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Using “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” principle, seven levels of Pulse can be related with the seven houses of Astrology. Captured below is the image of seven levels of Pulse, reproduced from the book SECRETS OF THE PULSE by Dr Basant Lad (as already given in the Bibliography section of Volume one of THE ROOT CAUSE).

So referencing this figure, here are few examples to illustrate that how Pulse reading can easily be read. Just remember that deepest pulse (7th level) represents deepest dosha (which is the constitution of the native) and thus the first house, whereas shallowest pulse (1st level) represents the current constitution (Vikruti) of the native and also the seventh house. 7th level also shows the deeply located and dense organs like lungs, liver, circulation of VPK, heart, spleen and kidneys, whereas the 1st level represents relatively hollow organs (and thus Vata dominated) like large and small intestines, stomach, urinary bladder, gall bladder, pericardium (Brain represents the combination of all of them being the CPU). Interesting but not surprising to note that even their placement on pulse in both hands is exactly in line with their location in the human body. The reason that why different organs can be felt in different fingers is because of their naturally predominant dosha e.g. heart is supposed to be high on Vata (for movement) though being at 7th level it is also high on density (kapha) which is why we feel it in index finger (the finger of Jupiter/space as Jupiter can easily detect Vata). Similarly, liver and spleen are supposed to be high on Pitta, hence they should be felt in Pitta finger (middle finger representing Saturn/Vata as Vata can easily detect Pitta)

*** If we go strictly by the principle of Astrology, then stomach should be felt in 5th and intestines in 6th pulse but then the fact is that these wouldn’t be deepest doshas of these organs as organs start gaining shape right at the initial time of pregnancy). Also to note that different levels represent different layers of expansion of human body that takes place when we it comes in contact of Sunlight/heat. Thus first seven houses represent right side of expansion and deposition of different doshas on different layers and left side of the birth chart represents right side of expansion and hence different organs. However, there is no doubt that one can check the secondary dosha of these organs as per their placement in different houses of Astrology. Of course, that will be too deep.

Similarly 6th level pulse represents second house of Astrology which represents values which is why 6th level represents the constitution of mind (Rajas/tamas/sattva). Third house in Astrology represents expansion (going by Kaalpurush kundli, Gemini is the significator of this house which is high on VPK representing expansion). And it is expansion of blood/Rasa that creates tissues in different parts of the body which is why 5th level of pulse represents different tissues (dhatu). Blood being moving all the time is felt in Vata pulse and same goes with Rasa though Rasa being heavier is felt in Kapha side of the index finger. Muscles are supposed to be high on Pitta, hence they are felt in Pitta finger but being moving they are felt in Vata side, whereas fat is stationery (though high on Pitta/stored energy) and is therefore felt in Kapha side. Bones are heavy/dense which is why they are felt in Kapha finger whereas bone marrow is heavier/denser which is why it is felt in kapha finger but towards Kapha (heavier side). Shukra Dhatu (Venus) is supposed to be present in entire body and therefore it is supposed to be felt in the middle of all three fingers.

Fourth level represents (fourth house), whose significator is Moon which also means comfort/happiness/contendedness. Hence, it also represents Ojas, Tejas and Prana which are the subtle and say refined versions of Kapha, Pitta and Vata respectively are present in the body when all three doshas (VPK) are balanced. Forth level pulse also represents fine balance between first and seventh house. Here is how…Prakriti or say first house also represents beginning of life which is why this house also represents separation as per Prashana Kundli in Astrology. Whereas Prakriti represents deposition of exactly opposite dosha placed in the seventh house. This is the reason that seventh house lord (and/or planet posted in seventh house) is considered as a strong Maraka (killer) when its Mahadasha is ON as it totally consumes/envelopes the basic constitution of the native (the extent with which it can kill depends upon the natural dosha of the lord/planet posted in it).

Third level pulse corresponds to the fifth house of Astrology. It is the house which has the gut system comprising of stomach, liver, upper intestines, gall bladder, spleen. Thus, this is the house that digests food and creates different doshas and their sub doshas. Again the order of different sub-doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha can be seen in the order of their presence in the body. So, within Sub doshas of Vata, Apana is towards Kapha side of Vata finger (it being strongest of all Vata sub doshas), in form of regular peristalsis to throw out excreta. Whereas, Prana Vata is supposed to be most subtle. Vyana Vata circulates in the entire body which is why it is right in the center of the index finger. Again Samana Vata is stronger than Udana as former spreads in all the organs of gut right till peripherals to effectively digest food unlike Udana which is slowed down by density of lungs.

*** This means that if Prana Vata is felt the most in this level of Pulse, then one has excess of Prana Vata vis-a-vis others which in Astrological terms may mean Rahu towards upper houses and/or Saturn Sun combination etc.

About sub doshas of Pitta, Pachaka is lightest whereas Sadhaka Pitta is heaviest as it is the master dosha and comprises of several neurotransmitters which work continuously to regulate various systems of the body and mind, even if body is at rest. Even Alochaka directly and continuously supplies light to brain through eyes and hence is heavy. Bhrajak moves in the entire body to provide color to the skin and other sensory organs.

Lastly in sub doshas of Kapha, Tarpaka Kapha is heaviest of all sub doshas of Kapha as it envelops our brain, nerves, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and provides unctuousness, protection from acids, pathogens, foreign particles and also acts as shock absorber. This is why its spike is felt in the kapha end of the Kapha finger. Bodhaka Kapha is next which is lines our mouth and throat. Avlambaka is relatively lesser in density and quantity as its job is to do similar jobs as done by Tarpaka but for heart and lungs. Goes without saying that brain has highest density of nerves which is why it needs more fat to protect and provide lining (insulation). Kledaka is lightest as its job is to protect inner lining of the stomach. Shleshaka provides lubrication to all joints and moving body parts and hence it is found in the middle of the tip of the finger.

The second level of pulse represents the sixth house. From psychology angle (as explained in the blogs), this house represents that dosha which pushes the native to come out comfort zone and jump in the unknown world, which is why sixth house is considered bad house. This is the reason that this house also represents, current constitution of the mind (as against basic constitution of mind checked from 6th level of pulse and 2nd house of Astrology).



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