipses Sun because Sun means focus (that is the reason that even Saturn is said to eclipse Sun). This loss of focus means enticement/confusion which is bound to dent the focus of the soul on some aspect (whether it be loss of money/relation/health).

*** When it comes to property, since Mars vision is expanded, it aims at acquiring land or acquiring more houses than one. On the other hand, Saturn’s vision is constricted (shrunk) and therefore it feels happier with smaller house (not expansive like bungalow). Similarly while Mars dominated person would like to go for SUVs type cars whereas Saturn dominated person would prefer smaller cars. This change in personality can be seen within the same person too during different stages of life when different planets dominate. Remember there are a lot of factors that need to be accounted for while calculating this aspect (e.g. for land related stuff not just fourth house is seen but also that how strong is the owner of that house and the planet posted in it; how the adjacent planets and the lord of first house is affecting the overall psyche of the person; which period is the person going through etc.).


  • Jupiter – Now, when Mars dasha enters in Rahu’s Mahadasha, the strength of Mars’ Pitta supported by bitterness and sourness of Rahu, exponentially expands body towards peripherals leading to creation of space, excess of waviness, confusion and losses. This space or Vata which is the quality of Jupiter, pushes the soul to slow down and that is how the mahadasha of Jupiter begins during which, the blood circulation starts slowing down in wavy blood vessels which leads to relative reduction in Pitta and thus increase in Vata and space due to extra circuits created which are now less excited due to less Pitta thereby creating space. During this time, the native may have a tendency to overdo on sourness to fill up the space which together with low pitta results in relative thickening of blood (relative because it doesn’t mean that it is always bad). Since more circuits in blood vessels means more inter neural connections, during Jupiter period, Pitta flows slowly through more Vata (inter-neural connections) thereby helping the person to become wiser as it provides lateral thinking to the native apart from storage space.


  • Saturn– Since less Pitta results in more accumulation of fat (vata also pushes Kapha), this helps in covering of nerves with insulations thereby avoiding short circuits (confusion) and thus recalling events of the past. And by the time Saturn Dasha arrives, this Pitta drops further to create wrinkles/more circuits (very closely woven). That is why Saturn (Vata) is said to have Vakra drishti (curved vision) through which one is able to see behind the wall because during Saturn this curved space increases further (one can also say that increased inter neural connections result in foresightedness during Saturn). Thus we see that without Rahu, new wavy circuits cannot be created or say a soul cannot become wise or cannot gain Jupiter unless it has gone through Rahu. In other words, when Rahu (VP) slows down, it becomes Saturn (V). All in all, a soul becomes wise only when it is able to segregate good from bad and for that it has to experience the bad.


So Rahu can be considered as a necessary evil which not only helps in collecting bad but also good. From a macro scale, the difficult times (Kalyuga) due to Rahu are predecessors to good times (Satyuga). Same goes with Ketu because Rahu and Ketu are two sides of the same coin. So while Rahu creates new circuits, Ketu analyzes them deeply and creates something more/new out of them. Conversely, when Rahu comes in a Ketu dominated person, then it throws out all the stored information (good or bad) and starts afresh (This also means that Rahu satiates the desires of the person). This also means that in absence of Rahu there wont be any Ketu. In other words, desires of the soul (whether it be for higher learning or to enjoy luxuries of food/sex etc) are Rahu whereas its outcome/learnings are Ketu. Thus Ketu represents Moksha from the existing realm through introspection. So, if a soul decides not to learn anymore (or say suspend her evolution though it can never be permanent) then her Rahu Ketu axis wouldn’t exist.


That is why Rahu’s location in chart conveys her desires for learning/luxuries etc whereas Ketu’s location conveys last life’s learnings in a specific field. Rahu also conveys focus of the soul on the macrocosm (outward looking) whereas Ketu means focus on microcosm (the inward looking). And both are essential not  only for understanding them individually but also for understanding the inter-relationship and interdependence between them, for healthier and happier life. Thus Rahu Ketu axis helps to appreciate, understand and apply “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” principle. No soul can learn and evolve to develop an evolved mercury without going through stages of rajas and tamas.


*** Worth noticing that before Jupiter’s main period begins, one goes through the period of Rahu-Mars. During this period one becomes relatively more active (due to Mars) under the influence of bitterness (Rahu) which creates lot of space/expansion (waviness and new circuits) in the body (quite similar phenomenon happens during Mars-Rahu period however at that time bitterness is relatively less). It is this space that triggers one to slow down and thus begins Jupiter during which one adds more fat (not muscles) due to reduce Pitta. And we know that fat helps store memory due to insulation (basically a cell can store only if its boundaries are intact). Also important to remember that bitterness reduces different types of Pitta in the body.


*** Question may arise that if Ayurveda suggests to eat bitter to reduce force of Pitta (pungency) then how can combination of bitterness and pungency create more circuits. So the answer is that bitterness blocks pungency however when Pitta is thrown with muscular force (Mars type) in different directions, it is then that bitterness can cause new circuits (not when Pitta is uniformly high in the body). The phenomenon can be visualized by the simile of balloon. If the walls (external as well all internals) of a balloon are slightly shrivelled by reducing volume of air in it by cooling the air (with the help of bitter or very less Pitta), then it becomes so easy to mend its permanent shape by physically twisting it in different ways. As such cooling the air increases space thereby increasing Vata. On the other hand, try permanently changing the shape of a well inflated balloon and you will find it difficult. Not only it will resist but if you overtry, it will either come back in its original shape or it will burst). However, if a balloon is excessively stretched due to high Pitta, then bitter helps to cool down the air (blood in the body) inside it thereby balancing it (just as raw onion balances sudden exposure to heat wave). It is this reason that exercising under the influence of highly bitter foods can cause excessive increase in Vata (i.e. excess of haywire circuits) which answers the question that why MS and fibromyalgia are found more often in people having physically active past.



  • MT signs of Rahu and Ketu– While Mars represents conditions when the core is very strong and imparts lot of strength to peripherals due to good peripheral circulation (good Vyana Vata), Rahu represents when blood vessels are stretched outwards but in a snaky manner and narrowed with relatively good amount of Thus Rahu relatively weakens core though apparently it may give appearance of strong body due to peripheral flow, however it creates stimulation (but relatively less focused) whereas Mars provides strength. Thus Rahu has characteristics similar to zodiac 3 in fag end before onset of rains (last 5 degrees i.e. around 25-30 degrees) when Vata Pitta is high and Kapha is low. Whereas Ketu is when core is strong and warm but Vyana Vata is inwards (so with less peripheral circulation). That is why Ketu resembles more like zodiac 9 conditions (especially in fag end i.e. 25-30 degrees when Vyana Vata starts moving inwards due to increasing cold). It is important to remember that MT sign doesn’t exult the corresponding planet. Now there are divided opinions amongst pundits of Astrology about exultation and debilitation signs of Rahu and Ketu. However my opinion is that if we go logically by principle of opposites then since Rahu and Ketu are exactly opposite to each other they should exult in each other’s sign i.e. last five degrees of 9th and 3rd zodiac respectively.

*** Please remember that Rahu Ketu represent an axis too and not just two points. So zodiac 3 and 9 represent only these two points and not the entire axis. Hence Rahu Ketu axis can be understood as energy/movement starting from zodiac 3 till 9 and back for Ketu Rahu axis.


  • While Jupiter represents dry knowledge that one gains through reading/learning from media like books/teachers etc., after the native slows down due to denting effects of Rahu, Venus represents that knowledge which one learns by experiencing ups and downs of life after going through all the planetary periods. This also means that Venus also applies the knowledge gained during Jupiter. In other words, Venus is the luxury that one is able to afford after experiencing ups and downs of life. However, this knowledge refines and becomes more accurate only after experiencing life. This is the reason that Venus is given sometimes higher status than Jupiter. However, it is wrong to compare because Venus cannot exist without Jupiter (as discussed above) and likewise without Venus, Jupiter’s knowledge cannot refine or cannot be tested and neither be experienced to get imbibed by the soul in real sense. 


*** When Venus gets combusted by Sun, the high temperature of Sun over-stimulates an already hot Venus thereby not only creating excess heat in the body and mind of the person but also quickly spending all the Venus stored.



Effect of different planets/conjunctions


Effect of presence of Saturn/Jupiter in a houseSince Saturn constricts, it preserves the core organs of the chakra where it is posted in the chart. It also protects the core traits/ psychology of that house/chakra. However, since Saturn pulls things towards itself (inwards), it weakens the flow of Prana/nutrition in the peripherals due to constriction like a closed fist thereby weakening the peripheral organ and traits/psychology attached to it.  Damage to peripheral organs weakens the entire body e.g. Saturn in fourth strengthens heart but weakens lungs and also peripheral circulation. Similarly strong Saturn in fifth (in its own MT sign) may make one feel hungry due to strong Jatharagini but at the cost of weaker kidneys being in peripherals which then will create issues for the entire body if other conditions also support this e.g Saturn posted in its own zodiac. Thus what is needed for such people is to perform asanas that open that specific chakra through massages for outward/horizontal flow and asanas for vertical flow.


This is also to say that weakest part in one’s body is not where Saturn is posted but where Rahu is posted especially if it in its own MT sign (3). On the other hand, since Jupiter expands, it creates mores space and thus storage too in the area of the chakra where it is posted thereby creating more Kapha than other places which is likely to create Vata imbalance.



Rahu Saturn conjunction


We discussed in the volume one of book that Rahu Saturn combination (conjunction) is considered quite malefic. This is because Saturn constricts, preserves the core and slows down whereas Rahu means quick movement in narrow vessels while also expanding. Thus the combination results in thin and narrowed vessels with swings in traits of the house where they are posted due to varying speed. It is called Vish (poison)Yoga because when Rahu is strong (during its Mahadasha/antardashas or transit in inner houses), then Rahu inflates Saturn area causing inflammation of core (Saturn) thereby creating gaps through which semi digested food/blood enters in a haywire manner.The effect depends a lot upon the zodiac they are posted in. For example, if posted in a constricted zodiac like 11th, Rahu will not be able to create much issues however if posted in expanding zodiac like Aries (which expands with strength), where Saturn’s core preserving qualities are already compromised, then Rahu’s presence or entry will expand and further weaken the core. Also to note that excess of Saturn compounded by strong moon (in chart and specific time) can create toxins too in the core, as Saturn and moon may overstagnate blood and lymph in the core and make it weak.


*** The above example also can help us visualize that in certain ways Rahu is opposite to Saturn (contrary to the current understanding) as former expands and the latter constricts. The silver lining of Vish yoga is that it helps the native in dipping into the ocean of Maya through Rahu however when Saturn becomes strong it tames Rahu and gets into research mode to understand the fabric of the Universe basis the experience when Rahu was stronger. No doubts that Vish Yoga is bound to create health issues depending on how strong is Rahu in the chart and if the native has experienced Mars and Rahu Mahadashas.


Moon Rahu conjunction


Rahu is movement of blood in snaky manner due to less blood moving quickly in vessels. When Moon provides its energy to Rahu, it may make the person even more moody and inconsistent (moon at a specific place can be considered as a pool of Rasa). Also, while Rahu alone gets tired very quickly due to high VP, moon’s presence keeps providing it fuel also by cooling it down. This is the reason that natives having Rahu Moon conjunction in first or near first (or even closely located rahu moon near first) are likely to be consistently high on energy, moody, forgetful (due to changing circuits). The effect can be seen to some extent if they are in Kendra even if not in the same house.


Mars Saturn Conjunction


Such a person has both doshas present in the same place i.e high Pitta and high Vata (constriction). Thus they will store for some period by remaining quiet/ introspective and then suddenly release all the enery through Mars and then again go back in cocoon as high Pitta creates unrest in their Vata area. In other words, such people are moody.


Mars Venus conjunction


Such people have high Pitta continuously stimulating their high Ojas thereby keeping them stimulated and yet healthy. Men with this conjunction may indulge in lot of sexual activity (moral or immoral will depend upon several factors like placement of Jupiter/Sun/zodiacs etc), whereas women who are higher on Vata and low on Pitta, may remain stimulated more from enjoying luxuries.


Sun Mars Conjunction


While Sun provides energy, Mars boosts it. Thus such conjunctions provide unlimited strength to such natives (physical as well as mental).


Retrograde Planet


Whenever a planet becomes retrograde, it creates similar conditions as in the past with the aim to make the soul re-experience them to settle left out karmas and/or learn more/unfinished lessons from those conditions. However it has to be noted that a retro planet will never create exactly the same condition of the past because with passage of time, other transits and planetary period (if not at major level then at least at days/months level) is bound to change. This is an important point as it provides similar but not exactly same conditions to the soul. A soul which is passing through VP periods may not learn from the lessons and may commit same act even during retro periods however those souls which are passing through cooling periods (of Jupiter, Saturn etc) will be able to evolve better from such retrograde periods even if it means creation of similar or more difficult circumstances. As such the earlier periods of same planet at same place (before getting retro) would have imparted wisdom to such souls to handle the retro periods. So retro periods may also be considered as a revision for such souls, to learn to drive their Vehicle (body) in similar conditions with more accuracy.


How planets influence Age


So a strong Saturn increases the age of core organs and thus that of native however when Saturn is accompanied by high Pitta (both strong Sun and Moon in one’s chart especially shadbala), then it inflates Vata thereby increasing VP which reduces the age of the native. While a Vata person has thin cloth but crumpled inwards to keep the core organs stronger, a VP person has weak overstretched frail fabric, thereby weakening the core organs too. VP also increases speed of the native’s movement from one house to another thereby making one travel the circle of zodiac faster than others. Thus high VP personality would see the effect of even later houses much earlier in life whereas pure Saturn personality (without high Pitta) in Shadbala will display affect of later houses later in life but with more accuracy. On the other hand, strong Venus in Shadbala provides moderate amount of speed.  


*** Mars alone cannot impart strong Pitta to one as Mars only facilitates movement of Pitta provided by Sun. A strong Mars but very weak Sun can create exhaustion in the native and may manifest in form of diseases like muscular dystrophy.



How Moon’s position in a specific Nakshatra determines Mahadasha


  • We know that Vata goes where blood doesn’t go and where Vata goes, Pitta gets blocked meaning poor inter-neural communication due to weak or no insulation and toxins. So, it is the fluids i.e. Rasa and Rakta (lymph and blood) which are continuously moving and creating the continuity of circuits or say communication in between different parts of the body with brain. We also know that the position of fluids in body gets immensely affected by the position of moon in the sky (due to gravitation force), and the position of the moon keeps changing every passing movement. Thus, it is easy to understand that why Moon’s presence in a specific constellation (Nakshatra) at the time of one’s birth (i.e. in birth chart) determines that where would the fluid be in the body and thus where would be the mind of the native at the time of birth because mind is the focus of the brain on a specific part/aspect. Question may arise that nakshatra change everyday so how can a day, decide progression of Mahadashas for the entire lifetime of the person. The answer is again the same- The initial conditions of the native play the most major role in deciding the future as the child is most ductile/ mouldable at the time of birth. As such since it is the Rasa and Rakta (blood and lymph) that create tissues and while the former keeps changing places, the latter donot and cannot due to lack of fluidity. That is why presence of fluid at a specific places in the body at the time of birth creates maximum tissues at those specific places thus creating the deepest dosha and psyche of the native.


*** This, if ones moon is posted in Ashwini Nakshatra in one’s birth chart, it indicates that his/her life will begin with Ketu’s Mahadasha since Ashwini is owned by Ketu. However, it doesn’t mean that in this case, the native will go through the entire length of Ketu mahadasha (i.e. for 7 years). The exact location of moon in the constellation (whether in the beginning or middle or end) will define that how much of Ketu mahadasha is left to be experienced by the native.


  • Zodiacs also represent different layers of our body apart from different layers of time in which different planets appear- We already discussed that the entire cosmos including our bodies is continuously expanding and contracting and so on and so forth. We also know by now that with the onset of zodiac one (Aries), the expansion begins and the body keeps expanding and changing its doshas as the zodiacs progress when at zodiac seven (libra), it becomes full of Ojas. In eighth Zodiac, the body doesnt expand further but by now the Ojas cools down and slightly depletes too and turns into Rasa (more cold and fluid state). In ninth zodiac the body slightly expands entrapping space and creating Jupiter. And then in the next zodiac, the body constricts but initially in 10th zodiac due to kapha, the body constricts in pockets (held by Kapha) though in 11th zodiac once Kapha (which is more of pseudokapha) depletes, the body constricts inwards while loosening too. Thus we can see that Zodiacs can also be considered as something that create layers in our body of different doshas. Now, the body is getting subjected to this expansion and contraction even on daily basis due to Sunrise (warmth) and Sunset (cold). Thus, if a person has Aries in lagna, he/she is born at the time of onset of expansion (when core organs are already strong). Whereas if the person is born in 10th or 11th zodiac, he/she is born when body is in contracting or contracted stage respectively.

Thus in case of Aries Lagna, the native gets exposed to expanding conditions and then after every two hours, this person will get exposed to another condition i.e. of 2nd zodiac thereby creating another layer and so on. However when the body will contract, the rasa will go inwards and create the deepest layer of the native, deeper than even the layer created by Lagna, thereby making the core organs very strong. On the other hand, in case of 11th zodiac as Lagna, the beginning conditions are when body is initially constricted (with narrow vessels and nervous system) which when begins to expand can create only space. Thus deep down this person’s constitution is bound to be Pure Vata. Also to note that it is the first chakra that develops first through which other chakras evolve in the sequential order else how will the body properly function without governance of CPU in place. Thus, if the first chakra is born in Aries condition, the second chakra which is emerging from the first, will develop in 2nd zodiac conditions. So when body begins to contract, it uses the Shukra Dhatu/ojas (Venus) carried by Rasa and Rakta to the core organs.

How Different layers/zodiacs create different Chakras- Biological explanation of D1 and Divisional charts

Now the question arises that how each layer creates different chakras located in different levels of our body. So, this is because contraction due to lowering of pitta doesnt happen only laterally/horizontally but also downwards (we discussed how Lord Vishnu goes to Patal as Pitta lowers). Thus, when the body begins to cool down, then layer by layer, each chakra develops/accumulates a specific Dosha in consonance with the dosha present in the weather at that time (i.e. zodiac and planet) as one goes down (due to contraction/cold) and comes up (due to expansion/heat). The dosha of a specific chakra (in line with the zodiac and planet presented in the corresponding house) becomes stronger as time passes by when that chakra gets exposd to more of that energy as one ages due to exposure to changing days and changing months/zodiacs on yearly basis. Thus, at the macro scale each chakra gets exposed to a specific Dosha (planet/zodiac) and thus develops a specific wiring with passing moment.

However, it is important to note that initially the native’s focus will be more confined to first house graduating to second and third and so on as he/she gets older. We discussed this concept while talking about divisional charts. Thus at micro level, each chakra also gets exposed to another dosha thereby silently affecting it (in a subtle manner) which is why reading corresponding houses of D1 alongwith other divisional charts at different point of life is so important for accurate analysis.

*** The above mentioned concept can be used to carry out repairs/amendments in different layers of the body (which have physical as well as psychogical manifestations). For example, moon represents Rasa. So if a specific layer of the body has excess Pitta then consuming cold potency foods like milk when moon reaches that specific layer in transit will have therapeutic effect on that layer/house (by the way constellations are finer layers of the body than zodiacs).


  • Why the Science of rising zodiac, Sun zodiac as well as Moon’s zodiac are important


The Science behind Rising zodiac- So, now we know that each day is also a replica of the entire year with cycle of expansion in daytime and contraction in time. Thus the rising zodiac (ascendant/lagna) represents that time of the day when a specific dosha related to a planet/zodiac is dominating. For example, let’s suppose a person has Sun in 5th zodiac (Leo) and moon in 2nd zodiac (Tauras) with Lagna in 11th zodiac (Aquarius). Now let us start from the time the native (or event/conscience) is born. It will be exposed first to conditions which will be in line with 11th zodiac (i.e. typical Vata type with Vyana vata moving inwards due to colder time of the day with respect to other times of the same day). This will establish flow of Vata/movement of blood towards the core making native as a Vata person as the deepest constitution. However, even if different times of the day are bound to have different doshas, the rising zodiac at a particular time of the day at a specific location cannot be explained by Sun’s position. This is because they are fixed in nature in the sphere surrounding earth irrespective of the movement of the earth and are defined by different constellations (figure 7 in Volume one). Also, if you carefully look at different zodiacs at different times of the day, then their doshas do not fall in line with doshas created by Suncyle on daily basis.


Hence we need to look for a different answer to determine that what creates different conditions (and thus different zodiacs) in different chunk of space around earth which are of fixed nature unmoved by the movement of earth around its axis or around the Sun of fixed zodiacs in fixed areas of sphere around earth. Here are two probable answers to this question:-


  • CMB (cosmic microwave background):- The entire Universe is full of microwave which as per scientists, emitted immediately after big bang. While this CMB is said to be more or less uniform all around the space with average temperature at just 2.725 Kelvin, there is still a measurable difference between its temperature (even though in decimel) in different directions with area towards Aquarius constellation having the least temperature and area towards Leo constellation having the maximum temperature. Thus, it is easy to visualize a gradient in the temperature all around the sphere around earth which is bound to have exactly same “compounding” effect as that zodiacs created by Sun.

*** I have used the word compounding here because any fixed point on earth is bound to encounter this gradient repeatedly with every rotation of earth around its axis, thereby compounding this effect.



  • The center of our galaxy, the milky way has a super-massive star (called as Sagitarius A) which is around 4 million times bigger and brighter than the star of our solar system- the Sun. Because of its size, it is a black hole with several celestial bodies including stars closely revolving around it. From Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande angle, while Sun is like father, this super Sun could be considered as the father of father (of Sun). We cant see the light from Sagitarius A as light cant escape it, nor we are able to see the light of the stars surrounding it due to its huge distance (26000 light years) from us compounded by the fact that light gets scattered by the interstellar dust. However, the fact is that all blackholes can be detected due to radiowaves and infrared waves generated by material and stars around them due to extreme high temperature conditions. It was only because of these emissions that this super-massive blackhole was detected by scientists.


Now consider a few facts:-


  • Our Solar system’s span is negligible compared to size of this blackhole and distance from it.
  • Our solar system takes around 225 million years to complete its revolution (360 degree) around this star (and same goes with earth and Sun being part of the solar system). In other words, in one million, years our solar system will change its position with respect to this huge star by just 1.6 degrees.
  • As it moves around this star, our solar system aligns itself towards the center of the galaxy.
  • While Sunlight has very clear and noticeable effect, the fact is that even infrared and RF have definite effect on beings despite being subtle. Energy from infrared light and radio waves is converted to heat in the body. We can feel the heat of infrared light because its energy is absorbed mostly by the skin. On the other hand, we cannot feel radio waves because these emit their energy deeper in the body, under the heat-sensitive cells of the skin. In other words, energy coming from center of the galaxy in form of RF and other EM form has a similar effect as that of Sun though the former is more subtle.
  • Thus position of this star is the most fixed one and has been used as a reference point. So when earth rotates around its axis with let us say the direction towards this star as the beginning point, it takes a 360 degree turn while scanning the directions all around the Universe and again reaching back to the direction where this star is located. This 360 degree scan is what which may be creating different levels of radio and infrared waves experienced by different points on earth and thus humans and all beings, at different points of time which again is nothing but different zodiacs.


*** Thus it is possible that this effect of different zones (with different conditions exactly similar to zodiacs as created by Sun) are getting created due to combinations of several factors, two of which are listed above.


Science behind Moon’s zodiac– And using the initial example in this section, now let us talk about moon’s presence in the 2nd zodiac i.e. 4th house of the native. In 2nd zodiac, the lymph and blood are travelling well towards peripherals due to high Pitta in the weather. Thus Moon is exulted here because rasa and thus Kapha is equally distributed in the body and not just focussed on one place. This is the reason that such people are strong headed (though not ferocious) as well as well built. Being placed in fourth house, it indicates that the person will be happy / comfortable in all situations.


*** Even moon’s waxing and waning phases represent the expanding and contracting phases of Rasa moving outward and then inward respectively (more about it in the coming pages).


Science behind Sun’s zodiac – On the other hand, Sun in 5th zodiac (7th house) means that the person was born somewhere in between mid july and mid August, confirming that native’s Sadhak Pitta will be strong because of clear and strong Sunlight falling on body especially on forehead and eyes igniting good Sadhak Pitta, that too after Moon’s zodiac which would have imparted strength to the body especially in peripherals.


Deduction from the above example- So, the deduction of all three zodiacs (Sun, moon and lagna) in this example chart will be that the native will be high Vata body (due to inward flow of blood) due to zodiac 11 in lagna (zodiac 11 means Vata imbalance as well as high Vata). Whereas native’s Sadhak Pitta in 5th zodiac will focus pitta more towards peripherals due to good heat and light in the weather. Together this combination is likely to provide stability to the native by settling his/her Vata to some extent (however because of strong presence of Sun i.e. in 5th right opposite lagna, this would also impart a bit of VP nature to the person). Whereas Moon in 2nd would mean that due to equal distribution of rasa and thus tissues due to moon, the person will be comfortable in all situations whether pitta is inside or outside.


Miscellaneous and essential aspects of Astrology


Each specific point on earth experiences a change of around 55 mins (astrological mins) on an average (which is close to one degree as one degree means 60 mins) after a gap of 24 hours (you may check the same on your astrology software too which are used for generating birth chart). Thus within 30 days, each specific point on earth witnesses a change of 30 degrees or say one zodiac and in a year’s time, it experiences the effect of all 12 zodiacs. As such this is logical too (don’t we experience all seasons while located at a specific place). However, the fact is that the season (doshas) of each point on earth varies from another point at the same point of time which is primarily due to rotation of earth causing day and night (more the distance, higher the variation). At small scale these changes are not noticeable, which is why people born at the same time in different cities may have the same birth chart. However, their divisional charts may differ as they represent doshas at microscopic level. Since the earth takes one rotation around its axis in 24 hrs, any specific point on earth gets to experience all the doshas in the sequential order (with doshas represented by zodiac and planet in lagna as deepest dosha) and so does the person located on that point. This means that after one complete rotation of earth that specific point (and person located there) should re-experience the same set of doshas in the next rotation too. However, this doesn’t happen exactly this way. This is because of several factors as under: –


  • This is basic knowledge known to all that with every rotation, the earth’s face towards Sun changes a bit due to earth’s tilt on its axis (which is what causes different seasons).


  • Earth’s precession/Sayana/Nirayana/Ayanamsa– Apart from rotation around its own axis, earth also wobbles the way a spinning top wobbles on its axis when it slows down (see the figure below to visualize wobbling of earth like a slowing spinning top which is called as precession). Earth completes a circle of wobbling every 26000 years. The best way to understand effect of wobbling is that if today (i.e. in year 2022 AD), the Northern hemisphere of Earth has peak summers in June and Southern hemisphere experiences peak winters due to tilt of earth (which is the fact too as we all know), then 13000 years from now (which is half of complete rotation of one wobble), the situation will reverse i.e. the Southern hemisphere of Earth will have peak summers in June and Northern hemisphere will experience peak winters. In other words, while today in the month of June, the North pole faces towards Sun and South Pole faces away from the Sun (causing summers in Northern Hemisphere and winters in Southern Hemisphere), then 13000 years from now, during the month of Jun, the South pole will face towards the Sun and North away from it (please remember that this doesn’t mean that the North or south poles are changing their locations on earth. Instead the entire earth changes its orientation). Thus, wobble ensures that the orientation of earth keeps changing slowly every passing moment.



Thus, every 2160 years, the earth’s North pole (geographical pole) shifts by one zodiac and reaches back the original zodiac after covering through all the zodiacs (2160×12 zodiacs=25920 which is close to 26000 years). Though at small scale of few decades or even few hundred years they look fixed only, however the fact is that there is a change of one degree after every 72 years (2160/30 degrees =72) translating to 50 mins every year. This also means that every 2160 years, our pole star also changes. It is quite logical that this shift in earth’s tilt even if minor, is bound to bring a shift in weather too. It is this reason that spring/vernal and autumn equinox too, are bound to shift year on year, alongwith all the weather events including summer and winter solstice. And by now we know that different weather create different zodiacs. This system of moving zodiacs due to earth’s wobble is called as Sayana system in Vedic astrology. However, important to note that Astrology uses both the concepts of fixed zodiac as well Ayanamsa for different reasons. Here is why..


Since zodiacs represent different weather conditions which keep changing with time due to moving zodiac system (called Sayana system as discussed above), it is extremely important to have one system which remains constant/fixed with respect to space and doesnt change with time so that it can be used as a reference point. This is why Vedic system also has Nirayana system of fixed zodiacs. In Nirayana system, irrespective of changing weather conditions on earth due to its wobble, the beginning of Aries always remains exactly 180 degrees opposite to Chitra star in chitra constellation which is the midpoint of 27 Nakshatras (chitra being the 14th constellation). And, since position of stars in the galaxy is fixed (for millions of years), same goes with Chitra star and other constellations too. This is one reason that Gregorian calendar which is fixed basis earth’s revolution around Sun (with respect to stars in the background) is important and cannot be ignored (its only referencing Gregorian calendar that you got the clarity that how earth’s orientation will differ in between two months of June separated by 13000 years as mentioned above).


So going by Nirayana system/fixed zodiacs, Capricorn starts from Dec 20th till Jan 21st, whereas from Ayanamsa viewpoint which is used by most of the softwares in today’s world, Capricorn starts from 14th Jan till 13th Feb which is why Makar Sakaranti is celebrated on 14th Jan indicating the time when Sun enters Capricorn zodiac. This difference between fixed (Nirayana) and movable zodiacs (Sayana) is called Ayanamsa.


*** This fixed versus variable system is an excellent tool which can be used to measure time for lakhs or may be millions of years due to changing position of stars with respect to earth’s alignment.  


  • Earth’s eccentricity- Earth’s elliptical orbit around Sun keeps expanding and contracting (or say palpitating). So every 100000 years or so, earth’s orbit becomes more elliptical and then it subsequently it begins to become more circular. At its highest elliptical point, the earth receives around 25 percent more Sunlight vis-a-vis the lowest point.

*** All these effects which are confirmed now by NASA, were earlier hypothesized by a Serbian scientist Milankovitch in early years of 20th century and are therefore termed as Milankovitch cycle. Accordingly to him, Earth’s tilt, precession, eccentricity are a result of gravitational forces exerted by Sun and all the planets around earth. Heavier/closer the planet, more affect it will have on the orientation of earth vis-a-vis Sun thereby causing different seasons. This also makes it clear that every point on earth has a different combination of doshas and thus collective conscience than the other which have a cause and effect relationship with each other. Apart from this we also need to take into consideration other important factors which must be playing role in changing weather like rotation of Sun around its own axis which takes around 27 days.


  • We know that Sun is the source of power for the solar system and it is primarily Sun vis-a-vis Earth’s position/tilt etc. that create different weather conditions thereby creating six seasons and twelve months/twelve zodiacs. While, this doesn’t account for the role of other planets, the calculations made by researchers at Helmholtz-Zentrum-Dresden-Rosenddorf (HZDR) laboratory, Germany suggests that tidal forces (gravity) from Venus, the Earth and Jupiter can directly influence the Sun’s activity and since these tidal forces are bound to vary at different points of space and time due to motion of these planets around Sun, they are bound to alter the Solar activity (Pitta) and thus seasons on Earth. In other words, presence of different planets in different zodiacs is bound to change the season corresponding to those zodiacs.


Sudarshan Chakra – Thus while zodiac in lagna represents physical constitution, zodiac having Sun represents the focus/perception of life governed by movement of Sadhak Pitta and thus focus of the soul and zodiac with Moon represents mind. And since all of them are equally important, a chart where all three can be shown as first house is known as Sudharshan Chakra. I strongly recommend that for deeper reading one must use Sudharshan Chakra and check result of each house with respect to Lagna, Sun and Moon to finally come at conclusion. It is quite obvious that those having Sun and Moon in Lagna donot have to create a separate Sudarshan chakra e.g. my own birth chart (as you will read in the end of the book). In case of difference in opinion, one would need to combine the reading with more weightage to that which is the strongest (lagna, Sun or Moon).


*** From the higher world perspective, Surya Kundli (Sun chart) can be visualized that which part of her psyche will get maximum energy which means Souls foremost objective. So Sun’s position also represents the level of maturity of the soul (the driver) whereas lagna chart (i.e. D1) represents the kind (constitution) of vehicle and different road conditions that the soul/driver has been given (or chosen) and Chandra kundli (Moon chart) represents out of various conditions given to the soul, which part will be closest to the soul’s heart/mind in that lifetime.


Understanding the deeper Science of Sun Moon Rahu Ketu

Sun and Moon relationship has a huge role in deciding the extent of Sadhak Pitta in one’s life and since Sadhak Pitta is the Pitta of the CPU of the body (i.e. brain) or say processor of the computer, it plays a huge role in deciding how quickly, accurately and efficiently the brain will process the information. Let us take the example of Sun Moon sitting together in the first house (brain). Now when Sun, Moon and earth are aligned, they cause “No moon day”. Also, the moon rises on a no moon day (or a new moon day) along with Sunrise. So, on a no moon day, the earth experiences more gravitational pull due to combined pull of sun and moon experiencing higher tides in ocean. In our body, while pulling force results in pulling up of fluids to the brain and peripherals, the Sun results in high Pitta leading to heating up of all fluids (Rasa) in the entire body (i.e. due to heat/bhrajak Pitta through skin) and brain (due to heat/bhrajak Pitta on forehead) apart from Sunlight going through eyes (alochak Pitta). Thus, even if Moon pulls more fluids towards the brain, these fluids are not only hot but as such too, the overall body begins to lose fluids due to heating up (especially in hot weather).This results in high Pitta and subsequently Vata in the brain thereby creating a rajasic mind (Rahu) high on adventure, enthusiasm in the initial days of life unless body burns and slows down and creates excess of Saturn (Vata).

While the above example is of Sun Moon conjunction primarily in first house (brain), thereby directly impacting the brain, the fact is that Sun Moon conjunction in any other house too will have impact on Sadhak Pitta (though not as much as in first house). This is because even if the house where they are posted would signify a specific chakra, the fact is that their energy will circulate in the entire body (as birth chart can be visualized like a closed circuit as we shall read more in coming pages) though with maximum impact where they are posted. In simple words, in such cases, Sadhak pitta will go high in entire body on a no moon day and will burn the body due to less rasa (moon in proximity) with maximum impact on part where they are posted in form of strong sensation/perception due to strong flow of neurotransmitters there.

On the other hand, when earth is right in between Sun and Moon, it causes full moon. Full moon rises during Sunset and sets near Sunrise. A native with this full moon or near full moon time in chart, experiences good Sadhak and other Pitta (especially Bhrajak) in the day (especially when born near Sunrise) but also experiences cooling down of Sadhak Pitta in the night due to pull of moon (which is missing in the case of native born on or near new moon day). Note the difference here that in this case the moon is pulling/spreading cooled down rasa in the body (cooled down in the night). This is the reason that natives born at least 7 days after the beginning of waxing phase of moon and 7 days before the arrival of no moon (i.e in waning phase) donot experience excess of Sadhak Pitta in their life or their Sadhak Pitta gets time to cool down properly in the night.

*** The position of moon with respect to Sun other than absolute no moon or full moon day can also be understood with an example. If moon rises shortly before Sun, it increases Rasa (in that part of body that corresponds to that house where Sun-Moon are posted) though not much, before the Sun would rise and burn it up though not as much whereas if moon rises shortly after Sun, then Pitta would be further higher as Sun’s heat will not let Moon do its job or rather heat up the rasa as mentioned above. Of course, the zodiac in which Sun is present at the time of birth will matter a lot.

*** Time of birth is an equally important factor in one’s life even if born on same day with respect to placement of Sun and Moon. Let us pick up two examples of people born on full moon day/night with Sun moon in first house. A person born right at the time of Sunrise (i.e. sun in first house) will experience full day of Sadhak Pitta before it cools down due to moon on full moon night or near full moon, thereby imparting strong Sadhak Pitta to see events accurately. Whereas a person born at Moonrise on a full moon day, will gain lot of kapha in brain (due to more rasa) before he/she gets Sadhak Pitta. Thus, most dominating dosha here will be Kapha through which Pitta will run subsequently. Such people are moon dominated with calm approach due to more Kapha unlike the first case where Pitta dominates which then gets cooled down by kapha in night. Thus in first case, Pitta/heat will dominate thereby increasing more blood vessels/inter-neural connections which will subsequently get fed by rasa in night whereas in second case rasa will cool down thereby feeding the body (especially part where they are posted), which in the morning will get heated up however Kapha would have firmed up now due to Rasa and would therefore not let Pitta travel too far (a principle used by Ayurveda during panchkarma when heavy unctuous food is given to the patient and then his/her pitta is increased through powders like hingvashtak which helps in strengthening body and increase mercury i.e. VPK instead of V or P). Also while Sun means Pitta and moon means Kapha, the planets which arrive after Sun in the chart are strongly perceived and read in terms of their effect whereas those after moon are closer to one’s mind.

From spiritual reasoning perspective, Sun represents (Gyan Yoga) and Moon represents the (Bhakti Yoga). Of course, other planets too can be used to discuss different yogas but Sun and Moon being the Father and Mother are most important (as such by now you would have understood that all planets are important for the evolution of the soul). Bhakti Yoga can be explained where the soul has decided to follow higher guides (or say Gods will) with full devotion and no question or urge to understand Maya. Its like a child whose hand has been held by the Universal Mother (moon). So strong Moon (especially in first) represents Bhakti Yoga even though the person may not be performing rituals (remember that we must consider Zodiacs and Mahadashas to see the strength of Sun and Moon). On the other hand, strong Sun especially in first, represents a soul which has come to learn and understand Maya. Thus, when Sun and Moon are placed in 1-7 axis, it means that the person will not only perceive and understand Maya well but will also be loved by Universal mother to balance the disciplining by Sun. When Sun combusts Moon (especially in first), then the soul will have to go through strict disciplining to understand knowledge with least care from the Universal mother.  In other words, the soul will attain knowledge but the hard way and would learn to fend for herself (not from the Universal mother).


Here, we must understand that a father cannot handhold his children forever. There comes a time, when he has to let them face the world so that they become self reliant else the soul will never mature/progress which is why disciplining through learning becomes so important. It also helps the soul to know its endurance power. On the other hand, continous learning/disciplining can tire the soul. Similarly, excess of motherly love too can pamper the soul and never let it progress. A simile could be commando course where they are made to go through rigourous training for 30 days which sometimes sound too harsh (which is why Sun is also called as Harsh/cruel planet). But post that they also get a break to recoup (Moon takes over then). All in all, a balance is must which is why sometimes within a soul group, one would find stark variation between energy signatures of reincarnation of different souls within the same timeline with one strong on Sun and another on Moon. 


*** By the way, Aghora series books in Bibliography section of Volume one do speak about real existence of Universal father and mother.



The deeper science of Rahu ketu– Now it is important to realize that all Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse happen only on a no moon day and full moon day respectively. However, while no moon and full moon happen after every 29 days, they are not always accompanied by eclipse. This is because Moon’s orbit around earth is not at the same plane as the orbit of earth around Sun. It is important to note that the plane on which earth revolves around Sun is called ecliptic plane (as shown in the figure below) and this term will be used quite often in the coming pages. Moon’s orbit is tilted by around 5 degrees with respect to ecliptic plane. The points where orbital plane of earth around Sun and Moon around earth intersect, are called lunar nodes in astronomy and Rahu (ascending node) and Ketu (descending node) in Astrology. So eclipses (solar as well as lunar) happen only when Sun, moon, earth get aligned alongwith the node. I would suggest the reader to visualize this aspect through videos posted on my website.

Since Rahu ketu axis represents alignment of orbital plane with ecliptic plane, their placement in the chart also represents how strong or weak the gravity, will one experience. Yes, it is right that Rahu and Ketu are merely intersection points and if Moon or Sun or other planets are not aligned with these points in one’s birth chart, then they will not have any effect at that very moment. However, please note that even if lunar nodes are not with Sun or Moon in the birth chart, the native is bound to experience high pull or push sooner or later, as soon as Sun or Moon come in this zone of lunar nodes. Remember Lunar nodes stay in a zodiac for 1.8 years whereas Moon stays for just 2.5 days which means that every month it is bound to enter the zone of lunar nodes thereby multiplying the effect of gravity. Also to note that lunar nodes move in clockwise motion (unlike all planets) meaning their motion is retrograde with respect to  other planets which means if lunar node is parked after a planet in the chart, then they will meet much faster. For example if one has Moon in first and Rahu in second, then Rahu will move towards first whereas Moon will move towards second which means that right in the initial days of native’s life, Rahu and Moon will meet each other.

This also means that if both, moon and sun are aligned with earth alongwith rahu ketu axis (i.e. when one is born on eclipse day), then this push and pull of gravity/fluids/blood in one direction will be even higher which is why Vedic Astrology considers total eclipses as something that can create lot of topsy turvey in the life of native/world (we shall read more about their effect in coming pages). This also means that closer the Rahu or Ketu in ones chart near the first house (i.e. brain or beginning of life), the more effect they will have on one’s life in terms of pulling or pushing the blood away/closer to the brain (experience/observations confirm that Ketu pulls the blood towards itself away from Rahu).

*** Question may arise that since earth rotates and so does moon, this effect should get nullified. But as discussed, the deepest dosha in the body has the deepest effect because it is the deepest dosha that creates the direction of flow of energy/blood/conscience forever thereby creating permanent wiring.

Two more equally important facts to be remembered is that

  • Moon takes 27 days to rotate around earth where earth takes 24 hours to rotate on its axis. In simple words moon is much slower than earth and is not stationed on a fixed point above earth. So when a fixed point on earth reaches the same place with respect to stars after 24 hours, the moon drifts ahead only on an average of 50 minutes (30-70 minutes). This is the reason that while new moon rises with Sun, the full moon rises at Sunset as the time of its rise and set, keep drifting ahead.


  • The moon’s orbit keeps wobbling around earth which is why not every time Rahu and Ketu get aligned in line with Sun and moon on a no moon or a full moon day. This is also the reason that Moon keeps changing its position in the sky during different weather conditions basis the tilt of earth. The table below shows a trend. In other words, the moon scans the entire sky over a period of twelve months and from our mind and body perspective, its varying effect is felt on the entire body (or say brain) unlike Sun which is more or less fixed in its time or rise and direction of rising and setting.

From Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande perspective, while Sun is fixed and provides power to brain through Sadhak Pitta, the moon keeps changing location in the body and mind throughout and on daily basis, however the deepest mind stays where the natal moon is located.

How various phases of Moon impact us


 Since full moon creates very high tides due to gravitational pull, it pulls even blood and interstitial fluids towards the upper body including brain thereby releasing more GABA- the calming neurotransmitter. This is the reason on a full moon, one is likely to feel calmer. Also, the latest scientific studies have confirmed that sleep duration differs by around 50 minutes due to different phases of moon with people going to bed by around 30 minutes late as they are closer to full moon. This wakefulness on a full moon can be explained by the effect of light on release of melatonin in pineal gland. More the light, weaker and later the release of melatonin and later does one sleep.  Thus, when moon is in waning phase especially sickle phase, it induces more sleep in the person due to absence of light in the night time thereby contracting him/her more than other days. In simple words, moons phases of expanding and contracting light portion, affect us exactly in the same way by expanding and contracting our Rasa thereby also impacting our moods/emotions.




This is the reason that moon’s phases are extremely important factor to be considered. In Vedic sciences, the waxing phase of moon (when moon begins to expand after no moon till full moon) is called as “Shukla Paksh” and waning phase is called as “Krishan Paksh” when moon begins to wane/contract from full moon till no moon. Both of these phases consist of 14 days each and with one day of no moon and full moon, they total up to 30 days. These lunar days differ from solar days except for no moon when Sunrise and moonrise are at the same time. Each of these lunar days are called as “Tithi” (date) which starts at moonrise and goes on till next moonrise. Their length keeps differing each day since moon orbit around earth keeps wobbling all through the year and is also elliptical.


*** Mahashivaratri- As per Vedic sciences, humans should remain fully awake throughout the night before no moon when Sun is in Aquarian zodiac. This is because when Sun is in Aquarian, it is considered to be the coldest month of the year when Vata is high (especially in peripherals) and Rasa is inward. No moon phase further leads to rasa going inward due to early dimming of moonlight thereby taking this Rasa even deeper and increasing Vata imbalance. Hence this night is called as Mahashivaratri as slowly and gradually with passage of each year, it invokes Supreme form of Shiva by reducing Pitta and taking rasa to the core. It is this reason that one should eat light or fast if possible (especially on liquids only) so that food doesnt set in lethargy. There are several ways of remaining awake on this night by reciting various prayers/mantras/songs of Lord Shiva.


Why Rahu Ketu take 18 years to reach the same zodiac (Saros cycle)

By now we know that different planets take different duration to complete their orbit around Sun. Accordingly they spend 1/12th of the time of one complete orbit in each zodiac. Important to remember here that 1/12th is average and because many planets have very elliptical orbit, their time in each zodiac may differ and may be less or more than 1/12th of duration of one complete revolution around Sun. But then how do we calculate this aspect for Rahu and Ketu? This can be explained by “Saros” cycle which states that a specific point on earth experiences full eclipse (or exactly similar eclipse), exactly after 18 years and 10-13 days (figure below captures one of Saros cycle number 136). In other words, Rahu Ketu create exactly the same conditions on a specific point on earth after 18 years and keep changing their location every year unless they return to the same point after 18 years. Thus they spend 1.5 years in each zodiac, while remaining opposite to each other.



*** We already discussed in the first chapter (Vata imbalance section) that why Rahu type of food early in life creates Ketu in the lower body and vice versa. Here is one more important aspect to understand. Rahu represents VP (though later in life it becomes simply Vata). So when due to our wrong food habits and lifestyle we increase Vata (paucity of blood) like eating imbalanced foods not in line with season/constitution, overexercising, overworking in Sun, we increase Rahu but then with onset of cold weather, same Rahu i.e. paucity of blood results in shrinking of blood vessels inwards due to loss of fullness/firmness in them resulting in Pitta getting trapped inside thereby creating Ketu. This is because during warm weather, Pitta keeps the vessels stretched with air/space present in it alongwith blood but when cold season arrives or Pitta gets lowered for some reason (if not weather), then the blood goes inwards towards core creating Ketu. In fact this see saw between Rahu and ketu is happening all the time between day and night and even with fluctuating temperature however it is too small to be noticed unless it accumulates. Most importantly by conscious living/eating (in line with weather/constitution) we can ensure that this axis doesnt bother us at all. 


*** Rahu excites and in first it is bound to be highly excited being the wiring of Agya chakra (master glands). Thus out of excitement, it is likely to perform even highly rajasic actions (Unless controlled by a good zodiac and strong aspect by strong Jupiter can significantly mellow down its affect but not totally. Even the planetary period and transit play a big role in exciting or mellowing down Rahu). The issue with high Rajas is that it forgets what it has done as VP evaporates the experience of the karma performed (even if not completely, it does weaken the strength of that experience thereby not letting the native realize the consequence of one’s own action). As a result, Rahu creates Ketu in those who are close partners (closest being spouse) meaning the native’s close partners start deeply storing such experiences even to the minutest detail (Ayurvedically, high Pitta of Rahu creates a deep impression in the mind of the partner thereby creating Ketu because the partner is quietly listening). On the other hand, if both the spouse have Rahu in first or second, both will get simultaneously excited due to each other’s VP but will also forget those experiences due to evaporation of kapha. This also means that Rahu is good too as it helps one to evaporate bad thoughts and avoid conflicts. Thus Rahu helps to forgive.


*** Extent of Rajasic action will depend upon the current collective conscience of the place, country and that of realm (earth in our case). For example, if earth is going through Rahu times, Rahu in first may create even indulgence in excess consumption of alcohol or extra marital affairs etc. Whereas if Ketu is transiting in first house of the native where Rahu is posted, it will control it.



We discussed that how expansion and creation creates zodiacs. This section will discuss that how planets influence us exactly. The planets have two major forces that influence their own environment and that of neibhours. These two forces are gravity and magnetic field. Let us talk about the gravity first.


From the prevous section, we already know that how Moon’s gravity makes a huge impact on our biology and so do Rahu Ketu. Rahu can be visualized as centrifugal force that pushes the Moon away from the ecliptic plane whereas Ketu is more of centripetal force that pulls in the Moon. Since Moon represents Rasa, Rahu pushes the Rasa outwards in the body whereas Ketu pulls it inwards. Thus when Rahu and Mars are aligned, the Mars provides extra energy to Rahu thereby pushing Rasa too far from the core and thus giving rise to Jupiter (space/expansion)- we know that Jupiter MD starts after Rahu-Mars (MD-AD).

** MD is Mahadasha and AD is antardasha.

On the other hand, when Ketu’s pull is multiplied by Mercury’s pull, it pushes the Rasa towards the core giving rise to Venus (we know that Venus MD starts after Ketu-mercury MD-AD). Similarly when Rahu and Moon are conjunct in the chart, it indicates the person was born when Moon was placed exactly at that point where Rahu’s force pushes up the Moon (away from ecliptic plane) thereby speeding it up. This is the reason that Rahu Moon conjunction makes the person very restless as Rasa becomes too fast and outward and is not able to focus at one place. Thus apart from changing weathers due to Sun, even gravitational effect of planets have a huge role to play in creating/reducing space and thus reducing/increasing VPK.


Magnetic field

Other than Moon whose influence on us, is primarily because of gravity, all the other planets in the solar system have magnetic fields of their own with Jupiter having the strongest and most massive one. Now question may arise that how can these fields reach earthlings. So the interesting part is that other than Mars which is pretty close to earth vis-a-vis other outer planets, all outer planets have much stronger fields vis-a-vis inner ones. Secondly and more importantly, we discussed in volume one of the book that like brain which has loops inside loops, even the space outside is heavily folded/warped with loops inside loops. That is why all the planets which we think are far off from us are physically very very close to us. They look too far because light travels along the surface of the warped space and therefore takes very long to reach us (and also gets faded due to distance). Thus when the earth rotates and one of these planets comes in contact (though not physical) with our specific layer/zodiac in our body, its magnetic effect apart from its gravity affects us. Its worth noting that unlike light, the magnetism can pierce through warped space too since EM waves are like flares (just like Sunflares) which don’t need space time fabric to move through. It exactly happens in our brains too when a strong thought connects so many other pieces of puzzle already lying in our mind. The thought basically generates an EM impulse which touches the other parts of the brain (even they are physically not touching) and resonates with EM flux generating out of information with similar base, thereby creating a bigger piece of information, out of two pieces of information. Exactly the same happens in a computer hard disk.

All in all, since Planet’s gravity and magnetic fields have huge (even though subtle) impact on our bodies, we must take into consideration, the current transit (gochar) too while reading one’s chart as it tells that apart from different doshas sitting in different chakras (as per birth chart), which all planets/doshas are now affecting different chakras. For example, people having excess space in their body (causing excess Vata) are bound to get more affected when Jupiter enters their kendra houses and/or when Jupiter gets conjunct with Mars (further compouned if Rahu is also their in the conjunction) in the  transit as this is further bound to increase space in them which may also cause swelling. At such a time, these people/patients should definitely avoid red foods that too alongwith pungency as red would carry pungency or heat towards peripherals. Thus this is to reiterate that current transit apart from birth chart must be referred to not only for predictions but also for administering medicines which used to be the practice during ancient times by all Vaidyas.

*** Goes without saying that it is not just the planets that are affecting earth and earthlings but its the other way round too due to proximity (while discarding the space time folds). Since collective conscience too generates a magnetic field as a sum up of individual field, it is bound to in turn affect the fields of different planets which in turn must be affecting their other traits like rotation, revolution, gravity etc. Thus, our individual actions too have a cascading effect (called as butterfly effect) on the movement of planets, thereby setting up a cause and effect relationship. In fact, it would be easy to visualize that there would be cause and effect relationship between different planets too due to their gravitional effects between each other (basically they are intertwined with each other thereby giving stability to the system). We already discussed some examples like that of Rahu and Mars pushing conscience towards Jupiter.

Why Different planets affect us differently


Planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus etc. have more subtle effects on the earthlings. They are slower and more subtle however since they are far off and are relatively bigger, they create umbrella type of effect on earth (i.e. wide angle) instead of pointed, sudden and quick effect by closer planets (i.e  narrow angle). This is the reason that effect of Saturn is not pointed. Instead it is felt in adjacent houses too as it works like a wide umbrella. On the other hand closer planets like Mars, Venus have more intense affect on us however its quicker than Saturn and Jupiter. While this explains speed and span of energy of different planets, their types of energy can only be explained from their physical characters (which we have already discussed). This is because physical characters are the signature of ones Aura (magnetic flux) too. For example, a person with strong Mars in third house/throat chakra will speak louder and throw his/her energy with stronger force.


On the other hand, differnt zodiacs can be visualized as 12 different segments of a continuous circular (closed loop) induction coil whereas planets are magnets with different properties thereby behaving differently on different points of space in these segments of zodiacs. And while the sectors of these zodiacs/coils are fixed in space, the magnets (planets) keep moving through the different fields of zodiac thereby generating different energies and thus different doshas too. This is the reason that earth keeps experiencing different surge/drop in different energies at different points in space at the same time as well as different time which is nothing but the Kaalpurush chart at a specific time. So for creating the birth chart, that zodiac becomes the first house which touches magnet (earth) at that point on earth. All in all, zodiacs are broad spectrum magnetic fields whereas planets are more pointed in nature.


*** Constellations are further and finer sub divisions of this circular field of zodiac. They are group of stars but much larger than planets even if distant. They also can be viewed as magnets in this electric field whose effect on earth is highly umbrella type (with very wide angle range) in nature due to them being very far. In other words, their effect is way more subtle (and invisible but present in deep psyche) vis-a-vis planets however being too far, their affect is felt in entire chart, with of course maximum impact on the house where it is posted and the planet whose field it is impacting. This is one reason that rising constellation and the constellation where Sun and Moon fall are considered highly important, though others cannot be undermined. And that is why for deeper analysis especially related to the behavioural aspect of the native in different areas, we must check that which planet is posited in which constellation e.g. Jupiter represents knowledge/wisdom. So if ones Jupiter falls in Moola nakshatra then it may indicate that this person would like to gather the root cause of the issue which will become more pronounced if this combination falls in first house. However if Moola falls in 9th zodiac (Sagittarius),which also means that if in first house, it would mean excess Kapha in brain (which may lead to greed, possessiveness and Kapha diseases like diabetes). Similarly Moon in Mriga would mean the mind of the person will always keep roaming in different directions which will be visible in actions and on face. The Bhav Bhavesh principle can be applied in constellations too to some extent.


Thus, an individual may be born with (let’s say) Mars in Aries in first house which would mean that this person’s (or instrument’s) first house will always have Aries as the wiring of the brain or say Aries segment of the large induction coil will create his/her first chakra with Mars (magnet) at specific point in the segment of Aries coil (representing degrees). In other words, since Mars in Aries will govern this person’s first chakra which houses brain, pituitary, pineal glands which are the master glands and govern metabolism of the entire body, this person’s overall metabolism will be very high as the switch of the entire body is working at a high speed/induction/electricity/energy. This example can easily be used to understand the effect of different energies in different houses and their cascading effect on other houses. While this is true that initial conditions of any factory/instrument are most important (engineers would know it through their experience), however the effect of other planets transiting through different zodiacs (even though zodiacs are fixed in body) at different times has also great importance. Let us use the above example. A person will Mars in Aries in first house as the initial condition (that is the birth chart) may be high on energy however when Saturn would transit Aries i.e. the first house of the native, then it will slow down/constrict, the expansive energy levels of first chakra


*** Different aspects of life (represented by different houses) can be viewed as different folders/sectors in the memory bank of brain/soul which keep auto-collecting information on different aspects basis inputs from environment and processing based on inter and intra folder interactions. Value/meaning/type of karma attached to each word/karma/environment automatically stores it in a specific sector related to that aspect (house of Astrology) which keep building up with time. Also, a computer savvy person would know that memory in a hard disk never gets lost even if it is deleted (there are software to retrieve deleted files). Exactly the same way, memory in the hard disc of soul/supersoul never gets deleted. Yes, it gets superimposed by latest memory/doshas. That’s how at times we are able to recall very-very old memories also. Meditation, silence, focus are great tools which can be used to recall old memories for connecting dots for a better future of self and society. That is how guided meditation helps to recall past lives as we are connected all the time to the higher world.



  • While brain is like central processing unit, heart is another equally important organ which is directly connected to each and every part of the body through blood supply. That is why energy of the Anahata chakra plays a huge role in deciding the morphology of the native. A person with Mars in fourth house means strong muscular heart meaning strong circulation of the blood (pumping as well as suction) right till all the farthest areas of the body. Whereas a person with Rahu will have quickly pumping heart but with weaker and wavy force leading to weaker (relative to Mars) and wavy blood flow (Rahu type) especially towards peripherals including brain whereas Saturn in fourth will indicate weak pumping and suction. As such anahata represents mother because mother’s physiology has the biggest role in shaping the morphology/constitution/psyche of the child. This is one reason that heart is considered to be the second brain whose shape and size (including that of the nerves, blood vessels, muscles etc emanating out of it) speak of the morphology of the entire body.



  • As a thumb rule, Rahu should not be present in the early years of one’s life (i.e. first or second houses) because these are the times when Mars is supposed to be strong which together with Rahu may create a lot of Vata (new circuits). As such Rahu means blood moving in snaky manner through vessels due to high VP constitution, lifestyle and food which further puts one in the vicious circle of adding more and more Vata because VP leads to hyperactivity, selection of enticing foods (more sugary, salty, sour etc). However a lot also depends upon the zodiac in which Rahu is posted and other factors. For example Jupiter’s zodiacs do neutralize its effects to an extent because Jupiter means heavy foods which are vata pacifying but not Pitta aggravating. Jupiter also means expansion which balances the narrowness of Rahu. That is why Rahu in 9th zodiac remains in control. Presence of planets around Rahu too matter a lot (in the same or adjacent houses). For example presence of Mars increases its ferocity.

*** Jupiter Rahu conjunction (and to some extent mutual aspect) is called as Guru chandal yoga in Vedic astrology. Here while Jupiter expands and stores/gains more knowledge, Rahu displays out the knowledge stored in some form or the other. That is why if not tamed by a good zodiac or planet (like moon), then this combination may create excessive display of ego too and may become even counterproductive. That is why Guru Chandal yoga’s effects should be analysed while taking into account all angles including planetary period. On the other hand, Saturn Jupiter combo (and to some extent their aspect on each other) stores knowledge and information and vents it out usually during the Rahu’s time. A lot depends upon which planet is stronger in one’s chart.


  • Force of Pitta during Rahu’s mahadasha is not as strong as that during Mars thereby reducing flow of blood reaching the peripherals. This is because of use of more vasodilators during Rahu vis-a-vis Mars time. This also means that blood vessels are much lesser stretched during Rahu times as compared to Mars time. Instead during Rahu times, the Kapha gets deposited in a haywire manner in the body due to use of vasodilation in Mars. The more indiscreet use of vasodilation during Mars time, higher would be the Rahu.


  • When Vata goes high, the person is unable to look at time in a more linear way because it is Pitta which travels straight and stores organized flow of events in the right manner. That is why during Rahu times and when Moon is too strong in one’s chart (not supported by Sun), then one tends to lose flow of time and may even falsely assume self to be intuitive of events. The phenomenon becomes more pronounced when Rahu and moon are together or close in natal (birth) chart. This is because moon as such reduces Pitta which further gets weaker and changes places when eclipsed by Rahu. Together, they can also cause hallucinations.


Prediction of Global events like World war/Earthquake etc.

So, farther the planets, more holistic is their effect felt not only on individual but also on the larger population, which is why Saturn’s entry in tenth zodiac triggered Corona wave (details in first volume). On similar lines World war two took place when Uranus was right in the center of the Aries (the first zodiac of Kaalpurush kundli). Since Uranus takes 84 years to complete its revolution around Sun, this indicates that when Uranus enters Aries, all the things stored inside body and mind due to high patience (due to Uranus’s Vata), erupt out (as Aries means springing out of what is stored inside which is why it coincides with Spring season). The transit of Uranus in first zodiac during WW 2 was further compounded by presence of Mars in Kendra house thereby exploding out the bitterness. On the other hand  WW one took place when Uranus Saturn and Neptune all three were in the center thereby creating extreme bitterness which again blasted due to Mars, which is why WW 2 is sometimes referred as an outcome of WW1 or its leftover though the fact is that the cycle continues.

*** The world again needs to be careful and patient as we are once again facing similar circumstances with Uranus sitting in first zodiac where entry of Rahu and then Mars in June 2022 is likely to trigger a havoc. In fact, Uranus entry in first zodiac had a major role to play in corona trigger. Also to note that even Sun’s position also matters as the triggering factor. If Sun is too strong i.e. in 1,2 or 3 zodiac, then it is likely to push Mars even stronger especially if it is in the center with other triggering planets. However this is also true that collective prayers/Yagna, can alter the course of any prediction, as prediction of future is nothing but the most probable outcome basis the current collective conscience or say the energy signatures of the collective conscience which is what the birth chart is.

While war’s primary reason can be attributed to sudden outflow of emotions stored/suppressed for long, earthquake’s are physical manifestation of similar energies of planets. Basically it is not difficult to visualize that earthquakes happen due to extreme and sudden contraction /expansion (of earth’s crust) due to planetary effects, which is why many earthquakes were recorded during the duration of both the world wars too. But please remember that while world war involves everyone or most of the world, which is why the right way of checking it is through Kaalpurush kundli (with Aries as first), earth quakes usually have localized effect, hence to check their occurance and location, one would need Kaalpurush as well as local chart. Vedic sciences say that as a thumb rule, earthquakes are more likely to happen during the month of May/Jun and Dec/Jan. This is because the phenomenon of expansion and contraction are at their peak (respectively) during this time, thereby destabilizing the crust of earth. This is also the reason that they are more likely to happen in between midnight and early morning before sunrise and in between noon and early evening which are contraction and expansion phases.

However, it would have been clear by now that expansion and contraction alone cannot trigger earthquakes (and even War) unless these are sudden in nature- when long duration high Vata conditions are suddenly met with very high Pitta conditions or when long duration high Pitta conditions are suddenly met with very high Vata conditions (we discussed in Ayurveda section with visualizations that how sudden expansion/contraction can lead to cracks/communication gaps). Its quite apparent that earth’s revolution around Sun alone (which is supposed to bring gradual change in weather) cannot trigger earthquakes. Instead it is the combination of other planets too that creates closure/constriction (i.e. high Vata/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune) and sudden expansion due to high Pitta (Sun, Mars and Rahu) in the constricted conditions or Vice versa. Coincidently, as mentioned above such conditions would be ripe in the mid of 2022, which means again that world is likely to face earthquakes at certain places alongwith WW3.

*** Also to note that during eclipse, there is sudden surge in the gravitation pull as Sun, moon, earth get aligned that too when the ecliptic plane and lunar plane are also aligned. This is one strong reason that Vedic texts also mention post ecliptic period as highly prone to earthquakes. Solar eclipse also triggers diseases due to sudden change in levels of Pitta as discussd in volume one. As such solar (and to an extent lunar eclipses) due to sudden increase in gravitational pull, are likely to create cracks and vata imbalances in our body too leading to breakdown in communication.

Even the location of the event can be predicted if we are able to take into account factors e.g. sudden increase in Pitta will damage (cause blast) only in those areas which are already high on Vata Pitta but not those which are high on Saturn as Saturn protects the core of that area where it is seated. Thus those locations whose birth chart (collective conscience) at that point of time is high on VP will have more impact of sudden increase in Pitta (which can be checked from placement of zodiac and planet in lagna, placement and strenght of lord of first, current Mahadasha, transit and Shadbala). It goes without saying that it is very difficult to take into account so many parameters and therefore it needs an extremely calm, composed and strong mercury mind. Apart from that one would need to permanently put on scan, the energies of different parts of the world, alongwith existing energies (i.e. Kalpurush). Of course, in a world high on inertia, the best way is to use computers to predict catastrophes (natural as well man made) by feeding all possible parameters which could save millions of lives and damage to property. Certain people may think that catastrophes are essential to bring balance by keeping population in control. However the point is that if we humans evolve to the level of maintaining calm, composed and well evoled minds which can predict destruction and avoid it by taking right decisions, then our population would never grow organically.


*** The circle of zodiac in itself represents cause and effect relationship. This can be applied on everything including factors that destabilize earth whether it be global warming or earthquakes or floods or wars.  While we discussed some examples in the book, another example could be how mining of minerals, oil, water can destabilize the earth’s crust and cause earthquakes. Apparently these factors seem to be very trivial in nature but the fact is that they are the ones that have been major contributers in creating earthquakes etc.  A birth chart of a place can reveal the level of such industrial activities especially by knowing the strength of Rahu and Mars and their association with other energy giving planets. Such a collective conscience not only pushes overmining (and indiscreet too) of the land and resources but is also bound to create an unstable environment sooner or later leading to natural disasters which in reality are man made disasters only. Some may argue that the earth’s crust was weak at certain places by default before industrialization. So the answer is that destruction, resurgence and so on of civilization has been a cyclic and ever moving phenomenon. The fossil fuels that we use today in all likelihood would have got produced not only from the compressed wood/fossils of the past but also from the other manmade products like plastic when humans would have existed (in whatever form) in the earlier cycle on earth and would have given rise to global warming (slowly and gradually).

It is therefore important that if a civilization has to flourish for long then it doesnt carry out those activities that destabilize the core and crust of earth or does it to the minimum. Which is why the ancient civilizations used to exist only near perennial rivers as it reduced/totally removed their need to travel to far off places for resources to thrive. This meant no need for laying huge pipes to provide water supply (being close to river); daily exercise to fetch fresh water; availability of clean and mineral water;  no need of vehicles to move around for administrative purposes or for tourism as the place itself would be so beautiful and serene that people would not feel the need to travel to far off places for settling their hyperactive minds (so no mining and no pollution). This would also mean no comparisons, no competition, eternal bliss, no global warming, no earthquakes and thus no flooding. The list of benefits is endless. Yes, the only thing that would be needed for setting up such self sustained places would be knowledge in form of some documents etc. so that every society can flourish in true sense by following those documents/testaments (something similar to Vedas left by the higher beings for earthlings). Even possible that the ancients before going to the higher realms after experiencing this one, would have imparted knowledge through other modes too and not just documents.

*** Question/arguement may arise that this would take us back technologically but then we must ask a question from ourself and that why our older generation was happier, healthier with much lesser resources. While there will not be any need to travel to different places as our own place will be as beautiful and serene as others (so parity would be the most important aspect to maintain homogenesis), there would definitely be a need by someone higher to ensure that parity is maintained which could be done by viewing the other parts of the world through central video stations for ensuring sharing of best practices amongst all and evolving together.


Ida, Pingla and Sushumna Nadi

We briefly discussed about different gates/sensors/switches located in different parts of the body in Ayurveda section. These gates communicate/release different types of Pitta in the nervous system/blood stream and other tissues depending upon where they are situated and which part/gland of the body they activate. So primarily, each gate has two options- either to open to pass through pitta or remain closed to avoid Pitta moving through. Remember, that type of pitta could be different in different houses/zodiacs/planets, however ultimately it all gets created by Sun, sped up by Mars, calmed down by Moon, expanded by Jupiter, weakened by Saturn, directed by Rahu/ketu and so on. It is these gates that create Surya Nadi (Sun channel) and Chandra Nadi (moon channel) in a living body. Thus, since Surya nadi (also called as Pingla Nadi, facilitates movement of Pitta or electricity, it is positively charged and Chandra Nadi also called as Ida Nadi, is negatively charged. When all chakras get aligned within and with each other (vertically as well as horizontally), the Ida and Pingle become totally balanced (the positive charge flows smoothly without any interruption in any chakra and completes the circuit with the negative pole. Astrologically, the house where Sun is parked in one’s chart indicates that corresponding part of the body where most of the glutamate gate will be found created by burning of myeline sheath of the nervous system at specific parts in that area (remember nervous system and all tissues including blood vessels are bound to have similar morphology in that area).

*** As a thumb rule, Chandra nadi becomes more active during colder times of the day and year which is why we become more introspective and feel more sleepy during winters. Exactly the reverse goes with Surya Nadi. Thus Chandra Nadi pushes the prana more towards the core by reducing Pitta (which is why it called as negatively charged) thereby igniting Saturn/Ketu.

Now, visualize that a person is born with Sun in fifth and moon in first house. This means that the person was born around 8-10 hrs before Sunrise, that too when moon was rising. Thus such a person will get enough Rasa (due to moon) in upper Chakras leading to formation of kapha too (moon at a place/house can be visualzed as lake/pond of Rasa which is ensuring regular cooling/nourishment of that place). However, at Sunrise, the lower chakra i.e. fifth chakra will get Sunshine thereby creating strong Surya nadi/Pitta/good energy in that chakra (physical as well psychological) with slightly faded effect of Rasa due to Sun’s heat. From physical angle, such a person will have maximum amount of glutamate entry gates (receptors/switches) in the fifth house. Thus such a person may have good jatharagni but also tendency towards acidity especially if zodiac in fifth is also Pitta increasing like Leo along with other compounding reasons. From psychological angle such a person will have strong urge to excel. Now what if this person has Mercury too in fifth house closely located with Sun. Then Kapha of VPK will get burnt by Pitta thereby increasing VP in this area. Again if the zodiac is Pitta increasing, it will further increase inflammation. In such a case, the maximum impact will be felt on the organ and tissue which is already naturally higher on VPK due to the type of its function. Also the zodiac will decide the spread of doshas. 

*** High Pitta at a particular point could arise because of several planetary combinations. For example, Angarak Yoga (mars and rahu) in 4th house is bound to create a highly stimulated and open heart chakra and hyperactive heart (Sadhak Pitta) thereby creating high VP in entire body and may result in high VP in upper body if one has Rahu in upper chakras and/or is going through Rahu Mahadasha. Since local problem is to be handled with local solution, such an issue can be calmed down by local application of pitta calming herbs like sandalwood paste on chest and back and/or wearing silver on this area.



Signficance of Dakshinayan and Uttarayan (southern and northern movement of Sun)

Due to tilt on earth on its axis and its rotation around Sun, the Sun’s position on any specific point of earth during different times of the year keeps changing even at the same time of the day. Thus when earth’s north pole is tilted towards Sun, then for people living in Northern hemisphere, the Sun is seen more towards the top of sky during noon time while for those in the southern hemisphere see it more towards northern horizon and not on top of the sky during noon which is what causes winters in southern and summers in northern hemisphere (check the figure below). The situation reverses exactly when after six months, north pole faces away from Sun and south towards Sun. So when around Jun 21st, the Sun which is focussing at 90 degree on Tropic of cancer (the line running parallel to equator in the northern part of globe), starts moving downwards, then its Southward journey begins. This time onwards is called as “Dakshinayan” (dakshin means South and Ayan means arrival). On September 22nd, the Sun’s right angle touches the equator (meaning on this date, equator will see Sun right on its head) and then around Dec 22nd, Sun touches tropic of Capricorn (the line running parallel to equator in the southern part of the globe). Post this, as earth completes half the revolution around Sun, the Sun again begins to move towards upper hemisphere and crosses the equator around 20th of March. Thus from Dec 22nd onwards when Sun moves towards North is called as “Uttarayana” (Uttar means North).

Now all these four above mentioned dates carry huge significance. So, on 22nd September and 20th of March, the day and night become exactly equal since Sun faces right above the equator and are called as Winter and Summer equinox or autumn and spring equinox respectively. Also, on Dec 22nd, the nights are longest and days are shortest in Northern hemisphere and vice versa for Southern whereas on 21st Jun, the days are longest and night the shortest in Northern and vice versa in Southern. Logically, time from June 21st onwards should become colder due to lesser exposure to Sun, however it doesnt happen immediately and instead June end and half of July also remain as hot or hotter. This happens due to accumulative effect of heat in Earth’s atmosphere which recedes slowly and gradually. However, the fact remains that as Sun starts moving towards South, the weather in Northern hemisphere becomes colder especially after 22nd September when earth’s south pole gets tilted more towards Sun. Thus for people living in Northern hemisphere this period starting from 22nd September till 21st March invokes Ketu (closure inwards) and other half as Rahu.

This is the reason that ancient texts ask people to engage more in spiritual activities and lighter activities (and less for new and big projects) during this period especially as Sun goes even closer towards Tropic of Capricorn which is why most of Hindu festivals fall during this time. From spiritual angle, when Vyana vata goes inwards, we absorb whatever we hear/see/feel thereby accumulating everything and therefore engagement in spiritual activities ensures that we accumulate only good things/values/knowledge aspects of life which can be used during summers. As such when Vata is higher in peripherals, then excess activities needed for new project are likely to increase Pitta and flare up peripherals including brain leading to wrong decisions. Whereas, period from Feb till March and then from July till November is better for people to take up new projects. Thus extreme winters should be planning time and summers should be execution time (barring extreme summers starting from April till June end).


*** Thus we notice that it is Mars (strength) that pushes the soul to progress from one house to another once it starts to get warmer whereas after expanding fully, it is negative Mars (or say Saturn) that begins to constrict the person. From zodiac’s level, from first to eighth one expands, in ninth one remains expanded but becomes quieter (this is what Jupiter is) and then it slowly constricts inwards to move very slowly from tenth and eleventh houses. Of course, all planets and their zodiacs matter to decide speed of Mars from different houses e.g. Jupiter and its zodiac expand so wherever they are posted, they will flare up Mars as Vata will increase due to space. Saturn will slow down speed of Mars. Venus will give strength to Mars but will slightly reduce its speed. Sun will provide boost to Mars by providing energy. Strong Moon will also weaken the strength of forward movement of Mars though it will strengthen Mars by feeding it where it is posted.

This visualization can help us to draw a connection between the houses where specific zodiacs and their owners are posted and see that how quickly or slowly the native will cross each chakra/house with what kind of energy. This will help you note the plan of the soul. For example, in my D9 chart, Mars being lord of first is posted in 8th which clearly means that by the time my D9 will get fully activated, the high Mars energy will cross over all chakras from first onwards and travel down till Mooladhara chakra which even though was painful for me will also provide me insights to understand the basic fabric. Post this as my conscience/constitution moved into 9th house and beyond, my Pitta and even time for me slowed down (prior to this time was moving quickly in life). Though the blessing in disguise is that these houses expanded by conscience/horizon to study self and world around.

Age of the native

As discussed above it is Mars that moves one forward and Saturn slows (weakens) it down whereas other planets too have their role in weakening or strengthening it. So, by understanding the strength of different planets which can be found from Shadbala, one can calculate one’s lifespan too. For example a person with strong Venus and relatively weaker Mars and Saturn in Shadbala will have a long lifespan, however if the person’s Sun is also weak, it would mean that the body will not get much energy from the higher world and would be dependent on the Venus stored. Thus it is likely to reduce the lifespan. On the other hand, a person who has strong Sun and Mars but weak Venus is likely to have very short lifespan as Pitta will move quickly from all the houses while experiencing life. However, strong Saturn is likely to offset this effect to an extent. Please remember that these are thumb rules.


  • All twelve houses of birth chart have almost simultaneous effect on the native- This is a very important point to be visualized. So, even if the rising zodiac has the maximum effect on the native, the effect of other zodiacs/conditions too cannot be ignored at all. Thus, even if a person is born with fourth zodiac in lagna (imparting moon like qualities), if Saturn is posted in 11th zodiac of that person’s birth chart, then it indicates that this person was born when it was very cold (high Vata with more of air and less of earth being 11th zodiac), which is bound to affect the constitution and affiliations of that native. This effect will be more clear when we shall understand that how a birth chart can be visualized as an electrical circuit (in the next chapter).


*** The effect of energies of twelve houses continuously keeps influencing the native’s doshas/conscience in the sequential and circular pattern and as time moves on, those influences become deeper and deeper with time thereby deepening doshas, the related psyche and the interconnection between different psyches. Thus the twelve houses, the planets and the zodiacs present in the birth chart depict those energies in a specific pattern which will begin appearing in your life, right from the time of your conception, thereby defining exactly that how your life will move on with every passing moment. It doesnt mean that the soul doesnt have the free will. The free will is definitely there because it is the soul which makes the choice of entering a specific timeline basis her level of conscience, her past life karmas and her objectives for bringing change in the larger timeline or software of the world (for good or for bad or as a passenger- it all depends upon the status of evolution of the soul). 


Kaalpurush Kundli


Irrespective of what is happening at different points of earth, time creates different energies at different points in space, not just on different points on earth but everywhere all across the Universe which is due to interaction (because of different forces including gravity) between different planets/stars and other heavenly bodies including the matter that we can’t see. Thus, Kaalpurush Kundli represents the energy signature of the entire Universe at a specific point of time. The beginning of time in space is also represented by a fixed point i.e. starting point of Aries zodiac and Ashwini constellation. Thus, Kaalpurush kundli represents the energy signatures of the sphere of Universe with earth in the center point as the aim is to understand the effect of energy of the Universe on earth. From YAT PINDE TAT BRAHAMANDE angle, not just humans, animals and birds but even seemingly non living bodies are living including heavenly bodies with ever changing energies due to continuous effect on them from other heavenly bodies where Kaalpurush kundli represents the current state of the software. So, the 12 zodiacs represent 12 body parts and 12 major aspects of life not only at human level but also at Kaalpurush level whose ultimate aim through various stages of evolution is to create a perfect Kaalpurush. While this process is endless as there are Kaalpurush inside and outside kaalpurush, at earth’s level, it means creating an earth which will be perfect in health and so will be its parts (whether living or non living).


*** Here we must understand that just the way even if different parts of human body have naturally different doshas for its functioning, all of them (body parts) are essential for blissful health and evolution, exactly the same goes with earth and the Universe. So, different rising zodiacs in different charts represent the role/objective/desire of different souls in the grand scheme of Universe i.e from Kaalpurush kundli perspective. For example, 8th house represents things/people/acts which have been unknown/secret/occult so far for the soul. So a person with 8th zodiac in first house signifies that such a person would be secretive in nature for the rest of the world especially as a thumb rule for people having zodiac from first till 7th in their first house. This would also mean that the person would dive into things/acts which were secretive for self too which will help this person in coming lifetimes to create another destiny signified by 9th.



Question may arise that why Aries is considered as beginning of life. Dont we see sprouting of life in form of new leaves when Sun enters Aries? Thus Aries signifies the beginning of life before which the contents which begin life were all stored inwards. At a microscopic level, it is Sun (pitta) which provides energy to cells and its constituents (including atoms and atomic particles) thereby heating them up to start dividing and create more life.


*** First to eighth house of Kaalpurush chart are primarily composed of zodiacs of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus energies. This is because all these energies are needed to create, sustain and progress basics of life. However 9th till 12th houses are of Saturn and Jupiter zodiacs which are primarily the higher forms of life whose aim is to serve, slow down, gain and spread knowledge which ultimately helps the soul to complete the zodiac and move to higher level of evolution.


*** While North and South Indian charts both convey the same meaning of postion of planets and zodiacs, with absolutely no bias, the North Indian chart is seemningly a better option as one can literally paste Kaalpurush body on it to understand how different houses explain left and right part of body.



  • Age of Maturity of different planets– Since, apart from Dashas and Transit, one must consider the maturity age of different planets too, the same can be checked from the sequence of arrival of their zodiacs in Kalpurush chart. To begin with, the body starts to expand with first zodiac but it doesn’t expand fully which happens only after the arrival of 8th zodiac of Mars in 8th house (in other words expansion starts from the time of formation of single celled foetus represented by first house and goes on till 8th house). Thus muscle formation becomes strongest by this age (8th house) as a thumb rule. Similarly, being the lord of fourth house, moon i.e. Rasa and its associated qualities are strongest at the tender age when the child’s circulation is not very strong on pitta and the child is just accumulating Rasa (which later on will develop into the six tissues too as time moves on). Post this the dominance of Rasa becomes weak (meaning strength/muscles, analysis/nervous system, growth/bones take over). Then comes Sun (fifth house of Kaalpurush chart) as body expands further (due to ongoing effect of Mars), thereby creating nervous system with the help of Rasa (moon) and also connecting the nervous system properly which in turn awakens Sadhak Pitta. Mercury (sixth house) matures next as nervous system is fueled by Sun thereby analysing information.


Venus (Ojas) being the most refined tissue develops properly after gaining mercury (Budhi), prior to which Venus is weak. In other words, a strong, balanced and healthy Venus can be achieved only after attaining Budhi even though one starts consuming Venus right after the birth as second house is governed by 2nd zodiac. Remember, this principle goes exactly the same for the other planets too where they own two zodiacs (we already discussed Mars example apart from Venus). Similarly 3rd zodiac of third house awakens nervous system but it is currently too excited (in childhood stage) to be able to work the way fully matured nervous system of 6th zodiac/ 6th house does.


*** Goes without saying that when a planet becomes matured, it activates the planet as well as the houses owned by it. Hence this aspect too must be checked alongwith the houses getting active due to Mahadasha/Dasha.


After the body has fully expanded from the 8th house zodiac, Sadhak Pitta slightly weakens as nervous system starts breaking down due to gaps created by overexpansion. This is why body begins to slow down as Sadhak Pitta (main source of heat) becomes weak, thereby storing fat. That’s when Jupiter becomes fully matured and most dominating thereby retaining lot of information/knowledge (don’t we put on weight in later years of life? At least most of us do). By 11th house (11th zodiac), the body constricts, begins to lose all tissues, slows down and becomes introspective. This is the time when Saturn becomes fully matured which is why they say that Vata becomes highest as we age. 10th zodiac/house being also high on Kapha apart from Vata is the beginning stage of Vata accumulation when the person is using past experiences (stored due to fat) to gain higher understanding of the world. The 12th house represents that form of Jupiter which is opening up after introspection. So it has Vata (instrospection of Saturn) and then it starts gaining Kapha (strength) to serve the world and self and graduate to higher realm.


Saturn has been shown as a child in mythology as Saturn i.e. Vata, develops later in life after Kapha and Pitta phase representing that it is youngest in creation but introspective and justice giving..



  • Combustion– The effect of Sun combusting a planet not only depends upon the difference between Sun and that planet but also the zodiac in which they are posted and the planets aspecting them or conjunct with them. Even Shadbala matters a lot. For example, if Sun is present in first zodiac and is combusting Mercury, then the effect on mercury will be louder because first zodiac increases peripheral circulation thereby increasing Sun’s effect that too with strength provided by strong core created during winters. The effect will further compound if warm/hot/acidic planets like venus and/or mars are closely associated with them (either in same house or through aspect)- as discussed in one of the case studies of Psoriasis.

*** A lot depends upon the first house. So even if one has combust mercury, the person may not get highly affected if first house is not too excited. However if first house has Rahu then high VP will excite the person to live and eat wrongly leading to further aggravation of toxins and increased Vata and Pitta which will further increase VP in its VPK and thus reduction in kapha leading to skin issues.


  • As time moves on, the person gets exposed to different weather conditions (as captured in one’s birth chart) and deposits doshas over previously created doshas thereby accordingly attracting people/conditions.


  • Planet which is posted earlier in the birth chart (earlier means closer to first house or in it but after one is born represented by degree of the ascendant in the birth chart) has a deeper effect than the next planet that appears in the chart (whether in the same house or subsequent ones). For example if someone has Rahu posted before Saturn then Rahu’s energy will influence Saturn’s energy. And if they are closely conjunct let’s say in the same house that too within few degrees then Rahu’s effect on Saturn will be even more pronounced. However, if Rahu is in outer house and Saturn is in Kendra (center) house, then Saturn despite posted after Rahu will be closer in terms of core values meaning that while initially Rahu will dominate strongly in terms of excitement/high Rajas, however Saturn’s energy will take over being in core. This also means that farther the Saturn higher will be the effect of Rahu. But yes! During Dasha of particular planet, its expression will become stronger even if posted later than the other. Conversely if Saturn is posted in first and Rahu in subsequent houses, then Saturn being the main wiring/core value will keep a control on Rahu. Many other factors need to be considered along with these aspects e.g. during Rahu’s mahadasha, Saturn will become relatively weaker even if Saturn is strong being in first (and/or strong in Shadbala). Even if Saturn is strong in Shadbala but if it is posted after Rahu, then it will show its effect later as Saturn matures after Pitta calms down.


  • Bad houses (3,6,8,12) – We already discussed that bad houses represent those energies (that our soul chooses while selecting/entering a specific timeline), which push us to do Karma (3rd house), to move into the competitive world (6th), to jump into the unknown world (8th) and then to aim to break the pattern by graduating into a higher realm (12th). This also means that without moving into 3rd, the 6th cannot be achieved; without moving into 6th, the 8th cannot be achieved and so on. Thus these houses and their activation, is extremely important for the soul to advance. Also to reiterate that a lot depends upon the planet parked in these houses and the status of the lord of these houses. For example, if Saturn is posted in a bad house, it indicates the person will be do that act (related to that house) slowly and gradually and therefore the chances of getting harmed while coming out of comfort zone (represented by Kendra houses) is much lesser, however it also means that the soul would be learning that aspect very slowly. Thus Saturn in 8th would mean the soul would jump into the unknown world slowly. In 12th it would mean the soul would be in no hurry to move to the next realm. In 6th would mean that the soul will not get into fierce competition and thus will have lesser enemies/legal matters etc, however it would also mean slower though regular money. Overall, the choice totally lies with the soul which in turn depends upon her past experiences and the guidance from the higher souls.


Mars will represent exactly the opposite energy to Saturn. So Mars in 6th would mean that the person will have lot of energy and may make enemies too in the competitive world, however a lot depends upon the compatibility of zodiac posted in that house e.g. if Mars is in tenth zodiac in sixth house, it would mean that Mars will be controlled by Saturn and therefore the person will display energy but with restraint and would therefore be liked by people for energetic attitude. On the other hand, debilitated Saturn in sixth would mean high energy but disorganized approach in office and therefore disliking by collegues. Also as a thumb rule, exulted planet in bad houses will give good result whereas debilitated planet will definitely give bad results. Ketu in 12th would mean that the soul will carry out churning of entire experience to enable her to move into the next realm (remember, the next realm doesnt always mean the higher realm).


  • Not only planets in early houses determine the wiring of the native, but even the early planetary periods too matter a lot.


  • Karaka– Natural significator of a house even if not present in the house which it signifies will always have an effect on that house. For example, Sun is Sadhak Pitta and is a significator of first house (brain). So even if Sun is not present in one’s chart in first house, the brain cannot function without Sadhak Pitta. However, Sun’s condition (affected by planets around it or aspecting it and zodiac and house it is present in) will have an impact on the brain/first house. Here is how, with logic to it. Let’s say a person’s birth chart has Sun in the first house. This indicates that the person was born when Sun was rising in the east which means that right from birth, the person would experience full Sunlight (direct or indirect) starting from Sunrise till Sunset and then night time to cool down the brain/Sadhak Pitta. On the other hand if a person is born with Sun in 11th house then it would mean that the person is born 2-4 hours after the Sunrise which would mean that the person would experience less of Sunlight before it begins to cool down due to night. In other words, the Sadhak Pitta of the person will not be as strong as the first case. In the third case, if a native’s birth chart has Sun in the 2nd, 3rd … or higher houses, then it again indicates that the person is born before dawn and darkness would mean that the person’s Sadhak Pitta will awaken a few hours or more after birth.


*** Here comes the role of strength of Moonlight. Moonlight will provide some trigger to Sadhak Pitta, the extent of which will depend upon how strong or weak the moonlight is (depending upon its phases which again can be ascertained from the birth chart). If the Moon is right in front of Sun in its opposite house, it indicates full moon and therefore reasonably good Sadhak Pitta. Another extremely important influence that Moon will have is its gravitational pull. On a new moon (or no moon day) when Sun, moon and earth are aligned, a person born near Sunrise will experience double pull of blood/lymph towards brain with good Sadhak Pitta. In other words it would mean that while the person will have good Kapha in brain (due to more fluids there), his/her Sadhak Pitta will also be strong providing ability to perceive and store more and deeper. However, in the night since the moon would be on the other side of the earth (i.e. Sun side), such a native would not experience its pull in the night thereby neither experiencing increase in Sadhak Pitta due to total absence of moonlight nor experiencing increase in fluids/rasa and thus tissues towards brain in the night.


*** Important to note that this experience of planets continues for lifetime. So while an infant cannot sit upright after birth and wouldn’t therefore experience this pull towards brain, this phenomenon will start affecting him/her when the native grows up. In other words, by entering a specific time, we enter into a timeline where planets would exert their influence in a specific manner already predefined.


*** A person with Sun in 11th house would indicate that the ninth zodiac is in first house but is born when Sun was in 11th zodiac at 15 degrees. This indicates that person was born in relatively cold conditions (in Northern hemisphere) as 11th zodiac represents Saturn (cold and constricting conditions). That is why Sun’s zodiac plays such a huge role in deciding the constitution of the person which conveys that Sadhak Pitta will be connected/ ignited to what extent (obviously in very cold or hot conditions, Sadhak Pitta will not work very well). Likewise goes for Moon’s zodiac too as it is the beginning of a specific dosha in the body at the deepest level which decides the mahadasha of the native (we discussed this earlier).


  • VipreetRajyoga– We discussed that when the lord of a good house is posted in a bad house (3,6,8,12), it creates a bad yoga, however when the lord of a bad house is posted in another bad house then it is instead helps the native and creates a good Yoga. Here is an example to explain the logic to it. If someone’s 8th lord is posted in 6th then it would mean that learnings from experiences of 8th would be used by that native in matters of 6th because that person will get attracted from the conditions of 8th to the people having dosha related to 6th In this case, if 6th house lord falls in 8th (i.e. lords of 6th and 8th mutually change places in each other’s house), then such a person will keep learning new things and use them in competitive world through which he/she will further learn new things thereby creating a loop. Thus, such a native will do well in the competitive world. However in such a case, since dosha of any bad house will not be present in the inner house, it will not create any issues in inner comforts/core organs. In simple words, doshas (zodiacs) of bad houses are detrimental to well being of the native if they permanently reside in inner houses/core/deep psyche of the native.




  • Pitra dosha literal meaning is faults (Doshas) of ancestors (Pitra in Sanskrit/Hindi). Pitra dosha in a family tree/lineage happens because of wrong karmas (whether deliberate or not) which get passed on from one generation to another and get multiplied (unless some soul comes to correct it), thereby manifesting in form of debilitating and chronic diseases (mental or physical) in the entire or many of family members, untimely deaths, fights, disputes, inflated ego, unhappiness, greed (of holding money/property/knowledge etc), uncontrolled/excessive anger, multiple miscarriages, inability to conceive etc. Goes without saying that at a large scale, Pitra dosha happens even at society, nation and world level. The level of Pitra dosha varies from Yugas to Yugas, with it being least or almost not there in Satyuga. On the other hand, Pitra dosha is extremely high (relative to other yugas especially Satyuga) and is present in almost every family during Kalyuga even though the extent varies from one family to another and from one individual to another.


*** Pitra dosha is like a disease in an individual which initially expresses itself in the form of minor discomforts, however when a fast racing ignorant mind (Rajasic and tamasic) is unable to register it and its far reaching effects, then it expresses itself in form of a fully blown and extreme discomfort causing disease (manifesting in form of other aberrations as mentioned above) in the coming generations. Also, since the soul keeps taking birth in the same lineage, it experiences the effects of its own wrong karmas in the coming generations when it is born as its own grand child or grand grand child or grand grand grand child and so on.


Pitra dosha usually gets noticed and then addressed when its affects reach the pinnacle of suffering post which the souls incarnating in that particular generation slow down (due to sufferings in the family or wider level), resulting in onset of Saturn. Once the souls and their mind slows down, they begin to realize the wrong doings/wrong foods/wrong lifestyle choices and then begin to undo it by adopting better lifestyle/moral values/more sattvic food/more sattvic conscience around/gathering knowledge to become more wise, spreading/donating knowledge/food/money/cloths etc instead of holding them, and so on. Goes without saying that just the way Pitra dosha builds up slowly and gradually, it cannot end immediately. Its rise and fall happen like a sinewave. At family level it may take many generations to end up. At world level, it goes on for several thousand years which is the logic of different Yugas. This is why extreme sufferings at the peak of of Kalyuga result in the souls slowing down to change their values/lifestyle for good thereby slowly and gradually starting another Yuga (a better one than the last one).


***At individual level too, it happens in form of Mahadashas and Dashas of different planets. Pitru Dosha is not only faced by the same soul which caused it (by reincarnating in the same lineage) but also the souls which influenced that soul to become like one and perform such karmas.  And there is no escape to it except that the soul while redeeming the past ensures good karmas. So if you see it holistically, karmas affect all the souls in a group due to collective conscience. That’s how the entire soul group grows up together. However, as it grows, it begins to realize the wrongs and rights and that’s how corrections happen slowly and gradually. So when one of the members of the group is more evolved due to more experience, it pulls others too with the risk of getting pulled down. But when a soul is strong willed, it decides such a timeline that even if difficult, it refuses to surrender. That is how certain souls break negative patterns (of different kinds) in lineage.


On Astrological front, Pitra dosha can happen due to several planetary reasons (which can be seen not only in individual chart but even the birth chart of a nation). Let us examine a few of them to understand the essence. Usually Pitra dosha has primary effect on the Sun (the most important planet of astrology who is the source of power and light) because Sun is Sadhak Pitta which gives us ability to perceive the world. When Sadhak Pitta is badly affected (i.e. Sun afflicted due to conjuction by Rahu or Ketu or when it is debilitated), it weakens our ability to perceive the world correctly leading to loss in health, reputation, financials, strength, peace, happiness, bliss, spirituality, connection with the higher self and so on. Even afflicted moon by Rahu and Ketu (or combusted by Sun or near it) can cause Pitra dosha as Moon is mind (mann) which if afflicted will remain associated with deeds linked with Rahu (desire) and Ketu especially Rahu which keeps the moon wandering. Moon being near to the Sun too is likely to cause diseases.


Even the ninth house and its lord from lagna/ascendant and moon are also checked for this and if afflicted it shows Pitra dosha. This is because ninth house represents Prarabdh Karma (part of karmas carried from accumulated karmas in this life). Thus even D9 should be checked especially its lagna and lord of Lagna. A very strong Rahu can also lead to Pitra dosha. Likewise, Jupiter afflicted by very strong Rahu can also cause Pitra dosha as this means storage of information is being governed by Rahu. A retrograde planet too may indicate Pitra dosha as retro planet means deeds of the past getting carried forwarded in this life. Bad Yogas and debilitated planets too mean Pitra dosha.


*** It is important to remember here that Sun despite being cruel (due to its heat) is not malefic. Yes it may be functionally malefic but in the long run, it only teaches the difference between right and wrong though it may take lifetimes. Infact this statement goes true for all planets because the soul learns the difference between wrong and right only through sufferings given by malefic (whether functional or natural). As such the soul accumulates malefic effect of planets due to wrong karmas only thus establishing a cause and effect relationship.




Upayas/remedies suggested by the wise ones on this subject i.e. Pundits/Astrologers (which are in line with modifications done in life as mentioned above when the soul awakens) do work to undo the effect of Pitra dosha however they are temporary in nature because they donot explain the logic in absence of which the soul once again falls in the trap of wrongs. It is because of this reason that remedies/pujas of gods/goddesses donot always have lasting effect on generations unless they are done after gaining knowledge. This is not to say that we must not take suggestions from the wise ones on this subject as right remedies do enhance or repose faith in Vedic sciences pushing the soul to learn more.  However we must also strive to understand the logic of how they work which can be understood only once we understand the fabric of this Universe through Ayurveda and other Vedic sciences. This is why Vedic sciences must be read and understood properly to implement them so that the souls never fall in the trap of wrong doings and misaligned doshas leading to suffering as mentioned above.


  • Since planets are manifestations of different tastes/doshas in various proportions, just the way disharmony between different doshas creates diseases, same ways the disharmony between different planets in a birth chart creates diseases at mental/physical/spiritual level. Thus a birth chart explains how different

energies will interact to create their outcome (harmonious or disharmonious in different aspects of life). And conscious living with a knowledge of this aspect can help us to get rid of disharmony.



  • Even if two people have same birth charts (like twins), the events in their life will differ because a difference of few minutes will create a big difference in divisional charts further leading to difference in Shadbala too which represents the planetary strength. Thus during planetary period of a planet (let’s say Saturn), while one sibling may feel the effect of Saturn much more than the other sibling due to strong Saturn and weaker Venus in Shadbala of first vis-a-vis latter. As such divisional charts must be read in conjunction with the main chart especially D9 for even basic reading.


*** From the explanation of the logic of why divisional charts are created, you would have understood that occurrence of a planet in the same zodiac in various charts indicates its stronger expression with respect to that zodiac. This also means that more the number of occurrences of a planet in its MT sign in different divisional charts, higher would be the strength (expression) of that planet/dosha in one’s life. And that expression will become stronger during its planetary period and also when it is supposed to be strongest as per the age factor.


  • As of now, Shadbala doesn’t consider placement of planets in chalit however this needs to change as it is an extremely important aspect.


  • To check the dosha/psyche of a specific relation/friend in one’s birth chart, one may need to look at more than one house. For example, seventh house represents house of the spouse or a very close partner who is constantly affected by first and vice versa. However if a person is a friend and a partner (not as close as spouse who is all the time influenced) then a combination of both seventh and fifth both need to be seen. Similarly for a colleague who is closely working with native, one may need to check sixth as well as seventh.


  • Moon- Since moon control Rasa and Rakta, people with good amount of moon (moon in first not combusted by Sun and/or those going through Moon Mahadasha) are likely to be moody (change of mind) as their rasa/rakta keep changing places basis position of moon.


  • Since Sun i.e. Sadhak Pitta means to perceive/pick up things around, it is a quality of the higher brain i.e. the cerebrum and therefore Asanas/Kriya like those mentioned in Shivananda Yoga, Kapalbhati, bhastrika etc. (which also increase peripheral circulation and not just towards sense organs i.e. eyes, ears, nose and mouth) awaken our Sun. Such therapeutics also increase peripheral circulation and pacify Vata thereby awakening sadhak pitta.


  • While Mars is a combination of high KP, Sun is pure Pitta. That is why Sun is represented by Ruby which is red but transparent (no Kapha but energy only) whereas Mars is represented by red coral which is red but opaque.


  • While in Mars, heat (pitta) gets equally divided in the body especially in peripherals resulting in supply of blood/strength to the muscles, during ketu period, this Pitta and blood remains confined more towards the core which may have good as well as bad ramifications.


  • From physical angle Jupiter and Moon conjunction is good because Jupiter’s space is occupied by Moon thereby ensuring that Agni doesn’t flare up in space. From behavioural angle, Jupiter doesn’t let moon wander and Moon doesn’t let Jupiter go high on ego.


  • When a planet as lord of Kendra sits in a bad house, it is bound to provide experience related to that house, however if that planet is in its friend sign (or exulted) then the native will be able to sail through conditions of these houses with more ease.


  • When kapha gets stagnated in Vata, it causes health issues in form of neurological/muscular disorders however its silver lining is that it provides retention of memory coupled with ability to think laterally due to Vata. That is why Jupiter Saturn combination is considered good from invention/discoveries viewpoint though it is bad from health viewpoint especially when Pitta goes down too low in case of high Saturn (vata/Vata imbalance) resulting in drying of Kapha inside constricted blood vessels leading to plaque formation. As such this conjunction brings OCD due to stagnation of Kapha (for good or bad depends upon placement of planets in zodiacs/constellations).


  • A planet can become friendly or enemy even in different phases of life e.g. one’s moon in early days of life when Vata is settled will not create issues however in later part of life if person’s Vata is high (Saturn), then it will create issues.



  • While the initial houses (and 4,7 and 10) represent the foundation and therefore the Prakriti of the person (with first explaining the deepest prakriti), planetary period represents the Vikruti of the native unless those periods are of Kendra or trikone lords.


  • Shadbala helps to understand which planets or doshas are strong and weak and by how much. This can be utilized to reduce those tastes in food and lifestyle which are aggravating those planets/doshas and manifesting in form of diseases mental or physical 


If a planet is strong in shadbala, its effects will be seen beyond natural age of its maturity and also in mahadasha of other planets (For example in my case Mars being very strong in Shadbala kept showing its effects in even Rahu and Jupiter Mahadasha).


  • Kalki avatar is where all planets are in total harmony with each other. Question may come up in mind that if as per mythology, mercury is a child/prince of Sun and Moon (king/queen or Father/mother), then how come mercury’s avatar is supposed to be highly evolved. And the answer is that if mercury is child and is closely associated with some other planet in the chart, then it imbibes the quality of that planet being highly mouldable. However, if mercury itself is highly developed and is not affected by other planets in the chart, then it indicates a person who has independent thinking and who doesn’t get blindly carried away by thought process of others (a virtue which is missing in today’s world of high rajas).


More about Houses


  • Fifth house- We discussed that this house represents Gut, Manipura chakra and also the third brain (apart from conventional brain and heart). Now Sun is the natural significator of the fifth house in Kaalpurush chart as its fifth house has fifth zodiac owned by Sun. And Sun represents primary focus of the soul. Thus the signature of fifth house in one’s chart represent the primary focus/objective/Dharma of that soul in that life after gaining self sufficiency (that comes after crossing fourth house). Since primary focus/Dharma represents the primary objective and thus energy signature/conscience of the soul, this house also represents the accumulated karma as karma and energy signatures have cause and effect relationship. While first house represents our deepest dosha in this life, fifth house represents the deepest Dosha of the collective conscience of the world which our soul belongs to. Thus while we take birth in this life in a specific condition, our deepest doshas of the past life become active as we grow.


This is why, fifth house also represents our Ishta Devta (Diety to be worshipped), who represents the most evolved soul of our soul group (group not at family level but at the larger level having similar level of Sadhak Pitta/Dharma/focus). Worshipping and remembering Ishta Devta helps us to get solutions to problems as then they can guide us.  Biologically, navel has acess to the entire body through nervous system or say Sadhak Pitta/Sun. Thus navel provides feedback of the entire body to the soul and soul group and vice versa through Silver chord. So the energy of this house (which is souls experience/wisdom) keeps guiding her (the soul) through a silver chord connected to the navel at Manipura chakra. That is why gut feel is a frequently experienced phenomenon by many of us especially when we are lost due to the inability of brain and heart to guide. At that time, our soul group where we have contributed to the evolution (in some way or the other) help us.


*** Human body is not an electrical equipment but rather a concentrated energy being which is connected to the hard disc of the Universe from all points through EM energy (Just as a character projected on TV is not connected from one cable. Instead one cable relays all the characters in different space and time). Silver chord is literally like a chord which connects the soul with this body to keep experiencing and storing them and when time is ripe the higher world is capable of disconnecting this connection (from the power source-Sun), which in literal meaning may be termed as death of the body. Its like the soul retracting back the current going through the silver chord. This also means that the higher world has the power to switch off this connection through silver chord at will.


***Since fifth house is the place from where the mother feeds the child in the womb, it becomes the brain of the child from physical constitution (doshas angle) which is why fifth house of mother is read as the first house of all the children (though for every next child after first, Astrology also considers the next to next house i.e. 5th for first, 7th for second, 9th for third and so on). However, once the child physically separates from mother, he/she is influenced directly by other forces too (of other houses) represented by birth chart (doshas present in system at the time of birth). Thus, fifth house of the mother alone is not sufficient to determine the complete nature of the child after birth.


  • 8th house- whenever 6,8 or 12 activate, if the native has a strong connection with any of these houses (like lord of first in one of these especially 8), then the outcome cannot be accurately predicted especially when the world is passing through high Vata stage and the person is also high on Vata. This is because 8th represents diving/entering into the unknown world like a mosaic for the soul (even if known to some extent basis the planets, zodiacs and their maturity). The depth and intensity of this jump into unknown depends upon the planet, the zodiac and position of its lord. A fast moving pushy planet like Mars here will go deep into the unknown especially if it is strong in shadbala, whereas since Saturn is slow, it will dive with a much lesser force into this mosaic of unknown and hence it will be easier for it to come out. Presence of Sun or its zodiac will add energy to Mars. In simple words, Mars in 8th means higher chances of dipping into occult issues vis-a-vis Saturn. This is the logic that 8th also means sexual encounters especially the secret ones and the external sex organs (as secretions/doshas of these organs like testosterone decide the drive of the person to dip into unknown). From kaalpurush viewpoint Mars owns 8th which also represents hot and watery secretions (the sex hormones which not only impart libido but also physical strength to do something beyond mundane- a trait of Mars).


  • 9th house- In body this house represents hips and thighs because this portion represents several aspects akin to fate brought forward for supporting one’s life. For example, together with hip area, thigh has strongest and largest bone (femur) which apart from giving physical support and articulation to the body to move, is also the largest storehouse of bone marrow that creates blood, fat and immunity through stem cells, thereby supporting the entire body to perform its function. With age this area starts gathering more fat as its bone marrow becomes yellow from red (in childhood). And fat represents Jupiter which from Kaalpurush viewpoint is significator of 9th


  • 10th house- In body this house represents knees which silently support the weight of the entire body and also helps it to swivel in different directions basis the need despite itself being quite fixed/rigid in nature. It also works as a shock absorber and is one of the strongest joints in human body. From kaalpurush viewpoint, Saturn is the lord of this house whose job is to silently serve humanity and the world (Kaalpurush).


  • 11th house- In body this house represents calf and shin area which is usually lean and thin. This area of lower leg is essential for body to move, run, jump where calf muscles pull up the heal for facilitating movement of the body. Unlike knee which is more or less fixed, this area’s muscles are movable. From kaalpurush viewpoint again, Saturn is the lord of this house whose job is to serve humanity through activity (movement) as movement of the “whole” is essential for it to explore and evolve. Note that while 10th and 11th zodiac are both owned by Saturn, the former has more of earth element and later has more of air.


  • 12 th house- all material losses that we incur always remain at the back of our mind and keep influencing our decisions sometimes for good sometimes for bad. For good because they help us make corrections and may help us to move into higher realms; for bad because they may not let us come out of that shock or memories of the past. This is also the reason that when 12th house gets activated (meaning the planetary period of that house begins), the native begins thinking about matters of the past bringing realizations. By the way, since zodiac is an ongoing circle, 12th proximity to first also indicates that which is about to come however presence of Rahu and ketu (which always move in retro/clockwise direction unlike other planets) in 12th means they have already done their job fully in 1st before moving to 12th. 12th house ending also means beginning of a new cycle (from first). That is why it is the house of moksha.


*** Everytime a soul crosses 12th houses, it completes a cycle thereby inching slowly and gradually towards her final aim of merging with the infinite which is why 12th house is considered as house of moksha. Even a downward cycle into the whirlpool of Rajas and tamas will ultimately lead to a point where the soul will start moving upward. So, while at physical level orgasm provides temporary relief from stress, at spiritual level, moksha or say graduation to the higher realm provides a long term relief. Higher the realm, higher the feeling of permanent happiness which is why Moksha is considered as equivalent to thousands of orgasm.


12th may also represent that part of memory/psyche/reflexes that the soul wishes or is destined to leave behind but being close to first, it is unable to. So, first house acts like a value to the 12th house, first house being second from 12th. As such this is the universal principle that ego (first house) creates or looks for a value (2nd house) which in turn creates karma- the third house. 12th also represents feet which enable ability to stabilize the body and move forward. And when we move forward we are bound to lose something that is left behind (which may be for good or bad is a different aspect). 12th zodiac also represents water/fluid/blood moving in a haywire fashion through Vata ridden space. This gives a balanced mix of movement (due to vata), subtle and not gross strength (due to fluids), flexibility making one move forward while leaving the past behind. However, important to remember that just like certain important lessons of the life remain embedded in our body’s mind forever, even if they happened long ago, this phenomenon happens at the level of soul too where it remembers the impressions of past lives.


*** Applying pressure on points on the soles of feat has a direct and immediate impact on the entire nervous system especially brain thereby enhancing blood circulation in the entire body. Astrologically, there is close proximity between first and 12th house.


  • The logic of Badhaka– 11th, 9th and 7th houses from Lagna having Fixed, movable and Dual signs respectively are called as Badhaka houses and their lords are called as Badhakesh (that which create obstruction). The logic can easily be understood using Ayurveda. Let us pick up some examples. Fixed signs are 1,4,7,10. Thus for Aries lagna, 11th house is obstructive. This is because a person with deepest dosha as that of Mars (Aries) is bound to face issues when 11th zodiac’s conditions arrive as the later will flare up Pitta in high Vata peripherals. Whereas for zodiac sign 2 in lagna, 10th zodiac (sitting in 9th house) would be obstructive as both are earth signs thereby creating excess stagnation of Kapha thus blocking movement of Prana. As regards, zodiac 3 in lagna, the zodiac posted in 7th house i.e. 9th zodiac will cause issues to the native. This is because 3rd zodiac is VP (owned by Rahu) which is bound to push Kapha (sugary, heavy foods) which is why 9th is opposite to 3rd. Thus such a person will have heavy bottom thereby pulling the body down and further increasing Vata. Thus such a person should do Yoga (especially like Padmasana) to push lymph in upper body/brain. At certain stages of life, such people are also likely to keep their diet in control as excess heaviness in lower chakra is bound to create more stress to them (unless they do yoga to keep weight in control).


The situation gets exactly reversed when 9th zodiac is in first house. It makes the mooladhara too airy while making upper body heavier. Thus such people find it difficult to settle at one place. Such people need heavy and cold foods/medicines to bring heaviness in their mooladhara. Of course the silver lining is that 9th in first imparts them Jupiter/wisdom and airy mooladhara moves them from one place to another thereby gaining and imparting wisdom.


*** A lot depends upon the posting of lord of these houses (or say Bhadakesh). For example, if Jupiter is posted in 3rd house where 3rd zodiac is lagna, then its affect will be felt less on the core.


  • The logic of Kendradhipati Dosha– Sage Parashar one of the greatest astrologers and sage, postulated that if the Kendra houses are owned by naturally benefic lord then it causes kendradhipati dosha causing issues to the native. This is because the zodiac of the naturally benefic planet in Kendra (specifically 4,7,10 houses which create deepest doshas/values) create such conditions, which impart softer qualities to the native’s body thereby making him/her suffer especially in a highly material world. However, this dosha gets nullified if the same planet that owns 4,7 or 10 also owns 1,5 or 9th The logic is that 1,5 and 9 represent Dharma houses, thus if not only one’s constitution is soft but that native chooses too such Dharmas (objectives/living conditions and such people around), then native’s soft constitution will not get dented by difficult circumstances.  In other words, the native will not have to face harshness of the world in contrast to his/her character.


  • How zodiacs posted in different houses compliment each other– While we discussed that the first and the house seventh from it (or say a specific zodiac and the seventh zodiac from it) are opposite in conditions, we can relate quality of other houses (zodiacs) too from each other. Let us use the example with first zodiac in first house itself. A person with Mars type energy as basic dosha would find comfort in moon (automatically placed in fourth zodiac representing motherly comfort) as moon calms down the fiery energy of Mars. Please note that this comforting energy in fourth provides nourishment to a person who is high on Pitta and needs food. Since Mars is high on Pitta (moving outward), it loses its focus due to lack of settled approach, however tenth zodiac posted at tenth house in this case would provide stability by balancing it with relatively lower pitta slightly inward Vata, more kapha (tenth zodiac is earth). On the other hand, seventh zodiac posted in 7th in this case provides immediate nourishment to the native as Venus is highly nutritious. Note the difference between Venus and Moon here. While Moon provides motherly comfort by cooling and calming down the native, Venus provides passion and heat. It arrives after the native has lost its Kapha (due to heat of Aries) after experiencing sixth house energies VPK.


*** Similarly it is not that Mars conditions of forth house are bad for Capricorn ascendant. In fact, Aries zodiac owned by Mars provides comfort to Capricorn by reducing their sluggishness as tenth zodiac is Earth (Kapha stored in Vata). All in all, different houses are meant to provide stability of different kinds in order of sequence for all the ascendants. From brain’s viewpoint, the different layers of doshas/zodiacs/time are meant for complimenting each other.


  • The sequence of arrival of different planets/zodiacs in a chart represent that how its conscience will give priority to different energies or say how it will be wired. For example, if one has mercury early in life (means in early houses especially the inner ones), then such a person will analyse situations before making decisions and would therefore would be less prone to accidents as the native will be less prone to accidents (on all aspects of physical, mental etc). It’s easy to guess for all planets using this principle and example. However, we must remember presence of other planets too next to the planet being assessed. For example Saturn in early houses means the person will slow down early in life, however if one has Mars prior to that or close to it then Saturn’s effect will get reduced (the extent of which should be checked from Shadbala too).


Here is an example… A person having Jupiter in first and Saturn in 7th will have good kapha in first house and hence brain meaning good accumulation of knowledge however Saturn in 7th would mean constricted vessels/Vata in lower body which may lead to issues like deposition of Kapha in narrow vessels leading to blockage of vessels in lower body manifesting in form of obstructed flow of urine/blocked prostrate etc. On the other hand a person with Saturn in first and Jupiter in 7th would mean constricted brain with Kapha resulting in good retention but focussed on certain aspects which in long run may result in toxins in brain due to blocked kapha converting into ama. Such minds during high Pitta conditions would lose kapha but would also remain over excited. On the other hand, Jupiter in lower body during high Pitta conditions may further expand the pelvic area resulting in weakening of bones and tissues there. Like every other imbalance, this too can be removed only by consuming sattvic food. Yes, therapies and “Nidan parivarjan” (removal of causative factors) would be needed to remove excess doshas apart from that.



  • Extent of malefic/benefic influence of a planet will depend upon how much of that planet’s energy is produced in that native. A planet’s energy may get produced not only by the presence of that planet in a specific house or activation of its zodiac but also because of combination of other planets. For example in my chart, Jupiter is functionally malefic. However, Jupiter affected me much earlier (being the lord of 12 th house it is malefic and creates issues by increasing Vata due to creation of more space) than activation of 12th This is because of its presence in inner houses. And also because of Rahu and Mars in succession in my chart created more Jupiter (Jupiter arrives after Rahu mahadasha and Mars antardasha).


  • Divisional chart


We discussed the logic earlier that how and why divisional charts are created. Here is one more visualization that will help you to understand the logic of divisional charts. Let us take the example of D9. Here, each zodiac is divided into 9 parts (called Navamansha). This is because while the native looks at every group of people (represented by each zodiac) holistically representing a specific zodiac and/or planet’s energy, at a smaller scale, the native also looks and mimics their various traits. In simple words, the native experiences different traits of each group of parents/siblings/friends/relatives/teachers etc. too at different point of times thereby creating different fate. For example, if one has Mars and first zodiac in third house, then holistically it would mean that the native with this chart would have neibhours /childhood friends with dominance of “expanding Pitta” which in psychological terms would mean that the native’s actions (being third house) will be full of passion/energy (which may need control as Mars in first zodiac means quite an aggression unless balanced by some other factors). However, at a deeper level, the native’s psyche will not be influenced only by the overall dominating dosha of third house but also by other traits of this group of people. In other words, our childhood friends not only influence us in terms of our actions (trait of third house) but we also mimic their other traits related to all the twelve houses.


Also important to reiterate that while in initial days, the native would be understanding and therefore scanning people only for mimicking initial qualities of the people around, at a later stage this scanning would include more and more aspects as the native develops understanding of those traits. In simple words, as the psyche builds up of the native, the native begins to notice and subconsciously mimic different actions of all groups of people from all the houses. This is why D9 chart becomes more pronounced (or say it grows stronger) in later part of life when the psyche of the native begins to mature and starts understanding and storing/analysing the traits of first nine houses, whereas D2,3 and earlier charts start gaining more maturity in earlier times. However, as mentioned the understanding of traits of higher houses donot develop overnight and that is why even divisional charts donot suddenly become active. They keep growing from early years of life. It also means that D9 doesnt mean only the traits related to ninth house but also the other houses especially those prior to ninth. All in all, if the third house of D1 represents energy (doshas) of neibhours/childhood friends, then third house of D9 represents action (third house) related energy of all the people in all the groups (all houses of D1) which will contribute towards creating a specific destiny (the ninth house trait).


*** All in all, while D1 shows the conditions at large that a soul will pass through, D9 shows that how life will shape up slowly and gradually in conjunction with D1 when D9 will be fully active. Thus it represents the highest Dharma of the soul in this lifetime in conjunction with D1. Similarly, even D12 starts shaping up right from early years of life but it gets fully formed in last phase of life. This is why it’s different houses represent the doshic condition of that aspect of the native in the last phase of this life. For example Saturn in fourth in D12 of a native would mean that the native is likely to die with some bitterness in heart whereas Moon will mean with satisfaction. So, on a rough level, if we divide one’s length of life in 12 parts, then the last part i.e. 12th part can be further divided into 12 to understand that how will life shape up in his/her life.


*** D2 represents that how zodiacs and planets effect and create me and you. It also explains that life will begin with Chandra Nadi or Surya Nadi.


*** Divisional charts can be explained from biology perspective too but that we shall discuss in the coming sections.                              


So how to read Divisonal chart- The right way to read a divisional chart is to read it in conjunction with D1 chart. To begin with D9 represents the part of accumulated fate due to karmas of past that the soul has carried in this life. So while it does mean that this chart will explain that how the life will shape up in later part of life, it alone cannot decipher how the life will be subsequently. For example if one wishes to read about how one’s life will shape in future on a specific aspect, then the house related to that aspect must be read in both the charts i.e. D1 and D9. Not only that, we also must combine the energies of both the houses to see how they will function. Lets take the first house of my case as an example being the most important house (refer the charts already shared in Divisional chart section of the Astrology chapter).


Here first house of D1 shows strong presence of Saturn dosha (10th zodiac) with its lord Saturn sitting in 4th house further increasing Saturn as Vata increases exponentially if Saturn is posted in fourth house. Whereas in D9, my first house has first Zodiac i.e. MT sign of Mars. Together they show high VP personality. Thus, if a house both in D1 and d9 shows same dosha then the result multiplies e.g. if both have Rahu in first then it indicates very hyperactive mind especially if the zodiacs too are hot however if D1 has Rahu in first but d9 has let’s say Jupiter in first, then it reduces effect of Rahu in first. The same principle can be applied on all charts. For example, D3 chart in my case shows Rahu in second and Mars in third thereby further compounding my energies of Karma due to same pattern in D1. Apart from this, we should also check the status of the lord of the house in question in the other chart to know effect on it and vice versa. For example, the lord of first house of D1 chart i.e. Saturn has gone in third house in D9. This means that in later part of life, Saturn will dominate in my karmas (though Mars energy will still exist there but mellowed by Saturn). Likewise presence of Sun in D9 shows that I will find comfort in understanding logic of things (whereas Saturn in Ashwini Nakshatra in D1 indicates my comfort in serving through healing).


Here is an interesting way to visualize divisional charts. While main chart represents the wavelength/frequency of the vibration of a particular house/aspect (with that specific frequency representing a specific planet at specific degree in specific zodiac), the divisional charts represents waves modulated on the main wave of D1 (something like figure 9).



  • Effect of Transits– While planetary periods convey dominance of a specific dosha/psychology related to that planet, transits convey activation of chakras (and the related glands/organs) with the energy of the planet which is/are transiting from the house governing that chakra. So, a person having Mars in first house (that too in a fiery zodiac, let’s suppose zodiac one) will be very high on energy especially in young years of life due to highly active pineal/pituitary glands and the entire brain flooded by blood. However, when Saturn will transit in zodiac one for 2 ½ years, it will calm down that person’s Mars to a good extent. Even, transit of Saturn in opposite house i.e. zodiac 7 will also have some effect on the person though not as much as first case. In reality, chakras are literally like conduits through which the energy in different forms passes thereby making our body/mind behave in a specific fashion. So you may also say that the birth chart which is transit of planets at the time of birth of person/event, conveys energies of different chakras (basis presence of zodiacs, their lords and planets in that house) and their connection with each other at different points of time. Whereas divisional charts show different connections of these chakras at different points of time.


*** Reiterating that since Transit represents the collective conscience of the world around, as the soul progresses, the affect of Transit begins to weaken.


  • Thus, by using birth chart and by checking transit of planets, a healer should decide the type of medicine to be given to the person. The healer should study the chart without being in a hurry at all and check all the houses to see which house/s is/are creating issues and what type of doshic imbalances. My case study will give you some insights.



  • A highly experienced healing soul (with experience of many lifetimes) may be able to create even a birth chart by checking one’s pulse and therefore may not need even chart however it is always better to use as many aids as possible to arrive at the right conclusion else you may end up creating more pain than healing.


  • We briefly discussed the effect of transit on overall conscience which results in affecting the individual conscience using corona example and Kaalpurush Kundli. Here is one more visualisation which can be used for understanding effect of all planets on collective. When Saturn becomes strong in collective conscience meaning it goes in its own sign, then it results in constriction of everything on earth (not just human body) whether it is air, water, earth, space and fire. The result is disruption in flow of smooth energy from one place to another and creation of pockets leading to sudden and jerky movements whenever the Pitta flares Vata of Saturn (resulting in whacky climate etc.).Its silver lining is that when Pitta is low, Vata stores experience and makes one connect the dots and visualize by slowing down everything including mind.


*** Like most pathogens, Corona Virus too releases a bitter substance which reduces Pitta thereby constricting the body to weaken circulation and increase Vata. In response, the body increases Pitta in form of fever to undo poor circulation and constriction. The problem comes when we make the blunder of suppressing fever through paracetamol etc. thereby weakening our circulation and constricting our body permanently. This is the reason that Corona patients experience high Vata (i.e. circulation) issues like lung infection, difficulty in breathing etc. The best way to fight corona is by not suppressing our immunity through wrong practices of fever reduction. The best strategy is to live and eat in line with constitution and weather thereby keeping our circulation and immunity so strong that any infection is fought immediately and doesnt express in form of aches and fevers. Asana and Pranayama are essential part of it. However, even if fever comes, the best way to fight it off is by having enough of fluids to replenish Vitamins, carbs and proteins. Warm milk with ghee is fine (rather essential) during fever as long as one is not suppressing fever by reducing Pitta. Once Pitta is reduced and circulation becomes poor, then milk being cold in potency gets stuck in the body.


  • Sade Sati- Since Saturn means obstruction in blood flow and thus poor nutrition, when Saturn while transiting in different zodiacs, comes closer to Moon in birth chart, it starts creating mental and physical troubles to the native. See the figure below:-

This is because as discussed Moon is “mind” and refers to the deepest tissues present in one’s body and brain (as such Moon is Universal mother who nourishes especially that part/psyche/zodiac of the person where Moon is posted). Thus Saturn’s movement towards moon weakens nutrition to the deepest tissues of the body thereby creating physical and mental discomfort. This can be seen in a different way too which is that since Saturn constricts, it constricts/confines inwards the movement of rasa/blood too which means the nutrition is confined to inside thereby developing the tissues too in the core only and thus high vata in peripherals. When such a native tries to increase Pitta to talk, walk etc, its pitta flares up high Vata in peripherals causing anxiety, nervousness, burning, pain etc (the extent differs). Thus, such a person consciously keeps pitta low and thus becomes introspective. Because different people have their moon in different zodiacs, different people are supposed to face Sade Sati at different points of life. However, it is not necessary that everyone going through this period will face the same amount of discomfort. In fact, some may not face it at all and instead some may see improvements in life. There are several factors that play the role in deciding the outcome of Sade Sati. Here are some of them:-


  • A person who already has Saturn and Moon conjunction (same house or in Kendra) is likely to face it even more during this period.
  • A person already going through Saturn main period (Mahadasha) or Moon’s main period, is likely to face it more during this period vis-a-vis others.
  • Vata increases with time in everyone and Vata (hollowness or say inability of nutrition to reach organs) is the reason of all death. Since a person at 70 years of age is likely to see at least two (or may be even three) sade sati in his/her life, the latter part of life when Vata goes high may create more issues during Sade sati. (again, it is a thumbrule).
  • Whenever bad houses become active (that means whenever they go through the main period of lords of 3,6,8,12 houses), they are likely to face more material dents in their life (a thumbrule). Thus if a person faces Sade sati during the activation of these houses, he/she is likely to face more discomfort. In Ayurvedic terms, activation of these houses brings more Vata (directly or indirectly).
  • On the other hand, a person very high on Mars but low on Vata, when passing through Sade Sati will be benefitted even materialistically as Sade Sati calms down the excess Pitta and Kapha of the person, thereby taming his/her ego/inertia/tamas and bring more Vata (not Rajas as rajas is high VP) to help realize deeper aspects of life (both material and spiritual). As such Vata brings intelligence unless it’s too high. In other words, Sade Sati in a strong Mars person will invoke Mercury by creating Vata.


*** Since high Vata especially in peripherals doesnt let Pitta reach normal levels thereby constricting body and cells, a healer should ask the native to avoid highly pungent spices/tea/coffee and definitely use deepan pachan spices in line with weather conditions like hingvastak churna (or its different ingredients) during winters and cumin/coriander in summers, to digest food and toxins and slowly remove obstructions from the body and mind. In simple words, Sade sati slowly and gradually weakens Mars (peripheral flow) thereby slowly and gradually constricting mind and body reaching its peak when Saturn in transit meets the Moon in natal chart. Post this, the body and mind slowly and gradually begin to open up thereby again increasing Mars. It goes without saying that the process of expansion (with higher Pitta) should be at the same speed as the process of constriction any excess Pitta is bound to flare up Vata in peripherals of brain and body. As such the fact is that the native will reach the healer or vice versa or native will become aware of how to cure self, when the right time will come, which again can be seen from the chart when Sade Sati begins to recede.


Understanding planets, Dasha system and sade sati purely from viewpoint of Spiritual/Evolution of the Soul


The final aim of every soul is to evolve and merge with the higher entity as an ongoing process. All planets in someway or the other help in the evolution of the soul, though it would initially mean to dive into the whirlpool of maya (the illusion that is real) in which we all live. Let us understand this evolution through the sequence of the planetary periods. But before starting we must remember that Dasha or planetary periods is a dynamic process and every passing moment, planetary periods of different planets in sequential order (as we know from Sun till Venus and back to Sun) are happening in the Universe (outside as well as inside us). That is why consider this narrative in the next para as something that is happening minute to minute and moment to moment.


So, to begin with Sun is the source that provides energy to the soul i.e. to the point on the hard disk of the SuperSupercomputer, to trigger its journey. And as the Sun’s energy cools down to fluid state, it becomes Moon which nourishes and creates a specific shape of that soul shaping its desires too basis wherever it flows. And thus it begins to expand/multiply and grow outwards invoking Mars. As it expands, it automatically becomes a part of the large illusion and starts to play its role invoking Rahu. This is bound to provide more experiences to the soul invoking Jupiter. The soul thus cools/slow down to introspect invoking Saturn. Introspection awakens intellect invoking Buddhi/Mercury. And then the soul begins to create or build up something NEW through the current experiences/introspection invoking Ketu. And now the soul literally lives in line with the NEW her invoking Venus but then we must remember that while doing so, it is still progressing while going through sub periods of other planets. And once the soul has spent her accumulated energy by living in line with previous and built up experiences, it again needs energy (Sun) to further the cycle. On a day today basis, we can consider digestion of food as Sun’s period, creation of Rasa from food as Moon’s, exercising/growing as Mars, having desires (to eat, act, work, play, speak, teach, learn etc) as Rahu, assimilating more knowledge from them as Jupiter and so on. Dont we experience all this on regular basis?


Thus stronger the Rahu in one’s life (meaning its presence in first, second or third in decreasing order of their strength), deeper one gets into the ocean of Maya and more one learns about its fabric. The speed of moving into maya and its route and focus will depend upon various factors like Jupiter will expand and slow down the movement and Saturn will further slow it whereas Mars will speed up this dive. Here Saturn is that stage when one has already dived into the ocean till a specific point and is quietly trying to understand the fabric of this maya. When Moon and Saturn conjunct (in a chart and/or in transit in Sade sati), this means that the soul would go very quiet to introspect and understand the fabric (where it has reached so far through Rahu). More the Saturn and/or Moon, more shall be this quietness and introspection. Goes without saying that since Rahu is high VP, when it is very high, the soul is unable to register the fact that it is sitting in Maya unless the soul slows down considerably due to Saturn Moon conjunction.


Ocean of Maya


The relationship between individual softwares (i.e. us) and the operating environment i.e. Universe (the larger software of the super super computer which all individual softwares are part of), is similar to millions of drops in an ocean. While the drops make the ocean, they are also part of the ocean itself. Each drop will sooner or later meet the other drops and even merge (partially or wholly) just as they do due to continuous churning of the ocean. This also means that due to this continuous churning, this drop will become part of many. This is the reason that it is said that even the distant of stars (not just one or few but all) share something common with our body because once upon a time they were part of the same body which disintegrated to form two and then many bodies (in fact the commonality/connection of each one of us remains always alive with each and every heavenly body). While this seems random, the fact is that this churning too has order in it which can be understood by the one governing it or that who is connected but with awareness to the entire system.


Typhoons, tides (due to gravitational pull of moon, sun and even other planets) can be considered as ways that churn this ocean thereby bringing a change in the collective conscience of this world. This is the reason that at individual levels, tides play a big role in churning and changing our mindset (even though it is unnoticeable by our fast moving minds). This is also the reason that even the movement of moon being very close to us has a major impact on our thinking by shifting our rasa from one place to another. As awareness of the soul increases, it is able to feel the effect more clearly. Thus, the everongoing process of movement of planets or their energy from one house to another and the activation of different houses during their mahadasha/antardasha/smaller dashas, which again facilitates movement of different energies, is nothing but the process of churning and is essential for the soul/supersoul to evolve.


*** Soul is not instrinsic part of this physical Universe- But then its wrong to assume that the soul is instrinsic part of this physical Universe else churning of ocean would do away the energy signature of the soul. Soul does enter a specific area of the ocean basis her objectives (selfless or selfish) which in itself represents her strong desire or part of her energy signature. This also means that different parts of this ocean of Maya have different secrets which may be absolutely alien to the soul which has never dipped in that part.



Understanding Solar and Lunar Months, Year and the basis of their Names

One revolution of moon around earth takes 29 days, 12 hrs, 44 minutes and 3 seconds and therefore a lunar year that makes up 12 lunar cycles totals up to 354 days, 8 hrs, 48 mins and 36 seconds which is roughly 11 days short of Solar year of 365 days.


Different solar months in Vedic calendar have been named after the nakshatra in which the full moon falls e.g. Chaitra Mass as mentioned above is named so because during this period the full moon falls in Chitra Nakshatra. Chitra Nakshatra also happens to be right in the middle of all 27 Nakshatra and thus numbered as 14th. Here is the list. Remember that each Nakshatra is 13 degrees 20 mins long, hence the difference between two full moons may appear after gap of one nakshatra and sometimes even three. This ununiform difference is also because moons’ orbit around earth is elliptical as well as wobbly. of Month

Name of the month

Name of Nakshatra where full moon falls

Roll number of Nakshatra


















































*** We briefly captured about the traits of seven days of week starting from Sunday till Saturday in Volume one, even though Vedic texts donot have any mention of seven days of the week. The reason is simple that collective conscience of a specific time has a cause and effect relationship with the energy of that time. This is the reason that Astrologers in today’s world ask us to perform remedies on different days as different days invoke different planetary energies due to collective conscience. This is the reason that certain people as part of fast are told to not to consume the rasa related to a specific day e.g. bitter/astringent on Saturday, Sour on Friday. However, not everyone should follow it this way. Instead it should be basis the chart. So if one’s Venus is creating issues, then one may leave sour at least on Friday because on that day, the body is as such more sour than other days.



  • Varshphal chart (annual chart)


Sun is the most important planet out of all the nine being the source of energy of Universe and thus life giver. Everything begins with Sun, not just life but all planets too. Sun being Sadhak Pitta is the one that creates perception, understanding and knowledge of all the energies including self and all events in life. That is why by rotating the chart and keeping that house as first where Sun is parked in one’s birth chart (Surya Kundli) is so important to understand that how soul would perceive the world through Sun’s eyes. Same goes with moon as moon is Mann/mind and therefore equally important is Chandra Kundli. In fact, we can use the same fundamental for checking one’s chart from different aspects e.g. how one perceives wisdom is by keeping Jupiter as first as Jupiter stores so all planets in front of Jupiter i.e. in houses after first represent the same. Since Sun is the creator and source of energy for all planets, it is Suns position that is the basis of Varshphal (annual) chart which depicts events of the corresponding year for which it is created. Annual chart of a specific year displays that position of all planets transiting in different zodiacs when Sun reaches exactly the same degree and minutes in that zodiac where it was placed in one’s birth chart.


Since Sun creates different planets, each year of the native’s life is dominated by a specific planet. The first year of the native is dominated by that planet whose Mahadasha is the beginning of native’s life. The subsequent years follow exactly the same pattern as the progression of Mahadashas. Within each year too, all 365 days are divided in different sub planetary periods whose ratio is exactly in line with the ratio in which planetary periods are assigned to different planets in 120 years. The beginning of these sub dashas within each year begins with the dominating planet of that year exactly, the way it begins in case of Mahadasha system. Thus, while one’s Ketu (as an example) may not be active in Mahadasha/antardasha and neither may it be dominating in one’s transit chart (by sitting in first house or aspecting it), it may temporarily show its effect when it becomes active during the assigned duration in the Varshphal chart.


Similar to planets, each year of native’s life is dominated by a specific zodiac. First year is dominated by the zodiac present in first house, second year is dominated by zodiac present in one’s second house and so on. This means that the 13th, 25th, 37th year and so on is dominated by the zodiac present in first house. This dominating zodiac of a specific year is called Muntha in Vedic Astrology and is an extremely important point, however Muntha may not fall in the first house of every year’s Annual chart. To determine the first house for a particular year, Astrology uses a specific formula. The logic of this formula is that Hindu calendar uses not only movement of Sun but also of moon to measure time because by now you would have realized that Sun and moon both have huge role to play in shaping weather and thus our doshas too. So, for year, it uses solar cycle and for one month it uses lunar cycle (with each lunar month equivalent to 29 days 8 hours). Thus Hindu calendar differs from Gregorian calendar. To maintain sanctity of both solar and lunar cycles, Hindu calendar adds a lunar month after every 30 months (which is called as Adhik mass or extra month). In other words after every two solar years, the third year has extra month. To arrive at the rising lagna of the Varshphal chart of a specific year of the native, Vedic astrology uses this fact by dividing one’s age in solar years by 30 to know how many extra lunar months have been lived by the native beyond the usual 12 months in a year. This is because each zodiac in Varshphal chart represents a lunar month.



  • Dominance of Tastes in different Planets


Sun dominates hot potency. Moon represents fluid and thus cold liquids, salty (being water retaining), cold potency foods. Mars represents Kapha Pitta (including pungency) foods. Rahu represents imbalanced tastes (high on bitterness, sour, salty, pungency, sugar or say Junk which creates stimulated Vata). Jupiter is sweet. Saturn is astringent. Mercury has all six tastes in balanced quantity (that is why it is equal on VPK). Ketu has astringency, Pitta and sweetness. Venus is sweet, sour, pungent. However it is important to remember that different foods create different energies during different seasons. For example while tomatoes with sweet foods (like grains, lentils, cottage cheese) and a bit of pungency and warmth will create Venus in winters, however the same food will create Sun, Mars, Moon and Rahu in summers. Similarly while milk alone will create Venus (as sourness, pungency and warmth are already present in the weather), during winters, milk alone is likely to create Saturn and Moon.


*** These are thumb rules. So while mercury is supposed to be balanced on VPK, when a person goes through this planetary period, it doesn’t mean that he/she will have VPK in equal quantity in the entire body and mind. A lot will depend upon basic constitution of the native.


  • We discussed with a logic that the lord of 6th, 8th and 12th houses (only if MT sign of that planet is posted in these houses), are considered functionally malefic for the native. This also means that presence of a functionally malefic planet in Kendra or trikone is bound to create issues to the native and is a bad yoga because this means that a functionally malefic dosha/planet is highly and deeply active in the native’s life.


  • The best way to take care of malefic planets (whether functionally or naturally) is by applying the principle of opposites i.e. by reducing the corresponding energy and by feeding opposite/balancing energy to the person (in food, actions, cloths, gems etc.).


  • While we discussed that how psychology explains the basic aspects of different houses of birth chart, the fact is that we can utilize psychology for even more complex looking aspects/meaning of all the house. So, while first marriage is based on the principle of opposites (since opposite house represents the female energy of the corresponding house) and that is why native looks for energies of the seventh house, the second marriage is usually seen by second house because after getting a setback, the native looks primarily for a partner having similar basic values. This could also be explained because 2nd house is eighth from 7th house indicating that after first marriage, the native would dive into the unknown related to seventh which is eighth from seventh. There could be multiple ways of explaining different aspects of different houses.


  • Combination of different planets create different energies. Here are some examples. Mars- Rahu combination creates Angarak Yoga. Angar means embers and this yoga literally creates embers due to excessive Pitta and high Vata. Saturn-Rahu called as Vish (poison) Yoga, creates excess Vata (especially when Pitta of Rahu becomes weak in later years of life). Their combinations may also create energy akin to another planet. For example, Saturn, Jupiter and Sun together would create astringent, sweet and hot effect something similar (not same) to Ketu. Same ways, Mars and Saturn together can create energy slightly similar to Rahu which could be VP higher than even Rahu (depending upon the strength of these planets at any point of time in ones chart and transit). That is why Mars and Saturn combination is considered very explosive unless it is tamed by good zodiacs/planets. This is because Saturn enables the native to look behind the curtains/curve or have a far sighted approach and Mars energy makes one react beyond the reasonable level thereby not only making native furious but also committing sin. But then when Saturn takes over, it makes the person repent.



  • Mahadasha versus Transit


While collective conscience (transit of different planets in different houses) keeps changing with every passing moment at different locations, we discussed that why initial conditions of zodiacs and planets in different houses (i.e. in one’s birth chart) matter the most. A person born with mars and mars zodiac in first house would indicate high Pitta and good circulation which will become his/her pratriki (basic constitution). However if the second house has Saturn (that too very strong in shadbala) then it indicates that person’s strong circulation would be subdued by Saturn. Conversely if a person is born with Saturn zodiac in first, it would indicate the basic (deepest) constitution of the person would be Vata (constricted). However if that zodiac has Venus then it will keep the blood circulation going well unless Saturn would take over with age (as Vata increases with age). All in all, the prakriti (initial condition) decides the direction of flow of Vata (blood).


That is why planetary periods (which are based on beginning of one’s life i.e. initial conditions) have an everlasting  and stronger effect than the transit of planets. And as the person ages, the strength of Mahadasha becomes even stronger than the strength of transition of planets though the latter can never become totally ineffective. In simple words, mahadasha speaks of experience of the soul which is developing her conscience and transit is the collective conscience i.e. effect of others on the soul. So as the soul gains experience, the effect of its own conscience becomes stronger due to years of experience than that of people/conditions around, with the exception that during Mahadasha of the planets where VP rises or own Pitta is too weak then such a person may get affected very strongly by transit of planets (primarily during Rahu mahadasha but also to some extent during Mars and Moon).


Thus we can conclude that if a person has a specific planet in a specific house or affecting a specific house and during transit that house gets affected by that planet, then the effect of that planet multiplies. For example if a person has Rahu in first house having 2nd zodiac transit and when Rahu will transit through this zodiac, then it will create higher VP in mind. The effect may even multiply by presence of other Pitta planet especially Mars if affecting the first house during transit or negate it due to Kapha planet like Jupiter.



  • Since zodiacs are conditions, a planet even if strongly debilitated in birth chart will not always give results of strong debilitation. For example a person having debilitated Mars (i.e. Mars in cancer) in birth chart, may become stronger and energetic during main planetary period of Mars. Same goes for exultation and other expressions in different zodiacs. A lot would depend upon which planetary period is ON. So if one’s Saturn is exulted let’s say in 8th house, then it still means that Saturn is still present there. It is just that Saturn is not expressing itself badly because of exultation. However when one would pass through the planetary period of Saturn especially in Moon and then mercury in moon, then one is likely to experience issues of eighth house (white discharge etc in females) because of fluid getting stuck in Vata (Saturn) which is not getting released after increase in Pitta (when mercury sub period starts).


*** A debilitated planet acts as a blessing in disguise by denting and setting in realizations for spiritual growth or say evolution of the soul.


  • Barring the first house and its lord, the initial conditions at the time of one’s birth indicated by presence of different planets and zodiacs in different chakras/houses are more indicative of how will doshas begin to form up. Yes, the foetus gets affected by conscience of close relatives too (not just parents) but that affect is too feeble and that too is indirect primarily through mother. It also means that divine intervention can arrest that growth to move doshas in the right direction. However as mentioned, energy of the first house is the most important factor and that can be controlled only at preconception, conception and pregnancy stages. For example if someone has Mars in first then it means that the person will overall have good circulation in the brain and body because the body is the projection of primarily first house.


  • If the lord of eight house is posted in first, it means that the conditions of eight house i.e. occult diseases, occult knowledge etc. will have very deep and straight impact on the basic/deepest psyche of the person and may create a total change in personality depending upon the which planet is the lord and at what stage of life, the planetary period of that planet appears.


  • If a bad house becomes active early in life, then it is likely to bring more difficulties and the deep seated and chronic ones because such aberrations become part of one’s foundation. In simple words the Prakriti of such a person itself is poor and misaligned. For example a person with 4th zodiac in first (lagna) would have 11th zodiac in 8th From doshic viewpoint, 11th zodiac is of Saturn i.e. Vata and Vata is bound to create serious issues for a person having basic constitution of Moon (cold and fluid). And such a person faces Saturn’s Mahadasha right in childhood, its likely to create severe and chronic Vata issues like poor circulation, overeating due to poor circulation, deposition of Kapha in Vata, hypertension, haywire growth of body starting from bones etc. Remember again it is a thumb rule. For example Sun in first in 4th zodiac is likely to increase Pitta and pacify excess of moon and thus reduce severity of 8th house.




  • Being VP, Rahu looses focus. This quality of Rahu can work for good also as excessive focus may also mean rigidity. In other words if Rahu’s flexibility is used with proper skills, then it can mould one’s body /mind for good too. Astrologically we can say that if Rahu is well governed by Jupiter (like in Jupiter-Rahu dasha or when Jupiter is very strong in one’s chart and Rahu is placed after that) then it is good for the native. We discussed in bitter section (of addendum) that how bitter can be wisely used for moulding in the desired way. However, this is to reiterate that this process requires lot of skills which can come only through several lifetimes of experiences (in state of high awareness) including failures. In fact this is nothing but Tantra (because Tantra means process/procedure) where our body (Yantra/Instrument) is moulded in the desired manner. Goes without saying that Tantra can be used for good or for bad of the Universe, however this is for sure that if and when it is used for bad, then it is bound to decline as anything generating out of greed/ego brings destruction of self too, sooner or later. That is why the word “Aghora” scares most of those who have heard of them performing tantras. However as mentioned, not all Aghoras can be placed in the same scale. Aghora perform rituals to reshape their personality using different energies (some for own reasons, some for the larger good of the Universe) but yes they run the risk of not shaping their energies properly due to even minor mistakes. That is why they have to be very careful (Book on Aghora series mentioned in the Bibliography section will throw more light on their life).



Chakra and Astrology


  • Chakra carries that energy of the soul that conveys fruits of Karma/desires/objectives with respect to that chakra. So for example, if a soul’s Heart chakra is closed (by Ketu/Saturn), it may mean that the soul was responsible for closing heart chakras of others (by hurting them in some way or the other) in this or previous lifetime and is destined to face the fruit of karma in this life and may need to handle the responsibility of healing the chakras of others especially those who were hurt due to her (soul). Conversely an excessively open heart chakra (due to Rahu in fourth) may indicate that the soul is destined to lead a burden free life and may be had to handle a lot of burden in the past life which pushed the soul to select such a body/timeline. Every soul has to settle her karmas of the past lives especially the negative ones unless she is forgiven for her deeds. It’s like rectifying the software which it (the soul) corrupted earlier. Even if forgiven, an advanced soul would definitely not shirk her responsibility/share of rectifying the software/timeline as compassion is the basic quality of a pure soul. And the sooner she does it, the better it is because the more she delays in rectifying, the more chaos will that fault create and the more bad karmas she will gather. However, this is also true that it may take many a lifetimes for that specific conditions to get created where the soul can bring necessary rectifications in the software/timeline for fulfilling her duties/settlement of karmas. On the other hand, a higher soul may forgive others as forgiveness raises her own energy levels, thereby transiting her to higher planes with lesser chaos instead of remaining stuck in the lower realms for temporarily enjoying the payback from the other soul.


*** Just like in a single life, it takes time for realizations to set in by slowing down due to dents, same way at grander scale too, a soul doesn’t slow down unless its greed/inertia (tamas and rajas) reach the peak creating dent on her thereby slowing her down and setting in realizations. And then those realizations make her repent for the dents she has caused in the collective conscience to repair which she reincarnates many a times. Finally she gets moksha when all the karma (and their fruits) have been settled. Thus soul never gets punished. It only experiences the collective conscience that it has created due to the contributions/Karmas made/done by it in several lifetimes. So instead of taking our sufferings as punishments and suffer more, if we shun vices like ego, like greed, short term gains, quick fix approaches and begin focussing on the limbs of Ashtang Yoga, we can end all the sufferings.


  • When a chakra closes, it stops accepting new things/ideas/suggestions and focuses only the existing ones. Closure of a chakra means activation of ketu in it either due to its placement there or due to strong aspect. So when ones’ heart chakra closes, one is unable to accept anything other than that which is close to one’s heart. This is because heart stores the memories. So when closed, it keeps things to itself and creates something new from it (Ketu is like a researcher who is confined within self and rarely accepts things from external world except what he/she deems necessary. And that is necessary too for a good research else inputs from all corners including unsolicited ones will create a mess).



The world seems to be passing through Rahu Mahadasha

While its impossible without compiling and comparing data of the recorded history of humans to approximately ascertain that what planetary periods (sub periods or periods bigger than mahadasha) has earth seen in the last 2000 years or so and what most likely could be its chart, it needs no brainer to broadly guess that the world has been going through Rahu (VP) times for quite sometimes, when technically it is progressing (a quality of high VP mind) however VP mind is also causing lack of focus/fear and other qualities of Rajas which are evident, leading to surge in diseases and fear of the unknown despite relative advancement in medical science. Focus on external beauty much more than internal is another indication of Rahu times. On the other hand, since Rahu gives rise to Ketu (and vice versa- we know how), we also see surge in depression (as extreme state of Ketu leads to depression only when loss of Pitta due to high Vata closes the body and mind). Two consecutive world wars also indicate that starting 1914 for around 35 years, we were experiencing peak of Mars period.

With Corona cooling down the world, it is possible that earth is about to enter Jupiter phase. Since Rahu period ends with Mars to begin Jupiter, this is also possible that the world may face sudden destruction before the realizations set in to kick in Jupiter phase. Probably this is the reason that the world is facing sudden surge in diseases related to excess space like obesity, heart diseases, hypertension, aggression, depression which may increase if it doesnt learn to manage Jupiter/space through means like Arjuna, living and eating in line with weather conditions and other ways mentioned in the book. The silver lining is Jupiter also means expansion of consciousness which too we are witnessing and are about to witness more in times to come through more inventions/discoveries/expansion of knowledge base etc. (connection of each other through internet/social electronic media is all part of this expansion).

*** Please note that I am just trying to make approximations here basis some major events and overall conscience. However, this para is to tell that we must consider this fact while making predictions because planetary period of the world conveys the collective conscience at a broader scale which is bound to affect every birth chart too.

Maha Maha Dasha

We discussed that there has to be Maha Maha dasha too above Mahadasha and this hierarchy in both directions (smaller as well as larger periods) is infinite. In fact, since the lord of the lagna represents the most dominating planetary energy of the soul in a specific life, it can be termed as Maha Maha Dasha of that soul. Likewise, there have to be maha maha dashas on earth level, on Universe level and so on.


Consultation for pregnancy

We discussed in Ayurveda section that good health of parents is essential for good health of the coming generations and therefore a couple should go for the child only when their doshas are aligned well (ideally this should include the doshas/conscience of people affecting the parents from neibhourhood/relations etc too). While pulse diagnosis and other tools are good, the deeper tool is Astrology which can avoid giving birth to an unhealthy child and dent in collective conscience (this can be understood only when we become sattvic in approach and don’t get carried away by emotions). Parenthood can still be enjoyed by adopting a child. For example if mother is high on Vata with high Vata in fifth house too, then the child is bound to be high on Vata right from childhood (there could be several other combinations but this is one example) which is bound to create problems for the child as well as parents. Astrological consultation therefore becomes so important before planning a child.

*** Not only current Mahadasha/Dashas but even transit of planets should be taken into account while planning pregnancy. For example if a person has Rahu in first second or third house, then planning pregnancy when Rahu is transiting this house may not be a good idea as this is bound to further increase Rahu (vata in upper body vis-a-vis lower). Not only that more weight in lower body will further compound Rahu in upper thereby creating more issues of high VP in upper body and chakras. This is bound to create health issues for the child too.



Why are Trees worshipped and that too, on specific days– Astrology recommends worshipping of different trees as remedy for pacification of different planets. The logic is that different trees emnate vapors of different chemicals which are good for settling specific doshas/planets. For example, Peepal tree (Ficus Religiosa) is considered an extremely important tree in Vedic sciences. It is because of its immense therapeutic value which is why it is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. The leaves of the tree are bitter, astringent and full of antioxidants and therefore constricting in nature. Astrologically they reduce space and hence are good for those whose Jupiter is malefic. Thus its leaves, bark, fruits reduce space, swelling, pungency (force of Pitta) and therefore are good for diseases like epilepsy, external wounds/skin diseases, alzhiemers/parkinsons, diabetes, asthama, ulcers, cancer, high cholesterol. On the other hand, worshipping the tree helps to keep the nervous system calm thereby helping the therapeutic effect of the trees’s vapors, to act properly (we discussed that a calm nervous system is easy to be repaired).


All in all, Peepal is Pitta reducing in nature. This is the reason that it should be worshipped on all week days when the collective conscience of the world is high on energy (high Pitta and Vata). On Sunday body and mind body deflates after week’s inflation due to mental and physical activity thereby activating Sadhak pitta. This is the reason that as a thumb rule, Peepal should not be worshipped on Sunday as this is likely to reduce excess of Pitta and increase Saturn/bitterness in the body/mind. Remember it is a thumb rule. So for those whose Jupiter is extremely malefic, this rule won’t apply for as long as it remains malefic or say space creates issues in the body. In simple words, worshipping a tree is also of therapeutic value and should be discontinued after pacification of aggravated dosha and restarted if and when needed.


*** In a country like India where VP is high and is likely to result in excess space (Jupiter) in the people, plantation of trees like Peepal is a wonderful strategy to help the entire population in the vicinity, which is why removing/uprooting Peepal in India has been considered as sin in Vedic sciences (not just Astrology) unless it is balanced by planting that many number of tree in the vicinity (goes without saying that uprooting should be done only in extreme circumstances and only when the other tree has grown to similar level). From karmic angle, uprooting a Peepal tree in a VP country/locality is bound to create functionally malefic Jupiter in one’s chart/life whereas planting many (and rearing them up) is a remedy to reduce/remove the malefic effect of Jupiter.


*** Also goes without saying that any remedy should be performed by the person affected and not by any other family member on behalf of the affected person else this will create more imbalances instead of restoring balance e.g. a native with Pitra dosha may need to worship Peepal as Peepal weakens Rahu and awakens Sun thereby removing Pitra dosha. But if native’s spouse does that on native’s behalf, then it is will weaken spouse’s VP not the native’s (which may or may not be good for the spouse especially if spouse is already high on Saturn and low on VP).


Role of color in remedies– Ultimately everything is energy (including mass) and by now we know that it is variation in energy/mass that creates different combinations of VPK not only in different beings (living and non living) but also within the different parts of the same body. And energy that we get from Sun comes in the form of sun light. Now, Sunlight is basically white in color however when passed through a prism it divides into seven colors (VIBGYOR). In other words, light is composed of these seven colors which combine to create millions of combinations. Now we discussed briefly about black carrots in the first chapter. Lets move further. Black carrots in reality are violet/purplish in color and violet is the left most color of visible spectrum (VIBGYOR) whose frequency is higher than other colors in this spectrum with shortest wavelength which is exactly opposite to the red color having longest wavelength and lowest frequency. That is why while red travels farthest, it has least energy. On the other hand, violet’s high frequency and low wavelength doesn’t let it travel far, however its high energy ensures due to high frequency helps in breaking plaque.


This is the reason that in India black carrots are used during transition time from winters to summers for preparing a traditional drink called “Kaanji” by mildly fermenting them in water mixed with Rye and salt. The drink helps to dissolve plaque without spreading energy into farther areas. Mild fermentation not only helps to balance astringency of carrots but also becomes probiotic. Apart from this, the drink (from carrot and Rye) provides proteins, vitamin A, B, C and E, micronutrients especially loads of iron to synthesize blood while removing plaque. Having this drink during transition time ensures that long stuck toxins in the core of the body due to extreme winter do not travel into deeper tissues when Pitta starts increasing and tissues start opening up. All in all, it helps to clean and restore bodily systems which were getting hampered at a very subtle level due to layers of toxins around the cells.


This also explains that why blue color which falls in the middle of the spectrum is warm but not far spreading unlike red and is therefore used for Saturn people as blue sapphire as it literally does deepan pachan of plaque without inflating it. On the other hand, while red color helps to enhance Mars, the opaque property of red coral enhances Kapha too alongwith it. That is why, the Ruby gem used for increasing power of Sun is red but transparent as Sun is hot but is not having Kapha in it. Green in the middle of the spectrum indicates, optimum wavelength and frequency which gives rise to VPK i.e. mercury. Hence green emerald is the gem of Mercury. Likewise yellow represents Jupiter having higher frequency than red but lesser than green and blue. That is why this color keeps the pitta and conscience relatively more towards the core as compared to Mars. However Saturn takes the conscience even deeper than Jupiter. This also the reason that black sesame has a stronger impact on pacifying excess Saturn as black color absorbs maximum light/energy. The same principle can be used on spices too. Spices like mustard are black and black body absorbs maximum energy. That is why mustard seeds are very warm however their heat doesn’t travel far and doesn’t inflate pitta. In other words, it doesn’t increase nerve conduction while dissolving plaque through its heat.



*** Since energies of bad houses i.e. 6,8,12 (and to some extent even 3rd) create difficulties for the native (by bringing him/her out of comfort zone), its logical that one should avoid wearning gems, colors related to zodiacs and planets posted in these houses. On the other hand, one should further strengthen good energies indicated by zodiacs/planets posted in the inner (good) houses.




The logic of putting Tilak/ash on forehead/body


Many priests/followers of Vedic ways of living are seen to wear Tilak on their forehead. A tilak is worn right in the center of forehead and may extend till the middle of eyebrows. Right behind this area is the pineal gland which governs the flow of electricity in the body (Sadhak Pitta). By wearing different shapes and colors of Tilaks during different times of the day, one can tap different levels of energies of Sun. For example a person with Aries (owned by mars) in the first house can wear red color Tilak as red color throws/reflects back red light while absorbing the rest of the six colors of VIBGYOR (We see anything of a specific color because that thing absorbs all colors of white light except the color it appears of as it reflects that color on our eyes). Thus, this helps the native to keep one’s pineal calm and not overactivated which is likely to happen in case of Aries (Mars dominated) person (especially during hot weather) due to the wiring of the brain. In simple words, when you wear the color of a specific planet, you are throwing away/reflecting back the light related only to that color and absorbing the rest.


*** Since Bhrajak Pitta of the entire body heats up body fluids and then Sadhak Pitta too, a person with high Sadhak Pitta and Prana Vata must take cold water showers during hot weather to keep VP in control apart from wearing Tilak. In fact, white ash/mud cools down Bhrajak Pitta of the body and thus rasa and all tissues, the same way as does cold water and is a great way to stay cool. This is the reason that we see certain animals rolling in mud during summers. This again is the reason that many Rishis/Saints used to apply white ash/mud on their entire body and not just forehead to stay cool during summers. This also is the reason for shaving off hair of the scalp by many priests in Sanatana Dharma during summers, as black hair absorb more heat thereby heating up the brain. In fact, greying of hair is body’s defense mechanism to absorb less heat by high pitta people (ironically same goes with even Albinism as discussed in Volume one- astrology case study).


Also, please remember that different constitutions need different Tilaks during different times of the day and month. For example, a person with strong Sun sitting in first (even if in Saturn’s zodiac) should wear Tilak made of white sandalwood to keep excess Sadhak Pitta in control as white reflects/throws back all seven colors of the spectrum (though going by thumbrule one should wear black color Tilak to absorb maximum light for pacifying Saturn). Most importantly, one also needs to keep the time of day and month. For example, a person with Sun in first in tenth zodiac would need to wear white sandalwood Tilak only when Sun is too strong i.e. during Summers starting from first zodiac till Leo zodiac and that too only in daytime. Wearing it in colder months/dark hours when Sun is relatively weak would reduce too much of Sadhak Pitta and create Vata in mind and body (depression and brain fog). Thus, like medicines/food/yogasanas, the same Tilak of a specific color/material can act as a nectar for one but poison for another based on one’s constitution, gender, time of the day and weather conditions. That is why usually females wear a small Tilak as compared to Men because the former’s Sadhak Pitta is usually as such lesser. All in all, what matters for every therapy is to pacify the aggravated Dosha.


*** All characters of mythology also depict energies of different planets (and their different combinations). So when one prays with total surrender to that energy, you literally ask the Universe to grant it to you. However it is a process that needs lots of patience (many a lifetimes) and therefore absolute surrender and faith.


*** The logic of yantras used in Astrology has been discussed in the next chapter.



Case study one


Heavy, highly bitter and astringent foods are bad for native as they are significators

of Jupiter and Saturn which are functionally malefic planet for the native.


Case study four (Cancer)


Rahu and Mars also indicate that the person would have suffered with excess space (Jupiter) which is a functionally malefic planet for Taurus Lagna. Saturn and Ketu in ninth indicate that after reaching in late forties till mid fifties, the person’s space will suddenly constrict due to inability to handle excess pitta/stress/pain which would mean trapping of ama in the body.


Case Study Psoriasis


Presence of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun in first zodiac means that when body was expanding (signified by first zodiac), the native was also consuming spicy, sour, pungent, acidic, hot, sweet and bitter (vasodilating) foods. All this resulted in creation of such channels right from the core till the peripherals (including skin) which were overstimulated due to these tastes thereby making the skin receive the acidic, sweet, pungent, bitter, hot nutrition. Being in 10th house, it indicates that these foods were primarily pushed into the native by father. In other words, it is a deep seated dosha of the native which can only be managed by using the principle of opposites. Anulom vilom will also be good for such people. 


Case Study 10 (removing excess Kapha in brain by inhaling black pepper)


First house is flooded with dense Kapha, sourness, coldness (Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Ketu). To some extent Jupiter’s expansion is controlled by Ketu’s constriction and effect of Saturn on owner of lagna i.e. Moon. This shows that the brain is extremely high on Kapha (not only because of Ketu but Jupiter, Venus and Moon too) whereas Rahu being in lower part of the body has created excess Vata. Such a person by default is bound to increase lot of Mars (pitta) to burn excess kapha/tissues in the upper brain else excess kapha in brain is bound to create sluggishness and depression. However, the flip side is that very high Pitta in brain is bound to increase Rahu (VP) leading to issues in the lower body which is exactly what happened with the native. So by the time Native’s rahu mahadasha arrived, native started losing balance due to weak lower body. As such Saturn is posted near Rahu which further adds to Vata in the lower body flared up by Pitta thereby depleting Kapha and strength.


Thus what the native needs in such a case is local solution to undo excess kapha dosha. So coldness/wetness of moon, sourness of Venus/Jupiter, density of Venus can be undone by black pepper. Thus what the native needs is following:-


  • Inhalation of powdered black pepper to melt excess Kapha from brain and expelling out excess Kapha by blowing nose.
  • Consumption of strength giving foods like milk with besan (chana flour) to provide strength to other parts of the body which have got depleted due to high pitta.
  • Abstinence from highly pungent foods like ginger, red chillies, green chillies
  • Recital of AUM to expand Ketu.
  • Cobra pose to push lymph from ketu to rahu.
  • Anulom vilom to straighten blood vessels after throwing out Kapha for removing wrinkles (vata) from the brain and body.


Goes without saying that the native will need constant supervision by an expert who understands connection between Ayurveda and Astrology


Common factors seen in Cancer patients


While VP (Rahu) excites the person to consume more enticing/toxin laden or toxin generating foods (apart from making wrong choices not in line with constitution and weather), high VP also stimulates cells and releases already stored toxins in the body out in open leading to further build up of Ama (toxins). This results in constipation (due to increase in Vata and Pitta) leading to further build up of toxins and further increase in VP, thus taking the person in a vicious circle of more and more VP and more toxin. And cancer is nothing but a lump of toxic cells/tissues which usually shows up first in that part of the body which is already high on VPK. That is why cancer surfaces mostly in the planetary period/sub period of Rahu. However, this is a just a thumb rule to explain the principle. It may also happen during Saturn (main) Mercury (sub dasha) as this period also signifies stimulation in Vata laden body.


The obvious question would be that why everyone going through Rahu period/sub period doesn’t develop cancer. This is because of two factors. One factor determines the extent of Rahu in one’s body which doesn’t depend only on placement of Rahu but also other factors especially presence of highly stimulating and airy planets in first (or sometimes second house). For example a person with Mercury and Sun that too in 3rd zodiac in first house is bound to be a very airy personality and is bound to eat/live a very Vata Pitta laden food/lifestyle which will flare up Rahu. And Rahu means snaky movement where the blood keeps changing routes due to less volume of blood but more open vessels due to stimulated mind creating more pitta due to increased peripheral circulation. All this results in haywire circulation of blood (not straight) resulting in haywire growth.


Second factor is Saturn and Jupiter conjunction. This is because this conjunction determines Vata blocking (stagnating) Kapha inside it leading to generation of toxins as anything stagnated is bound to develop toxins which during Rahu’s period/sub period will release it in the blood stream and further increase VP/toxins as mentioned above. This conjunction could be very direct with Jupiter and Saturn parked closely in the same house or aspecting each other or could be less direct with one of them aspecting the other or in other’s zodiac. Goes without saying that stronger the conjunction, more virulent is likely to be the disease.


*** Remember these combinations may be found in D1 or D9 or both.

*** Above factors are good enough to state that why a cancer patient needs to consume very sattvic food with only Deepan Pachan herbs which digest toxins but donot over excite the body. Also a cancer patient must go through regular enemas to flush out stored toxins in the body so that they don’t create constipation and further build up.

*** The reason that those who have cancer donot develop Alzheimer and vice versa is because cancer is excess of VP with lot of ama roaming in the system whereas Alzheimer is due to very less of Pitta.

*** Above factors are also seen in other autoimmune diseases and the only way to undo all such diseases is very wholesome, pre-digested and alkaline food accompanied by Asanas, pranayama, meditation, discipline and regular panchkarma to remove toxins from the body and also undo Vata imbalance.

*** The silver lining of Saturn Jupiter combination does give the native the ability to retain information and connect dots but this ability fades away during Rahu times.


Respiratory disorders– Presence of cold planets (Saturn, Jupiter especially Saturn) in fourth house or sandwiching it is an indication of respiratory issues in ones life. The time of expression will depend upon planetary period especially during high Pitta times when Pitta will flare high Vata. This presence may also indicate issues like heart palpitations due to vata flaring Pitta.


*** Natives with this issue should practice anahata asana and cat/cow pose to manage Vata of this area. If this house is aspected by Ketu then one may also experience closure of this chakra inwards which would result again issues like breathlessness, in which case one may need to perform chest expansion asanas apart from anahata/cat-cow posse. However, all this can be avoided if we practice right food/lifestyle right from the beginning. This is because, heart chakra closes only when one resorts to eating Vata aggravating foods which disrupt right movement of Udana Vata. In other words, Rahu lifestyle leads to increase in Ketu and thus closure


Thyroid-  Thyroid is a function of second and third house. Second because speech activates thyroid. Third because third houses throat chakra and thyroid itself which is why third house Karaka is Mars as thyroid in itself means metabolism/Pitta. A strong thyroid also spreads blood towards peripherals thereby providing muscular strength. Its malfunction could arise because of several doshic/planetary combinations. A person with Ketu in second especially in conjunction with Jupiter and during Ketu mahadasha is likely to face hypothyroidism. A person with Rahu in second with very less of Pitta too is likely to face hypothyroidism as Rahu in absence of Pitta is Vata and cold Vata will create malfunctioning of thyroid. Interestingly, the same person during high Pitta times could have faced hyperthyroidism too as VP flares up agni though erratically. Similarly a person with strong Moon (especially in 4th zodiac) in second house could indicate sluggish working of thyroid causing weight gain.


*** Astrologically Hashimoto happens in those whose thyroid starts leaking due to excess VP (space without tissues). So people with Rahu and Mars in second or third or placed separately in second and third are likely to face Hashimoto resulting in excess of space and inflammation of the entire body. Presence of Sun with Mars can further aggravate this issue as Sun provides strength to Mars. Such people should speak less and apply sandalwood paste not only on face but also on throat (in fact more emphasis on throat wil help) to calm down thyroid and reduce inflammation.


Kidney issues- CKD may arise due to several factors. Here are a few of them to give you an idea.. Since Saturn closes the body inwards, the house/chakra where Saturn is located represents relatively poorer peripheral circulation of blood. Thus a person with Saturn in fifth house that too in 11th zodiac, may cause kidney issues as kidneys are located in peripherals. But then again, it is a thumb rule. A person whose Venus is strong especially due to Venus’s Zodiac in first wouldn’t face this issue with such a serious intensity or may not face at all unless one goes through Saturn’s times that too in later times of life when Saturn becomes as such high. On the other hand, severe combustion (by Sun closely conjuncted by Mars) of fifth lord especially mercury could also cause this disease, the difference between the two would be that in first case due to good strength of core, the person may still continue to have better digestive fire than second case.




We all know that life runs on fuel and fire. That is why, the life line begins from mount of Mars because Mars represents fire/ignition/spark and also the beginning of everything from a small dot. It moves towards the base of the palm in between Venus and Moon because Venus represents fuel (ojas) whereas Moon represents fluids (rasa) which ultimately create fuel (we know that Rasa creates all the other tissues including shukra/ojas). Thus, if the lifeline moves more towards the mount of moon, it indicates that the person would cool down and would lose pitta with less of Vigor (ojas). Thus, such a person instead of consuming cooling foods, should consuming foods that increase Ojas (warm potency, nutritious).



Mar’s energy expands all across the palm from right till left (and vice versa). The mount where the lifeline and mind line begins is called as inner Mars and the mount opposite to this on the palm is called as the outer Mars representing that how the mind will expand as life would unfold with time. Outer Mars provides strength to peripheral muscles that give us physical strength whereas inner Mars provides strength to the core. Both should be balanced for vibrant health. The space in between inner and outer Mars is called as the plain of Mars which represents the energy levels of native during different periods of life. All in all, the palm represents the strength of Prana generated due to Mars (agni) and Venus (fuel) whereas Sun, Saturn and Jupiter fingers and mounts under them represent extension of one’s psyche/energy generating from the Prana i.e. palm.


As life unfolds, not only lifeline (or say strength of Prana) which is a combination of Mars (agni) and Venus (Fuel) progresses but even the line of mind progresses forward towards Mars outer however while moving towards this general direction, it may bend towards different mounts indicating bent of one’s mind towards that energy. Thus a mind line moving straight towards Mars outer indicates that the native’s mind will be highly focussed on very high energy activities. A forked line would indicate mind divided in two area represented by where the distributaries are heading.


While the mind and lifeline start from inner Mars under Jupiter’s mount, the heart line starts from Mars outer under Mercury’s mount. This is because the final aim of soul is to make the matters of heart and mind speak the same language and that is why the lines representing their energy approach each other. So the line of mind starts from what was already stored inside (storage is depicted by Jupiter which is why it starts from under the mount of Jupiter) and then proceeds towards other mount especially outer Mars thereby expanding outwards and expressing itself. Whereas the line of heart which depicts emotions, starts from under the mount of Mercury through analysis of the outer world (analysis represented by mercury and outer Mars is the outer world) and moves inwards towards Jupiter (storage) and/or Saturn (instrospection).


*** While palm comprises primarily of life sustaining energies/planets (Venus, Mars, Moon) with lifeline starting from Mars, fingers are primarily the projections of one’s psychology/higher thoughts/objectives- basically starting from fifth house of Astrology (Remember higher is relative so higher is with respect to self). Which is why if palm is large vis-a-vis the finger, the person would be slightly towards animalistic nature (living in lower chakras). If they are of same size, then the upper chakras and lower chakras would be balanced. If fingers are long, it indicates the person would be philosophical, thinker etc.


Age by palmistry- We discussed in the Astrology section that the strength of Mars in Shadbala decides the movement of time in one’s life. For example, Rahu with Moon can’t create Jupiter. It needs strenght of Mars to do so. Rahu and Moon will keep moving/wandering each. Thus if one’s Mars is strong, it pushes the lifeline faster. In other words, higher the combined height of mount of inner and outer Mars, faster would be the movement of lifeline in that native’s hand. Thus two native having the same length of lifeline will have different length of life basis the strength of their Mars (provided their other mounts are similar).




The Saturn corner in the house (west) would increase Vata in the occupant, not because less sunlight reaches there but because Sunlight reaches there much after Sunrise and stays there longer than east corner. The result will be that the person is likely to wake up later and remain awake till late night due to shift in sleep-wake cycle not in consonance with Sun cycle leading to increase in Vata.




We discussed briefly that each number represents energy associated to a specific house. For example number 1 represents beginning of everything. Since life can begin only with energy, number 1 represents Sun. Number 2 represents Moon. We discussed in D2 chart that how 1 and 2 houses represent ME and YOU (Sun and Moon respectively). This fundamental is the basis of numerology which uses the basic principles of Astrology basis which Jupiter has been assigned number 3, Rahu-4, Mercury-5, Venus-6, Ketu-7, Saturn-8 and Mars-9 in numerology. Not only that, Sun’s Yantra which is intrinsic part of Vedic Astrology (as shown below), is the base of numerology and is called as Lo Shu grid in numerology.


Yantra of any planet captures all the nine numbers starting from one till nine and their alignment describes different levels of different energies. Given below is Sun’s Yantra/Lo Shu grid where different rows/columns represent different aspects of life basis the numbers in that row/column. For example, number 4,3 and 8 in first row represent PLANNING. This is because for planning one needs introspection (Saturn’s number 8), wisdom (jupiter’s number 3) but forward thinking too (represented by Rahu since VP gives intelligence).  Similarly, 1 (Sun), 5 (mercury) and 9 (Mars) provide WILL to the person whereas 2,7,6 (i.e. Moon, Ketu and Venus) provide stimulation, creativity but restrained introspective energy of Ketu for effective Action.













Mental Plane




Emotional Plane




Practical Plane


I am not getting in the details of numerology as it is a complete chapter in itself, however to sum up, the absence/presence of these numbers in ones birth date/month/year, conveys the energy associated with that person in different aspects as mentioned above.


*** It goes without saying that Numerology is too generic in nature vis-a-vis Astrology because current understanding of numerology does not use time and place of birth which are extremely important factors in determining the deeper doshas of the native.





  • The sequence of progression of one’s life should be more or less in line with the sequence of Mahadasha of planets. That is why Jupiter should come first which represents bookish understanding of the microcosm and macrocosm and the relationship between each other. And it is only after one has gained this knowledge and lived it very carefully in true letter and spirit (during Saturn) to gain intellect (Mercury) and even higher knowledge (Ketu) that one should step in for enjoying/experiencing luxuries of life (Venus). If you are stimulated right from early years of life then you would not be able to gain knowledge related to that era due to unsettled mind which is bound to create problems in later part of life. That is why Jupiter is considered good in second house and Venus in 7th which pushes the native to learn first before experiencing life. On the other hand, experiencing first and learning later from that experience is also necessary especially for bringing corrections in the knowledge of the collective conscience around.


*** Astrologically you may say that presence of Venus in first house without strong presence of Jupiter and other early planets in initial houses indicates such a Yoga. Remember this is just to give you an essence of understanding of this aspect.


  • Gurukul education was exactly in line with this philosophy where the children right from early years of life were imparted knowledge (Jupiter) and were not exposed to stimulants (unless needed for therapeutic purposes) to imbibe those teachings (Saturn). That is why even if Gurukul’s of the Vedic times may appear as dry and disciplined to some (or many), their aim was that before the student faces the world, he/she has developed all the necessary tools i.e. knowledge and strength (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) for a guaranteed success so that apart from individual success, he/she also contributes towards building a strong and successful society, nation and the world.


*** Effect of same food/lifestyle/regime right from beginning of life on a group of people is that not only it keeps the constitution of all students at par but also their style and pattern of thinking. This was the reason that Gurus (teachers) in Gurukuls used to reject students basis their basic constitution, if it was too different from what was needed for a specific purpose.


*** The reason that during those times (especially Treta Yuga when Varna system had already started) when people used to live in line with Vedic sciences, the advantage of continuing the same profession in a family was not only that people had the wiring/dosha/psyche/bent of mind, for that profession due to similar food and living habits but also because by following same profession exactly in line with one’s wiring of body and mind (due to similar eating habits), people didn’t fall sick. During Kalyuga, the difference in regime/food habits within the same family is the reason for absolutely different constitution and planetary period (in fact they have a cause and effect relationship).


  • Just like despite the fact all three doshas are present in each one of us however each one of us has one most dominating and one most recessive dosha, same way all of us have energies/psyche of all four Varnas present in us though one of them is most dominating. Similarly just as with Mahadasha, different doshas keep dominating even though the deepest dosha may keep governing, exactly the same goes with Varna too which may change from time to time in the same person though deepest wiring remains same.


  • Last but not the least, a saying goes in Armed forces that “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”. The underlying principle of this saying is applicable in all aspects of life and since knowledge is the base of everything, acquiring Vedic knowledge through hard work right in early years of life, reaps dividends and prepares the student to easily handle ups and downs in later part of life which was the basis of sending kids early in life to Gurukuls.



*** It is a known fact that hair is an extension of our nervous system. There have been several studies including on military people which prove that cutting hair of the head significantly reduces one’s intuitive abilities. Probably that is why in Gurukuls, the teacher and the student kept a Shika/Choti a tuft of hair at the back of head to connect crown chakra with the higher world. As such good hair growth on scalp is an indication of healthy Vata in the brain/head (if Vata is unhealthy meaning it is obstructed by ama then the same may show patches of hair growth). Whereas hair growth on other parts of the body in later years of life may indicate progression of Vata aggravation and imbalance in the body.



Ashtang Yoga and Astrology


  • While all houses have their own importance, however by now we know that kendra houses (1,4,7,10) and Trkone (1,5,9) are most important. That is why Yogis says that ethics, pranayama, control/withdrawal of senses, meditation carry more importance than other limbs of Ashtang for attaining higher destiny and values. However, without entering different values (of house 2 and 6), doing karma (3rd house) and getting out of comfort zone (8th house), the soul’s enrichment/evolution becomes slower. This is the reason that earth like planes which has very high diversification in values is considered to be the best plane for souls to advance faster. Of course, it carries dangers of pulling down the soul into extreme materialism and thus lower realms (There comes the role of the strength and maturity of the soul. A mature soul would not succumb to short term gains). This is one reason that when the realm of earth is passing through Kalyuga, slowing down could be a blessing in disguise as it breaks inertia of committing wrongs through action/food etc and also sets in realizations which a fast moving mind can never realize.


*** Code of ethics (righteousness) has been given utmost importance in Ashtang Yoga because without understanding the value of this aspect i.e. ethics, a person would never even want to pursue higher goals, so for such people who are not interested in strengthening their ethics and wish to enjoy materialism without morals, this path will of be no use unless their soul is ready. As such a mentally and physically strong person without spiritual health (which essentially includes righteousness) would be a nuisance to the society. This is the reason that Brahmins are highest Varna under whose guidance the society can flourish and any dent in their wisdom/lifestyle can lead the society in the wrong direction. Next comes discipline because without discipline we cannot achieve anything. As such dent in discipline is bound to increase Vata. Conversely, higher the Vata lesser the discipline thereby establishing a cause and effect relationship between the two. Astrologically, we discussed that first house matters the most and if it strong then it can negate the ill-effects of other houses to a great extent. From Ashtang Yoga viewpoint, if one is ethically strong/righteous then the collective conscience of other houses cannot deter that soul from achieving its aim.


  • All the virtues/aspects of different houses have to be practiced continuously to ensure that the circle doesn’t break for continuous improvement and if at all it does break then it is recognized through continuous introspection and correction through the ever moving process in the circle of zodiac of Ashtang Yoga. In other words, bliss can be achieved only through conscious living where you are aware of every moment of your life including breath.
  • Extremely important to understand that Sadhna which is the eighth limb of Ashtang means to understand or perceive the deeper aspects of macrocosm and microcosm and their interrelations which ultimately will help the soul to move to the higher realms by making the right choices (or say by choosing the right timeline/life- we shall read about timelines in the next chapter).


Science and spirituality- chapter 6


The logic of Yantras


The universal energy is everywhere whether it be space, air, earth, water or fire. The same has already been confirmed by accurate information indicated by instruments like Universal energy scanner and pendulums used by healers for detecting different energies in different living/non living beings. This is because we are sitting in a hard disk where energy or power is flowing from one place to another as electromagnetic wave. Vedic Yantras are those instruments that tap this energy in a specific pattern at a specific time thereby evoking specific emotions or actions. It’s exactly the way sadhak pitta spends more time where more tissues are there which in turn get created where moon’s energy is dominating (not only that but Moon too creates different energies/tissues/wiring basis the zodiac it is sitting). Thus, by focussing our energy/mind/moon on a specific aspect with the help of specific Yantra, we can increase chances of occurrence of events related to that aspect. The specific architecture of Yantras is also used for making Hawan Kund (fire place where specific Vedic rituals are carried out) of different types (shapes and sizes) for different purposes thereby collectively conveying our intentions to the source of Universal energy and tapping it. The same logic is applicable on different shapes of Tilaks too that are worn on foreheads.

*** All in all, any instrument that can be used to produce, manifest, direct, edit different kinds of energies available in the cosmos is Yantra. So, all electronic and electrical items are yantra including a living body. The geometrical figures used by Vastu and Astrology also work on this principle only of directing/editing/manifesting different cosmic energies for producing different results. For analogy purposes, when power goes into an air conditioner it produces cold or warm air depending upon setting whereas in a bulb it produces light and both have different purposes. Also while AC takes up lot of energy, bulb takes very less even if energy comes from the same source. Exactly the same way, different Yantras absorb different levels of energy from cosmos for producing different results. Not only that, they are created and invoked with different levels of energy provided in different constellations at different times of the day.


The specific energy is invoked in Yantras in specific Nakshatras with the help of specific mantras for specific purposes during specific days/times of the year (for example, a bulb and an air conditioner have different purposes, different designs, need different power to operate, are created in different controlled conditions for achieving desired results). Even minor deviations in the design, time, recitation and other processes can create a wrong yantra which instead of reaping benefits can create more complications in one’s life. While their proper creation and use can bring excellent results, their wrong/incorrect creation/use can cause havoc and that is why we must be careful before deploying them unless absolutely sure. Its like; an airconditioner if not created properly or run during wrong weather can create more health issues than solve them. As such in Kalyuga, all these processes are being followed blindly without understanding their science and are available in market in abundance which is dicey. It is therefore important that Yantras are not used unless created and recommended by a highly experienced, advanced and good soul in this field who understands the science of how they work which is difficult to find in Kalyuga. Of course with time, as science will further progress and world will be able to connect more dots in between contemporary science and Vedic sciences, then understanding logic of different Yantras and associated processes will become more accurate.


How to ensure that Black Magic doesnt affect us


The world will always have negative conscience around, even though the extent of negativity will vary from realms to realms and Yugas to Yugas like in Satyuga it becomes relatively very less vis-a-vis Kalyuga. It is therefore important that we protect ourselves from such negative conscience who try to adversely affect our aura through wrong use of Yantra, Tantra and Mantra i.e. Black Magic. Here again, comes the inevitable role of Ashtang Yoga (remember Ashtang Yoga is incomplete without knowledge of Ayurveda and other Vedas as its only throuh Ayurveda and other Vedic sciences that we get to know that how food/energies/directions/Asanas work on our Aura). This is because Ashtang Yoga strengthens our instrument (body and mind) and thus Aura around it thereby ensuring it that no black magic can penetrate the aura and damage it. For understanding sake, an equipment without stabilizer and weak wiring/circuit, will give up or get damaged, if electricity more than its requirement or with lot of fluctuations is pushed through it. However if the equipment is fitted with stabilizer then it will not allow higher power or fluctuation to damage it.


Yes! The way an equipment shuts down temporarily, as a safety measure in case of fluctuations, an enlightened person (enlightened by conscipous or sub conscious use of Ashtang for years/lives), stays away from such people who try to push excess power (pitta through different means). Also to reiterate that, even unknowingly one or even self can create wrong energies which can damage self and people around. For example, donating/gifting/buying red color cloths/food/painting etc, during hot weather especially to a Mars dominated person is bound to further increase Mars thereby creating chaos in that person’s life. Or pushing a person to overexert even though his/her body and mind need rest is bound to weaken that person’s aura thereby creating diseases, behaviour issues etc, which is why Ashtang Yoga becomes essential for all.


Black Magic involving the higher world


Souls are afterall light energy (Electromagnetic) beings unlike humans where the energy is highly condensed to form flesh and bone. We discussed that they are connected to the physical body and the material world through silver chord (the EM ray in a way). There are times when the souls even after body’s death, donot (or are unable to) cut their ties with the material world (as they have some unfinished tasks), which is what we refer as ghosts. Being energy, they can roam around (or say scan through) the entire physical realm. Certain bad souls in physical form i.e. people who have knowledge of all this, take advantage of such souls to manifest energies of the physical world with the aim of either settling scores with certain people or for making money or for gaining power. They normally do so by promising to fulfil that wandering soul’s material wishes. However, as mentioned earlier that a person whose Aura is strong will not get affected by even such energies (even if ghostly in nature) whereas weak people will get affected very quickly which can easily be seen from the birth chart plus Mahadashas/transits going on.


*** By now you would have understood that how the time of birth plays the most important role in shaping up the conscience of the individual/collective conscience. It is therefore extremely essential that we incorporate the science of Astrology in creating a healthier and happier world especially by planning the time of birth not only of humans but also of events. To some people, it may sound like playing with God/nature. But the fact is that in Kalyuga we are playing with nature because of ignorance due to lack of knowledge and it is us who brought Kalyuga through our wrong karmas and ignorance and it is us only who can bring back Satyuga by understanding to live in harmony with nature. As such going by the logic of such minds, even treating a diseased patient by medical doctors should be wrong. All in all, it is the Universe that wants us to understand the higher concepts for healing the world.



Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu


Sudarshan chakra which is Lord Vishnu’s weapon has always fascinated human beings with a curiosity to know more about it.  Lord Vishnu is that force/energy, which governs the functioning of body/Universe through all the forces of VPK. The composition of this energy consists of different combinations of VPK in different parts of the body making each one of us different from the other individual. This goes true not only on individual scale but also on a macro scale when we think of the administrator of each Universe as Lord Vishnu. Now, from Astrology section you would have realized that this composition of Lord Vishnu’s energy at body/mind’s and different chakra’s level, keeps changing with time (depending upon mahadashas/transits etc). Exactly the same phenomenon is applicable at grand scale too. Thus as the soul/supersoul moves ahead in time, it keeps shedding/editing its different energy (in part or whole) basis its wisdom/needs/horizon/evolution. This energy is called as Sudarshan Chakra.


Thus at Universal scale, Lord Vishnu keeps editing energies of different planets at grand level basis progression of the Universe with the help of his Sudarshan Chakra. We discussed that a soul progresses in a wavy pattern (with crests and troughs) through the choices it makes basis its wisdom at any given point of time, exactly the way we learn to drive a vehicle slowly and gradually by manoeuvring it through a series of corrections/mistakes/corrections/mistakes etc. The wiser a soul becomes, more aware it becomes thereby awakening its kundalini shakti which is nothing but the process (tantra) to generate different outputs from Yantra (own body). That is why Sudarshan Chakra is said to be manifestation of Kundalini which was mastered by Lord Krishna/Vishnu due to heightened state of awareness. Exactly the same way the Universe evolves where Lord Vishnu (the Supersoul/super super computer) is permanently connected to each and every particle of the Universe and keeps editing/deleting/adding different energies to move the world ahead.


*** It is quite logical that Sudarshan Chakra of a soul becomes stronger in case the energy of its body (lagna), mind (moon) and soul’s (sun i.e. soul’s primary energy which has created her and her ego/perception) are all aligned or say in harmony with each other, which is possible when the soul gains command on wandering mind and body through Ashtang Yoga (Hope you can now understand the significance of Sudharshan Chakra used in Astrology). The reverse could also be said that even if soul’s mind goes in a particular direction which is different from Soul’s basic/current energy signature than the soul herself may align in line with the energy of mind (for good or for bad is a different thing). The combinations are limitless.


*** While woodapple (Bael) is offered to worship Lord Shiva because Bael is cooling which is what Shiva represents, Basil leaves (Tulsi) are offered to worship Lord Vishnu, as Basil is warm in nature and is said to mildly stimulate blood circulation and immunity thereby keeping VPK balanced during winters and invoking Lord Vishnu’s energy. In simple words, they should be offered to our body and mind during summers and winters respectively to stay healthy (offering Bael to lord shiva in rainy season means this is the time to stop consuming it).


Effect of AUM


Since a specific set of frequencies (which we understand as specific sound/music) reminds us of things/moments associated to that sound thereby taking us back into time and making us nostalgic; same ways recital or listening to AUM takes us back to the time when the soul was pure and was part of the supersoul thereby reminding us of our basic nature (because everything began from AUM). The more you repeat, the closer you will go to that time thereby helping you to get rid of negative and repetitive patterns which have become part of your conscience due to living those lives for many many lifetimes. The farther you are from your basic nature of nothingness, the more time it will take for you to remind you of your true self. So, continuous recital of AUM doesn’t heal instantly but it reminds your soul of your true self, thereby bringing you on the right path. On a physical level, AUM doesnt only vibrate the upper chakras but lower too. Its first letter “A”, vibrates the lower chakra and also pushes conscience towards upper body, thereby directing energy which has gone and settled towards mooladhara chakra for lifetimes focusing our energies and traits primarily related to lower chakras i.e. food, sex and security. On the other hand, the letter U focuses on anahata and expands it thereby releasing stuck emotions due to closed heart chakra while also pushing conscience in upper chakras. And “M” vibrates at upper most chakras thereby pushing up the energy and also opening it. Reiterating that in Kalyuga when our chakras are highly ill-aligned, then AUM alone cannot heal us and it must be accompanied by all eight limbs of Ashtang Yoga, however it definitely does show us the right path.


*** Tandav is a form of dance performed by Lord Shiva in different states of emotions. It involves quick and very difficult moves of the entire body. Shiv Tandav Strotum a set of Mantras gets its name from Shiva Tandav itself. This is because this set of Mantras which when recited literally creates a dance of VPK of the brain thereby increasing neuroplasticity and shedding excess Kapha. Recitation of this Strotum is an excellent practice during Kapha times of the year especially when weather is gloomy and dull (cloudy, windy and cold).




While the world began from nothing represented by Lord Shiva’s zero Pitta manifestation, it is nothingness that ultimately gave rise to VPK i.e. Lord Visnu (which is present not only in living beings but also in non living). And then Lord Vishnu i.e. VPK gave rise to knowledge i.e. Lord Brahma (primarily Kapha and Vata) but only when Pitta calmed down i.e. through Shiva (we learnt how Jupiter and Saturn store knowledge when neural circuits develop insulation due to reduced Pitta). That is why Brahma is placed in between Shiva and Vishnu and former is said to come out of the navel of lord Vishnu. On the other hand, the furious state of Shiva (Raudra Roopa) is high Pitta stage which burns everything. All this is an ongoing process e.g. VPK is constantly giving rise to many more combinations in form of different humans, living beings, non living beings and creating more and more aspects and thus knowledge. Thus this aspect is present all around- within the same human being (as it grows), within the same soul (as it lives different lives), within the same Universe (as it evolves), within different Universe. At human scale, a human being gives rise to an egg/sperm, which starts from a small dot which then gradually diversifies into VPK in different parts of the body while gradually also accumulating knowledge. And then this being further gives rise to egg/sperm which unite to create another cycle to ensure progression even when the previous generation dies. On earth scale, different parts of the earth represent different levels of consciousness (in form of different VPK). We know them as houses of astrology when we create a birth chart. And before entire civilization vanishes, it again gives rise to new civilization/s which could be in form of youngest civilization/place with least entropy/Vata (seems Vedas were written by those highly advanced civilization/s which before vanishing due to whatever reason passed down knowledge for the benefit of the next).


*** Entropy is not merely Vata. It is high Vata and Pitta when high Pitta creates high Vata too (movement). Entropy can be settled by settling Pitta. At universal scale, as the Universe is cooling down (after initial state of high entropy when it was too hot and haywire), it has become more organized with different heavenly bodies confining themselves to specific paths/orbits etc. The same can be visualized in human bodies and earth too. From human perspective, high BP and other diseases/behavioural aberrations due to high VP can be controlled/cured in initial stage itself by cooling down the person (when needed). The problem comes when Vata imbalance gets set in due to unwise use of things by a VP mind.


More about Big Bang


What happens when a software is fed to a hard disk. It begins with a single point where it contacts the hard disk and after that it expands in all directions in the hard disk basis the energy of the software. That is why we humans perceive beginning of Universe as a single point which is ever expanding. In other words we the souls are connected to different bodies and conditions defined by different points of the timeline created by the software. This also explains the phenomenon of entanglement. This is because different particles which are now scattered in that Universe which was infinitely dense once upon a time, are still connected to each other through forces invisible to us (at microscopic level, this force can be compared with Van der Waals force that happens in between atoms and molecules). This also means that this phenomenon must be existing in-between planets and other bodies (including human bodies). It also must be existing in-between different cells of the same body, different bodies (living as well as non living) which explains why we get/feel attracted/repelled from/to different things, people etc. And that is why Astrology explains.


*** Gravity– From Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande angle, Universe as we see is the child of another Universe and Big Bang represents the time when this child started growing from a single cell to multicellular form in the womb of the larger (mother) Universe. And just as the body cells keep dying and new keep replacing them, same goes with stars and planets which are part of this Universe. As the mother Universe ages towards death, the child Universe grows to maturity while giving rise to more Universe, which we understand as multiverse and this chain is endless. Just like us humans, each Universe too grows (from the energy/food provided by mother Universe and the dark and light energy -the ever existing food in space created by some super massive Sun of Mega Universe). As the Universe grows and moves in all directions (from a point to huge organism), it is bound to create mechanical force in different directions. So gravity at any specific place of the Universe is nothing but the resultant of the collective mechanical force felt at that point (in human body, gravity can be visualized as the force felt by individual cells/tissues due to movement of blood, muscles, waves around).


*** Antimatter– Whenver anything splits into two, it is bound to get polarized with one part as positive and another its negative. These two parts are nothing but the matter and antimatter to each other (or the male and its female energy). The two poles even if separated by a huge distance will remain glued to each other through an invisible bond and if dies, the other will too. The phenomenon happens in all beings whether it living or non living, universe or the human body, which is how it grows. The Seventh house represents the female energy (antimatter) of the first house (matter) and both the houses remain closely engtangled with each other. From engineering perspective it is the opposite pole without which the circuit cannot become complete and the person cannot exist. This definition can be applied on all opposite houses seventh from each other and not just the first and seventh house in a chart.




World is a factory


So, world is a factory with different points of time and space conveying different points on its conveyer belt having different combinations of planets representing different conditions. And a soul can select and enter any of that point basis its desires, objectives and past life karmas. That is why it is said we all are like a dot of light.  In other words, it is a big bang at individual level. This also means that a soul including the supersoul would need to wait for conditions to become ripe (suitable for achieving its objectives whether or higher or lower).


Free will


 The free will definitely exists but then once a soul enters a timeline (life), it creates further karmas which shape up next life/timelines too. There again, the soul has the option to settle her past life karmas in the next life or keep accumulating them especially the bad karmas unless it becomes wise enough to realize what is good and bad.


Moksha (enlightenment)


  • Enlightenment (represented by energies of 12th house) doesn’t mean merging into nothingness. Because the world is infinite, there is nothing as nothingness in absolute sense. Because if God represents nothingness then how do we expect God to watch us. Yes, a soul can chose to stay in almost nothingness for sometime but it cannot be for eternity because nothing is for eternity (nothing is permanent). All in all, enlightenment simply means graduation to the higher vibration (realm) due to the experiences of the soul. As such absolute nothingness would mean no evolution or say suspension of everything. That is why while slowing down temporarily to look for solution is essential, desiring for permanent nothingness is like running away from inevitable. Yes! in the grand scheme of things temporary suspension of a specific soul/human body while speeding up the other, may be necessary to bring harmony- its like balancing doshas by silencing the more excited part of the body e.g. meditation to settle a hyper mind.


  • When we change our vibrations due to sattvic living and thoughts, we become ready to merge with higher realms which are already sattvic and living in harmony with each other. From “yat pinde tat brahamande” viewpoint, when we learn to harmonize each and every cell in our body and mind through Ashtang, we automatically harmonize with the higher realms. Better the harmony, higher the realm. This is because better the harmony, cleaner and more sattvic would be the thought process/conscience/energy of the soul which after merging with the higher realm would not corrupt its fabric. Liberation is like passing one class and moving to another. For chapters which are still not cleared by the soul with full marks, the soul reincarnates in different timelines to complete them. It is those incomplete chapters that represent unresolved karmas. Of course this cycle of graduation to next class is unending just as knowledge is unending.



Comfort is essential but one can rise only if one doesnt stay in comfort zone for too long


  • The world is ever evolving and every soul needs to participate at some point of time to contribute to its evolution (remember evolution is not a straight line and instead it is full of ups and downs). When a soul decides to stay in the comfort zone of what it knows, it enjoys that comfort zone for sometime but then comes a time when majority of the world evolves further (for example evolution from meat eaters to vegetarians resulted in higher Vata and thus higher intelligence). However, a soul which is still living in lower realms where thriving means only eating flesh, enjoying sex and killing each other for food, sex and territory is the order, would be amazed to see the higher realms with virtues like higher intelligence resulting in building constructive material and non material things. And there would come a time when it would want to be part of this world but for that it would need to understand the basic fabric of that structure (or say software in computer language) so that it(soul) else it will not survive and rather suffer. It is this reason that we the souls should not stay in comfort zone for too long and should aim to move the next level if we wish to be a part of a more evolved world. Of course, comfort zone is essential but then again balance is the key between comfort and moving on to the next level.



How God/ANGELS/Universe help us and why should one wake up during Brahm Muhurata


By now you would have understood that we all are playing our roles in the cosmic game (called Leela in Sanskrit) where we all are mini softwares as part of the infinitely large software called Universe. So, the ether/space is not a vacuum but rather consists of some sort of electromagnetic energy that not only binds the entire Universe (operating environment) together for creating space time fabric but also for creating communication between different parts of the Universe. Since we the souls are part of the whole, we can communicate with the whole and manifest our desires and thoughts, however this to and fro communication with the whole becomes ineffective, inefficient or corrupted when this ether is distorted/blocked by high vata, pitta and/or kapha which becomes all the more true during Kalyuga when VPK are highly misaligned. Early morning (an hour before the Sunrise, even before the birds wake up and start chirping thereby disturbing the quietness of this ether) is the time, when this ether (medium) is least disturbed and is rather purest (on that day) with optimum amount of VPK to make the communication most effective. This is the reason that one must meditate, pray, communicate with the Universe (supersuper computer) during this time of the day (especially during kalyuga whenever ether remains highly disturbed due to high VP), for most effective healing (mental, physical, spiritual). Vedic sciences called this time of the day as “Brahm Muhurta”, the time which can help you communicate with “Brahm”- the cosmic intelligence.


*** Some of you might have heard the stories of certain Spiritual leaders suddenly learning a Kriya (body cleansing process) while in meditative state. This phenomenon is nothing but take over by the higher world to move the body. Also to note that God and his messengers help us through other beings in our circle too (family or friends etc.), by sending messages through them.


Goes without saying that for communication to become effective, your own instrument i.e. body and mind (which works literally like a transmitter and receiver) should also be in reasonably good shape, which is where comes the inevitable role of Ashtang Yoga. As such our frequency begins to match with that of pure/pious part of the Universe, only when our soul begins to become pure and Ashtang Yoga is the only way to clear our soul of impurities at physical, mental and spiritual level. Thus the statement “God helps those who help themselves” is absolutely true. The only point is that God’s ways of helping us are very subtle (in form of EM waves) which can be understood/experienced only when we slow down and begin listening/paying attention to them. So God does whisper in our mind by quietly placing/dropping, ideas/thoughts/concepts in our mind which we think to be our own. Ultimately, we all must remember that we are part of the larger software (operating system) and therefore we all are connected to the WHOLE, who helps us continuously in achieving the desired goal (individual as well holistic).



However, this is also true that good and evil being opposite forces are bound to be part of the Universe and the fight between them is eternal. Thus an evil soul’s communication will be heard by that part of the Universe which has evil conscience. That is how the evil souls (which are the immatured souls) materialize their desires. This is the reason that Vedic sciences should never fall in wrong hands, as they can be misused for destruction through creation of weapons. Even black magic that employs Yantra, tantra and mantra for doing bad to others is part of evil souls. This is the reason that the first house in Ashtang Yoga stresses on code of ethics. In simple words, science can be employed for good as well as bad (fission is one such example which can be used for generating clean energy or for creating atom bomb). However the fact is that sooner or later, misuse of science for selfish reasons is bound to bring decline and sufferings of self and “people around’. From higher world perspective, “people around” are those who chose to be in such a collective conscience either because of their past life karmas (where they have to incarnate in such a world to settle their old karmas to uplift the others) or those whose senses of greed keep pushing them into such worlds.


Last but not the least, the more a soul evolves, lesser is the focus that God needs to spend to repair and supervise her. That is why sometimes when one passes through difficult times, God doesn’t seem to be helping because HE knows that the soul herself is capable of repairing her assigned challenges. Self repairing helps soul to evolve further as handing over the complete solution can never evolve her. Moreover, there are angels of God (or the God himself through the angels) who are always attached to the soul and keep making corrections as and when needed. Its like a software intended for a purpose is helped by more evolved softwares as and when needed basis a continuous feedback system. Thus Angels and God are not merely watching us but they are continuously helping the less evolved souls unless the less evolved soul has decided to totally cut herself off out of stubbornness/ego (as we see in certain people). This is the reason that healers too have to go through pain while healing others, as while bringing a change in the software of the patient, they create adverse circumstances for themselves in the collective software of the Universe. This is the reason that advanced healers keep themselves detached from the patients to avoid getting carried away which will otherwise weaken their ability to see the disease (please note that detachment doesnt mean inability to empathize. It just means to remain stable- not just apparently but internally too which is possible only through regular practice of Ashtang Yoga.


So, birth of a being can be visualized as materialization of different types of energies present in the environment at the time of birth. Its like a character created in the hard disc of Universe which is connected with the hard disc/Universe (sometimes strongly and sometimes weakly again as per the script). In layman terms it could be called as Puppet and in technical terms it can be equated to transducers whose fate has been decided by the soul herself.



Visualizing Zodiacs/Planets/Constellations/Birth chart/Transit in an Engineers language


Visualizing Birth chart as a circuit moving through the Web/Internet of the Universe


A kundli can be visualized as a circuit (divided in twelve parts) and different parts of this circuit are further connected to other circuits and so on which can be called as divisional charts. So, Sun is the source of power/electricity/pitta/information to this circuit. Mars represents wattage i.e. the speed (voltage) and amount (amperes) of electricity/information. Stronger the Mars (high wattage due to good voltage and good current), higher is the usage of power from Sun (which is why Sun exults in first zodiac of Mars). Saturn represents resistance in the circuit which slows down flow of electricity/Pitta/prana and if high Pitta is pushed through it, it burns like a filament of bulb and then fuses it. That is why Sun and Saturn if high create issues in the body and burn it. This is also the reason that high voltage of Mars gets controlled by high resistance i.e. Saturn. Moon is that place in the circuit which represents relatively colder area due to presence of fluids which work as coolant (the lymph and blood). The coolant cools down Sun’s heat/electricity thereby increasing a bit of more tissues (muscles, fats etc) too though maximum is lymph and blood there. Thus fluid here cools down heat of Sun, thereby giving feeling of relaxation in case Sun is strong.


On the other hand, if Sun is weak (due to strong resistance i.e. Saturn), then Moon may cause depression due to further cooling down of heat/power. The cold portion of the circuit also provides relief from Sun’s/father’s heat/discipline (whenever in excess) thereby working as a coolant (motherly love/pamper) which is why it may push the native to spend more time in this area. Mercury represents that part of circuit where there is optimum resistance (not as high as Saturn) which slows current and creates new circuits and glows like a bulb without fusing because of presence of good width of cable (kapha) there. So its literally like a bulb/idea/concept glowing in mind. Jupiter represents that part where wire is solid/thick/expanded and therefore relays decent amount of electricity not as high as Mercury (high wattage with optimum voltage and current) thereby retaining/storing/flowing more prana/information through this area. If good amount of blood and lymph keep nourishing this area, then Jupiter’s strength doesn’t deplete nor it overburns or over-accumulates Kapha as Moon is not high on Kapha. That is why Jupiter exults in Moon’s zodiac.


Venus represents area where resistance is very less and electrons are easily excited and available in abundance (like in the case of a high heat superconductors), thereby communicating/relaying/furthering and using all the previously stored info in the entire circuit. It is a fact the higher the density of the metal, better is its conductivity. Thus Venus represents higher density where Saturn represents less density with more of air/vacuum. That is why Saturn (resistance) gets nullified in Venus’s zodiac (super conduction) thereby exulting Saturn. On the other hand, Rahu in Rahu-ketu axis represents lighter circuit which gradually becomes denser towards Ketu and densest at Ketu. Rahu ketu axis also represents inductance and capacitance respectively which stores and releases with force and then stores and releases and so on. Capacitor is an electrical gadget which stores and releases energy in bursts. That is why Ketu’s capacitance holds and suddenly releases stuck up emotions/thoughts/concepts/principles, when pushed by high inductance of Rahu. And last but not the least, lagna represents that point of the circuit where the soul enters the body. Since it is beginning point for the soul, the zodiac present in lagna represents the energy of self and that is how the entire length of the circuit is divided into 12 parts/houses. It is worth mentioning that while the effect of a specific zodiac and planet posted in it, will be felt closest to the place of its existence, it will also have overall effect on the entire circuit.


The placement of different planets in different houses can be visualized as follows. If Sun is present in first house, it means Sadhak Pitta is highest in brain. But if it is present in let’s say 6th house, then Sadhak Pitta will reduce by the time it reaches brain. However, if Sun is present in its own i.e. leo zodiac, then it would mean that the person will have overall strong Sadhak Pitta flowing through the entire circuit even if the Sun is placed in 6th house though it will relatively mellow down while reaching first house or houses farther from 6th. In other words, zodiac plays a huge role where the planet is posted. If Saturn is present right after Sun, then it means that it will reduce the speed of electricity in the entire circuit. Same goes if Sun is present in Saturn’s zodiac especially MT sign. However if Saturn appears later, then Sun’s effect on initial houses/planets will be more than after Saturn’s presence. The presence of a planet in a specific house represents that its effect on that house will be highest in aspect related to that house. During mahadasha, the entire circuit becomes high on that energy. So during Saturn’s Mahadasha, the entire circuit will go high on resistance, whereas during Sun’s, sadhak Pitta/energy will go high in entire body. Of course, it will still be highest in place (aspects related to that place) where that planet and its zodiacs (especially MT sign) are posted. All in all using this concept, we can literally draw a closed circuit in between different houses and thus chakras.


Thus several souls would get into the same circuit at the same point of time but different point in space of that circuit which is why each one of them will have their own timeline. For example even in the same circuit, the zodiac into which the soul gets in decides the wiring of the body of the brain whereas the other soul’s body may have a different wiring of the brain as it has entered the same circuit but in a different zodiac/point. Not only that, each zodiac at different points of its progression from 0-30 degree is further connected to different circuits which in turn are further connected. Thus all this creates a cobweb type of structure of the entire Universe just like internet which the Vedic texts refer as “Aakashik records” (Aakash means space). This again is an example of YAT PINDE TAT BRAHAMANDE, where millions of soul enter into the hard disc of the Universe (or say Universe itself as we know) for experiencing different aspects of life. Remember these circuits are dynamic like internet.


Also to note that zodiacs and their lords too create a circuit in between them. The owner of the zodiac will decide the flow of energy in between the two points and the strength of the planet will decide its (energy’s) strength. Plus different zodiacs depict different directions in the CD of the Universe. Thus activation of a specific zodiac depicts that the native will have lot of focus towards toward’s the direction corresponding to that zodiac or say the timeline will now move energy towards that direction.


*** When a child is born, it is also part of the same circuit as that of the parent with the difference that its starting point is something else (and not where the parent began) and its different houses too further develop cross connections which are different from divisional charts of the parent because of time factor. This is why the child’s fate can be guessed by D1 of the parent but not fully. Moreover since house number five is most active during this phase of life when the couple becomes parents, it is this house which is kept as first to check the likely Dosha of  the child. Of course, apart from this, one must also check the Mahadasha and AntarDashas to know further modifications of those doshas. For example, a person having moon’s zodiac in fifth and going through Sade Sati but having strong Sun, is likely to have a child with high VP in first house but having the strong influence of Moon to slow down Pitta (one would need to see many aspects but this is just an example). These cross connections trigger formation of different atoms, minerals, proteins, fats and other chemicals at different times and space thereby creating our specific pattern of genes.

As such, contemporary science has begun to agree that it is food and environment that trigger different genes (DNA) in our body and can totally change our future basis what we eat and what environment we encounter. An example is that Queen bee and labour bees have exactly same genomes, however a queen bee becomes so because it feeds on jelly whereas the labour bee becomes so as it feeds on nectar. The former gives rise to an entire colony of bees whereas the latter none. Not only that, the genes also get modified (for good or bad) by food we eat (and environmental conditions) which in turn change our wiring and push us into consuming foods that may be more detrimental to us. This also establishes cause and effect relationship between genes and food/environmental factors.



Here is the example to explain the above concept by using my own chart– Aries posted in my fourth explains that my soul’s heart will develop urge to expand and reach far ends of this software (it is Mars that pushes energy from one zodiac to another or say forward/backward). And finally it created full fledged Mars in my arms. This signifies a circuit formed in between my anahata and arms while pushing out energy and blood outwards which weakened my Anahata causing VP here. This is why my arms were very strong in initial days (especially during mars period) but at the cost of Anahata. However since this movement of mars was from first to twelfth zodiac, it indicates that Mars will move through all body parts before finally reaching arms thereby covering all twelve chakras and expanding them in body and also in the hard disk of the entire Universe (thus in some ways Beta blocker helped me initially on physical front by pulling blood towards anahata though in the long run it excessively closed my heart chakra. As such it was only reducing Pitta and not retracting back the inflated body).


Despite having Venus in my first, it was combusted by Sun. So it didn’t give me much benefit unless, I started developing a bit of Venus when conditions arrived in 5th house (roughly after 23-24 years of life). But the real conditions ripened when I entered in tenth house as 7th is MT sign of Venus. Thus, my upper chakras which were high on Vata except my brain became weak and devoid of Venus unless I learnt to push it upwards through Asanas (unlike Mars and Saturn, Venus is not pulled or pushed by its zodiac or its self so my chakras fifth downwards were well fed). So here we can again see a connection between fifth house and first but via lower chakras. Connection between 6th zodiac and mercury established to and fro connection between last four chakras while giving my soul higher knowledge (higher than my existing) on these four aspects of life (Dharma, Arth, Kaam, Moksha).


Advantage of knowing Chakra connections/Eating and Doing Yoga in line with Astrological chart


Once we know chakra’s connection, it becomes easier to know which all Asanas will help and which not. For example, in my case Shivananda yogasana was bound to help me for settling Rahu ketu axis. Same ways, I cannot afford to do much of Chakrasana as my lower back is weak due to Rahu’s zodiac especially during Rahu’s main or antardasha (I experienced sudden and severe pains during Jupiter-Rahu dasha) though I learnt to undo it within a few days through the principle of Opposites. I also realized slowly that since my anahata chakra was over expanded due to debilitated Saturn (pushed out by Mars), aspected by Jupiter which further compounded during Jupiter Mahadasha, I needed to close this chakra inwards by doing exhaled Kumbhak pranayama while also performing acupressure of the heart point on palm to help it beat properly as it subdued for years by Beta blockers. In fact since my body was overly expanded at anahata which i realized when I had regained my strength after doing Shivananda and eating in line with seasons to provide strength to core and peripherals, I found that it was overstretching lower back and neck and face muscles and even brain. Basically the balloon was overinflated in the middle of its length thereby overstretching upper and lower tip.


*** Brahmi from Ayurvedic doc and Gaba from Allopathic doc combined had drastically reduced my Sadhak Pitta (invoking moon thereby pushing my lifeline in my right palm towards moon mount). Arjuna had further reduced my heart beat (after years of beta blocker) which compounded by Sartan medicines kept reducing blood from my face/head/mouth which is why despite brain fog I kept having mouth burning (due to VP/Rahu in my second house) which ended only when I discontinued taking BP meds on my own.


*** Chakra/House connections can tell what kind of activity one was involved in  e.g. strong Mars in my arms which expanded my heart chakra was in line with my physical activity right from early years of life when Mars mahadasha started. I used to play lot of cricket/do push ups/pull ups/ pull weights swinging arms while playing cricket which resulted in pushing more of blood towards arms while hollowing anahata as my food was not in line with my activities which was freely pushing blood outwards (pushing Rasa/blood away from a firm place is more difficult than pushing it out when its loose. Just like changing the shape of a firm balloon is more difficult than a loose one). This is why I got weaker after joining Army further compounded by Rahu in second.


*** Position of Mars in D1 and then subsequent chart can be used to know the efforts of the native will be at what chakra (consciously or sub consciously is a different aspect).


Prashana (question) Kundli


We discussed in the previous section that how we the souls are connected to the web like internet having dynamic connections just like the internet in this 3D world. Thus, a chart drawn exactly at a particular instance depicts the circuit at that point of time and the flow of energy happening from one zodiac to another or in a specific zodiac. Thus when a person raises a query at a specific time, the chart drawn at that time can help one to understand the energies associated with that query. Since, our bodies are part of this dynamic world, our mind/moon can keep changing places within few moments. It is therefore said that ideally we should not take too many questions from the person and focus on his/her first question. The second question if necessary should be taken up later after first query has been answered which has settled native’s mind at some place/zodiac. It is also therefore said sometimes that second question should be answered by rotating the chart such that Moon comes in the first house of the same chart as it represents mind. First question is most urgent as the lagna represents the brain and the soul uses the brain most when it tries to find an answer to a query. Third question if raised and answer should be done by keeping Sun in the first house as Sun is natural significator of fifth house (the gut) that is the third brain after Lagna as first and fourth (moon) as second. Goes without saying that Prashna kundli must be read exactly in the same manner as birth chart is read including its divisional charts. Also to note that if the soul/person is at a specific point in the web and is going through a specific timeline where the higher world feels that the soul should not be helped (as they feel that soul is capable of solving that challenge), then it is not necessary that native’s questions will be answered to native’s satisfaction or the person in question would not be even interested in seeking help.


*** Prakriti or say first house also represents beginning of life which is why first house also represents separation as per Prashana Kundli in Astrology. Whereas Vikruti represents deposition of exactly opposite dosha placed in the seventh house. This is the reason that seventh house lord (and/or planet posted in seventh house) is considered as a strong Maraka (killer) when its Mahadasha is ON as it totally consumes/envelopes the basic constitution of the native (the extent with which it can kill depends upon the natural dosha of the lord/planet posted in it). We could also say seventh house period is maraka (when conditions are ripe) because it represents the total exhaustion of seventh house energy.



 Why is it said that things will happen only when the right time comes


Since we all are minisoftwares who enter different timelines but in the same operating system (with predestined time of specific events), we all are bound to each other. If the Super Super computer (GOD) fulfils the wishes of a specific software before the right time, without considering the fate of others, then it will go against the rules and create chaos. Thus, each timeline will encounter a specific experience only after a specific time. Yes, when Vata is high, there is likely to be delays in meeting those timelines but rest assured they are met. Also to note that each soul decides her own timeline (either guided by others or basis own desires or combination). It is very much possible that a soul may have chosen a wrong timeline to fulfil her desire while forgetting its outcome (does it not happen in our daily lives too when despite warnings we ignore them and move on to take a path to destruction). In such a case, basis the distress calls from this soul (in form of distress prayers etc), the God may decide to help this soul out of line though not fully without disturbing the overall plan. However, this out of line thing is bound to alter the time and sequence of planned events for others too. IT people can understand this concept very easily when for a holistic purpose they run several softwares (for their specific purposes) in an operating environment and they have to keep tweaking in every now and then to ensure that all softwares fulfil their objective while also ensuring the holistic objective is met.


Understanding Kundalini through circuit example

We now know that Prana flows in form of blood, neurotransmitters through nervous system which further create electromagnetic waves. The desires of the soul throw out Prana in different directions inside the body like different branches coming out of a tree. This weakens soul’s connection with the higher world. However, when the soul learns to align nervous system and thus prana flowing through it, by consciously or sub consciously performing Ashtang Yoga, it re-establishes its proper connection and thus flow with the higher world. A simple way to visualize this by considering that our body is a part of the circuit which is connected with the higher world which stops functioning properly due to breakages. And the soul gets liberated when it learns to freely move Prana at will in the body (which is possible when there is no resistance, no desire, no karma and their fruits left to create resistance and distortion in the ciruit). That is why it is said that once the soul gets liberated, it can move to any part of the Universe at will for eons.

*** At Kalpurush level, Mooladhara, the eighth house, the house of Mars consists of the deepest fabric of the Universe on which the entire Universe is built. So, in order to understand the Universe, the soul ought to first of all understand the basics of the fabric that has created the Universe e.g. alphabets are the fabric of word and words are the fabric of a sentence which in turn are the fabrics for creating information/knowledge and so on). Astrologically, eighth house, is the house that consists that knowledge of the soul which it has gathered so far about the fabric of the Universe. This is the reason it is said that Mooladhara chakra (8th house) consists of the knowledge that the soul has collected so far through several lives that it has incarnated in different life forms including humans. However, the route to Mooladhara can also be considered as a mosaic for the soul. The deeper it goes into the mosaic, more cumbersome it may be for it to come back which is why Saturn in this house is considered better as it takes one slowly and gradually though Saturn here also means taking a holistic view of the occult.

So, kundlini awakening is nothing but the act of moving up from lower chakras (starting from Mooladhara) to higher after understanding that part of the fabric of the ever evolving Universe where it was intended to reach and has reached. This is the reason that a concept/thought and its expression gets created as a result of interaction between all chakras. So, memories of the past lives are stored in all the chakras and not just Mooladhara. Since Kundalini awakening happens when the soul has been able to find the path back to the higher world after crossing all the chakras, this has been described as something that gives the feeling of a coiled serpent rising up and finding a way through different chakras to merge with the infinite. Reiterating that it cannot be attained without deep knowledge and implementation of all the eight limbs of Ashtang yoga.


Understanding Zodiacs through principle of relativity

Gravity is made up of Mass (energy) because energy and mass are interconvertible. Higher the mass, higher the gravity, higher the pull of gravity. Now all mass that we see around us including our own mass is a projection of energy only. Higher the gravity, more energy it pulls towards itself thereby delaying in projection of energy. This is the reason that higher the gravity, slower the time. This is because in higher gravity, same event takes longer to happen due to slower projection of energy.  Thus being away from earth, our head would have got projected earlier than legs and therefore is older than legs (there are other ways also to explain this phenomenon). This explains that why time (representing by progressing zodiacs) moves from head to legs. This also explains that why depressed movements slow down time. Depression is accumulation of Kapha and toxins (mass) and thus increase in Vata which blocks or say slows down Pitta thereby creating depression which gives a feeling of slowed down time due to slow transfer of information since Pitta works like processor. This is similar to slowing down of time, the farther we go from earth in space where reduced gravity creates more space.


Understanding Black hole and Time through Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande


Unlike the previous understanding that being extremely high on mass/density/gravity, anything that is sucked in a black hole can never ever come out of it, today Scientists today know that even energy trapped in black holes does escape out sooner or later. In fact, Big bang is nothing but an explosion of the black hole which after cooling down will again contract back into the black hole and the cycle will go on forever. From Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande angle, the fully formed Ketu represents the state of black hole, the beginning of expansion of Universe from black hole starting from the big bang represents the beginning of Rahu which goes on till it keeps expanding, the cooling down and contraction of Universe represents the takeover of forces of Ketu and its contraction back in a single highly dense point represents the fully formed state of Ketu. In other words, Rahu represents moving ahead in time and Ketu represents going back in time (isn’t it true that in Rahu times people move forward whereas in Ketu times they go introspective).


So going back in time will be like creating a black hole to pull back that energy. Its similar to living in the past. In simple words, nature does reverse time. However, the difference is that when time reverses towards contraction (ketu) and then begins to re-expand (Rahu), there are changes that happen in the state of energy and thus events too. At an individual level too, if you observe yourself carefully you will realize that your personality also keeps changing due to continuous interplay of Rahu and Ketu. Thus to go back in time, what is needed is that force which can contract through means like application of extreme cold all around or a force in the core which can pull everything inwards- which will be nothing but a time machine. However, we must understand that just the way even if one does remember the past, one can never remember/recreate frame to frame memories of the past, same ways past can never be recreated exactly even through time machine. And due to this difference (recreated past), its future will obviously be different.    


*** Each part of the hard disc of this super super computer is initially aware of everything (till date) but the moment it comes into Rajas, the awareness initially starts evaporating which is why it is said that the cosmic game (Leela) starts when the whole gets triggered into something new from nothingness. However, this is also a fact that there is nothing called as absolute nothingness. Nothingness is basically Ketu- a compressed point which has compressed knowledge which will ultimately expand and create something new (Rahu). Thus, a lot depends upon Ketu and collective conscience around that how shall Rahu shape up which in turn along with collective conscience shapes up Ketu and the cycle goes on which is destined to have its ups and downs. Also to note that even if Kapha evaporates, the interneural connections are never lost (just like an expert can retrieve even deleted items from hard disk), however they become more and more feeble with time to create their impact.




Understanding Deeper aspects of Maya


Many of you would have heard of an experiment called “double slit experiment” which confirmed the dual nature of light and deeper aspects of quantum physics. In layman’s language, the experiment speaks of a very strange behaviour of microscopic particles at atomic and sub atomic level and confirms that mere observation by the observer, changes the behaviour and placement of what is being observed (that is the microscopic particles in this case). In simple language, our actions (as subtle as even observation) have an effect on the movement and placement of even subatomic particles even if they are not apparently connected to us. Obviously the placement/behaviour of these microscopic particles in turn is bound to have cascading effect on the physical configuration of the macroscopic world also i.e. the world/universe that is visible to us. Goes without saying that this change includes the changes in the wiring of our brain and body too. This also means that there could be times when our brain is unable to register changes in the microscopic or macroscopic world around us because the brain itself has changed. In other words even if the world changes in and around us, we may not even know (if the higher power intends so) of its change.


If we see this from the viewpoint of us sitting in a stimulated world, then any minor change in one part of the software (in which we are sitting) is bound to make difference in all the parts connected to it.  While some changes may be subtle (so unnoticeable), others may be more noticeable. This also means that how/what we think and act has a cascading effect on the conscience of the entire world. The more positive you think, the more positive environment you will create around yourself. The more constructive and inclusive you become, the more love/bonding and less entropy (chaos) you will attract. From soul viewpoint, as your energy becomes positive, your soul automatically moves to higher realms and vice versa. This also means that if we all start thinking positive through sattvic food, lifestyle and thoughts, then we can remove entropy (chaos) from this world and make it a beautiful place.


*** This also means that our actions must be affecting the setting of planets and thus the degrees and placement of planets in our Astrology chart too especially at divisional levels which change with even minor change in the planetary movements, however, we may not be able to register those changes at all times, since like everything even minds are dynamic.

Since we are sitting in a highly dynamic operating environment (the internet of Maya as we discussed earlier), the best way is to surrender self to GOD and let HIM takeover us especially when we feel lost. Surrender means letting GOD take decisions for you without any ifs and buts/doubts. It is true that such a state of surrender cannot be felt by all souls especially when they are getting driven by the inertia of their own desires (whether selfish or selfless). Higher the realms, more closely are the souls connected to HIM and let HIM take decisions for them because they know that whatever decisions will be taken by HIM will be for the larger good of all. On the other hand because of free will, a soul can decide to remain even totally disconnected from HIM. Also to note that it is wrong to expect HIM to bail you out of your current sufferings with just a click. The deeper the soul goes into the whirlpool or mosaic of Maya, the more time it will take HIM to bail the soul out. Even if HE can bail her immediately, he shouldn’t and wont for the larger good of the soul as this way a soul would never grow and would never realize her mistakes. As such unless the soul is pure enough, it is unable to differentiate between the voice of her own conscience vis-a-vis the voice of HIM. This is because an impure/lost soul (lost because of her own desires) is bombarded with noise (just like an out of tune antenna catches lot of noise too), which is why phenomenon like Sade Sati of Shani are essential for purification of the soul as they slow down the soul and make her quietly listen to HIS voice.

However, as mentioned earlier, this process of soul going down into the whirlpool is essential for the evolution of the soul as every soul has to experience it (either in many lives or few) to evolve thereby evolving the Universe (GOD/WHOLE) too to the next level. This is how the world moves from one MahaYuga to another and one Manvantra to another. There are a total of 14 Manvantra in each Kalpa of Brahma. So, from Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande veiwpoint, the Universe’s collective conscience moves deep into the self created whirlpool of Maya till the 7th Manvantra and thereafter it again starts moving up till the 14th Manvantra, post which it moves into another Kalpa or cycle. Thus 14 Manvantra can be viewed as the circle of zodiac at the larger scale. The same can be said for Mahayuga as well as Kalpa of Brahma.

*** All souls discharge different duties during different Yugas, Mahayugas, Manvantra, Kalpa and beyond. This is because the WHOLE can evole only when every part (soul) of it has experienced everything. This also means that every soul has to go through every experience sooner or later and play all roles (whether good or bad).


Soul Group


Since a soul represents a dot on the hard disk of the super-conscious computer, a soul group can be viewed as a group of dots on the hard disk which affect each other the most due to close proximity. At a smaller scale this group can be visualized as family and at a larger scale, this group represents society, nation, earth and so on. A soul may evolve faster than her group members (even the close ones) because of the timeline that soul has chosen (which has evolved it faster). However it can never permanently leave her group. Yes, it may go to higher realms, however sooner or later it is bound to meet her group members too. This is the reason it is said that the more evolved souls sitting in higher realms, desperately wait for their less evolved members to graduate to higher realms else they remain incomplete. Even this is said that a soul can split into fractions for several reasons like for carrying out different tasks in different worlds (at computer’s hard disc level, its not difficult to visualize this fact).


Cosmos and Brain


  • Space time fabric is nothing but that invisible part inside the hard disk of the Universe which has been expanding after big bang which at the time of big bang would have been relatively denser than what it is. While expanding, it is also increasing the distance between different particles which were extremely dense and closely packed with each other at the time of big bang. In other words, Universe is becoming lesser and lesser dense with time. Not only that, the infinitely dense dot of energy (infinite in human’s perception) that entered the hard disc at the time of big bang is not disconnected from the source. It is ever connected to the super-conscious supersupercomputer and getting its energy from there with continuous feedback system. From human perspective, it is like umbilical chord in between the Lord and HIS Universe. Not only that, the way human brain is highly wrinkled with wrinkles inside wrinkles (loops inside loops), exactly the same way, cosmos has wrinkles in its space time fabric.


        So, space time fabric is like the space in the nervous system through which neurotransmitters /light run from one cell/heavenly body to another. And just the way, a neurotransmitter (Pitta) being physical in nature has to move from nerve to another, exactly the same way even light has to travel along the space time fabric. However, we also know that electromagnetic flux does not need wires to travel. Exactly the same goes with EM flux of the cosmos which works literally like a wormhole in between two parts of the brain/cosmos that are very close to each other but are visibly far away from each other due to wrinkles. In other words, a distant star is much closer to you than what it looks like. It looks far because its light is travelling all along the wrinkles of space time fabric and not through and through it. But then its EM flux doesn’t have to travel along the wrinkles. It can travel through the wrinkles and that is why the stars/planets have direct and immediate impact on us. Phenomenon of entanglement further makes it easy for us to visualize that how the particles inside us are connected to particles inside stars/planets located so far away from us.


“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across the galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically and atomically connected to every other living and non living being in the Universe and not just earth”- Neil Degrasse Tyson.


*** Isn’t it true that there are times when discussion on a topic suddenly connects dots in your mind? This happens because speaking increases Pitta and increased Pitta/electricity is like increased voltage which in turn increases EM flux in the brain resulting in transfer/sharing of information between two far off points in the brain separated by wrinkles even if situated closely. Scientifically this explains that why teaching others enhances own level of knowledge too.


How to Visualize Time and Gravity


  • We discussed that meditation slows down time for the doer by slowing movement of Pitta from one nerve to another. But we also know that it is Pitta that carries information. In other words, time is the flow of information. Slower the movement of information slower the time and vice versa. From VPK perspective, if Kapha is very high, the flow of information will be slower due to well insulated nerves (Kapha blocks Pitta). In simple words, denser the medium, slower will be the movement of Pitta and time. That is why time moves slower at places closer to earth (being denser) than at a place farther from earth (being less dense) even if the distance between two points is small (even as small as distance between two electrons or between one side of electron vis-a-vis other side of electron). It is this gap between fast moving time and slow moving time (higher density and lower density of information stored/kapha) that creates gravity. For example we discussed that our head is older than feet (we now know why). So, the time in our head and area around is moving faster than feet and area around thus giving a bend to time-space which creates gravity and makes one fall towards earth or heavenly objects. On a microscale, the same explains that why electrons rotate around dense nucleus. Thus we can also say that even information has mass and vice versa. Or say higher the mass higher the information and vice versa.


*** Have you noticed that why computer softwares/applications need to be suspended when they are maintained for rectifications/corrections? This is what meditation does on our mind and body. It suspends us and helps the higher world to bring corrections in us. Longer and regular the suspension, the better the application works. That’s why we must meditate regularly. So meditation is like surrendering your mini software to the bigger software running the world (or say software masters of the higher world). There is no doubt that super super computer /super soul has the power to suspend any software however it is important to note that humans are self conscious softwares and suspending self makes the work easier for the higher one. From a soul’s perspective, a soul attached to the software would feel that time is moving ahead however for an unattached soul, that software is simply like a movie which can be slowed, reversed, fast forwarded, paused.



Visualizing timeline like an infinite number of Trees and their branches/leaves


A timeline can be visualized as a line of infinite dots with eact dot having the capability of creating a different condition than the previous, the next or any other dot in the entire line. Thus even if one can cannot create newtimeline, one can and does create new branches of timeline starting from different points which keep increasing like branches, sub branches and so on like we see the pattern of veings on a leaf. While leaf can be realized as a mini Universe created by an individual soul, the tree can be visualized as a bigger Universe (with hundreds of Universe i.e. leaves/branche inside it). Going further up, the tree is connected to several other trees through underground roots and thus each tree is again part of the larger Universe. Thus, the web of Maya can be visualized as an infinite number of trees connected to each other. Goes without saying that like each drop makes an ocean, each leaf too creates this web which is why the contribution of each and every soul plays an important role in shaping the web.


This visualization can also help us to understand the divisional charts too where D1 can be visualized as the main branch of the timeline that the soul has entered into and div charts as the branches coming out of those branches. Now, it is not so that the main branch gets formed first and then come the side branches (whether it be of tree or veins of leaf). Instead as main branch grows, it creates side branches too which further create more side branches. Thus while main branch represents D1, the first side branching represents D2. However, during this formation, the leaf has developed a fabric of its surface too which has microscopic veins (which define the strength and other traits of that leaf). This microscopic fabric and its make could be compared with D60.  This could also be the other way round where D 60 is the deepest dosha representing the main branch and D1 the final branch which is why D60 has been given higher weightage than even D1 in certain systems (like shodhasvarga).


The above visualization can also help us to relate it with human physiology too. The base of leaf starting from its own smallest branch which connects with other branches and thus provides water, minerals etc to it (to leaf), is akin to our mooladhara and swadisthana chakra which is why it said that mooladhara chakra should be strong for good health. Even the meristems in plants from which other branches and leaves are born are akin to our swadisthana chakra from where children are born. On the other hand, skin/surface of leaf is akin to bhrajak Pitta and Sadhak Pitta which provide energy (from Sun in either case)- obviously we cant have apple to apple comparison because plant doesnt necessarily have seven chakras like humans do. Their physiology is much less complex than humans.


*** Also to note that there is a difference between starting a timeline and creating one. Nothing starts from nowhere (Always remember the circle of zodiac. There is always a past which starts the present and future). Even the highly advanced souls cannot start a new timeline as it would mean starting the Universe from absolute nothingness. Yes, they can influence the energy of the existing timeline/s for the greater good.



Understanding Parallel Worlds and how they help in Evolution of the Soul


By now, we would have understood that humans are replica of the bigger as well as smaller Universe (which is exactly the meaning of the Vedic phrase “Aham Brahmasmi”- I am the Universe). At a bigger scale, we can visualize, a conscious entity (whom we call as Gods or Devas) governing a world in itself which may comprise of just one earth or many (as one goes up the hierarchy or say the ladder of evolution). This also means that since each human is unique with a unique set of experiences, there are that many unique worlds too. In simple words, when a soul very direly desires something, it literally creates a world of that conscience around it or say the super conscious computer (spiritual guides in human language) pushes her into that timeline (Vedas call this act of God of granting the wish as “Tathastu” which means “So be it”). Thus the soul goes through what it strongly desires while slowly and gradually realizing what is right and wrong about that desire which happens through process of destruction (ketu), re-emergence (rahu), and then again Ketu, rahu and so on, thereby evolving the desires of the soul and making it learn to follow the middle path and evolve to Kalki Avatar while obviously evolving the world also around it.


This is the reason that human experience is considered inevitable for evolution of the soul. Thus two souls may be sitting in two different worlds which may intersect or not intersect with each other in a given period of time. The extent of intersection will differ from case to case. For example, people living in the same house are bound to have much higher number of intersections in their individual timelines than people from different families whereas people of different countries even if of same family are bound to have lesser intersections.


*** Scientifically speaking, words spoken or very strong recurring thoughts generate electromagnetic waves which create a timeline in the internet of the cosmos. This is the reason that we must not speak wrong nor think wrong about self and others as sooner or later it is likely to materialize. Stronger the words/thoughts/intent, higher the chances of their materialization. This is the science behind boons and curses (Tathastu) given by Gods, Rishis and many characters of the ancient Vedic and Puranic stories. However, not all curses are curses in the long run. Sometimes the higher souls have to push the cursed souls in difficult timelines to evolve them so that they learn a lesson which are unable to understand due to lack of empathy/experience.


On the other hand, unrelated people from different states/countries may not seem to have intersections in each other’s timelines but in reality their actions in some or the other must be touching others life too thereby creating intersection. Likewise, there is bound to be intersection in between the timelines of organisms of different planets too at some point of time. This also means no timeline is independent and when a soul selects a timeline, then sooner or later it is bound to interact with every other timeline in the Universe which in simple words means “Vasudeva Kutumbakam” – the entire world is one family- HIS family. Thus when a soul enters the sea of this illusion (the Universe), it gets entangled slowly and gradually by the web of timelines thereby accumulating desires, karmas and their fruits. This is the reason that advanced souls who begin to understand the working of this Universe and its web, start distancing themselves from everyone to get rid of timelines thereby getting Moksha (renunciation). However as mentioned earlier, nothing is permanent- not even Moksha. So even a renunciated soul returns back (may be) after eons to re-begin its play. On the other hand, there are souls which continue to enjoy this illusion despite becoming aware of it, by keeping their karmas to minimum.


*** A soul may not have contributed initially to the creation of a timeline, however once it enters into it, it builds it up further thereby further creating and expanding it. That is how a soul contributes to the collective conscience by either creating a good or a bad timeline. But then nothing is permanent. The timelines too fade away or say evolve with passage of time through contribution of the soul. In other words, a soul has to keep reincarnating and working from one life to another to evolve a timeline. Last but not the least, just like we humans can peep in our past (usually of the same life), a soul too can do so (because for soul there is nothing called as past life). It is this peeping in the past that helps the soul to grow, once it slows down and matures to start understanding the dent it created in the Universe by selecting a timeline and events related to it.


*** A soul may be knowing much more than what it is aware of in human incarnation. This is because, the soul cannot be allowed to interfere with the working of the timeline it has entered into. From software angle, a software may be capable of many features however when it enters an operating system (larger software) for a specific purpose, all its other features that may interfere with the working of the system are put on silent/hidden/switched off mode, unless the right time arrives.


*** The knowledge sharing happens even in the higher planes, however a soul may not be able to understand the concepts unless it has experienced them at least at grass root level (one can expect a student who has cleared 10th standard with flying colors to understand concepts of 11th or 12th but the same cannot be expected from a student of lower standards. Lesser the standard more difficult or alien it becomes for the soul to understand). This is the reason that sometimes it becomes necessary for the soul to take birth in human form (grosser body) to evolve to that level where it can mix around with the higher souls as practical living gives a quicker understanding and hence quicker evolution. This means that a soul doesnt have to go through each and every experience if that soul has understood every part of the fabric through practicals for a specific level of realm. However this is to reiterate that as the cosmos expands, the probability of creation of new information/knowledge/beings also increases which means that the soul also needs to incarnate time and again to understand the knowledge of new part of the cosmos while also enriching the cosmos with her knowledge.


Understanding Aham Brahmasmi (I am the Universe)


To begin with, we must understand that human body is not the soul itself but the medium for the soul to experience and understand life (and Universe). The soul can be realized as a computer/hard disk, who has entered in the body (materialized/condensed energy) whose eyes, ears, mouth, brain work literally like camera, mike,speaker and CPU respectively of a computer. In order to understand the entire Universe, the soul has to expand its reach to the farthest ends of the Universe which helps it to gain different experiences of the Universe and its knowledge, through means like direct interaction with living and non living beings around or indirect interaction with them via books/interet/media etc. Which is why, Mars and Rahu (being centripetal force/outer planet in solar system) are essential to expand and reach different parts of the Universe. Post this expansion, the body slows down and then comes Jupiter which collects this information. And then, when the mind further slows down (in Saturn phase), it begins connecting all the dots of information (collected so far) to create knowledge (Mercury). Ketu phase further creates another level of knowledge by internal churning thereby creating a more evolved soul (Venus phase).


Goes without saying that Sun and Moon are necessary to create the entire cosmic play as Sun gives power and Moon creates different levels of gravity in different directions, which is what creates Rahu and Ketu and pushes conscience towards external or internal planets. Different bodies are part of different timelines which is why their energies of different planets appearing at different points of time are also different. Which is why, not only that they enter the internet of Maya at different points of time and space, they also move differently in different directions of space and time thereby having different routes. That is why different souls through their bodies gather different information/knowledge basis different timelines chosen by them which they keep gathering in their knowledge bank accumulated in the previous timeline. It goes without saying that the soul being a computer in itself (and part of the larger computer/the supersoul also termed as God by us), doesnt just gather the information from past and present lives but also creates another level of knowledge and conclusion thereby deciding their future course and future lives which may materialize in different worlds called as parallel worlds (not necessarily only the earth that we understand).


And this process of creating new information by the soul is continous. It doesnt happen only in between death of a body and incarnation in new body which is why fifth house becomes so important even in early age, though the soul may begin to use its previous lives experience at later stages of life which is usually so else the previous experiences of soul may interfere with the current experiences and wouldn’t let her experience other aspects of life behond her comfort zone (the fact that we humans donot want to step outside our comfort zone remains valid for souls too). This is where the soul Guides/angels come into play who not only help us in selecting our timeline but also keep guiding our incarnation through electromagnetic flux.


*** This also means that like soul even God (supersoul) keeps evolving and even supersoul has supersuper souls above it which is why we see hierarchy in Vedic sciences).


In simple words, the soul is the Universe it has experienced so far through various lives. As time moves on and the consciousness of the soul further expands, its Universe too expands. Hence the phrase “Aham Brahmasmi”- “I am the Universe”. Each soul belongs to a particular group which represents the level of that group’s evolution (and thus its collective conscience) represented by fifth house and the Kul devta (the Diety) of that house represents the most evolved soul of that group which is why Kul Devata is worshipped. Since knowledge is limitless just like Universe is, this may also mean that if the soul evolves much more than her group, then it may move to a much higher realm. However this doesnt happen and cannot happen due to physical bonding of souls (Ultimately souls are nothing but different points of a large hard disk or say different computers connected to each other). Thus, when a soul evolves, it evolves the entire group of that Soul by sharing her knowledge (its like a computer connected to others). As such this is responiblity of every soul to develop her group because her group souls too guide and share their knowledge with others.


**If the difference between evolution of souls of two members of the group becomes too high then they may create barriers (firewalls in IT language). However as time passes by and souls experience more lifetimes, they begin to speak the same language and start homogenizing with each other to become one.


Goes without saying that no Universe is totally disconnected from the other even though they may have remained disconnected for sometime due to distances. However since space time fabric keeps expanding contracting, it is bound to come sooner or later with other Universes too in some way or the other (the way we humans come in contact with every other human on earth either due to physical proximity or through internet in this life or the other). This is why evolution of one soul means not only the evolution of the soul group but also of the entire limitless Universe. Thus merging of a soul with the higher world means now it has reached the same frequency and therefore has completely shared her data/knowledge with the group souls and vice versa. However, the evolution doesnt stop here. It can’t. It is everevolving because knowledge is ever expanding and ever evolving and so goes with the soul and the soul group. This also means that at a larger level, a lesson carries on from one life to another (though its specific chapters may get over in a life or few).


Yes some souls/groups may decide to arrest evolution at some stage but again it cant be forever especially because nothing can be untouched for ever. As seclusion can have many disadvantages e.g. certain tribals on earth who have stayed away from main civilization for thousands of years, have started suffering on many fronts like emergence of genetic diseases due to interbreeding within a limited number of people, maternal deaths etc. Of course, it will be right for a highly advanced civilization to avoid contacts with less advanced and violent civilization but then again it cant be forever as sooner or later when the less advanced civilization will advance technologically (though not behaviourally) and would trace the advanced ones, then the advanced ones will not have any option but to wisely mix around with the less advanced one (one of the reasons that we humans are yet to make formal contact with aliens). The advanced ones can also in their subtle ways manipulate things in the less advanced civilization to bring it up to a reasonable level (again some people claim that aliens are quietly living amongst humans without humans being aware of it). Sometimes the advanced civilization may even decide to expedite (or let it be) the process of destruction of the violent civilization when its efforts go in vein or when it finds that the efforts will be in vein.


Meaning/Significance of some Mythological characters and Stories


  • The story of Mercury as illegitimate child of Moon and Jupiter’s wife- Jupiter is space which is incomplete unless the space is filled with matter. At Universal scale, this matter is the Stars which fill up the space. It is this matter/Stars which represents Tara the wife of Jupiter (as such Tara is a Sanskrit word which means Stars). But these stars are lying scattered like pieces of information stored in the space which is why Jupiter represents lot of information/knowledge stored. However all pieces/dots of information can become real knowledge only when they get connected. Here comes the role of Rasa- the moon, which keeps roaming around in the sky thereby moving rasa from one place to another thereby connecting dots to create knowledge and a network/web of information which is nothing but mercury/budhi (VPK).


  • Indra Deva represents overall conscience of the person created by inputs/processing of all the six senses. Mythology shows Indra to be a cunning character but its not always so. It is depicted so because it is during Kalyuga (and partly Dwapar too) that Indra is overly influenced by enticing energies like Rahu and Mangal resulting in inflated ego and cunning/shrewd thinking. At Universe level, Indra represents the collective conscience of the Universe. His Vajra (weapon resembling electrical pulse) is nothing but the flow of electricity in our nervous system and that of the world to provide command to different body parts.


  • More about Asuras, Devas, Rakshasas and other celestial beings– Since Asuras represent our lower chakras and Devas the upper, its easy to infer that the world can exist peacefully only when both, the Asuras and the Devas maintain a balance. From Rahu Ketu perspective, if forces get too much pulled towards Devas with the aim to dominate others (i.e. Ketu in first or second house), then the mooladhara of such people will be weak and they will not be able to digest, assimilate and excrete properly. Whereas Rahu in upper (meaning weak Devas) would mean weak regulation of the body due to weak brain and associated master glands. Thus both will result in different forms of physical and mental aberrations (including behaviour). This is the reason they say that Rahu Ketu axis is considered good in 3rd– 9th axis and/or if they are balanced by being in their exulted zodiacs. However as mentioned the soul learns only by experience through continous churning when Rahu creates desire and Ketu the research (outcome of it) that teaches the soul to differentiate between good and bad. Thus Rahu Ketu axis works like churning the ocean of their information they have gathered from their life/lives. All in all, the bhuloka can (anahata) find comfort only once its Rahu Ketu are balanced which the soul learns through several lifetimes of experience.


*** Vedic sciences divide souls into many categories basis their deepest desires (these desires obviously become their skills too as both have cause and effect relationship). Apart from Devas and Asuras, some of the others are; Gandharvas (whose conscience is strongest in second and third chakra which is why they enjoy singing); Yakshas (whose conscience lies in Anahata i.e. Ketu in fourth which is why they feel comfort by storing wealth). Rakshasas are those souls which exist on Anahata/Bhuloka and try to rob the comfort of the Anahata or Yakshas, just as Ravana was a Rakshasa and Kuber (his cousin) was a Yaksha.


  • Manu at earth level is a highly advanced soul and has the holistic knowledge (bigger picture) of all the aspects of life (all the twelve houses) as gained from the previous timeline/world so that he can start a new timeline of his own or say a new world when the old world/previous timeline has been destroyed due to excess of Vata which is bound to happen in all the worlds sooner or later. Better the foundation, longer will any World stay stable. It is like rebooting a computer to start everything afresh with a new operating environment which has been created after the old operating environment was getting corrupted (in form of miscalculations, wrong/poorer outputs etc) with progression of time. This also means that the new operating environment is more evolved one as it has been created basis the feedback from the old one and this cycle of evolution of the next operating environment goes on till eternity which also means that as time goes by, the duration of the next operating environment should be more than the previous one as its foundation was stronger. From the angle of TIME, destruction of a timeline also destroys time and space which then starts from zero, though this is not valid for the hard disk of the Universe which is eternally present.


*** The end of timeline doesn’t end the souls (or destroy the experience of the soul) too who had entered that timeline. All experiences go along with the soul after the body dies or body’s die when a big timeline gets terminated due to a man made or natural disaster. The soul finds another body in another realm (parallel world) with same or similar timeline to continue satiating her desires/objectives. Also to note that Manu can be realized at even family level, when a soul takes birth in a body (born in the family tree) to bring a change in the future generation (for good or even bad depends upon the evolution of the soul group).



  • Prajapati which is one of the thirty three Koti Devtas/Deities represents brain and the seven Rishis represent the seven chakras. Each of the seven Rishis has a specific task just as each of the chakra (and the organs in it) has. So, Prajapati governs not only all the devtas (five elements) but also all the seven rishis/chakras which is quite logical. At Universal level, Prajapati is considered to be an energy being with extremely high intelligence as it has to regulate the working of the entire Universe with the help of seven Rishis. Prajapati has been described as a fat character. This is because brain is supposed to be full of fat which provides energy, insulation and protection to it.


  • We discussed that it is anahata chakra and specifically heart that stores memories. That is why this chakra’s beej Mantra is YAM which also represents the elder son of SUN in mythology whose task is to decide the “Prarabhda” Karma (the Karma of the soul in this life basis the Karmas performed in the past including past lifes). In other words, heart is referred as seat of conscience as it stores memories of lifetimes.


  • Understanding deep seated meanings of main characters of Ramayana and how they reside inside us (do read Ramayana before understanding this)


So, Lord Rama signifies level of our Sadhak Pitta (Sun) who is righteous (Saturn), focussed (Sun’s quality) and wise (Jupiter). Devi Sita symbolizes the female energy’s virtues of Lord Rama (his seventh house) which is absolute dedication, sincerity, faith and purity. Both of them compliment each other to become complete/perfect beings. Ravana is the Rakshasa inside us who has the knowledge of the Vedas and Shastras due to the boon given by Lord Brahma (the giver of knowledge). But then being high on KP, Ravana’s conscience is located in lower chakras (indicated by Southern direction from where Rama resides i.e in head/North), which is why Ravana abducted the virtues like loyalty, purity, sincerity and faith from Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman symbolizes our inner strength (the inner Mars/courage/third house), who dives deep into this Patal loka of Ravana after crossing the entire ocean of all the seven chakras to locate Devi Sita and help Lord Rama to bring her back to head to make Lord Rama a complete man once again who has all virtues to guide humanity (one’s own body).


Lord Hanuman who is considered a blend of strength and wisdom is depicted by orange color and rightly so because in VIBGYOR, orange color is in between strength (Mars- red color) and wisdom (Jupiter- Yellow). Mythological stories say that he and Saturn were very good friends. Rightly so because together they created a great blend of Strength, knowledge, patience, foresightedness, control. Saturn/Vata grows with age and story goes  this way that Lord Hanuman’s powers were temporarily taken from him when he was a child unless he grew up (matured up) to learn to handle them with justice/Saturn in mind (as such Vata tames Mars). The mythology also states that together they faced problems when Rahu became strong (during Rahu’s period) and influenced them accompanied by Mars. That is why a combination of Mars, Saturn with predominance of Rahu creates issues in the beginning unless Mars (pitta) settles down and Saturn takes over. From Ayurveda viewpoint, Jupiter denotes increase in fat due to slow down whereas Mars represents muscles. Last but not the least, Lord Hanuman was the disciple of Lord Sun the source of strength for him to continue and remained focus.


So while muscles give strength, it is fat which facilitates storage of knowledge (because all our nerves are insulated by fat which ensures no short circuiting takes place thereby retaining memory). In other words we must eat balanced food with proteins (for muscles), fats for (memory etc) and carbs for energy along with other micronutrients to have holistic health (mental as well as physical. This is a very important message for those who go overboard to reduce their body fat which ultimately is bound to increase hyperactivity, anxiety, loss of focus, confusion and so on due to short circuiting of nervous system leading to haywire movement of Pitta and blood which means onset of Rahu.  However those who have a highly dominating Jupiter (but weaker Mars) in their body and mind resulting in excess of fat/sluggishness/diseases like diabetes would be benefited by Mars and Rahu dasha as it will increase Vata Pitta and reduce excess fat from the body. From diet viewpoint, a person with such a constitution should have more proteins especially hot potency (glutamate) and less fat to increase metabolism and burn fat however as mentioned in the book such a strategy should be used for a specific period to balance doshas as excess of it will over increase Pitta and Vata.


*** The monkey form of Lord Hanuman depicts that even a monkey who is an intelligent animal but uses its intelligence primarily for food and sex, evolves to a higher level under the guidance of Sun and other planets as mentioned above. This is the reason that during his childhood (especially teens), Lord Hanuman’s strength and powers were temporarily taken away from him to avoid its misuse until he matured and evolved under the guidance of Sun et all and gained eight siddhis (magical powers for which he was famous for which are ability to reduce/increase size and/or weight, influence others mind for good, create anything from thin air, prolong life). The story goes that he had to remain very close to the Sun during his training and be on the move all the time (as Sun moves in the sky with respect to earth) to gain those magical powers (which were nothing but the Vedic sciences to attain those objectives). In other words, he would need to churn his mind (brain) all the time during the training to learn and attain knowledge (or say keep Sadhak Pitta active all the time which is why proximity to the Sun)


*** Hanuman Jayanti (the birthday of Lord Hanuman) is celebrated on the full moon day of Chaitra Mass (Mass means month) which is the first month of Vedic calendar when Sun enters Aries zodiac (that begins from 20th march till 20th April in the current set of earth’s wobbling axis alignment). This is because this day represents the energy of Hanuman where Sun is exulted (being in Aries) thereby depicting enhanced intelligence, Aries itself depicts strength (Mars) which gets further expanded (Jupiter) by full Moon but also calmed down by Moon (cold Rasa flowing towards peripherals in the moonlit night) thereby invoking Saturn in Jupiter and Mars.



Makardhwaj – a medicine named after Mythological story- We discussed that Patal refers to the lower realms in the body (not to be confused with hell). A mythological story states that Lord Hanuman who had to enter Patal loka to rescue unconscious Lord Rama, was initially stopped by his own son Makardhwaj but was later allowed to enter Patal by him and was also told the secret of how to rescue Rama from there. Again, the story is metaphoric in nature and refers to those whose Pitta (lord Rama) which in this case refers to testosterone, has fallen weak and needs to be awakened by facilitating entry of Hanuman (tamed strength and space). That is why a highly potent medicine to cure weak testosterone ( which imparts strength/focus) issues, resulting in impotency, weak sperm count, poor strength, weak focus etc., has been named as Makardhwaj, which literally pushes strength and space (widens) and awakens Pitta in the lower body including gonads. Being a strong vasodilator it also pushes more blood towards core and strengthens heart and internal organs. One should avoid exercising after taking this medicine.


*** This also means that it is the optimum combination of strength, justice, knowledge and determination/focus that helped Hanaman to retrieve lost righteousness from the depth of Patal loka by crossing all the chakras (or say Bhav sagar- the ocean of Maya). We all have this strength inside each one of us with varying levels of understanding of righteousness and other virtues which evolve as the soul evolves through experiences.



Ravana’s priced possession- the Pushpak Vimana (an aeroplane) too can be visualized inside a high KP person. Mythology says that Pushpak Vimana travelled at a speed of around 450 kms per hour and could be fuelled only with Ravana’s Prana (vital force) which is exactly the maximum speed of the nerve impulses (pitta) that can travel inside a human body but only in certain conditions (that is when Kapha is high and so is Pitta representing inflated ego of Ravana). Biologically, it is a fact that nerve impulses in high Pitta conditions can travel upto a speed of 450 kms per hr though in normal conditions, these impulses travel at an average speed of 60 kms per hour. Thus, the message is clear that when KP goes high in us, it pushes us towards the vices of Ravana. Another message is that no amount of knowledge should inflate your ego and it should rather keep you grounded and even the mightiest and most knowledgeable person with inflated ego can fall in the hands of Almighty.


Significance of Some of the Traditions


Gupt Navratri

While most of the Indians would be aware of only two Navratris (the nine nights that fall around March end and Sept end), the fact is that Vedic sciences talk about two more Navratris called as Gupt Navratris (meaning secret nine nights) one of which starts around June end. This is because this is the time when Lord Vishnu goes in Patal in the sleep mode and native moves into a relative cocoon as his/her conscience moves into the lower realms (and also inwards) which are supposed to more be occult (secretive and introspective) in nature. So while the major/main Navratris (especially the one falling in September end) are celebrated by leading Sattvic food and lifestyle along with worshiping rituals, the secret Navratris are supposed to be observed/celebrated with practices/processes/procedures that help to ensure that our body and mind remain strong. This is because during this season, the Asuric energies (i.e. energies of the lower chakras/realm) become relatively stronger due to more blood there thereby weakening the Devic (energies of higher realm/chakras which govern our sense of seeing/thinking/taking right decisions etc).

Thus to counter this, one can practice Asanas/Pranayama/Bandhas like Sidhasana/ Moolbandha/ Padmasana /Tribandha to ensure that upper chakras are properly fed and donot become too weak and lower chakras donot overpower which could otherwise make us over-indulge in acts of sex/alcohol etc thereby weakening our Ojas (strength). Loss of blood/prana from upper chakras may also result in depression/anxiety etc. Apart from Asanas etc., there are other ways too which can help us to keep the energy of the upper chakras strong like having red, warm (but not pungent) foods/spices. Together they all form part of Tantra because Tantra is nothing but process and procedures to attain a specific goal. Goes without saying that one exercise prudence and self awareness while performing any process/procedure to align energies of the chakras.    


Budh Purnima


All Vedic festivals during different times of the year have been named basis the position of different planets especially Sun and Moon in different zodiacs/nakshatras and/or their own alignment with respect to each other. We discussed one example of Hanuman Jayanti. On similar lines, Budh Purnima (named after Lord Budha) falls on the full moon day in the month of Vaishaka (when Sun is in Tauras). This is because in this month, the force of Pitta further expands and distributes Kapha towards peripherals thereby increasing Vata too which gets further expanded by Moon’s force and also calmed down by its cold Rasa thereby quietly enlightening the person. In other words Jupiter is accompanied by Moon which is the quality of Lord Budha.


Guru Purnima


The next full moon after Budh Purnima’s falls in Asadha Nakshatra when Sun is in Gemini and full moon happens when moon is in Ashadha Nakshtra. By this time, the body has further expanded due to Sun in Rahu’s zodiac while also creating more channels. When full moon happens, all the rasa connects these dots and creates more interneural connections thereby invoking more intellect, knowledge while also settling over excitement, passion, confusion due to excess heat. The expansion with Rasa now also provides energy to the native to disseminate knowledge gained so far which is why the word Guru purnima. This is why this festival commemorates the day when Lord Buddha preached his first sermon to his disciples and also the day when Maharishi Ved Vyasa was born who wrote Vedas.

From Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande, these energies get invoked inside each one of us with different levels of understandings basis the level of the evolution of the soul.


Akshay Tritiya


It is a sacred and more importantly scientific date that comes just once in a year when Sun and Moon are at their best expression i.e they exult in Aries and Taurus respectively. Thus brain and mind are optimally working on this day. It is therefore important that on this day we must feed and offer good thoughts and foods to our own and others brain and mind i.e. body and Mann, so that its effect continues for the entire year. In simple words whatever we do today has a deep seated impact on our thought process and health (mental as well as physical). So spread love, spread happiness, spread and gain knowledge. Eat and donate food/cloths in line with weather conditions e.g. kheer, non spicy foods, summer fruits, grains and vegetables, cotton cloths as Askshya Trithiya falls during summers. It’s fine to do a bit of shopping too (but not essentially of gold or silver) to financially help the shopkeepers but not with the aim of drumming our houses with material possession



*** Obviously, it is not possible to capture logic of all the festivals and traditions in just a book or two, however these paras once understood properly will be good enough for the reader to understand the logic of others too.


Why members of the family where death has taken place consume non-stimulating (non spicy especially without red chillies) in Hindu tradition–Since, consumption of stimulating foods excites, it suddenly may make the family members switch over from a quiet atmosphere to an overexcited one thereby creating awkward situations. As such overexcitement increases VP and weakens the strenght of the memory of a person/event. Same goes for the visitors, visiting the members of the bereaved family- even they should consume/offered Sattvic and non stimulating food. It is also said that in most of the cases, a soul stays around its body and earthly relatives for around thirteen earth days as it finds it difficult to detach herself from the earthly relations/attachments and no soul would want her family member to forget their departure so quickly (unless the soul is highly evolved). This is also the reason that old Hindu traditions forbid close members of the bereaving family to invole in things like sex, celebrations for thirteen days. They have a cause and effect relationship with stimulating foods and drinks.


***Since soul gets conditioned by the traditions of her latest incarnation, she expects similar traditions to be maintained for her too when she leaves the physical world (unless she is highly evolved). This is why it may be essential for people to follow the traditions of their own society (this also means that those civilizations maintaining the tradition of bidding final farewell to their loved ones with trumpets etc is also fine and we must not question them).


All in all, souls carry impressions/thought process/concepts that they pick up from different incarnations which keep editing with time depending upon the choice the soul makes. This is why the lesser evolved souls may be relatively more rigid/stubborn in nature than the more evolved/experienced ones and may not want the traditions to change even if they are for good. Remember less and more evolved soul is all relative and a soul less evolved will sooner or later move up the ladder. This is also the reason that the lesser evolved souls find happiness when they are remembered and pampered with offerings of different kinds. But higher they go, their desire to be pampered becomes lesser. However, they do and can listen to our prayers/affection/yearnings and other (positive/negative) feelings for them and can even affect our lives (even negatively especially if our own soul is weak). This is how black magic is done by offering things to the lower order souls who are willing to perform things (magic) in return. However, this is to reiterate that like good karma, even bad karma is bound to come back and hence these practices of harming others for benefiting self must be avoided at all costs.



Veg Versus Non Veg

The world knows that humans have ultimately evolved from lower primates only. But then what exactly was the phenomenon which bifurcated them from other apes and made them most intelligent and dominating even though less physically strong. It was higher Vata which in turn got invoked due to transition from nutrition dense meat to vegetarian food which imparted them more neuroplasticity and thus ability to create more inter-neural connections (which is what Vata is). Thus higher Vata not only imparted more intelligence but also ability to think beyond (due to more inter neural connections). On physical front, it gave them more flexibility even though it means relatively lesser strength. Ability to stand erect, to use limbs/fingers/brain for creating artefacts and scientific marvels that we see today are few of the features of higher inter-neural connections that happened because of more Vata not in just brain but in entire body making it more flexible.

*** Question may arise that if Vata’s side effect is weaker physical body, then why should one aspire for it. So the point is that if accompanied by moderate amount of Pitta and Kapha, then Vata wouldn’t create health issues and would rather be good, which is what mercury is where body is firm yet has criss-cross connections in vessels/neurons. As such a person with good VPK (where all three are good) will be strong but yet compassionate/empathetic, intelligent, farsighted, quick in perceiving things/analysing them and taking decisions meaning wise and would therefore cannot be dominated by a KP mind and body even if KP means physically strong (courtesy high VPK humans have been able to tame/confine even the most ferocious animals and make them loyal e.g. dogs which are nothing but domesticated wolves). Thus, humans are relatively higher on mercury as compared to animals. Within animal kingdom, carnivores are higher on KP (Mars type making them strong but low on Vata and thus not farsighted/compassionate etc.) and herbivores are higher on VP (Rahu type energy making them quick but scared and over-perceiving too). Of course, within each species too there are further sub divisions/variations as we can see within humans where each one of them are higher on certain doshas and lower on other. Similarly in herbivores, the elephant is high on VPK unlike most of the others which is why it is revered as a God in Hindu mythology.


Sex and Spirituality


The soul has to understand the lowest form of existence to understand the fabric of the Universe. Its because even the higher form evolve from the lower form of existence e.g. multicellular organizism have got formed from the single cellular beings only through passage of time (even it is millions of years). It’s focus gradually moves up to the higher level. Lower the level of the existence, lesser would be the need of the organism beyond the basic need of sex and food and as the organism evolves, its horizon expand thereby moving it to higher levels where it learns to create, think, create… Thus we notice that meat eating animals are lower in evolution than their vegetarian counterparts. The former just want sex, food, enjoyment and power, whereas if we talk about animals like apes, whales, dolphins, they are more evolved which can be seen in their creative and social approach. Humans obviously are higher in evolution though there are humans who are like carnivores and are lower in evolution than even the herbivorous animals.


Within humans too as the soul grows it begins to understand difference between indiscreet enjoyment and discreet enjoyment. The former means pleasing our senses at any cost without bothering about harm those acts may be causing to our body mind and that of others (individual or collective conscience). However as soul grows it learns to enjoy life without harming self and others (or creating lesser harm). That is why eating vegetarian food (where u r not creating pain) is higher in evolution than non veg. Likewise for sex. It’s fine to enjoy sex as long as it is ethical and is not harming (self and others) mentally or physically and instead is nourishing to body and mind. That is what is spiritual sex where those involved in the act nourish each other’s soul be exchanging good, subtle energies (or say by complimenting each other).


*** Sex is like a game which must enjoyed ethically. However in Kalyuga we are witnessing loss of ethics in all spheres of life whether it be professions (as nobel as doctors of medicine), sports, sex which is because of our animalistic nature where our focus is more towards the lower chakras.


Sex can also be treated exactly like food which nourishes our senses. When we feel hungry, we need food. Higher the Pitta, more the food we need. Likewise, higher the Pitta, more excited would be the cellular and intercellular fluids which in turn will create more Shukra dhatu. This excess of shukra dhatu must be shed off from the body else it doesnt let Pitta move freely thereby affecting Sadhak Pitta (that is why Sun debilitates in Venus). This is the reason that a sexually excited person’s ability to perceive the world diminishes unless pitta is calmed down through orgasm. In other words, he/she loses focus unless they shed off their excess Venus through orgasm. As such excess Shukra Dhatu in the system creates pressure and obstruction in the system thereby increasing Vata due to excess Kapha. Such a blockage in the lower body is bound to create issues like blockage of urinary duct/bladder, deposition of kapha on prostrate gland and even UTI. This is the reason that sexual urge should not be controlled and should be released through sex/masturbation else it will create health issues even till mental level (as blocked glands in lower body will hamper their ability to release necessary hormones in the system).


*** As a thumb rule, ethical sex is better than masturbation as the latter creates heat and thus release of Shukra dhatu only from the sexual organs which may create Vata imbalance (unless one has body like figure 2.3 where the latter is better unless one is able to undo Vata imbalance). On the other hand, sex involves friction and thus generation of heat in the entire body as physical closeness doesnt let the heat escape the body thereby entering into the other person’s body.


However this is true that excess sex unless the person is consuming sumptuous food is bound to create Vata and then Vata imbalance in the long run. The problem comes when due to high Vata imbalance (especially 2.3) and thus high Vata aggravation, one over increases Pitta to feed blood to an otherwise hungry brain thereby getting over and continuously excited leading to emaciation of tissues which get converted into Shukra dhatu and then are shed off either through sex or masturbation. That is why people with 2.3 type Vata imbalance are relatively sexually hyperactive.  There comes the role of Asanas like headstand, Sidhasana which helps to push lymph from lowermost chakra (gonads) to upper chakras thereby not only balancing Vata but also directing flow of Prana/energy towards upper chakras to activate them and undo Vata imbalance. That is how sexual energy is converted into spiritual energy (it is not that sperms or ovam get converted in tissues). Of course, the best option is to not to let this situation arise by keeping Vata in balance right from early years of life.


*** Biologically since, 2.3 means more blood towards gonads vis-a-vis brain, it results in efficient working and release of testosterone from gonads especially when Pitta is also good (which is obviously higher in males). High testosterone triggers more Pitta in the body by increasing peripheral circulation and thus muscle mass thereby further weakening brain due to reduced blood from there (as blood volume is limited). This is one reason that people with 2.3 should ideally perform Sidhasana or related asanas.


It doesnt mean that people with 2.5 vata imbalance are blessed. Many of them have their own set of problems especially in later parts of life like constipation, backaches, poor libido, erectile dysfunction and related frustrations and so on. This is one reason that one must learn to follow the middle path by having minimum of desires or in other words less or almost no Vata imbalance. A sattvic mind/person would never feel the greed for food. They will use food only for providing nutrition to their body and not for exciting their senses or for fulfilling the desires of feeling excited with food. Exactly the same goes with sex. In a sattvic mind, sex could be a means of conveying subtle love through affectionate touch. It is lovemaking in true sense. On the other hand, in a Rajasic person where mind is hyperactive resulting in high Pitta and generation of testosterone, sex generates out of excitement, greed and lust for satiating unending desires. That is why a rajasic person doesnt feel satisfied and may keep looking for ways to satiate through even unfair or unnatural means and may end up compromising with the moral values which is the first limb of Ashtang thereby falling in a trap of rajas and tamas.


*** Since sex increases Pitta, it should be enjoyed at least four hours after consumption of meals else it is bound to weaken digestion and create ama. Also, one must get a long rest after sex and ideally consume milk after it as milk helps in creating Shukra dhatu within 24 hrs of its consumption (remember shukra is not just reproductive tissue but Ojas too).


*** It is said that in the very higher realms, the beings receive food straight from Sun (one of the live examples is mentioned in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. And there is no physical sex. This is because rajas is so subtle there, that their need for gross food (energy rich) is much lesser and since their rajas is less, their tamas is also less (less the rahu, lesser would be ketu and vice versa) which is why their levels of excitement (less) are also very subtle. And when the mind is subtle (not excited), it doesnt create sins as all its moves are extremely careful. Human bodies/animals/plants are concentrated energy beings who need gross food (concentrated energy) to sustain their gross body. Whereas beings in the higher world are much less gross which is why their need for gross food is lesser. Denser the body, more physical efforts (Asana/pranayama/food) it would need to align body’s chakras within and with each other. However, the higher beings are more of energy beings (more electromagnetic in nature) which is why it becomes easier for them to align their chakras (either through their own practices or through some technologies that can read chakras and can align them). One of the books in the Bibliography section does talk about such a machine though in not these many words.




  • When people from locations which are just a few thousand kms away from each other have different looks due to different weather conditions etc, then expecting people from other planets (hundreds or thousands or millions of light years away) to look like humans is totally wrong.




Frequency of chakras, cells and the Soul


It is quite easy to visualize that if agni of a place is not burning well then it will either flare up (due to high Vata pitta) or will be very weak due to high Vata but low Pitta. Whereas if Agni is burning very uniformly due to right amount of Pitta and Kapha with settled Vata, then that place will emit very smooth, subtle, uniform and high frequency. High frequency also explains that the swing of pendulum to and fro (rajas and tamas) from the center i.e. Satva will be very less. This is the reason that frequency of Sattvic cells, bodies, minds, souls and collective conscience is very high and consistent. In other words, weaker body parts/chakras will have higher frequency and same goes with weak souls due to high Rajas and Tamas in them.


In Satyuga all the souls (and their bodies) are fully aligned to the higher frequency (of the higher evolved world). Which is why their actions are also fully aligned to Sattva, however as time passes by, the souls being self conscious begin to digress from the right ways of living by not listening to the higher world and by moving too fast (all have cause and effect relationship). That is how they slowly and gradually start drifting to Kalyuga. However, this doesnt mean that this experience of souls, doesnt help the supersoul (the higher world). It does which is why when the supersoul starts the new order (after the end of Kalyuga), then it uses those experiences to create a better world than the pervious one. The cycle goes on and on which explains the concept Mahayugas, Manvantaras and their ongoing improvement as captured in figure ten of volume one.


My case History




What compounded my struggle:-


  • Presence of my lagna, moon and Sun in tenth zodiac imparted very high Vata to my body, mind and soul (though being in tenth it is earthy Vata with Kapha in it). This means that while Vata was my deepest dosha, i was born when Sun was shining dim (in 10th) and Moon i.e. deepest tissues were also more towards the core. Another very important factor was that the lord of 12th house is in my center house-10th. Now Jupiter increases space and kapha which further flared up Vata in my case as I was as such a Vata personality with Kapha in it. This further weakened my circulation. Presence of Rahu and then Mars in my 2nd and 3rd further increased Jupiter’s energy (Jupiter comes immediately after Rahu-Mars::dasha-antardasha). This space and thus Vata got further compounded when Jupiter’s Mahadasha arrived. Thus, there was a lot of space and thus Vata created especially in Jupiter’s mahadasha thereby pushing me to eat more sour and sweet foods (subconsciously to pacify Vata). This further created Vata imbalance and thus severe backache resulting in me slowing down. Thus now the sour, sweet, cold and thick blood was flowing in me. So when Sade sati of shani arrived during Mahadasha of Jupiter, it further slowed down Pitta and weakened blood circulation leading to CHF.


*** Exercising under influence of vasodilation of Sartan, I was gaining space as now my heart was beating faster than earlier (blocked earlier due to Beta blockers). While as a thumb rule, this phenomenon is most prevalent during Rahu-Mars dasha (Rahu is bitterness and Mars is Pitta with force), in my case it was more pronounced when I was going through Jupiter in Jupiter due to transit of Rahu and Mars. Here is how.. While I started taking Sartan when Rahu transited my first house, the triggering factor for exercising was transit of Mars in 7th indicating close partnership with people having strong Mars who influenced me to go for gyming and weight training. This happened when Rahu had just left 1st house and entered 12th after creating lot of excitement in my mind. In other words, Rahu and Mars conjunction in opposite houses created even more space thereby stretching my body outwards leading to super burning in my mouth and peripherals due to high VP. In fact, if I look back all the transits in my life, I can relate activation of different energies in different chakras at that point of time resulting in specific behaviour/choice etc.


*** question may arise that everyone goes through transit of Rahu in first and mars in Seventh but not everyone faces this issue. The answer is that in my case Rahu was as such very strong due to it presence in 2nd house in birth chart (closer a planet is towards first stronger it is). Exactly the same was case with Mars which was very strong in my shadbala which is posted right next to Rahu in my third house in D1. And we know that Rahu- Mars create space. Thus, this combination as such had created more Jupiter in me early in life making me excited and high on Vata due to more space.


  • Academically from the viewpoint of taking a lesson out of my case study, there is no doubt that I was born as a Vata personality with high Vata especially in anahata chakra but this Vata could have been easily controlled right from childhood by Vata pacification diets including avoidance of highly pungent foods (Mars type) and inclusion of more wholesome foods (Venus type) which in turn would have avoided me from taking wrong meds leading to Vata imbalance and further increase in Vata. In other words, so many are born with higher Vata in Anahata chakra but don’t end up facing such issues because their collective conscience around doesn’t let their Vata get further inflated which (collective conscience) in my case was Rahu in second that too in 11th zodiac creating too much of Vata. Mars zodiac in first in D9 with Mars in 8th added fuel to fire.


  • Jupiter’s direct aspect on fourth house further expanded fourth chakra (apart from Jupiters affect on all the other houses too) while increasing space and kapha stored in it thereby weakening pumping of heart.


  • I had excess of Vata Pitta in me due to Saturn in my fourth house resulting in poor pumping of blood by Vata ridden heart. Here Aries zodiac during the initial days (when Mars is naturally strong and also I was going through my Mars dasha), pushed excess blood away from the core. This is because core was weak on density (kapha) so high Pitta (Mars) could not get any resistance and moved out towards the peripherals while also pushing out somebit of Kapha toawards core resulting in VP (snaky movement). This is why I used to feel like removing sweaters etc during winters but also used to get Vata pains after sometime. Since I had accumulated Vata (rahu) and Pitta (mars) what i needed was Pitta reducing medicines and headstands (to undo Rahu Ketu axis whatever little had accumulated apart from eating right). Within Pitta reducing medicines, Ashwangandharishtam would have done good for me as Pitta was getting thrown out from my Anahata chakra.


  • Since I have Saturn in fourth chakra with ninth aspect of Ketu, it closed heart in forties thereby giving longer life to heart (relatively) but without properly expanding leading to Vata in peripherals as heart was contracting fine but not expanding leading to good pumping but poor suction which resulting in deposition of toxic blood in peripherals. We discussed this imbalance as preserved ejaction fraction heart failure. Reiterating that this can be managed/undone only by rest, right Yogasanas, Pranayama and Panchkarma.


  • The biggest blunder was that I was given loads of (much more than needed) cold, bitter and astringent herbs/medicines that too almost together by different doctors/vaidyas (including in winter season) in form of Sartan, GABA, Brahmi, Arjuna, Sarpagandha etc, which exponentially increased Vata aggravation and imbalance thereby reducing blood from upper body and also further closing my heart chakra. Of course, pitta reduction was needed in my case to deflate my over inflated body, however it was done in excess resulting in chronic brain fog and pains due to weakened circulation and thus loss of firmness in body. Thus when I was doing head stands to get rid of brain fog, nervousness and excessive dryness on my face, my lose body and cells were just releasing lymph from legs to head and getting deposited in the wrinkles in upper body. All in all, I had so much of space in the over inflated body that my Vata (space) was travelling from one place to another basis my movement and asanas. This space started reducing when I entered the last phase of Jupiter Mahadasha i.e. in Jupiter-Rahu times. From action viewpoints what helped me to reduce this space (though slowly and gradually) was total abstinence from excessively pungent spicy but consumption of “deepan pachan” spices as per weather. Different, asanas helped to homogenize the messed up circulation. While it took me almost 12 years to realize the reasons for my pains and discomfort, this could have been expedited had I been aware of how to pacify Mars (pungent pitta) which was flaring up Jupiter (space).


  • Apart from this one of the blunder that I myself committed after getting struck with mouth burning was to do lot of headstand (to reduce mouth burning and nervousness/anxiety) but not other asanas to increase peripheral flow. The result was that I continued increasing blood only in the core of the upper body (including brain) and not its peripherals which further increased Vata and Vata imbalance as Kapha in brain made me sluggish. Of course, the positive side to it was that it was keeping my upper brain active however I was not able to increase Pitta due to Vata in peripherals. By the way it was exactly in consonance with transit of Ketu from lower chakras to upper chakras. So, when Ketu was transiting in my 12th house, it was this time when my heart chakra (which was as such close due to wrong meds) was further closed resulting in very poor pulse pressure. This sluggishness exactly coincided with Moon sub period in Jupiter main period which further slowed me down creating lot of toxins in me. So, when Mars Dasha arrived in Jupiter mahadasha, it created excruciating pain in peripherals due to high Vata all around. This was the time I realized that I must increase peripheral circulation too along with upper thus getting into Shivananda Yoga and regular massages especially in winters. This gave me substantial relief from severe pains.


*** Please Note that all these realizations came to me slowly after going through the pains/discomfort and it is not that I was reading my chart and working that ways. Instead I was sub consciously choosing things/activity exactly in line with transit and dashas of planets in my chart with no prior knowledge (this includes all ups and downs of life right from beginning of life).


Another blunder that I committed was not putting special focus on anahata (even after starting Shivananda). The result was that while Shivananda was giving me relief from pain, spinning head, tinnitus etc., I had started feeling too tired with pain in my anahata. I realized subsequently that it was because of excess Vata in my chest (Saturn in my fouth house). And then I started doing anahata asana which started giving me relief. Same goes with 9th aspect of Ketu which had closed my anahata inwards. I also realized that I must switch over from warmer rasayana like chwyanprash to cooler ones like Brahm rasayana during warmer times for handling my Vata aggravation. Another side effect of delay in special focus on Anahata but continuing with Shivananda was excess of Kapha getting blocked in Vata in brain which exactly coincided with transit of Saturn in 10th zodiac (my first house) with Jupiter too in it. This happened in 2020 when earth faced excess of cold weather suddenly. The result was slowing down of brain (upper most chakra) and thus entire body.


*** To summarize, I had developed excessive Vata due to three excessive Vata imbalances. These were difference of vata between upper and inner body, between inner and outer and between heart and peripherals to heart.


*** While Kumbhak helped me to expand heart chakra, YAM beej mantra helped me to increase the force of heart beat (not rate). Remember both are different things as in second case you are just kicking the sluggish heart. However, YAM helps only as long as it is recited. And in this case pressing the acupressure point of heart on the palm also helped me big time. To provide a sustained effect, I pressed this point with the help of few grains of chickpeas taped on the palm. This is a wonderful strategy that can be utilized to speed up heart rate in those whose heart is excessively close beyond need due to beta blockers. However, ideally it should be used as soon as possible before Vata imbalance creates permanent damage.




Revision and Summarized tips (last section)



  • When the soul becomes desireless, it goes back to her home– Whenver Vata increases in a specific part of the body (more than others), it creates Vata imbalance and triggers a vicious circle of diseases and gradual change in the behaviour while spreading doshic imbalance in other parts too (we already discussed several examples where local Vata issues are handled by generic medicine leading to more diseases. At soul level, Vata increases due to desire (in fact both have cause and effect relationship). Here is an example… The higher worlds have much lesser differences/variation in the weather conditions (higher the lesser it is) which ensures that throughout the year (and year on year), the soul gets exposed to uniform and moderate weather conditions, which in turn ensure that Vata doesnt go high because Vata goes high only due to changing weather especially drastically with extremities. This ensures that the soul remains calm, composed, non-stimulated, free of desires (as desires generate out of stimulated mind). This in turn ensures that the higher worlds are free of crimes/diseases of rajas and aberrations arising due to rajas (Rajas/over stimulation in the long run pushes one to take wrong decisions thereby taking one in the vicious circle of diseases, desires and other vices like anger etc.) and also diseases of tamas like depression etc (as rajas leads to tamas and vice versa).


Thus, when the soul evolves after going through the experiences of earth especially during Kalyuga, its desires get pacified and therefore the only desire it is left with is to experience pure bliss which it achieves when it stays under the umbrella of Almighty in the higher realms. Since the higher worlds are highly sattvic (with no scope of over stimulation or depression), there is no scope and need felt by beings over there, to experience ways that provide sudden feeling of comfort but issues in the long run (which we now understand as quick fix approach). This is also the reason that the higher world doesnt have anything as physical sex (as it provides only sudden relaxation though it also increases Vata thereby taking us in the vicious circle of rajas and tamas). Thus when a soul becomes desireless, it goes back in the lap of the Almighty to experience permanent bliss. This also means that as the soul evolves, it begins to realize that earth is not her real home and therefore she begins to yearn for her real home in the lap of her supreme father. The higher world has created the system in such a way that the soul remembers all its experiences which helps the evolved soul to not to repeat her past mistakes.


  • A good deed done out of fear to avoid accumulation of bad Karma will not purify the Soul. The soul can get purified or become pure when it does good deeds like donation of knowledge, money, cloths, foods, medicines, out of sheer love for the worldly beings because then the soul will know that she is helping a family member which is her Dharma. Love God. Dont be afraid of him nor expect anything from him because that is what is true love- Selfless. Exactly the same feeling that we should have for our parents who are replica of God in the physical world.


  • All issues that we are facing in todays world (which we call as Kalyuga), whether it be aggressive behaviour, wars, ego issues, crime and even global warming are an outcome of people not following Ayurveda and other allied sciences of Vedic wisdom. Progessiveness doesnt mean outright rejection of old technologies. There are several examples where older traditions/technologies were far better for the overall good and progress of the world than the newly discovered ones. However due to inertia and ignorance, we drummed the old ones. For example, houses made of Limestone walls were not only as strong or even stronger than those made from cement (discovered later) but were also much better insulated from the external weather with lesser or no need of using air conditioners, coolers etc (especially if used alongside right food in accordance with weather). However as time moved on, we switched over to cemented high rise buildings with thin walls and therefore more need for air conditioning which in turn increased energy demand and thus global warming too either directly from Air conditioners or indirectly (this needs no brainers that air conditioners cool the inner area at the cost of heating the outer area thereby creating more heat in the atmosphere and adversely affecting those who cannot afford acs). Inertia and ignorance also led to exponential increase in population which again increased demand for high rise, for more vehicles leading to global warming and thus again more need for air conditioners.


Indiscreet globalization also led to consumption of foods grown at far off places due to easy and quick transportation. This in turn increased global warming not only because of transportation of these foods from far off places but also because wrong food in wrong weather (apart from wrong lifestyle) increased more demand for air conditioners. Thus again everything goes back to right food, right lifestyle, right eating etc in line with weather and ones constitution which can ensure that we don’t get into a loop of global warming and can sustain earth and its resources far longer than we are doing today. In nutshell Ayurveda (including Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation etc which are part of Ashtang Yoga) are must for a blissful world (goes without saying that the above example is one of the many to explain that how and why Vedic sciences are essential andi its absence is the cause of all the chaos that we are facing in todays world). It is therefore time to revive our ancient ways but without mugging them up. Instead the aim should be to understand the science behind those concepts so that they remain alive and are not copied blindly.


This is also to infer that destroying a well established ancient civilization and its sciences is a crime and is committed by only the short sighted (as done by invaders who destroyed Vedic traditions and texts of India). Shortsighted because they cant see that this act will destroy them too in the long run.


  • Just like mother, a country too creates your timeline and so goes with earth. That is why we must respect them like our own mother (whether biological or otherwise) as they are the reason for our creation. Yes, its fine to disagree with some of their ways but even that should be done with unending respect and love.


  • One of the reasons that singers and celebrities tend to fall prey to drugs is

because they have to speak, create and think a lot which inflates their pitta (especially thyroid) to overcome which, they start consuming drugs which slowly begins to weaken their Pitta beyond the need resulting in dent in wisdom, addiction, anxiety, nervousness and many other physical and mental issues. It doesnt mean that a singer will always fall prey to drugs. We know several such examples especially of the past. It all primarily depends upon the souls overall energy.


  • Forgiving a sinner is essential to remove hatred from your own heart and to give a chance to the sinner to change for good but letting lose a perpetual sinner to commit more crimes in the name of non violence is a bigger crime and cowardice. Such acts promote wrong environment while compromising righteousness.
  • Each one of us is wiser than other on a specific aspect/s of life. While it is our duty to spread knowledge, silence becomes golden in certain conditions especially if the other party is too far (low) from the level of understanding (on the subject of discussion or say has no or very less idea on the subject) that you have. In such cases, argument with such person is unwise as it will not only increase your Pitta and thus Vata and irritability of mind but will also create a bad environment.


  • How we behave is a consequence of the deep seated conscience and values stored in form of inter neural circuits in the brain and body defined by Ayurvedic doshas. This is the reason that when we see others acting and reacting differently than us, we find it difficult to accept because our circuits are so well defined (by firm nerve insulations) that lead us only to specific place. That is why we assume others to behave the same way as we do in a particular situation which is wrong. This also means that a morally strong person would think of others too as good whereas a morally weak person would consider others too as bad.


  • It is essential to impart holistic education related to all aspects of the eight limbs of Ashtang Yoga, to each and every member of the family/society because every member plays an active/leading role in some aspect of life at some point of time, especially for managing children (whose psyche is totally depends upon their elders) and elders (who have become dependent due to issues like loss of memory or inability to lead). Any break in the circle (along with dilution in this education) is bound to have cascading and disastrous effect on the coming generations. That is how Satyuga would have slowly and gradually moved to Kalyuga.


  • While summers create Vata aggravation, winters create Vata imbalance. During summers to keep Pitta and thus Vata aggravation in control, one should take bath with slightly cold water to avoid circulation going too far. Also one should eat cold, bitter and astringent foods. Sour foods are also necessary to avoid vata imbalance but they should be in form of lemon (which is sour yet cold). On the other hand, during winters one should go for warm massages and warm water bath to keep Vata imbalance in control.


  • Subtle tastes can be employed gainfully for creating deeper impact on minds. For example light music while reading a book or texts helps to keep the mind alert and awake to deeply imbibe the contents.


  • Being very bitter astringent hot and exciting coffee in isolation is excellent to pacify aggravated kapha (with sourness) but only in a pure kapha person not a vata person which is rare. With milk it becomes a very confused concoction. Milk is not good for kapha people but coffee is. Milk is good for Vata people but coffee is bad. Yes if someone has consumed sour (non bitter) cold and dull but light item then a bit of milk with coffee will help to balance provided milk and the first item were not hot else sourness with heat with curdle milk.


  • Even junk (incomplete) food is also Rahu as it may be exciting but it increases excess of Vata thus causing issues like hypertension and other Vata diseases.


  • The process of detoxification/fasting needs more water to flush out toxins but by just drinking water alone you can’t detoxify. One needs right diet too along with water therapy like enough sattvic spices, gluten free diet, consumption of well cooked food, absence of junk/fried/stale food/sugar, avoidance of overeating.


  • Virtues of a sattvic mind like patience, unconditional love, righteousness do not develop by a magic wand. They have to be aspired for and continuously practiced through measures like regular introspection (meditation), de-conditioning of mind, conscious living, sattvic food, yogasanas, pranayama, devotion to God, prayers to keep self on the right path, withdrawal of sense. Those who have it are not lucky. Their soul has been practicing it for lifetimes.



  • Knowledge/suggestions imparted with humble approach have a deeper and ever lasting impact on the listener for improvement/progress of the soul. Criticism can never improve the listener and the collective conscience around him/her. Because criticism immediately inflates ego and a person with inflated ego creates an invisible wall around him/her thereby blocking all suggestions/knowledge. As such criticism too comes from an ego driven mind.


  • Quick and easy methods of earning money through means like gambling (or any such speculative environment where someone loses and someone gains) should always be avoided. Because such acts create Runbandhan (debt bond or karmic debt in between the soul of loser and winner) thereby pushing the soul to reincarnate and create more karmas and remain stuck in this circle unless it settles all debts. This also means that one should learn to accept losses as part of one’s karmic debt. This may include even those who you dearly love.


  • Understand your basic constitution and learn to live in harmony with it. Of course you must optimize your potential in line with the constitution but you should never go against it by choosing that which is not your cup of tea. Again here collective conscience of people should be very settled as its only such minds who understand what it means and can teach others to understand and follow your constitution.


  • The primary reason of feeling very sleepy during mid march is that rising of Kapha which melts due to increasing heat and gets pushed towards the peripherals including brain. Eating sattvic food during this time helps in not only keeping the core strong but it also helps in avoiding sluggishness by keeping kapha in control. For the same reason, one should take cold water showers during summers in morning as well as evening to keep blood circulation towards core organs. This also helps in keeping hypertension and related complications like CHF in control.



  • Blood group and VPK- Blood groups emerged as a result of different lifestyles during the evolution of humans e.g. O is the oldest group of the times when humans were hunter gatherers (i.e. primarily carnivores) indicating very high Pitta in them due to their lifestyle of competing with each other and with other predators and prey for food. Thus blood groups to some extent can convey the constitution of the person. So while O conveys a typical Pitta personality, those having A blood group are more towards Kapha side (with settled Pitta) since this group came up after O when humans had started settling and cultivating and had moved towards vegetarianism. B group is associated with nomads who were adaptive, experiencing and learning new things/environment always on the move and adaptive in nature conveying a constitution which is more or less equal on VPK. AB is the youngest group stated to be not more than 1000 years old unlike O which is more than 50000 years old. Being a hybrid between A and B i.e. VPK and K (resulting in more of K), people of this group (which are just 5% of the total population in the world) are more prone to heart diseases due to high Kapha and less VP in them. All in all, blood group is an outcome of lifestyle and food which has a cause and effect relationship with constitution. In fact, there are tons of case histories with documentary proofs where people’s blood groups have changed (due to their lifestyle/diseases).


  • Instead of praying to God that “I” should be able to help the needy, pray that no one remains needy. Pray for prosperity of all, not for being more prosperous than others else this cycle of being born as superior or inferior would continue from life to another. In nutshell, AIMING FOR PARITY IS HIGHER THAN AIMING FOR CHARITY. As such it is our Dharma. How can we let any of the member of HIS family suffer? Remember- VASUDEVA KUTUMKABAKAM. And this principle holds good for all aspects of life. So pray not only for prosperity of all but also for everyone to have self sufficiency to heal self.


  • More than the invading organism, it is the poor immunity that is the culprit for most of the infectious diseases and fatalities. And immunity drops because of poor blood circulation which in turn happens because of eating and living not in line with weather and constitution resulting in vata aggravation and imbalance.


  • Internal and external beauty are equally important. While we already know the importance of core strength, a person who has a good core but weak peripherals characterized by pale skin etc. will sooner or later begin to feel inferior due to hit on psychology. That is why wearing good, clean cloths in line with constitution and weather are considered important in Astrology as they strengthen Venus by boosting our confidence. All in all, Vata should always be balanced.


  • No language is inferior than the other. Instead, it is the intention behind the words spoken that carry negative or positive vibes. The same can be even cross checked with Universal Energy Scanner.


  • Exposure to cold weather must be reversed with warm oil massages and Nasya as soon as possible else it is bound to trigger increase in Vata which would slowly and gradually snowball into higher and higher Vata and Vata imbalance. Yes, Mars (KP) personalities will not get much effected by it as their Vata is highly settled.


  • The primary aim of all judicial systems should be reformation of the soul which has lost its path of righteousness and not her punishment. Yes, the process of reformation may appear like punishment but if that process doesn’t achieve its primary objective of reformation then it would end up creating more bitterness than earlier and would lead to further deterioration in the signatures/conscience of the soul and thus collective conscience too. That is why judiciary system has utmost role in creating the future of the society and that is why people in Judiciary system should be highly experienced, foresighted, wise, un-biased and should be highly Sattvic or say true Brahmins in nature. Of course, a lot would depend upon the signatures (level of evolution) of the soul too that how it takes those judicial processes- as punishment or a journey of her purification for settling her old karmas. But as a soul matures, it learns that the pain it is going through is for her own purification. That is why a baby soul which is excited and wants to just enjoy life without understanding what balance means because it is yet to learn the difference between good and bad as it has begun from nothingness, would not be even interested to select this path.


  Its only when the soul matures and begins to slow down after experiencing long periods of excitement that it realizes the wrong karmas it has committed which have resulted in corruption of individual/collective conscience and which must be settled. This is because the soul keeps storing all the memories in the Anahata chakra. In true sense, justice is achieved when the soul undoes/repairs the damage that it has caused to different individuals directly as well as indirectly including to the collective conscience. And this may take lifetimes. That is why true justice is done by the order of the higher world. The judiciary system that we see on earth especially during Kalyuga, is too shallow, incomplete and instead full of injustice especially because of lack of foresightedness (a virtue of Sattvic mind) in the collective conscience (though this is also true that Kalyuga is a way of delivering quicker justice for settling past life karmas and thus purification of the soul provided the soul keeps realizing this fact)


  • Astrology has maximum relevance in Kalyuga because this is the time when the soul is most likely to lose her path due to extreme entropy. A good selfless Astrology and other Vedic science can help the lost soul to come back on the right track by telling her course corrections.


  • Best way to learn Ayurveda, Astrology and other Vedic sciences is by reading self and relating their principles with our microcosm and macrocosm around. It is an absolute misconception that one should not read one’s own birth chart.


  • Different foods Vibrate at different frequencies/amplitude etc. While we discussed briefly that how mantras vibrate different parts of our body and the extent of their recital (loudness etc) have different impact on those points, the fact is that even every food item has its own vibration and that is how it has a specific effect on our body and mind. For example, red chillies seem to vibrate not only at high wavelength but also high amplitude and that is why they travel very farther and create strong vibrations in our body and mind too thereby exciting it. Whereas black pepper seem to vibrate at high frequency and amplitude but low wavelength and are therefore their impact doesn’t travel far away to the peripherals. While this aspect explains the pungency, the potency can be probably be explained by the overall energy that food carries in a specific volume/weight.


  • Since doshas of different people are aligned in different ways (or say misaligned vis-a-vis perfection), they are bound to behave differently and have different needs too. Those who now understand Astrologically in scientific terms can understand that they are here because of their in-completed desires or karmas. It is therefore important that instead of ridiculing their needs, we understand from scientific viewpoint that why are they behaving the way they are, so that it can be rectified.


  • A Sattvic Guru (teacher) with relatively lesser knowledge is better than a Guru who has more knowledge but is inflated with ego as this is bound to affect the conscience of the student too. As such inflated ego is bound to decline knowledge of the teacher too. Or say Knowledge with ego is incomplete. So choose your Guru wisely. Reverse is also true. A guru too must choose one’s student wisely as a bad student too can damage the conscience of other students around. Also a Guru must ensure that the student doesn’t misuse the knowledge in the wrong direction. That is why a Guru with knowledge of all four Yogas would ensure that his/her student becomes morally and ethically strong before gaining higher knowledge to avoid its misuse.


  • An evolved Guru will never provide you ready made solutions without explaining the basics. Instead he will teach you only the fundamentals so that you, on your own are able to create your own solutions irrespective of any situation thereby instilling the fundamental of “Conscious living” in you for evolving your soul in true sense. This is the reason that sometimes a Good guru may sound cruel to you. While a guru may appear to you in any form, it is time created by HIM which is the ultimate Guru.


  • When negative traits/values that create a troubled personality (for self and society) like fear/violence/criticism/abuse get deep seated in the hard disc of ones mind due to continued and long term abuse then there are two ways to throw such negative values out of the system. One is using psychiatric techniques of positive reinforcement/values to create layer over the negative ones, however the problem with this system is that negative values/traits never die. They remain as the deepest traits and can trigger anytime due to similar events or VPK conditions that simulate such events. In other words psychiatry techniques are just temporary in nature and sub conscious mind never changes thereby adversely affecting the soul too. On the other hand, the eight limbs of Ashtang Yoga, reinforce positive values while also working on the complete wiring of ones body and mind. This is why Ashtang Yoga has the ability to completely remove negative emotions/traits/values from ones mind and body forever as it rewires and creates a higher soul. This is why Ashtang Yoga should be part of everyone’s daily life too especially in Kalyuga when negative collective conscience is affecting all of us. Not only that, Ashtang Yoga should be daily part of all lost souls who commit crime due to wrong collective conscience around them which is why in prisons it should become mandatory. Of course the process of reversal of creating a good personality back from the distorted cannot be a quick one. However the sooner we implement, the better it will be for us, society, nation and this world.


  • When I refuse to criticize wrong acts/comments coming from my own community then I silently (even if unintentionally) give a message to the world that I agree with those wrong acts/comments. It is therefore important that I out-rightly and loudly oppose such people and their mentalities, else this is bound to deepen the divide by creating false impressions. In kalyuga, it becomes all the more important to provide clarity else our tamasic minds will further start assuming things.


  • No one can live in isolation (not even an evolved soul) because a soul can learn only through lessons created by the play of different souls from different backgrounds. Even the higher souls of the higher world keep learning from lessons learnt by other souls on lower realms because being highly sattvic, they (former) are high on empathy which helps them to learn without physically experiencing that lesson.


  • As a soul one has the free will to select a specific family (and thus location and time of birth) but then it also depends upon that family if it is ready to accept you. That is why by just wishing to be born in a highly evolved, sattvic and knowledgeable family won’t suffice. One (i.e. soul) needs to be that evolved too, to enter that family/realm. And for that the soul may need to go through rigorous tests/times to evolve.


  • An evolved soul understand the difference between a cruel soul and a lost soul. A lost soul can be amended in the same lifetime through counselling and change of environment, however a cruel soul takes several births before she herself falls in the trap of cruelty and begins to slow down for realizations to set in. That is why an evolved soul would know that which soul will bring only harm to the society and therefore may need to terminate it for the larger good.


  • Souls less evolved are like students in junior classes. So they must be treated with love and patience and should be explained the higher concepts in the simplest possible way starting right from the basics in the language they can comprehend. Yet when this gap between understanding becomes too high, then it should be left to time to let them learn the higher concept in steps as we humans learn in the material world.


  • Conscious living means becoming aware of everything in and around you whether it be your breath, the food you eat, the things you watch, the sound you hear, the air and aroma you feel, the changing weather, the effect of Astronomical bodies on weather (and so on and so forth) and finally the effect of all these inputs on your mind and body and the output that your body and mind generates from these inputs.


  • A weak person is not always right. Favouring a weak person just out of sympathy generating out of his weakness is wrong. We must favour the right irrespective of anything else.


  • What cloth is to body, body is to soul. Since a soul needs body to evolve, quite similar goes for cloths too. The way a body should be good from inside as well as outside for holistic growth of the soul, same goes for cloths too. They should be good in appearance as well as in their task of providing protection to the body. A person with good Venus but strong Mars with Venus would lose Venus quickly. Same would be done by strong Saturn by depleting Venus. That is why consistent appearance and vibrance of a person doesnt depend only on its Venus but the right combination of all the other planets too.


  • A question gets raised often in Kalyuga that should one give money to a beggar or not. Many astrologers say that giving money to a beggar will spoil one’s Saturn. However this is not always so. The first step while offering anything to a beggar should definitely be to try and rule out the possibility of a racket of begging where by offering easy money etc, we are spoiling their habits and promoting begging. If we are sure of this and we still give them money (just to get rid of them or because it has been suggested as an astrological remedy) then it is bound to further spoil our planets especially Saturn and even Sun. However, if we are unable to make it out whether the beggar has a genuine need or not, then in such a case, we must help the beggar with what his/her need which could be money or cloths or raw food items or cooked food or even offereing them a job (permanent or temporary), depending on our ability to offer. Remember its different strokes different folks. Offering money to a hungry man or food to person who needs money for medicine or some other urgent items will be useless. Yes, there could be a possibility of getting cheated if we are not sure, however by offering them what they need (even if apparently), we are ensuring completion of our highest dharma (once proper enquiry has been made to know their need). Remember, if a soul deceives you, it is his/her karma and conscience and in reality it will be her who will be deceiving herself and not you but if out of the fear of deception we donot offer help (where we are unsure of genunity or ingenunity) then we may be denying food/money to a genuine needy which is a big crime.

*** At material world’s level, begging cannot be compared with the offering of food made to Sadhus/Saints who are made to do this by their masters to tame their ego. Another way of looking at begging is also settlement of Karma by receiving food in return of pearls of wisdom offered by the saints to the society. At soul’s level, a soul may be made to beg to pacify her bloated ego of the past lives or may be to balance the excess use of resources causing disparity in the past lives. The list could be endless.


  • Its time that instead of whiling away our energies on east and west, we focus our energy on connecting the dots contributed by all who are intrinsic part of the WHOLE. It is only then can we realize the WHOLE.


  • While globalization does initially create chaos, however subsequently entropy is bound to cool down thereby bringing back peace. As such globalization’s positive side is that it also brings good practices along with negative ones. However, this is also true that this process of globalization is ever going and ever expanding process starting from smaller civilizations to bigger ones to continents and then to inter-planetary levels. But then an advanced civilization (advanced in true sense from Vedic viewpoint especially from mental faculty angle) wouldn’t ever think of mixing or even coming in formal (and announced) contact with the primitive/chaotic civilization like our earth unless the latter matures to reach that level where mixing with it will not corrupt the advanced one. It is this reason that earth is yet to encounter alien civilization. Yes, they may be subtly watching us.


  • When one goes against ones basic nature at soul’s level, one is bound to fall sick. For example a matured soul (who has lived many lives and has starting realizing importance of higher values) would have a relatively stronger Saturn in her signatures to ensure that Saturn keeps her on the right track whenever she goes wrong which will appear in form of some sort of dent (health/finances/relationship) if other planets especially naturally malefic ones create bad karmas. Question may arise that if a soul is matured then why would it allow excess of presence of naturally malefic energies (more than needed) which can create bad karmas. And the answer is that excess or less is learnt by soul only through experience. On the other hand, a less matured soul in the beginning of her journey, is more interested in enjoying life characterized by presence of strong Mars but weak Saturn indicating strong gross body which doesn’t feel much pain. Such a soul would take time to realize the satisfaction in higher values/emotions like unconditional love/care/selflessness but once it does then it would know the real and higher purpose and would aim to purify herself by settling her past life karmas and become clean once again.


*** It doesn’t that mean presence of strong Saturn is bound to bring pain. An evolved soul would know that how much of which planet’s energy will optimize the output without creating bad karmas (we spoke about Kalki) in which case Saturn would not create pains. Instead it will keep one on the right path right from the beginning.


  • While there is free will for every soul, the fact is that trying to jump up the ladder of evolution is bound to create difficulties. This is because you are trying to understand relatively higher concepts of knowledge (vis-a-vis current levels). However, it is essential to keep climbing the ladder instead of staying in a comfort zone else delaying the inevitable would create more discomforts in the long run. Astrologically, lord of Kendra/trikone in external house (3,6,8,12) is like jumping from the comfort zone. However, a lot depends upon how far are you jumping and with what intensity. For example, moving from fifth to sixth house is also a difficult Yoga however fifth to sixth is a natural progression and therefore not bad, whereas fifth to eighth or 12th is more difficult. On the other hand, lord of 5th in 10th (even if far) is not bad as both represent the core values/doshas of the native (which he/has been comfortable with due to contionuous observation/retention of those values/doshas).


  • When a soul evolves, its interneural connections increase and expand in all directions thereby helping it to receive, store, understand, process and create solutions. In other words, this is expanded Vata (not constricted in just one corner or in one direction) where high Vata gets balanced by optimum Pitta and kapha to not it let flare up, thereby creating mercury. Thus a highly evolved mercury is that which is expanded (VPK) but equally expanded without mind in just one specific direction. By using its pitta such an evolved mercury can move its rasa in any direction but then with meditation and other tools of Ashtang, it can again balance that Rasa equally. In other words, the super super conscious computer is watching the entire Universe around it through its brain (physical or non physical) and when the conditions become ripe, it decides to materialize by taking rasa in that direction which (rasa) then materializes into the physical body.


  • Do not expect a lost soul to apologize because a lost soul cannot know that she is committing a crime. Instead find ways and means to bring her back to the right path. The more you ridicule a lost soul, the more hatred she will develop towards you and wider the gap it will create in between you and her thereby making the chances of recovery even slimmer. And since the world is interconnected (which is why Vasudeva Kutumbakam), sooner or later, the lost soul’s energy will affect you too thereby creating even worse circumstances. Love is the only language that can repair a lost soul. The more lost a soul is, more love and time she will need to get repaired, which also means that you would need to have more patience to get results. Such unconditional love, strategies, patience can develop only in a sattvic mind. Goes without saying that once the soul finds it way back, she herself will apologize. However, sometimes it becomes important to temporarily distance self from a less evolved soul because they are too rigid (Rajasic and Tamasic) to listen and understand.


The most important virtue in an evolved soul is the ability to listen without prejudice and then filter the wrong from the right. Since pure Saturn creates the ability to quietly listen (without resistance), a soul with strong Mars (especially groing through strong Mars period) will never listen to you unless she herself slows down thereby awakening Saturn. Also, it is wrong to call a less evolved soul as less evolved even if is the truth unless she totally surrenders to you to learn. A soul who is not ready to surrender and listen without prejudice will never know that she knows less. Giving names like “fool” to a less evolved soul is a sin because then you are raking up the ego thereby weakening her ability to listen with pure dedication. In other words, using such words speak volumes of your own inflated ego.


  • So, desire is not a wrong emotion. What one desires makes it good or bad e.g. desire for the larger good of Universe is a necessary virtue. As such zero desire means total stop in the movement of the Universe. However this is not possible forever because nothing is permanent neither movement forever nor stillness forever. Even God (supersoul which is part of supercomputer though connected to the entire hard disk) has desires- desire to come in existence, desire to understand, desire to evolve, desire to bring parity, desire to bring health, happiness and bliss. Without these desires, the Universe would cease to exist and time would stop then and there itself.


Also to note that since Karma is bound to generate heat and expansion (as Karma means movement/Mars), it is bound to push us the soul beyond the current Prakriti, which is why even if Ashtang Yoga focuses more on inner houses, the fact is that soul can neither ignore nor bypass Karma the moment it is born out of nothingness/pure meditative state of being in absolute zero. However this also remains a fact that Karma is bound to have repercussions and even God has to face its fruits.This is why certain scriptures say that even Lord Krishna had to stay in hell (where hell means sufferings) for two reasons- one to go through the pains of the innocent souls that suffered during the war of Mahabharata and second to resurrect the world in order, by resurrecting knowledge (Vedas) most of which was lost during the Maha War (we discussed in the beginning of the book that how 88 percent of knowledge was lost during Mahabharata).


  • Do what is right (that which is necessary for establishing dharma/righteousness), even if it is makes one infamous. A true leader is the one who doesnt hesitate in making right decisions for the betterment of all, even if infamous. On the other hand, trying to gain fame (for obviously inflating own ego) for moves that will create chaos/sufferings is a big crime as done by many dictators.


  • Since different eras witness different experience in all respects (level of technology, diet, diseases, language etc.), there is a tendency of human beings to discard and delete that which is not relevant (or not understood) in existing circumstances. However, this is wrong because retaining such knowledge (even if irrelevant in current times) would help one to handle those situations which will arise sooner or later as the timeline is like a clock and similar circumstances (if not exactly same) do come back.


  • Just the way wrong food and lifestyle/practices take their time to show their effect on the human body and mind, same goes with a lineage. The ill-effects of bad practices/karmas in a generation may start surfacing prominently after several generations until then the souls keep moving in inertia. Of course, the lesser the inertia (i.e. more sattvic and experienced soul), the quicker it will learn the effects and quicker it will go for course correction.


  • The real strength doesn’t lie in mercilessly/vindictively killing or crushing/crunching/rogering/ridiculing/bullying someone. It lies in knowing the truth which is possible only by keeping one’s ego aside as ego can condition one’s mind. It lies in standing by and protecting the truth even from the ego of self. It lies in not going with the flow/inertia. Astrologically, this strength signifies strong inner Mars.


  • As Vata increases, it creates more pathways in different directions which is the reason for increased variation in doshas, lifestyle and choices of people (even within the same family). While more choices and varied lifestyle may sound good to certain people in the short run, its disadvantage in the long run is that it creates more Vata minds/bodies/diseases and disintegration of families/societies/chaos. It is therefore important that an orderliness is maintained with zero tolerance on deviations from sattvic food/lifestyle/time of sleep/wake etc. to ensure that Vata remains balanced and pacified at all times. At an individual level, it means that even if all body parts have different functions, they are doing their work as per right schedule for holistic health of all parts and thus body and mind. At bigger level (i.e. family/society/nation etc.) it means strong governance with rules and regulations which however is possible only when each individual too is responsible for his/her own harmonious body and thinking in sync with others, in absence of which sooner or later it will rebel or fall sick affecting others too slowly and gradually. This is one reason that the higher world permits only those souls to enter who have understood the significance of this harmony which comes only through experience of gaining high Vata. They know then what not to do.


*** Since different weather conditions bring different doshas in different people, if there was no tilt of earth, then even on earth weather all around the year and location would have been more or less similar. This is what the books that speak about architecture of higher world say. That in the higher world, the weather all around is same. There are mountains, rivers, greenery all around and not at different places. The Sun shines bright but soothing and with great uniformity throughout the year. Everything is in abundance but no one is greedy. In certain worlds, the uniform Sunlight itself directly provides food to all thereby ensuring uniform doshas. 




Excel sheets explaining Nature of Different Planets/Zodiacs/Constellations




  • Vedic Astrology- An Integrated Approach by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao
  • Healthy living with Ayurveda- Anuradha Singh
  • Astronomy and mathematical Astrology by Deepak Kapoor
  • All the books by All India Federation of Astrologers Society
  • Ramayana
  • Mahabharata
  • Puranas


The higher world has not only created Maya (illusion) for the soul to experience life, but also the ways and means to decode that Maya especially for those too deeply lost in the mosaic of Maya and looking for ways and means to come out it. Apart from explaining the quantam science that creates our different Ayurvedic doshas sitting in different parts/chakras of our body, the book will also explain that our bodies are like projections or energy materialized in different timelines/space of this mosaic which keeps changing direction/places in this mosaic. The book will also explain the exact science of how different planets and zodiacs create different doshas in our body when we are born at different times of the day/month/year and so on. And how the exact understanding of Astrology can help us design better lives for us.

Ultimate aim of all therapies is to bring harmony in doshas/chakras so that we become healthy again and lead a blissful life. However, a soul which has been physically and mentally healed through Ayurveda without understanding the spiritual meaning of how important mental and physical health is for a spiritually happy world, would once again fall prey to greed and other vices. It is therefore important that the soul becomes fully aware of importance and process of staying healthy and fully aware of all aspects of life so that it becomes part of the higher realm. In simple words, a soul can merge with supersoul only when it reaches the same frequency/level of understanding as the supersoul herself.


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