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I have already explained in my previous blogs and in more detail in my book “THE ROOT CAUSE- AYURVEDA ASTROLOGY AND BEYOND FOR A BLISSFUL LIFE” (links to procure the book mentioned below at the end of blog), that how Astrology employs all the principles of Ayurveda and how planets/zodiacs and their aspects/degrees etc. can be explained through Ayurveda. This blog is to share another case history of medical astrology (apart from those already shared earlier in blog and book) explaining that how simple it is to analyse health issues through one’s birth chart and cure them instead of getting into the vicious circle of Allopathic medicines/procedures and their side effects in the long run (this is not to say that Ayurvedic medicines cannot have ill effects if used indiscreetly).

Here we go (remember before proceeding that I shall be confining discussion to primarily medical astrology though not completely and may not be able to use all the principles like Bhav Bhavesh Karak to keep the blog short and crisp):-

The chart shows that the native is self made rajni jias first house lord i.e. Venus has gone into second house (house of economics). Saturn in first also shows a Vata mind under the influence of 2nd zodiac meaning the person will enjoy a good lifestyle (Venus’s zodiac) but with application of intelligence (Saturn). Ketu and mercury in third house in 4th rashi indicate that the native will perform Karmas with due diligence. Sun and Mars in 5th zodiac in Fourth house indicates that the native will be a bold and focused personality. As such there is hardly any gap in Sun and Mars (Sadhak Pitta and Pitta of the body) showing that the native has a strong heart as Mars indicates good flow of blood. It also shows that native’s mother must be a very bold personality. On the other hand, Moon in 11th zodiac in 10th house shows that native’s father must have been high on Vata but low on pitta showing depression tendencies (It’s easy to create any relation’s chart from the native’s chart by keeping the house that signifies that relative as the first house). Moon in 10th house in 11th zodiac, aspecting 4th house indicates that Moon will be able to cast its cooling properties and will not get combusted by Sun, also indicating creative application of the native especially in native’s profession (though easy going). Rahu in ninth house that too in 10th zodiac indicates excess consumption of vasodilating foods by the father making him unwell early in life. Rahu’s fifth aspect on first house (brain of the native) is also visible in the chart indicating that the native also must be consuming some of vasodilating foods like onion, garlic, tea, coffee etc.

Now the eighth house shows that native’s in laws must be consuming high Kapha foods like non veg as Jupiter is sitting here that too in 9th zodiac (its Mooltrikone sign). This also shows that person would have interest and knowledge of at least some of the occult sciences. However a strong Jupiter is also casting 9th aspect on 4th house. This along with moon’s aspect on 4th, resulted in excess Kapha blocking Vata and Pitta in the person (even the pulse reading of the native showed it). Lastly Sun and 4th house of the native fall in Ketu’s Nakshatra indicating that while on one side, Mars will expand this chakra, ketu will contract it leading to constricted heart. The result was very low pulse in the person during Jupiter’s antardasha (being cold in nature) which further slowed down during Saturn’s antardasha that pushed the person to approach modern medicine which implanted pacemaker in the heart. Furthermore, this incident took place during mercury’s Mahadasha and had the person been passing through Sun’s, Mar’s or Rahu’s Mahadasha then this wouldn’t have happened with the native, however Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon and even Ketu are cold in nature. Point to note here that the native had already been through Jupiter’s Mahadasha during childhood till early teens, however during this stage of life, Pitta is relatively much higher in the body than the latter parts of life.

Overall what the native needs is to increase Pitta by having Pungent spices (ginger, black pepper etc) and reduce Kapha foods especially non veg and heavy veg foods like curd etc. and white foods like salt, rice etc., which also increase water retention till such time the situation normalizes. Native would also need Panchkarma/shatkarma therapies to get rid of toxins from the body. The simultaneous aim should be to get rid of pacemaker as pacemaker’s job is stimulate heart by supplying electrical signals to it through the battery. In the short run it will stimulate the heart which is therapeutic but in the long run, it has several serious side effects as it only increases Pitta of the heart but not of the entire body resulting in the person not changing one’s lifestyle and eating habits thereby thickening the blood and causing issues like pain, angina, dizziness, fainting (as thick blood stops reaching the brain), eating disorders etc.

This also means that “One’s nectar could be another’s poison and vice versa” and “One’s nectar could be the poison for the same person during different conditions/stage of life”.



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