The interaction in-between the three forces of Ayurveda is what defines human physiology making each one of us different and also prone to different diseases. This blog will discuss these interactions along with the vulnerability to specific diseases and their astrological perspective, under the following heads:-

  • Vata pushing pitta
  • Vata blocking pitta
  • Vata pushing kapha
  • Kapha blocking pitta and vata
  • Kapha depositing over Vata

The easiest way to visualize the three forces of Ayurveda is by visualizing the flow of electricity through a network of electrical cables running parallel to each other where pitta is the equivalent to the current flowing through the cables and Vata is the cables or the channels themselves through which pitta flows. More the amount of vata (channels or cables), more will be the pitta (current) gushing through.

Watch the video by clicking on this link, for clear visualization of Vata Pitta and Kapha where simple principles of electricity have been used to explain the three forces of Ayurveda for the first time.


When vata goes high (meaning the channels which conduct current), pitta rushes through vata, thus burning the area (in electrical terms this phenomenon happens since current moves to the area of least resistance). Constipation is a classic example of this phenomenon when intestines which are the seat of vata become so high on vata that pitta rushes through them drying up that area.

Astrological perspective

From Astro angle, vata is saturn and pitta is sun and that’s why sun and saturn are considered to be enemies and shouldn’t be located together or aspecting each other in a birth chart else this is likely to burn that aspect of the person where they meet. The remedy is to increase blood towards the specific part of the body with right foods/yogasanas and avoid highly pungent foods.


When vata goes too high, pitta rushes there and burns the area. The result is that pitta is not able to move further or moves lesser than desired. In electrical terms this phenomenon happens when a short circuit takes place where due to poor resistance (i.e. too many channels), excess pitta reaches there and burns the area leading to total blocking of current beyond the point of short circuit (that’s how when a short circuit takes place in cable supplying wire to an equipment, the equipment stops running since it stops getting current/pitta).

v blocking pkDepression/Alzheimer’s are classic example of Vata blocking pitta where due to paucity of blood towards the brain  due to excessively high vata, pitta stops reaching the reaching the intended place, resulting in loss of senses and inability to feel excited/happy (refer figure 1.2 B)


Most importantly when vata blocks pitta and if pitta becomes low or tired due to high vata, it reduces all sensations and functioning of organs including heart and brain ultimately leading to death. When vata (or say blood) is equally (or say ideally) distributed in the body, it blocks pitta uniformly leading to multiple organ failure leading to natural death which gets disturbed largely due to indiscreet use of vasodilating foods like tea/coffee/chocolate/onion/garlic/liquor/tobacco.

Astrological perspective

Astrologically, Rahu is said to be eclipsing sun. In fact it is nothing but the phenomenon of pitta (sun) getting blocked by very high vata (rahu) so much so that pitta or sun which communicates thoughts/stored intelligence and also helps in processing them to make new information/knowledge, gets blocked. That’s why it is said that Rahu when too high, blocks intelligence and more specifically wisdom. The remedy for such cases is again abstinence from foods which increase rahu (meaning all vasodilating foods e.g onion, garlic, tea, coffee, chocolates, liquor, tobacco, capsicum, mint extracts, menthal) and performing yogasanas to increase blood flow towards brain.

VATA PUSHING KAPHA (seen more in people doing mental work)

When brain goes too high on vata (i.e. lesser blood) vis a vis the lower body (again due to vasodilating foods as mentioned above), it can push the person to eat more to feed the brain as less of nutrition is reaching the brain due to lesser blood. The result is lower body which needs less food, keeps getting food more than required. That’s how Vata (of the mind) pushes Kapha in the body. The anxious minds who eat a lot and keep adding weight (termed as couch potatoes) are classic examples of this case. This phenomenon also leads to issues like:-

(a) Addiction to vasodilating foods because anxious mind looks for those foods which give temporary relief further adding more vata in the upper body (mind) vis a vis the lower and taking the person into a vicious circle.

(b) Addiction to dense energy foods (usually devoid of fiber) like non-veg, fermented cheese, refined floor, fried snacks– This is because anxious mind which is high on vata looks for those foods which settle vata. However in the bargain this further adds more kapha in the lower body.

(c) Kapha Constipation since kapha blocks movement of the intestine- remember this constipation is different from constipation due to Vata pushing pitta.

(d) Piles/PCOD/Endometrium/high cholesterol thickness due to excess kapha in the lower body leading to blockage of vata and accumulation of toxins.

Due to vata imbalance (higher vata in the upper body vis a vis lower), Ayurvedic herbs/therapy alone will not be able to cure such cases as herbs like guggul/triphla which are used for PCOD (as they relieve kapha), will increase the vata of the upper body. It is therefore important that yogasanas which would permanently increase blood towards the upper body and reduce from the lower are performed by the patient like headstand, half headstands. It is also important that while performing such asanas, the blood in the body is not acidic and is rather slightly sweet and astringent as astringency when taken towards upper body will widen the blood vessels permanently and sweetness will feed the cells which were not getting proper food for long thereby permanently setting vata.

Astrological perspective

Placement of vata planets in the first house like Saturn and Rahu with no support of kapha planet (and in vata supporting zodiac) and that of kapha planets in the lower (Jupiter, Ketu) can lead to such a phenomenon. Abstinence from vasodilating foods as mentioned above is the key to avoid this phenomenon. Also calming down mind with meditation, headstands, Harepose, pranayama helps to keep Prana vata (of mind) under control.


When kapha goes too high it is bound to block pitta from travelling through channels. In fact it can even block the channels themselves too which is kapha blocking vata. PCOD, hypothyroidism, high BP (kapha), sluggishness and kapha depression/constipation/high cholesterol/thick blood are some classic examples of this case.

Astrological perspective

Placement of kapha planets like Jupiter, Venus and that too in kapha supporting zodiac in the first house (brain) can lead to such issues especially if both the planets are sitting together (or aspecting) along with weak placement of Sun (pitta). Adherence to kapha pacifying diet (in line with kapha pyramid) will help such people a great deal. Also such people should get into vigorous exercise without straining their joints.

*** Do check out this blog to know how to pacify high kapha…AYURVEDIC FOOD PYRAMIDS-Part II- THE RIGHT WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT/ GAIN HEALTH


Kapha and vata are two opposite forces in a way however there can be a case where kapha and vata can coexist in the same place. v blocking pkThis is when vata has changed the structure of channels (due to paucity of blood/high pitta) i.e. haywire movement but subsequently pitta has reduced (but not vata) thereby depositing kapha over the haywire channels (refer figure 1.2 C). This kind of condition can lead to issues like cancer (please read this blog to understand how 


Astrological perspective

Astrologically there could be many combinations that could lead to this type of condition which you would understand in detail from the article on cancer (link captured above). However on a brief note when a person enters the dasha (main period) of Budh (mercury) after saturn’s , his/her state of wiring of the brain, can be compared with that of figure 1.2 c where VPK all three are equal where K depicts storage, P the processor and V the RAM. As venus sets in, the sourness and sweetness encapsulates vata even more which may lead to cancer in case vata was too high on which kapha and pseudokapha was depositing. While this is a natural phenomenon towards the evolution of one’s soul, if one’s phase of mercury/venus is very harmful/painful, the only way to go back to figure 1.2a is by pushing astringency and sweetness towards the affected part. So if one has high vata towards upper body, then would need to invert after having these tastes.

To understand how Ayurveda and astrology are inseparable, pl read this blog.


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