science and spiritualityINTERNET- also called as the Information Super Highway and rightly so because today this world and our minds are getting bombarded with the information coming from it. But with so much of information, are things getting better? Every one of us knows the answer to this question. It’s a BIG NO. Instead, the chaos and sufferings are on the rise manifesting in the form of chronic diseases, murder, rape, riots, violent protests, war etc. The reason is simple.

But before understanding the reason let’s understand the terms, Macrocosm and Microcosm. Macrocosm is the universe that lies outside our body and mind and microcosm is the universe of our inside. The present era is one where we as humans are focusing just on our macrocosm and that’s why so many engineering marvels are getting invented every moment. That’s also the reason that we are busy decorating ourselves, our houses with wealthy possessions, however, the irony is that our focus is almost missing on understanding the engineering of our microcosm. Isn’t it true that we don’t mind spending hours on understanding the technicalities of various equipment that we have at our home and at our offices but when it comes to our own machine(our body and mind), our focus/zeal goes to the back burner.  It is this reason that the output from our microcosm is coming out in the form of diseases- physical as well as mental with latter manifesting in form of unstable behavior leading to high levels of intolerance, broken relationships, war etc. And since our microcosm is weak and unhealthy, we are not able to even effectively utilize the marvels of the macrocosm.

It is therefore not just essential but the need of the hour (and hence urgent) that we begin to understand the science of our microcosm because if we don’t, then we would end up getting caught deeper and deeper into the whirlpool of chaos and misery and the deeper we go, the more difficult will it be for us to come out of it. Also remember that your ignorance will not only cost you but your near and dear ones as well.

materialism versus spiritualismThis is also the reason that Science and Spirituality are inseparable because spiritualism means to stay in a state of eternal bliss, in absolute harmony with self and everything around- living as well as non-living and that is possible only once we understand the science of our microcosm.


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