The aim of this addendum is to supplement various topics of THE ROOT CAUSE book with additional knowledge realized/connected on as and when basis which is yet to be inserted and published in the latest edition of the book. As such like everything, Knowledge is also an ever evolving phenomenon which doesn’t evolve in a straight line but it has also its crests and troughs (as shown in figure 9 of the book) indicating ongoing modifications/enhancements/corrections in existing theories/philosophies etc. I therefore request the readers to go through the specific chapter in the book first before reading the corresponding chapter in this addendum.

*** This is to reiterate that aim of my detailed case history (and examples of my case wherever mentioned) is to explain the principles of Astrology in line with Ayurveda. Request readers to read them without judging. My aim is neither to glorify me nor to ridicule anyone or myself. I am simply stating facts. So, please read only for understanding the logic. As such a judging mind gets lost in judgements and loses the aim of understanding the bigger picture.

First chapter- Understanding basics of Ayurveda

  • Pitta is necessary to pacify Vata as Pitta dissolves plaque thereby restoring blood supply in the affected part and thus helps to remove Vata from there, however Pitta must be supplied with extra supply of sweetness in the affected area to fill up gaps created after breaking plaque. Also, very important to note that if Pitta becomes pungent (sharp and fast moving like chillies) then it will flare Vata instead of pacifying it. From Astrological viewpoint, when Sun’s energy (pitta) is subtle, it pacifies aggravated Vata by dissolving plaque. However Mars (high pungency with Pitta and Kapha) flares Agni in Vata ridden area. You will understand its deeper meaning in Astrology section.
  • Vata aggravates/accumulates during summer time as it is during this time that our metabolism goes too high because of high pungency and Pitta (Mars type energy) thereby burning our blood and tissues and hollowing our blood vessels. Thus summers cause Vata aggravation and winters cause Vata imbalance with higher Vata (less blood) towards peripherals and lesser Vata (more blood) towards core. Of course, if summers are too hot then it is bound to result in Vata imbalance of different kind with excess of blood in peripherals and very less in core manifesting in different form like heart palpitations, ulcerative colitis, poor sleep, excessive exhaustion, confusion and even death in extreme cases. This is the reason it is advised to take cold showers during summers and stay indoors especially during peak temperature.

Prana Vata

  • Rahu and Ketu

While we shall read more about Rahu and Ketu in astrology section, it is good to visualize a brief of this aspect at this point of time itself as it will help us to understand that why it is essential to undo Vata imbalance of all kinds, through right foods, medicines and most importantly Yogasanas about which we shall discuss in coming chapter.  Here we go… As mentioned earlier in the book…Rahu means less of blood and Ketu means more. So a person with blood flow in body like that of figure 2.3 will have Rahu in upper body and ketu in lower. Now since such a person is consuming more Kapha and pseudokapha (thereby creating more Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the body) without removing this Vata imbalance, he/she will develop physique something like figure 2.4. In other words, the Prana Vata of the person will become higher and higher even if Kapha is getting deposited on the body due to narrowing vessels with faster moving blood. From Rahu and Ketu perspective of figure 2.3, while Rahu in upper body will be increasing Ketu will be depositing over it. Such a person will have wiring of the brain like that of figure 1.2c (nerves figure) with initially high Rajas but subsequently adding Tamas also on it with gradually increasing Rajas too. The result will be that the person’s higher brain (cerebrum responsible for higher thinking) will keep losing blood due to gradually increasing Rajas making him/her more and more emotional, impulsive etc while also making him/her lazy, ignorant due to increasing Tamas depositing in lower parts of the brain. In simple words, such a person will be Rajasic as well as Tamasic with Rajas as more dominating quality and will continue to lead such a life unless he/she undoes such Vata imbalances with Asanas and foods.

On the other hand a person with blood flow in the body like that of figure 2.5 i.e. with Ketu in upper and Rahu in lower will be relatively sluggish i.e. Tamasic vis-a-vis that of figure 2.3. Remember the extent of Rajas and Tamas will depend upon the extent of Rahu and Ketu present in one’s chart which you will understand while reading Astro section. Sluggishness due to Kapha ridden mind would result in reduced blood circulation and would therefore mean blood falling inwards towards inside away from peripherals. This would mean that such people will have more blood towards core of the brain. Thus while such people will retain things due to closed brain like that of closed lotus (unlike those having figure 2.3 whose brain is like that of open lotus), they will also be introspective, introverts and will have overall slow metabolism. Such people are more prone to Vata diseases of the lower body like constipation, lower backaches, type one diabetes, ulcers/acidity, CKD etc, unlike their counterparts (figure 2.3 types) who are more prone to Vata diseases of the higher body like depression, Alzheimer, Parkinson, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders etc. On the other hand, extremely high Tamas is bound to create Kapha type depression. Of course, other factors (i.e. extent of VPK which again represent different planets/zodiacs in astrology) too play role in deciding the outcome and type of diseases (both at mental and physical level).

*** Now visualize that if someone begins accumulating high VP and low Kapha early in life (due to VP foods and lifestyle). Such a person would be high on energy and will develop thin and snaky blood vessels forever due to such a foundation which would mean absence of firmness in the body as firmness comes from Kapha (not watery one but when earth element is present in it). This absence of firmness would result in loss of grip on lymph in upper parts of the body resulting in Vata imbalance. Thus we see how Vata Pitta foods early in life can create Vata imbalance similar to figure 2.3 with progression of time. On the other hand, if a person from early part of life is low on Pitta especially due to poor physical activity but consumes relatively heavier foods, then he/she would accumulate kapha towards the core of the body and brain resulting in 2.5 type of body shape.

  • Qualities of Vata people– All Vata people have wavy blood vessels which keeps increasing with time towards figure 2.6 (however in healthy Vata people, Vata increases towards peripherals in a gradual way (unlike in diseases e.g. fibromyalgia when Vata aggravation is in entire body not just towards peripherals). In other words, volume of blood is less than volume of exposed vessels. Thus they carry space and air too along with blood (kapha- earth and water). That is why their heart rate is also high.
  • Pungent taste- All spices must be roasted dry or in oil/ghee for easy digestion. Ideally, they should be cooked alongwith food for homogenization and uniform distribution in the body.

*** Color of the spice and other food items have a huge role to play in the amount of heat (pitta) they carry. To avoid duplicacy, this aspect has been discussed in detail in the astrology section.

  • Bitter taste- Bitterness should be consumed only to counter high Pitta (high pungency infact), however in today’s world it is being consumed even in cold air conditioned atmosphere that too in excess to the extent of getting tipsy or almost tipsy which means excess reduction in Pitta. And once Pitta goes too low, it causes excess shrivelling of body (reduced stretching) leading to Vata imbalance/Vata aggravation. It is this indiscreet use that is the cause of most of the Vata diseases in today’s world. Moreover once Vata imbalance sets in, it keeps pushing the person to consume/lead more Vata imbalancing foods/lifestyle (whether in summers or winters) thereby taking one into a vicious circle rolling from one weather to another and so on.

Bitter can create issues but can heal too

Since different bitters act on different pitta of the body, they can cause disease as well heal too. That is why they should be used only when one learns to use them for good. For example, since bitterness creates flexibility in the body by dilating blood vessels, it can be effectively utilized to undo Vata imbalance but for that one needs to deeply understand working of different tastes and therapeutics and their effect on VPK of the body. In other words, while bitter makes the body flexible and its unwise use disturbs direction of Vata/movement in the body, its wise use can help one regain it back too. In fact without proper use of bitter, it may be impossible to bring back the body in original shape. Its exactly the same way that if fire is used unwisely on a metal then it can change its shape in an undesired/unproductive manner and remoulding that shape to the desired one can be done only by using fire but only by someone who has the necessary skills/mastery in using fire and other tools wisely for reshaping the metal. Also, more the distortion in the body, more difficult it will be reshape because human body is infinitely more complex than metal sculptures.

*** Since sugar and bitterness both reduce Pitta, those already having less Pitta and high Vata should make special efforts to stay away from them especially if Pitta in weather too is very low. In fact if pitta is low, then one may need to stay abstain from even sugary fruits like mangoes even if it is having fiber because amount of sugar is much higher than fiber present in it. This is the one of the big mistakes being made in today’s world when we consume very sugary fruits and foods even while sitting in air conditioned atmosphere. This drastically reduces Pitta and weakens circulation thereby increasing Vata. Craving for sugary foods/fruits even while sitting in air conditioned atmosphere clearly speaks of high Vata in the body which must be undone by restraining oneself from consuming sugar in low Pitta atmosphere and consuming Vata pacifying foods and drinks. Consuming very sugary fruits after food is another wrong act because high sugar content of the fruit drastically reduces Pitta leading to poor digestion and creation of toxins and thus higher Vata. Likewise goes with consumption of excess bitterness with food (especially in form of liquor etc being highly bitter and pitta reducing). Lastly and very importantly, since excess of sugar (without enough fiber and other nutrients) increases Vata, it has direct impact on brain due to reduced circulation thereby increasing hyperactivity and thus pungency in the mind and body. This is the reason that post digestion effect of refined sugar is considered as heating.


*** Ayurveda has broadly classified Vata dosha in five sub doshas one of them being Prana Vata as already discussed (check the figure below). Each of these doshas move in a specific direction to keep the systems of the body up and running in good condition. Please remember that even sub doshas can be further sub divided into finer sub-sub doshas basis the movement and action. Also one cannot create rigid boundaries of different sub doshas. The aim of this figure is to explain the basics by visualizing. You will have clarity once you proceed and start visualizing them.

The problem comes when due to wrong food/meds/posture/lifestyle and even asana/exercise we reverse its direction. For example when Apana Vata which resides in colon and lower intestines start moving upwards instead of its natural downward movement, then it results in constipation and issues like GERD/acidity etc. Similarly, when Prana Vayu instead of travelling towards brain starts travelling downwards, not only it weakens brain but the overall growth of the body too. On the other hand, Vyana Vata is supposed to travel outwards away from heart to supply blood to the entire body and then back. But when this flow of circulation gets reversed i.e. towards the heart, it leads to issues like preserved ejaction fraction CHF where heart contracts but doesn’t open properly leading to improper supply of blood to peripherals. Not only that, it results in reverse direction of Apana Vayu (upwards) and Prana Vayu (downwards). The book captures in detail in subsequent chapters that how and which foods/emotions can cause all this reversal and how can it be avoided/reversed.

Now, movement of direction of Vata has an intricate relationship with movement of blood too (we discussed in the beginning itself that how electricity in nerves has a cause and effect relationship with blood). Thus, when Vyana vata doesn’t expand properly towards peripherals, we can literally visualize blood flow too falling inwards or say remaining confined towards core instead of reaching the peripherals. That is why we must learn to use bitter carefully as its indiscreet use can create inward flow of Vyana vata. Even excess of cold on chest/throat can disturb Vyana vata and also Udana Vata resulting in circulation issues which can create serious health issues in the long run if not reversed in time (apart from immediate issues like chest congestion, breathlessness etc).

*** Do you know that the blood in human body flows at an average speed of 6-7 km per  hour whereas nerve impulses travel at an average speed of 60-70km per hour which in certain neurons in certain cases goes upto even 425 kms per hour (if the neurons are well insulated which is seen in KP people). So when we consume very pungent spices, the speed of pitta (i.e. nerve impulse) is way faster than blood which in Vata people would result in Pitta reaching in high Vata areas without enough blood reaching the site to repair it. That is why Vata people should have only and only Sattvic spices (like mustard, cumin etc.) to avoid Pitta reaching high Vata areas.

Vata Pushing Pitta

  • When Vata goes too high in the entire body, the blood moves through obstructed/narrowed blood vessels thereby increasing Pitta (this is also the case of Vata pushing Pitta). This may give wrong indication to the healer to reduce Pitta through bitter and astringent tastes which will further reduce blood circulation and increase Vata and chances of such misinterpretations are very high. Apart from pulse reading to check prakriti and vikruti, a native of this nature would be nervous, confused and may be low on BP. In such cases, instead of reducing Pitta, the person should have totally Vata pacifying diet with “deepan pachan” spices which will remove toxins, clean up blood vessels and increase blood volume.
  • Wholesome meal

Ideally one should keep ones meal as simple as possible as it helps to balance the tastes. However, if we deviate from our traditional dishes, we must learn to balance the tastes basis our constitution/weather conditions. While, the section on wholesome meal may look lengthy, once one understands the logic then making a wholesome meal is not lengthy /difficult at all. For example, roasted flour of black chickpea (kala chana flour) with buttermilk, sprinkle of mint leaves/oregano/roasted cumin as per taste/temperature, black salt and a dash of ghee/sesame oil is almost a complete food in itself. One can alternate this concoction with lemon (instead of buttermilk) in the same mixture and may also add a bit of sugar to it (and may be salt as per need). This would help to get enough dose of Vitamin C which cant be received from the first concoction.

*** While to keep Vata in control, all Vata people essentially must have gluten free grains, KP people can obviously easily afford to have grains with gluten especially wheat. Sorghum/white millet (jowar) is also cold potency and gluten free apart from being high on proteins. So it is a better option than Amaranth as amaranth is relatively very less on proteins and can increase Vata dosha unless consumed with good amount of proteins with warm potency like black gram or moong/yellow lentils with mustard seeds (exactly the way rice should be consumed, however rice is low on fiber unlike amaranth).

  • Milk and milk products

IF digestive fire is strong, one can consume warm potency fruits like mango, papaya, dates, sapodilla with milk. However it is ideal to add a pinch cardamom in milk along with such fruits (if Pitta is low) especially which are heavy too to digest like dates.

When Pitta is too high, it reduces blood in core while increasing peripheral circulation thereby weakening jatharagni (as we notice during summers). During this time, having cold (not ice cold) milk with astringent and bitter herbs like rose and sugar helps in increasing blood towards core. That’s why even a bit of ice cream in case of excess heat is fine from therapeutic angle. One may also consume a bit of ice-cream by adding a bit of cold spices (like cardamom, cinnamon) to it along with fiber (husk) to make it almost a complete food in itself during warm weather. In case If one has consumed excess of cold, light and sour foods like lemon during mild summers, one may need warm, astringent and heavy foods to provide strength and balance like a bit of turmeric milk and even chocolate milk. Its, important to remember that sugar in all forms should be consumed only with sufficient fiber for its sustained release. Sugar kills high Pitta only when consumed with fiber else it will increase Vata. That is why fruits cannot be replaced by Sharbats unless Sharbats are low on sugar. So ideally Sharbats should be homemade because those available in market are loaded with sugar (or else we must learn to use them wisely i.e. with fiber). Yes, people with wide blood vessels and high Pitta i.e. KP people can afford to have sharbats with sugar without fiber as it will mildly increase their Vata which is good for their health (not only from physical but mental angle too).

Curd is dense, slow moving, blood thickening, slightly warm in nature (due to glutamate), sour (mild to moderate depending upon its fermentation), salty and sweet food. When Pitta is high and Vata is totally settled (primarily during hot weather in KP people ), then curd can serve as a healthy and strength giving food provided its sourness is neutralized by cold or warm astringent foods/spices like rose or turmeric depending upon one’s need. In case of intense Pitta, one may consume it till early evening slot to pacify Vata arising due to high Pitta (metabolism) however at no cost should it be consumed in late evening or night as being acidic and thick it can cause acid to travel upwards into oesophagus and cause serious imbalances. However when Vata imbalance is there (and thus Vata aggravation too) especially due to CHF resulting in poor pumping of the heart, then curd and heavy foods need to be avoided (unless heart functioning is restored through right Asanas) as they thicken the blood thereby further weakening the circulation. True Kapha Pitta people in summers can even add a bit of rose syrup to curd to balance its sourness in summers (even fresh curd has a bit of sourness). However, ideally one should avoid consuming excess of curd with heavy foods and also with sugar as it sugar kills pungency and thickens blood due to curd thereby causing onset of Vata aggravation and imbalance.

*** Astrologically speaking while curd predominantly signifies Venus (sour and sweet), it also has good amount of energies of Jupiter and Moon due to its heavy, sweet, cold and fluid composition and since Jupiter and Venus are enemies when together (both being Kapha), one should dilute curd to reduce sweetness/heaviness.

Cottage cheese is anytime a far better option than fermented cheese. While former is light and easy on digestion and entire body despite being good on proteins, latter is extremely dense both in proteins and fats (especially long chain saturated fatty acids which are difficult to digest and thicken our blood thereby increasing Vata). Ghee’s saturated fats are short chained and cannot be compared with long chained fatty acids of cheese which increase Vata by thickening blood and slowing down circulation. Also, long chained saturated fats need more Pitta to break down. Since cheese is heavy and sweet, it pushes the consumer to eat more due to sudden availability of energy and pacification of senses and then when it slows circulation in an already Vata person, it pushes that person to eat more pungency, which results in atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Because high pungency doesn’t thin blood unlike “deepan pachan” spices. On the other hand, Ghee in small quantity doesn’t thicken blood instead it provides immediate energy. However excess of even ghee especially when Vata is high and Pitta is low, is bound to further increase Vata by weakening blood circulation unless mixed with “deepan pachan” spices (not pungent ones). Those who have Vata issues can also consume Sesame oil instead of other oils as being warm, this oil is excellent for pacifying Vata. That is why sesame oil is also called as Queen of Oils.

  • Dosha Dominance during different seasons

Sweating during summers is an important phenomenon which brings down the temperature of the body by evaporating water coming out of the pores of the body as evaporation sucks heat from surroundings thereby cooling the body surface (exactly like the water in pitcher cools down during summers). However, during pre-monsoon season when humidity during hot weather goes high, it doesn’t let sweat get evaporated (In other words we don’t sweat more during humid weather, instead our sweat doesn’t dry up). This not only results in increased temperature of the body but also blockage of sweat pores and retention of toxins leading to feeling of exhaustion. This is one reason that one must either use air conditioners (at around 27 degree C) or dehumidifiers during this season apart from staying cold and dry by regular baths using Neem leaves/mild soaps (if need be twice or thrice a day). All efforts should be made to reduce humidity in environment by removing any leakage/seepage. Hot potency foods (even warm potency ones) must be totally avoided during this time. Emphasis should be on consuming sour, salty, cold potency and sweet tastes like salted lemon water to keep Vata and Pitta in control. Food should be light and easy to digest as Jatharagni because of increased Pitta and Vata becomes even weaker. Very light Yoga/exercises or any other physical activity should be performed during this time. More emphasis should be on Pranayama to ventilate body especially Anulom Vilom.

When we burn our blood and tissues due to high Pitta in summers and then suddenly move to very cold atmosphere, we first increase Vata due to high Pitta and then create Vata imbalance due to constriction of body in very cold atmosphere. Together it increases Vata aggravation and imbalance taking us into a vicious circle. Instead our aim should be never to expose ourselves to high Pitta weather. If inevitable, we should consume easy to digest sweet, bitter, astringent and cooling foods/drinks (gluten free chapatti with onions and buttermilk, salt, mint or simply buttermilk with salt and mint depending upon our hunger) to ensure that high Pitta doesnt affect us much and doesnt increase Vata. While it is ideal to consume this before stepping out, one may consume them during or after exposure to heat too but as soon as possible. However one must not suddenly move into very cold (air conditioned atmosphere as mentioned above) and instead increase lost sweetness in the body (or say reduce Vata). Consumption of very cold water immediately after high Pitta also does the same damage to body as exposure to AC.

*** Summer time is when peripheral circulation is strong due to high Pitta. So ideally this not the time to go for massages to pacify Vata of peripherals. If a person experiences body aches during summers and not burning/pricking sensation, then it means that person can go for massages with nourishing oils like ksheerbala. However, the massage should not be followed by steam unless the person is living round the clock in air conditioned atmosphere where high pitta of weather is not affecting at all. Also to note that massage in warm weather in a Vata person with low Pitta (experiencing pain in peripherals and not burning), will open up vessels in peripherals but will also increase vata aggravation. That is why such a person would need absolute rest alongwith very nourishing Vata pacifying but very low pitta foods. Also by all means, massage must be accompanied by nasya, else it will flare up Vata of mind leading to insomnia, spinning, aggression etc. Also logical to conclude that during humid weather, massage should be totally avoided, not only because it will exponentially increase Pitta but will further close the pores on the skin which are already closed. Same principle applies on exercises too.

  • Pyramids

While Pyramids would have given you a good essence of how to use different tastes for different Doshas, I strongly recommend to the readers to understand this aspect in greater depth when we discuss dominance of different elements in one’s body and mind in the Astrology section. For example, a Kapha looking person apart from earth element may have dominance of water or space or fire signifying dominance of moon, Jupiter or Venus respectively and therefore would need different strategies within Kapha pyramid too to pacify Kapha dosha. So a Kapha person with Moon and Jupiter dominance may need to avoid excess of cold potency, watery and white foods apart from excess of earth element.

*** Since Vata aggravation is emptiness, Astrologically people with very strong Saturn (Vata) are told to eat ladoos (sweet balls) made out of besan flour (horsegram/black chickpea flour) prepared in ghee. This not only gives strength but also warmth to the body. Black chickpea flour (called besan in hindi made out of kala chana) is very high on proteins, carbs and fiber. With sugar and ghee added to it, it makes it a complete food in itself especially if consumed with milk. For the same reason, Saturn has been shown to have special love for mustard seeds in mythological stories because mustard seeds provide subtle warmth to the body without increasing Pitta/pungency/nerve impulse speed, thereby ensuring that Vata doesn’t get flared by high Pitta in Vata (Saturn) people.

  • Vata Management

Whenever Vata aggravation (gaps/hollowness) goes high in the body, then one should avoid excessive exercises/activity/late night sleeping/excess talking else they will increase Pitta and flare up Vata making the person hyperactive due to flared up Prana Vata and thus creating more Vata in the system. That is why after sickness (even as short as fever, cough, cold) and paucity of sleep etc, one should abstain from heavy exercises/excessive physical/mental activities including speaking.

***Since Vata can go high not only because of excessive Pitta but also because of low Pitta resulting in poor digestion and increase in Ama, people with high Vata should not only try to live in moderate temperature (and avoid too much of weather/location change to avoid weather change) but should also eat a vvery sattvic food (neither high on sweetness nor low on sweetness, neither high on Pitta nor low on Pitta and son). To handle temperature variation, they should learn to eat exactly in line with current conditions (even if it means adding or using less spices in different meals of the same day).

Principle of opposites

Principle of opposite can be used for handling all issues e.g. Gluten intolerance can be mitigated by adding black pepper in the food/flour as black pepper being dry, light and warm balances the sticky, heavy and cold quality of gluten. Same goes with milk and more importantly with the sweet dishes made out of condensed milk which must be accompanied by black pepper unless the weather is dry and hot.

  • Wholesome Diet

Six tastes are essential in every meal however a lot depends upon how much of a taste is already present in the body. So if one’s pitta is already high due to weather, constitution then that taste needs to be lesser or may be absent in the food depending upon pitta present in the body. Thus even the ideal definition of Sattvic food is that food which balances our tastes and keeps them all at optimum level. For example a person who is bed ridden or leading a sedentary lifestyle due to some reason may need to consume more of pungency (if not potency) to keep the blood circulation going.

*** The persistent feeling of a specific taste on tongue even while not eating anything, is an indication of excess build up of that taste in Rasa Dhatu (lymph tissue), indicating that either Rasa is stagnated leading to build up of this taste or this taste is being taken in excess without balancing it with its opposite e.g.  a persistent sweetness in mouth means less of Pitta and more of sweetness being consumed which needs to be corrected. 

*** Black carrots are bitter and astringent in taste. That is why their mildly fermented drink called as “Kanji” in India (fermented in rye for day or two with salt) is a wonderful tonic during transition time from winters to summers (around mid or end march in India) that helps to bring down sudden change in temperature apart from digesting toxins. We will read more about this wonderful drink in Astrology section.

  • Medicine Section


Studies indicate that Arjuna impacts the working of thyroid by slowing it down and thus reducing the metabolism of the native. While, there is no doubt that alkaloids need more research, this particular study seems to be the reason for cardio protective health of Arjuna. However, its implication is that it can further increase Vata imbalance in an already high Vata and Vata imbalanced person as mentioned earlier (something that I experienced as you will realize while going through my case study).

Medicated Oils

Ayurveda uses therapeutic properties of oils  (plain or medicated with several herbs and food items) for local applications to relieve issues of inflammation/pain/burning on skin (external as well as internal)/muscles which manifest in form of disorders like psoriasis, eczema, bodyaches, neuropathic pains, constipation, migraines, headaches, sinusitis etc.  due to aggravation of V, P or K or a combo of them.  Sesame oil is used as the base for most of such medicated oils because it is high on Pitta but almost zero on pungency and apart from providing warmth and strength from Pitta, it is also rich source of calcium. That is why sesame oil’s massage (in itself) during cold weather before a warm water bath is strength giving and Vata pacifying. Ksheerbala oil is one its concoction where milk and Bala herb is added to it, to further increase its nutritive value for pacifying Vata of skin and muscles. Dhanvantaram is another concoction which several herbs and items and is again strength giving, Vata pacifying and fat/toxin scraper and pain relieving.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is excellent for Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases of the body because it kills plaque. Black pepper doesn’t excite body/skin/senses/brain while ensuring that blood flow remains uninterrupted. Thus it doesn’t flare up Prana Vata.

*** Whenever one increases Pitta (even if with deepach pachan herbs) for digesting toxins, it is bound to increase acidity (especially in stomach) and therefore such herbs must be accompanied at all times by liquorice to soothen the lining of the stomach and also sodium bicarbonate (soda powder) to balance acidity in the blood and other tissues.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent herb whose sap is bitter, astringent, sweet, pungent, and cooling and closely resembles the inter and intra cellular fluid in human body. Because of this, its sap can be used for several purposes like for very quickly reducing pain due to rash/burn/wound and also for healing it. It is also excellent for curing ulcers of the stomach (has similar working like bael). Its diluted gel is excellent for curing mild cases of leucoderma.

Brahm Rasayana

  • Just like Chyawanprash is a rasayana to boost up production of Ojas (all tissues) in the body during winters, Brahm Rasayana is a medicine having exactly similar effect on the body and mind during summers. While the book has captured a glimpse of how Chyawanprash works, there is no doubt that the world needs to carry out elaborate research to understand their exact mechanism of how and why they work so wonderfully well by removing Vata from the system and improving communication between different parts of the body or say immunity. Here is what I can understand.. When Vata goes high in the system, then apart from loss of enough blood and excess of plaque, the body stops producing necessary chemicals due to inefficient supply of nutrients to different organs/glands of the body (or produces them in insufficient quantity) taking the body into a vicious circle of further increase in Vata. So such rasayanas not only provide all essential micro nutrients (including macro nutrients like fats, carbs and even fiber) but they also provide those chemicals which an otherwise healthy body produces but Vata ridden doesn’t and that too in the right ratio thereby slowly and gradually restoring the functioning of the body.  Reiterating that despite being marvels for today’s understanding of nutrition and medicine, such rasayana can only pacify Vata aggravation but not Vata imbalances (excessively closed or open chakras) for which one must get into right Asanas and other medicines.

Brahm rasayana has similar ingredients as Chyawanprash except few. Most important difference is that Brahm rasayana is warm but not pungent at all as warmth gives strength by dissolving plaque and removing only Vata whereas pungency during summers will further increase Vata and Pitta. Secondly and very importantly Brahm rasayana is mildly bitter in tastes thereby neutralizing high pungency of summers which is otherwise exhausting and Vata aggravating. All in all, the message is clear. That chyawanprash is good only for cold weather whereas Brahm rasayana only for warm weather (but not hot).


  • Whenever Vata imbalance and Vata aggravation are high and they are reversed through Asana and food, then the native must consume all nutrients more than needed in normal circumstances whether it be macro nutrients (protein, fats and carbs) or micronutrients including minerals and vitamins. Thats why Vata people must eat very consciously so that all nutrients go inside the body. It may also mean taking supplements for some time in form of rasayana like Chawanprash or Brahm rasayana with milk. The issue that comes with multivitamin tablets is that they do not work on the principle of six tastes (especially Deepan Pachan concept is totally missing in them which is essential for undoing Vata). The result is that their absorption becomes a challenge and instead their accumulation in blood may create more issues. For example iron tablets can cause constipation whereas chawanprash/amla etc will never create constipation. Second reason is that supplements are totally artificially produced and are highly likely to lack the originality. Lastly, there is no doubt that Ayurvedic rasayanas would have been prepared by Rishis after properly understanding the ratio of need of different micronutrients needed in the body.

*** Reiterating that Vata people should focus more on oils like sesame/mustard as such oils are relatively low on saturated fats thereby ensuring that blood doesn’t thicken. However, a bit of saturated fats especially those present in ghee (being short chained) are essential for good health. Out of the two, mustard oil should be sparingly used (primarily during winters as it is quite pungent) whereas sesame can liberally be used in summers too.

Therapeutics- chapter 2


Exercising intensely when Vata is high to give a kick to the dull (vata ridden) brain is the major reason for increasing Vata aggravation and fibromyalgia in today’s world. And Vata can go high due to poor eating habits, due to indiscreet intake of bitter foods, due to sickness (even as small/short as fever). That is why Ayurveda clearly mentions to rest and eat well to fill ups gaps first (i.e. pacify Vata first) and regain firmness in the body before resuming routine activity (intense physical activity comes much later). We discussed how Vata in early years increases vata imbalance like figure 2.3 pushing the person to exercise hard as upper body stops getting enough blood in the brain. However this act of increased Pitta flares up Vata of the brain thereby pushing the person to eat wrong foods (due to unsettled mind), apart from getting involved in intense exercises and display of aggression in behaviour due to VP mind. Thus all this pushes the person deeper into the circle of diseases. That is where comes the essential role of Pranayama and Asana.

Pranayama and Asana


  • Apart from homogenizing the environment, Yogaasana very important task is also to direct different types of Vata in the right direction which get misaligned due to wrong foods/meds/lifestyle and activities. For example, Vyana Vata task is to circulate blood in the entire body starting from heart and away from it, outward in all directions. But if because of closure of heart chakra (whatever may be the reason), the direction of Vyana Vata moves inwards i.e. in reverse direction then it is bound to create circulation and thus Vata issues in peripherals including brain, digestive system and even Skin leading to depression, constipation, backaches, polyneuropathy, fibromyalgia and many more. In such a case, comes the role of Asanas like fish pose (matsyasana) which correct the flow of Vyana Vata in outward direction. Similarly bhujangasana directs the flow of Apana vata in the downward direction thereby helping in proper elimination. That is why all these are part of Shivananda Yoga. However, customizing Asanas basis one’s condition is extremely important. For example, a person with aggravated Vata in anahata chakra should avoid doing much of Ardhmatseyandra Asana (or should know how much to do and when) since it does direct flow of Vata in upward and downward direction from heart but it also reduces blood from this chakra.

*** Remember, even incomplete Asanas can also direct the flow of different Vata in the wrong direction leading to health issues. That is why we must understand the flow of different types of Vata in the body which is extremely easy.

  • Since Shivananda yoga increases blood circulation in upper body, it is primarily for those who walk/run/stand a lot (or have created such a Vata imbalance due to such activities in the past). However, those who have sedentary lifestyle should not do it after creating balancing Vata else it is bound to create high Vata in lower body.

*** Since during summers Pitta is already high in the weather, one should go for light Asanas/Pranayama/walks that too only in cold times of the day else intense exercise/yoga/brisk walks/jogs will further inflate Pitta and further expand an already expanded body. Ideally they should be done during mornings when it is relatively colder however if one wishes to perform them during summer evenings, then it should be done only after having a cold shower bath. Remember the aim is only to balance Vata (homogenise body) and not increase circulation which is already high. Conversely during winters, its important to do intense yoga/exercises with the purpose of increasing Pitta as well as homogenizing fluids/Prana. Quite logical that this increase or decrease in intensity should be gradual exactly in line with weather and that’s why we must be conscious of our body and weather around.

  • Most of us can sit cross legged which is termed as Sukhasana. It is a good pose that partially blocks the flow of blood towards legs. However, Padmasana (the lotus pose) is even better and is an excellent posture for providing immediate relief to those who have Vata imbalance like figure 2.3. While this pose too is cross legged however here both the soles of feet rest on the opposite thighs. This asana totally blocks the flow of blood towards legs beyond pelvic area. Even, Sidhasana also works on slightly similar lines (though not exactly) where one needs to sit cross legged. In this asana, the push on the point right under the groin area with the heel helps to push lymph/blood from the lowest chakra (of sexual organs) to upper parts (chakra). However here the blood flow towards legs is not blocked. Also, excess of this pose could increase vata in lower chakra and cause constipation. Goes without saying that these poses should be performed with straight spine to facilitate easy push of lymph in upper body.

*** Padmasana is a difficult pose for many especially those who are heavy and have more kapha towards lower body including legs (figure 2.3). The best way to gain flexibility for doing this pose is to start with Shivananda poses as the 12 poses of Shivnanda reduce excess blood /kapha/rigidity from lower body. On similar lines, one must prepare self for doing even headstand which is the first pose of Shivananda. Headstand is must for with imbalance like 2.3 however the irony is that such people have weak upper body and resting all weight on head will create issues for such people. That is why such people should graduate slowly and gradually to such poses starting with mountain pose, vipreetkarni, assisted headstand or using inversion tables/ropes to hang upside down.

  •  Cat and cow pose help to homogenise between heart chakra and upper and lower body.
  • Surya namaskar should ideally be performed under sunlight (early morning or late evening of summers and noon of winters). This helps to homogenize Pitta of Sun along with food all around the body thereby settling Vata wherever required. Exactly the same goes with walking and even other Yogasanas, pranayama and Kriya.

*** During summers, Surya Namaskar should be performed slowly with a few repetitions (4-5) to just balance Vata. Whereas during winters one can increase it as many as 50 or even hundred depending upon ones capacity.

  • Since, blockage in circulation in any part of the body can increase Prana Vata (reduced blood in brain), that is why the yoga practitioners experience bliss with even those Asanas that directly dont seem to impact Prana Vata. Likewise, all foods which reduce ama and improve circulation (especially spices) help in optimum functioning of Prana Vata with the caveat that excess of them can flare up Prana Vata and again lead to insomnia.

*** Tapping of forehead and face area is an excellent technique to move/drop stagnated and congested lymph from upper head/brain thereby reducing excess Kapha stuck in pineal/pituitary gland which could otherwise result in sluggish metabolism. This technique may help in issues like depression, brainfog, heaviness in head and OCD. This may also help those having dry skin on face or having issues like dry mouth or mouth burning. Dropping of lymph to the lower parts of brain is bound to drop blood too alongside which may reduce speed of flow of blood because now same amount of blood has to move in lesser volume of blood vessels. So while this will reduce blood from upper brain, it will also reduce blood moving in narrow vessels in upper brain i.e. high VP resulting in high VP in entire body. Thus this technique may also help in reducing excess VP in entire body as VP mind keeps the entire body too active. However its disadvantage may be reduction in higher perception i.e. Sadhak Pitta (Sun from Astrology angle) due to reduced blood in upper brain which is responsible for abstract and higher thinking. Remember, good circulation in brain means stronger Sadhak Pitta. Excess practice may also cause headaches. So, moderation that too in line with one’s Prakriti and Vikruti is the key.

  • This is to reiterate that Asana/Yogasana should ideally be performed in the morning hours. This is because after a long overnight rest, our body constricts inwards leading to reduced blood circulation in peripherals including brain. So we must perform Asanas especially Surya namaskar in the morning to equalise circulation of blood in the entire body (remember that conventional exercises cannot be as equalizing as Surya namaskar). Consumption of food without equalising blood flow may result in unequal distribution of nutrients consumed (Vata imbalance). Alternatively, one may have very light pre-digested wholesome food and then perform Asanas after a gap of 30-40 mins.
  • A Vata person is one who has more blood towards the core (the central meridian) and less towards peripherals. So, if Vata person does only headstands and not others to increase peripheral flow too, he/she will end up pushing blood deeper into upper brain however his/her peripherals will not get enough blood leading to Vata and thus pain in peripherals such as lungs, face, chest, back depending upon where the excess Vata is sitting. This also means that an overall KP person with a bit of Vata towards brain, would be benefitted with simply headstands with lesser or no need of asanas for peripheral circulation.


  • Kumbhak Pranayama- This is one Pranayama which is extremely essential for those having closed heart chakra (we discussed the reasons that cause closure of heart chakra).  In this pranayama, the practitioner in comfortable sitting posture is supposed to retain the deeply inhaled breath as long as possible without over straining the body and mind. The practice helps to regulate Vyana Vata/circulation of blood thereby undoing innumerable diseases like fibromyalgia, depression, indigestion, constipation, OCD, aggression, impulse and many more.

*** Blowing air in the conch shell (shankh) which is one of the practices followed in Sanatana Dharma during morning and evening prayers works similar to Kumbhak Pranayama where lot of air is inhaled and then exhaled slowly through the counch to create sound similar to AUM. The practice not only works wonders for increasing lung capacity but it also opens and decongests heart chakra apart from other upper chakras. AUM sound further helps in breaking plaque and dilating blood vessels. The practice can be mixed with Padmasana.

  • Those having Vata imbalance like 2.3 are bound to have closed heart chakra too with time. Such people should practice Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and Kumbhak Pranayama in Padmasana pose. This is because such a Vata imbalance directs flow of blood more towards legs due to increased physical activity courtesy VP mind. Therefore if such people perform kapalbhati in simple cross legged pose (Sukhasana), then it reduces blood from stomach and pushes more towards upper body and lower body including legs thus denting the digestion and further increasing blood towards legs.
  • Since different Asanas/Pranayama/Mantra open different chakras, one must learn how much to open a particular charka and when. For example excess of AUM can create insomnia in a person who is already high on anxiety (VP brain). This also means that we should avoid reciting AUM in late evening. Likewise bhastrika is bound to be counterproductive for those having a racing heart due to high VP. When blood goes less in the upper body it is bound to go less not only in stem but side branches too. So after Asanas, one should ideally recite AUM and perform Brahamari to distribute lymph peripherally too (unless the case is of high VP mind as mentioned above).
  • As you will gain expertise you will begin to understand significance of different asanas and even create your own asanas
  • Do not perform Kapalbhati when digestive system is in emaciated condition else it will further weaken it. Instead increase it gradually to push lymph in upper body after strengthening digestive system.
  • Why highly muscular people are not flexible is because their body is too stretched outwards or say inflated. If you try flexing a highly inflated balloon. It will either burst or show resistance to flex.

Beej mantra

  • Since beej mantras expand the lymph (and thus blood and tissues) peripherally, one must know how much to recite them including AUM else excess of it will reduce the blood/lymph from the center of the chakra thereby again creating imbalance. Thus excess of AUM can even cause insomnia. Also since higher most chakra govern the entire body, its excessive opening is bound to create excess hyperactivity in the entire body too. This is because AUM activates Pineal (the master gland), Pituitary (the sub master gland in a way) and even Thyroid to some extent. These glands work like switches of the body thereby controlling the metabolism. Technically, they vibrate at a specific frequency due to a specific combination of VPK (unique to every individual) and have a cascading effect on the entire body). This also means that a hyperactive mind (high VP) should not recite AUM. That is why certain people are told by Astrologers to recite “Namah Shivay” instead of “Aum Namah Shivay”. Reiterating that in Vata minds, AUM should be recited only after pushing the blood in upward direction through Asanas/Kriyas. Conversely, AUM recital in morning after a good night deep sleep, opens up the brain and body from the slumber of the sleep unless the person is as such feeling open. 

*** The moment we meditate (going in nothingness), we reduce movement of Pitta from one nerve to another. From biology perspective, we slow down aging. From physics perspective, we slow down time which has deeper meaning from Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande angle which we shall discuss.


  • Ayurveda clearly mentions that enema should be done only when required. Unnecessary enema especially with warm/hot water will cause dryness in rectum area and flare up Vata/dryness leading to constipation. This is one reason that water enema is preceded or followed by oil enema to settle Vata if any unless excess of Kapha has lodged in colon area which is rare e.g. in case of cancer. Likewise goes for nasya which should be done after neti.
  • Blood-letting (rakta-mokshana) uses the simple principle of sucking out infected areas of the skin where blood has become toxin ridden leading to manifestation in form of skin diseases like alopecia, eczema, psoriasis. Different healers use different methods for sucking out blood e.g. some use leeches, some use suction cups.
  • It is quite logical that jalneti (neti with warm saline water) or steam inhalation should be performed only when one’s sinus is having phlegm/cough. Performing such procedures in dry sinuses will create more dryness and Vata. In dryness cases, better option is to go for oils with pungency and nutrition like Anu oil. Here pungency breaks plaque, removes old and stagnant mucous and triggers formation of new mucous. Whereas nutrition (in form of milk and oil etc) helps to restore healthy status of cells which were nutrition deprived. One can also use a bit of steam with Ksheerbala in such cases however Anu is a better option in such cases because Vata ridden sinus also means Vata in brain and steam in such a case would give a kick and further dry. Thus Anu is the best option. This is because despite being mildly pungent, it is also nourishing. The same principle must be applied for enema too. If a person is having warm feeling in the rectum area but not in the entire body then it means that rectum area is high on Vata as well as Pitta. Usually in such a case one is not likely to face constipation unless Pitta is too high and dries up intestines. In such a case, one should go for medicated oil enema (ksheerbala etc) first. And then one may think of going for saline water enema to remove dirt especially if there is constipation. Since lower intestines are naturally low on Pitta and high on Vata, constipation here arises usually when intestines stop moving due to excess coldness. In such a case, starting with saline water enema is fine but in such a case one is not likely to feel heat in this area.
  • Local problem local solution must be borne in mind. A person may be overall fit but may have Vata stuck in specific pockets (either due to indiscreet use of vasodilation or due to injuries). In such a case one may need to go for localized pacification of Vata through medicated nutritious oils like ksheerbala.
  • While Vata imbalance can be handled with plain oils (sesame) to pull blood towards massaged area, Vata aggravation should be handled with only oils providing wholesome nutrition like ksheerbala else. However since Vata aggravation and imbalance have cause and effect relationship, it is always better to go for such oils and not the plain ones especially in case of extreme imbalance/aggravation.
  • Ksheerbala is warm in potency but not pungent. Hence it can be wisely used by Vata people even during summers if there are pains in muscles (usually experienced when temperature drops suddenly due to rains or AC resulting in weak peripheral circulation). We discussed that warmth/Pitta (glutamate) provides strength by pacifying Vata whereas pungency flares Vata. This also means that sesame oil can be used wisely even in cooking during summers by Vata people. Same goes with Mustard oil if Pitta is not high characterized by burning of the skin.
  • Nasya/Dhoomapanam– We discussed that Anu oil is pungent but astringent, bitter, and sweet too and is therefore excellent for managing typical Vata issues of the face and brain manifesting in form of cold dryness/cough when Pitta is not. On the other hand ksheerbala is better when cough is totally absent. It can also be used in case of dryness and burning. To add pungency, one can also add camphor. This oil can be used during winters with camphor for even psoriasis and without camphor in summers. Now, this oil cannot reach deeper parts of the body through nostrils especially oesophagus and lungs. And there comes the role of Dhoomapanam which literally means consumption/inhalation of smoke. In this procedure ghee/oil (medicated with herbs like turmeric, licorice, camphor etc.) is applied on a piece of cotton which is rolled and then burnt so that its fumes (focussed with the help of a cone) are inhaled through nostrils and mouth for making the fumes of medicated ghee reach deeper parts of throat and even lungs. The process works very well for undoing Asthma and bronchitis. Point to note here is that Pitta can pacify Vata only when it carries wholesome nutrition too along with it. Also excess of pungency and heat can flare up Vata instead of pacifying it. That is why steam is not a good option unless it is immediately followed by application of oil (having wholesome nutrition like ksheerbala/anu) in nostrils and mouth, else it will heat up and dry the inner linings and cause more issues in the long run like hyperactive/anxious/aggressive brain, dry nose, dry mouth, watery eyes and several allergic reactions etc.

*** Thus, Havan (Homa) with fumes created by burning of piles of dried cow dung with ghee and herbs (as per the need of the hour/toxins in the atmosphere) can work wonders for neutralizing toxins in the environment and in the human respiratory tract through indirect inhalation. Of course, havan’s fumes with different herbs/chemicals can be gainfully utilized for several other things. For example, it is said that in ancient times, they were used to precipitate rainfall from the overcast clouds. Applications could be numerous. Also to note that Dhoomapanam cannot be compared with smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking involves use of tobacco which is not only highly vasodilating (bitter) but also toxic and dry. That is why it creates Vata aggravation and imbalance in the system especially mouth, throat and lungs while also trapping the soot and dirt inhaled through smoking. That is why in already Vata people it is highly likely to cause respiratory issues and diseases like cancer, mouth burning etc.

*** Easiest way to create isotonic saline water solution for doing neti, vaman or enema is that it should taste exactly like our tears.


  • The way onion due to its highly constricting quality is consumed to balance sudden increase in Pitta, same ways even light vasodilators which are cold and astringent in nature like bear and even Poppy seeds (called Khus) and Cannabis in very small quantity can be consumed to balance excess heat in the weather as long as we don’t use them to drop pitta to the level of increasing too much of Vata and becoming addict of that food or other strong vasodilators. Reiterating that tea, coffee are meant only for typical kapha constitution and that too as medicines to pacify aggravated kapha (not beyond that).

Pulse Diagnosis

When Vata imbalance goes high thereby sub consciously reducing the pitta of the native, then Kapha is bound to stagnate in the body thereby increasing ama. Pulse of such a native may show very slow, superficial and heavy movement (vata). If such a person increases Pitta, the pulse will show snaky and very quick movement. At seventh level, the pulse may show kapha and Pitta spike in the kapha position of the liver point of the pulse.

Disease section- chapter 4

When Vata and Pitta both are high, then first aim should be to bring Pitta to optimum level (by checking one’s pulse) along with wholesome food because Pitta is bound to inflate Vata. Reiterating that Pitta reduction doesn’t mean removing Sattvic spices from food as they are the ones that will digest toxins and replace that space with healthy tissues. Simultaneous aim should be to undo Vata imbalance. However, when Vata imbalance goes high and when Pitta flares high Vata areas manifesting in form of pain and burning, then its wrong to drop Pitta to very low levels just to bring down the pain. Instead the aim should be to maintain Pitta at an optimum level while undoing Vata imbalance through asanas, pranayama, kriya, panchkarma etc. Excess reduction in Pitta will create circulation issues and increase Vata aggravation and imbalance. In other words, instead of going for quick fix approach of killing pain, one should focus more on removing Vata imbalance which may need intervention of an advanced guru as the person with Vata imbalance would not understand how to do it due to lack of experience/skills and also due to VP mind.

*** Excess work increases Pitta much beyond pitta needed for deepan pachan. That is why when there is toxin build up in the body or when Vata is high (due to toxins or panchkarma) then one must have adequate rest and avoid anything that increases excess Pitta like excess speaking, going under hot sun, staying in warm conditions or consuming very pungent foods/spices including dry ginger. 



  • Constipation in a person with Vata imbalance like figure 2.3 is less often (and could be because of other factors too like local inflammation of intestines not related to Vata imbalance) but when it happens it is usually because when the person of this constitution perforce reduces Pitta (through food and/or medicines) to that an extent due to high Vata in upper body especially brain that it starts weakening overall blood circulation thereby increasing Vata. This Vata often multiplies during onset of warm weather when long stuck kapha/toxins (due to constriction of cold weather) get released into peripherals leading to further increase in Vata in brain, muscles and intestines leading to constipation. This is one reason that Vata minds/people must perform warm oil massages during winters with nasya to avoid stagnation of blood in core during winters and avoid vata imbalance. This is also the reason that one must consume gluten free foods  especially during transition of weather to avoid build up of toxins and thus Vata. This is also the reason that panchkarma becomes important during transition to remove toxins from body and undo vata imbalance through vaman, virechan, massages, enema, neti, nasya.

Closure of heart chakra due to long periods of grief/wrong meds too can result in constipation in the long run which usually is accompanied by blurry eyes, fogged or sluggish brain due to vata in peripherals (colon as well as brain/face). The person may also face breathlessness due to closed chakra leading to vata in lungs.

On the other hand, constipation in people with Vata imbalance like figure 2.5 is primarily because of indulgence in highly acidic /spicy foods which flare up Vata of lower body which is already high on Vata. Unlike those having Vata imbalance like that of 2.3, in such cases (i.e. 2.5), constipation is accompanied by piles etc too. Overall, such people are more prone to inflammatory diseases of the lower body and such people get good results with medicated/VP calming enemas that also provide direct nutrition to lower body. Also to note that constipation in people having Vata in entire body especially due to high Prana Vata or due to closed heart chakra (resulting in low Pitta) should not bank upon enema only but their aim should be settle Vata imbalance and aggravation of entire body else excess of enema will keep increasing Vata in the rest of the body by pulling/lymph blood from there.

In the long run all such imbalances in excess lead to excess vata aggravation too leading to bouts of fibromyalgic pains alternated by depression//sluggishness. When such a person tries to increase Pitta through pungent spices or hot and spicy sourness, then Vata ridden areas in peripherals become inflamed due to Pitta rushing in high Vata areas leading to constipation, excessive stretching of muscles leading to pain in neck/face/shoulders/back/lowback/legs/pelvis (which will vary from person to person depending upon where vata is sitting). The manifestations could be many but this is just to give you the essence.

*** Bloating can be of two kinds. KAPHA TYPE, when Kapha (blood) towards core (stomach and small intestines) is relatively higher than other parts of body (Vata imbalance) but person is not able to increase Pitta to reasonable level due to vata imbalance. This usually creates problems in cold weather when as such blood towards core is more. VATA TYPE, when Vata (lesser blood) is relatively higher in digestive organs resulting in Vata blocking Pitta (even if right amount) causing improper agni (improper digestion, bloating and increase in toxins and further increase in Vata). And when Pitta goes high, it flares haywire agni due to high Vata resulting in pain, bloody stools as seen in ulcerative colitis. This usually happens during summers. Thus the patient keeps fluctuating in bloating, constipated feeling and sudden and bloody stools. In either case one need to remove Vata imbalance but with different ways e.g. while Kapha type needs strategies like kapalbhati, massages, asanas. Whereas Vata type, needs strategies like rest, keeping Pitta neither too high nor too low (to avoid flares and indigestion respectively), eating easy to digest or preferably pre-digested foods, avoiding milk but consuming probiotics like yogurt, eating Bael fruit (woodapple) as being bitter, astringent, pungent and sweet, bael removes plaque (through pungency) by taking blood towards core (through bitterness and astringency) and feeds sweetness to Vata ridden area. The problem comes when Kapha type bloating stays for too long as sooner or later it converts into Vata due to continuous generation of toxins in low Pitta area.

Cough, Cold and Fever

  • All painkillers, fever controlling medicines (like Paracetamol, brufen etc) are bitter in taste. Their bitterness controls different types of Pitta in the body thereby bringing down pain/fever and other inflammation. So its fine to use them if the sickness is due to high Pitta. The problem comes when we indiscreetly use them thereby exponentially bringing down Pitta and increasing Vata imbalance. This is to reiterate that fever is natural reaction of the body to throw out infection and suppressing it too much by taking paracetamol or even amritarishtam at just 99 or 100 degree F temperature would mean retention of toxins inside the body leading to Vata in the long run. Also amrita scores higher than paracetamol because apart from bitterness, Amrita also has astringency, sweetness, alkalanity and many vitamins and minerals which aid in neutralizing acidity due to fever unlike paracetamol which is just bitterness. Yes in absence of Amrita, one can consume pomegranate which provides sweetness, astringency and alkalinity to the body.

*** One must understand the difference between preventive medicine and medicine for treatment. Both may need absolutely opposite strategy. For example during cold weather (or when Kapha is high) its fine to consume Pitta increasing herbs/spices/meds like ginger/ajwain to increase blood circulation and pacify Kapha but if you consume them after getting stuck with fever, then it will further shoot up fever. Instead during fever in hot weather, one would need to control fever with pitta pacifying medicines like amrita (and not pitta increasing meds) to not let it go beyond very high levels (102F and above). However as mentioned the right way to control fever in the first three days is only with water soaked gauges (water at room temperature) unless it goes too high and with juices like that of pomegranate and easy to digest foods like khichdi with buttermilk. At no cost should curd etc be given to the patient. Even buttermilk should be balanced with a few pinches of turmeric. Drastic reduction in Pitta by using excess of bitter results in accumulation of toxins in the body and further increase in Vata which may lead to even death. In other words, it is not the fever that kills but the indiscreet use of medicines that can kill. If fever is arising due to infections like that in case of typhoid, not only its intensity will increase in steps, the pulse of the patient will also be slow unlike the usual fever which needs a different strategy.


  • A person with VP type BP would have accumulated lot of toxins, so such a person must consume only Deepan Pachan herbs to digest toxins and not the highly stimulating ones.
  • Praval panchamrit rus (which is Calcium carbonate purified with rose and buttermilk) is excellent to bring down VP and thus BP. Not only that this medicine also helps to control cold cough during transition from winters to summers which happens due to sudden increase in Pitta and acidity. You can create it at home too by replacing Praval (corals) with sweet soda however Praval is more effective.
  • Also such people should start Yogasanas for balancing Vata, only after neutralizing and expelling toxins with herbs, alkaline foods/meds and enemas. Yes, mild Surya namaskar along with warm oil massages must be performed by them during  winters for controlling BP
  • Bringing down BP with bitter and astringent vegetables/foods like broccoli, beetroot is fine and therapeutic during hot weather but please donot use them during winters else they will further increase Vata imbalance/Vata aggravation and then poor circulation of blood especially in peripherals leading to further increase in BP. Instead during winters use warm, sour, sweet and pungent foods and meds like chyawanprash to manage healthy BP and circulation along with warm oil massages to keep Vata balanced. And during summers use bitter, astringent, sweet and cold foods with less pungency to keep Pitta in control. Even onion and mild alcohols which are sweet, astringent and bitter like beer can be gainfully utilized during summers to control high Pitta. However, using excess of bitterness that too alongwith air conditioning can be counterproductive and can increase vata imbalance due to highly reduced Pitta. Likewise, even during summers one should reduce intake of bitter during late evenings when pitta goes relatively down. So one must learn wise use of bitter.
  • BP meds- Another reason for Vata aggravation due to BP meds in Vata minds is that since they increase more Vata or say hyperactivity in mind, they don’t let the body get enough rest. Beta blockers have double impact on Vata aggravation. Not only they increase hyperactivity of mind, they also weaken digestion thereby weakening reduced uptake and absorption of the nutrients. Also as mentioned earlier, use of BP meds (like sartan) during winters when bitter should not be used, further inflates Vata imbalance thereby closing body inside including closure of heart chakra. This also means that if one wishes to continue using Sartan group of medicines for controlling BP then one should use them only in summers to reduce Pitta (though the same can be more effectively achieved through use of bitter foods on as and when basis).

*** Consumption of beta blockers and Sartan (or other vasodilating foods/drinks) together has an extremely serious impact. Together they create excessive closure of the heart chakra. That is why a person taking beta blockers (even if temporarily) should not consume vasodilating foods/meds/drinks along with it. This includes even ayurvedic meds like Arjuna. A weak beating heart due to its closure inwards further closes. Since grief also closes heart chakra, consuming liquor or other dilating foods during such periods further closes it. This is one strong reason that we must not resort to comfort foods to overcome grief. Instead we should perform Bhastrika/Kumbhak and AUM recital to expand mind so that negative recurring thoughts escape out forever.


Here is a simple way to visualize fibromyalgia. Look at Figure 5. It shows Vata imbalance where peripherals are getting less blood which would result in Vata in the brain, stomach, legs, arms etc thereby weakening these areas and displaying symptoms as shown in figure including aging of skin. However since the heart is unable to beat strongly due to closed chakra (for whatever reasons), it won’t push blood outwards and that is why it wouldn’t open more blood vessels and thus wouldn’t create blood flow like figure 2.6. The problem comes when one tries to open up closed heart chakra to give a kick to dull brain (dull due to Vata) through intense exercises which results in figure 2.6.

*** In Fibromyalgia Pitta is high which causes pain in peripherals due to high Vata there. Whereas in MS Pitta is low which gets blocked by high Vata leading to confusions, poor vision, loss of control etc. However both are due to indiscreet use of vasodilators (usually accompanied by exercises) leading to Vata aggravation and imbalance.


Very high Vata and high Pitta in brain is the one that causes coma. This combination in brain can even push the person to even commit wrongs. That is why, even old and sacred testaments (Purana) say that sometimes to avoid further dent in individual and collective conscience, the soul (and/or her guides) decide to arrest her body in comatose state. Please treat this as a thumb rule. It doesn’t meant that we should not try to revive the patient.


This happens when heart is high on VP (Rahu in fourth house) or Pitta (Mars in fourth house) and brain is high on VP (Rahu or Sun and Saturn). Treatment of person would depend upon doshas sitting in other parts of the body too however calming meds like Mukta Vati, Praval panchamrit rus, Arjuna etc. do help by calming Pitta of heart/brain. Such people also need headstands and other poses of shivananda yoga but only after calming Pitta and Vata. For immediate relief one can provide cold packs on the head to push the blood inside the brain for settling Vata. This is one reason that Ayurveda as a thumb rule suggests to not to pour hot water on head as it reduces blood from the brain and could lead to high VP.

*** Water hammer Pulse is due to high VP of heart which pushes it to contract quickly and relax too quickly. Anahata asana is good for such cases and if the lungs are absolutely healthy then one can be given a bit of Arjunarishtam.


  • When a person performs more than one task at a time or connects many things, his/her pitta gets divided into different sections of the brain. The problem comes when Pitta supply is less due to high Vata. In such a case when already less Pitta gets divided into many sections, it creates confusion due to insufficiency of Pitta leading to incomplete processing of tasks. This is the reason that old age people get confused if asked to connect too many things. This becomes even more pronounced in case of Alzheimer patients where Pitta moves to most well formed circuit in the brain (that memory which is deeply embedded created during that phase of life when VPK were all working well in the brain).


  • Prandhara (also called as Amritdhara) is an excellent remedy to treat breathlessness. The medicine is made of oils of mint, ajwain and eucalyptus. Inhaling it helps in dilating the vessels of lungs and trachea thereby helping in easier breathing. The medicine has various application. External application helps in getting rid of pains, headaches etc arising due to Vata deposition. Internally this medicine helps to overcome nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating etc. Those having kapha aggravation in entire body thereby causing issues of breathlessness can use ginger tea.

Occult Sciences- Chapter 5

Astrology section

  • Mercury is where blood is moving through slightly haywire vessels but with good force and where there are no gaps in between blood and vessels unlike Rahu. That is why mercury gives firmness due good kapha present along with V and P unlike Rahu where VP are high and blood volume is less than volume of vessels leading to hollowness and gaps due to which the blood keeps changing routes and thus the focus too.
  • We already discussed in the first chapter (Vata imbalance section of addendum) that why Rahu type of food early in life creates Ketu in the lower body and vice versa. Here is one more important aspect to understand. Rahu represents VP (though later in life it becomes simply Vata). So when due to our wrong food habits and lifestyle we increase Vata (paucity of blood) like eating imbalanced foods not in line with season/constitution, overexercising, overworking in Sun, we increase Rahu but then with onset of cold weather, same Rahu i.e. paucity of blood results in shrinking of blood vessels inwards due to loss of fullness/firmness in them resulting in Pitta getting trapped inside thereby creating Ketu. This is because during warm weather, Pitta keeps the vessels stretched with air/space present in it alongwith blood but when cold season arrives or Pitta gets lowered for some reason (if not weather), then the blood goes inwards towards core creating Ketu. In fact this see saw between Rahu and ketu is happening all the time between day and night and even with fluctuating temperature however it is too small to be noticed unless it accumulates. Most importantly by conscious living/eating (in line with weather/constitution) we can ensure that this axis doesnt bother us at all. 
  • While brain is like central processing unit, heart is another equally important organ which is directly connected to each and every part of the body through blood supply. That is why energy of the Anahata chakra plays a huge role in deciding the morphology of the native. A person with Mars in fourth house means strong muscular heart meaning strong circulation of the blood (pumping as well as suction) right till all the farthest areas of the body. Whereas a person with Rahu will have quickly pumping heart but with weaker and wavy force leading to weaker (relative to Mars) and wavy blood flow (Rahu type) especially towards peripherals including brain whereas Saturn in fourth will indicate weak pumping and suction. As such anahata represents mother because mother’s physiology has the biggest role in shaping the morphology/constitution/psyche of the child. This is one reason that heart is considered to be the second brain whose shape and size (including that of the nerves, blood vessels, muscles etc emanating out of it) speak of the morphology of the entire body.
  • When a person is going through high Pitta phase of Mars (due to activity and/or food), then such person starts consuming bitterness to calm down Pitta (either in form of medicine or food). That is how begins Rahu. So, Rahu is very bitter, slightly sour, slightly pungent and that is why it creates VP with wavy movement of blood like snake (due to bitterness). That is why Rahu is depicted in mythology as a snake head (This is one reason that when Rahu is strong in one’s chart, the native may dream a lot of snakes). Thus waviness results in loss of focus as blood keeps changing routes due to creation of new circuits (by waviness). That is another way of saying that Rahu eclipses Sun because Sun means focus (that is the reason that even Saturn is said to eclipse Sun). This loss of focus means enticement/confusion which is bound to dent the focus of the soul on some aspect (whether it be loss of money/relation/health). Now, when Mars dasha enters in Rahu’s Mahadasha, the strength of Mars’ Pitta supported by bitterness and sourness of Rahu, exponentially expands body towards peripherals leading to creation of space, excess of waviness, confusion and losses. Which pushes the soul to slow down and that is how the mahadasha of Jupiter begins during which the blood circulation starts slowing down in wavy blood vessels which leads to relative reduction in sourness and Pitta and thus increase in Vata and space due to extra circuits created which are now less excited due to less Pitta thereby creating space.

*** While the change in wiring of the body and mind is a constant phenomenon, during Rahu this phenomenon is felt highest. This is the reason that during Rahu times one’s ideals/psychology/focus/profession/thinking/horizon etc. may undergo a noticeable change because the route of Sun (perception of life) goes through a change in this period.

Since more circuits in blood vessels means more inter neural connections, during Jupiter period, Pitta flows slowly through more Vata (inter-neural connections) thereby helping the person to become wiser as it provides lateral thinking to the native. Since less Pitta results in more accumulation of fat, this helps in covering of nerves with insulations thereby avoiding short circuits (confusion) and thus recalling events of the past. And by the time Saturn Dasha arrives, this Pitta drops further to create wrinkles/more circuits (very closely woven). That is why Saturn (Vata) is said to have Vakra drishti (curved vision) through which one is able to see behind the wall because during Saturn this curved space increases further (one can also say that increased inter neural connections result in foresightedness during Saturn). Thus we see that without Rahu, new wavy circuits cannot be created or say a soul cannot become wise or cannot gain Jupiter unless it has gone through Rahu. In other words, when Rahu (VP) slows down, it becomes Saturn (V). All in all, a soul becomes wise only when it is able to segregate good from bad and for that it has to experience the bad.

So Rahu can be considered as a necessary evil which not only helps in collecting bad but also good. From a macro scale, the difficult times (Kalyuga) due to Rahu are predecessors to good times (Satyuga). Same goes with Ketu because Rahu and Ketu are two sides of the same coin. So while Rahu creates new circuits, Ketu analyzes them deeply and creates something more/new out of them. Conversely, when Rahu comes in a Ketu dominated person, then it throws out all the stored information (good or bad) and starts afresh. This also means that in absence of Rahu there wont be any Ketu. In other words, desires of the soul (whether it be for higher learning or to enjoy luxuries of food/sex etc) are Rahu whereas its outcome/learnings are Ketu. So, if a soul decides not to learn anymore (or say suspend her evolution though it can never be permanent) then her Rahu Ketu axis wouldn’t exist. That is why Rahu’s location in chart conveys her desires for learning/luxuries etc whereas Ketu’s location conveys last life’s learnings in a specific field.

*** Worth noticing that before Jupiter’s main period begins, one goes through the period of Rahu-Mars. During this period one becomes relatively more active (due to Mars) under the influence of bitterness (Rahu) which creates lot of space/expansion (waviness and new circuits) in the body (quite similar phenomenon happens during Mars-Rahu period however at that time bitterness is relatively less). It is this space that triggers one to slow down and thus begins Jupiter during which one adds more fat (not muscles) due to reduce Pitta. And we know that fat helps store memory due to insulation (basically a cell can store only its boundaries are intact). Also important to remember that bitterness reduces different types of Pitta in the body.

*** Question may arise that if Ayurveda suggests to eat bitter to reduce force of Pitta (pungency) then how can combination of bitterness and pungency create more circuits. So the answer is that bitterness blocks pungency however when Pitta is thrown with muscular force (Mars type) in different directions, it is then that bitterness can cause new circuits (not when Pitta is uniformly high in the body). The phenomenon can be visualized by the simile of balloon. If the walls (external as well all internals) of a balloon are slightly shrivelled by reducing volume of air in it by cooling the air (with the help of bitter or very less Pitta), then it becomes so easy to mend its permanent shape by physically twisting it in different ways. As such cooling the air increases space thereby increasing Vata. On the other hand, try permanently changing the shape of a well inflated balloon and you will find it difficult. Not only it will resist but if you overtry, it will either come back in its original shape or it will burst). However, if a balloon is excessively stretched due to high Pitta, then bitter helps to cool down the air (blood in the body) inside it thereby balancing it (just as raw onion balances sudden exposure to heat wave). It is this reason that exercising under the influence of highly bitter foods can cause excessive increase in Vata (i.e. excess of haywire circuits) which answers the question that why MS and fibromyalgia are found more often in people having physically active past.

  • As a thumb rule, Rahu should not be present in the early years of one’s life (i.e. first or second houses) because these are the times when Mars is supposed to be strong which together with Rahu may create a lot of Vata (new circuits). As such Rahu means blood moving in snaky manner through vessels due to high VP constitution, lifestyle and food which further puts one in the vicious circle of adding more and more Vata because VP leads to hyperactivity, selection of enticing foods (more sugary, salty, sour etc). However a lot also depends upon the zodiac in which Rahu is posted and other factors. For example Jupiter’s zodiacs do neutralize its effects to an extent because Jupiter means heavy foods which are vata pacifying but not Pitta aggravating. That is why Rahu in 9th zodiac remains in control. Presence of planets around Rahu too matter a lot (in the same or adjacent houses). For example presence of Mars increases its ferocity.
  • Force of Pitta during Rahu’s mahadash is not as strong as that during Mars thereby reducing flow of blood reaching the peripherals. This is because of use of more vasodilators during Rahu vis-a-vis Mars time. This also means that blood vessels are much lesser stretched during Rahu times as compared to Mars time.
  • Since planets are manifestations of different tastes/doshas in various proportions, just the way disharmony between different doshas creates diseases, same ways the disharmony between different planets in a birth chart creates diseases at mental/physical/spiritual level. Thus a birth chart explains how different

energies will interact to create their outcome (harmonious or disharmonious in different aspects of life). And conscious living with a knowledge of this aspect can help us to get rid of disharmony.

  • Saturn has been shown as a child in mythology as Saturn i.e. Vata, develops later in life after Kapha and Pitta phase representing that it is youngest in creation but introspective and justice giving. As such the sequence of creation of different energies (planets) in life has been discussed in Kaalpurush section of the book.
  • Sun exults in Mars also because increased peripheral circulation increases Bhrajak pitta (the pitta on skin which facilitates the sensation of touch/heat) which in turn activates Sun.  Thus, Bhrajak Pitta also is a significator of Mercury which has a cause and effect relationship with Sun. So, as mercury comes closer to Sun, it activates Bhrajak Pitta thereby heating Skin and sense organs and further flaring Sun. 

*** This also means that just like Prana Vata has cause and effect relationship with other Vatas, meaning disturbance in one can disturb any other Vata especially Prana Vata, same ways, Sadhak Pitta has similar relationship with other Pittas of the body.

  • The effect of Sun combusting a planet not only depends upon the difference between Sun and that planet but also the zodiac in which they are posted and the planets aspecting them or conjunct with them. Even Shadbala matters a lot. For example, if Sun is present in first zodiac and is combusting Mercury, then the effect on mercury will be louder because first zodiac increases peripheral circulation thereby increasing Sun’s effect that too with strength provided by strong core created during winters. The effect will further compound if warm/hot/acidic planets like venus and/or mars are closely associated with them (either in same house or through aspect)- as discussed in one of the case studies of Psoriasis.

*** A lot depends upon the first house. So even if one has combust mercury, the person may not get highly affected if first house is not too excited. However if first house has Rahu then high VP will excite the person to live and eat wrongly leading to further aggravation of toxins and increased Vata and Pitta which will further increase VP in its VPK and thus reduction in kapha leading to skin issues.

  • As time moves on, the person gets exposed to different weather conditions (as captured in one’s birth chart) and deposits doshas over previously created doshas thereby accordingly attracting people/conditions.
  • Planet which is posted earlier in the birth chart (earlier means closer to first house or in it but after one is born represented by degree of the ascendant in the birth chart) has a deeper effect than the next planet that appears in the chart (whether in the same house or subsequent ones). For example if someone has Rahu posted before Saturn then Rahu’s energy will influence Saturn’s energy. And if they are closely conjunct let’s say in the same house that too within few degrees then Rahu’s effect on Saturn will be even more pronounced. However, if Rahu is in outer house and Saturn is in Kendra (center) house, then Saturn despite posted after Rahu will be closer in terms of core values meaning that while initially Rahu will dominate strongly in terms of excitement/high Rajas, however Saturn’s energy will take over being in core. This also means that farther the Saturn higher will be the effect of Rahu. But yes! During Dasha of particular planet, its expression will become stronger even if posted later than the other. Conversely if Saturn is posted in first and Rahu in subsequent houses, then Saturn being the main wiring/core value will keep a control on Rahu. Many other factors need to be considered along with these aspects e.g. during Rahu’s mahadasha, Saturn will become relatively weaker even if Saturn is strong being in first (and/or strong in Shadbala). Even if Saturn is strong in Shadbala but if it is posted after Rahu, then it will show its effect later as Saturn matures after Pitta calms down.
  • Not only planets in early houses matter that determine the wiring of the native, but even the early planetary periods too matter a lot.
  • Karaka- Natural significator of a house even if not present in the house which it signifies will always have an effect on that house. For example, Sun is Sadhak Pitta and is a significator of first house (brain). So even if Sun is not present in one’s chart in first house, the brain cannot function without Sadhak Pitta. Therefore Sun’s condition (affected by planets around it or aspecting it and zodiac and house it is present in) will have a straight impact on first house.
  • Even if two people have same birth charts (like twins), the events in their life will differ because a difference of few minutes will create a big difference in divisional charts further leading to difference in Shadbala too which represents the planetary strength. Thus during planetary period of a planet (let’s say Saturn), while one sibling may feel the effect of Saturn much more than the other sibling due to strong Saturn and weaker Venus in Shadbala of first vis-a-vis latter. As such divisional charts must be read in conjunction with the main chart especially D9 for even basic reading.

*** From the explanation of the logic of why divisional charts are created, you would have understood that occurrence of a planet in the same zodiac in various charts indicates it stronger expression with respect to that zodiac. This also means that more the number of occurrences of a planet in its MT sign in different divisional charts, higher would be the strength (expression) of that planet/dosha in one’s life. And that expression will become stronger during its planetary period and also when it is supposed to be strongest as per the age factor.

  • As of now, Shadbala doesn’t consider placement of planets in chalit however this needs to change as it is an extremely important aspect.
  • New Moon – On a new moon, when its gravitational force on water element is least, we must observe relative silence, patience, calmness and a cordial atmosphere as whatever gets experienced gets deeply engraved in mind due to weak movement of water/fluid/blood resulting in strong circuit creation of that memory.
  • Moon’s dashas comes after Sun’s because Sun is heating and slightly drying which automatically pushes the native to go for foods that increase fluid in the body like liquids, salt, moist and cold potency foods/drinks.
  • Since Sun i.e. Sadhak Pitta means to perceive/pick up things around, it is a quality of the higher brain i.e. the cerebrum and therefore Asanas/Kriya like those mentioned in Shivananda Yoga, Kapalbhati, bhastrika etc. (which also increase peripheral circulation and not just towards sense organs i.e. eyes, ears, nose and mouth) awaken our Sun.
  • While Mars is a combination of high KP, Sun is pure Pitta. That is why Sun is represented by Ruby which is red but transparent (no Kapha but energy only) whereas Mars is represented by red coral which is red but opaque.
  • While in Mars, heat (pitta) gets equally divided in the body especially in peripherals resulting in supply of blood/strength to the muscles, during ketu period, this Pitta and blood remains confined more towards the core which may have good as well as bad ramifications.
  •  During Aries duration, Vata is least in the system whereas Kapha and Pitta are high. This ensures smooth, straight, focussed and unhindered flow of Pitta and that is why Sun exults in this zodiac. From behavioural viewpoint, this combination gives strength and ability to stay focussed.
  • From physical angle Jupiter and Moon conjunction is good because Jupiter’s space is occupied by Moon thereby ensuring that Agni doesn’t flare up in space. From behavioural angle, Jupiter doesn’t let moon wander and Moon doesn’t let Jupiter go high on ego.
  • When a planet as lord of Kendra sits in a bad house, it is bound to provide experience related to that house, however if that planet is in its friend sign (or exulted) then the native will be able to sail through conditions of these houses with more ease.
  • When kapha gets stagnated in Vata, it causes health issues in form of neurological/muscular disorders however its silver lining is that it provides retention of memory coupled with ability to think laterally due to Vata. That is why Jupiter Saturn combination is considered good from invention/discoveries viewpoint though it is bad from health viewpoint especially when Pitta goes down too low in case of high Saturn (vata/Vata imbalance) resulting in drying of Kapha inside constricted blood vessels leading to plaque formation. As such this conjunction brings OCD due to stagnation of Kapha (for good or bad depends upon placement of planets in zodiacs/constellations).
  • A planet can become friendly or enemy even in different phases of life e.g. one’s moon in early days of life when Vata is settled will not create issues however in later part of life if person’s Vata is high (Saturn), then it will create issues.
  • While the initial houses (and 4,7 and 10) represent the foundation and therefore the Prakriti of the person (with first explaining the deepest prakriti), planetary period represents the Vikruti of the native unless those periods are of Kendra or trikone lords.
  • Shadbala helps to understand which planets or doshas are strong and weak and by how much. This can be utilized to reduce those tastes in food and lifestyle which r aggravating those planets/doshas and manifesting in form of diseases mental or physical 
  • Kalki avatar is where all planets are in total harmony with each other 
  • 12 th house- all material losses that we incur always remain at the back of our mind and keep influencing our decisions sometimes for good sometimes for bad. For good becoz they help us make corrections for bad becoz they may not let us come out of that shock. This is also the reason that when 12th house gets activated (meaning the planetary period of that house begins), the native begins thinking about matters of the past. By the way, since zodiac is an ongoing circle, 12th also indicates that which is about to come however presence of Rahu and ketu (which always move in retro/clockwise direction unlike other planets) in 12th means they have already done their job fully in 1st before moving to 12th.
  • Divisional chart– We discussed the logic earlier that how and why divisional charts are created. The right way to read a divisional chart is to read it in conjunction with D1 chart. For example if one wishes to read about how one’s life will shape in future on a specific aspect, then the house related to that aspect must be read in both the charts i.e. D1 and D9. Not only that, we also must combine the energies of both the houses to see how they will function. Lets take the first house of my case as an example being the most important house (refer the charts already shared in Divisional chart section of the Astrology chapter). Here first house of D1 shows strong presence of Saturn dosha (10th zodiac) with its lord Saturn sitting in 4th house further increasing Saturn as Vata increases exponentially if Saturn is posted in fourth house. Whereas in D9, my first house has first Zodiac i.e. MT sign of Mars. Together they show high VP personality. Thus, if a house both in D1 and d9 shows same dosha then the result multiplies e.g. if both have Rahu in first then it indicates very hyperactive mind especially if the zodiacs too are hot however if D1 has Rahu in first but d9 has let’s say Jupiter in first, then it reduces effect of Rahu in first. The same principle can be applied on all charts. For example, D3 chart in my case shows Rahu in second and Mars in third thereby further compounding my energies of Karma due to same pattern in D1. Apart from this, we should also check the status of the lord of the house in question in the other chart to know effect on it and vice versa. For example, the lord of first house of D1 chart i.e. Saturn has gone in third house in D9. This means that in later part of life, Saturn will dominate in my karmas (though Mars energy will still exist there but mellowed by Saturn). Likewise presence of Sun in D9 shows that I will find comfort in understanding logic of things (whereas Saturn in Ashwini Nakshatra in D1 indicates my comfort in serving through healing).

Here is an interesting way to visualize divisional charts. While main chart represents the wavelength/frequency of the vibration of a particular house/aspect (with that specific frequency representing a specific planet at specific degree in specific zodiac), the divisional charts represents waves modulated on the main wave of D1 (something like figure 9).

  • Effect of Transits– While planetary periods convey dominance of a specific dosha/psychology related to that planet, transits convey activation of chakras (and the related glands/organs) with the energy of the planet which is/are transiting from the house governing that chakra. So, a person having Mars in first house (that too in a fiery zodiac, let’s suppose zodiac one) will be very high on energy especially in young years of life due to highly active pineal/pituitary glands and the entire brain flooded by blood. However, when Saturn will transit in zodiac one for 2 ½ years, it will calm down that person’s Mars to a good extent. Even, transit of Saturn in opposite house i.e. zodiac 7 will also have some effect on the person though not as much as first case. In reality, chakras are literally like conduits through which the energy in different forms passes thereby making our body/mind behave in a specific fashion. So you may also say that the birth chart which is transit of planets at the time of birth of person/event, conveys energies of different chakras (basis presence of zodiacs, their lords and planets in that house) and their connection with each other at different points of time. Whereas in divisional charts show different connections of these chakras at different points of time.
  • When a planet moves from A house to B house in transits, it leaves a permanent mark/effect on A house. Yes that effect keeps getting suppressed/weakened by transit of other planets in that house or other houses or aspect on A house, however it never fades away completely, just like whatever is stored in a hard disk never gets deleted totally even if it fades away/get lost with time. For example, when Jupiter’s transit in first house reduces Pitta and increase fat thereby increasing retention and calmness of mind. So when Jupiter transits from first to second house, it doesn’t mean that this will immediately undo the effect of Jupiter in first. It just means that after quietening mind, now Jupiter will work on quietening speech and other aspects of second house and then move to third and so on. On the other hand, since Rahu ketu move clockwise, their action will be opposite. So when Rahu will transit in fourth house, it will relatively increase the restlessness of heart including heart rate by opening it up and opening peripheral circulation but in a wavy manner as Rahu moves. And when Rahu will move to third house from fourth, this will result in quick and unfocussed actions/karma of the person with mild affect on speech too (as adjacent houses are bound to get affected especially by slowing moving planets). As such from cause and effect relationship angle, its easy to understand that when someone’s heart becomes restless, it will gradually lead to relatively restless/less focused karma too. And then this will create relatively restless values/speech (Rahu in second) and finally a relatively restless personality (Rahu in first). The word “Relative” needs special mention and emphasis because a person high on Jupiter would be benefited by Rahu by undoing sluggishness.
  • Thus, by using birth chart and by checking transit of planets, a healer should decide the type of medicine to be given to the person. For example, in my case, I had excess of Vata Pitta in me due to Saturn in my fourth house resulting in poor pumping of blood by Vata ridden heart. Thus for my mouth burning all I needed was to calm down my Pitta by abstaining from very pungent spices and bitter foods and most importantly opening of heart chakra through Asana/kriya/pranayama. However what I was given was highly bitter and astringent meds earlier by Allopathy and then by Ayurveda which further increased my Vata leading to poor circulation and further closure of Anahata Chakra.
  • A highly experienced healing soul (with experience of many lifetimes) may be able to create even a birth chart by checking one’s pulse and therefore may not need even chart however it is always better to use as many aids as possible to arrive at the right conclusion else you may end up creating more pain than healing.
  • We briefly discussed the effect of transit on overall conscience which results in affecting the individual conscience using corona example and Kalpurush Kundli. Here is one more visualisation which can be used for understanding effect of all planets on collective. When Saturn becomes strong in collective conscience meaning it goes in its own sign, then it results in constriction of everything on earth (not just human body) whether it is air, water, earth, space and fire. The result is disruption in flow of smooth energy from one place to another and creation of pockets leading to sudden and jerky movements whenever the Pitta flares Vata of Saturn (resulting in whacky climate etc.).Its silver lining is that when Pitta is low, Vata stores experience and makes one connect dots and visualize by slowing down everything including mind.
  • Varshphal chart

Sun is the most important planet out of all the nine being the source of energy of Universe and thus life giver. Everything begins with Sun, not just life but all planets too. Sun is the one that creates perception, understanding and knowledge of all the energies including self and all events in life. That is why by rotating the chart and keeping that house as first where Sun is parked in one’s birth chart (Surya Kundli) is so important to understand that how soul would perceive the world through Sun’s eyes (Same goes with moon as moon is Mann/mind and therefore equally important is Chandra Kundli. In fact, we can use the same fundamental for checking one’s chart from different aspects e.g. how one perceives wisdom is by keeping Jupiter as first as Jupiter stores so all planets in front of Jupiter i.e. in houses after first represent the same). This is the basis of Varshphal (annual) chart which depicts events of the corresponding year for which it is created. Annual chart of a specific year displays that position of all planets transiting in different zodiacs when Sun reaches exactly the same degree and minutes in that zodiac where it was placed in one’s birth chart. However, it doesn’t mean that Sun itself would be the most dominating energy of that year. In other words, Sun may or may not fall in one’s first house. To determine the first house for a particular year, Astrology uses a specific formula. Another interesting aspect of Varshphal chart (annual chart) is that all 365 days of the year being assessed are divided in different planetary periods whose ratio is exactly in line with the ratio in which planetary periods are assigned to different planets in 120 years. Thus, while one’s Ketu may not be active in Mahadasha/antardasha and neither may it be dominating in one’s transit chart (by sitting in first house or aspecting it), it may temporarily show its effect when it becomes active during the assigned duration in the Varshphal chart.

  • Dominance of Tastes in different Planets

Sun dominates hot potency. Moon represents fluid and thus cold liquids, salty (being water retaining), cold potency foods. Mars represents Kapha Pitta (including pungency) foods. Rahu represents imbalanced tastes (high on bitterness, sour, salty, pungency, sugar or say Junk which creates stimulated Vata). Jupiter is sweet. Saturn is astringent. Mercury has all six tastes in balanced quantity (that is why it is equal on VPK). Ketu has astringency, Pitta and sweetness. Venus is sweet, sour, pungent.

*** These are thumb rules. So while mercury is supposed to be balanced on VPK, when a person goes through this planetary period, it doesn’t mean that he/she will have VPK in equal quantity in the entire body and mind. A lot will depend upon basic constitution of the native.

  • We discussed with a logic that the lord of 6th, 8th and 12th houses (only if MT sign of that planet is posted in these houses), are considered functionally malefic for the native. This also means that presence of a functionally malefic planet in Kendra or trikone is bound to create issues to the native and is a bad yoga because this means that a functionally malefic dosha/planet is highly and deeply active in the native’s life.
  • The best way to take care of malefic planets (whether functionally or naturally) is by applying the principle of opposites i.e. by reducing the corresponding energy and by feeding opposite/balancing energy to the person (in food, actions, cloths, gems etc.).
  • While we discussed that how psychology explains the basic aspects of different houses of birth chart, the fact is that we can utilize psychology for even more complex looking aspects/meaning of all the house. So, while first marriage is based on the principle of opposites (since opposite house represents the female energy of the corresponding house) and that is why native looks for energies of the seventh house, the second marriage is usually seen by second house because after getting a setback, the native looks primarily for a partner having similar basic values. There could be multiple ways of explaining different aspects of different houses.
  • Combination of different planets may create energy akin to another planet. For example, Saturn, Jupiter and Sun together would create astringent, sweet and hot effect something similar to Ketu. Same ways, Mars and Saturn together can create energy similar to Rahu which could be VP higher than even Rahu (depending upon the strength of these planets at any point of time in ones chart and transit). That is why Mars and Saturn combination is considered very explosive unless it tamed by good zodiacs/planets. This is because Saturn enables the native to look behind the curtains/curve or have a far sighted approach and Mars energy makes one react beyond the reasonable level thereby not only making native furious but also committing sin. But then when Saturn takes over, it makes the person repent.
  • Mahadasha versus Transit

While collective conscience (transit of different planets in different houses) keeps changing with every passing moment at different locations, why initial conditions of zodiacs and planets in different houses (i.e. in one’s birth chart) matter the most is because they have the deepest impact on the conscience of the new born whose mind is like a blank CD and is easily mouldable. A person born with mars and mars zodiac in first house would indicate high Pitta and good circulation which will become his/her pratriki (basic constitution). However if the second house has Saturn (that too very strong in shadbala) then it indicates that person’s strong circulation would be subdued by Saturn. Conversely if a person is born with Saturn zodiac in first, it would indicate the basic (deepest) constitution of the person would be Vata (constricted). However if that zodiac has Venus then it will keep the blood circulation going well unless Saturn would take over with age (as Vata increases with age). All in all, the prakriti (initial condition) decides the direction of flow of Vata (blood).

That is why planetary periods (which are based on beginning of one’s life i.e. initial conditions) have a stronger effect than the transit of planets. And as the person ages, the strength of Mahadasha becomes even stronger than the strength of transition of planets though the latter can never become totally ineffective. In simple words, mahadasha speaks of experience of the soul which is developing her conscience and transit is the collective conscience i.e. effect of others on the soul. So as the soul gains experience, the effect of its own conscience becomes stronger due to years of experience than that of people/conditions around, with the exception that during Mahadasha of the planets where VP rises or own Pitta is too weak then such a person may get affected very strongly by transit of planets (primarily during Rahu mahadasha but also to some extent during Mars and Moon).

Thus we can conclude that if a person has a specific planet in a specific house or affecting a specific house and during transit that house gets affected by that planet, then the effect of that planet multiplies. For example if a person has Rahu in first house having 2nd zodiac transit and when Rahu will transit through this zodiac, then it will create higher VP in mind. The effect may even multiply by presence of other Pitta planet especially Mars if affecting the first house during transit or negate it due to Kapha planet like Jupiter.

  • Since zodiacs are conditions, a planet even if strongly debilitated in birth chart will not always give results of strong debilitation. For example a person having debilitated Mars (i.e. Mars in cancer) in birth chart, may become stronger and energetic during main planetary period of Mars. Same goes for exultation and other expressions in different zodiacs. A lot would depend upon which planetary period is ON. So if one’s Saturn is exulted let’s say in 8th house, then it still means that Saturn is still present there. It is just that Saturn is not expressing it badly because of exultation. However when one would pass through the planetary period of Saturn especially in Moon and then mercury in moon, then one is likely to experience issues of eighth house (white discharge etc in females) because of fluid getting stuck in Vata (Saturn) which is not getting released after increase in Pitta (when mercury sub period starts).
  • Barring the first house and its lord, the initial conditions at the time of one’s birth indicated by presence of different planets and zodiacs in different chakras/houses are more indicative of how will doshas begin to form up. Yes, the foetus gets affected by conscience of close relatives too (not just parents) but that affect is too feeble and that too is indirect primarily through mother. It also means that divine intervention can arrest that growth to move doshas in the right direction. However as mentioned, energy of the first house is the most important factor and that can be controlled only at preconception, conception and pregnancy stages. For example if someone has Mars in first then it means that the person will overall have good circulation in the brain and body because the body is the projection of primarily first house.
  • If the lord of eight house is posted in first, it means that the conditions of eight house i.e. occult diseases, occult knowledge etc. will have very deep and straight impact on the basic/deepest psyche of the person and may create a total change in personality depending upon the which planet is the lord and at what stage of life, the planetary period of that planet appears.
  • If, activation of Dusthana (6,8,12) houses due to planetary of period of their lord happens in early period of life , then it is less likely to bring diseases/challenges to the native because in the early period of life the overall vital force of any person is strongest which enables him/her to handle such a period. In fact, jumping into the unknown in early periods of life may give the advantage to the native due to strength. However, if native’s first house itself is weak i.e. basic personality then he/she would lose this advantage and may suffer.
  • Respiratory disorders– Presence of cold planets (Saturn, Jupiter especially Saturn) in fourth house or sandwiching it is an indication of respiratory issues in ones life. The time of expression will depend upon planetary period especially during high Pitta times when Pitta will flare high Vata. This presence may also indicate issues like heart palpitations due to vata flaring Pitta.

*** Natives with this issue should practice anahata asana and cat/cow pose to manage Vata of this area. If this house is aspected by Ketu then one may also experience closure of this chakra inwards which would result again issues like breathlessness, in which case one may need to perform chest expansion asanas apart from anahata/cat-cow posse. However, all this can be avoided if we practice right food/lifestyle right from the beginning. This is because, heart chakra closes only when one resorts to eating Vata aggravating foods which disrupt right movement of Udana Vata. In other words, Rahu lifestyle leads to increase in Ketu and thus closure

  • Thyroid-  Thyroid is a function of second house. Its malfunction could arise because of several doshic/planetary combinations. A person with Ketu in second especially in conjunction with Jupiter and during Ketu mahadasha is likely to face hypothyroidism. On the other hand, a person with Rahu in second with very less of Pitta too is likely to face hypothyroidism as Rahu in absence of Pitta is Vata and cold Vata will create malfunctioning of thyroid. Interestingly, the same person during high Pitta times could have faced hyperthyroidism too as VP flares up agni though erratically.
  • Distant planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus etc. have more subtle effects on the earthlings. They are slower and more subtle however since they are far off and are relatively bigger, they create umbrella type of effect on earth (i.e. wide angle) instead of pointed, sudden and quick effect by closer planets (i.e  narrow angle). This is the reason that effect of Saturn is not pointed. Instead it is felt in adjacent houses too as it works like a wide umbrella. It’s probable scientific explanation would be discussed in Science and Spirituality section.
  • Being VP, Rahu looses focus. This quality of Rahu can work for good also as excessive focus may also mean rigidity. In other words if Rahu’s flexibility is used with proper skills, then it can mould one’s body /mind for good too. Astrologically we can say that if Rahu is well governed by Jupiter (like in Jupiter-Rahu dasha or when Jupiter is very strong in one’s chart and Rahu is placed after that) then it is good for the native. We discussed in bitter section (of addendum) that how bitter can be wisely used for moulding in the desired way. However, this is to reiterate that this process requires lot of skills which can come only through several lifetimes of experiences (in state of high awareness) including failures. In fact this is nothing but Tantra (because Tantra means process/procedure) where our body (Yantra/Instrument) is moulded in the desired manner. Goes without saying that Tantra can be used for good or for bad of the Universe, however this is for sure that if and when it is used for bad, then it is bound to decline as anything generating out of greed/ego brings destruction of others but self sooner or later. That is why the word “Aghora” scares most of those who have heard of them performing tantras. However as mentioned, not all Aghoras can be placed in the same scale. Aghora perform rituals to reshape their personality using different energies (some for own reasons, some for the larger good of the Universe) but yes they run the risk of not shaping their energies properly due to even minor mistakes. That is why they have to be very careful (Book on Aghora series mentioned in the Bibliography section will throw more light on their life).

*** Any instrument that can be used to produce, manifest, direct, edit different kinds of energies available in the cosmos is Yantra. So, all electronic and electrical items are yantra including a living body. The geometrical figures used by Vastu also work on this principle only of directing/editing/manifesting different cosmic energies. While their proper use can bring excellent results, their wrong/incorrect use can cause havoc and that is why we must be careful before deploying them unless absolutely sure.

  • When a chakra closes, it stops accepting new things/ideas/suggestions and cooks only the existing ones. Closure of a chakra means activation of ketu in it either due to its placement there or due to strong aspect. So when ones’ heart chakra closes, one is unable to accept anything other than that which is close to one’s heart. This is because heart stores the memories. So when closed, it keeps things to itself and creates something new from it (Ketu is like a researcher who is confined within self and rarely accepts things from external world except what he/she deems necessary. And that is necessary too for a good research else inputs from all corners including unsolicited ones will create a mess).

Science behind Constellations

  • We discussed in brief that while Zodiacs are the categories from broader perspective however in nakshatras (constellations), the categorization is done basis deeper aspects of doshas at five elements level. We also discussed an example that how first Nakshatra i.e. Ashwini Nakshatra is owned by Ketu by deeper analysis of doshic conditions in each month. Attached in the appendix (in excel file Constellations) is the detailed explanation of how different Nakshatras can be visualized, which planet they represent and why, what are their symbols and why and other associated information/traits. Before you have a look at this sheet, you must understand some important principles basis which conditions of constellations have been divided. Here they are mentioned against point a and b :-
  • Just like zodiacs, all 27 constellations too are owned by 9 planets (i.e. 3 by each planet) with the exact order as followed in Mahadasha. The only difference being that here the beginning is with Ketu which is first part of Aries zodiac comprising of first 13.33 degrees (i.e. 13 degrees 20 minutes). That means first set of 9 constellations fall in first set of four zodiacs, second set of 9 with second set of 4 zodiacs and so goes with last set. One of the primary factors that works in differentiating constellation of different sets even if owned by the same planet is that first set of four zodiacs/nine constellations starting from Aries till Cancer, represents phase of expansion due to gradually increasing heat in the weather with fall in temperature during cancer zodiac due to rains. Here the core organs are strong in zodiacs closer to Aries because of kapha/blood closer to core ignited by strong Pitta due to the continuing effect of winters before Aries. Of course, the core organs become weaker by the end of third zodiac. The second set of zodiac represents again a different set of conditions where Sun is strong but temperature is not very high thereby awakening Pitta in the peripherals but with flow of Kapha too (though here Kapha is in fluid state due to rains unlike winters when it is stored inside the body). The third set represents contraction phase due to onset of cold and then slight opening during Pisces.
  • Another very important aspect to be remembered is that movement of blood is much slower than movement of Pitta (nerve conduction/impulses). That is why places with high Vata (less blood) may experience pain, dryness, burning when high Pitta rushes there without blood reaching there to keep insulation of nerves intact. This principle gives rise to different characteristics during different weather conditions in the same person due to different level of blood/fluid and Pitta travelling i different parts of the body. So when Pitta goes up in the weather, the blood which was earlier towards the core begins to expand slowly and not with the same ratio as increase in Pitta. This is because when blood expands in peripherals away from core, the process of expansion is slow and gradual while opening the closed vessels towards peripherals. Because of this, Pitta penetrates the peripherals (including brain) which are relatively higher on Vata vis-a-vis inner body thereby flaring Vata. However as time moves on, the conditions begin to change. That is why you will realize that different constellations even if owned by same planet will have different properties e.g. Bharani and Poorva Phalguni both are owned by Venus however in Bharani, the native’s core is filling with Ojas whereas in Poorva Phalguni, the native may display excitement in physical and mental manifestation due to Pitta and blood reaching the peripherals too including brain. Explanations here are based on yearly movement of Doshas. However there is no doubt that this trend can be noticed even on daily basis e.g. expansion represents day time and contraction represents night time (exactly the way we discussed that Zodiacs can be explained even on daily basis).

*** If a personality is high on VPK in its basic constitution meaning Mercury dominated, then such a person’s skin will be highly sensitive and so will be the speech and computing ability because these organs/characteristics of these organs which are as such high on VPK will get further support from basic constitution. Similarly if a person is born with strong influence of Mrigshira (in Lagna, Moon or Sun and whichever is stronger out of three) which indicates continuous movement like a deer due to high VP , then the eyes of such a person will as such be very flickering.

  •  In nutshell, human body expands and contracts exactly in the same way as plants do due to weather. During cold, the sap supplying food and water to extremities of plants starts receding inwards while closing/hibernating/constricting the cells in peripherals resulting in gradual fall (reduction) of leaves on the branches. As weather begins to warm up during Aries time, the weather begins to warm up, cells expand and so do the phloem and xylem supplying sap and water to the body of the plant thereby resulting in spring and appearance of leaves and flowers. Of course, there are certain plants which are evergreen throughout the year because of strong Mars in them. In fact, by a simple observation, we can categorize even plants and animals as carrying dominance of a specific dosha/planet. For example humans by constitution have relatively stronger Mars else they would have gone in total hibernation during winters like reptiles do. However, since everything is relative, we can categorize humans too basis the time they are born which decides the wiring of their body and mind. That is why those born during Capricorn duration are symbolized by “Makar”- the crocodile. If their Saturn is very strong in them (signified by presence of Saturn in Kendra compounded by presence of Jupiter in Kendra further compounded by onset of Jupiter/Saturn Mahadasha) and their Mars and Venus are weak, they tend to literally hibernate during winters by becoming relatively sluggish. Yes, the aids like central warming, warming food, availability of such food even during winters, exercises do help humans to reduce this hibernation but then these aids are represented by various planets only in one’s chart. Also to note that sometimes these aids if not used wisely can go against the basic nature of the being resulting in diseases.

*** Since Moon is Mann (mind) which can travel anywhere, its presence in a specific constellation Nakshatra at the time of one’s birth (i.e. in birth chart) determines that where would be the mind of the native defined by the first planetary period (mahadasha) immediately after birth. For example if ones moon is posted in Ashwini Nakshatra in one’s birth chart, it indicates that his/her life will begin with Ketu’s Mahadasha since Ashwini is owned by Ketu. However, it doesn’t mean that in this case, the native will go through the entire length of Ketu mahadasha (i.e. for 7 years). The exact location of moon in the constellation (whether in the beginning or middle or end) will define that how much of Ketu mahadasha is left to be experienced by the native. Also the way moon keeps changing shape and location in the sky on daily basis, same ways our Mind keeps changing focus and emotions (by directing rasa and thus Pitta on regular basis). The latest scientific studies have confirmed that sleep duration differs by around 50 minutes due to different phases of moon with people going to bed by around 30 minutes late as they are closer to full moon. This can easily be explained by subtle effect of light on release of melatonin in pineal gland. More the light, weaker and later the release of melatonin and later does one sleep. And since moonlight changes the circadian rhythm of the person to a great extent, it has ramifications on the emotions too. 

The world seems to be passing through Rahu Mahadasha

While its impossible without compiling and comparing data of the recorded history of humans to approximately ascertain that what planetary periods has  earth seen in the last 2000 years or so and what most likely could be its chart, it needs no brainer to broadly guess that the world has been going through Rahu (VP) times for quite sometimes when technically it is progressing (a quality of high VP mind) however VP mind is also causing lack of focus/fear and other qualities of Rajas which are evident, leading to surge in diseases and fear of the unknown despite relative advancement in medical science. On the other hand, since Rahu gives rise to Ketu (and vice versa- we know how), we also see surge in depression (as extreme state of Ketu leads to depression only when loss of Pitta due to high Vata closes the body and mind). Two consecutive world wars also indicate that starting 2014 for around 35 years, we were experiencing peak of Mars period. With Corona cooling down the world, it is possible that earth has entered Jupiter phase. Please note that I am just trying to make approximations here basis some major events and overall conscience. However, this para is to tell that we must consider this fact while making predictions because planetary period of the world conveys the collective conscience at large which is bound to affect every birth chart too.

Maha Maha Dasha

We discussed that there has to be Maha Maha dasha too above Mahadasha and this hierarchy in both directions (smaller as well as larger periods) is infinite. In fact, since the lord of the lagna represents the most dominating planetary energy of the soul in a specific life, it can be termed as Maha Maha Dasha of that soul. Likewise, there have to be maha maha dashas on earth level, on Universe level and so on.

Consultation for pregnancy

We discussed in Ayurveda section that good health of parents is essential for good health of the coming generations and therefore a couple should go for the child only when their doshas are aligned well (ideally this should include the doshas/conscience of people affecting the parents from neibhourhood/relations etc too). While pulse diagnosis and other tools are good, the deeper tool is Astrology which can avoid giving birth to an unhealthy child and dent in collective conscience (this can be understood only when we become sattvic in approach and don’t get carried away by emotions). Parenthood can still be enjoyed by adopting a child. For example if mother is high on Vata with high Vata in fifth house too, then the child is bound to be high on Vata right from childhood (there could be several other combinations but this is one example) which is bound to create problems for the child as well as parents. Astrological consultation therefore becomes so important before planning a child.

Gems and remedies

Ultimately everything is energy (including mass) and by now we know that it is variation in energy/mass that creates different combinations of VPK not only in different beings (living and non living) but also within the different parts of the same body. And energy that we get from Sun comes in the form of sun light. Now, Sunlight is basically white in color however when passed through a prism it divides into seven colors (VIBGYOR). In other words, light is composed of these seven colors which combine to create millions of combinations. Now we discussed briefly about black carrots in the first chapter. Lets move further. Black carrots in reality are violet/purplish in color and violet is the left most color of visible spectrum (VIBGYOR) whose frequency is higher than other colors in this spectrum with shortest wavelength which is exactly opposite to the red color having longest wavelength and lowest frequency. That is why while red travels farthest, it has least energy. On the other hand, violet’s high frequency and low wavelength doesn’t let it travel far, however its high energy ensures due to high frequency helps in breaking plaque.

This is the reason that in India black carrots are used during transition time from winters to summers for preparing a traditional drink called “Kaanji” by mildly fermenting them in water mixed with Rye and salt. The drink helps to dissolve plaque without spreading energy into farther areas. Mild fermentation not only helps to balance astringency of carrots but also becomes probiotic. Apart from this, the drink (from carrot and Rye) provides proteins, vitamin A, B, C and E, micronutrients especially loads of iron to synthesize blood while removing plaque. Having this drink during transition time ensures that long stuck toxins in the core of the body due to extreme winter do not travel into deeper tissues when Pitta starts increasing and tissues start opening up. All in all, it helps to clean and restore bodily systems which were getting hampered at a very subtle level due to layers of toxins around the cells.

This also explains that why blue color which falls in the middle of the spectrum is warm but not far spreading unlike red and is therefore used for Saturn people as blue sapphire as it literally does deepan pachan of plaque without inflating it. On the other hand, while red color helps to enhance Mars, the opaque property of red coral enhances Kapha too alongwith it. That is why, the Ruby gem used for increasing power of Sun is red but transparent as Sun is hot but is not having Kapha in it. Green in the middle of the spectrum indicates, optimum wavelength and frequency which gives rise to VPK i.e. mercury. Hence green emerald is the gem of Mercury. Likewise yellow represents Jupiter having higher frequency than red but lesser than green and blue. That is why this color keeps the pitta and conscience relatively more towards the core as compared to Mars. However Saturn takes the conscience even deeper than Jupiter. This also the reason that black sesame has a stronger impact on pacifying excess Saturn as black color absorbs maximum light/energy. The same principle can be used on spices too. Spices like mustard are black and black body absorbs maximum energy. That is why mustard seeds are very warm however their heat doesn’t travel far and doesn’t inflate pitta. In other words, it doesn’t increase nerve conduction while dissolving plaque through its heat.

*** Different colors of rainbow are ultimately a product of Sun’s light, which once again indicates that all planets and their energies are different manifestations (in part) of Sun’s energy only.

*** Correction in the book- Urad dal (black pulse/bean) is hot in energy as black color absorbs maximum energy. So it is good for pacifying Saturn (Vata) being highly nutritious and hot. However, it is difficult to digest and therefore must be cooked very well else it can increase Vata instead of pacifying it.

*** All characters of mythology also depict energies of different planets (and their different combinations) For example we discussed energies of Lord Hanuman. So when one prays with total surrender to that energy, you literally ask the Universe to grant it to you. However it is a process that needs lots of patience (many a lifetimes) and therefore absolute surrender and faith.

Case study one

Heavy, highly bitter and astringent foods are bad for native as they are significators

of Jupiter and Saturn which are functionally malefic planet for the native.

Common factors seen in Cancer patients

While VP (Rahu) excites the person to consume more enticing/toxin laden or toxin generating foods, high VP also stimulates cells and releases already stored toxins in the body out in open leading to further build up of Ama (toxins). This results in constipation (due to increase in Vata and Pitta) leading to further build up of toxins and further increase in VP, thus taking the person in a vicious circle of more and more VP and more toxin. And cancer is nothing but a lump of toxic cells/tissues which usually shows up first in that part of the body which is already high on VPK. That is why cancer surfaces always in the planetary period/sub period of Rahu. The obvious question would be that why everyone going through Rahu period/sub period doesn’t develop cancer. This is because of two factors.

One factor determines the extent of Rahu in one’s body which doesn’t depend only on placement of Rahu but also other factors especially presence of highly stimulating and airy planets in first (or sometimes second house). For example a person with Mercury and Sun that too in 3rd zodiac in first house is bound to be a very airy personality and is bound to eat/live a very Vata Pitta laden food/lifestyle which will flare up Rahu.

Second factor is Saturn and Jupiter conjunction. This is because this conjunction determines Vata blocking (stagnating) Kapha inside it leading to generation of toxins as anything stagnated is bound to develop toxins which during Rahu’s period/sub period will release it in the blood stream and further increase VP/toxins as mentioned above. This conjunction could be very direct with Jupiter and Saturn parked closely in the same house or aspecting each other or could be less direct with one of them aspecting the other or in other’s zodiac. Goes without saying that stronger the conjunction, more virulent is likely to be the disease.

*** Remember these combinations may be found in D1 or D9 or both.

*** Above factors are good enough to state that why a cancer patient needs to consume very sattvic food with only Deepan Pachan herbs which digest toxins but donot over excite the body. Also a cancer patient must go through regular enemas to flush out stored toxins in the body so that they don’t create constipation and further build up.

*** The reason that those who have cancer donot develop Alzheimer and vice versa is because cancer is excess of VP with lot of ama roaming in the system whereas Alzheimer is due to very less of Pitta.

*** Above factors are also seen in other autoimmune diseases and the only way to undo all such diseases is very wholesome, pre-digested and alkaline food accompanied by Asanas, pranayama, meditation, discipline and regular panchkarma to remove toxins from the body and also undo Vata imbalance.

*** The silver lining of Saturn Jupiter combination does give the native the ability to retain information and connect dots.


The Saturn corner in the house (west) would increase Vata in the occupant, not because less sunlight reaches there but because Sunlight reaches there much after Sunrise and stays there longer than east corner. The result will be that the person is likely to wake up later and remain awake till late night due to shift in sleep-wake cycle not in consonance with Sun cycle leading to increase in Vata.


We discussed briefly that each number represents energy associated to a specific house. For example number 1 represents beginning of everything. Since life can begin only with energy, number 1 represents Sun. Number 2 represents Moon. We discussed in D2 chart that how 1 and 2 houses represent ME and YOU (Sun and Moon respectively). This fundamental is the basis of numerology which uses the basic principles of Astrology basis which Jupiter has been assigned number 3, Rahu-4, Mercury-5, Venus-6, Ketu-8, Saturn-8 and Mars-9 in numerology. Not only that, Sun’s Yantra which is intrinsic part of Vedic Astrology (as shown below), is the base of numerology and is called as Lo Shu grid in numerology.

Yantra of any planet captures all the nine numbers starting from one till nine and their alignment describes different levels of different energies. Given below is Sun’s Yantra/Lo Shu grid where different rows/columns represent different aspects of life basis the numbers in that row/column. For example, number 4,3 and 8 in first row represent PLANNING. This is because for planning one needs introspection (Saturn’s number 8), wisdom (jupiter’s number 3) but forward thinking too (represented by Rahu since VP gives intelligence).  Similarly, 1 (Sun), 5 (mercury) and 9 (Mars) provide WILL to the person whereas 2,7,6 (i.e. Moon, Ketu and Venus) provide stimulation, creativity but restrained introspective energy of Ketu for effective Action.

PlanningWillActionASPECTS OF LIFE
492Mental Plane
357Emotional Plane
816Practical Plane

I am not getting in the details of numerology as it is a complete chapter in itself, however to sum up, the absence/presence of these numbers in ones birth date/month/year, conveys the energy associated with that person in different aspects as mentioned above.


The sequence of progression of one’s life should be more or less in line with the sequence of Mahadasha of planets. That is why Jupiter should come first which represents understanding of the microcosm and macrocosm and the relationship between each other. And it is only after one has gained this knowledge and lived it very carefully in true letter and spirit (during Saturn) to gain intellect (Mercury) and even higher knowledge (Ketu) that one should step in for enjoying luxuries of life (Venus). If you are stimulated right from early years of life then you would not be able to gain knowledge related to that era due to unsettled mind which is bound to create problems in later part of life. That is why Jupiter is considered good in second house and Venus in 7th.

*** Astrologically you may say that presence of Venus in first house without strong presence of Jupiter and other early planets in initial houses indicates such a Yoga. Remember this is just to give you an essence of understanding of this aspect.

Gurukul education was exactly in line with this philosophy where the children right from early years of life were imparted knowledge (Jupiter) and were not exposed to stimulants (unless needed for therapeutic purposes) to imbibe those teachings (Saturn). That is why even if Gurukul’s of the Vedic times may appear as dry and disciplined to some (or many), their aim was that before the student faces the world, he/she has developed all the necessary tools i.e. knowledge and strength (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) for a guaranteed success so that apart from individual success, he/she also contributes towards building a strong and successful society, nation and the world.

*** It is a known fact that hair is an extension of our nervous system. There have been several studies including on military people which prove that cutting hair of the head significantly reduces one’s intuitive abilities. Probably that is why in Gurukuls, the teacher and the student kept a Shika/Choti a tuft of hair at the back of head to connect crown chakra with the higher world. As such good hair growth on scalp is an indication of healthy Vata in the brain/head (if Vata is unhealthy meaning it is obstructed by ama then the same may show patches of hair growth). Whereas hair growth on other parts of the body in later years of life may indicate progression of Vata aggravation and imbalance in the body.

Ashtang Yoga and Astrology

  • While all houses have their own importance, however by now we know that kendra houses (1,4,7,10) and Trkone (1,5,9) are most important. That is why Yogis says that ethics, pranayama, control/withdrawal of senses, meditation carry more importance than other limbs of Ashtang for attaining higher destiny and values. However, without entering different values (of house 2 and 6), doing karma (3rd house) and getting out of comfort zone (8th house), the soul’s enrichment/evolution becomes slower. This is the reason that earth which has very high diversification in values is considered to be the best plane for souls to advance faster. Of course, it carries dangers of pulling down the soul into extreme materialism and thus lower realms. This is one reason that when the realm of earth is passing through Kalyuga, slowing down could be a blessing in disguise as it breaks inertia of committing wrongs through action/food etc and also sets in realizations which a fast moving mind can never realize.

*** Code of ethics (righteousness) has been given utmost importance in Ashtang Yoga because without understanding the value of this aspect i.e. ethics, a person would never even want to pursue higher goals, so for such people who are not interested in strengthening their ethics and wish to enjoy materialism without morals, this path will of be no use unless their soul is ready. As such a mentally and physically strong person without spiritual health (which essentially includes righteousness) would be a nuisance to the society. This is the reason that Brahmins are highest Varna under whose guidance the society can flourish and any dent in their wisdom/lifestyle can lead the society in the wrong direction. Next comes discipline because without discipline we cannot achieve anything. As such dent in discipline is bound to increase Vata. Conversely, higher the Vata lesser the discipline thereby establishing a cause and effect relationship between the two. Astrologically, we discussed that first house matters the most and if it strong then it can negate the ill-effects of other houses to a great extent. From Ashtang Yoga viewpoint, if one is ethically strong/righteous then the collective conscience of other houses cannot deter that soul from achieving its aim.

  • All the virtues/aspects of different houses have to be practiced continuously to ensure that the circle doesn’t break for continuous improvement and if at all it does break then it is recognized through continuous introspection and correction through the ever moving process in the circle of zodiac of Ashtang Yoga. In other words, bliss can be achieved only through conscious living where you are aware of every moment of your life including breath.

Science and spirituality- chapter 6

Sudarshan Chakra

Sudarshan chakra which is Lord Vishnu’s weapon has always fascinated human beings with a curiosity to know more about it.  Lord Vishnu is that force/energy, which governs the functioning of body/Universe through all the forces of VPK. The composition of this energy consists of different combinations of VPK in different parts of the body making each one of us different from the other individual. This goes true not only on individual scale but also on a macro scale when we think of the administrator of each Universe as Lord Vishnu. Now, from Astrology section you would have realized that this composition of Lord Vishnu’s energy at body/mind’s and different chakra’s level, keeps changing with time (depending upon mahadashas/transits etc). Exactly the same phenomenon is applicable at grand scale too. Thus as the soul/supersoul moves ahead in time, it keeps shedding/editing its different energy (in part or whole) basis its wisdom/needs/horizon/evolution. This energy is called as Sudharshan Chakra. Thus at Universal scale, Lord Vishnu keeps editing energies of different planets at grand level basis progression of the Universe with the help of his Sudharshan Chakra. We discussed that a soul progresses in a wavy pattern (with crests and troughs) through the choices it makes basis its wisdom at any given point of time, exactly the way we learn to drive a vehicle slowly and gradually by manoeuvring it through a series of corrections/mistakes/corrections/mistakes etc. The wiser a soul becomes, more aware it becomes thereby awakening its kundalini shakti which is nothing but the process (tantra) to generate different outputs from Yantra (own body). That is why Sudharshan Chakra is said to be manifestation of Kundalini which was mastered by Lord Krishna/Vishnu due to heightened state of awareness. Exactly the same way the Universe evolves where Lord Vishnu (the Supersoul/super super computer) is permanently connected to each and every particle of the Universe and keeps editing/deleting/adding different energies to move the world ahead.


While the world began from nothing represented by Lord Shiva’s zero Pitta manifestation, it is nothingness that ultimately gave rise to VPK i.e. Lord Visnu (which is present not only in living beings but also in non living). And then Lord Vishnu i.e. VPK gave rise to knowledge i.e. Lord Brahma (primarily Kapha and Vata) but only when Pitta calmed down i.e. through Shiva (we learnt how Jupiter and Saturn store knowledge when neural circuits develop insulation due to reduced Pitta). That is why Brahma is placed in between Shiva and Vishnu and former is said to come out of the navel of lord Vishnu. On the other hand, the furious state of Shiva (Raudra Roopa) is high Pitta stage which burns everything. All this is an ongoing process e.g. VPK is constantly giving rise to many more combinations in form of different humans, living beings, non living beings and creating more and more aspects and thus knowledge. Thus this aspect is present all around- within the same human being (as it grows), within the same soul (as it lives different lives), within the same Universe (as it evolves), within different Universe. At human scale, a human being gives rise to an egg/sperm, which starts from a small dot which then gradually diversifies into VPK in different parts of the body while gradually also accumulating knowledge. And then this being further gives rise to egg/sperm which unite to create another cycle to ensure progression even when the previous generation dies. On earth scale, different parts of the earth represent different levels of consciousness (in form of different VPK). We know them as houses of astrology when we create a birth chart. And before entire civilization vanishes, it again gives rise to new civilization/s which could be in form of youngest civilization/place with least entropy/Vata (seems Vedas were written by those highly advanced civilization/s which before vanishing due to whatever reason passed down knowledge for the benefit of the next).

*** Entropy is not merely Vata. It is high Vata and Pitta when high Pitta creates high Vata too (movement). Entropy can be settled by settling Pitta. At universal scale, as the Universe is cooling down (after initial state of high entropy when it was too hot and haywire), it has become more organized with different heavenly bodies confining themselves to specific paths/orbits etc. The same can be visualized in human bodies and earth too. In other words, high BP due to VP can be controlled/cured in initial stage by cooling down the person (when needed). The problem comes when Vata imbalance gets set in.

Big Bang

  • What happens when a software is fed to a hard disk. It begins with a single point where it contacts the hard disk and after that it expands in all directions in the hard disk basis the energy of the software. That is why we humans perceive beginning of Universe as a single point which is ever expanding. In other words we the souls are connected to different bodies and conditions defined by different points of the timeline created by the software. This also explains the phenomenon of entanglement. This is because different particles which are now scattered in that Universe which was infinitely dense once upon a time, are still connected to each other through forces invisible to us (at microscopic level, this force can be compared with Van der Waals force that happens in between atoms and molecules). This also means that this phenomenon must be existing in-between planets and other bodies (including human bodies). It also must be existing in-between different cells of the same body, different bodies (living as well as non living) which explains why we get/feel attracted/repelled from/to different things, people etc. And that is why Astrology explains.

World is a factory

  • So, world is a factory with different points of time and space conveying different points on its conveyer belt having different combinations of planets representing different conditions. And a soul can select and enter any of that point basis its desires, objectives and past life karmas. That is why it is said we all are like a dot of light.  In other words, it is a big bang at individual level. This also means that a soul including the supersoul would need to wait for conditions to become ripe (suitable for achieving its objectives whether or higher or lower).

Visualizing Zodiacs/Planets/Constellations/Birth chart/Transit

We discussed briefly in Astrology section that distant planets have more umbrella type effect whereas closer planets have more quick and fast effect. So how can this be explained scientifically? Here is how.. From scientific and simulation angle, Zodiacs can be visualized as 12 different segments of a continuous circular (closed loop) induction coil with infinitely expanding field whereas planets are magnets with different properties thereby behaving differently on different points of space in these segments of zodiacs. And while the sectors of these zodiacs/coils are fixed in space (even if infinitely spreading out), the magnets (planets) keep moving including earth thereby generating different energies and thus different weather conditions. This is the reason that earth keeps experiencing different surge/drop in different energies at different points in space at the same time as well as different time which is nothing but the Kaalpurush chart at a specific time. So for creating the birth chart, that zodiac becomes the first house which touches magnet (earth) at that point on earth. This also means that all chakras/houses of the individual are governed by different electromagnetic waves/energies created due to different zodiacs and planets affecting that chakra.

*** Constellations are further and finer sub divisions of this circular field of zodiac. They are the heavenly bodies like planets but much larger than planets even if distant, they also can be viewed as magnets in this electric field whose effect on earth is highly umbrella type (with very wide angle range) in nature due to them being very far. In other words, their effect is way more subtle (and invisible but present in deep psyche) vis-a-vis planets however being too far, their affect is felt in entire chart, with of course maximum impact on the house where it is posted and the planet whose field it is impacting. This is one reason that rising constellation and the constellation where Sun and Moon fall are considered highly important, though others cannot be undermined. And that is why for deeper analysis especially related to the behavioural aspect of the native in different areas, we must check that which planet is posited in which constellation e.g. Jupiter represents knowledge/wisdom. So if ones Jupiter falls in Moola nakshatra then it may indicate that this person would like to gather the root cause of the issue which will become more pronounced if this combination falls in first house. However if Moola falls in 9th zodiac (Sagittarius),which also means that if in first house, it would mean excess Kapha in brain (which may lead to greed, possessiveness and Kapha diseases like diabetes). Similarly Moon in Mriga would mean the mind of the person will always keep roaming in different directions which will be visible in actions and on face. The Bhav Bhavesh principle can be applied in constellations too to some extent.

Thus, an individual may be born with (let’s say) Mars in Aries in first house which would mean that this person’s (or instrument’s) first house will always have Aries as the wiring of the brain or say Aries segment of the large induction coil will create his/her first chakra with Mars (magnet) at specific point in the segment of Aries coil (representing degrees). In other words, since Mars in Aries will govern this person’s first chakra which houses brain, pituitary, pineal glands which are the master glands and govern metabolism of the entire body, this person’s overall metabolism will be very high as the switch of the entire body is working at a high speed/induction/electricity/energy. This example can easily be used to understand the effect of different energies in different houses and their cascading effect on other houses. While this is true that initial conditions of any factory/instrument are most important (engineers would know it through their experience), however the effect of other planets transiting through different zodiacs (even though zodiacs are fixed in body) at different times has also great importance. Let us use the above example. A person will Mars in Aries in first house as the initial condition (that is the birth chart) may be high on energy however when Saturn would transit Aries i.e. the first house of the native, then it will slow down/constrict, the expansive energy levels of first chakra.

*** Because of the effect of gravity on time, our head is relatively older than our legs (this is part of theory of relativity). This explains that why time (representing by progressing zodiacs) moves from head to legs. This also explains that why depressed movements slow down time. Depression is accumulation of Kapha and toxins and thus increase in Vata which blocks or say slows down Pitta thereby creating depression which gives a feeling of slowed down time due to slow transfer of information since Pitta works like processor. This is similar to slowing down of time, the farther we go from earth in space where reduced gravity creates more space.

*** Different aspects of life (represented by different houses) can be viewed as different folders/sectors in the memory bank of brain/soul which keep auto-collecting information on different aspects basis inputs from environment and processing based on inter and intra folder interactions. Value/meaning/type of karma attached to each word/karma/environment automatically stores it in a specific sector related to that aspect (house of Astrology) which keep building up with time. Also, a computer savvy person would know that memory in a hard disk never gets lost even if it is deleted (there are software to retrieve deleted files). Exactly the same way, memory in the hard disc of soul/supersoul never gets deleted. Yes, it gets superimposed by latest memory/doshas. That’s how are able to sometimes recall very-very old memories also. Meditation, silence, focus are great tools which can be used to recall old memories for connecting dots for a better future of self and society. That is how guided meditation helps to recall past lives as we are connected all the time to the higher world.

Cosmos and Brain

  • Space time fabric is nothing but that invisible part inside the hard disk of the Universe which has been expanding after big bang which at the time of big bang would have been relatively denser than what it is. While expanding, it is also increasing the distance between different particles which were extremely dense and closely packed with each other at the time of big bang. In other words, Universe is becoming lesser and lesser dense with time. Not only that, the infinitely dense dot of energy (infinite in human’s perception) that entered the hard disc at the time of big bang is not disconnected from the source. It is ever connected to the super-conscious supersupercomputer and getting its energy from there with continuous feedback system. From human perspective, it is like umbilical chord in between the Lord and HIS Universe. Not only that, the way human brain is highly wrinkled with wrinkles inside wrinkles (loops inside loops), exactly the same way, cosmos has wrinkles in its space time fabric.

        So, space time fabric is like the space in the nervous system through which neurotransmitters /light run from one cell/heavenly body to another. And just the way, a neurotransmitter (Pitta) being physical in nature has to move from nerve to another, exactly the same way even light has to travel along the space time fabric. However, we also know that electromagnetic flux does not need wires to travel. Exactly the same goes with EM flux of the cosmos which works literally like a wormhole in between two parts of the brain/cosmos that are very close to each other but are visibly far away from each other due to wrinkles. In other words, a distant star is much closer to you than what it looks like. It looks far because its light is travelling all along the wrinkles of space time fabric and not through and through it. But then its EM flux doesn’t have to travel along the wrinkles. It can travel through the wrinkles and that is why the stars/planets have direct and immediate impact on us. Phenomenon of entanglement further makes it easy for us to visualize that how the particles inside us are connected to particles inside stars/planets located so far away from us.

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across the galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically and atomically connected to every other living and non living being in the Universe and not just earth”- Neil Degrasse Tyson.

*** Isn’t it true that there are times when discussion on a topic suddenly connects dots in your mind? This happens because speaking increases Pitta and increased Pitta/electricity is like increased voltage which in turn increases EM flux in the brain resulting in transfer/sharing of information between two far off points in the brain separated by wrinkles even if situated closely. Scientifically this explains that why teaching others enhances own level of knowledge too.

How to Visualize Time and Gravity

  • We discussed that meditation slows down time for the doer by slowing movement of Pitta from one nerve to another. But we also know that it is Pitta that carries information. In other words, time is the flow of information. Slower the movement of information slower the time and vice versa. From VPK perspective, if Kapha is higher, the flow of information will be slower due to well insulated nerves (Kapha blocks Pitta). In simple words, denser the medium, slower will be the movement of Pitta and time. That is why time moves slower at places closer to earth (being denser) than at a place farther from earth (being less dense) even if the distance between two points is small (even as small as distance between two electrons or between one side of electron vis-a-vis other side of electron). It is this gap between fast moving time and slow moving time (higher density and lower density of information stored/kapha) that creates gravity. For example we discussed that our head is older than feet (we now know why). So, the time in our head and area around is moving faster than feet and area around thus giving a bend to time-space which creates gravity and makes one fall towards earth or heavenly objects. On a microscale, the same explains that why electrons rotate around dense nucleus. Thus we can also say that even information has mass and vice versa. Or say higher the mass higher the information and vice versa.

*** Have you noticed that why computer softwares/applications need to be suspended when they are maintained for rectifications/corrections? This is what meditation does on our mind and body. It suspends us and helps the higher world to bring corrections in us. Longer and regular the suspension, the better the application works. That’s why we must meditate regularly. So meditation is like surrendering your mini software to the bigger software running the world (or say software masters of the higher world). There is no doubt that super super computer /super soul has the power to suspend any software however it is important to note that humans are self conscious softwares and suspending self makes the work easier for the higher one. From a soul’s perspective, a soul attached to the software would feel that time is moving ahead however for an unattached soul, that software is simply like a movie which can be slowed, reversed, fast forwarded, paused.

Meaning/Significance of Mythological characters

  • Indra represents overall conscience of the person created by inputs/processing of all the six senses. Mythology shows Indra to be a cunning character but its not always so. It is depicted so because it is during Kalyuga (and partly Dwapar too) that Indra is overly influenced by enticing energies like Rahu and Mangal resulting in inflated ego and cunning/shrewd thinking.
  • We discussed that it is anahata chakra and specifically heart that stores memories. That is why this chakra’s beej Mantra is YAM which also represents the elder son of SUN in mythology whose task is to decide the “Prarabhda” Karma (the Karma of the soul in this life basis the Karmas performed in the past including past lifes). In other words, heart is referred as seat of conscience as it stores memories of lifetimes.
  • Understanding Ravana- Before understanding Ravana from VPK and “Yat Pinde Tat Brahamande” perspective, those who are not aware should know that as per scriptures, Ravana had the knowledge of all the Vedas and Shastras due to the boon given by Lord Brahma (the giver of knowledge). But then while Ravana had stored lot of knowledge, he was extremely high on KP and not balanced with Vata too. That is why while Kapha stored knowledge, utilizing that knowledge or understanding its deep seated meaning was absent due to very less of Vata in him. So while high KP gave him strength and inflated ego, low Vata resulted in lack of virtues like far sightedness, empathy, love for all, sympathy etc. Not only that, Ravana’s priced possession- the Pushpak Vimana (an aeroplane) too can be visualized inside a high KP person. Mythology says that Pushpak Vimana travelled at a speed of around 450 kms per hour and could be fuelled only with Ravana’s Prana (vital force) which is exactly the maximum speed of the nerve impulses (pitta) that can travel inside a human body but only in certain conditions (that is when KP is high and Vata is low which lets Pitta travel unobstructed in the nerve due to wide blood vessels). In normal conditions, these impulses travel at an average speed of 60 kms per hour. Thus, the message is clear that when KP goes high in us, it pushes us towards the vices of Ravana.

Sex and Spirituality

  • Apart from Moolbandhasana, Sidhasana is another Asana which helps to push lymph from lowermost chakra to upper chakras thereby not only balancing Vata but also directing flow of Prana/energy towards upper chakras to activate them and undo Vata imbalance. That is how sexual energy is converted into spiritual energy.
  • Overall must learn to follow the middle path. So enjoying sex should not be at the cost of forgetting moral values and other limbs of Ashtang. Conversely, over detachment from material enjoyment can lead to bitterness. However, while one should strive to follow the middle path, there could be times to abstain from sex to convert that energy for balancing other chakras in case of imbalance which is possible to be understood only through conscious living at all times.


  • When people from locations which are just a few thousand kms away from each other have different looks due to different weather conditions etc, then expecting people from other planets (hundreds or thousands or millions of light years away) to look like humans is totally wrong.

Silver chord

  • So silver chord is nothing but an electrical connection which can be switched off by the higher world when the lesson/objective to the person and people around is complete.

Frequency of chakras and cells

  • It is quite easy to visualize that if agni of a place is not burning well then it will either flare up (due to high Vata pitta) or will be very weak due to high Vata but low Pitta. Whereas if Agni is burning very uniformly due to right amount of Pitta and Kapha with settled Vata, then that place will emit very smooth, subtle and uniform frequency.

My case History

  • Academically from the viewpoint of taking a lesson out of my case study, there is no doubt that I was born as a Vata personality with high Vata especially in anahata chakra but this Vata could have been easily controlled right from childhood by Vata pacification diets including avoidance of highly pungent foods (Mars type) and inclusion of more wholesome foods (Venus type) which in turn would have avoided me from taking wrong meds leading to Vata imbalance and further increase in Vata. In other words, so many are born with higher Vata in Anahata chakra but don’t end up facing such issues because their collective conscience around doesn’t let their Vata get further inflated which (collective conscience) in my case was Rahu in second that too in 11th zodiac creating too much of Vata.
  • Exercising under influence of vasodilation of Sartan, I was gaining space as now my heart was beating faster than earlier (blocked earlier due to Beta blockers). While as a thumb rule, this phenomenon is most prevalent during Rahu-Mars dasha (Rahu is bitterness and Mars is Pitta with force), in my case it was more pronounced when I was going through Jupiter in Jupiter due to transit of Rahu and Mars. Here is how.. While I started taking Sartan when Rahu transited my first house, the triggering factor for exercising was transit of Mars in 7th indicating close partnership with people having strong Mars who influenced me to go for gyming and weight training. This happened when Rahu had just left 1st house and entered 12th after creating lot of excitement in my mind. In other words, Rahu and Mars conjunction in opposite houses created even more space thereby stretching my body outwards leading to super burning in my mouth and peripherals due to high VP. In fact, if I look back all the transits in my life, I can relate activation of different energies in different chakras at that point of time resulting in specific behaviour/choice etc.

*** question may arise that everyone goes through transit of Rahu in first and mars in Seventh but not everyone faces this issue. The answer is that in my case Rahu was as such very strong due to it presence in 2nd house in birth chart (closer a planet is towards first stronger it is). Exactly the same was case with Mars which was very strong in my shadbala.

  • Jupiter’s direct aspect on fourth house further reduced Pitta in this chakra as Jupiter is also relatively a cold planet (though not cold as Saturn). The effect of closed chakra was never felt during Mars dasha when I was behaving like an extrovert. It was only when Jupiter’s Mahadasha started that pitta dropped significantly leading to deposition of kapha (fat tissue) in body especially heart thereby blocking Vata (movement) leading to weakened pumping of the heart (when Kapha gets stagnated in Vata it blocks Vata/movement). While Rahu’s presence in second in natal chart was a factor, the effect was compounded by Rahu’s transit from first house with Mars in 7th (as mentioned above) which excited me to go for exercises even if for a short time (that too during Jupiter’s Mahadasha). This exercise created further space in the body thereby inflating it which further added space due to Jupiter’s mahadasha.
  • Since I have Saturn in fourth chakra, it closed heart thereby giving longer life to heart (relatively) but without properly expanding leading to Vata in peripherals as heart was contracting fine but not expanding leading to good pumping but poor suction which resulting in deposition of toxic blood in peripherals. We discussed this imbalance as preserved ejaction fraction heart failure. Reiterating that this can be managed/undone only by right Yogasanas, Pranayama and Panchkarma.
  • The biggest blunder was that I was given loads of bitterness that too almost together by different doctors/vaidyas (including in winter season) in form of Sartan, GABA, Brahmi, Arjuna, Sarpagandha etc, which exponentially increased Vata imbalance thereby reducing blood from upper body and  also further closing my heart chakra. Whereas what I needed was mild reduction in pitta (may be through a bit of astringent and bitter tastes with more stress on Asana/pranayama to open my heart chakra.
  • Apart from this one of the blunder that I myself committed after getting struk with mouth burning was to do lot of headstand (to reduce mouth burning and nervousness/anxiety) but not other asanas to increase peripheral flow. The result was that I continued increasing blood only in the core of the upper body (including brain) and not its peripherals which further increased Vata and Vata imbalance as Kapha in brain made me sluggish. Of course, the positive side to it was that it was keeping my upper brain active however I was not able to increase Pitta due to Vata in peripherals. By the way it was exactly in consonance with transit of Ketu from lower chakras to upper chakras. So, when Ketu was transiting in my 12th house, it was this time when my heart chakra (which was as such close due to wrong meds) was further closed resulting in very poor pulse pressure. This sluggishness exactly coincided with Moon sub period in Jupiter main period which further slowed me down creating lot of toxins in me. So, when Mars Dasha arrived in Jupiter mahadasha, it created excruciating pain in peripherals due to high Vata all around. This was the time I realized that I must increase peripheral circulation too along with upper thus getting into Shivananda Yoga and regular massages especially in winters. This gave me substantial relief from severe pains.

*** Please Note that all these realizations came to me slowly after going through the pains/discomfort and it is not that I was reading my chart and working that ways. Instead I was sub consciously choosing things/activity exactly in line with transit and dashas of planets in my chart with no prior knowledge (this includes all ups and downs of life right from beginning of life).

Another blunder that I committed was not putting special focus on anahata (even after starting Shivananda). The result was that while Shivananda was giving me relief from pain, spinning head, tinnitus etc., I had started feeling too tired with pain in my anahata. I realized subsequently that it was because of excess Vata in my chest (Saturn in my fouth house). And then I started doing anahata asana which started giving me relief. Same goes with 9th aspect of Ketu which had closed my anahata inwards. I also realized that I must switch over from warmer rasayana like chwyanprash to cooler ones like Brahm rasayana during warmer times for handling my Vata aggravation. Another side effect of delay in special focus on Anahata but continuing with Shivananda was excess of Kapha getting blocked in Vata in brain which exactly coincided with transit of Saturn in 10th zodiac (my first house) with Jupiter too in it. This happened in 2020 when earth faced excess of cold weather suddenly. The result was slowing down of brain (upper most chakra) and thus entire body.

Revision and Summarized tips (last section)

  • While summers create Vata aggravation, winters create Vata imbalance. During summers to keep Pitta and thus Vata aggravation in control, one should take bath with slightly cold water to avoid circulation going too far. Also one should eat cold, bitter and astringent foods. Sour foods are also necessary to avoid vata imbalance but they should be in form of lemon (which is sour yet cold). On the other hand, during winters one should go for warm massages and warm water bath to keep Vata imbalance in control.
  • Subtle tastes can be employed gainfully for creating deeper impact on minds. For example light music while reading a book or texts helps to keep the mind alert and awake to deeply imbibe the contents.
  • Even junk (incomplete) food is also Rahu as it may be exciting but it increases excess of Vata thus causing issues like hypertension and other Vata diseases.
  • The process of detoxification/fasting needs more water to flush out toxins but by just drinking water alone you can’t detoxify. One needs right diet too along with water therapy like enough sattvic spices, gluten free diet, consumption of well cooked food, absence of junk/fried/stale food/sugar, avoidance of overeating.
  • Virtues of a sattvic mind like patience, unconditional love, righteousness do not develop by a magic wand. They have to be aspired for and continuously practiced through measures like regular introspection (meditation), de-conditioning of mind, conscious living, sattvic food, yogasanas, pranayama, devotion to God, prayers to keep self on the right path, withdrawal of sense. Those who have it are not lucky. Their soul has been practicing it for lifetimes.
  • The four yogas (Gyan, Karma, Kriya and Bhakti) can create blessings/goodness out of even adverse situations (bad planetary conditions). On the other hand, bad karmas can negate the effect of even highly favourable situations (good planetary conditions) and push the person in the whirlpool of rajas and tamas.
  • Knowledge/suggestions imparted with humble approach have a deeper and ever lasting impact on the listener for improvement/progress of the soul. Criticism can never improve the listener and the collective conscience around him/her. Because criticism immediately inflates ego and a person with inflated ego creates an invisible wall around him/her thereby blocking all suggestions/knowledge. As such criticism too comes from an ego driven mind.
  • Understand your basic constitution and learn to live in harmony with it. Of course you must optimize your potential in line with the constitution but you should never go against it by choosing that which is not your cup of tea. Again here collective conscience of people should be very settled as its only such minds who understand what it means and can teach others to understand and follow your constitution. 
  • The primary reason of feeling very sleepy in warm weather is that excess gush of pitta in brain due to increase in peripheral blood circulation pushes a healthy brain to reduce Pitta thereby inducing sleep which reduces peripheral circulation and increases circulation to the core organs. For the same reason, one should take cold water showers during summers in morning as well as evening to keep blood circulation towards core organs. This also helps in keeping hypertension and related complications like CHF in control.
  • Chakra carries that energy of the soul that conveys fruits of Karma/desires/objectives with respect to that chakra. So for example, if a soul’s Heart chakra is closed (by Ketu/Saturn), it may mean that the soul was responsible for closing heart chakras of others (by hurting them in some way or the other) in this or previous lifetime and is destined to face the fruit of karma in this life and may need to handle the responsibility of healing the chakras of others especially those who were hurt due to her (soul). Conversely an excessively open heart chakra (due to Rahu in fourth) may indicate that the soul is destined to lead a burden free life and may be had to handle a lot of burden in the past life which pushed the soul to select such a body/timeline. Every soul has to settle her karmas of the past lives especially the negative ones unless she is forgiven for her deeds. It’s like rectifying the software which it (the soul) corrupted earlier. Even if forgiven, an advanced soul would definitely not shirk her responsibility/share of rectifying the software as compassion is the basic quality of a pure soul. And the sooner she does it, the better it is because the more she delays in rectifying, the more chaos will that fault create and the more bad karmas she will gather. However, this is also true that it may take many a lifetimes for that specific conditions to get created where the soul can bring necessary rectifications in the software/timeline for fulfilling her duties/settlement of karmas. On the other hand, a higher soul may forgive others as forgiveness raises her own energy levels, thereby transiting her to higher planes with lesser chaos instead of remaining stuck in the lower realms for temporarily enjoying the payback from the other soul.
  • Blood group and VPK- Blood groups emerged as a result of different lifestyles during the evolution of humans e.g. O is the oldest group of the times when humans were hunter gatherers (i.e. primarily carnivores) indicating very high Pitta in them due to their lifestyle of competing with each other and with other predators and prey for food. Thus blood groups to some extent can convey the constitution of the person. So while O conveys a typical Pitta personality, those having A blood group are more towards Kapha side (with settled Pitta) since this group came up after O when humans had started settling and cultivating and had moved towards vegetarianism. B group is associated with nomads who were adaptive, experiencing and learning new things/environment always on the move and adaptive in nature conveying a constitution which is more or less equal on VPK. AB is the youngest group stated to be not more than 1000 years old unlike O which is more than 50000 years old. Being a hybrid between A and B i.e. VPK and K (resulting in more of K), people of this group (which are just 5% of the total population in the world) are more prone to heart diseases due to high Kapha and less VP in them. All in all, blood group is an outcome of lifestyle and food which has a cause and effect relationship with constitution.  In fact, there are tons of case histories with documentary proofs where people’s blood groups have changed (due to their lifestyle/diseases).
  • Instead of praying to God that “I” should be able to help the needy, pray that no one remains needy. Pray for prosperity of all, not for being more prosperous than others else this cycle of being born as superior or inferior would continue from life to another. In nutshell, AIMING FOR PARITY IS HIGHER THAN AIMING FOR CHARITY. As such it is our Dharma. How can we let any of the member of HIS family suffer? Remember- VASUDEVA KUTUMKABAKAM.
  • More than the invading organism, it is the poor immunity that is the culprit for most of the infectious diseases and fatalities. And immunity drops because of poor blood circulation which in turn happens because of eating and living not in line with weather and constitution resulting in vata aggravation and imbalance.
  • Internal and external beauty are equally important. While we already know the importance of core strength, a person who has a good core but weak peripherals characterized by pale skin etc. will sooner or later begin to feel inferior due to hit on psychology. That is why wearing good, clean cloths in line with constitution and weather are considered important in Astrology as they strengthen Venus by boosting our confidence. All in all, Vata should always be balanced.
  • No language is inferior than the other. Instead, it is the intention behind the words spoken that carry negative or positive vibes. The same can be even cross checked with Universal Energy Scanner.
  • Exposure to cold weather must be reversed with warm oil massages and Nasya as soon as possible else it is bound to trigger increase in Vata which would slowly and gradually snowball into higher and higher Vata and Vata imbalance. Yes, Mars (KP) personalities will not get much effected by it as their Vata is highly settled.
  • The primary aim of all judicial systems should be reformation of the soul which has lost its path of righteousness and not her punishment. Yes, the process of reformation may appear like punishment but if that process doesn’t achieve its primary objective of reformation then it would end up creating more bitterness than earlier and would lead to further deterioration in the signatures/conscience of the soul and thus collective conscience too. That is why judiciary system has utmost role in creating the future of the society and that is why people in Judiciary system should be highly experienced, foresighted, wise, un-biased and should be highly Sattvic or say true Brahmins in nature. Of course, a lot would depend upon the signatures (level of evolution) of the soul too that how it takes those judicial processes- as punishment or a journey of her purification for settling her old karmas. But as a soul matures, it learns that the pain it is going through is for her own purification. That is why a baby soul which is excited and wants to just enjoy life without understanding what balance means because it is yet to learn the difference between good and bad as it has begun from nothingness, would not be even interested to select this path.

  Its only when the soul matures and begins to slow down after experiencing long periods of excitement that it realizes the wrong karmas it has committed which have resulted in corruption of individual/collective conscience and which must be settled. This is because the soul keeps storing all the memories in the Anahata chakra. In true sense, justice is achieved when the soul undoes/repairs the damage that it has caused to different individuals directly as well as indirectly including to the collective conscience. And this may take lifetimes. That is why true justice is done by the order of the higher world. The judiciary system that we see on earth especially during Kalyuga, is too shallow, incomplete and instead full of injustice especially because of lack of foresightedness (a virtue of Sattvic mind) in the collective conscience (though this is also true that Kalyuga is a way of delivering quicker justice for settling past life karmas and thus purification of the soul provided the soul keeps realizing this fact)

  • Astrology has maximum relevance in Kalyuga because this is the time when the soul is most likely to lose her path due to extreme entropy. A good selfless Astrology and other Vedic science can help the lost soul to come back on the right track by telling her course corrections.
  • Different foods Vibrate at different frequencies/amplitude etc. While we discussed briefly that how mantras vibrate different parts of our body and the extent of their recital (loudness etc) have different impact on those points, the fact is that even every food item has its own vibration and that is how it has a specific effect on our body and mind. For example, red chillies seem to vibrate not only at high wavelength but also high amplitude and that is why they travel very farther and create strong vibrations in our body and mind too thereby exciting it. Whereas black pepper seem to vibrate at high frequency and amplitude but low wavelength and are therefore their impact doesn’t travel far away to the peripherals. While this aspect explains the pungency, the potency can be probably be explained by the overall energy that food carries in a specific volume/weight.
  • A Sattvic Guru (teacher) with relatively lesser knowledge is better than a Guru who has more knowledge but is inflated with ego as this is bound to affect the conscience of the student too. As such inflated ego is bound to decline knowledge of the teacher too. Or say Knowledge with ego is incomplete. So choose your Guru wisely. Reverse is also true. A guru too must choose one’s student wisely as a bad student too can damage the conscience of other students around. Also a Guru must ensure that the student doesn’t misuse the knowledge in the wrong direction. That is why a Guru with knowledge of all four Yogas would ensure that his/her student becomes morally and ethically strong before gaining higher knowledge to avoid its misuse.
  • Lord Hanuman who is considered a blend of strength and wisdom is depicted by orange color and rightly so because in VIBGYOR, orange color is in between strength (Mars- red color) and wisdom (Jupiter- Yellow). However, mythological stories say that he and Saturn were very good friends. Rightly so because together they created a great blend of Strength, knowledge, patience, foresightedness, control. They faced problems when Rahu became strong (during Rahu’s period) and influenced them especially Mars. That is why a combination of Mars, Saturn with predominance of Rahu creates issues in the beginning unless Mars (pitta) settles down and Saturn takes over. From Ayurveda viewpoint, Jupiter denotes increase in fat due to slow down whereas Mars represents muscles.

*** So while muscles give strength, it is fat which facilitates storage of knowledge (because all our nerves are insulated by fat which ensures no short circuiting takes place thereby retaining memory). In other words we must eat balanced food with proteins (for muscles), fats for (memory etc) and carbs for energy along with other micronutrients to have holistic health (mental as well as physical. This is a very important message for those who go overboard to reduce their body fat which ultimately is bound to increase hyperactivity, anxiety, loss of focus, confusion and so on due to short circuiting of nervous system leading to haywire movement of Pitta and blood which means onset of Rahu.  However those who have a highly dominating Jupiter (but weaker Mars) in their body and mind resulting in excess of fat/sluggishness/diseases like diabetes would be benefited by Rahu dasha as it will increase Vata Pitta and reduce excess fat from the body. From diet viewpoint, a person with such a constitution should have more proteins especially hot potency (glutamate) and less fat to increase metabolism and burn fat however as mentioned in the book such a strategy should be used for a specific period to balance doshas as excess of it will over increase Pitta and Vata.

  • Its time that instead of whiling away our energies on east and west, we focus our energy on connecting the dots contributed by all who are intrinsic part of the WHOLE. It is only then can we realize the WHOLE.
  • When one goes against ones basic nature at soul’s level, one is bound to fall sick. For example a matured soul (who has lived many lives and has starting realizing importance of higher values) would have a relatively stronger Saturn in her signatures to ensure that Saturn keeps her on the right track whenever she goes wrong which will appear in form of some sort of dent (health/finances/relationship) if other planets especially naturally malefic ones create bad karmas. Question may arise that if a soul is matured then why would it allow excess of presence of naturally malefic energies (more than needed) which can create bad karmas. And the answer is that excess or less is learnt by soul only through experience. On the other hand, a less matured soul in the beginning of her journey, is more interested in enjoying life characterized by presence of strong Mars but weak Saturn indicating strong gross body which doesn’t feel much pain. Such a soul would take time to realize the satisfaction in higher values/emotions like unconditional love/care/selflessness but once it does then it would know the real and higher purpose and would aim to purify herself by settling her past life karmas and become clean once again.

*** It doesn’t that mean presence of strong Saturn is bound to bring pain. An evolved soul would know that how much of which planet’s energy will optimize the output without creating bad karmas (we spoke about Kalki) in which case Saturn would not create pains. Instead it will keep one on the right path right from the beginning.

  • While there is free will for every soul, the fact is that trying to jump up the ladder of evolution is bound to fail at all times. This is because you are trying to understand relatively very high concepts of knowledge (vis-a-vis current levels) without understanding those concepts which are essential for higher understanding. So never try to jump up the ladder. You are bound to crash.
  • Desire is not a wrong emotion. What one desires makes it good or bad e.g. desire for the larger good of Universe is a necessary virtue. As such zero desire means total stop in the movement of the Universe. However this is not possible forever because nothing is permanent neither movement forever nor stillness forever. Even God (supersoul/supercomputer) has desires- desire to come in existence, desire to understand, desire to evolve, desire to bring parity, desire to bring health, happiness and bliss. Without these desires, the Universe would cease to exist and time would stop then and there itself.


  • Vedic Astrology- An Integrated Approach by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao